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if you. rewind returns with a new series. continues with me going into a war zone. to get out. there's no point going to these places.
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and. the result. is on the. reports. also on the. time promised to revive the economy. or. president emanuel mcconnell one is enjoying
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a good reputation on the world stage is having a difficult time at home ways and basest economic and social becomes after he met with huge protests we'll explore the challenges michael faces a year after his election. refugee rescuers or people smugglers three spanish men considered heroes by many are facing years in prison for their work in the mediterranean sea amanda chappelle share your thoughts with us throughout the show using the hash tag eighteen experience. with a newspaper live on air and streaming on line three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com eleven nonce first national election in nine years could result in a stronger hezbollah unofficial results showing the shia group and its political allies have won more than half the seats we're still waiting for the official results but supporters of the iranian backed on group have already been celebrating now despite his popularity in lebanon the u.s.
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considers it a terrorist school and saudi arabia gulf countries any arab league have accused it of hostile acts now lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has confirmed his party has lost one third of its seats in parliament but he remains in the lead to form the next government as a sunni muslim nisa with the biggest bloc in parliament. we wish to have a better result we wished up a better representation with more shia and christian representatives but we have all seen that the future movement was fighting for the last minute to defend our legitimacy being one of the main components of national unity in the country today we have a new era a new phase today we have challenges i will stay on top of the future bloc and i will work on all levels the national political and economic levels being supported by the voters and everyone has seen that in all parts of the country. lives not to al-jazeera is hashem i had baron who joins us on the news great from beirut husham just a short while ago the leader of hezbollah hassan nasrallah was speaking what his
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message as his group seems to be in the needs in these elections. he's basically enjoying the outcome of the election saying that this is the best thing that could happen to lebanon that the proportional representation is catering for the needs of the minorities and that this stands as a test of the lebanese would like to protect the basic tenets of the of the of hezbollah's presence and as a resistance movement you know this has been a divisive issue now in the country and the elections are quite a crucial moment for lebanon hezbollah and emerge as the biggest political force eleven and they are likely to act as a kingmaker in the new future the major step back wolf a sad that having the leader of the fuchsia movement who has lost some of the gains he made in two thousand and nine one of the other spectacular gains in this election was the lebanese forces which are now emerging as the second biggest push him bloc in politics. fully you see behind me john crowd which is gathering in
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front of them as you're falling over the interior and they basically saying that the elections will march by irregularities there is a new trend in lebanon which is basically the civil society acting as an alternative to the establishment political parties and joining me to talk more about this is paul i.i. poppy and she is a very prominent journalist in lebanon and she won the election paula you are now member of the parliament however you don't seem to be happy about the outcome of the election no because we should live and you were to your mind and i am today we will learn that the results are different official results and that only i made it yes it is a we got this result it was real it was i know for sure however the results we have are from most electoral machines of the parties. parties who are running against us so when you see that in the morning the results here are different you ask too many
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questions specially that there was fraud obviously before even starting to do day during the campaign and this is something very common in lebanon but we feel that we are losing our democracy more and more. the moment you go to the parliament you will see different political parties entrenched eleven and they have a huge influence there is a movement that i can see behind you here young people looking for a brighter future is this something which will continue this is the movement of the brain and i urge only been nice to join the movement of the brave enough sectarianism enough the same parties since years and years and the country is one big failure they did nothing they did nothing for the country all they did was favoritism. only matters family related and those who promised people to be different and to bring. a better governance eleven on appeared to
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be worse than the old ones so this is our only hope people like those who take the streets and who protest and who will never resign from their national duty we have to be engaged citizens and we cannot give up on our country and this is how we should do it push going to be my last question if you spoke about the six tell you and dividing the country this is a country that has always been divided along sectarian religious lines what will be the implications of the results of these elections regionally i think they have to stop fear mongering in lebanon because everyone knows right now that this is their only tool all they do is divide the people and conquer them if we don't have one people in lebanon we don't have rights we have one national interest as a given is and we have to. and that this is my awareness campaign between brackets and i think if we start to hold this cast accountable we can we can get much better
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results but you telling me regional identity i don't think they care about that and the only thing they care about is the iranian so do i struggle. work a bit this you know i don't know what to call it obviously eleven on so there really are lows a long time ago not in this election long time before god and. i don't know how they're going to react but one thing i'm sure if the feet think of lebanon on day one this country to win they have to forget about iran and saudi arabia and join to live in his interest and it is with us with people like us who want a better lebanon thank you very much indeed for the thank you thank you thank you so as you can see it said it's a it's a tale of two notches here basically it's the establishment political policies parties choking for biggest say but the same time you have young protesters that
