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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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going into japan some really heavy downpours into q.c. into honshu twenty three celsius faults it does to. the fair amount of cladistic zero one three cheese day thirty cloudy is fine and dry for the korean peninsula. algis is investigative units reveals tactics used by anti muslim nationalisation is to instigate a fear of is not already universal here america has a overweight where their recruiting this stuff is toxic he's a poison salesman we saw the number of attacks of mostly women and men across the country completely skyrocket guys in front of the cloyd so it is good if they are not there's blood flowing all over my leg al jazeera investigations islamophobia incorporated.
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al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr at this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes votes are being counted in lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nineteen years little change is expected at the top. thirteen people are killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan police suspected some another attack by those looking to disrupt the forthcoming elections iran's president warns that you west will suffer historic regret if donald trump pulls out of the nuclear agreement with tehran and volcanic destruction in hawaii lava flows continue after the us island is hit by the worst quakes in decades. i'm tatiana sanchez in doha with the sports including how does field spoil the party as the english
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premier league champions manchester fifty caliber a winning the trophy in front of their home fans. vote counting is underway in the first parliamentary elections in lebanon in nine years this election saw the rollout of a new voting system of proportional representation and several new individuals and parties a step forward to be counted the spite this there could be little change to the status quo prime minister saad a sunni muslim is likely to form another unity government that includes iran backed the shia movement hezbollah and holder has more now from beirut. judd phone is among the eight hundred thousand voters who are eligible to cast their ballot for the first time lebanon hasn't had an election in nine years political wrangling and disagreements over a new alec torah law were to blame now this twenty three year old hopes his vote
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will make a difference. for people who don't have any money but a sense of the money we need that at that will. more and more voices are calling for change and it's not just the young lebanese are concerned about the growing level of poverty and unemployment in the country. on the you know. we want change we wanted a new generation of leaders in the know what the youth was not but the medicine. this is the first time where so many independent candidates joined the electoral battle the new law which is based on proportional representation opens the door for these candidates to try to break the political elites hold on power but they acknowledge they can only make a small difference. and i think we know we will win all the one hundred twenty eight seats but even if we get eight ten or twelve seats we are satisfied because we know we will be able to expand our presence later on they are up against
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a political establishment that has been in power for years if not decades some even since the days of the civil war in the one nine hundred eighty s. if those politicians are not running their sons or grandsons are and they have been accused of using their office for electoral gains. there are people who vote for candidates who help them this is wrong with that is how it has always been . those are the so-called traditional voters who not only benefit from a politician or party but are often loyal to their sect before the nation lebanon's parties are sectarian among them the iranian backed armed group hezbollah. hezbollah in the way that no one did and if. destroy hezbollah has been. a wonderful to them hezbollah and its allies are expected to win the most seats in parliament for their strengthening their power which has been growing in recent years. a lot has happened since the last election in two thousand and nine there
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was political instability the post presidency was vacant for two years until late two thousand and sixteen when lebanon's political rivals reached a compromise a president was elected a national unity government was formed headed by prime minister saad oh how do you do that included members of hezbollah. prime minister how do you want to secure enough votes to ensure his leadership of the sunni community and ensure his return to the premiership he has exchanged harsh words with hezbollah during campaigning but that is an expected part of the election rhetoric in lebanon both sides know they need to work together if they want national unity and this divided nation. is live for us in. polls closed a few hours ago and do we have any results coming in. well preliminary results are starting to trickle in his boss says it is making gains in the southern
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part of the country and the big valley both areas are considered to be hezbollah strongholds now of the hezbollah's wyvil which is the future movement led by prime minister saad then how he says he has again so far. seven seats but they're expecting that number to increase these are preliminary results of feature movement is expected to gain something like twenty five seats or more than that the other main establishment political parties say that they have also made some gains and the civil society candidate said that they managed to win a seat and this is quite significant these were some sort of emerge from almost nowhere and the out of knowledge trying to save the political future of the countries have been very aggressive over the last few months. they have been building up the momentum across the country so so far we're getting first
