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several in some townships in cape town children sometimes they caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walk she tried to take them from gang violence i lost my son. go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. by the pakistani army to dmards. held in guantanamo a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had to pay for that said they were innocent. or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. of one tunnel mode twenty two this time on al jazeera.
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i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. u.s. president donald trump pulls out of the landmark twenty fifteen agreement blasting it as defective to its coal. i know i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera we're going to have a global reaction to that decision including from iran's president has an iranian who says he is disappointed with the move but will try to negotiate with other world powers to keep the deal in place. french president emanuel macron he says he'll work with the u.k. and germany to create a broader agreement. and staying in france we're also going to have the latest from one of the most prestigious and glamorous events on the movie calendar the cannes
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film festival. welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has announced he is pulling the united states out of the iran nuclear deal truong called the twenty fifteen agreement defective to its core and signed into effect the highest level of sanctions against tehran iran's leaders said the u.s. had done nothing except put empty signatures on pieces of paper speaking just moments after trump's announcement as an ranis said his country would negotiate with other world powers to try to keep the nuclear deal in place well those countries include france germany the u.k. as they reacted to the news one word summed up the u.s. decision regret and former u.s. president barack obama who spearheaded the deal also weighed in calling his successors decision misguided and warning it would erode america's global credibility i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw
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from the iran's nuclear deal. in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the uranian regime we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction any nation that helps saran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states of america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow a regime the chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. shavar tansey is in washington d.c. and joins us now and chad we've been hearing from charles predecessor braca bomb
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a sharing his thoughts on the u.s. withdrawal from the iran deal why does obama think trump has made a mistake. yeah true obama fashion he that's a very carefully worded statement he lists six different points upon which he bases his objections to donald trump's decision and they're out there quite representative of the organs we're hearing both in washington and around the world firstly it's a multilateral deal that was unanimously voted upon in the u.n. security council it's not just between the u.s. and iran it's working iran's nuclear program has been scaled back inspections are working out of the most rigorous of any it that have been ever applied to a nuclear program iran is complying with the deal there is no expiration despite all this talk about sunset provisions the actual fundamental issue of whether iran will ever be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon it's simply not up for debate according to barack obama the deal does not allow for iran to ever have
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a nuclear weapon and the allowed negotiations on all the other issues have been brought up by such as the ballistic missile program and iran's foreign policy so that we're hearing that we have that very methodical argument from president obama and that's very much what we're hearing from all sorts of corners here in washington president john long school in the iran deal didn't he send in some ways this decision comes as no great surprise but now that it's finally happened is this a turning point in the administration's strategy in the region. well is there a strategy in the region is the question that we keep hearing i was just listening to the state department's point person on iran it was interesting he ready focused in on the on the sanctions on the financial pain that iran will feel and he really suggested that as a results off the financial pain and as a result of the decision has been made that europe is just going to roll over they're just going to cut their ties with iran because the u.s. is forcing them to do so they won't they won't put up a fight because of that iran will either come to the negotiating table and
