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towards the west and type with the possibility of right the next couple days. rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries in libya i was the job of the plus and no i'm like any other student rewind continues with children of conflict. we'd love some peace in this world especially. children do not have any rights here rewind on al-jazeera.
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awaits the results of parliamentary elections that many voters. are alive from doha also coming up. top diplomats in washington hoping to convince president donald trump not to abandon the iran nuclear deal. and why and to brace home for pets and valuables. and will visit a remote community praying for peace after a devastating church attack. votes are being counted on to lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years official results are expected in the coming hours but supporters of the major parties have already been out celebrating the interior minister says voter turnout
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was just under fifty percent down from fifty four percent in the two thousand and nine elections the country is using a new system based on proportional representation. in the six hundred cans it's a vying for one hundred twenty eight seats in parliament eighty six of them are women seven and parliament is evenly divided between muslims and christians the present must be a maronite christian and prime ministers and a muslim and the speaker must be sheer prime minister saad hariri belongs to the future movement the most popular party among sunni muslims he says the election is a contest between his party and hezbollah which is the most powerful political movement in lebanon the only party with an active armed wing the conflict in neighboring syria is one of the main issues for voters one point five million syrian refugees and lebanon and the economy is also featured heavily in the election debate lebanese youth in particular looking for someone who will improve
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unemployment low wages and corruption. and i want to joins us live now from beirut says i know with the vote counting well underway what are the unofficial results showing us. like you mentioned those official results we're expecting them in the next few hours but unofficial results giving us a clear indication on who the winners are and who the losers are and clearly the winners are hezbollah the iranian backed group along with their allies they're expected to control more than half of the one hundred twenty eight c. to a parliament and it is being translated really as a win for iran and that is why it is raising alarm bells really in the united states and saudi arabia both these countries really have been trying to contain iranian influence across the region not just here in lebanon and so really a lot has changed since the last election in two thousand and nine and two thousand and nine what we saw was the pro western the pro saudi march fourteenth alliance
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they won the majority of seats in parliament but since then there has been a lot of changes saudi arabia really losing its influence being more focused on the war in yemen and that has taken its toll and now we are seeing iran really as the biggest winner in this election so what then is the impact of prime minister hariri . losing this. well has lost seats he used to hold the biggest bloc in parliament he's expected to lose seats of course he lost some seats to suddenly politicians as well because he has faced opposition from within his community over the years he has been absent and it's not just that he has been accused by some of being too lenient with more hardline sunday faction saying that he should take a more hardline approach because he is a prime minister of a national unity government which there are hezbollah members included in this government and it's not just that he's had financial troubles and clearly not a very good relationship with saudi arabia because he wasn't funded his electoral
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campaign was not. funded by by the saudis but it is expected many analysts observers in lebanon expect that the status quo is going to remain the same and that is how do you he will head to the next cabinet he's expected to win the biggest block of seats in parliament and has been i suspected to be part of that part part of the government ok china for the moment thanks very much we'll keep an eye on those results coming in few hours iran's president hassan rouhani has warned america it will regret any decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal european leaders are also trying to save the agreement the latest is u.k. foreign is actually boris johnson rising in the new york times he said of all the options we have for ensuring that iran never gets a nuclear weapon this pact offers the fewest disadvantages it has weaknesses certainly but i'm convinced they can be remedied i'm sure of one thing every available alternative is worse why is this course would be to improve the handcuffs
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rather than break them. as on his way to the white house to convey that message in person as an estimate reports from washington. with the may twelfth deadline just days away president donald trump's new legal advisor offered this assessment of the iran nuclear deal to a gathering of iranian dissidents in washington what do you think is going to happen to that agreement. that they are going to. spruce resident trump a longtime critic of the pact is threatening to pull out of the deal by saturday unless it can be improved on sunday iranian president hassan rouhani offered a stern warning this solves money and energy i tell me which america leads to nuclear accord you'll soon see that this will until historic or more storage china the united states along with four other countries and the european union signed the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran in twenty fifteen. under the j. c.p.o.
