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this is al-jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm not seen dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes did decision time u.s. president donald trump says he's ready to announce what he'll do about the iran nuclear deal. i mean he is mass protest leader is elected prime minister after leading a peaceful revolution. three hundred twenty billion dollars goes missing in fifteen years corruption adds up as a major issue for iraq is preparing to vote. and the spectacular volcanic display continues even hawaii most unlove of destroying everything in its path i'm joining with the day's sports a clean sweep for the camps in the bronx change as they reach the n.c.a.a.
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eastern conference final for fourth straight time. that donald trump is due to announce soon whether he'll walk away from the iran nuclear deal all stay in the work with the european allies who insists it is working well the u.s. president has already tweeted that he'll be making a declaration at the white house at two pm local time that's five hours from now iran's president says his country will stand on its own feet regardless of whether it faces new sanctions some senators from trump's political rivals the democrats they've written to him in the verge him to stick with the deal they echoed warnings from european leaders who believe that withdrawing from the agreement would be a massive mistake. white house correspondent kimberly how kit is joining us now live from washington kimberly the president has chosen his own timing has the
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really the the deadline is may the twelfth but he's chosen to make this announcement today. that's right and so the united states but really the world holding its breath wondering what the president will do will he abandon the deal will he reimpose sanctions could he go halfway bandon the deal but not initially reimpose sanctions that is what is uncertain but certainly if the president is to withdraw from this deal one that he has called insane one that he has said is a disaster and one that he gave european allies many months back in january to fix because of concerns he has with the deal what this will do should he withdraw is really solidify his america first agenda that he talked about so much not just as president but on the campaign trail when he was running in two thousand and sixteen certainly this is a concern for many in the united states you mentioned those democratic senators on capitol hill because what this would do is this would break important relationships
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with key u.s. allies you remember a french president jacques rogge was here at the white house angle of merkel the german chancellor urging the president to stay within the deal to address his concerns with a supplementary agreement we're now holding our breath to find out at eight hundred g.m.t. what the president will decide to do and of course he does have a line decided now a more hawkish cabinet than ever before we've got to pump a zero in the state department and john bolton as national security advisor. that's right and given that there is this sort of hawkish whispering that is going on now inside the trumpet ministration you saw those democratic senators top democratic senators sending a last minute letter to the president urging him to stay within the deal because there is this fear that iran could resume nuclear activities there's also another big concern for these democratic senators and that is that should donald trump withdraw from this deal that this could undermine another if very important
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relationship right now that is being built with north korea as those talks are progressing in preparation for that historic meeting that this could undermine the u.s. reputation in terms of sticking to agreements and so the argument being made on capitol hill is stay within this agreement because this is the best way to address any concerns and in their words to address or ron's malign activities all right for now thank you very much indeed kimberly haokip white house correspondent with the view from washington d.c. let's hear now from iran and the latest remarks coming from president rouhani. normally. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the
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world stage and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive interactions is working with the world more now from our correspondent who's in tehran zain besser avi. iranian leaders know that at this stage the fate of the nuclear deal is out of their hands now the government of president hussen rouhani is in damage control mode defending his decision to enter into nuclear talks in the first place against hard line clerics and military hawks here in iran president rouhani wants his people to know that he entered into talks with western powers with open eyes as an honest broker and that the responsibility for the deal not working out economically for iran and seemingly falling apart rests squarely on the shoulders of the united states he also wants iran to know that this is a very different country than the one that signed the deal in the first place
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iran's economy is more robust and he pointed to the oil industry as an important lifeline for iranians now being one of the world's largest producers of oil helped iran navigate decades of economic isolation and it's the industry many iranians hope will be able to help them navigate any new sanctions by the united states. from this fairground it's difficult to tell that iran is going through a diplomatic crisis. iran's leaders are highlighting the merits of the country's century old oil industry and they're looking for foreign investment to the tune of two hundred billion dollars. already i have a recommendation for foreign companies that are here if these companies want to have an important role in the market of iran in the region they should try to cooperate with iranian companies and do their job as they have chosen iran as a partner iran is not a country one could overlook in the global market and energy sector they may delay or development but relying on enormous domestic potential willing he will continue