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negotiate a more comprehensive deal that really seemed to be what the state department person was saying all we have to then also bring in all the other people in the mix like john bolton for example who are such a key role now in u.s. foreign policy the neo com who has long suggested that maybe sanctions would lead to some internal revolt some revolution we know that he and other figures in the neocon movement very close to the m. e. k. that iranian exile groups fringe iranian exile groups who've spread a lot of money around in washington and seem to have convinced a lot of key washington folks that they could come in and be welcomed like no child to be in iraq wasn't at all because of john bolton again we have to look at whether this inevitably leads to some kind of militaristic regime change or should because what the administration is asking iran to do isn't just losing or going their sovereignty geographically by completely opening up the country to inspections no matter whether the sites of nuclear or not but also to completely forgo that
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geopolitical foreign policy strategy they say look you are not allowed to make your own decisions as to what is your in your best interest to do that and inevitably lead to military conflict that's a big question that's being else because john bolton is someone we've interviewed him so often in the past you talked about any topic and he will somehow move the topic into the necessity for bombing iran you can talk about the weather or sometimes feels and somehow get on to that topic so is this is this the go we know trump says he. doesn't want any more of the trans arguments for us it's promise that to some twenty one of the trans arguments for us is promise that to some key senators here in the u.s. i'm drunk but most all stats actually off the truck made a statement that he was asked whether this would lead to boots on the ground and his response was but as you say that quote would be badly mistaken thank you very much from washington shihab rattansi so now for the reaction from. ron and earlier we were hearing president hassen rouhani trying to reassure the iranian
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people reiterating that iran would live up to its commitments under this deal what does the government do now well the iranian leaders have had a great deal of time to prepare for this they've seen this coming and so their response has been very methodical their response within minutes of within ten or fifteen minutes of the announcement by the united states that they be pulling out of the nuclear agreement president hassan rouhani flanked by his senior leaders made a public speech that was live broadcast on state t.v. and in it he said that iran had lived up to its side of the bargain but the united states had proven once again that it was not a reliable negotiating partner he also said of the u.s. president's remarks with regards to iran he called them rude here's some of what he had to say. that they have done nothing except put empty
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signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect international agreements we've done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the u.s. is pulling out. it clearly president trump has dealt a serious blow to the iran deal but is there a sense that the iranians are willing to engage with countries in europe to try and salvage the deal. well if this deal has any hopes of delivering any kind of benefit to the iranian people really the fate of the deal now rests in the hands of the foreign minister of iran jawad zarif who helped negotiate it he's tweeted shortly after the speech by his president that he
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would spearhead a diplomatic effort with the remaining signatories of the nuclear agreement in hopes of salvaging the deal now in the current climate it really is difficult to see how more diplomacy could help the situation beyond beyond diplomacy which iran does put before a conflict it is promoted dialogue it wants to try to work on this deal the rouhani administration really championed the deal in the face of criticism at home by people who said that negotiating with western partners was a fool's errand but they're not willing to give up the deal of the hard won deal without a fight beyond that what we might see as part of their response if negotiating with their european partners doesn't work out is that they will once again begin to enrich uranium and produce weapons grade nuclear material now they are a member of the nonproliferation treaty and iranian leaders have said over and over again that their nuclear program is for their civilian power grid and not for the
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production of a weapon that their policy is that they will not produce a nuclear bomb but by enriching uranium not only does it allow them to develop civilian a civilian nuclear power program but they recognize that it is political leverage it is the same leverage that allowed them to negotiate the nuclear agreement in the first place and reopen their economy to the global market and it is political leverage that they are going to want to have back if the u.s. sanctions come into effect or when the u.n. sanctions come u.s. sanctions come into effect and if the deal does finally die. from with the latest from tom ronson best ravi thank you. well in terms of other reaction to the announcement russia's foreign ministry says that it is deeply disappointed by the decision as also been a joint statement from the u.k. france and germany which is prime minister trees a may edging all sides to act in a spirit of responsibility while french president said he was ready to what on a new deal with iran he tweeted france germany and the u.k. regret the u.s.
