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decision day u.s. president donald trump says he's ready to announce what he'll do about the iran nuclear deal. hello there i'm joe now welcome to the program this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london also coming up. rock star status i mean his new prime minister is given a hero's welcome out of mass rally in the country's capital. loses through new cracks in the ground in hawaii destroying more homes and engulfing stranded vehicles. and we visit a wildlife park in south africa where a mining project is threatening conservation tourism.
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well in the next hour or so u.s. president donald trump is set to announce whether he will pull out of the iran nuclear deal with drawing from the agreement would mean renewing sanctions which were lifted when the deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen iran's president warned the u.s. will face consequences if it pulls out on tuesday haasan rouhani insisted iran will stand on its own feet regardless of sanctions. that. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the world stage and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months
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but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive interactions it's working with the world well let's go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly help it kimberly a short while ago president trump a phone call with president of france president of course a big supporter of trying to keep this iran deal intact we don't know too much about it a french statement said they discussed issues related to peace and stability in the middle east that's all what sense do you get any any chance of a reprieve do you think for the deal. you know it's really hard to know what transpired in that phone call we did not get a readout here on our and from the white house press office certainly there has been a lot of speculation and guess what it's been conflicting so it really comes down to the announcement with donald trump about exactly what he's going to do there have been reports that in fact i plan to withdraw and reimpose sanctions other
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reports saying there will be no withdrawal for the united states from the twenty fifteen agreement to limit iran's nuclear activity but there will be a reimposing of sanctions i think it's safe to assume though that there is a lot of nervousness around the world and in the united states about what this decision could mean in terms of u.s. relationships internationally not just with european allies who say that they will remain in the agreement but also russia and china that are parties to the agreement whether or not this will exacerbate tensions there's no question that there have been many that have been sympathetic to some of the concerns that donald trump has laid out with regard to the twenty fifteen agreement its limitations on reigning in the nuclear program beyond twenty twenty five for right it's its activities militarily in the region as well as ballistic missile testing but again the message has been to donald trump and i suspect that it was in this phone call again with emanuel mccraw that in fact the best way to deal with this moving forward is to
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have a supplementary agreement but again it's just not clear if donald trump listen to that advice of course we will find out at eight hundred g.m.t. in the meantime another clue as to don't trump fundamental objections to this deal a pretty strongly worded rebuke of former secretary of state john kerry and his efforts to keep the deal on track of course he was instrumental in concluding the deal in the first place does that indicate the level of antipathy felt by president trump of the trumpet ministration towards a piece of international legislation essentially completed under under his previous us barack obama. there's no question that there is an aspect to that perhaps it weighing in the president's calculus as he makes this decision we certainly heard this on the campaign trail jonah in the twenty sixty presidential election campaign donald trump repeatedly criticize not just the deal and how he felt it hurt american interest but also those that negotiated the u.s. president barack obama members of his administration specifically the former
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secretary of state john kerry in fact we heard donald trump or will saw donald trump tweeting not just today but also on monday criticizing john kerry saying his actions to try to salvage the deal potentially meeting with the iranian foreign minister at the united nations in recent weeks calling that illegal under the logan act which prohibits private citizens from conducting diplomatic activity but he also continued to criticize john kerry today in fact saying on twitter that he said john is hurting your country stay away from negotiations certainly there's no question that donald trump is looking with this decision to perhaps criticize the previous administration and also potentially fulfill his america first promise that he made on the campaign trail ok kimberly we'll leave it there kimberly how good standing by the white house for that big announcement for donald trump thank you. a dense web of written agreements and deadlines make up the iran nuclear deal which took years to agree the deal was finally signed off by iran in twenty fifteen with
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the five permanent u.n. security council members as well as germany and the e.u. a week later it was unanimously endorsed by a u.n. security council resolution iran agreed to reduce the number of its centrifuge machines from twenty thousand to about five thousand for ten years centrifuges are needed to enrich uranium a material that can be used to make nuclear bombs iran also promised to enrich a maximum three point six seven percent opiates you reign him for fifteen years additional limits were put on its research and development of advanced centrifuges iran all. so removed the core of its main heavy water reactor and filled it with cement it's not allowed to build any new reactors for fifteen years to be sure iran is complying inspectors from the international atomic energy agency have access to its nuclear sites in exchange for all this the us the e.u. and the un all agreed to lift sanctions they can be imposed again if iran is found