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way iran agreed not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for the easing of sanctions president trump says the deal was flawed from the start in part because it allows some nuclear provisions to sunset in two thousand and twenty five. he's also blasted iran for its use of ballistic missiles in the region and has accused iran of supporting terrorism european allies have been pressing the u.s. president not to scrap the deal u.k. media say british foreign minister boris johnson is traveling to washington to meet with senior administration officials on the issue so it is really that visit followed similar meetings in washington last month with french president emmanuel mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel who both agree the pact isn't perfect but think it can be improved in an interview on sunday britain's ambassador to the u.s. expressed optimism about keeping the u.s. in the deal all those issues we have ideas we think that we can you can find some
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language to use my question that meets the president's concerns there are reports that former secretary of state john kerry who helped negotiate the j.c. under president barack obama is also meeting with foreign leaders to save the deal some republicans in congress say they aren't opposed to scrapping it but advised the president to be careful you need to have a clearer idea about next steps if when you are going to pull out president trump maintains he still hasn't made up his mind what he'll do but time is running out dion estabrook al-jazeera washington let's have more now from iran same as in the capital. president hassan rouhani is preparing his people for a worst case scenario the resumption of u.s. sanctions and they return to the economic isolation of the past but this is not the same iran that signed the nuclear deal in two thousand and fifteen. ronnie's
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message to his people is that iran has a more robust economy one able to withstand any aggression by the united states iran is also strategically stronger in the region than it was when it signed the deal with close ties to countries it has helped in open conflict including syria iraq lebanon and yemen and in recent years to iran has strengthened one to one trade and diplomatic ties with dozens of countries these are things iranian leaders are pointing to as positive steps taken during the current administration and as to the tone of the iranian president's remarks about the united states it was likely for a domestic audience. ronnie married himself to the success of the nuclear deal and as it begins to fall apart he finds himself defending his government's decision to enter into talks in the first place if the united states pulls out of the nuclear agreement many people say that it could bolster hardline lawmakers and military hawks here in iran or it could work out in president rouhani favor giving his
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government the moral high ground to say to western powers that we try to get your way and now we will go back to making policy on our own terms. russia is preparing seems that of a pittance when an us president for the fourth time landslide election victory and march version has now been empowered us president prime minister for eighteen years and had him say he has reinstated russia's role as a major global power but he's faced international criticism in crimea from ukraine and cracking down on political dissent and i'll spend at least another six he is in the kremlin. at least thirty homes have been destroyed and almost two thousand people evacuated off their option of why is ok no volcano is epicenter was within twenty kilometers of the lani estates when molten lava has been slow to flowing into residential areas of reynolds is that this report. the road into the eruption
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zone is cracked and broken fence of steam and toxic gas from the lava flows beneath below out deeper into what was once leylandii estates the enormous power of a killer way it is plain to see we passed roads sealed off by meter high lava flows finally we reached a wall of burning rock and could go no further we've gotten just about as close to the lava as we can and the smell of toxic sulfur dioxide is very strong in the air and it gets stronger when the wind blows from the wrong direction but if you look behind me here you can see that leylandii avenue this is formerly the main street in this community is completely covered with that black lava beyond it the smoke is the sign of another house that's being consumed by the lava people who have been living here have no idea when or give if they'll ever be able to come back home more than twenty houses have been destroyed from the air you can see the
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main crater on kill away is still boiling with smoke and steam toxic gas from the deep. magma chambers is the biggest threat to human life i'm most worried about the impact of sulfur dioxide in our nostrils a look here present standing over time if there's extended exposure people get inflammation of their lungs and if people have underlying lung conditions like c o p d emphysema they could get into trouble on sunday morning a long line of cars formed as some residents were permitted to enter the danger zone briefly to salvage important papers medicines pets and personal treasures but plenty more people are waiting to be allowed back in they want to get. where they can go back to their residence and that's all what this whole issue about so that they can make themselves whole again this is not the whole why glossy tourist posters and glamorous television shows this community is one of the poorest in the