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our plans. but in the face of u.s. sanctions it's a hard sell the fate of the joint comprehensive plan of action more commonly known as the twenty fifteen nuclear deal has become the most important factor for doing business with iran. but the issue was so provocative no one was willing to speak about it on camera there are many european countries represented here but the birds are smaller than they were in previous years especially right after the nuclear deal was signed many of the exhibitors we spoke to say they like doing business with iranians and see an enormous potential in iran's market but for now no big deals are being signed and no one is making any real money it would seem that scare tactics by washington are having the desired effect. iranian companies here are worried about bad economic weather. but say this is just the storm before the calm beneath the. international companies to come to iraq but the
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absence of them stated we can not solve the trade or existing facilities but developed or it just fits. companies like this one operated by the iranian revolutionary guard corps will no doubt continue to play an important part in the country's economic strategies had a ruse missile are on the go you about horny than you are every day americans make a new excuse they want to conclude every use you in a way to benefit themselves so should we give up with well no we are a powerful country with great resources in the world for example in all in gas we rank first and this is also true about other resources iran's growth potential makes it a difficult market for investors to ignore so there is some optimism. one businessman told us there is always a light at the end of the tunnel but the burning of bridges between washington and to harare is only making that tunnel longer while the other signatories to the
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nuclear deal signed in twenty fifteen will stand by their side even if the united states pulls out of the agreement president hassan rouhani is pushing the virtues of self-sufficiency saying that sanctions or no sanctions iran's future lies in investing in and supporting local businesses as well as the production and consumption of domestically produced goods and services and we'll be talking more about the iran nuclear deal and its future at later on in the program but in the meantime let's go to armenia where prime minister nicole passion yann has addressed supporters after being elected by parliament after weeks of anti-government protests the mass demonstrations were sparked by the decision to appoint the ex-president says as prime minister that's a good name now sums up the mood in the republican square in the heart of arab.
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republic square is vibrating with excitement after the election of a new prime minister. people are wearing t. shirts and hats saying with courage all those we spoke to say their country has reached a point they've been dreaming about since gaining independence in one nine hundred ninety one shots how to be armenian to feeling that i have has could drupal today because without a drop of blood we had our victory. their whole bit eight twenty scene it will finally be the day the government responds to the will of. a ruling republican party has dominated the political system and society for at least a decade during that time former president serzh sarkisian became viewed as an authoritarian leader who broke his promise not to become the next prime minister when his term and do. it april longtime opposition leader to go. began marching across the country with a handful of people in weeks tens of thousands filled the streets from the capital
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to smaller cities such hesiod resigned on tuesday the parliament elected him as prime minister so that even if this is our day a victory the person who created the spawn or me new movement is new. and he will allow us to live it courage and peace who. is writing a tidal wave of popular support the hope is this election will provide armenia with a second chance at establishing a liberal democracy the tough. year of an army to. live now to that scene in the republican square in the center of correspondent robin for a ca this is a textbook case isn't it as people wishing it. goodbye
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. public rally behind nicole question. day you can hear the music they celebrate it's been a wonderful sight to behold. it's a feel that electricity that you went through that. made that momentous decision to support his candidacy for him to make it through. it's an incredible accomplishment for a small country like this that is in the experience a lot of difficult a lot of people have left the media and so. with corruption at the level they've had political system monopolized by an oligarchy can. make up as you get is making promises that the people latch dogs to because they believe that he has integrity
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and that he's going to be able to deliver on that is going to be now i think the biggest challenge is to. bring about those changes. with getting this boy with the next three. companies but really the hard work begins now with him having to. cabinet. that will bring about new elections. but remember this still has to buy dorothy. the part of. the republican party still having a majority of c. when that came through he got fifty nine bucks but that was a large proportion of. that ruling party. and then once you. create. the way over the next few. days it weeks we think
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it's. just a question. romina all right robin thank you robin for a walk of a live in a very noisy and quite ecstatic republican square in the middle of yerevan when now we can speak to journalists and political analysts media and who's there as well and as an armenian and i'm assuming that you were in support of this what's known now as the velvet revolution how do you feel today. i don't know that i was in support of it this is definitely but we were covering it extensively. you know it's very difficult to be a journalist and be objective when you know when you see change that is happening that is so fundamental to the progress and development of this country there is great euphoria on the streets of armenia and of yet a man right now as robin said it's really an extraordinary incredible sheet that the people through their sheer willpower were able to accomplish such