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to be in violation of the deal diplomatic editor james bays is live for us from u.n. headquarters in new york james european leaders came together each separately lobbying donald trump to keep this deal in place they warned. failing to find an alternative strategy to contain iran's nuclear program rist undermining u.s. diplomacy and strengthening the most conservative elements of the regime in iran it does rather seem that the giving up the deal would achieve far less than the large risks that it would entailed yes and those risks include regional instability most diplomats i've spoken to here say they really don't know what the u.s. plan b. is if donald trump is to pull out of the nuclear deal signed in july twenty fifteen let me make it quite clear to you that the deal was pretty simple it is very
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complicated document but it was basically a trade off iran gives up its ambitions to have a nuclear weapon and there are safeguards in place inspections in place to make sure that doesn't happen in return for the sanctions related to their nuclear program being lifted so if president trump impose sanctions any sort of sanctions in an hour's time it won't be the iranians who are breaking the iran nuclear deal it'll be the country which led the way to try and get this deal and that's the united states. meanwhile james those european parties to the deal say that they're determined to stick with it even if the u.s. drops out iran indeed as said similar things is it possible that this deal can continue in the absence of the u.s. it depends who you speak to certainly european diplomats are saying they can try and make this work the chief negotiator for the u.s.
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side wendy sherman was speaking at a bit back during the obama administration she did much of the negotiations for the united states she was on a conference call that i was listening to earlier on she said that she felt it was going to die a slow death and the reason for that if the u.s. re imposes sanctions than those sanctions are likely to affect the economic climate in iran they may well affect european countries that are doing business in iran if iran then does not see the economic benefits of this deal then as you say it will strengthen strengthen the hardliners and eventually cause this deal completely to collapse but the europeans are hoping that perhaps president trump does not reimpose all the sanctions if he decides to withdraw from the deal they're going to be looking at his language the detail of his language very very closely president trump doesn't do details but the details of what he said it says in the next hour of very important ok james we'll be back to talk to you in
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a while we leave it for the moment james bays at the u.n. for us thank you. iran's oil output has helped the country survive decades of economic isolation it's something iran's leaders hope they can do again the reports now from tehran. from this fairground it's difficult to tell that iran is going through a diplomatic crisis. iran's leaders are highlighting the merits of the country's century old oil industry and they're looking for foreign investment to the tune of two hundred billion dollars the center on this i have a recommendation for foreign companies that are here if these companies want to have an important role in the market of iran in the region they should try to cooperate with the iranian companies and do their job as they have chosen iran as a partner iran is not a country one could overlook in the global market and energy sector they may delay or development but relying on enormous domestic potential caught willing we will
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continue our plans. but in the face of us sanctions it's a hard sell the fate of the joint comprehensive plan of action more commonly known as the twenty fifteen nuclear deal has become the most important factor for doing business with iran but the issue is so provocative no one was willing to speak about it on camera there are many european countries represented here but the birds are smaller than they were in previous years especially right after the nuclear to the sun many of the exhibitors we spoke to say they like doing business with iran and since your normal school tension in iran's market but for now no big deals are being signed and no one is making any real money it would seem that scare tactics by washington are having the desired effect. iranian companies here are worried about more bad economic weather but say this is just the storm before the calm beneath it. to nice and all the companies to come to iraq but the
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absence of them stated we can not solve the trade. existing facilities but developed a void created on just foods. companies like this one operated by the iranian revolutionary guard corps will no doubt continue to play an important part in the country's economic strategies had a ruse on going about horny daniel every day americans make a new excuse they want to conclude every year in a way to benefit themselves so should we give up no we are a powerful country with great resources in the world for example in all in gas we rank first and this is also true of other resources iran's growth potential makes it a difficult market for investors to ignore so there is some optimism one businessman told us there is always a light at the end of the tunnel but the burning of bridges between washington. is only making that tunnel longer. to run. well we're joined now by
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our senior political analyst marwan bashara good to see him on. to what extent i mean let's put it another way for the year and a half of the trump presidency this been a bit of a search on what precisely this administration's policy in the middle east is it's flip flopped on so many things to what extent if they pull out of this deal and it looks like it we'll. does this give us a clue as to settled policy in the middle east by this administration yes i think probably this is the most important question facing us today the implications of whatever the decision is that we're going to hear tonight from the american president why because i think iran has become a the lynchpin of u.s. diplomacy u.s. strategy us doctrine in the middle east and it's also true that over the last year and a half. there'd been a lot of hesitation a lot of confusion about what the u.s. policy in the middle east is or what the u.s.