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entire state volunteers set up an outdoor community center called up who hold or place of safety in the hawaiian language. to distribute donated emergency supplies food and water we all come together and want to make this make stuff happen the government scientists say there's no way to predict when the eruption will end it could be days months or longer leaving the people here to wait and hope for the best rob reynolds al-jazeera the whole hawaii. however jack is next and then to a place called tyson's going head to head in malaysia's upcoming general election and why rural areas will be the deciding factor plus. there are a lot for the p.c. attack on a trash in central nigeria that's dividing and this community. how
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i would get warm sunshine for a good positive europe's any northern areas of europe see some pretty decent weather over the next couple of days down into the southeast it's not so great actually just around the med turkey has seen flooding rain sanker has had flash floods as a result of some massive downpours shabbas continue here as we go through monday and on into we're choose day i see some showers thirty so there was a fast moving parts of italy but the further north moscow twenty degrees celsius twenty one was full twenty in berlin was a fine weather bank with a monday in london mostly time just touching twenty six celsius maybe even a degree or two higher than that of course past or of england come further south paris at twenty six celsius fun to try for good parts of spain and portugal but want to show i was certainly a possibility over the next that eastern areas of spy could see
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a little bit of weather over towards past lower the heat continues further north twenty six twenty seven even warmer there in moscow twenty three degrees celsius showers continue just around the med so we are still going to see some unsettled weather just coming in here not to all settle across northern parts of africa heat the current thirty one celsius but showers and repacked on monday more the same for cheese day.
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and there again you're watching al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories. being counted parliamentary elections in nine years official results are expected in a few hours time but supporters of major parties have already been out on the streets celebrating. less than fifty percent. iran's president has warned the u.s. against pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying it would suffer historic remorse. also that iran has plans to respond to any decision by president donald trump. has less than
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a week where the hill with the agreement. and at least thirty homes have been destroyed almost two thousand people evacuated. thirty six thousand. rebel fighters are leaving an enclave near the syrian city of homs under a deal brokered by russia a number of factions have handed over heavy weapons to the syrian army fighters are being evacuated to rebel held areas in the north agreement is also allowed the process of reopening the highway between homs and hama to begin. a seventeen year old battling for her life after being raped in india and it's the second such case in the state of jharkhand police say they've arrested the main suspect in the gang rape and murder of another teenage girl. and several. a
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sixteen year old alive after her parents complained to village elders about the rape or yan and other suspects were said to be angry that the elders find them several hundred dollars as a punishment. tunis is not a boss he is claiming victory in the country's first local election since the two thousand and eleven arab spring the religious posse says it's ahead of the secular and the dot turnus by about five percentage points the vote seen as an important transition to democracy. reports. for tunisia which is considered not just the birthplace of the arab spring but also its only success story this is a significant step. for citizens heading to the polls to vote in the first ever democratically free local elections. it's seen as another milestone on the long and difficult road to becoming a full fledged democracy. more than fifty seven thousand candidates are running for office in three hundred fifty municipalities forty nine percent are women and more
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than half are under the age of thirty five but one officials have called for a large turnout observers don't expect many to come out citing an electorate demoralized by high unemployment a weak economy and years of austerity a lack of trust in politicians especially by young people is but one more challenge to the general population and we have already begun. with electric progress and. you know. the reason. is that you need. not. worry in the daily life i mean there are going to be issues. that. need to weigh. frustration with the economy and
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anger arising from the government's austerity measures led to protests in january analysts say low voter turnout in these municipal polls could be dangerous to the future of democracy in tunisia that it would call into question the legitimacy of those elected. and they won't have any support around them that think they mean. they will not be able to. make a. more objective really good life in the country the elections were meant to be a way of giving more power to municipal councils throughout the country while it's still far too early to tell what these polls mean for the future the results are expected to be a sign of the political direction tunisia may be going into ahead of presidential and legislative elections next year. malaysians head to the polls on wednesday in what's been described as the most competitive election ever even so