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a dramatic change and but the weeks and months and the year to come going to be very difficult and i'm afraid well of many compromises and to go she so it remains to be seen indeed nicole passion young one of the main promises has been moving the country to speedy elections what needs to happen before those elections can take place. ok sure. this is the process now that he's been elected prime minister yes fifteen days to form his cabinet then he has twenty days after that to present his government program his intention and message from the beginning of this movement was that in order for me to move forward we first of all have to make serious amendments changes to existing electoral laws in the country a constitution that was passed in two thousand and fifteen that was designed in many ways to allow president now former prime minister says psaki said just seek
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a third term and also for the ruling party to maintain their grip on power it's a very complicated process and i'm sure not very interesting but that's the gist of it ok as roberts. just wanted it wanted to see that line because it's already been mentioned that the republican party are still the majority in parliament are they likely to go along with his suggested reforms. well if today was any indication i would say they are going to try to obstruct and stonewall and if that's the changes that he wants to make today the faction leader in his final speech you know made a lot of veiled threats and warnings to question that you know if you try to change foreign policy if you try to change programs or initiatives that we have implemented you know you should be weary that we will be calling you to the table to have discussions. you know this revolution has been peaceful as robin said not
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a bullet shot not a you know so and it's been a revolution a revolution of love and tolerance and yet today the r p a the republican party was talking about an atmosphere of peter it it seems that they're living in an alternate reality and if if this change is not implemented in a way to contribute to the progress of armenia i think it is the real the republican party's responsibility and they should bear the burden of that. of that if it doesn't happen because they have been very intransigent and they have been very you know even the people that the members that they got to vote for question now where the oligarchs and two former generals so this is a very interesting. scenario that they have presented and i think the people will remind them that there is no return to the status quo all right maria to see and
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thank you very much indeed talking to us live from yerevan also to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. your lanka's president demands an end to a power struggle that's paralyzing his government. his stanley cup champions the pittsburgh penguins and dumped out of the playoffs joey will have the deeds. of the chinese president xi jinping has met north korean leader kim jong un for the second time in a matter of months north korean state media says the talks which happened in the chinese city of delhi and well marked by in his words trust and honesty china is one of north korea's only diplomatic and economic allies though relations have been strained over pyongyang's nuclear program the pair helped their last talks in beijing in march and that was kim's first foreign trip as leader and he is also
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expected to meet donald trump later this month let's go to china correspondent now in beijing adrian brown an agent it seems is that kim jong un is a druther enjoying travel a lot more these days a second time that he's meeting president xi in a matter of two months. yeah absolutely right martin and as always on these occasions it was left to the main news bulletin on state t.v. to confirm what many of us have suspected for the past two days the kim jong un had indeed made his second secretive visit to china this time though not to beijing but to the northeastern city of darlie which is just a short distance away from the north korean border so not too far for kim jong un to come what did they talk about well it's hard to say but what is interesting we've been transcribing the seven minute report that appeared on the main evening news was a snippet that really caught my eye and it was where kim jong un said that as long
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as some countries were not hostile or threaten north korea then there was no reason why the nuclearization should not go ahead so there we had in a sense an implied warning to president donald trump to perhaps you know pull back on the on the hostile language now of course kim jong un has invited xi jinping to visit p.r. nyang and that's possible it could happen in june the question is would the chinese president go to north korea before kim jong un has his meeting his planned meeting with president donald trump i think that china's leader is is pretty sanguine about the idea of kim jong un sitting down face to face with south korea's leader but he's less carefree about kim jong than sitting down face to face with president donald trump in a sense china's leader is in a bit of a dilemma here because he's trying to get a handle not just on president donald trump but also kim jong un and these are two
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of the most unpredictable leaders in the world they're going to have face to face talks and china will not be part of those talks but i think it's fair to assume that the shadow of xi jinping will loom large over those discussions all right a.j. and thank you for that asian brown live in beijing well meanwhile north korea is expected to tie. the agenda trilateral talks taking place in tokyo japan south korea and china will be at that table and this is their first summit since twenty fifteen now previously strained relations have improved largely because of common interests like trade wayne hay reports from the japanese capital. we may not see any major announcements from the summit but the mere fact that it's taking place is significant given that it is the first time that the south korean president mungy in and the chinese premier league pitching have visited japan in an official capacity the japanese prime minister shinzo our they will hold bilateral
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discussions with his counterparts while they are here in tokyo but most interest will center around the trilateral summit where it's thought that the situation in north korea will be at the top of the agenda following that into korean summit that was held on the twenty seventh of april it's expected that after this summit the three nations will issue a joint statement supporting the declaration that was announced at the end of that into korea and some of that they would work towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula but that doesn't mean that the three nations here are all on the same page it's thought for example that china may well favor offering financial economic incentives to pyongyang as it moves along the path towards denuclearization whereas the japanese prime minister favors continuing a tough stance against pyongyang until it sees concrete out progress made in its denuclearization plans trade will also be discussed there is