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indications that adjusting that the establishment political parties are likely to maintain the results they made back in two thousand and nine and hashim i mean again we will get the official results i think in a day or two but the indication is also that the turnout is low and in fact lower than the last elections in two thousand and nine how surprising is that. well the missive n.t. says he is standing now at forty six percent which is yes lower than two thousand and nine for different reasons of voter apathy it could be explained first of all because people have been frustrated over the track record of the government if you remember a few months ago there was this massive protest movement against the government over the way has been managing the waste. dumping in the country there's also a wider distant turned over only employment that is saying basically that the
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services of a government of very poor the government is not receptive to the concerns of the liberties people second major concern was basically the new reforms of the voting system that have introduced the. reprise entity of proportional representation which is very difficult for people to understand because the one hand you have to pick one less or the same time you prefer a presidential vote within that same list that it takes time for people to pretty much grasp the whole nation of this voting system ultimately people say that even though there's been a reform of the voting system but it's just going to be boiling down to the same political parties taking over this explains that in different places particularly here the capital level and we haven't seen a major voter turnout the biggest turnout so far has been in the bekaa valley was is predominantly shia it which is also
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a hezbollah stronghold. well harshman and you'll be monitoring other vellum and says the results will start coming in properly there in lebanon for the moment in beirut thank you and for more on this we're joined in the studio by lina a t.v. but lena is the head of the middle east and north africa program at chatham house thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so results are starting to trickle in without asking for predictions necessarily what were you be looking for . when the proper results come in i think everybody will look. is the cue for the independent candidates and how well they are doing in this election this is the first time that lebanon has seen such a high number of candidates running outside of the usual political parties that have dominated the political system in lebanon for decades so far it looks like perhaps two candidates have won seats let's see if more can also achieve something because just to explain to members of our audience who may not know the details of
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lebanese politics it's quite structured in the sense that certain roles need to go to shia muslim sunni muslim and christian so it's all quite divided is there perhaps a risk that that kind of leads to the kind of apathy that we've seen with people feel that things aren't really going to change that much i think the apathy has more to do with the fact that lebanon did not have an election for nine years and over those nine years the parliament that was basically in place kept to renewing its mandate constitutionally this lead people to lose faith in the political process and lebanon in general and most of them felt that in a way voting doesn't matter because they voted last time for a parliament that was supposed to be in place for you know few years and yet it kept renewing its own mandate regardless of the constitution so why bother play this political you know play within the system unfortunately the platforms also that political parties use to try to rally people to vote or not based on
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issues but more on personalities and i think most lebanese seem to be fed up with that and interesting because actually lebanon has a lot of issues that it's dealing with and when first of all it's next door to syria and we know what's going on there lebanon has memories of its own civil war of course it's dealing with an influx of refugees issues of the economy like most other countries what do you think will be the main challenges of the government presumably stability is really the key. in a place like lebanon stability is of course key maintaining. least a minimum economic environment that could you know take the country away from recession would be important lebanon has a lot of debt a lot of refugees this is causing a strain on society not just the economy however these issues interestingly enough were not part of the electoral platforms of most of the candidates that seem to be winning the seats and this to me shows that whatever government takes over in
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lebanon next is not necessarily going to be able to solve all these problems focusing on side hariri for a second of course a while ago he seemed to effectively disappear to saudi arabia arabia and then reemerge i mean what would you say the situation with him right now especially saudi arabia's role in the selection of saudi arabia's role has been rather minimal in this election father had it in himself seems to so far with his party to have lost seats and this election compared with last time it seems that the areas of the future movement had candidates. in the last election and one. are now seeing other people from other parties winning the seat so i would say from the traditional kind of political coalitions and parties that are contesting the election the future movement seems to be the biggest loser well we will of course