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many analysts are predicting a win for the ruling coalition. the world's longest serving elected government from . a state explains some one hundred kilometers from kuala lumpur is known for its fishing villages and rice fields it's in rural areas like these that the ruling alliance. has traditionally dominated but discontent is stirring. fishermen here are working longer hours just to be able to survive the higher cost of living has really affected us things weren't so bad five or ten years ago he says the subsidies they receive are no longer sufficient and blames the goods and services tax imposed three years ago for the increase in overall costs. but there are others who say they are grateful to. the only party that has ruled malaysia since independence in one nine hundred fifty seven. it's in places like these far from the cities that the election will be
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fought and won rural areas have long been given disproportionate electoral advantage here in sa about burnout the smallest voting area in the state of a vote is worth four point three votes compared to the largest constituency. the an equal number of voters who parliamentary seats was made worse after parliament hurriedly pushed through a motion to redraw electoral boundaries in march despite protests from the opposition and civil rights groups terrifically the minimum the got the minimums of which the government needs to win to to carry one one two of the simple majority of seats in the parliament is only sixteen point five percent because of the smallest one one two constancy content only thirty three percent of electorate the election commission has also been accused of favoring the ruling party in other ways it introduced new guidelines regulating images of party officials and vanna's
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but has been accused of applying them inconsistently its offices have cut out pictures of mahathir mohamad the former prime minister leading the opposition bit from some posters the commission's decision to call for elections on a wednesday is also being seen as a ploy to lower voter turnout the claims of unfairness has always been the agenda of the opposition and is really for sympathy was to prove that your prayers to the people. and perhaps as a reason really feel very safe with you calling for electoral reform says irregularities in the electoral roll persist including voters registered without their consent and others transferred to a different voting area without their knowledge many analysts say the results of the upcoming election will be close but predict a win for the ruling party florence italy al-jazeera salaam est malaysia. amnesty international is accusing egypt of using solitary confinement as torture
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and says dozens of human rights activists journalist and op assistants of porters face horrendous physical abuse behind bars the group's report outlines extended beatings humiliation a lack of food restricted movement for years on end egypt has arrested thousands of people since the military overthrew present moment morsi in two thousand and thirteen morsi is reported to have been held in solitary confinement for most of the past five years the government has repeatedly denied systematic rights abuses. journalist mahmoud hussein has been gyptian jail for more than five hundred days he was detained without charge while forty's in two thousand and sixteen during a holiday to cairo. and international human rights organizations have repeatedly urged to release jailed journalists. funerals have been held for some of the forty five people killed by attackers in northern nigeria armed bandits raided a village in kadena state on saturday where this is so they shot her children and
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torched houses the region seen an increase in violence by cattle rustlers and gangs . speeds over territory escalating elsewhere in nigeria present one hundred biharis government is under pressure to prevent such attacks ahead of next year's elections two and ogun reports from venue state where an attack on a church is devising a community that's live peacefully for generations the police are taking us to a small town called it's in bend with state in sensual nigeria but long is a small farming community a place with no history of violence until now. to rule. out. the attacker was devastating for people here they accuse ethnic feel any herdsman
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of being behind the attack there was a morning mass here when a group of gunmen stormed the church and started firing people say the shooting lasted for over an hour sixteen churchgoers died that day including two priests and children. there have been disputes over land across central nigeria between mostly christian farming communities and muslim herdsman for many years people here say they are afraid because the attack in belong is creating divisions they say the attackers are a wanted to provoke religious conflict and they call on the government to put a stop on this now are for government to exist will it get him isn't he was our capacity to stop people from killing our people no washing of that not a woman if one. should die we should be able to get a sick lock in our environment and i mean what. our walk of top what the washable
