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whether online horrendous things humans will just. about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount of zero. zero zero zero s. where ever you.
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want it you may have problems for two or three months but anyway we will get past the problem. iran's president is confident izzy awaits donald trump's decision on the nuclear deal. hello again i'm sure without his air live from doha also coming up the north korean leader kim jong un says he's committed to denuclearization as he meets china's president for the second time in as many months. mass protest leader is elected prime minister after leading eight peaceful revolution. also the spectacular bow cannick display continues in the why most in love everything in its path.
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the donald trump is just hours away from announcing whether the united states will stay with the iran nuclear deal the us president tweeted on monday that he'll be making a declaration at the white house days ahead of the deadline for him to extend a waiver of sanctions against iran that some u.s. democratic party said this is their written to mr trump in a last ditch effort to try to persuade him from walking away from the deal and this follows a flurry of high level diplomatic meetings in washington between u.s. officials and their european allies many of whom fear that mr trump is making a mistake ahead of the much awaited decision iran's president said time around will send on its own feet regardless of whether it faces new sanctions or not. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this
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a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the world stage and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive interactions is working with the world or i let's go to the white house now and our correspondent there is kimberly how could an understatement is it to say that the world is waiting to hear what president trump has to say about this nuclear deal and in fact that many of the european allies are not giving up on this still trying to persuade him to stick with the deal. that's right you mentioned how heavily invested the european allies were we had the visit of the french president annual mccraw german chancellor angela merkel here to the white house hoping to convince
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the president will that last minute discussion still continuing in fact we are told that the french president manual holding a telephone call with u.s. president donald trump as we speak that was scheduled for to take place right now and as a result there certainly is this effort to perhaps persuade donald trump before he makes that plant announcement eight hundred g.m.t. that this is the best way to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb in fact it is the iran agreement that was negotiated in twenty fifteen but as you mentioned also there are democratic senators that are also working very hard to try and convince the president sending a letter on monday evening to the president urging him in fact not to withdraw from this agreement arguing that this could allow iran to resume what they called nuclear activities and could isolate america's closest partners again pointing to the european allies that have been trying to convince donald trump for so long and
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can be let's just remind ourselves of what the possible options are for president trump because many people of knowledge along with the president himself that there are fools to this agreement and that it only covers one particular aspect of of iranian behavior which is its nuclear program and that there are concerns about other aspects of iranian behavior so the president does have the option perhaps of working with his allies to to bolster the existing agreement or maybe work on a subsidiary. a separate deal in the arrangement that the europeans might actually concur with so he does have a few options. right ok let's talk about the options the president has because there are a number of ways that he'd go he would withdraw from this agreement but then decide not to reimpose sanctions he could decide to do both and then delay the sort of reimposing of sanctions there are
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a number of options available many here in the united states around the world believe that donald trump may have a delay period before those sanctions are re-imposed essentially it would hit iran's oil and banking sectors but many people say this would really wombs the deal but not kill the deal because you have to remember this was negotiated not just between iran and the united states but also we have germany for the u.k. france china russia so certainly the agreement would still be intact but severely limited and then you talk about the concerns that donald trump has those concerns are shared by other u.s. allies as well concern about the fact that it doesn't address activity beyond twenty twenty five it does not address some concerns about military presence by iran in the region and also the ballistic missile program so certainly there are arguments that yes we understand that there are some concerns we share those concerns but the difference of opinion lies in how to deal with it the european allies making the case keep this twenty fifteen agreement attacks will address