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get the proper results i guess in the next twenty four forty eight hours of the interesting to see exactly what that looks like for the moment. from chatham house thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you. now pakistani police say the suspect behind the attempted assassination of the interior minister is affiliated to the ultra religious. party the twenty one year old was arrested shortly after allegedly shooting and. following a rally in poor job province police say the shooter showed his affiliation to the party which focuses on highlighting and fighting. indian police say they've arrested the main suspect in the alleged gang rape and murder of a teenage girl down new brianne and several accomplices are accused of burning the sixteen year old girl alive after her parents complained to village elders that she'd been raped here and that other suspects were allegedly angry that the elders
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finds them several hundreds dollars hundreds of dollars as. a bomb blast in afghanistan has killed thirteen people the explosion happened at a mosque in the eastern province of cost police suspect the mosque may have been targeted because it was being used as a voter registration center for october first parliamentary election time for glasses more now from kabul. the attack in host province is the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration centers and on election officials around the country it certainly has the afghan government concerned president ashraf ghani condemned the attack saying the attackers continued crimes against religious places but he said that it won't do a real election process that he called on his security services to better protect these voter registration centers but so far they've been unable to do so the worst attack came here in kabul two weeks ago when a bomber attacked
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a line of people lined up for to to register to vote sixty nearly sixty people killed in that bombing and almost one hundred twenty injured has many afghans very concerned about going to voter registration areas they feel that they're unsafe they feel that they're not protected they feel that they are a target and of course this is just the beginning of the election process those parliamentary elections to be held in october of the campaign period will start after voter registration voter registration goes on until mid june the afghan government's goal had been to register fifteen million people by then but so far only about one million people have been registered in the past three weeks or so and the attacks certainly seem to be deterring the afghan public from it so a very serious consequences to these attacks for an election that many here see as crucial to the future of afghanistan. well to the scots this further i'm joined in
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the studio by a rough and assistant professor of international relations at the university thanks so much for coming in to al-jazeera and i think i actually spoke to you in the studio not that long ago about another attack that was related to the the upcoming elections in afghanistan i mean how damaging do you think this is going to be for voter registration which already is very very low a very sources say it's going to make the. little difference because this has become almost wallpaper music in the background this is a tragedy of afghanistan we get bombs attacks virtually every day in fact on this particular day there were two three other attacks one including seven people being killed so this is probably not going to change the dynamics unless of course somebody in a position of influence decides that it should i know that the afghan government leadership has been speaking to nato about talking to the taliban and there has been supportive of that if somebody does size zero or size decide to stop talking
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and working in peace who political solution to this then we might see a drop off in these attacks because i don't think we still know who this attack will be claimed by anyone and both the taliban and i so have staged similar attacks i mean you sort of raise the possibility of any of some kind of cooperation or communication between nato and the taliban and the government but the thing that i saw now being in afghanistan could change the balance of the well it could do in the sense that. it is unlikely to talk have are and certainly if it does it won't talk in terms that nato and indeed the afghan government can accept. the other problem causes the taliban who are more prominent are fractured themselves so we talk unfortunately as of the taliban is a. modern issues but there are different groups who have particular agendas
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but the solution does lie in the least isolating them and coming to an accommodation with them so that the security forces and indeed even taliban forces can concentrate on dealing with. who are seen by many first tunes particularly taliban and government sides as people who are outsiders and one thing that binds the afghans is a sense of national pride they don't like others coming into to into their territory doing their business and just a final point here and that's these elections coming up in october just out are they for afghanistan well they're all elections should be key but they will only be key if they produce of distinctive result what we've had in the past sadly is
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democracy. the strangling itself we've got to two leaders of the law. both of whom are finding it difficult to share power so if the elections produce a strong a united government which can deliver on economics hansa curity then we might see something different absalom roughest a professor of international relations that not even the versity sir thank you for . so lots more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour including turkey's president unveils his party's political vision ahead of snap elections next month. the army of young activists behind armenia's antigovernment campaign and how their efforts put a force to real change and coming up in sports surfing legend kelly slater explains how he is making waves no way near the ocean.
