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title senator. conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chats at times camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty slowed efforts as the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests that more cats than previously acknowledged but this little of the trust believes it's premature to tell great the cat's on the international list of threats and species.
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this is al-jazeera. and die from city of fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully about to go welcome to the news grades new elections new rules voting will soon end in lebanon for us on a mentoring posy nearly a decade many hope a new voting system will help overcome sectarian divisions we explore the issues the next quantum in faces and the influence of regional powers also on the grid an escalating war of words ahead of a deadline for donald trump to decide whether to resume sanctions against iran the iranian president has warned the u.s. not to walk away from the twenty fifty nuclear deal takes his government is ready to respond can trump on lies convince them to stick with the agreement and africa's unfinished conflict twenty years ago ethiopia and eritrea went to war over the
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status of a small border town two decades later relations remain tense this by. a peace deal and u.n. intervention will explore what impact this dispute has had on both sides of the border. and i'm sort of heights one tweets ounce of mexico seems so gone viral around the world that wasn't sent by people all to make it accounts we're looking at how twits about's can influence elections and public opinions by really cigarettes and such as life throughout the show the hash tag is age eight means great. deal with the news grades live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us polls will close in less than an hour in lebanon for a spot of entry election since two thousand and nine is hopes the vote will lead to more stability after nine years of political turbulence that left the country without a president for two years and so parliament extend this ten years several times
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three point six million that are eligible to vote more than seven hundred thousand are doing so for the first time also a first a new voting system based on proportional representation voters have been casting two ballots one for a list of candidates and one for a single preferred candidate the nearly six hundred candidates vying for one hundred twenty eight seats in parliament eighty six of them are women the conflict in neighboring syria is one of the main issues for voters there are one point five million syrian refugees in lebanon that's around a quarter of its populations in a hunter has our report from be able to. judge for own as among the eight hundred thousand voters who are eligible to cast their ballot for the first time lebanon hasn't had an election in nine years political wrangling and disagreements over a new alec torah law were to blame now this twenty three year old hopes his vote will make a difference. for people who don't have any money but it shows up with the money.
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you need to let them go. more and more voices are. calling for change and it's not just the young lebanese are concerned about the growing level of poverty and unemployment in the country. on the youth. we want change we want to new generation of leaders who know what the youth need but. this is the first time where so many independent candidates joined the electoral battle the new law which is based on proportional representation opens the door for these candidates to try to break the political elites hold on power but they acknowledge they can only make a small difference. and we know we will win all the one hundred twenty seats but even if we get eight ten or twelve seats we are satisfied because we know we will be able to expand our presence later on they are up against a political establishment that has been in power for years if not decades some even since the days of the civil war in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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if those politicians are not running their sons or grandsons are and they have been accused of using their office for electoral gains. there are people who vote for candidates who help them this is wrong with that is how it has always been . those are the so-called traditional voters who not only benefit from a politician or party but are often loyal to their sect before the nation lebanon's parties are sectarian among them the iranian backed shia armed group hezbollah. hezbollah in the window one day of the fall destroyed hezbollah has been put. to them hezbollah and its allies are expected to win the most seats in parliament further strengthening their power which has been growing in recent years. a lot has happened since the last election in two thousand and nine there was political instability the post presidency was vacant for two years until late two thousand
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and sixteen when lebanon's political rivals reached a compromise deal a president was elected. a national unity government was formed headed by prime ministers that included members of hezbollah. prime minister how did he wants to secure enough votes to ensure his leadership of the sunni community and ensure his return to the premiership he has exchanged harsh words with hezbollah during campaigning but that is an expected part of the election rhetoric in lebanon both sides know they need to work together if they want national unity and this divided nation. from. our until the polls. what's the turnout been like and how excited. about this election. well the official turnout so far is approximately thirty percent it is quite low but at the end of the day many people believe the last few hours is when you see