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policy towards iran is and that's been partially because trump's theme favorite team wasn't in place but today we have the national security national security trio pompei o at the state department mattis at the defense department and bolton the national security adviser of these three agree that america needs to be aggressive towards iran while they might differ especially mattis about the practicality of the nuclear deal but all three agree that the united states views iran with a lot of hostility let's all remember that from the very beginning traum believed that iran is the greatest destabilizing force in the middle east and the biggest sponsor of terror in the world when you think of a country like that and it is a main country in the middle east you don't footsie around with this country we know and eventually there will be
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a decision coming down. are you suggesting that it's not about diplomatic aggression but about something more tangible than that that's very true but not in the sense that you know we are on the brink of a war but what i'm saying is we will hear from camberley in washington we will hear from james in new york about that the put matic niceties and language and rhetoric and the deal with the europeans and what is transitional what is not and what each and every word that's going to be up there tonight means legally is he going to withdraw is he going to simply snap back some sanctions would that would dominate all that this diplomatic jargon what i'm talking about is the strict digic imperative of american policy in the middle east and for me that's become clear after a year and a half it is or it hangs on the american approach towards iran and that approach is not going to be diplomatic per se there are a number of things that the u.s. demands of iran one inspections everywhere anywhere anytime in iran not just this
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and that facility anywhere could be a government office it could be and an army barracks to that iran never ever not two thousand and twenty five not two thousand two hundred twenty five should come any closer to enrichment of uranium that is fit for the nuclear program three iran must roll back all its influence within the region for america iran must roll back its destabilizing if the ology in the region and so on so forth i mean the other the other element to it it seems to me is that by removing this deal which has provided some relative relative stability you run the risk of deepening the problems that exist in syria in yemen where iran is deeply involved equally this power balance between saudi and iran the sunni shia power game going on now iran has said it will counter any moves against it does this not risk worsening
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deepening those problems absolutely. but then there's disagreement about that and the reticular speaking the obama camp that reached this deal said look we know that iraq iran is and vicious that iran is a destabilizing force in the middle east that iran has unfriendly intentions you know for its neighbors and so on so forth but we think all of that would be more containable if iran is denuclearized that with the nuclear deal it will be safer and easier then to contain iran's ambitions in the region and is this that destabilizing influence as well as even its ballistic missile program and so forth we will deal with that when we can ensure that iran does not possess a nuclear weapon now the detractors say that's not true because what the nuclear deal did is allow iran to expand in influence in the region using one hundred fifty billion dollars whether it ordered by the do they not by the united states or not
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but anyway it has one hundred fifty extra billions of dollars to spend and that america's blunders in iraq america's weakness america's fall out with israel and saudi arabia all of that has strengthened iran and has things in iran big time in the region so today iran iran's all eyes are winning elections and lebanon are winning elections probably the iraq next week iran's allies are taking over taking on neighborhoods and capitals and in damascus and in yemen so iran is on the rise iran is expanding and the nuclear deal did not stop any of those now and fascinating as ever thank you very much still to come here on al-jazeera. devastated by years of war and poverty iraq is prepared to go to the polls for the first time since the fall of iso. a tribunals has opened into war crimes during columbia's five decade war with fox rebels but the country remains deeply divided.