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decision to leave the g c.p.o. a new clean open of ration regime is at stake we will what collectively on a broader framework covering nuclear activity oppose twenty twenty five period illicit activity instability in the middle east notably syria yemen and iraq but not everyone has been quite so supportive the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcome president trump's decision to withdraw saying it would stop iran from getting its hands on a nuclear bomb israel are fully supports president trump's bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in tehran israel is opposed the nuclear deal from the start because we said that rather than blocking iran's path to a bomb the deal actually paves iran's path to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs and this within a few years on the removal of sanctions under the deal has already produced
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disastrous results the deal didn't push war further away it actually brought it closer. al-jazeera senior political analyst says the decision could lead to further instability in the middle east. this is no longer about the nuclear now we're talking about the united states versus iran in the middle east we're talking about a new american doctrine an overarching strategy in dealing with the middle east that hinges on american hostility towards iran and perhaps vice versa and in so many ways is going to allow israel to to escalate against iran it's giving the green light for saudi arabia to escalate against iran and i think the so many ways in a sphere as. allies in the region i mean look at it has been a law in lebanon just basically sort of defied its position in the lebanese elections nobody in a mild and popular mobilization iraq are sort of defying their own position in the
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iraqi elections this week and certainly the hope is in yemen as well as bashar assad regime and they are a militias in syria are making huge progress so all in all iran is making move major major you know expansion of its own influence of those of its allies in the region it has no interest or for direct confrontation with the united states. without is there a still ahead on the program. on the news new prime minister is given a hero's welcome at a mass rally in the capital and conflicting reports on how many children were killed in an afghan military attack on a taliban gathering. the at the in the in the in. the at hello there the rain over queensland has been very heavy recently now in the satellite picture you can see just a little bit of cloud there and it's certainly given us more wet weather than you'd
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expect from that satellite picture some of us along the coast of seeing ninety four millimeters of rain really very very wet for us and that system is slowly going to clear away as we head through the next few days so i think for wednesday there will just be one or two more showers but as we head into thursday we should see the sunshine return completely now towards the southeast him more in the way of clouds rolling its way towards us and that will drag down the temperatures so a maximum just eighteen in adelaide and forests in melbourne but it will drop even further as we head into thursday this time melbourne where we see around twelve degrees of the maximum so far cooler and fresh air for us and they could even be snow by the time we get to the weekend in the mountains of victoria out towards the east and you can see the fair amount of cloud that's being with us across the south island that certainly given us some very wet weather there looks like it should be fine and settle for most of us a wednesday but then this weather system works its way towards us and thursday does
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look for wetter particularly for the southwestern parts of the south island it should be brightening up though for us across parts of japan just rain in the southeast. the in. from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human folly is big business . and wealthy western nations are implicated. knowhow way to know how. the must be an organized. sex slaves episode of slavery a twenty first century medieval on al jazeera. our
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top story this hour u.s. president donald trump has decided to withdraw from the iran nuclear accessing the deal is defective at its core iran's president has iran and says he's disappointed by this decision but will try to negotiate with other world powers to keep the nuclear agreement in place and france germany and the u.k. say they regret the u.s. decision to leave the deal french president emanuel says they'll work collectively to make a new broader agreement. well in our stories recovery north korean leader kim jong un has pledged his continued commitment to denuclearize ation in a meeting with his chinese counterpart xi jinping this is kim second visit to north korea's only major ally this year china correspondent adrian brown has more. when kim jong il second secretive visit to china was confirmed on state t.v.'s main
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evening news bulletins in a seven minute for a pool when this time came was welcomed by president xi jinping in the northeastern city of dolly on close to the border with north korea it's not clear if kim asked to come in. bited but it happened just a few weeks before the north korean leader's planned talks with u.s. president donald trump kim appeared to suggest the prospect of that getting together was being undermined by trump like he said if the relative country stuck there hostile attitudes and threats then there's no need for north korea to have nuclear weapons like kim's powerful sister kim jong accompanied her brother her international profile continues to grow. well the chinese side but thought hard about the backdrop they wanted for this visit and beyond these waters the korean peninsula dali and offering a picturesque setting. as the north only ally chinese leaders want to ensure
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they're not sidelined in the future diplomacy over north korea after a long strain in relations because of the north's misawa nuclear bomb tests the two sides are hugging again president she has accepted an invitation to visit north korea possibly next month so possibly before him she draws meetings with trami china didn't have a seat at the recent historic summit between leaders of the two koreas and there won't be present at the kim from summit either so president xi wants to ensure that kim's priorities align with his adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. the man who's led weeks of protests and has been chosen as the new prime minister called on was elected by parliament after angry demonstrations forced his predecessor to resign as to reports from yerevan. republic
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square vibrated with excitement i. do shuttlesworth same give me and i'm overwhelmed with emotion and i can only say that we're very happy that we're free from these presidents shackles we have hope that the new prime minister can take care of people's needs including freedom of speech. our people have a moment of victory. was our media's so-called people power movement scored a victory with members of parliament electing opposition leader nicole as prime minister are beginning to think a national problem i want to thank you for this vote and for your stance and i only want to say the following that i serve the people of the republic of armenia and i serve to the republic of armenia. it was the month of fast and surprising developments in the small former soviet republic since gaining independence in one thousand nine hundred one our media and say they've dreamed of
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a new dawn for democracy thank god we want to live in free independent country at this moment we are very very happy that we have a man like this as our prime minister who is at our side and we are confident he will help us realize our dreams to live free for all a good party has been a dominant force in the political fray in fighting for the last ten years or was it third sarkozy and he gave us an authoritarian leader who broke his promise when he said he would not become prime minister and. was pushing on is riding a tidal wave of popular support but now he faces the task of governing. on the top of his to do list is tackling poverty and corruption the people of armenia will be watching closely they want this second chance of democracy to work but they also want an improvement in their everyday lives natasha going to name his era.