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you can see behind me gathering in front of the ministry of interior saying that their hopes their dreams have been a hijacked four decades by those white elephants eleven and that it's time for them to make their voice heard question thank you very much for that hashem i had bound for as in beirut let's bring in andrew chapin our social media producer and andrew sum lebanese appear to be taking issue with the way has been the supporters celebrated the election results now there's a few things that have certainly stood out since those results started coming out yesterday and as we saw earlier supporters of hezbollah and its allies celebrated the initial returns on sunday evening in many parts of the country these are some of the scenes from sunday night being shared on twitter of hezbollah and hamas party supporters rallying in downtown beirut including there you may know that area that's been my. morial statue of hariri near the site where he was assassinated by a car bomb in two thousand and five allegedly by hezbollah operatives and al saad
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hariri posters and banners have turned into rally points in several parts of the city lots of celebrations in southern lebanon as well where hezbollah gets much of its support base now check out this front page of a lock bar newspaper it's considered to be a pro hezbollah outlet and it reads the big slap they added online that beirut's loyal to the resistance the slap to her career is more painful and humiliating than his forcible detention in saudi arabia and quote also some strong words from the israeli cabinet since we've got these results from the election the education minister enough tali bennett once again saying that in his mind hezbollah equals lebanon he went on to say we won't differentiate between the sovereign state of lebanon and hezbollah and will view lebanon as responsible for any action from within its territory now those kinds of remarks are viewed to be very dangerous they are comments from israeli officials regarding lebanon but many analysts who've been sharing their views about the election results today say that this is in
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a peer saying that it's a false and despicable narrative to push analysts for amnesty international now israeli media have been reporting about the possibility for some sort of escalation between hezbollah and iran in syria israel is of course believed to be behind several recent strikes in syria in the past month which have killed iranian military advisors and members of the revolutionary guard including this strike on april thirtieth on syrian bases in hama and aleppo and another strike on april ninth on a suspected iranian base for their base in homes province. earlier on monday yuval steinitz who's a member of the israeli security cabinet threatened to assassinate syrian president assad and topple his government if he continues to allow iranians to operate out of syria so there's a lot of tensions building a lot of very strong comments the israeli prime minister is expected to meet with his russian counterpart on wednesday to discuss regional developments in the
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meantime let us know what you think about hezbollah's election victories and what they mean for the region you can connect with us using the has tag it in his green or message me directly on twitter i'm anderson andrew thank you and of course all the latest results and news from lebanon's parliamentary elections on our spotlight page at al-jazeera dot com you'll find some very good analysis on there about what might come next for lebanon after these elections the first in ten years and we're getting some comments here about. actually know about russia and that story is coming up very shortly on the news grid but if you do have questions or comments on the political situation in lebanon don't forget to connect with us using the hash tag a news great now and to other world news and russia vladimir putin has been sworn in as russia's president for the fourth time the longest serving kremlin leader since he will lead the country for the next six years his inauguration came two months after an overwhelming majority of voters backed him in a lection which saw him face no serious challenges put in his nominated in each
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image get if to stay on as prime minister in his new cabinet has also vowed to take russia forward during this testing time but i see those that would do it russia must be more there and dynamic must be ready to accept the challenges of the current time bravely and be responsible for them with energy too can secretly grow our leadership in the areas where we are traditionalist. now putin says he wants to quote serve his people and meet domestic needs during his new term his promise to health poverty over the next six years and double government spending on pensions health care technology and infrastructure but improving living standards at home and investment in education as you know overshadowed by billions of dollars spent on the war in syria russia is also battling u.s. sanctions over its an exaggeration of crimea and alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. presidential election but thanks mainly to a drop in oil prices russia's economy has business did western sanctions and come
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out of a recession stronger but its forecast growth rates remain slim well let's bring in samuel green to the news great he is in london he's the director of the russia institute at king's college in london as he begins his fourth term do you think putin can make good on his promises to improve the living standards of russians and improve the russian economy it's hard to say i think if you talk to most people either in the business community or even ordinary russian citizens most people really don't expect him to the reality is that the sorts of promises that he made in his speech today are in his campaign speeches he's been making now for eighteen years when oil is high in capital flows people can do relatively well the russian there was a decade or so little more of very high growth rates but for the last number of years the economy has stagnated of course falling oil prices and sanctions haven't
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haven't helped most of russian citizens feel like they're on their own really to to make their way in the economy without much help from the state what about the challenges on the international stage of been harsh sanctions of course imposed on russia which have had an impact on the economy is the international stature of russia more important to put in at the end of the day then what happens domestically. well i don't think that he would necessarily see it that way international stature i think he thinks is important sovereignty is important but the reality is that for domestic political reasons given again that the economy hasn't been doing very well through his still remains very popular and his his analysis of that and his is political team around him is that it is very much based on a people's view of his foreign policy achievements particularly in ukraine but in syria as well and generally the relationship with the west standing up to the west being a force to be reckoned with and so he will be i think very loath to to back away
