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horrendous things. about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and should steve this is a dialogue. about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on their smartphone they're on the time that they're on the computer. and that's the way of all the true media network.
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this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with the elizabeth problem coming out the next sixty minutes if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before. the threat to ted on the poles the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal a swift reaction from. to remain committed to the deal calling the u.s. with a troll on acceptable. setting the stage the u.s. secretary of state lands in north korea to prepare for donald trump's his stark nation with kim jong un and for the second time in its history. the cab film
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festival opens with a spanish language thriller. we begin this news hour with the u.s. president's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal donald trump defied last ditch diplomatic efforts by his european allies to stick by it well following his announcement there's been swift international reaction but more criticism than support for first to react was a president who said the u.s. does not respect its commitments and rouhani said he's altered the atomic energy organization to be ready to start the investment off your am while all the signatories to the two thousand and fifteen deal including france germany and the u.k. have said they regret tromp decision botched that they'll remain parties to the pact the european union's top diplomat federica moldavian he said the e.u. will preserve it un secretary general antonio terrace has called on remaining
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parties to abide by the deal but president trump and did get support from the united arab emirates saudi arabia and israel promised to benjamin netanyahu has praised the u.s. decision for taking what he called a bold decision to pull out of a quote disastrous deal our white house correspondent can really help it reports. after much anticipation u.s. president donald trump made good on a signature campaign promise solidifying his america first agenda i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. the u.s. negotiated the agreement with iran in twenty fifteen along with the united kingdom france germany china and russia to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief with the announcement the united states now bria poses tough
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economic sanctions on iran's oil and banking sectors that had been lifted arguing iran did not live up to its end of the agreement. we have definitive proof that this arabian promise was a lie even though u.s. intelligence the united nations and european allies maintain iran has been compliant under the agreement trump cited a recent israeli report that iran had not been truthful about its activities before entering into the deal trouble also argues the agreement should have dealt with iran's military pursuits in the region and its ballistic missile program. capitol hill the top senate democrat disagrees and to me the right thing to do would have been to try and come up with our allies with an agreement on those issues and let the nuclear part of this continue as is because it's not being violated in any way
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trucks predecessor barack obama the man who oversaw the deal called trump's decision a serious mistake in a statement obama said without the agreement the united states could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear armed iran or another war in the middle east. deede former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders believes the united states is already on that path the road prove the war in iraq did not simply begin in two thousand and three it was laid down brick by brick over a number of years ironically as the president tore up the nuclear deal with iran secretary of state mike pompei it was on his way to north korea laying the groundwork for a nuclear deal with p.r. nyang president indicated the united states is willing to negotiate a new deal with iran but he says his decision also signals the united states will no longer make calls empty threats can really help at al-jazeera at the white house
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. well let's go live now to washington d.c. our correspondent shihab rattansi is joining us from there among those have criticized. as been mentioned as barack obama has really spelled out why he thinks trump's made a mistake here. is his way he was very methodical in spelling out why he's against donald trump's decision he laid out six different points beginning with the fact that it's a multi lap traill agreement agreed on you know. by the u.n. security council unanimously and by germany this isn't just an agreement between the u.s. and iran secondly that it's working iran has rolled back its nuclear program thirdly there is a stringent perhaps the most stringent it's often said inspection program which is now under way on iran's nuclear program fourthly iran is complying with the nuclear program as indeed the u.s. intelligence is agencies have all agreed upon fifth there is no expiration we keep
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hearing about sunset deals with some sunset provisions with some bits of the deal but in the end there is no expiration date on iran's right to have a nuclear weapon that is eternal according to the deal on the nuclear proliferation treaty and everything else which iran is a signatory because according to intelligence agencies here in the u.s. and saudi even to iran wanted a nuclear bomb and then finally this is interesting point. barack obama appears to what does he agrees with the neo columns philosophy that iran is a force of destabilization so his argument is if iran is a force of destabilization as he agrees with the neocons then there should be constraints on the nuclear program and while there are constraints on the nuclear program these issues of destabilization should be looked at jointly with the u.s. as allies and this is something that those neo cons shihab said that they're still willing to do despite pulling out of that deal but at the same time the president says that he's going to impose the harshest sanctions on iran so what is the u.s.