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iraq's anticorruption watchdog says three hundred twenty billion dollars has gone missing in the past fifteen years because of government corruption it's a major concern for iraqis who will vote for a new parliament on saturday and iran contra points from baghdad. these warplanes should have cost iraq less than a million dollars each instead they cost the thirteen million dollars apiece draw him there are g.e. is a member of the parliamentary transparency commission which looks at deals done by iraq's government and any allegations of corruption he says it's one of many examples of corrupt deal making mother. of our financial experts estimate from two thousand and three until now more than three hundred twenty billion u.s. dollars went missing and is untraceable most of this money went through corrupt contracts one example is a check warplane steal the price tag for jed is nine hundred seventy five thousand
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u.s. dollars but the iraqi government purchased them for thirteen million u.s. dollars for each one the reason for the corruption he says a simple no i don't would want there are no investigative institutions that hold accountable those corrupt iraqis have a saying that goes much unprotected money in carriages theft it's not just the major cases of corruption that concern erakat is cronyism nepotism permeates all levels of society and you don't have to go far in baghdad to hear those stories. business owners have long complained that the system favors those who pay bribes and have contacts. corruption is serious in iraq one simple example is that import of goods and groceries the dent of from kuwait saudi arabia u.a.e. on the rest of the region how government does not encourage national products or supporting iraqi farmers this is where corruption is apparent government officials
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make money from those contracts with those countries. if at least my wife has graduated from that. she still got a government job due to. political analysts who research corruption cases in iraq say it's too late to get the stolen money back. no one can eradicate corruption it runs deep in the iraqi institutions but whoever the new prime minister is could make a fresh start that could prevent any more corruption but what has been done in the past cannot be compensated eradicated ovoid against anymore in two thousand and seventeen two thousand arrest warrants were issued in iraq on corruption charges two hundred ninety people have been arrested and so far cases are going through the courts but the still anger from many in iraq over corruption allegations and politicians are regularly criticized on social media for serving only their own interests fighting that perception will be a challenge iran can baghdad. the united nations and the afghan government to
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giving conflicting accounts of who was killed in a helicopter gunship attack last month the u.n. says one hundred seven people died most of them children jennifer glass reports from kabul. until last month yousef cardia taught at a school in the village of dusty archie sixty five kilometers from could do is where he now works he says a graduation ceremony at his former religious school was attacked on april second by helicopter gunships. him on the scene it was a dark tragic day in our village for hours helicopters were above as far as if you machine guns later they dropped bombs we could not approach to help the people when . i see this as a very brutal attack after two hours i went to the area children were killed and wounded i saw firstly two dead bodies of my own on my family members were also killed and injured from an afghan government leader said the air attack targeted a taliban gathering but it was mostly children who ride to the hospital a new u.n.