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of the united states says less than a week to the side whether he will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal on sunday rein in president hassan rouhani warned washington about the consequences of scrapping it on european officials continue to press president donald trump to keep it they are in estabrook has more now from washington. with the may twelfth deadline just days away president donald trump's new legal advisor offered this assessment of the iran nuclear deal to a gathering of iranian dissidents in washington what do you think is going to happen to that agreement. that they are going to. was president trump a longtime critic of the pact is threatening to pull out of the deal by saturday unless it can be improved on sunday iranian president hassan rouhani offered a stern warning this solves mommy and energy i tell me if america leads
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a nuclear accord it will soon see that this will until historic remorse for it shall be the united states along with four other countries and the european union signed the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran in twenty fifteen. under the j. c.p.o. way iran agreed not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for the easing of sanctions president trump says the deal was flawed from the start in part because it allows some nuclear provisions to sunset in two thousand and twenty five. he's also blasted iran for its use of ballistic missiles in the region and has accused iran of supporting terrorism european allies have been pressing the u.s. president not to scrap the deal u.k. media say british foreign minister boris johnson is traveling to washington to meet with senior administration officials on the issue so it is really that visit followed similar meetings in washington last month with french president emmanuel
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mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel who both agree the pact isn't perfect but think it can be improved in an interview on sunday britain's ambassador to the u.s. expressed optimism about keeping the u.s. in the deal all those issues we have ideas we think that we can you can find some language produce much and that meets the president's concerns there are reports that former secretary of state john kerry who helped negotiate the j.c. under president barack obama is also meeting with foreign leaders to save the deal some republicans in congress say they aren't opposed to scrapping it but advised the president to be careful you need to have a clear idea about next steps if we are going to pull out president trump maintains he still hasn't made up his mind what he'll do but time is running out dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. north korea has the night it was forced
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into giving up nuclear weapons by american led international sanctions a foreign ministry spokesman told the state news agency the u.s. is misleading public opinion by claiming the sanctions worked he also warned washington against the liberally provoking the north by deploying military assets to south korea to news is another part he is claiming victory in the country's first democratically local elections the religious party says it's ahead of its secular rival need that tuna's by about five percent the two parties are coalition partners in the national government turnout is reported to have been low intimacy is first local polls since the two thousand and eleven arab spring revolution official results are expected over the next few days. there have been more evacuations in hawaii as molten lava from oval kaino continues to threaten residential areas around two thousand people have now been forced to leave their
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homes to escape lava and poisonous gas coming up through cracks open them by earthquakes. well reynolds is at an emergency center empower hoeing joins me now so rob how has the area being affected. well that's been some good news barbara for those people who were evacuated just about forty five minutes ago in fact they were told that they could go back into leylandii estates the area that's been off limits now for days where those love events have been erupting and pick up there are essential supplies personal papers irreplaceable items from their homes we know that nine homes at least so far have burned down i spoke to one gentleman who lived in a home that was destroyed and he said it was just devastated still in shock i always knew that something like this could happen but the reality was really quite quite stunning now we're at this. emergency center which has been set up
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completely by volunteers from the community you could see right here people have donated to water and food and toiletries and all sorts of things that are essential for people who've lost their homes we're going to walk over here and see some of the folks who are also volunteering this gentleman is making ham and cheese sandwiches for people who are hungry or been volunteering and people who perhaps don't have homes anymore and now we'd like to talk to ashley kirk wits who's also a volunteer how are you actually. tell me why you're doing this. i'm just a concerned community person i mean we've rallied as a community to help people and so that's why we're here and we were not connected to any government agency it's just a number of folks who care about their fellow community people rallying together and trying to provide some comfort for some folks that i really expect experiencing
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a lot of distress in china this time so you need to say that of the thousands of people who have been close to two thousand people have been evacuated there's no government help for them that this bread and cheese is not coming from any official source it's was donated by by you and by other people out. many many many people making little contributions in the rainbow to put all of this together in less than twenty four hours. is that the kind of community this is yes we are a community that pulls together when anybody's in trouble and it's absolutely you know the image of hawaii sometimes is very glamorous it's a tourist location fancy hotels and beaches and so on this is a different side of hawaii where we are right now in poet right i mean this is the authentic that i think people really come to love and value and cherish yeah i mean it's not like to hear what you see on the postcards i mean this is real hawaii right here and it's not necessarily the wealthy hawaii either i know it's not
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you've got your working families there. so for the people who may have lost their homes that represents really an economic catastrophe is that right dave pretty much lost everything absolutely everything yeah it's definitely touched me for them what do you see is the the longer term outlook for this area on that's to be determined i think right now the community still trying to process everything that's happening which is why we've put together this information center and this hall where people can come and talk story and grieve and we as a community can talk about how we're going to move forward shanker together ok ashley kirkwood thanks very much for speaking with us that's one of the volunteers who've taken their time to join everyone here at this community center again i want to repeat a barber that the people who were evacuated from that event area have now been
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permitted some of them at least to return to their homes to pick up some valuable items they're not supposed to stay there indefinitely or for very long but for many people that was an enormous relief and we will be talking them to them of course as they return to see what they found when they went back to their community. reynolds . now still to come on the al-jazeera news hour the second part of an al jazeera investigation into claims of medical malpractise at mexico's flagship your logical institute and iconic street art is under threat from berlin or is who want more housing plus in sport are sending banker gets the perfect sendoff from his final home game in charge of arsenal.