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most voters heading to the polling stations but we have visited a number of polling stations throughout the day and talk to people some are quite enthusiastic because it's been nine years and a lot of people eight hundred thousand are first time voters and they are hoping that their vote will make a difference to bring about change now there are different kinds of voters and those who are hoping that the independent candidates and we have to stress here that this is really the first time that we're seeing so many independent candidates take part in this. making. sure a lot so these people are hoping for a change that they can push away the political establishment which has this country for years and they blame them for the dire economic conditions in the country and the high unemployment rate but you also have voters who are supporters of the political parties. in lebanon and these people believe that their political parties are the only ones who protect you if you talk to some young people and they say of course we're going to vote for these parties because we can't rely on the state to
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protect us so there's this us and them so this country is really. filled very very sick carrion so you have those traditional voters who also take advantage of politicians who are in power because the politicians give these families for example a job in the public sector or give them services hospital but pay their hospital fees so different kinds of voters but there are those who are hoping for a change but that is unlikely to happen thank you for that thing a whole july for us in beirut ends in a we keep an eye on the election results for us of course here on al-jazeera over the next few hours and next few days thank you so much for now the regional powers have long had huge influence on the lebanese political scene and its two main political blocs iran and syria support the march eighth alliance it was named after mass protests in beirut on march eighth two thousand and five in support of the syrian government and its role in ending the lebanese civil war it includes hezbollah of the political movement with military power greater than the lebanese
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state allied to the free patriotic movement led by president michel aoun the march eighth alliance coalition holds together lebanon's pro syrian factions and remain strong despite the war in neighboring syria now in its eighth year saudi arabia the united arab emirates and many others back the march fourteenth alliance on march fourteenth two thousand and five more than a million lebanese rallied in beirut following the assassination of prime minister rafik hariri the month before calling for an end to serious twenty nine year long occupation syrian forces left the next month the march fourteenth alliance includes rough economy sun prime minister saad hariri future movement or let's not speak to political analysts paul more cos in beirut he is the founder of just for him and joins us now in the news great thank you so much for being with us so lebanon's has throughout its history been basically the playground for other powers the regional powers what do you think are very expectations as far as the outcome of this
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election. i think you're in gun on notice a minor change went in the political scene and more specifically in the legislative. perspective. you noticed some new faces but never new new political groups since this law even if it is a new law and it is not the old law of the majority when the majority gets everything all the seats yes indeed but at the same time it will not change much rightness the possibility of having a new group representations in the parliament is rare and less than we expect the rivalry between iran and saudi arabia has played out
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in lebanon and as aggravated the long running sectarian divisions within lebanon do you think we can expect a change in the balance of power when it comes to the influence of saudi arabia and iran in lebanese politics. yes there are some some expectations some expectations in this regard since. all the or most of the political analysts think that this elections these actions will bring the early days of the. eight of march that means the syrian and iranians ellie's to the parliament in more seats and more presented to us more than the march fourteenth but at the same time we have to say that you don't have the same coalitions as you had before since this is
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a new system this electoral law now has changed the whole picture and you're going to see now how the alliance is as electoral lists changed and you gonna see all over some changes again and again when we reach the parliament. so the picture will change and the whole the whole political digital of the scene you see the picture will change but will the politics in lebannon will as far as the region is concerned will that change i mean can lebanon distance itself from the outside powers can it have a neutral position in the region to safeguard its stability. i think the state realty of lebanon is preserved so is there is an international and regional decision to break the stability on one hand and on the other hand lebanese people from different sources and origins are keen to preserve the stable
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ety i think what is happening today is of the challenge ever and the best evidence that they do. respect and preserve and me again they have stability and they are keen and and and really aware of such importance for marcus thank you so much for your thoughts thank you for joining us there from beirut or let's now bring in our social media producer sarah hierarch who's been looking at what people are saying online about this lebanese election is there excitement online as well there is excitement it's mainly coming from the youngsters there's also a big drive among people especially young ones in lebanon to encourage others to get out and vote and caesar show one reminds people that voting gives you the freedom to choose and those are the hashtags the big news you've got lebanon elections twenty eight scene and the equivalent in arabic if you want to follow that story but it's a happy risa there's also say shed some faces and she says
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a periodical elections are needed for accountability and video is a video of a lebanese army unit in pick runa has also been shed on social media reminding others that every vote counts to end corruption lebannon and also bring change. high. skilled young how such yamato such. numbers clearly if you know how such. a to do such could be a good time to have a full house. analysis on. the. president of