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a trilateral trade deal that's been negotiated for the past five years or so those talks will continue here in tokyo as well negotiations around the regional comprehensive economic partnership that's a sixteen nation trade bloc that was initiated by southeast asian nations but the negotiations in recent times have really been driven by china. rub him out with the weather and fan storms in northwest india yes this one is just going through not as bad as that one that killed dozens only a week ago but it's here all the time you see in the satellite picture developing once more in the middle of pakistan across the desert and disappearing up towards new delhi and beyond that's a big massive cloud a cluster of thunderstorms just as last time it was caught just by camera as the wall of cloud because this is the outflow from a thunderstorm comes across because but there wasn't much in the way of gusts in this particular place in actual fact it was until we got to new delhi we saw gustus
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in that one hundred fifty six kilometers per hour huge amount of damage potential the and you also notice just on the edge of bangladesh so northeast india just function thirty four and this is where we get proper regular some sort of the carboy shockey which can cause damage and flash flooding now this last process that installed didn't cause much in the way of rain cover sharkey's didn't big ones down here but only sixty seven up in shimla so the restrainer right at that part of india and one of the reasons it wasn't quite as vicious is the temperature come dime we broke a record was fifteen no option on the twenty ninth of april we down to forty three i'm about forty five in india's attempt is the high of not exceptional as you can see so we carry on them literally in the northwest and the big sheriffs in the northeast marty. thank you rob now a convoy carrying hundreds of syrian rebels and civilians has left southern damascus as part of an evacuation deal forty seven buses are taking them to rebel held areas of it live. in northern syria now this is the fifth day of evacuations
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as the government gets ready to take control of the towns of beit sahour him yalda and government forces are continuing to bombard i saw five is to remain in control of the yarmouk refugee camp. the anticorruption watchdog in iraq says three hundred twenty billion dollars has gone missing in the past fifteen years because of government corruption that's one of many big issues weighing on the minds of iraq is as they pretty prepared to vote for a new parliament on saturday iran come reports from baghdad. these warplanes should have cost iraq less than a million dollars each instead they cost thirteen million dollars apiece draw him there are is a member of the parliamentary transparency commission which looks at deals done by iraq's government and any allegations of corruption he says it's one of many examples of corrupt deal making. our financial experts estimate from two
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thousand and three and till now more than three hundred twenty billion u.s. dollars went missing and is untraceable most of this money went through corrupt contracts one example is a check warplanes steal the price tag for each jet is nine hundred seventy five thousand u.s. dollars but the iraqi government purchased them for thirteen million u.s. dollars for each one the reason for the corruption he says are simple. rude ones there are no investigative institutions that hold accountable those corrupt iraqis have a saying that goes much unprotected money in carriages theft it's not just the major cases of corruption that concern iraq is cronyism nepotism permeates all levels of society and you don't have to go far in baghdad to hear those stories. business owners have long complained that the system favors those who pay bribes and have contacts. corruption is serious in iraq one simple example is that import of goods
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and groceries the dent of from kuwait saudi arabia u.a.e. on the rest of the region how government does not encourage national products or support iraqi farmers this is where corruption is apparent government officials make money from those contracts with those countries and it's always to me if only my wife has graduated from the seven years ago and she still got a government job due to. political analysts who research corruption cases in iraq say it's too late to get the stolen money back. no one can eradicate corruption it runs deep in the iraqi institutions but whoever the new prime minister is could make a fresh start that could prevent any more corruption but what has been done in the past cannot be compensated eradicated overboard against anymore in two thousand and seventeen two thousand arrest warrants were issued in iraq on corruption charges two hundred ninety people have been arrested and so far cases are going through the
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courts but the still anger from many in iraq over corruption allegations and politicians are regularly criticized on social media for serving only their own interests fighting that perception will be a challenge iran can al-jazeera baghdad. still to come in this news hour leaders from three african countries try to come up with ways to help her arms victims and in sport the french cup final that could be one of the biggest mismatches ever as the richest club in the world faces a team fighting a third division relegation battle. going green bacteria in a boardroom. superheated gas escaping from volcanic well. this is really the heart and innovation in the for what happened to experiments both exploring and innovative by did it how cancer the impact of climate change the science of
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capturing cult using the name so i am the guy in the congo back my maintains and the i just have to contend. with the knowledge. we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to give journalist you know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks are in and what happens here matters.