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from that and to make the sorts of compromises that would potentially get russia out from under sciences so basically how do you see him dealing with the west with the u.s. in this new term oh i think that we will see you know some cautious . efforts to see if there are areas where. progress can be made but putin's focus really will be primarily on domestic politics and to the extent that russians are prepared for and in five. support him in this geo political conflict with with the west i think he will probably be relatively happy to maintain it particularly because of the kremlin sees washington in particular as very balanced at this point politically to an anti russian stance does not believe that the troubled ministration or really any administration that follows right is a life lead to to find a politically palatable to change course samuel green
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a comment here from one of our viewers on facebook just in who says putin he's a dictator his thoughts and he jails all the opposition he says the real question is what is he going to do when this ten is up i bet justin says he changes the law so he can run again put in has said he won't run but do you believe him. well i think we're going to have to see and the reality is that he has faced this constitutional crisis before in two thousand and eight he found a way to to spend four years as prime minister and still with of course running the country of from from a different office he is a lawyer and he takes legality seriously at least on the on the surface and so everything we we know about him suggests that he would probably not want to change the constitution but we also know that he is he's risk averse he sees that the structure of power in the country does really depend on on him in the trust that the elite the oligarchs and others place in him and that's not something that he
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can easily hand off to somebody else so he may feel that he's in a bit of a of a bind even if he does want to leave samuel greene director of the russia institute at king's college london thank you so much for joining us on the news great now why do russians nuff putin so much when i discussion program inside story has been looking into that despite russia's struggling economy under western sanctions the popularity of its president has not folded to find out why by watching this episode of inside story on al-jazeera dot com and other world news friends sent germany avowing to stick to the terms of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal even if the u.s. withdraws they and other european powers are not being present donald trump not to end america's involvement in the agreement as he prepares to make a decision in less than a week on whether or not to renew sanctions on iran the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson is in washington d.c. and has made his case in the new york times writing of all the options we have for ensuring that iran never gets
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a nuclear weapon this pact offers the fewest disadvantages he says it has weaknesses certainly but i am convinced they can be remedied i'm sure of one thing every available our tentative is worse and wisest course would be to improve the handcuffs rather than break them. well the president set the world a legitimate challenge in january which was to try to address all of the bad stuff that iran is is doing in the region to try to stop iran getting missiles intercontinental ballistic missiles stop them interfering in neighboring countries and also to fix the core problem of the deal which is that it expires in twenty twenty five and then there's no way of of stopping the rain's going very rapidly to get a nuclear weapon well we think we can fix all that working with our european friends we can be tougher on iran but not throw away that the the heart of the deal which is all about stopping them getting
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a nuclear weapon. let's speak to our white house correspondent kimberly how kate who joins us now on the committee and multi-pronged media offensive in scenes from the u.k. foreign secretary there can boris johnson be the one to convince john to stick with the steel. right it's not just boris johnson that is making an effort but also behind the scenes we have the former secretary of state john kerry under the obama administration helped negotiate this deal but of course there's been wide spread media reports that he too has been reaching out to the iranians trying to salvage the deal in fact this is really getting under the skin of u.s. president donald trump he's been tweeting about it in just the last couple of hours slamming what he calls the shadow diplomacy by the former secretary of state for what he says is possibly illegal actions and then slammed the deal itself calling it a mass of the deal we've certainly heard from the top administration to revise or rudolph giuliani saying that perhaps john kerry could be violating what's called the logan
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act that bars private citizens from being involved in this but i think what we can take from all of this is that certainly there are many people that have been involved with this deal in negotiating the j. c.p.o. way in twenty fifteen the former secretary of state to the europeans very concerned about the imminent decision by the u.s. president this seems to keep indicating that he will withdraw from this agreement i wonder kimberley is everyone within the trump administration everyone within his cabinet on the same page as him as far as what to do with this deal and whether or not to renew these sanctions on iran. well certainly there are some concerns about the recent cabinet changes we've just had boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary meeting with mike pompei of the new secretary of state in the trumpet ministration we've also had the addition of john bolton also very hawkish like mike pompei o on this agreement agreeing with the president that there needs to be some changes within the agreement you get back to the sort of pushed by the
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french president manual mccraw that was echoed by the german chancellor angela merkel as well stay in this agreement make it a pillar of a supplemental agree with it and addresses your additional concerns which many have said are legitimate concerns about regional instability by iran the list of missile testing the sunset clause that doesn't address beyond twenty twenty twenty five so certainly there are concerns but again the message that is being sent in washington this week is stay within this deal we will address those concerns on top of that it's not clear though right now the president is listening can really have a white house correspondents live in washington thank you very much kimberly yemen now and hoofy rebels have launched more missiles into saudi arabia with oil storage areas and military targets among the reported targets in the border region saudi commanders say air defense systems were able to shoot down some of the missiles also in yemen at least six people have been killed by saudi led coalition airstrikes on the presidential office in the capital sanaa these pictures of the