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the. communist. one hundred. eleven a multi. multi multi multi. multi . well i think it's it's in purple means you voted and is made to prevent you from voting twice and so many people have also been showing off their purple fingers off to costing their ballots women especially seem to be quite eager to make that voice is heard one of them is lena she says never underestimate the power of the purple fingers she's also tweeted to her photo at a polling station as well and there are plenty of others one of them is some just
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she's a. picture up and that's from a big fire town as well in lebanon and we also have a russia who fell feet of herself in saddam city and salsa and she says that it's her first time to vote since two thousand and nine and before her vote was actually gender based a lot of women that voting for women as well now there are many lebanese communities all across the world especially latin america reported to have she voted in canada and we've also expect kadeem shahab shared his thoughts as well from london i've ordered from the lebanese embassy in london where i lived. even though i'm very happy to find another opportunity. really my heart goes out to those that don't simply because of our cake nationality laws where it's only passed to the father this is a huge one of the public to deserve the right to vote and deserve the right to run for parliament and i remain skeptical hopeful for the future. now despite the
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hardships some lebanese face journalist maya give elite sweets of that she spoke to a twenty year old old acts of polling station was parents they all married that means he is not even sure if his vote is qualified but he still turned off not to the point people are trying to make is go especially peloponnese law he can't even go to school or so have social security because of his parents not being married and also many people have taken photos of disabled and elderly people voting nothing stopping them that but laura baton said these photos here just showing an elderly man being assisted by soldiers into a polling booth but she also adds but the government doesn't provide enough equal access to fifteen percent of the population in lebanon so this still a few things that people want to their government to tackle and several issues that people have pointed out on social media so if you're in lebanon get in touch i'm on twitter you can see me live. and sarah people have been getting in touch with lots
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of comments coming here on facebook live on facebook talking about these lebanese elections say it was a very democratic election the voting procedure is ensured security and respects diversity among lebannon citizens another comment from who says i don't think they can change the political complexion of lebanon thank you both for your comments we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this and other stories we're covering on the newsgroup of course connect with us using the hashtag a.j. news great and all the other ways to get in touch on your screen right now and don't forget to check out our lebanon spotlight page on al-jazeera dot com for all the latest news on the parliamentary elections the results when they come in also a very good explainer on there on how the elections work and what's said say it's all at al-jazeera dot com. now on to other world news and we're less than a week away from president donald trump's decision on the future of the iran nuclear deal iran's president says the u.s. will face historic regret if it decides to pull out in january trump said the deal
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is disastrous flaws had to be fixed or the u.s. would withdraw what he will ultimately decide a few days is if america should pose economic sanctions on iran the twenty fifteen agreement restricts iran's nuclear activities for up to twenty five years and allows for monitoring of its nuclear sites it also forbids iran from pursuing nuclear weapons in the future in exchange for broader sanctions relief let's go live to. zain in tehran for is in we heard some very tough words from the iranian president today he says iran is ready to confront the u.s. how. well folly one of the first things that they're likely to include as part of the response is so once again in reaching uranium and producing weapons grade bomb making nuclear material now iran's policy is that it does not want to pursue nuclear weapons but the
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production of. weapons grade nuclear material will allow them to gain back some political leverage leverage that they used to negotiate the deal in the first place also it's worth noting that this isn't iran that signed the nuclear deal in the first place is a very different iran they've seen this coming they've seen. trump say that he will turn back the clock on the deal and so they've set up one to one relationships both economic and diplomatic with countries across africa south and central asia as well as europe china and russia are close allies so they're hoping to lean on economic relations with those countries as a way to avoid any questions of renewed sanctions so i have an interesting comment here is saying that i want to share with you from one of our viewers on facebook became who says iran is trying to play this kind of game to push the u.s. to negotiate just like it did with north korea it's obvious that iran is afraid of
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tromso advises you know how a rainy and people feeling about what might come how anxious about our people about you know what might come next as far as you know the u.s. and this iranian nuclear deal. sure i'll tell you the government's official line on really go shooting any deal and then i'll talk a little bit about how people here feeling as far as iran's government is concerned any renegotiation of the deal is effectively something that would kill the deal the deal is what it is and that's what they stick to they won't compromise on their defensive capabilities so ballistic missiles are off the table and a deal breaker as well so that is the official iranian position as far as the people are concerned we have to remember that the president hassan rouhani won the last election by marrying himself to the twenty fifty nuclear deal he promised that it was a cure all for all of the country's economic problems so there is some risk that the the breakdown of the deal will mean that he will suffer politically inside iran
