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they still are. the ones to be seen. to be a. monster. it is. with. the human being. on. a monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the your. leg bolts.
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awaits the results of parliamentary elections that many votes a song. played . never caught on this is. also coming up. a lot of methods and apparent to be sworn in the first time as president. anger builds up on a yemeni island over the presence of saudi and troops. and a force involved conical robson's last one to raise home for pets and valuable. votes are being counted off lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years official results are expected in a few hours but supporters of the major parties have already been out celebrating
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interior minister says voter turnout was just under fifty percent down from fifty four percent in the two thousand and nine elections the country is using a new system based on proportional representation nearly six hundred candidates are vying for one hundred twenty eight seats in parliament eighty six of them are women paul mentions evenly divided between muslims and christians the president must be a maronite christian the prime minister a sunni muslim and the speaker must be shia prime minister saad hariri belongs to the future movement as the most popular party among sunni muslims he says the election is a contest between his party and hezbollah which is the most powerful political movement in lebanon is the only party with an active armed wing the conflict in neighboring syria is one of the main issues for voters there are one point five million syrian refugees in lebanon and the car the economy has also featured heavily in the election debate lebanese youth in particular are looking for someone
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who will improve unemployment low wages and corruption so in order joins us live now from beirut is enter expecting to hear some results or initial results from the interior ministry in the next hour or so what's it looking like so far. but from the unofficial results we're getting really a clear picture on who the winners are and that is. the group along with their allies they are expected to control love more than hot one hundred and twenty eight member of parliament expected biggest block in parliament and many people are already translating. a lot has changed in the past of the last time an election was held in two thousand and nine. because of politicians disagreeing over a new electoral law but in two thousand and nine in the pro saudi alliance which was headed by the prime minister. they won the majority of seats but since then we
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have seen iran's influence growing not just here in lebanon but across the region and this will definitely raise alarm bells in the united states and saudi arabia who have been trying to contain the saudi arabia which really had a lot of influence in this country in the recent years no longer has a big role. ok many thanks for joining us from. take you straight now to moscow and the kremlin where we can see president. the president of the russian federation to respect and to. limit this. to a protagonist constitution of russia to defend the. independence and. safety and integrity of the state to lawyer. the
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people. well to marry was a very as she put it has and to the office of the president of russia. the. these are pictures that you're looking at from moscow the inauguration of president vladimir putin is proof one present you can see russians attending the event singing the national anthem at the kremlin no lack of hope oh sorry our correspondent rory chalons is following the event for us that live from moscow so rory as he begins his fourth presidential because it's an ever looked as strong
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as he does right now. it's hard to think of a time in the last eighteen years of his political career where you has looked stronger than he does at the moment he has just won the biggest election victory of his career the last eighteen years or so have basically been a project in stripping the country really of any meaningful political opposition. media environment has been. doctored so that's critical voices are almost never. and then when he gets anti-government protests like we saw at the weekends there stamped on fairly tough lee with you know often thousands of people ending up in police cells he's being portrayed now as a kind of father of the nation tirelessly working to keep the country together and
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there was a rather beautiful moments of the ceremony earlier on where you know all the dignitaries have been assembling in the alexandrescu hall of the kremlin waiting for putin putin still typing away at his computer sitting behind his desk and they have to turn off turn it off stand up and then make a long walk down the corridor or reach the ceremony itself where. russians as. a polling organization did very recently what they like about police and what he's done. basically the things that russians say they hold putin in highest esteem for basically making russia great again keeping the country together and for many russians there is no other one leader that they can envisage of treason absolutely but he's not without his critics is he one of the challenges he's facing in these next six years. well the challenges i think can be boiled down in general to two main things first of all how wrong can
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putin on the kremlin keep on using these sort of national pride boosting methods to paper over the widening cracks in the country and also then what happens off the. top of the hole that many in giving his speech. the president of the russian federation. put in. the citizens of russia. ladies and gentleman. their friends. i welcome all this the city is a small great fatherland and our compatriots are brought all those who watch or listen to the transformation of this solemn ceremony all those who are present here in this historical hoarser kremlin and on the and chant cathedral square this
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minutes while entering the office of the president of the russian federation especially acutely feel a colossal responsibility i have in front of all of you in front. of all about international people i feel the responsibility of russia the country of grandiose victories and accomplishments in front of a long history of russian state and our ancestors their car h. their. persistent labors their solemn attitude to the land is eternal example of the loyalty to a model that i consider my duty and sense of my ally to do everything for russia for its present and future for the peaceful and prosperous future preservation i continuation of why great people for their welfare. in every russian family i can assure you the lie of my work will be as be who are