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toughest take a look at the top stories here in the odyssey the fate of the iran nuclear deal hangs in the balance with donald trump about to announce whether or not the u.s. will walk away from it iran's president says his country will stand on its own feet regardless of what trump decides armenia's parliament is elected the opposition leader nicole passion young the new prime minister after weeks of anti-government protests the mass demonstrations were sparked by the decision to give the post to the ex president seann who was then forced to resign. chinese president xi jinping has met north korean leader kim jong un for the second time in as many months they spoke in the chinese port city of delhi on kim is expected to meet donald trump later this month. all right let's take a look then at those who are for and those who are against this iran nuclear deal israel has been one of the main opponents prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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recently accusing terran of lying about its nuclear program and saying the agreement is fazeli flawed iran's regional rival saudi arabia also sees the pact is far from perfect speaking in paris last month the foreign minister addle alger baer said the deal is lacking in the agreement needs to be improved on the other side of the equation european powers remain firmly in favor of it the british foreign secretary boris johnson took to the u.s. air waves on monday morning warning that scrapping it could trigger an arms race and the french president emanuel mccraw he's been quoted as saying cancelling the deal would open a pandora's box and risk war in the region while the german chancellor angela merkel she insists that the cold was a first step that prevented tehran from developing nuclear weapons. so what about china russia they have coal sol veto wielding members of the security council and
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they're signatories to this deal what do they feel well that's a question that i put to adnan. who's in iran analyst at the center for applied research in partnership with the orient it was in the german city upon the russians and the chinese can in fact meet you live with both scenarios if the g.'s if you were to disappear survives iraq will be politically economically elevated to potentially higher levels which the russians and chinese have checks into but they may also prefer a scenario like the scenario of the security hole which was made iran who are dependent on them so i guess with my limited knowledge on these two actors there is kind of the green wind for them all right now we can speak to mohammad marandi he's head of the north american studies graduate program university of tehran thank you for talking to us there are many different voices coming from tehran we've heard from the president rouhani talking about iran being able to stand on its own feet
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if indeed the americans walk away from the deal we've also heard from mr larijani who's head of the judiciary's human rights council saying that if the u.s. leaves and that's the end of the deal completely there's also been the revolutionary guard what is the prevailing thought in tehran as to what will happen should the united states will away from the deal. well the most important thing to come out of it if the united states exits the deal is that the united states is simply unreliable i think that's the most important thing i don't think anyone in iran will even contemplate negotiating with the united states over anything anytime soon because the iranians have spent so many years on the negotiating table with all these different countries the un security council members as you pointed out the germans and the representative from the e.u. and then ultimately when this deal was signed the iranians gave many concessions
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for this deal to come about and then the united states both under obama one must be fair and trump they repeatedly violated the agreement until it's reached this stage without really not anything similar to what it was supposedly or i'd say you have the opinion then that the deal is a that is completely defunct if the americans decide to walk away or do you think that iran could and would continue with a with some form of the deal with the european powers. that's a difficult question as things stand i think that the iranians would probably exit the deal immediately or soon after the americans exit the deal but if the europeans were to somehow grow a spine over the next few days or if there's been some behind the scenes negotiations that we don't know about and they have made promises to you wrong that
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would turn things around it's hard to imagine that happening but that may be possible but i personally think that as things stand that's not really doable because the europeans have already shown themselves to be very weak when mccrone went to the united states he was publicly humiliated his down the downdraft story. merkel went there on the scene it was quite obvious that they had no impact on trump so at the moment the iranians feel that the europeans are not important that they have no impact and i think this is a big strategic mistake for the europeans by the way because the international community they are seeing the united states as untrustworthy and unreliable and the european union is in significant an unwilling to make a stand at the moment this is how i see things there have been some voices out of iran only as threatening to that iran will reciprocate and that it will
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be of historic regret for the united states this was i think came from the president himself what does he mean is it that iran is prepared to resume its nuclear program aggressively. yes i think that the iranians are definitely seriously contemplating resuming their nuclear program keep it though i think it's very important for your viewers to keep this in mind that just a few weeks ago pompei o in front of the u.s. senate relations foreign relations committee at mit when he wanted to i think for his confirmation as the state department he was the head of the cia back then he admitted that iran before the deal was not moving towards a nuclear weapon he was saying this to justify the u.s. exit he was basically saying that if we leave the agreement don't worry iran's not going to build a nuclear weapon because they weren't doing so before he unwittingly destroyed and demolished the whole anti iran narrative of the last fifteen years that iran is
