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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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made on al-jazeera. by the pakistani army to the emirates to get. held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent. or talked or screamed would be beaten again the quest for a better life that ended in incarceration for one tunnel mode twenty two at this time zero. zero is a very important thought of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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we wish to have a better result better representation with more shia and christian representatives . lebanon's parliamentary polls deliver an upset for prime minister saad hariri as a rainy and bad test baller registers major games. again without his air live from doha also coming out. of this one in his russian president for a fourth time becoming the longest serving leader since stalin's. europe steps up ever since save the iran nuclear deal from its britain and germany say they will stick to the agreement irrespective of the u.s. decision and the polls in volcanic activity allows the wires to resales for their pets and valuables.
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the party of lebanon's prime minister has lost a third of its seats in parliament despite the losses sunni leaders saad hariri is on course to say as prime minister under the sectarian power sharing system the unofficial preliminary results puts the shia party has ball and its allies with more than half the seats in parliament the christian party the lebanese forces which opposes hezbollah has also made gains well prime minister saad hariri declared victory phase bloke but he acknowledged challenges in the campaign. we wish to have a better result better representation with more shia and christian representatives but we have all seen that the future movement was fighting for the last minute to defend our legitimacy being one of the main components of national unity in the country today we have a new era a new phase today we have challenges i will stay on top of the future blog and i
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work on all levels the national political and economic levels being supported by the voters and everyone has seen that in all parts of the country all right let's go live to our correspondent. at the levees capitol and there we heard the prime minister talking about a new era a new phase what does that new era look like. he's basically trying to say martin that he's looking forward to reaching out to the different components of the political establishment to form a new government side that how you just suffered a major setback in the election by losing seats compared to two thousand and nine however he says that he's confident he's going to be able to bridge the gap you know full for many decades elections eleven have been the dominance of the establishment political parties but there's been a different angle to the story which is basically a civil society candidate saying that they can offer a new turn to to to the monopoly of the mainstream political parties today they are
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protesting in front of the ministry of interior they basically say that the election is one laws by every calamities and joining me to talk more about that is . how she is an activist she's a byte journalist and she's been a civil society candidate thank you very much indeed for joining us jumana thank you why you are protesting what's wrong with the elections. so many things we've had seven thousand records of violations yesterday. one of them concerns me directly yesterday all. all the parties involved in these elections in beirut won the district where i was running and nouns as early as ten pm or eleven pm that the civil society has won two seats i'm talking about competing parties they announce that the civil society has managed to won two seats mine well i acted beyond and then i waited till three p.
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am this morning to be sure that i won and i and i announced that on my on my social media and then i wake up this morning and i'm not a winner anymore you lost my a margin of one hundred seat hundred the. votes i'm going to ask you a question what's next for you is it the end of it to. do you think he will continue building up the momentum first of all i didn't lose here because we're going to fight this because. there's something wrong when. all the teams say that we won and then there are boxes that disappear and then there are delegates that that are a taken out of the room when the votes are being counted so i didn't lose yet let's not let's not go there to you your colleagues will be on the election this is a first move she managed to break through the ceiling of the dominance of the establishment political parties what's next for the civil society the huge issues that level of faces i didn't pull unemployment poverty for services. what are you
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going to push for in the near future definitely this is a start for us i mean like what we did yesterday was a huge no and the face of the mainstream political parties and the vicious circle they have put lebanon on inside for many many years so this is just the start and i'm very proud that paula won and and i'm sure she's going to do a great job thank you very much indeed china thank you martin quite interesting times here not only the activists that you see this particular area here they say that this is their moment this is their time and they hoping to build that moment of for them to be able to shape the future of the country but this is going to be a long way to go you can hear. their rallying support they're gathering here and they say this is not going to be the end for their project they are lobbying for
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a change in the political life. they say they are a minority but however they hope that tomorrow they will be able to rally more support and build support to change the realities of the ground and shape the future of the country. i hope you can hear me i'm just wondering how the gains that have been won by hezbollah and their allies how does that change the practical political landscape on a day to day basis in lebanon. it definitely consolidate their gains and they will have a bigger say in forming the new government in lebanon they are practically the king makers now eleven and with the massive games debate this but also a spectacular game by the lebanese forces led by simmias. to other political parties to mainstream political parties wondered presenting the questions we see the party of michel aoun and sad that had either the future suffered suffered some