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the people our model and for me it is above everything else from the bottom of my heart i thank the citizen of russia for your call haitian for your belief that we can change a lot harder for the better once again i want to say thank you thank you for this level of sincere support. the citizens of russia put to me during the elections of the president of our country i consider it a huge political capital and reliable moral support at this support that they believe and the faith. will strengthen is my people will live better such as supporters support and. position on the world and constructive actions for the sake of the structure changes as
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a positive change in the country russia should be a modern and dynamic state should be ready to accept the challenges of modern age at all so energetically tory. inauguration speech at the kremlin were a challenge. for us very promising to serve the people for. yeah that's the kind of thing you expect to hear inauguration ceremonies and basically the year of the service is preparing you to undertake for the good of the country you're in the united states in any country where there's a presidential system really so that's surprising but you know i was talking earlier about the challenges that putin faces going forward for the next six years this presidential term. one of the tragedies i think is. there is a problem that russia has with widening inequality with stagnant salaries
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and pensions and things like that those problems have been papered over a great extent by the concentration on tub thumping national pride serving methods like the annexation of crimea and standing up to the united states and that's a good thing because the next crimea every day so at some point you're either going to have to invent new top dumping national pride boosting measures or you're going to have to look at the social problem in the festering underneath the surface and that's the big challenge that. faces for the next six years the other challenge of course is what happens after. this is a presidential system with a constitution that sets out the presidential as six years and he can't technically serve another one he has to step away from the presidency at least for a bit so what happens then there's no sign at the moment that the kremlin has a solution for how to replace. who has as i was saying earlier been comes to this
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come to be seen as a sort of father of the nation how do you replace the father of the nation it's a difficult problem absolutely and if we look at the internationally as well i mean russia's what isolates now in these national stage isn't that it has been in years do you think it's likely to change course is there much pressure to do so. it's i mean this is a sort of sea soaring issue i think yes russia is isolated from the west as of course being expelled from what was the g. eight and now it's the g seven it's under international sanctions from western countries but russia has also been working tirelessly over the last few years to build up relations with other countries countries that are not so closely allied to the west so there is a growing relationship with china within the brics system russia or is doing lots
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of work there is barely a week that goes past without the foreign minister or president or prime minister swinging through moscow to have a chat with putin or his ministers so i don't think that russia is as isolated at the moment as the west would like to think it is. russia certainly does have a problem in how to keep itself financially solvent financially stable when there is seems to be a growing appetite in western capitals to start chipping away things that russia previously thought they wouldn't dare to chip away at so you know we saw the latest round of sanctions targeting some of the most important oligarchy in russia that has hits russian assets pretty hard and there is a sign that you know that's not the end of it there may be further sanctions to come maybe going after russian sovereign debt and the ability of russia to raise
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you know raise money on the international financial markets if those things are pushed through then russia is going to have a serious problem in keeping its military spending program floats keeping the money flowing into the country and keeping things taking over and that again i think is going to be an issue that person is going to have to address over the next few months and few years. whether or not that results in a softening of russia's foreign policy we don't know yeah but the signs are that it's not going to absolutely ok many things in the us. so many continue there's a murmur and a home to takes a look more closely now as putin's rise to the top. he started out as a k.g.b. agent became the head of russia's spy agency then the country's prime minister and less than five months later at the age of forty seven vladimir putin became the president of russia it was a spectacular rise and reveals the to knesset that has shaped his eighteen years in
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power you should study it like the issue of russia's two term presidential limit by two thousand and eight putin's time was up he resolved today by handing the presidency to dmitri medvedev and becoming prime minister himself if you were in any doubt as to who really held the power. four years later position was back in the top job in stamping his authority with the police crackdown on anti-government protests and tough new measures to quell the scene. a much a man image is fueled his popularity at home and putin has worked equally hard to assert russia's tough image abroad. he took crimea from ukraine a move that still angers many in the waist he stepped in to back the regime of president bashar al assad in syria's long running war over the breast and he's accused by u.s. intelligence officials of being behind
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a campaign to sway the us elections in donald trump's favor forbes magazine has named bush and the world's most powerful person for four years in a row he's now back for a fourth term president of a country with the opposition has little or no voice president of a country where despite tough international sanctions he's determined to drive russia's agenda no matter how much that might and tegan eyes the waste. and we've been watching live pictures from the kremlin in moscow where president vladimir putin is officially been made president for another six years he's been in power as president all prime minister of eighteen years now has now extended to twenty four largest longest serving leadership of the soviet dictator joseph stalin who will for thirty one years there's been a person giving his inauguration speech in moscow.