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how i would get warm sunshine for a good positive europe's on the northern areas of europe see some pretty decent weather over the next couple of days down into the southeast is not so great actually just around the med turkey has seen flooding rains ankara has had flash floods as a result of some massive downpours shadows continue here as we go through monday and on into we're choose to actually some showers to southern i was a fast moving parts of italy but a little further north moscow twenty degrees celsius twenty one he was still twenty in ossified weather back with a monday and a london will see time to touch in twenty six celsius maybe even a degree or two higher than that of course past all of england's come further south paris at twenty six celsius fun to try for a good part of spine and post a couple want to be a possibility over the next that eastern areas of spy could see a little bit of weather over towards past load of the heat continues further north
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twenty six twenty seven even warmer there in moscow twenty three degrees celsius showers continue just around the met so we are still going to see some unsettled weather just coming in here not to all settle across northern parts of africa the the current one celsius but showers and repacked on monday more of the same for tuesday. once pristine indonesia's river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply global fashion chains want to use the examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera and. where every. on counting the cost drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure foreign cash even as oil prices head higher the european union launches a new budget blueprint upsetting some members plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. counting the cost on al-jazeera. reminder now the top stories here on al-jazeera vote counting has begun in lebanon's first parliamentary election nine years the country's interior minister
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has just confirmed turnout at forty nine point two percent slightly less than the two thousand and nine from thirteen people have died in an explosion at a mosque in afghanistan's holst province the mosque was being used as a voter registration center for october's parliamentary election. and iran's president hassan rouhani has warned the u.s. will regret pushing the nuclear deal as the deadline looms for donald trump to make a decision. a turkish president typer the hon has unveiled his party's election manifesto promising new military operations against kurdish fighters along its border in syria and iraq at the home address thousands of supporters in istanbul ahead of next month's elections he called a vote more than a year early to consolidate the move to an executive style presidency which was not only approved in a referendum last seen emco say than was at the rally. more freedom and more
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prosperity and this is the most so turkish president aired on snap election manifesto for june two thousand and twenty four activists motto was the thing that carried the ruling party through the parliament in two thousand and two but since against a protest in two thousand and thirteen and fists the fans go it sent in two thousand and sixteen the government has harshly being criticized for its security measures inside turkey and restrictions imposed on the media now prisons are drawn talks about opening a new page actually saying that turkey's turkey will decrease its interest rates inflation rates which have become a burden afforded turkey so. dozens and duty due to increasing living prices also add on mentions that turkish military will continue suppressions into northern syria until turkish borders are totally secured by the fire troops one more thing that i don't focus during this manifesto was that turkey should become
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a self-sufficient country in defense industry and he mentioned more plans that turkey would be. producing actually and now everybody is curious after stating that there will be a new page how turkey will be implementing those freedom and prosperity a methodology while the state of emergency is still underway. five rebels have been killed in a gunfight with government forces in indian controlled kashmir security forces moved in the house in shopping district where the suspected rebels were based troops ordered rebels out of the house and started shooting when they had no response but one of those killed was top rebel commander said. thousands of poured onto the streets for his funeral. armenians are days away from what many hope will be
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a seismic change in their political system on tuesday the parliament is expected to elect an opposition leader as the country's new prime minister it calms after a wave of protests across the country as that name reports now from yet of on students have played a major role. many are medians are saying their so called velvet revolution succeeded because people finally shed their political apathy and were inspired to. has been leading protests since twenty sixteen for several weeks he's rallied students at half a dozen university he says opposition leader goal should know and maybe the face of this unprecedented push for change but people primarily students organized it they refused him so neither because if the so there's tips they. need to hold