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strategy dead now on how to deal with iran. and there's so many questions about how the u.s. now goes about imposing sanctions on the u.s. only on iran and those who business with iran unilaterally that's one area where it's still not entirely clear although we have had various time frames of ninety days one hundred twenty days for sanctions to go into effect not just on iran itself but actually on those countries that do business around the world with iran i mean what capability does the u.s. actually have to buy itself and force those sanctions is an interesting question because of the because of the stuff in your shoes if anything else in the state department and elsewhere the state department they're sticking to its line though this is just about squeezing iran economically and then they will come to the table and then will will make this a great deal which will come as all of these issues about rather difficult to believe will happen partly because what the u.s. is also seeing from iran is
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a complete surrender of geographical sovereignty be the concept of just allowing international spector's wherever they want to cross across iran but secondly strategic sovereignty not allowing iran to make its own foreign policy decisions in a very hostile neighborhood given that you know israel is the only nuclear armed country in the middle east and is incredibly hostile to it was wrong but the point is the u.s. is saying look if iran should have no real say it of strategic objectives can that really happen is it really about bringing them back to the table or is it about john bolton the neocons who now advise donald trump trying to get their plans into action to do what they've always wanted to do which is bomb iran for the benefit of israel and saudi arabia and others and remake the middle east in a new image to is that where everything is going donald trump may not want war but is there one around him moving towards that towards that scenario and that is the fear is bernie sanders says it's sounds very much like the road to war that we saw on the way to iraq. thank you very much for that as she have a ton say joining us live from washington d.c.
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. and iran's president was quick to respond hassan rouhani said his country has fulfilled all of its commitments to the deal. they've done nothing except put empty signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect international agreements we have done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the u.s. is pulling out the same bus route he has more from terror on. if there are any hopes of iranians benefiting from this deal or this deal staying alive now in whatever form it may that's really in the hands of the foreign minister of iran jawad zarif who helped negotiate that deal after president hassan rouhani spoke the foreign minister sent out a tweet in and he said in response to u.s.
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persistent violations and unlawful withdrawal from the nuclear deal as instructed by president rouhani i'll spearhead a diplomatic effort to examine whether remaining j c p a way participants can ensure its full benefits for iran outcome will determine our response that really does signal that this deal in the same way that it was a major policy initiative of the obama administration was also a major success at the time for the administration of president hassan rouhani he championed the deal that was what helped propel him in his last presidential campaign and win reelection and so it's an important part of the foreign policy initiative and it's something despite the fact that it is now very much hampered with the u.s. pullout it's not something that they're willing to let go without a fight hard line critics military hawks here in iran were very much against negotiating with the with the united states and its allies over any sort of nuclear
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agreement the supreme leader himself saying that he was fairly certain it would not work out because as he said years ago the united states was not a reliable negotiating partner something which rouhani has said that it is now been proven once again. and our diplomatic editor james bay has more now on reaction from around the world to the u.s. decision. its president trumps speech in the diplomatic reception room of the white house put the u.s. in breach of one of the most important diplomatic agreements in recent history a deal that helped to negotiate the diplomatic reception around the world dismay if not surprise in recent weeks the french president emmanuel mccraw and the german chancellor angela merkel came to washington to lobby trump in the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson even went on the cable t.v. show the u.s. president is known to watch over breakfast all these efforts failed and the u.s.
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has three closest european allies issued this statement it is with regret and concern that we the leaders of france germany and the united kingdom take note of president trump's decision to withdraw the united states of america from the joint comprehensive plan of action together we emphasize our continuing commitment to the j c p a way this agreement remains important for our shared security. the european union pledged to stay in the deal and make it work without trump the european union is the tournaments to act in accordance with its security interests and to protect its economic investments but there is a major problem ahead trump's new ambassador to germany rick grinnell has already tweeted that german companies should wind up their operations in iran could companies from europe and elsewhere now face secondary u.s.