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the other news who think rebels in yemen have launched more missiles into saudi arabia they were aimed at several military targets at the natural border region economic sites including oil storage areas were also said to be hit saudi arabia says it's a defense systems were able to shoot down some of the missiles the head of a provincial council in southern yemen is criticizing what he calls the un justifies saudi and iraqi military presence on an island in the arabian sea protests began when iraqi troops for c.m. needs to leave the courts on thursday island as an air and sea port with easy access to the horn of africa yemen's prime minister described these troops appointment as an assault on sovereignty. the mojo that these forces are present insecure. in volumes that can't be understood there are illegitimate troops in these areas are there are forces that belong to the who teach to be fought by the coalition here the answer is
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a big no. a president of iran is warning americans they will suffer historic remorse if donald trump pulls out of the nuclear deal signed with wild powers three years ago britain's foreign secretary is also trying to save the agreement writing the new york times boris johnson said of all the options we have for ensuring that iran never gets a nuclear weapon this pact offers the fewest disadvantages it has weaknesses certainly but i'm convinced they can be remedies i'm sure of one thing every available alternative is worse the wisest course would be to improve the handcuffs rather than break them i don't say on his way to washington d.c. to convey that message and person as an estimate reports from washington. with the may twelfth deadline just days away president donald trump's new legal advisor offered this assessment of the iran nuclear deal to a gathering of iranian dissidents in washington what do you think is going to happen to that agreement. that they are going to. i was
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president trump a longtime critic of the pact is threatening to pull out of the deal by saturday unless it can be improved on sunday iranian president hassan rouhani offered a stern warning this sars marmion energy i tell me if america leads to nuclear accord it will soon see that this will until historic remorse for it china the united states along with four other countries and the european union signed the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran in twenty fifteen. under the j. c.p.o. way iran agreed not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for the easing of sanctions president trump says the deal was flawed from the start in part because it allows some nuclear provisions to sunset in two thousand and twenty five. he's also blasted iran for its use of ballistic missiles in the region and has accused iran of supporting terrorism european allies have been pressing the u.s. president not to scrap the deal u.k.
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media say british foreign minister boris johnson is traveling to washington to meet with senior administration officials on the issue so it is really that visit followed similar meetings in washington last month with french president emmanuel mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel who both agree the pact isn't perfect but think it can be improved in an interview on sunday britain's ambassador to the u.s. expressed optimism about keeping the u.s. in the deal all those issues we have ideas we think that we can you can find some language produce much and that meets the president's concerns there are reports that former secretary of state john kerry who helped negotiate the under president barack obama is also meeting with foreign leaders to save the deal some republicans in congress say they aren't opposed to scrapping it but advised the president to be careful you need to have a clear idea about next steps if when you are going to pull out president trump
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maintains he still hasn't made up his mind what he'll do but time is running out dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. cambodia's supremum court has rejected a request to release former opposition leader kem soca ahead of his trial so guy was arrested in september on treason charges and has been in pretrial detention ever since he denies all allegations against him when he joins us now live from bangkok so when what hope is there now for them so call. more of this is really the end of the line for the opposition leader when it comes to taking this case through the courts trying to get his pretrial detention nullified as you say he was arrested in september the initial maximum period of detention for him was six months then the municipal court in phnom penh in mn in march decided that he could be held for a further six months so that's when his legal team took the case to the court of
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appeal and now to the supreme court which is up held the decision by the two lower court so that now means that he could be held until september pending a trial on these treason charges and crucially that takes us past an election which is to be held in july and supporters of critics of the government led by prime minister who in sense say that that is what this is all about it's about completely stamping out any significant opposition in the lead up to that election and all of this rain is happening at a worse thing environment in cambodia for free speech another potential threat that with the sale of a major english language newspaper one of the concerns over this announcement. yes with this situation the environment really been deteriorating over the past year and a half was so we've seen the cambodia daily very popular english language publication shut down over
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a disputed unpaid tax bill we've had more than thirty radio stations shut down and now what was seen as really the last truly independent outlet the post and its c'mere language version have been sold to a malaysian investor who also owns a public relations company who is in the past counted among its clients the prime minister who didn't sin so clearly that raised a lot of concerns when that sale was announced over the weekend. post naturally ran a story on. it's front page about the sale about who the outlaid had been sold to that story was ordered to be taken down by the new owners and now on monday we've seen several key editorial staff resign and the editor in chief in fact has been fired so clearly this is being seen as a further deterioration in the freedom of speech in the media landscape in cambodia ahead of the election reporting that from bangkok thanks very much wayne in india