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report says at least thirty children were killed and fifty one injured far's the majority of the hundred seven casualties as rockets and heavy machine guns fired on a civilian gathering. witnesses in the taliban controlled area to the casualty total is higher the government says the total support network the taliban has frightened villagers into exaggerating the number of dead. two days after the attack taliban flags continue to fly over the village taliban fighters have controlled this area for here's. going on it was not a religious gathering it was an area with a strong taliban presence the planes that conducted the operation carried out strikes against the terrorist groups and as a result eighteen high ranking taliban commanders were killed and twelve other commanders were wounded with a forward to it off a clue. well the government says there were civilian casualties the afghan human
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rights commission says overall the taleban and opposition groups kill far more people we call on the. position that they should not use the civilian as a human shield during the christian or gathering clearly there was flax and collarbones banners and some people in the gathering but of course the government has to be very very careful and should be responsible for protection of those seven but the calls for accountability and transparency mean little to yourself cardiod his life along with so many others who are forever changed in last so many others will forever changed in last month's airstrike jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. emergency crews on hawaii's big island say they are poised to evacuate more people as the lava continues to spew from the kellaway
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a volcano seventeen hundred people have already been ordered to leave their homes five days after the volcano started erupting deadly volcanic gases are also spreading across the island. well now it's one of the most prestigious thing glamorous events in the movie calendar the seventy first annual cannes film festival is underway in the south of france for the next eleven days twenty one movies will be competing for the top prize the palme d'or with plenty more being shown out of competition and as charlie angela reports the focus this year is away from hollywood the can the crown jewel of the international film festival circuit opening this year with a spanish language film for just the second time in its seventy one year history. and i want to. is a psychological thriller starring penelope cruz and it is setting the tone for a festival that this year will champion the town cinema. on the driver.
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why are big hollywood blockbusters almost entirely absent from this year's line up and the headline grabbing so low a star with story is not in the way of the titian we've got really interesting competition coming from people like spike lee and also a return of law as one trailer as well so we're going to see some interesting big names coming into the main competition but also those fresh faces those new voices of the art house might actually surprise and that might be the big story that comes out of the festival this year. each year it can briefly focus is the world's attention on the film industry an industry still reeling from the harvey weinstein scandal turn is where many of his alleged sexual assault took place it can no longer be a two week celebration of male brains and female beauty. issues of gender inequality and sexism are rife in head of the jury cate blanchett is calling
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them out would i like to see more women in competition absolutely will do i expect and hope that that's going to happen in the future i hope so we're dealing with what we have in front of us and i mean. job is industry members away from the festival is to keep working towards positive change. but the festival says it will not bow to what it calls positive discrimination set for us all the firm people say the seven percent of women directors in the film industry the cons always have a higher number twenty twenty three percent but as the number of women directors say to me well if i'm selected the can as i hope is not just because i'm a woman i hope it's because i'm a director the government artist. other controversies a red carpet ban on selfies and no netflix the online distributor has fallen out with the festival but it can brings back glamour to art house cinema but audiences should be pleased charlie and. london.
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a quick recap on the top story this hour u.s. president donald trump has decided to withdraw from the iran nuclear agreement saying the deal is defective at its core and will lead to an arms race in the middle east is also one that will impose the highest level of economic sanctions possible i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the a rainy end regime we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction any nation that help saran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states.
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iran's president has ann romney says his country has fulfilled its commitments under the deal. trolled they've done nothing except put signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect international agreements we've done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the u.s. is pulling out. and in the european reaction president emanuel says france germany and the u.k. regret the u.s. decision to leave the deal he says they'll now work collectively to make a new broader agreement and former u.s. president barack obama says the decision to pull out is a serious mistake which will erode america's global will erode america's global credibility now the lawyer for
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a pornographic actress who is suing president trump says trump's attorney received half a million dollars from a russian oligarch after the two thousand and sixteen election michael i've been out he says a company controlled by the russian billionaire made the payment to michael cohen his client stormy daniels says she was paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars by cohen to keep quiet about an alleged affair ten years ago. those are the headlines for myself in the team in london stay with us u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel and alum in your process five g. will be faster data transfer times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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