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compound in the aftermath of those strikes are not controlled by the who the rebel elsewhere demonstrators are calling on forces from the united arab emirates to leave a yemeni island in the arabian sea and iraqi troops arrived in socal drawn thursday forcing yemen's own soldiers from key locations has our report. they're calling for troops from the united arab emirates to leave the island of support to. the people who live here say then more the rebels on the island that means you and your forces have no reason to stay in artists will just end up on fox they forcing out your minute troops and taking over some strategic locations they say that's part of their operation to block forces loyal to exile be a mini president abdurrahman sort heidi so culturally is a walled heritage site known for its unique and pristine watch from bottom and it's located just off the coast of somalia with access to major shipping routes the head
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of a provincial council yemen ses the us soldiers should leave well. these forces are present in sic otter on maharaj in volumes that can't be understood there are illegitimate troops in these areas are there forces stop along to the who teach to be fought by the coalition here the answer is a big no. yemen swore pits iranian backed to the bulls and the milf against troops loyal to exile president. the u.e.s. part of a so delayed coalition the stepped in three years ago to support hardy whose public is in the southern city of other that's where the u.a.e. has been growing its influence funding and training armed yemeni groups now the u.a.e. is on the island of support humans prime minister says to deployment there is an assault on women so violent these protesters agree they also would much the island
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eunuch would be destroyed to the one hundred or two i'll just the in syria buses have arrived in the town of our last on to collect thousands of rebel fighters and their families as part of a peace deal russia brokered with dollar is the latest agreement that allow for more territory to be returned to the syrian government and it's also another blow to the rebels and the shrinking areas they now control fintan more mana than reports. rebels in the town of al ruston have been surrendering their weapons for days artillery machine guns and other heavy weaponry handed over to russian and syrian government forces. in return the end of the bombardment on their homes and a safe passage out for some rebel fighters including veterans of the seven year war the deals being forced on them now no one thought but i'm not leaving he was not our decision we would have died here rather than leaving our city the warlords to
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chortle of helping us a little then at the approve the deal for us to be displeased we would return one day to our city. it's ok just for the sake of civilians we're leaving the city we sacrificed blood for this city but we will come back again the revolution is ongoing and we will retreat every inch taken by the tyrant regime we are the brave and they are the cowards. the ceasefire deal brokered by russia applies to the last remaining bastions of resistance in the central provinces of hama and homs fighters and their families are being taken to the rebel held city of drop in aleppo province as well as neighboring it'll have problems which remains largely outside government control. syrian government forces are regaining three rebel towns tell bisa or austin and al hola and control the main road that runs from the capital damascus through homs and on to the city of aleppo in the north securing the road has been an important goal for government forces. at least three thousand people
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are being taken out about ruston part of the negotiated with drool which returns yet more territory to the syrian government than to monaghan al-jazeera. if you're watching us on facebook coming out very shortly a story about female construction workers redefining gender stereotypes in nepal and later on the news great after five years of civil war hopes of a political breakthrough in south sudan as an opposition faction decides to switch sides i'll be speaking to david shearer the head of the u.n. mission in south sudan. welcome back as we look at weather conditions around the levant and western parts of asia is this area of clay which is most significant moving in from the west now this is going to be producing some very heavy rain across parts of turkey syria and
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through iraq and probably iran to some stage so some stormy conditions flash flooding is certainly a risk and that continues to be head on through into weapons day run these aside the med looking fine there was beirut twenty two degrees celsius further a cloud actually will extend into northern parts of saudi arabia during the course of shoes day with temperatures still up into the forty's there for riyadh here in doha it's looking pretty warm thirty eight degrees as a high numbers change we head through into wednesday and on the other side the clinches slightly cooler conditions there for medina thirty four degrees should be a very pleasant day that is a southern portions of africa and it's looking generally fine for many areas we have got this area of cloud giving some outbreaks of rain across on the madagascar but otherwise weather conditions looking largely fine quite a breezy one in cape time with highs of just seventeen degrees but elsewhere durban there at twenty eight showers likely across parts of the looks the lusaka should stay largely in the draw i think in the course of tuesday and heis here expected to
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reach twenty six. unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you saying when they're on line ten horrendous things humans all just as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sanct a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. al jazeera is investigative units reveals tactics used by and she must remember nine's nations to instigate a fear of islam all over a very diverse group there are of course those over where they're recruiting this stuff is toxic he's a poison sells well we saw the number of attacks against women and men across the
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country completely skyrocket guys in front of the courts holding a good mix they are not there's blood flowing all over my legs al jazeera investigations islamophobia incorporated. headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our website on to c.n.n.