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but it seems that people are closing ranks behind the president to some degree at the moment they may be disappointed in the deal not working out for them but they certainly dislike trump a lot more than they are disappointed with their own leadership if anything in the runyon people here see the trumpet ministration the donald trump white house as something that has targeted them specifically the visa ban comes to mind that has stopped iranians from traveling to the united states and so the dislike for the u.s. will most likely create some groundswell of support for the current government but we need we need to again go back to the point that ending the deal in taking iran out of a nuclear agreement is being done at a time when it is much more influential in the region and on the world stage than it was when it signed the deal in the first place thank you for that same for us in
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tehran now there's also been some tough language on the american side a prominent adviser to president says the u.s. is committed to regime change in iran rudy giuliani the former mayor of new york who is now a lawyer for president trump spoke out on the reigning american opposition event in washington d.c. where he expressed confidence a u.s. would walk away from the deal. with surgery history pumping oil now on his right and his national security adviser john bolton you remember john the others less so. what do you think is going to happen to that agreement. that they are under. than estabrook joins us now on the news great she's live in washington d.c. diane do giuliani's comments mirror the president's feelings about the iran nuclear deal with ali i think it's first of all important to point out that rudy
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giuliani is a legal advisor he is not a part of the president's national security team but he said something that i think was very telling and he pointed out that john bolton the national security advisor and mike pompei all the new secretary of state are both very hawkish towards iran and they replaced two cabinet members who were leaning towards staying in the agreement so the president is sort of surrounding himself right now with people who agree with stay getting out of the iran nuclear deal he's sort of living that in this echo chamber the only possible dissenting voice in his administration at the moment part of the national security team is defense secretary james mattis who has been encouraging we hurting him at least we think to stay in the deal so the clock is ticking he has a week to decide whether or not he wants to scrap this deal or stay with it and it sounds like he's inclined to back out of the deal and the u.s.
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is on eyes diana also trying to convince president trump to stick with this deal. absolutely and we're hearing from british media today that u.k. foreign minister boris johnson is in town he's expected to meet with vice president trump also meeting with the national security advisor john bolton last month late last month we had and angela merkel here from germany emmanuel mccrone was here trying both trying very aggressively to get the president to stick with this deal even though they say yes it was flawed it it could be broadened out that it's important for him to stay with it but again he has surrounded himself with advisers who are telling him that this is not a good deal echoing what he said during his campaign to get out of it thank you for that diane dimond estabrook our correspondent in washington there and i want to
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point you not to this article on our web site al jazeera dot com what is behind the push against the iran nuclear deal online journalism eunice explores the motivations behind the u.s. wanting to walk away from the deal and the consequences it could have for all the parties involved it's an interesting read read this on our web site al-jazeera dot com all right time now for a look at the day's other news let's go to mary in the london news center mari i'm . i there yes we begin in pakistan officials there saying that the interior minister has survived an assassination attempt. was shot and wounded while sitting in his vehicle shortly after addressing crowds at a rally in punjab province is currently receiving medical attention and is expected to soon be moved to la hall for further treatment. all else where a bomb blast in afghanistan has killed at least thirteen people the explosion happened a mosque in the eastern province of cost police suspect the mosque might have been
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targeted because it was being used as a voter registration center for tobas parliamentary election jennifer glass is live for us now in kabul and there does appear to be an uptick in violence ahead of those elections in october jennifer tell us is there any update on the casualty toll from this latest attack. mary on the desk right now we understand stands at thirteen with thirty three people injured in that attack that happened in the afternoon people gathered after afternoon prayers as you say it was a voter registration center president ashraf ghani certainly in his statements believes that that was the reason for the attack he called the terror he said the terrorists continue their crimes against sacred in religious places it was a mosque as well and that that their actions will not deter the afghan people from. taking part in these elections but it is the latest in a series of explosions attacks on voter registration centers the largest one two