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a supplemental agreement for those other issues that may not be the way donald trump chooses to go all right from kimberly thank you very much. well iran as you know is a large oil and gas producer and that has helped it survive decades of economic isolation and it's something that iranian leaders hope they can do again. reports. from this fairground it's difficult to tell that iran is going through a diplomatic crisis. iran's leaders are highlighting the merits of the country's century old oil industry and they're looking for foreign investment to the tune of two hundred billion dollars. already i have a recommendation for foreign companies that are here if these companies want to have an important role in the market of iran in the region they should try to cooperate with iranian companies and do their job as they have chosen iran as a partner iran is not a country one could overlook in the global market and energy sector they may delay
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or development but relying on enormous domestic potential god willing we will continue our plans. but in the face of us sanctions it's a hard sell the fate of the joint comprehensive plan of action more commonly known as the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal has become the most important factor for doing business with iran. but the issue was so provocative no one was willing to speak about it on camera there are many european countries represented here but the birds are smaller than they were in previous years especially right after the nuclear deal was signed many of the exhibitors we spoke to say they like doing business with iranians and see enormous potential in iran's market but for now no big deals are being signed and no one is making any real money it would seem that scare tactics by washington are having the desired effect. iranian companies here are worried about bad economic weather. but say this is just the storm before the calm beneath the. international companies to come to iraq
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but the absence of them stated we can not solve the trade or existing facilities but developed or it just fits. companies like this one operated by the iranian revolutionary guard corps will no doubt continue to play an important part in the country's economic strategies had a ruse missile on the go you about horny than you are every day americans making new excuse they want to conclude every year in a way to benefit themselves so should we give up no we are a powerful country with great resources in the world for example in oil and gas we rank first and this is also true about other resources iran's growth potential makes it a difficult market for investors to ignore so there is some optimism one businessman told us there is always a light at the end of the tunnel but the burning of bridges between washington and
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to her is only making that tunnel longer same bus ravi old a zero to one the chinese president xi jinping has met the north korean leader kim jong un for the second time this year north korean state media says the talks which took place in the chinese city of delhi on spy and its words trust and honesty china is one of north korea's main diplomatic and economic allies the relations have been strained over pyongyang's nuclear program the pair held their losses in beijing in march during kim's first foreign trip as leader kim of course is expected to meet donald trump in an historic meeting shuttle for later this month more now from our china correspondent. well as is often the case on these occasions it was left to state television to confirm what many had suspected that kim jong un had indeed made his second secretive visit to china this time though he wasn't in the capital beijing but in the northeastern city of darrien not far from the north
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korean border kim was accompanied by his sister who continues to play a high profile in north korean diplomacy now it's reported in chinese state media that kim jong un said that as long as some countries desist from a hostile attitude or making threats to north korea then there was no reason why denuclearization on the korean peninsula shouldn't proceed now of course when he refers to some countries he's talking about the united states now kim jong un is due to meet president donald trump in the next few weeks and of course just a few weeks ago china's foreign minister one year was also in the north korean capital pyongyang i think from this meeting it's clear once more that in the she kim relationship kim is very much the junior partner in the various pictures that were released of their meetings it had the feel of a sort of big brother little brother encounter and of course the chinese side had
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thought very carefully about the backdrop to these talks the two were shown walking along the beach in the background was the yellow sea there were sea girls it was all very picturesque and i think it was supposed to illustrate that north korea and china are moving together coming closer again after a deep strain in their relations and i think it was almost if kim was saying no matter what happens in your talks with president donald trump china will always be your friend. i mean he is new prime minister nicole passion yun his address opposes after being elected by palm and after weeks of anti-government protests the massive astray sions response by the long time leader. plans to stay that's going to name sums up the mood in central square. was republic square vibrated with excitement.