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dot com the stories you are looking at at number one the sound of that coalition air strikes on the presidential palace in yemen scap it also. time now which is controlled by the sea levels of course also trending ethiopia eritrea conflict twenty years on brothers still at war a story that we covered on the news great on sunday and hawaii's kilauea volcano when why and what's next all those stories and much more on our website that dot com. now monday marks one year since france elected its young as head of state since the pony on president dominion michael came in with a mission to revive the country's ailing economy and boosted standing abroad and that's won him praise the world over but as the reports from paris it's also come at a cost. in one year emanuel marc klaas has rocketed from relative obscurity to international prominence the french president has pounded on to the world stage taking
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a lead on climate change the iran deal and europe his strategy is to speak to everyone even those he disagrees we have to make a berth for years perfect some analysts say that so far the results are mixed we have to give points to my call for having this kind of close to being cagey relationship with other world leaders then when you measure the results there are different questions on the iran deal on trade tariffs on climate these are areas where my course vision has not prevailed at least for now while michael is being celebrated abroad back home it's a different story. and has been growing over the presidents sweeping reform agenda for months rail and public sector workers have staged strikes and protests michael says the changes will modernize france and create opportunity but at the lanty macro rally in paris people say he's destroying rights and hurting the poor going
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to particularly run your macro is politics are outrageously unfair it's like a reverse robin hood robs the poor and gives to the rich it was in the elegance surroundings all the of that one year ago emmanuel mack all celebrated his victory since then he has been dividing public opinion on one hand there are those who say that his policies are hurting some of the most vulnerable in society but there are others who believe that is exactly the kind of dynamic president that france needs . for his supporters the youngest french leader since napoleon is a visionary. we have seen an economic revolution but if you call in social revolution and one that is constructive not destructive it's a true leverage for those who believe michael wants france to be an innovation leader shortly after his election he inaugurated this. startup pub in paris today losing international entrepreneurs for there is a lot more happening in france and the thought of eco system and there was one of the reasons for me to still consider to stay in france to build my company under my
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car at the unemployment rate is down investments picking up and public approval for the strikers is falling but the president has not won his battle yet he's urged to reform all parts of society quickly may create more opponents yet it's unlikely to deter him michaels repeatedly said that he cares little for popularity life natasha butler. promises. let's speak some more about this to adam in paris he's the author of the french exception emmanuel mccaw the extraordinary rise and risk thank you very much for joining us on the news great adam cole was elected a year ago to shake things up in a way starting up with the french economy a year on would you say the novelty has worn off. now i'm not sure the novelty is worn off i think the way it was seen in the in the first year is really a mono macro learning a lot of the foundation stones when you talk about is the economic revival seen in
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past some of the bill legislation which it had promised in the campaign trail last year and so i think that is where he would see that as the other found the foundation stone is really for higher economic growth and hopefully more jobs and lower unemployment going forward and yet there's been discontent in france we've seen protests in recent weeks in france what is it that is achieved domestically and why are the french people having such a hard time buying into micron's vision for their future. what we've seen that is the overwhelming focus of his first twelve months in power has really been about trying to get the economy moving again and trying to change the image of france and he's done that in several ways one of the most important bits of legislation passed in this was last september october was one of his really a central promises and he said he want to loosen up labor laws essentially make france a make a little bit more easy to hire and fire people to judge the labor legislation
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france was was too rigid and that was deterring people from creating jobs there here he managed to push that through successfully despite despite protests and a lot of the he's also cut taxes on the businesses and to cut taxes for investors and a lot of that is about trying to send a signal that that france is open to business that this is a country that for a long time had a reputation as a place that was suspicious or even downright hostile to want to preserve ship i want to try to do is change that to encourage people to set up businesses and create jobs here but his opponents have accused him of the president of the rates are these accusations. well all that is is it goes back to the part of his his career before going into politics you might recall he was a he was investment banker for four years the rothschild a pheasant bank so even when he came into politics he came with this reputation as being a being somebody who was who was far too connected to some international money men