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weeks ago here in kabul killed sixty people and more than one hundred ten people were wounded in that attack there have been a series of attacks on election workers voter registration areas not just here in and in kabul and in hosts but around the country and the voter registration right now is very low the election commission says just over a million afghans have registered to vote in those elections their goal is to get fifteen million people registered by mid june that now looks like a far off prospect and afghans that i've been speaking to are very concerned they don't want to go to these polling places because they have become such targets and because you know when people gather that's when explosions happen and attacks happen so it's going to be very difficult for the afghan government i think to get the kind of voter registration that they want president ashraf ghani is promising an investigation into the attack in hosts today but that is something that the
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afghans have heard before the president asked for an investigation but nothing comes of it he's told the security forces to better secure voter registration places but so far they've been unable to do that all right thanks very much for now from kabul jennifer glass with all the latest on that attack in province well moving on in turkish president. one says he's not given up on his goal of getting turkey to join the european union a do on made the statement of the ruling at parties istanbul congress as he laid out the party's manifesto out of next month's snap election began told to join the e.u. in two thousand and five but sticking points including its control of part of cyprus also resistance from germany and france have stalled negotiations. more evacuations have been taking place on hawaii as molten lava from a volcano is increasingly threatening residential areas around two thousand people have now been forced to leave their homes to escape lover and poisonous gas coming up through cracks opened up by earthquakes rob reynolds reports from near the mount
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killer way of ok no on the island of hawaii. local resident tony lutes shot this cell phone video as new line of the events opened near his neighbor's house the molten rock blasted high above the ground and toxic sulfur dioxide gas streamed through the air sound and a lot of roaring like a jet engine and every time it exploded it was like an explosion as i can i'm going on the new eruption from mount killer way a cause the emergency evacuation of nearly two thousand residents from the small rural community of les lani estates and surrounding areas one night it was find there was little cracks in the pavement and the next morning. no one having worn it covered roads with rivers of magma and reportedly destroyed several buildings hawaii's governor called out state national guard troops to provide emergency help and keep people out of harm's way it is a difficult thing to watch
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a lava flow is unpredictable and not exactly certain what course it will take on friday a powerful six point nine magnitude earthquake shook the big island of hawaii causing structural damage to buildings including a school kill away is one of the world's most active volcanoes continually erupting now for more than thirty years normally the lava flows through subterranean channels to the sea but the new eruptions are following a different pattern this is a newly established road block in the middle of the eruption zone now the police and national guard tell us that just a couple of hours ago a new law the event opened up in the trees over in that direction for the people who live under the volcano the occasional jet of molten lava and bone shaking quake are part of the price of living in a tropical paradise i'm not afraid of it just respect it and be aware and.
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you know i don't fear it the mountain is unpredictable no one knows where the next lava breakout will be or how long kill away as angry mood will last rob reynolds al-jazeera near mount killer whale. i'll see you in about half an hour's time with more from london now back to folly in doha thank you very much for that still ahead on the news great if you're watching us on facebook live from elderly our friends we make it clear age is just a number and then al jazeera investigates how mexico's top neurological institute use its patients as guinea pigs for more than fourteen years five hundred people were implanted with a device in their brain that was never approved to stage. the a. hello there we've had some
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spectacular weather over parts of turkey recently so thanks to this weather system here it's brought us a lot of wet weather and some of it has been very very heavy for ankara here we only had ninety minutes of rain but this is what those nine minutes caused her if it flooding there really is quite dangerous and i feel very sorry for that man that fortunately we haven't had any reports of faith teletubbies that money did survive we've got more weather still to come we're not expecting anything quite as severe but there's still likely to be some rather spectacular downpours over parts of turkey wants more we've also got this area of rain that's working its way eastwards and still pulling itself together so for some of us in iraq and in a run there's still going to be a good deal of cloud and quite a bit of what weather around but also further east there's also another weather system here that's edging away further eastward still but for some of us nafta stan there's still money to be a few outbreaks of rain over the next day or so now a little bit of that unsettled weather is just spilling a little bit further south so some of us in parts of saudi arabia are likely to see
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more in the way of cloud perhaps the odd shower but for most of us it should still stay dry the temperatures in doha they're pretty high at the moment we're looking at a top temperature of around thirty eight or thirty nine degrees. on counting the cost of drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure foreign cash even as oil prices head high up the european union launches a new budget blueprint offsetting. plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. counting the cost on al-jazeera. going green bacteria in a. gas escaping from. the british.