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setback and therefore we're going to see in the near future is a long track to political talks between all those voters to try to form a national unity government because you know martin ultimately it would be difficult for hezbollah to form a government without sat how do you decide how do the laws for whether he remains the most popular sunni leader eleven and without him the next government will be really vulnerable and weak so i think by the end of the day wisdom has to prevail and what we're going to be is just a replay cation of the same status quo there has been a dog in political life in lebanon which is basically the key players in lebanon's have to come together and form a government of national unity and where hashem thank you i have. live in beirut now that amid putin has been sworn in as russia's president for the fourth time his
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inauguration for a six year term came two months after an overwhelming majority of voters backed him in an election which are in face no real serious challenges and dissipate is offered to keep dmitri medvedev on as prime minister in his new cabinet very chalons is in moscow. well choosing dmitri medvedev to carry on in his role as prime minister is perhaps no real surprise we know that putin is fairly conservative in his appointments to government positions and we also know because of the many years that these two men side by side with each other the putin more or less trusts maybe eight of remember that back in two thousand and eight when hooten reached the constitutional limits of his two allowable terms as president he basically just then swaps with made v.a.d. of so he putin became prime minister medvedev became president that lasted for four
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years and then in two thousand and twelve piece and came back to the presidency again this plays into i think questions about what is going to happen over the next six years the problems that putin is going to face and one of them is what happens at the end of this six year term because he is again about to reach that constitutional limits of two terms in office all right now we can till tomorrow to see makowski from washington d.c. he's a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council his specializes in russian politics what does another six years of putin at the helm of the kremlin mean for you. you know if there's one thing we know about vladimir putin is last eighteen years in power is what's going to continue you're going to see a continually aggressive russian foreign policy abroad which president putin will couch against the west and again in shrine in russia's inherent right to be a great power you're going to continue to see
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a clampdown on russian opposition and home and you're going to also true try to see an attempt of the russian government to bring more economic social health care services to its citizens an effort that has been difficult to match but again what you're going to see is continuity and you're going to continue to see real challenges of having the united states and russia find a relationship that is where president putin wants it which is again to enshrine russia as a great power but overall i think you're going to see more of the same as time passes in russia you see more of the same and from the kremlin's point of view i would imagine that they would put forward the counter argument that an expansionist nato is what has led them into into moving more assertively should we say on the international stage but to keep the when it comes to its backyard like crimea and eastern ukraine. you know when president putin came back to power in his last term
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he increasingly is used the threat of the west and the threat of the united states as a distraction for the russian people and to showcase that russia has to respond you know nato has an enlarged for a long time it doesn't place a threat to russian interests but of course its actions in ukraine and syria are couched to the russian people as a direct counter to the united states and direct counter to the west and i think that has played well for putin particularly as russia faces economic difficulty as well as infrastructure and health care system that continues to not be able to provide for the needs of its citizens so absolutely russia will continue to use the specter of a threat from the united states and a threat from the west to further cement putin's hold on power and i think that has worked for president putin and will continue to work for him and again because of a fundamental obstacle in interests i think you're going to continue to see challenges in u.s. russian relations and frankly speaking i think putin is ready for that dynamic and
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his will harness it to further russian aims all right mucks him across ski thank you very much. we've got a lot more to come here including what could be a breakthrough in south sudan's civil war the implications of an opposition factions decision to change sides also this lee poll seven billion dollars into starbucks to sell coffee the coffee chain's products around the world. welcome back we're looking at some fairly heavy rain across parts of southern china during the course of choose stay standing through towards hong kong north of out to are not too bad a few showers there for food issue and certainly quite wet across much of taiwan at the moment as we come into indochina we've got
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a few showers across northern parts of vietnam central areas also picking up some showers and then heading through into wednesday that rain becomes more intense so annoying may seem to me cloudy skies and some patchy rain across into myanmar few showers are likely here yang gone chance of storms and highs of thirty six across into south asia and here we've got some significant rainfall activity across parts of eastern states of india and bangladesh and these cold boys shecky storm still continuing really quite late in the season further towards the south of course shares of fate in sri lanka those are likely to continue through tuesday with kara also picking up the odd damp or otherwise still obviously pretty hot across many central areas forty two thousand one pour but it is looking considerably cooler in delhi a maximum of thirty four degrees though temperatures rising again as we head on through into wednesday cross in theory be in potential weather conditions here general looking pretty quiet some cloud across northern areas but here in qatar dry and fine with a high of thirty eight expected in doha. unpack
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it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans will just look into doubt about that or if you join us on the sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the colobus conversation amount is iraq.