6:37 pm
and business owners he said and also has a very to relate education he came through some of the top universities in france and president what he's done he's cut taxes on top earners he's also interviewed a flat tax on financial investments which is in reduced taxes on people with with stock portfolios. so that is let's a lot of people as your correspondent mentioned are talking about a some sort of reverse robin hood his argument against that is the biggest inequality in poland in france is actually unemployment and that is those people that about three between three and three and a half million people who are jobless in france they're the people who really suffer from inequality because those people are the ones that are excluded from the economy excluded from the jobs market and his reforms his political bet if you like is that by encouraging entrepreneurship encouraging and investors you create more jobs and you lift some of those people out of the difficulties that they face and empower right thank you so much for your insights thank you for joining us on the news great night mannion macaws been trying to restore francis position as the
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power broker on the global stage especially in the arab world read more about this in this article on our website al-jazeera dot com explains how francois it's been quick to intervene militarily in conflicts in africa has only recently become a major diplomatic force in the middle east that's on al-jazeera dot com. now saying in europe smugglers or heroes three men standing trial in greece seemed to have somehow straddle that line and who is here to tell us more about the story and well these three spanish men you're about to see here in a moment they say they are upstanding citizens firefighters and professional refugee rescuers and yet they're facing up to ten years in prison in greece for attempted people smuggling men will blanco key cait rodriguez and julio the tory have been working off the greek island of lesbos since two thousand and fifteen as part of a nonprofit organization named aid they try to save refugees whose boats of capsized on the dangerous journey from turkey to greece and they have a cooperation agreement with the greek coast guard but the coast guard detained the
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three firefighters two years ago as they returned from what they called a failed rescue mission the police say that three spanish men have been trying to smuggle refugees into the european union blanco says that that's an absurd accusation he said if a person is drowning and you bring them ashore to try and save them that can be seen as facilitating their entry but how can you compare a person who smuggles people for money with rescuers who save people's lives now aids and its supporters agree maria here says that the trial is a mockery of justice she is the hash tag that that means saving lives is not a crime now that phrase has been a huge part of the rally supporting these firemen the pictures are from a the pictures you're seeing now are from a protest in their hometown of sivia spanish actors and politicians have also spoken in support of the rescuers and amnesty international has joined the campaign in fact the has tag was trending worldwide just
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a few hours ago that trial should end soon let us know what you think about the story using the hash tag a.j. newsgroup or message me directly enter schapelle. thank you very much the united nations security council will be briefed on tuesday on the ongoing civil war in south sudan it's expected to renew sanctions on the country at the end of the month almost five years of fighting has left more than seven million people facing severe hunger millions of others are displaced and afraid of dying of starvation as a kerry vacuum has meant aid isn't being delivered and people caught up in fighting are unable to harvest crops we have the huge challenges of of. if we have the security situation in the in the in the that indeed. they need to be or can. be. so ready for the road on the. ground based in.
6:41 pm
the need for them to reach the people in need. but out ground. to ration it means challenging our operation will continue to challenge by that but there appears to be a breakthrough on the political front let's bring in here but morgan our correspondent who joins us live from. capitol juba tell us about this political development and the implications for the conflict in south. well today fully one of the main opposition parties under the first vice president top on down has announced that he is dissolving his government his dissolving his party as the opposition and now as part of the ruling party the sudan people's liberation movement but let's go back to south sudan's history month most of the factions that have splintered from most of the group that of showing up at seven thirty or part of the s.p.l. and and part of the the the main army the as fairly and they have they basically
6:42 pm
broken down over the subsequent years of the war but today the first vice president announced that his party the armed opposition or estella mio is going to be no more and will be part of the ruling government. we have a b.s. in the my view is duchess and the entire membership of the party the dissolution of this bill of my organs including accept us and declare them to be united with the f.b.i. . they started liberation party in the republic of south sudan. all those people are members and came to us directed to strictly to observe the unification process instead to. be more than twenty first general terms are going to be the bulk of our forces for them to do to be. all disposes they will be integrated into yes well as pilate was so different forces.