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and the threat for how to experiment. and. how counter the impacts of climate change the science of capturing. on the guy in the congo back my maintained and why i don't have to contend. amazon
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are just hearing the stories trending on twitter and on a number one the constitution and to gain seats on the terry in the search also trying me out a strong language from the ukrainian president hassan rouhani he's warning the us of destroying the great it's a nuclear deal with iran and it's trending in the elections in eleven on a story that is coming here on these groups and that you can find out more about on our web site at al-jazeera dot com. to now has been twenty years since a border skirmish escalated into a war between ethiopia and eritrea the fighting began on may sixth one nine hundred ninety eight near the border town of bonds me in retreat and in ethiopia and forces exchanged fire it was
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a disputed area but under the control of ethiopia eritrea sent in troops and tanks to bad me and the fighting got worse over the next two years the two nations fought a war along main thai one thousand kilometer boundary the consequences were severe an estimated seventy thousand people were killed and tens of thousands more were to space it cost both nations hundreds of millions of dollars at a time when they were desperately poor the war ended in december two thousand with the algiers agreement and it commission was created to settle the border dispute once and for all it blamed eritrea for starting the conflict but decided of the town of bottom is part of a retreat in territory. but it remains under ethiopian control and the border is still disputed let's bring in a layman our in frankfurt via skype she is the editor in chief of the ad is standard thank you so much for being with us on the news great once again severely ethiopia's news prime minister ahmed has said in his inaugural speech that making peace with richard is a priority for him kenichi that in your view is
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a realistic goal well it will be a realistic goal only if your guy shows it's really list beyond diplomatic remember this is not the first time for if you have got to say that it has we should still normalize relations with eritrea his predecessor highlighting the sallies state he was even willing to travel to us america to restart negotiations but that has not been followed by real states that eritrea expect that it's your right to take particularly for receiving troops to withdraw from what to me is the richer and say you know how can they make peace when he theo be hasn't given up control of but me as ordered by international arbitration why isn't ethiopia willing to relinquish control of bad may what is it about bad me that makes the government wants to hang on to it. well if you consider this you know sitting but
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historically something that cannot keep in government cannot explain today's event people provided that bad of me was the flash point of the the are invited me with pride by a trip that triggered the war itself so if your pet has the burden of telling its people that you that might spite international commitments be i just i couldn't be at the u.n. and african union were also a part of but that's a bit of a historically difficult position for easier got to tell its people that the war it has lost more than seventy thousand of its people has ended up by losing it and yet thousands were killed in this conflict they were deportations what has been the impact on people on both sides of the border and twenty years on is the facts of the war still being felt well the impact has a lot of devastation particularly for the ordinary people living or both sides of
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the border i mean he said been separated and a lot of. people have suffered ever since we don't even know they might need to adopt it because it's been less reported by that it's also an impeding circumstance in which a war could ignite any minute if the circumstance if the status quo is to continue like this it critics of the a richer in government have accused retrain government and i says after walk of using this war with. as an excuse basically for its inability to provide for its people do you think the war has made a retreat into the one of the worst countries for human rights as per the united nations or are they other factors at play also. well there are other factors that play up and i think of ethiopia and it's recognized. political dynamics right now
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is not that what is your goal wished it to be i think it's european was waiting for that moment where eritrea comes to the negotiation table from a point of politically and militarily we cause action that is not going to happen because the qatar factor in the war in yemen has changed significantly that your political positions and if your trace not going to come to the negotiation table from a point of from what we could point of view so i think if you're going it's to recognize that. that eritrea should be an equal partner in negotiations it was important i think if you're going to accept that it is agreement international agreement is final and binding so if i list this dynamics is changing it's not going to be a lasting solution what we have now very interesting to get your insight on the stories of the i thank you so much for joining us once again on the news grades thanks for having no relations may be tense between ethiopia and eritrea but
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eritreans continue to cross the disputed border take a look at these amazing photos on august air dot com young a rich man's going to great lengths to make it to ethiopia and beyond many of them are men sixteen to twenty years old wanting to avoid forced military service in eritrea those photos on our website at al-jazeera dot com nothing in africa thousands of families in kenya who have lost everything due to recent flooding and now at risk of disease outbreaks that's according to the united nations the red cross has appealed for five million dollars to fund its emergency operations since early march more than one hundred people have died due to flooding it's estimated two hundred sixty two hundred thousand people have been displaced and are simmons has this report now from the kenyan town of gori she. it's a school classroom but this isn't about learning it's evil thousands of kenya's flood victims found food and shelter in schools but their stay is over it's time to