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tough is it take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the policy of lebanon's prime minister has lost a third of its seats in parliament after sunday's vote despite the loss in the sunni leader saad hariri is on course to stay as prime minister under the sectarian power sharing system. as paula supposes in lebanon the celebrating the unofficial preliminary results the shia group and its allies ascent to claim over the hall for the seats in parliament. putin has been sworn in as russia's president for the full time he becomes the longest serving leader since he won almost eighty percent of the votes when reelected in march he's already been in power as president or prime minister for eighteen years. now france and germany valuing to stick to the terms of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal even if the u.s. withdrawals they and other european powers a lot being president trump not to end america's involvement in the agreement as he prepares to make the decision in less than a week now the british foreign secretary boris johnson is in washington and he's
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made his case in the new york times he wrote of all the options we have for ensuring that iran never gets a nuclear weapon this pact offers the fewest disadvantages it has weaknesses certainly but i'm convinced they can be remedied i'm sure of one thing every available turnitin is worse the wisest course would be to improve the handcuffs rather than break them right white house correspondent kimberly how he joins us now and said boris johnson then kimberly joins his long line of europeans that have been beating a path to washington d.c. in a bid to try to get donald trump to stay on board how do you how do we think they're fairing where does it lie at the moment. well we've just had a tweet from the u.s. president and things don't appear to be very hopeful at the moment donald trump in just the last couple of minutes talking about the former secretary of state under
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the obama administration john kerry who of course helped to negotiate the j c.p.o. a donald trump writes the united states does not need john kerry's possibly illegal shadel diplomacy on the very badly negotiated iran deal he was the one that created this mess in all caps in the first place exclamation point so we certainly know where donald trump stands in terms of how he feels about the deal certainly we heard this on the campaign trail martine there are a few days left before that may twelfth deadline and as you point out european leaders happen for weeks at both the high level and bit behind the scenes working very hard with us the u.s. side to try and negotiate and come to some sort of agreement to keep the united states in the agreement beyond the twelfth deadline but certainly there have been some discouraging sides not only that there is this even though boris johnson is here in the united states right now and he isn't meeting with donald trump directly but we know he is meeting with the secretary of state paled the national security
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advisor john bolton and also the vice president mike pence even as those meetings are taking place even boris johnson as you point out has been acknowledging that there is a recognition that donald trump has a point that there are widespread concerns about the jay c.p.o. way that the twenty fifteen agreement doesn't address some things that donald trump has brought up like concerns about the sunset clause ballistic missile testing even concerns about iran's military presence in the region so the argument has been though let's try and work with this deal make something better to address those concerns but so far it doesn't appear that that convincing is working but there are some days to come still before that deadline and decision has to be made indeed because president trump has to decide whether to continue with the wave. may the twelfth and as you say that's just days away. too refused to do that in the tenor of the deal. right and
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a lot of people not just in the united states but around the world have been very concerned about some of the recent cabinet changes inside the united states as the president makes that decision certainly mike pompei or a big critic of the deal. john bolton the national security advisor very hawkish even was penned an offer ed in the wall street journal making the case to strike north korea but also in the same sort of op ed talking about sort of linking the two as having these concerns so there certainly is someone weighing in very heavily and this is the concern of course for many as this clock is now ticking all right kimberly thanks very much kimberly how could a white house correspondent. the rebels in yemen of launch more missiles into saudi arabia they were aiming at several military targets in the nine drawn border region economic sites including oil storage areas were also said to be hit so to arabia says it said defense systems were able to shoot down some of the missiles and also
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in yemen at least six people have been killed by saudi led coalition air strikes on the presidential office in the capital so now is controlled by the nooses and elsewhere demonstrations a calling on forces from the united arab emirates to leave a yemeni island in the arabian sea and morality troops arrived on thursday thereby forcing yemen's own soldiers out of key installations mohammed has more. calling for troops from the united arab emirates to the island of sumatra. the people who live you say then more comfortable some violent means you and your forces have no reason to stay in iraq this will just end up before seen all too many troops and taking over some strategic locations they say it's part of the oil production to buck forces loyal to be a mini president of the rebel monsoon hardy. so culturally is a walled heritage site known for its unique and pristine watch from bottom and it's