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a seventeen year old girl is in critical condition after being raped and set on fire and police in jharkhand state investigating a similar attack have arrested the main suspect in the gang rape and burning alive of a sixteen year old on friday as thought suspects don. and another man were angry at being fined hundreds of dollars by village elders after the teenager's parents complained to the. funerals have been held for some of the forty five people killed by attackers in northern nigeria armed bandits raised the village and states on saturday when to say they shot children and torched houses the region seen an increase in violence by cattle rustlers and gangs territorial disputes are escalating elsewhere in nigeria present mohamedou biharis government is under pressure to prevent such attacks ahead of next elections to allan dogan reports from venue state where an attack on a church is dividing
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a community that's lived peacefully for generations the police are taking us to a small town called it's in bend with state in sensual nigeria but long is a small farming community a place with no history of violence until now there are photos of tool room for doubt. for the. well known. because. the attacker was devastating for people here they accuse ethnic feel any herdsman of being behind the attack there was a morning mass here when a group of gunmen stormed the church and started firing people say the shooting lasted for over an hour sixteen churchgoers died that day including two priests and children. there have been disputes over land across central nigeria between mostly
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christian farming communities and muslim herdsman for many years people here say they are afraid because the attack in belong is creating divisions they say the attackers wanted to provoke religious conflict and they call on the government to put a stop on this now and for government to exist milledge intimacy we must our capacity to stop people from killing our people no washing not a woman if one. should die we should be able to create a cyclone in our environment to live what to do our walk of top what the washing of freedom. will cry but the moment you try to color it in terms of tribe in terms of political mission in terms of religion you know a difference in the purpose of the fight and that is well been told in the people
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who are so fight for all. men here fear the attack on the church was intended to solve fear and hatred between communities and this is why this plight the violence people here continue to preach they say that for generations they have always lived peacefully together despite the religious differences what binds them together they say is shanker than the killings in the village of. duggan al jazeera ben was state central nigeria. manias parliament is expected to elect opposition leader nicole passion as prime minister on tuesday as a reports from the un students have played a major role in the nationwide protests demanding change. many armenians are saying their so-called velvet revolution succeeded because people
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finally shed their political apathy and were inspired to act. has been leading protests since twenty sixteen for several weeks he's rallied students at half a dozen universities he says opposition leader nicole posh union may be the face of this unprecedented push for change but people primarily students organized it they don't need to because if they saw winter's tips they. need to hold a process that is why people are called food and. it's undeniable young people force during the protests that eventually crippled the country. fed up with the poverty lack of jobs and corruption there hoping the government will finally turn its attention to the pressing needs of armenians if pressure becomes prime minister as expected on tuesday he'll have an abundance of goodwill and face high
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expectation i belong to the area later percentage of the people who really believe that this day would come i expect a lot but it's really hard for me and for him because like people i know people are going to push and i know that it's going to take a long time for him to rebuild that. system the student activists we spoke with say the priority is for the new government to hold free and fair elections it would be a first for this generation no closing to spit into or going to another page where it will be said to me is no it is pretty sprit terry democracy and this is also a victory and disappoints a political process when i mean it came to united forcing the resignation of a prime minister is one thing remaining in game through the often slow in domestic journey towards monumental political change will be the next test of this country's
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people power movement. al-jazeera europe on armenia. there with al-jazeera these are the top stories of lattimer putin has been sworn in as president of russia for the fourth time is a live picture you can see from moscow of a star very proud ceremonial parades and inspecting those troops i was nor gratian follows his landslide victory in march hussein has been in power as prime minister or president for a team is at home so he is reinstated russia's role as a major global power but he's faced international criticism for the next in crimea from ukraine and cracking down on political dissent. votes are being counted after lebanon's first parliamentary elections in nine years
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official results are expected in a few hours time but supporters of major policies have already been out on the streets celebrating turnout was less than fifty percent iran's president has warned the u.s. against pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying it will suffer historic promotes if it does pass on rouhani also said that iran's plans to respond to any decision by president will trump less than a week to decide whether he'll withdrawal from the agreement the head of a provincial council in southern yemen is criticizing what he calls the unjustified saudi and military presence of islands in the arabian sea protests began when troops forced yemenis to leave the cultural thursday the island and seaport with easy access to the horn of africa yemen's prime minister describes the u.s. troops deployment as an assault on sovereignty.
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these forces are present insecure. in volumes that can't be understood there are illegitimate troops in these areas are there forces that belong to the who teach to be fought by the coalition here the answer is a big no and at least thirty homes have been destroyed and almost two thousand people forced to leave after the eruption of y. is kilauea volcano lava has spread to around thirty six thousand square meters. as i had lines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness getting to the heart of the matter if not stuff like injury the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing new realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.


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