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the man who's led weeks of protests in armenia has been chosen as the new prime minister nicole was elected by parliament after angry demonstrations forced. to resign natasha going to reports from yerevan with supporters are celebrating. i republic square vibrated with excitement i want to be a shock was about same give me and i'm overwhelmed with emotion and i can only say that we're very happy that we're free from these presidents shackles we have hope that the new prime minister can take care of people's needs including freedom of speech not. our people have finally reached a moment of victory. our media's so-called people power movement scored
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a victory with members of parliament electing opposition leader nicole as prime minister are again legal or think. i want to thank you for this vote and for your stance and i only want to say the following i serve the people of the republic of armenia and i serve to the republic of armenia. it was a month of fast and surprising developments in this small former soviet republic since gaining independence in one thousand nine hundred one armenian say they've dreamed of a new dawn for democracy. that we want to live in free independent country at this moment we are very very happy that we have a man like this as our prime minister who is at our side and we are. confident he will help us realize our dreams to live free to have freedom of speech and drama. as the day the government finally responded to the will of course to have other
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party has done it for us in the political fight in fighting for the right. third start again he gave us the farce of a leader who broke it when he said he would not become prime minister term and. was pushing on is riding a tidal wave of popular support but now he faces the task of governing on the top of his to do list is tackling poverty and corruption the people of armenia will be watching closely they want this second chance of democracy to work but they also want an improvement in their everyday lives natasha going to name his era europe on our media emergency teams on hawaii's big island arranging more people to leave their homes as an erupting volcano spews new fountains of lava more cracks are opening up in the ground putting houses at risk rob reynolds reports from the lani
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estates one of the hardest hit areas. racing against time and the relentlessly advancing lava residents of lay low states rescued property on monday still hoping their homes would survive kill away as onslaught eighteen year old marcus moylan and his family evacuated the only home he's ever known i walk this road every day and now bike this road every day aunts and saying what's happening it's just i don't know where we're able to get their money and stuff so you know kind of paperwork and stuff but you know some things just got his father says there's no use getting upset the volcano is calling all the shots thank god for the years i've given he's taken away now and at sixty two i'm going to start all over and. it's all gone finished my looks like my legs going to be gone and my business is gone i really don't know what to do but it's kind of like when i
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first went to the simon. one day at a time from the air the destruction of leylandii estates is a dramatic sight you can see some of the twelve lava rifts that have opened up since thursday cutting burning scar across the rural community also visible are the remains of the dozens of homes that have already been destroyed this time lapse video shows the meg was surging to overwhelm of vehicles caught in its path we entered states escorted by national guard sergeant jake hero he carried a portable air monitor constantly checking it for high levels of sulfur dioxide to budge critters lose consciousness or even yeah definitely there's always a potential that could be fatal yeah. when vents open up the amount of lava that loses out is astonishing this is a fresh lava flow it's probably less than twenty four hours old and i can feel the
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heat right from where i'm standing you can see the flames down there at the base and beyond it. now are many homes have been destroyed the local civil defense administrator says despite the destruction seen so far the intensity of the eruption seems to have eased now it's kind of waiting for the volcano to stabilize. see if it's going to just stay put in one van and just erupt or. you know hopefully go away what with those it's going to happen. the big question for people here of course is when killa way is rampage will end rob reynolds al-jazeera lonny estates. and is ready soldier convicted of killing a wounded palestinian has been released from prison to serving off of his initial eighteen month sentence and our area was carried on the shoulders of supporters as he returned home he was found guilty of manslaughter for shooting up to how the
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fatah. as he lay wounded in a hebron street in twenty sixteen the palestinian man had already been shot by israeli soldiers who say he attacked them with a knife. iraqis go to the polls on sunday for the first general election since the four years of war and political instability of left towns in ruins and the economy in decline and reports from baghdad many iraqis doubt this vote will help reduce poverty levels. the locals call this the slums of. the name of this area in northeastern baghdad. it's a giant rubbish tip nestled into the piles of garbage lives some of iraq's poorest poverty rates are on the rise the extent that politicians are paying attention. into a campaign issue ahead of the general election in may. according to the ministry of