6:43 pm
we have a way to support. so fully as we've heard there now the opposition under first vice president of undoing his party is now part of the ruling party the s.p.l. and which is in control of the government and his forces will be joining the government forces but that doesn't really change much on the ground ever since july twenty sixth fighting broke out in the capital juba much our forces the the the armed opposition under rick much are fled and they still continue to fight the government so right now what we have is the government forces along with the opposition under attack banding both going to form a single army but we still have other factions fighting against a government we have a rick much as factions he's not joining this part of the this really fixation there are other coalitions as well of the opposition alliances which are calling for the president to step down and that they will continue to fight the government so while this is a. very important development in terms of in terms of sausage and stability in
6:44 pm
peace talks there still remains a lot to be done if the fighting is going to end in south sudan thank you very much for that he morgan live for us in juba south sudan and i'm very pleased to welcome to the news great david share his in nairobi and he's the special representative for the u.n. mission in south sudan thank you so much for your time sir how hopeful are you about a political settlement in south sudan in light of this latest development in the s.p.l. mio deciding to join the government. well it is a positive development in terms of bringing the s.p.l. them together but he would just say there's a long way to go yet the fighting continuing throughout the country and i was just a few days ago in in the leader in the northern part of the country we're both opposition forces supporting top on doing in opposition forces supporting react mashallah fighting it out in the ground and many thousands of civilians have had been forced to flee into the swamps number of houses have been burned if it hit of
6:45 pm
people being killed us or a young girl who had had a bullet pass right through here sorry the fighting goes on and what we need to be able to see is a real will and commitment by the by all sides to to peace talks and to be able to move things forward the civil war now in its fifth year has had a devastating impact as you say on the people there we've heard recently again more warnings of a new minks i mean in south sudan the u.n. agency for food and agriculture talked about salmon back in two thousand and seventeen is a situation today worse than it was that. it's overall more precarious there are no eerie is at the moment going to go to fall into famine but because largely because they have been kept out of it by the by humanitarian assistance by food aid being able to be. driven and by truck would
6:46 pm
drop than by by by plane but the situation in general is bad because this is a society with most people subsistence farmers if they leave their homes if they leave they're careful if they leave their crops if they're forced to flee because of fighting they are very vulnerable at that point and right at the moment there are about nearly two million people inside of south sudan who are in that situation who are who are displaced from their homes and there are another two million people outside of the country who are who are refugees so about a third of the country displaced from their homes and it's that sort of challenge that we're facing and it's that sort of challenge that the humanitarian agencies i think very courageously have stepped up and have been able to respond to and as a result of that kit famine away but it's not a good situation at all speaking of the challenges that you're facing as the u.n.
6:47 pm
i mean the political dissent dysfunction in in this country is the reason for the current situation and the suffering because this is after all a manmade catastrophe now as a man responsible for the u.n. mission in south sudan how do you deal with the political climate salva kiir the president of south sudan has expressed unhappiness in the past about the presence of the u.n. in south sudan he didn't want you or u.n. forces in in his country how do you manage that relationship how do you deal with all these challenges. well it's a difficult relationship on the one hand it's exactly as you say this is a new country it fought for a long time for its independent very proud about the fact that it has gained its independence and at the same time there's you inthe peacekeepers in the country as well trying to protect civilians so on the one heads. you can understand their reluctance to have outsiders come into the country at this time but at the same time what we are trying to do is to protect people get alongside the make sure that
6:48 pm
people are able to grow their food continue to have their kids go to school get the nut the health care that they need all of those things really necessary to to support people come through the work of the of the united nations overwhelmingly the the health care for example in south sudan is supplied by the united nations and by n.g.o.s so we have a relationship which is you know somewhat difficult sometimes but on we try to work together for the benefit of the country in the benefit of the people that's ultimately what we're here for i would like nothing more there in my job to say i'm not needed i would really like to leave now and we've done that no other countries around the world i'd like to do that in south sudan but right now we're needed on the ground to protect people and to help build the jurors will peace that will be the underlying factor which will enable south sudan to move forward and to to
6:49 pm
prosper as it should david sherry thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us david sherry is the head of the u.n. mission in south sudan he was joining us on the newsgroup from nairobi thank you for your time thank you very much amnesty international is accusing egypt of using solitary can fuck solitary confinement as torture it says dozens of human rights activists journalists and opposition supporters face all renders physical abuse behind bars the group's report outlines extended beatings humiliation and lack of food and restricted movement for years on end egypt has arrested. thousands of people since the military overthrew uprising maman morsi in twenty thirty morsi is reported to have been held in solitary confinement for most of the past five years the government has repeatedly denied systematic rights abuses now saying about me is egypt's campaign at amnesty international he says the conditions faced by those in solitary confinement in egypt's prisons operate like phones that are used to confine it to egypt very unbalanced partially because of such treatments prisoners
6:50 pm