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i'm overwhelmed with emotion and i can only say that we're very happy that we're free from these prison and. we have hope that the new prime minister can take care of people's needs including freedom of speech you know join. our people have a moment of victory. was our media's so-called people power movement scored a victory with members of parliament electing opposition leader. and as prime minister. i want to thank you for this vote and for your stance and i only want to say the following i serve the people of the republic of armenia and i serve to the republic of armenia. it was a month of fast and surprising developments in the small former soviet republic since gaining independence in one thousand nine hundred one our media and say they've dreamed of a new dawn for democracy. that want to live in free independent country at
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this moment we are very very happy we have a man like this as our prime minister who is at our side and we are confident he will help us realize our dreams to live free to have freedom of speech and drama. why do you see as the day the government finally responded to the will of the girls to have a good party has been a dominant force in the political system in fighting for the last ten years or more as a third sarkozy and he gave you the cards. a leader who broke its promise when he thought he would not become prime minister after the term and it was odd question ian is riding a tidal wave of popular support but now he faces the task of governing on the top of his to do list is tackling poverty and corruption the people of armenia will be watching closely they want this second chance of democracy to work but they also want an improvement in their everyday lives natasha going to name his era europe on
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our media says come here is al jazeera helping bucca around his victims governors from the border areas of four african countries meet to discuss the situation in lake chad region plus. junkers president demands an end to a college struggle that's paralyzing his government. hello this is probably good news that heavy rain is moving around a bit in china it is spring rain season and there will be flooding as a result but in the next twenty four hours it looks like the eastern side of china including shanghai was fairly dry hong kong's on the edge of it probably still rain for you then you move west of the higher ground and there's some pretty big
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downpours on the way for high now and beyond further north up towards sichuan chengdu may self be dry but i wouldn't want to guarantee that the feed is continuous or humid warm and the result of course is the downpours we've recruited seen some pretty big storms recently in the northeast of india this here produced a wall of sand a sort of mini hobby we feel like as it runs through this hot dry area the rainfall has been around bangladesh in the northeast colder and occasionally down in kerala and sri lanka but we still battling with dry thunderstorms quite often in the north west though it looks like the next two days are probably going to be just over hot we should receive the last week or two middle eastern weather temporarily relatively quiet but this band of cloud is deceptive it is moving slowly south the chances are the sun him out if you see a thunderstorm and ahead of it will be quite warm briefly he would behind it they would of course be.
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rewind returns with a new series can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. i was the global. and the other student rewind continues with most me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's on how to get it it's how to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera. time visiting to look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the fate of the iran
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nuclear deal hangs in the balance with donald trump about to announce whether or not the u.s. will pull out the iranian president says iran will stand on its own feet regardless of what the u.s. does armenia's parliament is elected opposition leader nicole passion yun the new prime minister after weeks of anti-government protests the mass demonstrations were sparked by the decision to give the post to x. president says surrogacy and he was and forced to resign. chinese president xi jinping has met north korean leader kim jong un for a second time in as many months they met in the chinese city of delhi on china as pyongyang main diplomatic and economic ally they were lation as had been strained over the north's nuclear program. well north korea is expected to top the agenda trilateral talks taking place in tokyo between japan south korea and china this is their first summit since twenty fifteen previously relations were
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a little bit frosty and they've now improved largely because of common interests like trade when hey reports from the japanese capital. we may not see any major announcements from the summit but the mere fact that it's taking place is significant given that it is the first time that the south korean president and the chinese premier league pitching have visited japan in an official capacity the japanese prime minister shinzo are they will hold bilateral discussions with his counterparts while they are here in tokyo but most interest will center around the trilateral summit where it's thought that the situation in north korea will be at the top of the agenda following that into korean summit that was held on the twenty seventh of april it's expected that after this summit the three nations will issue a joint. statement supporting the declaration that was announced at the end of that into korea and some of that they would work towards the denuclearization of the
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korean peninsula but that doesn't mean that the three nations here are all on the same page it's thought for example that china may well favor offering financial economic incentives to pyongyang as it moves along the path towards denuclearization whereas the japanese prime minister favors continuing a tough stance against pyongyang until it sees concrete our progress made in its denuclearization plans trade will also be discussed there is a trilateral trade deal that's been negotiated for the past five years or so those talks will continue here in tokyo as will negotiations around the regional comprehensive economic partnership that's a sixteen nation trade bloc that was initiated by southeast asian nations but the negotiations in recent times have really been driven by china saudi arabia says is trying to resolve the disagreement over a yemeni island which is occupied by troops from the united arab emirates protesters on the culture in the arabian sea and demanding u.a.e.