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a process that is where people work or food and. it's undeniable young people force during the protests that eventually crippled the country fed up with the poverty lack of jobs and corruption they're hoping the government will finally turn its attention to the pressing needs of armenians if pressure becomes prime minister as expected on tuesday he'll have an abundance of goodwill and face high expectation i belong to the area later percentage of the people who really believe that this day would come i expect a lot but it's really hard for me and for him because like people i know people are going to push and i know that it's going to take a long time for him to rebuild so the system the student activists we spoke with say the priority is for the new government to hold free and fair elections it would be a first for this generation you know closing to spit into or going to another page
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where it will be said that i mean it's no it is participatory terry democracy and this is also a victory and disappoints a political process when i mean it came to united forcing the resignation of a prime minister is one thing remaining in gauged through the often slow and messy journey towards monumental political change will be the next test of this country's people power movement. natasha al jazeera europe on armenia. police in serbia have stopped a far right leader returning to a village where he encouraged ethnic hatred during the balkans war. seen here in the red shirts wanted to hold a rally with his supporters cheshire was convicted of war crimes last month by a u.n. court over a speech that he gave in that village in one thousand nine hundred two calling for
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the ethnic cleansing of crow what residence he was sentenced to ten years in jail but freed because of the time that he has already spent in custody. now to the diplomatic standoff between the united arab emirates and yemen over the presence of an iraqi troops on the yemeni island of so-called trash that the flight went happened without consulting yemen's exiled government that's all yemeni officials call into doubt the u.s. role in the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen but in a statement on sunday the u.a.e. said the reaction from yemen had been taken into account the realities on the ground victoria gates and the reports. on the yemeni island it's the katra people protest against the u.a.e. military presence in a mirror to soldiers arrived on the island earlier this week to see yemeni troops to leave the locations a government minister says the emerald city forces are
12:39 am
a threat to yemen sovereignty he's calling for nationwide protests on sunday the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition supporting yemen's internationally recognized government led by president abbott robbie mansell heidi oh it's fighting against iranian backed rebels who control parts of the country but the u.a.e. has permitted other separatists in southern yemen at the expense of the government analysts say the u.a.e. has a wider goal in mind if you consider the strategy that the united arab emirates have driven in yemen over the past three years actually we see that there is a pattern of valving which doesn't necessarily directly concern fighting the who these or reinstating the government as it was said in two thousand and fifteen when the coalition started but it's more about securing a morality interest in the south of yemen access to the indian ocean access to the bubble munda yemen has suffered three years of will in which thousands of people
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have died the yemeni government now based in the southern port city of aden relies on the coalition's ad power which is why. this is the move the u.a.e. by ministers is rare but not unheard of three months ago a minister accused the u.a.e. of trying to fragment the country by creating what he called separate regional and tribal armies a saudi delegation has been sent to mediate this latest crisis in a report that gets complicated by the day victoria gate and be out there. israeli military says it has killed two palestinians who tried to cross into israel from the gaza strip israel says the two men were trying to damage security infrastructure more than forty palestinians have been killed and thousands injured along the border since march when weekly protests against israeli land confiscation began. human rights watch has strongly criticized saudi arabia's crown prince
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mohammed bin some on for what it calls a dramatic increase in arbitrary detentions the group says at least two thousand three hundred people have been detained for more than six months without trial some of been custody for more than a decade and human rights watch also says the saudi justice system only seems to be getting worse while a similar analysis by the group in two thousand and fourteen found fewer than three hundred people were held without trial for more than six months human rights watch says one saudi citizen has been held without conviction since september two thousand and three another has been detained while under investigation since december two thousand and six while two hundred fifty one people have been imprisoned for more than three years without their cases coming before the courts well i don't kugel is a middle east researcher at human rights watch he says saudi arabia should prioritize ending such detentions as part of reforms announced last year.