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planning poverty now effects thirty five percent of the population. lives amongst the rubbish. they try and sell what recyclable goods they can find. him used to be the main income but he was injured in a bomb blast in a local market in two thousand and six and. the family lives in constant fear of being thrown out of the. there's no future for the children living like this we all wish to have a decent house even if the government would give us land and we'd build it we would make ends meet we don't know when or if the authorities. are going to. despite election fever gripping the capital potential voters are not convinced politicians a serious about tackling issues such as poverty. i'm pessimistic there's a lot of wrong doing journal a campaign there are many corrupt candidates compare with decent ones i'm not
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accusing all of them of being bad but the majority are. however those running for election say they can and will make a difference. according to many of our friends and other segments from the society including us who are running for the elections campaign everyone is optimistic and we all hope that new faces will emerge and that we are progressing towards a brighter future. those words will be met with caution from iraq's poorest who feel that they've been forgotten left to fend for themselves and don't have any representation in iraq's political system whoever wins the election on may twelfth reaching out to iraq's poorest will be a challenge in. baghdad still ahead on the program kim jong un reaffirms north korea's commitment to denuclearizing to a seaside stroll with his chinese counterpart xi jinping. we look at what a u.s.
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withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal would mean for its european allies who still support the agreement. and it's been raining in turkey pretty heavily that rain as part of a system extends through syria and iraq in iraq is really quite major so it's not finished yet significant rain is likely to fall once again on the border of iraq was iran up through just maybe azerbaijan up through armenia northern syria and southeastern turkey to get to seventy five maybe a hundred millimeters the chances of flooding well they're quite high once it's gone through does of course dry out but the onshore breeze suggests other wet all share the weather at least into israel and lebanon system is still circulating and it lasted two days it might drop in beirut twenty five degrees it's still raining
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and you see through northern syria and down the border with eastern iraq and iran so it's persistent rain hence the likely totals south of that it might spark an occasional thunderstorm in kuwait northeastern sidey or bahrain possibly even qatar though most likely just feeling crease in the humidity then the wind of swing round after it's gone through exist. to briefly on the eastern side of saudi arabia southern africa carried out again see some significant rain for the western cape not much on there and i have to say not much in the forecast either. when the news breaks. and the story builds to be forced to leave the room. when people need to be heard girls are being bought and given
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away in refugee camps al-jazeera has to lose on the ground to bring you the board winning documentaries and. i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on and on. rewind returns with a new series i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the global for. like and the others through the rewind continues with most me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's not how to get it it's how to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a quick reminder of our top stories u.s. president donald trump is just two hours away from announcing whether he will pull out of the iran nuclear deal and impose sanctions renewed sanctions on tehran. iran's president has warned the u.s. it will face consequences if it pulls out of the deal speaking in tehran rouhani also struck a more defiant note saying iran will stand on its own feet regardless of sanctions . well let's explore the european position on the wall this natasha is standing by for us in paris natasha donald trump chose emanuel the french president as his sort of a european point of contact if you like a couple of hours ago in a phone call we don't know too much about that phone call or what may have been said about the iran deal what's the sense in paris about what's about to happen.
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well we do know from that phone call is that the two leaders spoke and they talked about stability in the region but that was all that we got from the lease a just a couple of lines on the communique when imad or mack or left washington two weeks ago after a state visit there his meetings with donald trump he said at the time that he believed that trump would pull out of the iran nuclear deal that was after maddow mark or has repeatedly tried to urge donald trump to stay in the deal but the senses in france that trump made well pull out of this deal and if that is the case it would be a great source of frustration and disappointment to those here because most people in france and the government the president himself believe that the iran deal is the best thing that there is out there for the moment that it can ensure a certain amount of stability it's stopping iran from developing nuclear weapons in fact person mike ross said in a magazine interview with
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a german magazine on sunday that should the u.s. .


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