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moving towards a nuclear weapon by by admitting that but in any case i think that it's quite obvious that iran and the iranians have shut down much of their nuclear program. of course it was all within the framework of international law but still shut it down and if the u.s. exits it then there's no reason why the iranians would not resume their nuclear program full speed ahead as it were but again unless there are extraordinary circumstances where the europeans they make some major concession to iran promising that they will completely ignore the united states or something like that otherwise i think that the iran's exit is something that is highly probable well it does seem very much as a those negotiations are still going on there's a line just dropped on the agencies saying the french president hasn't given up he's going to have another bash president trump due to talk with him in about
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thirty minutes all say i'm just wondering how much political capital has the president himself staked only this deal this deal working this is president rouhani who of course has promised the iranian people the benefits of east sanctions as a consequence of this deal. well obviously it's not good for the iranian president because he as you pointed out he put his credibility on the line for this deal and the united states as i said both under obama and trump they have been. basically violating the agreement from day one but i think most iranians blame the united states for what is happening rather than the iranian president so it may not be very good for him but i think the country that really is hurt the most even though the u.s. president doesn't would not accept this but i think it's the united states i don't
4:40 pm
see how any country in future could negotiate with the united states and feel secure after their negotiations come to an end i don't see how any international body could rely on the word of the u.s. president or the office of the u.s. president and i think countries like russia and china obviously after seeing the united states slap them in the face and the e.u. being slapped in the face by the united states through this unilateral action they would be more keen on enhancing their cooperation with iran especially since china and russia are also facing a lot of pressure from the united states now these over trade and of course the u.s. russian russia gate and so on and so forth all right thank you very much mohammad marandi talking to us live from tehran thank you. now saudi arabia is saying that it is trying to resolve the disagreement over a yemeni island which is all by troops from the united arab emirates protest says so cultura which is in the arabian sea demanding humane forces leave they arrived
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last wednesday forcing out yemeni soldiers the emirate is allied to the saudi led coalition's say they are confronting the rebels on the island but the island does say there are no who says that. it was still busy other diseases a senior saudi delegation is that the island of the culture and met with the prime minister of yemen and members of the local government there have been some differences in opinion between the brothers and the local government over how to deal with some issues on the island an agreement has been reached develop a joint and comprehensive coordination between the coalition and the yemeni government and the two sides emphasize their shared vision but stand behind operation decisive storm until all yemeni islands are liberated and legitimacy is reinstated nine fighters loyal to libya's renegade general have been killed near the sensitive have to us forces have laid siege to death for the last two years trying to force out a coalition known as the mujahideen why don't you kind of know now if you have you
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with us i announce that the victory our for liberation has been reached and that your forces are not targeting the hideouts of their terrorists and during or this is after we gave instructions to avoid civilian casualties and to protect civilians while securing their safety and respecting the rules of engagement and international humanitarian law army commanders in nigeria have confirmed to the rescue of more than a thousand bucks hostages mainly women and children live release from several villages in borno state along with some young men who said the armed group had forced them to fight. well the world with her arm has killed tens of thousands of people over the past nine years all said the plight of thousands without food and shelter is currently being discussed by governors from chad and cameron at a two day meeting in nigeria as amid interest ripples from my dog or a millions of people are suffering in the border region around lake chad. the bug
4:43 pm
a fish market used to be one of the busiest spots in the next region eighty trucks on average brought in the daily catch a fish from the lake not anymore only a few calkins of dried fish arrive the market. well someone who comes here every day to earn enough to buy a meal for his family one successful fisherman largely depends on the goodwill of others after book right on fighters or on his village four years ago he's heard about plans by government and international partners processed people like him but he's not sure if he or his family will get any help this year. i'm getting older and the young ones can go to fish because a fear of attacks by poke around with no work and no income many of them have now joined the fight is something governments in the region want to stop this is a recent spike in violence requires a look beyond providing aid something they want to address in
4:44 pm