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forces leave their arrived last wednesday forcing out yemeni soldiers the m.r.i. out is allied to the saudi led coalition say they're confronting the rebels of a country that islanders say there are no hoof is there. nine fighters loyal to libya's renegade general hurley for have to have been killed near the eastern city of derna have to his forces of laid siege to dinner for the last two years or try to force out a coalition known as the mujahideen why don't you kind of know now if you have you with us i announce that the victory hour for liberation has been reached and that your forces are not targeting the hideouts of their terrorists and their own or this is after we gave instructions to avoid civilian casualties and to protect civilians while securing their safety and respecting the rules of engagement and international humanitarian law a convoy carrying hundreds of syrian rebels and civilians as left southern damascus as part of an evacuation deal forty seven buses that taking them to rebel held
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parts of italy. in northern syria now this is the fifth day of evacuations as the government gets ready to take control of the towns of beit sahour am yalda about bila government forces are continuing to bombard eisel fighters who remain in control of the yarmouk refugee camp. the army in one gerry has confirmed the rescue of more than a thousand block around the house it is mainly women and children were released from several villages in borno state along with some young men who say the force them to fight while the war with barker her arm has killed tens of thousands of people over the past nine years or so and the plight of thousands of people have no food and shelter is currently being discussed by governors from chad and cameroon at a two day forum taking place in my degree as ahmed interest reports from there millions of people are suffering in the border region around lake chad. the bugger fish
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market used to be one of the busiest ports in the make charred region eighty trucks on average brought in the daily catch a fish from the lake not anymore only a few crack and some dried fish arrive the market now. well someone who comes here every day to earn enough to buy a meal for his family one successful fisherman largely depends on the goodwill of others after book right on fighters or on his village four years ago he's heard about plans by government and international partners processed people like him but he's not sure if he or his family will get any help this year. i'm getting older and the young ones can go to fish because a fear of attacks by poke around with no work and no income many of them have now joined the fight is something governments in the region want to stop this is a recent spike in violence requires to look beyond providing aid something they
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want to address in a regional meeting in nigeria we need it holistic approach that looks at the shirt it's but also try to start supporting those medium along the alley we call real development in these that are so critical to find the solution to this crisis the lectured region is one of the poorest in the world despite its vast agricultural and water resources attacks by boko haram have made the situation worse thousands than employed in the region already struggling with poverty and lack of jobs this company produces solar panels and equipment it's one of eleven factories being set up by government in borno state where bookworms tight the government invested millions of dollars in the hope of creating jobs for an improved youth group that is repeatedly targeted by for of course. its investments like these borders want to promote across the region they also want governments in the region to pay greater attention to education children and the classrooms are prime targets for kidnappers
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gunman and suicide bombers. over three thousand classrooms have been fixed but out of the five thousand which i have seed the rebuilding your forty's. and. we follow immediately where and when the military took over from the inside. especially when people who go back to their various communities are primary attention go to disk will one thousand four hundred schools in borno state were targeted and destroyed by the fighters hundreds have since been repaired but jobless fishermen and women as well as other small businesses hope for a lasting peace that will govern to return home to reorganize their lives i mean to greece i'll just my degree in northeast nigeria. the sri lankan president my three palaces he sent to hazards unity amid
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a power struggle that's threatening his ruling coalition he was speaking at the first sitting of parliament since he suspended it in april the coalition suffered major losses in local elections in february which was seen as a referendum on the alliance then in march the prime minister runnel wickramasinghe sarah survived a no confidence motion in parliament he said the center's coalition partner but the two that had differences over the economy a lot of the mission some members of city centers freedom party resigned their portfolios and joined the opposition but now fernandez has more from the sri lankan capital colombo. politically there will be some things to watch the group of ministers that were from the president's party and voted for the no confidence motion against a prime minister choosing to cross the will of the house to the opposition this say they will sit as a separate group not to join the ma in the rajapaksa group and the joint opposition