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sanctions causing major strains between washington and its allies iranian president hassan rouhani says his government will wait a matter of weeks while it seeks guarantees from the europeans that the deal will still benefit them even those pushing for the deal survival know there's a risk of it dying a slow death and that diplomacy could be replaced with a slide towards further conflict in the middle east james pays out zero at the united nations. well let's get more on this now we're joined by our boss and i need to rector of the iranian studies program at stanford university and he's joining us from stanford and san francisco very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so as iran enters into talks now with the remaining parties how difficult do you think it will be mr malani to salvage the deal despite everyone's best intentions. i think it is likely because as you indicated both the europeans want the deal to
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work i wanted to work and wanted to work russia and china wanted to work and i think now the iranian regime has decided after some initial threads to leave the deal that it is in their best interest to remain and tried to salvage it and tried to isolate donald trump and the u.s. administration and try to create a wedge between the u.s. the europeans russia and china and use that to their benefit and do you think that the with the troll is going to do what will that do to the hardliners and iran who were against the deal will they support president rouhani his efforts to salvage it . i don't think so if you have followed the media close to the conservatives if you followed for example kay hahn that speaks essentially for the supreme leader harmony there big time yesterday the opening
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article the lead article was that if we had or if we had burned this agreement before it was have been ratified we wouldn't be in the condition that we are today so they're trying to blame him for blame rouhani for harmony has been trying to have it both ways obviously approved the deal the deal would not have been made if it didn't have the sanction but he always tried to keep it distance and now he is pouncing on it and he is pouncing on the notion that he was right all along that the united states is not a reliable ally it is for them a godsend because the same time the iranian economy is facing truly existential challenges and now they can blame what is clearly primarily the result of their own incompetence and corruption on donald trump and his breach of an international agreement that was by all accounts working. and if it stops to work
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if it ceases to work because it doesn't have the support either from people in iran people in power in iran then what is that going to do for iran's relationship do you think with countries like russia with countries like china see iran turn more towards them. i think that is the most likely scenario we already have. again really clearly last week indicated that iran should pivot towards russia and china who has a ranch with only look worse war and i think that's one of the most potentially long lasting consequences of this ill advised policy of a unilateral withdrawal the stability it's great to get your thoughts on this that joining us live from san francisco thank you. and tom from elsewhere has prompted israel to mobilize some of its reserve troops although it hasn't given details of the location or the scale the israeli military says it will be on high alert for
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possible flare up with neighboring syria how a force that has more now from jerusalem. eleven yo also said that israel's army was ready and prepared for any threat that might come its way in that we have a tested it would find that out the army itself in the run up to trump speech had instructed local authorities in northern israel to open public shelters that had been reinforcements going up there after a briefing to israeli media in the last couple of days of a potential limited iranian strike in northern israel as it turned out though after trump speech the reports of explosions were coming from the other side of the border inside syria southwest of damascus near in a rain in military base there were reports of explosions the syrian state media blamed that on an israeli strike israel typically does not comment on such matters there has been welcoming here of this move of donald trump's from israeli
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politicians but it's worth noting that the head of the israeli army just a few weeks ago at the end of march in a newspaper interview he said that the iran nuclear deal was working the j.c. p.o. a for all of its faults appeared to be working that it was likely to put off iran getting a nuclear weapon for another ten to fifteen years. we have plenty more ahead of the news hour including leaders from japan china and south korea meet to discuss north korea's nuclear program. why is unstoppable the threat continues to force people to leave their homes behind and coming up in sports third division team look for a fairytale ending in the french cup final against paris. chief diplomat has arrived in north korea to prepare for a summit with kim jong un my pompei i met him in the north korean capital last
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month to before pompei was sworn in as secretary of state both washington and pyongyang have agreed on a date and location for the meeting but no further details have been released. and efforts to denuclearize north korea will be high on the agenda of a meeting between the leaders of japan china and south korea and tokyo the three way talks are meant to take place every year but this is the first since two thousand and fifteen and a sign of improving ties between the neighbors that's also the first visit to japan by a chinese premier and a south korean leader since two thousand and eleven but our correspondent wayne hay is joining us for more on this live from tokyo already a major announcement set to be made after the summit way. i do apologize we have lost our connection with our correspondent in tokyo so let's
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go back now to the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who is in north korea visiting the north korean leader kim jong un our correspondent kathy novak is joining us live from the south korean capital for more on this so what's expected then cathy all of this visit by mike pompei on. well that's all part of this flurry of diplomacy including that trilateral summit that wayne would have been reporting on there leading up to the meeting between kim jong un and the u.s. president donald trump that is still expected though not alternately confirmed president trump has said that a date and location had been decided the details of that had not yet been released and we know that donald trump has repeated in the past that he is the terms that he wants are not met he's reserves the right to cancel or even walk out politely while the meeting is going on so this trip by the secretary of state might pompei it was