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located just off the coast of somalia with access to major shipping routes the head of a provincial council yemen ses the us soldiers should leave well. these forces are present in psychiatry or mara in volumes that can't be understood there are illegitimate troops in these areas are there forces that belong to the who ts to be fought by the coalition here the answer is a big no. humans war pits iranian backed the bulls and the milf against troops loyal to exile president hadi the us part of a soda led coalition the stepped in three years ago to support hadi was paul bass is in the southern city of other thoughts where the u.a.e. has been growing its influence funding and training armed yemeni groups now the u.a.e. is on the island of support humans prime minister says the image out to deployment
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there is an assault on human solvent these protesters agree they also wanted the island eunuch would be destroyed two. hundred of them are just. now there has been a development in the politics of south sudan that could have an impact on the civil war one of the main opposition factions has said it'll join the country's ruling party now this is controlled by the first vice president of and then guy his announcement could possibly strengthen the position of president salva kiir ahead of peace talks which it due later this month more now from a correspondent in the south sudan capital juba have a more than. now we have the opposition and the recruits are still fighting the government but we have the forces of the taliban during which ever since he became first vice president has been fighting us forces basically he's been fighting the io which splits from the from the top and then faction now we have them we have the
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audio under taliban dan and we have the i under ric much are still fighting each other now they are you under taliban has the government to fight with them along with them there but there's still so many coalition fighting out there there's that the national opposition alliance and they're still fighting the government as well which makes it very hard to see how despite the opposition under joining the government it makes it very hard to see how they can try to bring together the other factions of the s.p.l. them to join being the current ruling party and try to end south sudan civil war obviously this war has been going on for four or five years more than a quarter of the country's twelve million population has been displaced and more than half of the population are in need of food aid will this will this reification and the conflict would be to be hard to see seeing that there are many other factions also involved but it could be a great step in trying to bring together or making at least making reunification attractive to the rest of the parties by weakening them and making it seem like there is nothing to fight for if you have a stronger coalition in the government the trial of a man accused of raping and murdering an eight year old girl in indian administered
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kashmir has been moved to a neighboring state the top court made the decision after the victim's family lawyer said they face death threats the incident has felt anger across the country about the increasing number of sexual assaults on women and girls to report they look at peace but this family is in pain. in january and eight year old girl was taken from a family to a temple gag raped by at least three men over the course of four days and then killed her body was dumped in a forest the indian supreme court has banned media from using the girl's real name her family is part of a nomadic community of muslim shepherds a muddy but bob a tatty they killed our daughter she was very pretty we remember her every time we miss her a lot during migration wherever i transit i miss her m.s.r. in the days and nights whenever i'm alone i miss her after the incident we are very
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scared we want justice and the culprits to be hanged i tension between the muslim and hindu communities has often been high but they two year old girls case has shocked many on both sides a retired government official and four policemen have been charged through a tired official sons iran is alleged to have ordered his nephew and a policeman to kidnap the go to harass members of a community into leaving qatar district which is in the northern indian administered kashmir area it's mainly him though activists say the religious divide here is fueled deliberately this government form last three years this government branded this community has learned about this forest. gardens from our or for the last three years the brand of this community is a criminal and now they're attacking by the governmental institution the fact that the under threat has according to activists allowed the muslim community to be
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harassed which they say led to the eight year old girls gag rape and death lawyers for the accused disagree with. the theory and lived with that it was again today. it's not established on the medical reports that whatever the spending is according to police reports d.n.a. tests have proved the gold's presence in this temple a post-mortem cited in the police report has indicated injuries to her genitals as a result of sexual assaults were supporters of the accused protest and asked for federal police involvement in the case supporters of the family for justice and continue to protest bianca gupta al-jazeera. and they're up to volcano in hawaii has a strong destroyed at least thirty hens and it's full so missed two thousand people to seek safety reynolds is near could a way of. which is sending money into residential areas. the