6:43 pm
move again the government wants to reopen the schools think i've got nothing in there is no way i can refuse to move i have no place of my own anymore. i have no peace of mind i did. and so the registration begins and these people are then sent on their way with some basic survival kits they're heading for a place known as the chief's camp but there's little in the way of comfort there they're all homeless with no possessions surrounded by floodwaters and there's no sign of what's going to happen next this camp may have the advantage of being on higher ground but it's a small hill top space is limited and it's overcrowded already the people have had to go elsewhere it's getting really bad for them while the weather is still wet and
6:44 pm
their conditions have got worse. they have to get wood to support the top pullens they've been given these are do is sell shelters and there are no facilities here yet for the moment the nearest source of drinking water is a want to trip away by forte and it means wading through these floods no bomb no. on the belong to. the local chief has orders to reopen schools on monday but admits facilities for the displaced place yet what do they have it's not enough about toilets about what it's not good these resilient people are remarkably tolerance some accept the education of their children must come first but at what cost in terms of hardship and health risk some of us are going to go to set up with although we are suffering it would be better
6:45 pm
to have this elderly device business it's difficult now as we have been moved back and forth you never know what'll you might be able to get. uncertainty like the rain clouds hangs over these people andrew simmons al-jazeera khalifi county in kenya now follow up on an al-jazeera investigation now on saturday we told you about some patients in mexico who had been fitted with an experimental device that was never approved by mexican authorities more than five hundred of them over fifteen years doctors told al jazeera it had serious flaws and in part two of our investigation now john heilemann asks how this could have happened and what the consequences are for those involved. over fourteen years almost five hundred patients were fitted with an experimental unapproved device a top public neurological institute you learned the good at it was among them it
6:46 pm
was done without her or her husband's knowledge. they asked us to sign a bit of paper but never that it was going to be a valve or a tube that was part of an experiment they never told us anything about that. three doctors working at the institute at the time told how does it or that the same is true for other patients who received the implant it was designed to treat hydrocephalus that's excess fluid in the brain by draining it down through a chub into the stomach area. this man invented the device and patented it. he was also the director of the same national neurology and neurosurgery institute where it was pressed into use despite never being approved by medical authorities that it could mean that there was a recommendation i would see a demand that you had to recognize the brilliant idea of. the institute the health ministry and the to saltillo himself or refused to talk to out zero he's always
6:47 pm
maintained that studies show his device was effective. neither he nor the national institute has ever been sanctioned for its unauthorized use despite a commission of medical arbitrage clearly stating that malpractise occurred in your landers case. dr ed natal who still works at the national institute has one word for it all. impunity impunity at every level he says. meanwhile your land and one man oil had to sell their flat to pay medical bills their claims for compensation have fallen on deaf ears mexico's attorney general's office kept them waiting for eight years only to tell them it wouldn't take any action all the time you learned his health is worsening although it's unclear if that has any connection to the device. i'm frightened of dying and leaving my daughter i'm just so tired there are days in which i just think it would be better
6:48 pm
if i died fighting. against the backdrop of silence a congresswoman and n.g.o.s have taken the case to the into american human rights commission. it's unlikely to succeed but it is a fresh attempt to get justice for the hundreds of people treated as guinea pigs over fourteen years. john holeman how does it or mexico city. and sours been looking at another story coming out of mexico about one journalist's controversial tweet but the twitter conversation may not be quite what it seems yeah you may have seen the hashtag noel parodies most thick audio on your world wide trends list earlier on sunday and that means no to the carrier journalism it's a preference the twenty fifteen film about mexican cartels now the hashtag is specifically about a tweet by journalist ricardo money and he's accused of inciting violence against a mexican presidential candidate now there was sixty thousand tweets using the
6:49 pm
hashtag just in the twenty four hours but our team has found that much of those tweets actually came from automated accounts or boughts that's enough to push this domestic story onto the global stage and we've seen this happen over and over again especially when it comes to elections a bot short for robot it's an automated social media account that operates without human intervention. try. make an individual readable by getting one hundred fashion. during the twenty sixteen presidential election suspected russian operators created bought on twitter to promote hashtags like morgan stomach rats now this is become a global issue and families are for example investigating the influence of twit supports and according to the atlantic council's digital forensic research lab automated accounts have been flooding twitter in malaysia with pro-government messages ahead of wednesday's election but tracking down bots can be quite
6:50 pm