a regional meeting in nigeria we need is a holistic approach that looks at the short term humanitarian it's but also try to start supporting those medium alone the only recall real development that are so critical to find the solution to this crisis the lake chad region is one of the poorest in the world despite its vast agricultural and water resources attacks by boko haram have made the situation worse thousands and employed in a region already struggling with poverty and lack of jobs. this company produces solar panels and equipment it's one of eleven factories being set up by government in borno state quantum started the government invested millions of dollars in the hope of creating jobs for an improved youth group that is repeatedly targeted by for. its investments like these donors want to promote across the region they also want governments in the region to pay greater attention to education children in
4:45 pm
the classrooms are prime targets for kidnappers gunman and suicide bombers over three thousand classrooms have been fixed but out of the five thousand which i have said. the building or forty is there and. we will follow immediately where and when the military took over from the inside a years especially when people go back to their various communities our primary attention go to disk all one thousand four hundred schools in borno state were targeted and destroyed by the fighters hundreds have since been repaired. but jobless fishermen and women are the small businesses hope for a lasting peace that will govern to return to reorganize their lives. my degree in northeast nigeria the sri lankan president my three powerless city center has surged unity amid a power struggle that's threatening his ruling coalition he was speaking at the
4:46 pm
first sitting of parliament since he suspended it in april the coalition suffered major losses in local elections in february which was seen as a referendum on the alliance then in march prime minister runnel with grimacing or survived a no confidence motion in parliament he's city centers coalition partner but the two have had differences over the economy after the mission some members of syria's center's freedom party resigned their portfolios and joined the opposition when their friends as has more now from the capital colombo. politically there will be some things to watch the group of ministers that were from the president's party and voted for the no confidence motion against a prime minister choosing to cross the will of the house to the opposition they say they will sit as a separate group not to join the in the rajapaksa group and the joint opposition but sit as a separate group and support present my policy to say no the government those left
4:47 pm
over have sort of regrouped there's been a cabinet reshuffle to distribute some of the portfolios that were headed by that group that has left the government and very much to be seen how the government maps out its way forward the infighting is something that it will have to get over the president taking everybody again by surprise at a political rally yesterday saying that contrary to what many people feel that he will retire in twenty twenty to say that he still has a lot of political life left in him so lot of things to see over the coming months . more people in hawaii are being urged to leave their homes as the volcano continues to spew fountains of love a new cracks are opening up in the ground putting more houses at risk brogue runnels reports from a state one of the worst affected areas. racing against time and the relentlessly advancing lava residents of lay low states rescued property on monday
4:48 pm
still hoping their homes would survive kill away as onslaught eighteen year old marcus moylan and his family evacuated the only home he's ever known i walk this road every day you know bike this road or dance and say no it's happening it's just i don't know where we're able to get their money and stuff so you know kind of essential paperwork and stuff but you know something's just gotta leave behind his father says there's no use getting upset the volcano is calling all the shots thank god for the years i've given he's taken away now and at sixty two i'm going to start all over and. it's all gone finished my looks like my legs going to be gone and my business is gone i really don't know what to do but it's kind of like when i first went to the simon. one day at a time from the air the destruction of leylandii estates is a dramatic sight you can see some of the twelve lava rifts that have opened up
4:49 pm
since thursday cutting a burning scar across the rural community also visible are the remains of the dozens of homes that have already been destroyed this time lapse video shows the magma surging to overwhelm of vehicles caught in its path we entered leylandii estates scored by national guard sergeant jake keogh hero he carried a portable air monitor constantly checking it for high levels of sulfur dioxide as if to but scripture has consciousness or even yeah definitely there's always the potential that could be fatal yes. vents open up the amount of lava that loses out is astonishing this is a fresh lava flow it's probably less than twenty four hours old and i can feel the heat right from where i'm standing you can see the flames down there at the base and beyond it. they were there and now are many homes have been
4:50 pm
destroyed the local civil defense administrator says despite the destruction seen so far the intensity of the eruption seems to have eased now it's kind of waiting for the pumpkin to stabilize. see if it's going to just stay put in one van and just erupt or. you know hopefully go away with with those it's going to happen. the big question for people here of course is when kill away is rampage will end rob reynolds al-jazeera lonny estates.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
if some of this was use that is joe thank you le bron james in the cleveland cavaliers have done it again they reached the eastern conference finals in the n.b.a. playoffs for a fourth straight season and they did it with a clean sweep all throughout but the toronto raptors the raptors change their roster and the system but for a third season they couldn't get past le bron in the playoffs this time james finished up with twenty nine points and eleven assists in the one hundred twenty eight to ninety three victory in game four the win also means that james will now take part of his ten conference finals in the last twelve kids. to be able to put ourselves in a position where we can. you know represent the chicago was in the finals. so you