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road into the eruption zone is cracked and broken vents of steam and toxic gas from the lava flows beneath below out deeper into what was once leylandii estates the enormous power of mt killer way it is plain to see we passed roads sealed off by meter high lava flows finally we reached a wall of burning rock and could go no further we've gotten just about as close to the lava as we can the smell of toxic sulfur dioxide is very strong in the air and it gets stronger when the wind blows from the wrong direction but if you look behind me here you can see that les lani avenue this is formerly the main street in this community is completely covered with that black lava beyond it the smoke is the sign of another house that's being consumed by the lava people who have been living here have no idea when or if they'll ever be able to come back
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home more than twenty houses have been destroyed from the air you can see the main crater on kill away is still boiling with smoke and steam toxic gas from the deep magma chambers is the biggest threat to human life i'm most worried about the impact of sulfur dioxide beat bill in our nostrils a look here as we're standing over time if there's extended exposure people get inflammation of their lungs and if people have underlying lung conditions like c o p d your emphysema they could get into trouble on sunday morning a long line of cars formed as some residents were permitted to enter the danger zone briefly to salvage important papers medicines pets and personal treasures but plenty. more people are waiting to be allowed back in they want to get answers when they can go back to their residence and that's all what this whole issue about they can make themselves whole again this is not the whole why of glossy tourist posters
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and glamorous television shows this community is one of the poorest in the entire state volunteers set up an outdoor community center called up who hold or place of safety in the hawaiian language. to distribute donated emergency supplies food and water we all come together we want to make this make stuff happen the government not going to make it scientists say there's no way to predict when the eruption will end it could be days months or longer leaving the people here to wait and hope for the best rob reynolds al-jazeera the whole hawaii. has announced a seven billion dollars deal with nestlé to form what it calls a global coffee alliance the agreement gives the swiss food giant the right to sell socks products around the world outside of the company's coffee shops around five hundred stocks employees will join nestlé under the deal which has yet to be
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approved by the regulators. and so to the top salaries here in town the policy of lebanon's prime minister has lost a third of its seats in parliament despite the losses sunni leaders saad hariri is on calls to stay as prime minister under the sectarian power sharing system unofficial results put shia party has baller and his allies with more than the hof the seats in parliament the christian policy the lebanese forces which opposes it has has also made gains well prime minister hariri acknowledges knowledge challenges in the campaign. but if hussein has been sworn in as russia's president for the full time his inauguration for a six year term came two months after an overwhelming majority of voters backed him
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in an election which saw him face no serious challenges president putin has offered to keep dmitri medvedev on as prime minister in his new cabinet the french foreign minister says european powers will stick to the terms of the iran nuclear agreement irrespective of whether the us stays polls out at a joint press conference his german counterpart said he can see no reason to scrap the deal it comes as britain's foreign minister is in washington trying to persuade the trumpet ministration to stick with the agreement. if the rebels in yemen have launched momus cells into saudi arabia they were aimed at several military targets in the now drawn border region economic sites including oil storage areas were said to be hit saudi arabia says it said defense systems are able to shoot down some of the missiles in south sudan one of the main opposition parties has said it will join the country's ruling policy the opposition faction is controlled by first vice
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president top on guy his announcement could strengthen the position of president salva kiir ahead of peace talks later this month. starbucks has announced a seven point one five billion dollars deal with nestle to form what it calls a global coffee alliance the agreement gives the swiss food giant the right to sell starbucks products around the world outside of the company's coffee shops right if you want to keep up to date with all the new stores remember the website. the news continues with folly and news creator after. on counting the cost drumming up business why saudi arabia is trying to lure foreign cash even as oil prices head higher the european union launches a new project blueprint upset. plus a look at gold smuggling in south sudan. counting the cost on al-jazeera.


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