suffer in such a contrivance saw not only are they are being or be treated teeth but actually have to stand still and sometimes for over four twenty five or twenty four hours a day living alone instance with absolutely no meaningful human contact with no more with only five minutes to go to bathroom most. with very poor arriving to listen with without air without sun. sometimes with denial of family visits the cells are very filthy people have to sleep on the ground in support for extended due process periods not to mention that actually some some of those that have been through the printer and been syria for over four years. now with so many political prisoners in egyptian prisons reports from amnesty international and other rights groups help highlight their circumstances while social media campaigns
6:51 pm
seem to be better at telling the individual stories and you has more now on a global movement to get one journalist out of prison so you may have seen people posting photos like this one with a hash tag my pick for shock and awe that's a reference to an egyptian photojournalist whose full name is mahmoud abbas eight he was arrested in august twenty third team while taking photos at an anti-government protests in cairo he's one of more than seven hundred defendants in a mass trial where they're accused of murder and being members of the muslim brotherhood now reporters without borders has called up on the egyptian authorities to immediately after prosecutors requested the death sentence for him in march and they started the my pick for shall come campaign then as well but it's still going strong thousands of people have been posting pictures like this one especially on world press freedom day earlier this week now on the world press freedom day was on may third the very day that unesco granted shall come the press freedom prize for
6:52 pm
twenty eight hundred he wrote this letter in response from prison saying quote i feel two things joy and sadness i was happy about you know because confidence in me and i felt sad about the disappointment of my fellow compatriots they defy defames me and degraded me called me a criminal a terrorist by profession does not know terrorism or crimes it's the voice of the voiceless now let us know what you think about this story he heads back to court on tuesday you can tweet us using the hash tag it in it's good. thank you for that. the vegas goldeneye cinderella story continues in the national hockey league began with that and the top trending stories in sports do states.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
let's find out if people are talking about it forces tatyana thank you very much for vegas it's been one of the hotshots trending on twitter over the last twenty four hours it's off to the city the national hockey league franchise the vegas golden knights reached the final of the western conference in that debut season in the league they made it by beating the some jose sharks four two in the playoffs there is dell now play winnipeg all nashville in the final. the vegas cold nights have been prolific on social media says that debut on their own straining tweets have seen them build up more than three hundred fifty thousand followers here's a couple of the posts from off to the game this one referring to the cinderella story the surface still fits the golden knights the just the third team in n.h.l. history to make it all the way to the conference finals in their inaugural season
6:55 pm
and then there's this one saying we're going to the western conference finals sorry we're excited we needed to teresa again and they also posted this clip of fans celebrating with the caption last vegas you are amazing the team's first home game came just after fifty eight people lost their lives in a mashing sing at a vegas concert venue their success helped to lift the city after the tragedy. cricket is one of the big talking points in ireland this week after pushing to be part of the sport's elite game for decades the country will finally his first ever test match against pakistan on friday island y b n next year's cricket world cup though after the number of qualification places were controversially reduced lee wellings has more from dublin cricket is being played in ireland for over two hundred years but they've not been part of the one hundred forty one years of the most prestigious form of the guy test cricket until now. the malahide ground in
6:56 pm
dublin is about to stage all its historic first test with pakistan on the visitors it's been a long struggle to be recognised a quick its top title. arlen's team features experience pros many who have played in english county cricket around the globe but this is the moment they craved every time we've kind of been given obstacles got passed was we've done a work culture we've produced the results against big teams and we've been knocking on the door so to finally you know get the appreciation i got that chance at the top is going to be great but this was rude of stand accused of favoring the established powerful nations. expensive those who were growing the guy the bosses of world cricket the i.c.c. have reduced the amount of teams in next year's world cup from fourteen to ten now in a brutally difficult qualifying competition in zimbabwe the west indies took one of the qualifying spots and the other one went to the new test nation afghanistan but
6:57 pm
that meant there was no price for ireland in the past if these players wanted to play test cricket that have to switch their allegiance to england haven't i bryan boating here was the hero went on and famously beat england in the two thousand and eleven world cup the big pakistan and it's on the move four years earlier the i.c.c. one the guy says they would view the decision to reduce while cup places a clear admission of a mistake but to life on and it was absolutely heartbreaking especially when it comes down to the last game. so like obviously there's just a minor difference between the teams who went through the last of the teams who didn't so it's just a shame really because if you look at like other sports like football or whatever they have more teams involved in the world cups that's the only way to grow the sport the effects on the interest and on the finances for irish cricket could be irreparably damaging so they need test cricket to succeed and to attract jarosz public how do you sell how do you market a five day game to
6:58 pm
a public it's only used to a game that sort of lasts six seven hours well we do it by saying be part of history come and watch or a major to you know your major sport come up play against one of the world's finest so you get a positive response. probably all. i can control the decision making of pickett's bosses and i can't control the unpredictable skies i've adopted in my but i can demonstrate on the field why. thank you love me thank you so much that's it for today's news great to join us again tomorrow here at studio fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. for me for you back to one only as pertains thank you for watching my friend.
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