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but sit as a separate group and support present my policy to say. the government those left over have sort of regrouped there's been a cabinet reshuffle to distribute some of the portfolios that were held by that group that has left the government and very much to be seen how the government maps out its way forward the infighting is something that it will have to get over the president taking everybody again by surprise at a political rally yesterday saying that contrary to what many people feel that he will retire in twenty twenty to say that he still has a lot of political life left in him so lot of things to see over the coming months . i mean president of the national rifle association in the united states is all over north the conservative commentator was chosen at the gun lobby's annual meeting in dallas where president trump had vowed not to tighten firearms laws north is best known for his role in the iran contra scandal of the one nine hundred eighty s. with weapons were secretly sold to
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a wrong to fund anti communist rebels in the cargo were known as the contras. well people in hawaii being asked to leave their homes as a volcano continues to spew fountains of lava new cracks are opening up in the ground putting more houses at risk rob reynolds ripples now from states that's one of the worst affected areas. racing against time and the relentlessly advancing law residents of late states rescued property on monday still hoping their homes would survive kill away is onslaught eighteen year old marcus moylan and his family evacuated the only home he's ever no i walk this road every day you know by this river dance and saying what's happening it's just i don't know where we're able to get their money and stuff so you know kind of essential paperwork and stuff but you know some things just cannot leave behind his father says there's no use getting upset the volcano is calling all the shots thank god for the years i've
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given he's taken away now and at sixty two we're going to start all over and. it's all gone finished my looks like my legs going to be gone and my business is gone i really don't know what to do but it's kind of like when i first went to the silent. one day at a time from the air the destruction of leylandii estates is a dramatic sight you can see some of the twelve lava rifts that have opened up since thursday cutting a burning scar across the rural community also visible are the remains of the dozens of homes that have already been destroyed this time lapse video shows the magma surging to overwhelm of vehicles caught in its path we entered leylandii estates scored by a national guard sergeant jake keogh hero he carried a portable air monitor constantly checking it for high levels of sulfur dioxide as
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if to budge critters lose consciousness or even yeah definitely there's always the potential that could be fatal yeah. vents open up the amount of lava that loses out is astonishing this is a fresh lava flow it's probably less than twenty four hours old and i can feel the heat right from where i'm standing you can see the flames down there at the base and beyond it reminds me of states we're living in now or many homes have been destroyed the local civil defense administrator says despite the destruction seen so far the intensity of the eruption seems to have eased now it's kind of waiting for the pumpkin to stabilize. see if it's going to just stay put in one van and just erupt or. you know hopefully go away what with those it's going to happen. the big question for people here of course is when killa way is rampage will end rob
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reynolds al-jazeera lonny estates. tougher to take a look at the top stories here. the fate of the iran you can't deal hangs in the balance with donald trump about to announce whether or not the u.s. will pull. out the iranian president says iran will stand on its own feet regardless of what the u.s. president does in the all out battle norm in asia as. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the world stage and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months
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but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive interactions is working with the world the chinese president xi jinping has met north korean leader kim jong un for the second time in as many months north korean state media says the talks took place in the chinese port city of. and they were marked by in its words trust and honesty china is one of north korea's main diplomatic and economic allies their relations had been strained over pyongyang's nuclear program the pair last held talks in beijing in march during cames first foreign trip as leader and came as expected to meet president trump later this month i mean is the prime minister nicole passion yanez address supporters after being elected by parliament after weeks of anti-government protests the mass demonstrations were sparked by the decision to appoint x. president surge they give c.n.n. as prime minister the outcry for circassians resignation last month the protest
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says didn't leave the apartment of their leader passion as prime minister. saudi arabia says it's trying to resolve the disagreement over a yemeni island which is occupied by troops from the united arab emirates protesters only. in the arabian sea a demanding you ain't forces lean they arrived last wednesday forcing out yemeni soldiers fridays are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera the news continues with foley and the grade after the string. in the song. demonstrably.


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