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all part of trying to firm up the details of that meeting so it can go ahead between. donald trump because when he was there on that unannounced visit a few weeks back that was sort of the initial meeting where he did meet the leader kim jong un this time around we're not sure yet if he will have the opportunity to meet the leader again but my pump aoe says he will be meeting with a very senior official speaking on behalf of the north korean government elizabeth and kathy how is the u.s. decision to withdraw from a not the nuclear do with iran is it going to play into negotiations over the north korean nuclear program. well it's definitely interesting timing because we know that the north korean government watches the u.s. moves very closely it has been distrustful of the united states as a whole in the past when it comes to looking at what happened for example in libya where that country gave up its nuclear weapons and saw the fate of moammar gadhafi
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and did not want to see something similar play out in north korea so the government in north korea has long said that it needs its nuclear weapons for its own defense and defense of the government itself so now you have the united states coming in and saying that it wants to negotiate the terms under which north korea would wind back and give up its nuclear program so you can see why the north korean government may be apprehensive as that watches president donald trump pull out of an agreement that his country made just a few years ago for president trump's part he says that his word can be believed presumably because he had promised even as he was running for the presidency to pull out of this iran nuclear deal and now he has followed through with this so he is saying that he can be believed and one of the things that has been pointed out is this time around when it comes to negotiations with north korea in the past when we have seen even enter korean summits they have come at
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a time when there were followed by changes of government in either the united states or in south korea while this time around this is all happening when we see both the president of south korea and the president of the united states all about a year into their term so there is some hope that if deals are reached with north korea these presidents will have some more runway as it were to implement any agreements or kathy thank you very much for that that's kathy novak joining us live from so i'm going to go back to the japanese capital now where the leaders of japan south korea and china are going to be meeting on policy twain hey is joining us live from there and north korea will obviously be on the agenda at the summit wayne what are we expecting. well as with no major outcomes or announcements are expected i think more than anything it's probably being seen as a symbolic summit still very significant but symbolic summit that will enable the
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three leaders the three countries to show some unity really when it comes to the issue on the korean peninsula the issue of denuclearization we are expecting a joint statement to be made after the first phase of that summit which is just come to an end and we're expecting it to issue a statement of support for that declaration that was made after the into korean summit between north and south korea late last month but not these three countries not all on the same page when it comes to the issue of denuclearization and how best to proceed along that path particularly japan and china have some differences over that issue so while we will see a joint statement the fact that there are differences of opinion means that it's likely to be something of a broad statement in nature and when it comes to north korea way and the summit particularly important for the japanese prime minister.
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it certainly is i mean it's important for him domestically is well he's in all sorts of trouble at home his popularity his approval rating is at an all time low he's embroiled in a couple of cronyism scandals that have resulted in some calls for him to resign from even from some members from within his own party but as far as north korea goes certainly this is an opportunity for him and japan more broadly to reassert itself into the equation when it comes to north korea diplomatically anyway because i think around the into korean some of there was a feeling that perhaps it was left out a little bit it was on the outside of course south korea was intimately involved in getting that summit to go ahead china is well good with its. influence that it has a gang through enforcing those economic sanctions that are on the regime in north korea and also that first meeting between the chinese president xi jinping and
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north korean leader kim jong un not so for prime minister shinzo are and this will give him an opportunity to reassert himself to relay the importance of some of japan's demands when it comes to north korea and then also give a chance for south korean president in two to try to persuade to work towards a better relationship with north korea knows that japan is an important player in this that if this denuclearization issue is to move towards a fully denuclearized korean peninsula then japan needs to play an important role in that when thank you very much for that that is when hain joining us live from tokyo thank you. the hawaiian. displaced by the killer whale volcano and there have been no deaths or serious injuries so far and authorities say that. preparedness and and effective evacuation plan but as rob
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reynolds reports possible options have led to mass casualties and even affected the global climate. lava from killer whale volcano has stopped flowing at least for now after destroying dozens of homes and displacing nearly two thousand people scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later. in one thousand fifty five. but. fortunately the only losses during this eruption have been the property of human lives globally one out of every ten people lives within the volcano danger zone a study last year by the university of bristol in the u.k. estimated that more than a quarter of a million people have been killed by volcanic eruptions in the past five hundred years an average of five hundred forty deaths per year one of the deadliest
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eruptions in modern times was of mount pelée in the caribbean island of martinique in one thousand no to it completely wiped out the city of some pierre killing thirty thousand people. volcanoes can affect the entire earth's climate the eruption of mt tam bora in what is now indonesia in eight hundred fifteen discharge so much and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere it blocked sunlight causing extreme cold in the northern hemisphere crop failures and what people at the time called the year without a summer as for kill the way it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years most of it flowing harmlessly into the sea but not always but it's really difficult to forecast what might happen where and so that makes it really hard to know exactly what native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect
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the moods of the goddess. is native to the family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event scientific understanding of how volcanoes work has strengthened greatly since those tremendous eruptions of past century but no amount of sophisticated sensors seismographs or satellite imagery can predict exactly when an eruption will occur or when it will end reynolds al-jazeera hilo hawaii. still ahead on the news hour with malaysia's prime minister cling on to power in the election mined by scandal and fierce competition and in sports world tennis number one some want to help extends a winning streak to full team.