difficult because programs like potomac so they can help her if i if it's twitter account you suspect is a bot or not i did this a bit a bit earlier you can see i've put my twitter handle. and according to that right in the corner there i'm in the blue section which means that i'm less likely to be a ball if it went over to the right side that's means i'm more likely but it's not always accurate. for example analysts from the digital lab suggest this account is automated in twenty sixteen and over nine months it posted an average of seven hundred seven hundred and five posts and that's just per day now mostly retreats of pro russian messages. but look it's up on the tomah to and the program says it's only fifty seven percent likely that the user is about site house can you spot a box well the main things to look out for high levels of activity like we saw with the sun never sets one hundred account or
6:51 pm
a lack of postal information anonymous accounts that don't give away any information on the user where they're from and they tend to use generic pictures or logos and if you suspect an account you can always reverse image search the user's profile picture tonight is a good example for that if you google that and that's because bots often steal those images and use them for multiple accounts as well ben neema is a research of the atlantic council's digital lab and he posted this article you'll find more tips on how to spot a bot but he also adds that a when this is key saying users who can identify bots themselves are less likely to be manipulated by them they may even be able to report the bot nets and have them shut down so if you've had any experiences with automated accounts on twitter so we want to know whether you've been able to detect whether it's a bot or not so using that hash like a.j. news group you can get in touch with us sorry thank you very much for that tatiana will be with us so shortly with the sports and we look at the global short support
6:52 pm
for the legendary former manchester united coach alex ferguson as he recovers i'm trying to imagine some fake. promise. to the jewish. at the expense of the us. the story of the british declaration. the middle east. seeds of discord and i would just zero. and then he pointed well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of doubtful gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
6:53 pm
days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. attention is here to support the town thank you very much follow well wishes have been pouring in from around the wild former manchester united manager alex ferguson ferguson remains in intensive care in hospital off to having emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage the seventy six year old with taken l m saturday is the most successful manager in british football history having led to united that that
6:54 pm
a trophy that almost twenty thousand years in charge. heritage some of the messages people all over the sporting wild have been sending to focus on in the poor man just a united face a rival fan city tweeted this sentiment everyone at manchester city wishes salix focus and a full and speedy recovery off to his surgery hotshot football family for much healthy player didier drogba added this on his twitter page deep thoughts and best wishes sarah ferguson for time ellen pick champion my far also shed this message on his account that while since our legs focus in my support with the family and friends hash tag legend as you can see here the outpouring of goodwill for the former manchester united manager has touched nearly every corner of the globe the been a huge number of tweets beyond just the u.k. but across europe from the americas asia and africa as well we spoke to football writer gary al smith and ghana. have explained just why faggy is such an icon all
6:55 pm
over the well i think alex ferguson's respects is not in doubt and he has earned this respect because he has won more titles than any other coolidge in the walls most popular league and so if you look at the numbers that us and respect also he has this trouble english football which is the most watched the in the world for longer than anybody else and so it makes us makes that a significant proportion of football fans of the last twenty twenty five years have grown up with this man for them they have seen nobody probably apart from us and they got what s.s. for and it's quite interesting that both of them have been in the news in the scene we call in the scene above to these and you can tell what the how down is the reason why guy gets in this outpouring of emotion and then finally. that new
6:56 pm
generation of course she's now have seen us and have seen salix vegas in i see. right while i'm vestry mental and i think that is also part of the reason why of course it also helps expect a scene is. what this widely regarded as the world's biggest football club only in terms of sheer power and size so that also helps i think. another name that's been trending online is the bron james more than hoff a million people have tweeted his name off that he led the cleveland cavaliers to a three nothing lead i have a to run time in the eastern conference semifinal foul macaskill back to last year and the project aims a three time finals m.v.p. if this is a liberal james as last season with the cavaliers he certainly making it one to remember that being reports all season long that he might leave off this campaign
6:57 pm
the now however he looks fully focused on cleveland this time with. the top scored in his team's first two wins over toronto and points but despite the browns display the raptors pushed the cavs all the way they went on a run in the final quarter and managed to draw level so yes they were right and sure could supply but on this night nobody was going to deny le bron crucial to the fielder was. the beating win of another match winning display cleveland winning it one of five to one of three they could be a drive you know for a lay up that i've had in the past. should be a floater like it was tonight. and off the glass is a practice pretty much you know. that i'll take in a day. no matter if it's the first quarter or you know a day what awful break up. the caps now have a three nothing beats the hell in mali al jazeera. every impressive stuff
6:58 pm
from the bron james well as always you can get in touch with us and share your thoughts as well using the hash tag as a way that. or you can also tweet me directly i'm at i am tatiana i'll be back with more sport for you in the one thousand nine hundred g.m.t. news hour but for now fully it is but thank you so much for that that will do it for today's show ram remember to keep in touch with us on social media as ever had a great all the day's top news stories coming up very shortly here on al-jazeera when live from london and from the fully back to bornholm he's a great take thank you for watching.
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