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of freedom. will cry but the moment you try to call it in terms of tribes in terms of political mission in terms of religion you know defeats in the purpose of the fight and that is well been told in the people who are so fight for all. the. many here fear the attack on the church was intended to sow fear and hatred between communities and this is why this plight the violence people here continue to preach they say that for generations they have always lived peacefully together despite the religious differences what binds them together they say is shanker than the killings in the village of. duggan al jazeera been with state central nigeria. i mean his parliament is expected to elect an opposition leader as
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the country's new prime minister on tuesday it follows a wave of protests across the country led by nicole passion and as a fashion guy named reports from yerevan students are playing a major role. many are medians are saying their so-called velvet revolution succeeded because people finally shed their political apathy and were inspired to act. has been leading protests since twenty sixteen for several weeks he's rallied students at half a dozen universities he says opposition leader nicole posh union may be the face of this unprecedented push for change but people primarily students organized it they don't need to because if. there are steps they. need to hold a process that is where people work or food and. it's undeniable young people
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force during the protests that eventually crippled the country. fed up with the poverty lack of jobs and corruption there hoping the government will finally turn its attention to the pressing needs of armenians if pressure becomes prime minister as expected on tuesday he'll have an abundance of goodwill and face high expectation i belong to the area later percentage of the people who really believe that this day would come i expect a lot but it's really hard for me and for him because like people i know people are going to push and i know that it's going to take a long time for him to rebuild that. system the student activists we spoke with say the priority is for the new government to hold free and fair elections it would be a first for this generation you know closing to spirit you sent were going to and not
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a page where it will be said to me it's not going to support to spread terry democracy and this is all a victory and dissipates a political process when i mean it is kim united forcing the resignation of a prime minister is one thing remaining in gauged through the often slow and messy journey towards monumental political change will be the next test of this country's people power movement natasha guinea al-jazeera year of armenia. now there's disappointment in egypt where archaeologists have confirmed there's no evidence of hidden rooms and an ancient tomb going to king to in common in two thousand and five it was suggested that the remains of the king's stepmother negativity could be concealed behind the wall paintings but new radar scans of dash those hopes experts say the discovery of negatives is final resting place of be the most remarkable archaeological find of the century.
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with al-jazeera these are top stories being counted after lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years official results are expected in the coming hours but supporters of the major parties have already been out celebrating the interior minister says voter turnout was just under fifty percent down from fifty four percent in the two thousand and nine elections the country is using a new system based on proportional representation iran's president has warned the u.s. against pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying it will suffer historic remorse if it does rouhani also said that iran has plans to respond to any decision by president trump less than a week to decide whether he'll withdraw from the agreement russia is preparing to see vladimir putin sworn in as president for the fourth time and follows his landslide election victory in march and has now been in power as president or prime
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minister for eighteen years many at home say he has reinstated russia's role as a major global power but he has faced international criticism for crimea from ukraine and cracking down on political dissent. at least thirty homes have been destroyed and almost two thousand people evacuated off the eruption of hawaii's kilauea volcano lava has spread to around thirty six thousand square meters and could be seen shooting sixty meters up into the. rebel fighters are leaving an enclave near the syrian city of homs under a deal brokered by russia a number of factions have handed over heavy weapons to the syrian army fighters are being evacuated to rebel held areas in the north the agreement has also allowed the process of brega opening the highway between homs and hama to begin it's been closed for seven years. a seventeen year old is in a critical condition after being raped in india as the second such case in two days
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in the state of jock and police say they've arrested the main suspect in the gang rape and murder of another teenage girl. and several accomplices are accused of burning the sixteen year old alive after her parents complained to village elders about sixty about the sexual assault. and another suspects were said to be angry that the elders find them several hundred dollars as punishment those are your headlines we're back with more news on al-jazeera of the inside story.


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