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saudi authorities have been promising justice reforms for more than ten years and they've poured millions and millions of dollars into it yet for all these reforms we still find these massive numbers of people held for many many months and even years without trial and that's just one part of the problem once people get to trial they also face other issues including convictions based on what they say are career scores confessions as well as an inability of defendants to adequately defend themselves before saudi courts some cases in which no defense was presented that end up with the death penalty so you know i think while the certainly the crown prince maybe even more time to institute full scale justice reforms. they certainly have not made a lot of progress so far and i should also say in a recent interview with the washington post the crown prince when asked about the detentions and unfair trials if your rights activists seem to indicate that he did
12:43 am
not think that the system was broken what we did was we took that data from in full second and we just analyzed how many people have been under investigation or with a case that is that is not indicative of a conviction or being brought before trial and we said how many of them are in detention how long have they been in detention i also should say that in january of this year we sent a letter to the saudi attorney general and to the saudi foreign ministry requesting information or information about the data as presented by the almight portal but we received no response it's difficult for investors to invest when they don't have confidence in the justice system it's difficult for ordinary saudis to feel like you know they can go through life and receive fair treatment when they know that the justice system isn't working so it is a really critical it should be a critical component to mohammed bin some man's modernization efforts. over fourteen years almost five hundred mexicans were used as guinea pigs at the
12:44 am
country's flagship state neurological institute they were implanted with a device to drain fluid from the brain invented and patented by the head of the institution but the device was never approved by mexican authorities and doctors told al-jazeera it had serious flaws in the second part of our investigation john heilemann examines how this could have happened and the consequences for those involved. over the fourteen years almost five hundred patients were fitted with an experimental unapproved device a top public neurological institute you learned the good at it was among them it was done without her or her husband's knowledge. they asked us to sign a bit of paper but never that it was going to be a valve or a tube that was part of an experiment they never told us anything about that. three doctors working at the institute at the time told how does it or that the same is true for other patients who received the implant it was designed to treat
12:45 am
hydrocephalus that's excess fluid in the brain by draining it down through a chub into the stomach area where. this man invented the device and patented it who else sotelo he was also the director of the same national neurology and neurosurgery institute where it was pressed into use despite never being approved by medical authorities that would mean that there was a recommendation i would see a demand that you had to recognize the brilliant idea of sotelo the institute the health ministry and that to saltillo himself or refused to talk to out to zero he's always maintained that studies show his device was effective. neither he nor the national institute has ever been sanctioned for its unauthorized use despite a commission of medical arbitrage clearly stating that malpractise occurred in your london. case you know a good natal who still works at the national institute has one word for it all.
12:46 am
impunity impunity at every level he says. meanwhile your learned and one man oil had to sell their flat to pay medical bills their claims for compensation have fallen on deaf ears mexico's attorney general's office kept them waiting for eight years only to tell them it wouldn't take any action all the time you learned his health is worsening although it's unclear if that has any connection to the device . i'm frightened of dying and leaving my daughter i'm just so tired there are days in which i just think it would be better if i died. against the backdrop of silence a congresswoman and n.g.o.s have taken the case to the into american human rights commission. it's unlikely to succeed but it is a fresh attempt to get justice for the hundreds of people treated as guinea pigs
12:47 am
over fourteen years. john holeman how does it or mexico city. well still to come on al-jazeera we'll have the sports news including the big crash that has changed the moto g.p. title for a start that i will have the details of just a few moments. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to nailing . bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met a western reporter before in part two of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed hostility towards me as the west i knew bin ladin continues. and under put it well on. u.s.
12:48 am
and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. time for sport now hears that. thank you very much huddersfield have kept manchester city's scoreless the harm for the first time this season to keep their
12:49 am
premier league hopes alive and to upset the trophy celebrations of the champions the trophy ceremony was delayed by nearly half an hour off the fans came on to the pitch after the final whistle the nil nil draw mean city still need one when and two goals from their remaining two games to break their records for the most wins and most points in a premier league season as well as the league's all time goal scoring record i know when you win a final or wait a goal in the last minute is something splashes is the thing especially here you know we had time to you know to to accept the reality one two three days ago it was a go and was surprised how good we maintained chancy was our fault was in today maybe a reason we were in the table but we have to try to make the last effort. all snow have celebrated also invent his final home game with a five no when i was
12:50 am
a bentley the crowd were all given special must see also in shots as they thanked him for his twenty two years with the club then go one three league titles and a record seven f.a. cup with the gunners but also crashed out in the last chance for him to claim a european trophy when at last it came to beat them in the europa league semifinal on thursday he paid tribute to alex ferguson his in hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage and to the arsenal fans. at least they think i gave my total commitment to do with. it and my thoughts of course that's all right i cede in time i take it and very noble my commitment was generally in total complete integrity i want to make people happy because i have a certain idea of the game of football to be played and my ambition was always to win the style when your big club i think you have but responsibility and solve the