4:53 pm
can actually go on and so we're excited about being a party to comic fans once again and have an opportunity to compete for championship that is when i go yes so we are excited about that we are what about it and we want to continue to get better to out this week so the cavs get to rest while waiting for the boston philadelphia semifinal series to finish up that is off to the seventy six is close that way back in with a one hundred three to ninety two win over the celtics they still trial three one of the series. well the two time stanley cup champions the pittsburgh penguins are out of the n.h.l. playoffs they were dispatched by the washington capitals in overtime in game six on monday if any because that solves breakaway goal gave the caps the two one win and a place in the eastern conference finals for the first time in twenty years in the west the national predators drew level in their series with the winnipeg jets
4:54 pm
victor albertson and philip force work scored two goals each for the for nothing when the deciding game seven will be on thursday in nashville the winner of that play the vegas night. one of the biggest rivalries in major league baseball is heading overseas the boston red sox the new york yankees have announced that they'll play two games in london next june it's the first time regular season games we played in europe the l.b.s. been slow to make the move compared to other u.s. sports the n.f.l. and n.h.l. have played in london since two thousand and seven while the n.b.a. has played eight games there in the last seven years. but the final of the french cup takes place in paris later on to say it could be one of the biggest mismatches in football french champions person knows there's a b.a. and the semi professional team is trying to avoid being relegated to the fourth division of french football but they are short of support almost all of the sixteen thousand people from the small town in the west of france have tickets for the
4:55 pm
match last month p.s.g. clinched their fifth league title in six years and one of the richest clubs in the world they paid a record transfer fee of two hundred sixty two million dollars for brazilian striken neymar in august with a total annual budget of just two point three million dollars there's a b.a. could afford to pay his wages for just sixteen days. it's the charm of the french cup the opportunity and history of the french come to the mid level teams to get to the final and enjoy it with all the supporters from the little town they'll be here with all these supporters will be. same for us for stadium and the start the fronts but we respect them. i think that it's a spectacular final honestly because it brings together all football the emirates aside on the professional side often we have the tendency to divide them to oppose them but this final there will be football with a capital if there will be talent the best in the world with p.s.g.
4:56 pm
and amateur players with lots of heart and solidarity while political differences continue between cattle and gulf countries saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain the football continues cattles al sad was up against saudi arabia's al actually in the asian champions league last sixteen it was the first meeting of the two in the competition and alcide came out on top while en route he scored twice in a recip two one win for barcelona legend shabby who now plays for the cattery club side went close to making its three one the second leg takes place in jeddah next week. tennis now and former world number one maria sharpe over looks to have rediscovered her clay court form after reaching the third round of the madrid open the five time grand slam champion arrived in the spanish capital off the back of a four much losing streak but after a straight sets win in the opening round the two thousand and fourteen madrid when i backed that up with the seven five six one victory over lena camillia big in round two the russian now meets world number twenty two christina in the den of it
4:57 pm
for a spot in the last eight. while novice who caroline for shecky was made to work for her place in the third round against australian world number eighteen ashley bossy dana eventually prevailed six four in the third set you're straining an open champion will now play kiki burton's for a place in the quarter finals. in the men's drawn about djokovic is just edged out kane issue corey in a competitive battle between two top players continue to come back from injury former world number one job which winning seven five six fourteen. pressed to the second round. defending the trade madrid champion rafael nadal must regain his title to avoid losing his number one ranking to roger federer the spaniard begins his campaign against gamma face on wednesday last month adel want to record eleventh title in boss lona but the center court is named in his honor he's aiming for a sixth crown in madrid always very happy to blame both events in both cause i really
4:58 pm
. don't play with more motivation and more passion a freeze than on. the name of the court is my name is the name of the court. for me to say my play in front of my home i could. feel beautiful this. part of the playing in my county so it is always a special situations and i enjoy this all right that is all the sport for me for now and it's pretty much a j thank you very much indeed and thank you for your company to this out is here in news hour but don't go anywhere because i'll be back in just a minute or two. the sky should be no borders up here with only horizons. as an
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airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right foot all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together on packet for us what were you here and what were you saying whether on line or render things you're as old as they are those observations are that about that or if you join us on sacked
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a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips steve this is a dialogue what about some of this excessive perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. al-jazeera. where ever you.


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