12:51 am
supporters to have a special experience when they come to the club. meanwhile chelsea have but as to that chances of a top four finish in the a.p.l. with a one know when i've been live a poll on sunday and livia giroux with the only goal chelsea remain fit but now just two points behind top them as they look to secure the final champions league spot with a game in hand one month ago. it was impossible to make it to their advantage to fight for their place in chingford. no doubt of the reason that is. they will alter people's or. we are getting in every game three pounds. what opponents of. it lucy i did the poem. that. i want to. have if you choose not to know what. the newly crowned league champions barcelona are just three games away from becoming the
12:52 am
first team to go on beaten through the spanish season that after a two all draw with brown madrid in el classico luis suarez was first on the scoresheet in the country's biggest match christiana ronaldo equalise for rail less than five minutes later barcelona went down to ten men when sergio roberto was sent off as tempers flared late on in the first half it looked as though balsawood clinched the when when when all messi struck the back of the net in the fifty second minute but a late gareth bell equaliser gave them the troll. team usa has made the final of the first ever found us card a pro surfing event being held at an artificial wave pool the us are likely to meet south africa and australia in the final the surface compete on waves that are all identical thanks to the technology that took ten years to develop meaning competitions come down to who is best the pool is the brainchild of champions they
12:53 am
carry slates and is constructed nearly two hundred kilometers from the nearest beach later told al-jazeera has an interest in the technology for the number of countries. the base be very efficient. water pushing the sprawl off the ball all the while well. that solid soldier. or. all the top surface in the world of the marching force everyone is. going to make it bigger smaller faster slower. has won the spanish grand prix and taken over the moto g.p. championship lead as a huge crash have major implications for his nearest rivals pulses
12:54 am
a cow crunch losail to finish off to crashing out on nine but that also was then flying high over his honda during a collision with the house he parroted on the air that it feels i'm hot head lot and so lights on in the race all three riders walked away from the accident that resulted in them slipping in the championship standings reigning world champion mark has now leads the series by twelve points off to the wind at his home truck. the reigning n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors looks set to take a three one lead in the playoffs second round series with the new orleans pelicans they laid one hundred seven to eighty five with just four minutes for maining in the final quarter meanwhile the to have uncovered is a one win away from reaching the eastern conference finals and they have le bron james to thank for that the three time n.b.a. champion bad to thirty eight points against the toronto raptors including this piecing when a winning game three hundred five to one hundred three to lead the series three
12:55 am
nothing. cycling's you know they tally a complete his swing through israel on sunday is stage three sol the ride is travel two hundred twenty nine kilometers from bish. it's a lot on a scorching day in the negev desert the pellets and fell back from the breakaway group until the last seven kilometers but it came down to a sprint finish italian rider vianney clinched a victory but it's australian right hand dennis he retains the race leaders pink jersey after finishing in the palace and the race now heads to safety. and that is all the ball for now it's back to london that's here and i thank you now for decades berlin has been known for its street taught with some graffiti and we're all becoming well known landmarks but the land for new housing means some of the famous artworks might soon disappear dominic reports it's a city of culture and counter culture where the walls of buildings are the canvas
12:56 am
on which politics and society sometimes collide in an art form that is much to the anarchic where what matters is the work the artists themselves want to remain anonymous and not to have limits placed on it created and see if there's new buildings being dealt that's all right it's like that's i mean more important than like street art is like something that is born on its own and doesn't have like when it gets to well regulated or sanctions and it will really be alive anymore. and you get a feel for just how alive the scene really is in districts like let's back improvised astronauts stared down at you from buildings how the fruits of the artists labor is there for all to see and where people feel walls are just murals waiting to be painted i'll get more and more street artists are coming here from across the world really gets more and more and as far as i know this year alone
12:57 am
more than fifty new murals are going to be painted in a very short time. but in a city with a constant need for new housing and more office space often world renowned examples of street art can end up obscured by new buildings recent figures suggest the vacancy rate in existing apartment buildings is just one and a half percent at a time when fifty eight percent of all of the people who want to live among them will have to deal with investors that want to build blocks and things like that and so everyone has to find solutions what could stay and what current has to go not. friend of having a sort of staying with this square cities and things like that forever there are some examples of three thought in this city which do have protection germans called potshot structures here what's left of the berlin wall at what's
12:58 am
called the east side gallery but even here it's clear where modern buildings have really taken over and yet some believe those modern buildings that obscure the arch of yesteryear also provide a platform to paint the pictures of the president dominic kang al-jazeera berlin. we can find out much more on everything living covering on our website the address algis the arad dot com thanks very much at adam joined us for the news hour stay with us back with long.
12:59 am
the cards for. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year the more than thirty minute is in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships in cape town children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take them from gang violence i lost my. way limbs go i
1:00 am
also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers falso act as security guards of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were waiting for news of the men for whom was only one word on when the bill marched to saw a boy killed in his father's all i saw my former students i have only once in my life and see men who are scared to death a bit to civil was darkest secret. to come on al-jazeera.


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