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through tranquil review. i do not mean. and if it means going to. hello there we've got yet more rain that's developing over parts of china the latest system is finally cleared away from the south coast but now we're seeing this area of what weather this developing over the northern parts of vietnam is stretching up over chong ching lots of heavy rain that that system sticks around as we head into thursday as well only slowly edging its way towards the east forcing shanghai should be dry for us then a top temperature of twenty three degrees and this should be a good deal of sunshine coming through each year in the day as well for the south of the southeast and parts of asia lots of showers here particularly over parts of southern vietnam there as we head through the day all over the next couple of days so wednesday thursday looks rather wet and that stretches down to ward's k.l. as well if you're looking to avoid the showers best chance really is over parts of java and into bali here it looks like it should be more or less dry over the next
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couple of days if we head across towards india or in the north here we've had some rather violent storms this area of wet weather has also given us some dust storms as well very strong winds in with this as clearing away there should be a lot drier and calmer over the next few days but thirty seven degrees in new delhi it certainly will be hot for the south more cloud here over the southern parts of india and across into sri lanka and this region looks pretty wet for thursday to the way sponsored by qatar. repeat stories generate thousands of headline it's called. reached with different angles from different perspectives. this the local here this that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's face or in the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. children
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dream of becoming us to. a few other from the stars and set the. scene or from your own. held back by society. second reaching for the star witness documentary on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the news hour these are our top stories the u.s. president says the united states is withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen
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iran nuclear deal donald trump said the agreement is defective to its core adding he'll impose the highest level of sanctions against iran while iran's president says the u.s. withdrawal is on and accused washington of not respecting its international commitments rouhani said is now ready to start a new and richmond. donald trump's chief diplomat has arrived in north korea to prepare for his summit with kim jong un my pompei i met him in the north korean capital last month before he was sworn in as secretary of state both washington and pyongyang have agreed on a date and location for the meeting but are further details have been released. well let's get more on this now we're joined by donald kirk journalist and author and he's joining us from seoul via skype very good to have you with us on our jazzier so what will both countries were all my pompei and kim jong be looking for from each other in order to commit to the denuclearization of the potential or.
5:35 am
no it's reaffirmed the president's job was nothing less than c.v. id complete irreversible. denuclearization. it's not at all clear that the north koreans are going to give in there and the question is whether or not they can come to some compromise now dropped by by rejecting we're pulling out of the deal is signaling that he may get tough with north korea mr cook what is the compromise if north korea has not you say that they haven't indicated that they'll you know completely denuclearize in a way that's you know a verifiable normed reversible what is a compromise that what be acceptable to the united states and what is the united states willing to do for its part too i mean will it stop its military activities
5:36 am
with the south koreans on the korean potentially for example. yes i do think that the united states might consider scaling down exercises with the south koreans but certainly john does not think so another possibility is that the u.s. could withdraw some of its troops or as i've really done twenty eight thousand five hundred americans now in south korea most of them or many of them in a larger new base about forty miles southwest of seoul. you know they could they could reduce troops but again the u.s. recently denied that it had any such plan so it's really not clear what might be the top reminds but nonetheless it could be a direction in north korea really proving that it's getting rid of its news while the u.s. gets rid of war while the u.s. withdraws some of its troops but the u.s.
5:37 am
want to see proof that this is outputting they want verification and you say that the u.s. might be signaling with what it's done with the evonne you can't deal that it's going to go and tough when north korea do you think that this won't be a concession the u.s. with the troll. want to be concerned for north korea going into negotiations with a country that's just pulled out of it you can deal. right i would think that would be a concern no i'm not saying it is a concern maybe the north koreans are able to. feel that they're different that there's more of a chance with with president since so korea's president moon jane and i reached a declaration with kim jong un on april twenty seventh when they met in bomber john in which the which they reaffirmed their desire for complete give nuclearization but didn't give any details didn't say
5:38 am
a word about inspections so forth so i think that north korea may be heartened by the fact. the real deal. maybe. gives britain in trouble the u.s. . must occur it's very good to get your thoughts on this that's donald kirk joining us live from seoul thank you. to malaysia now where polls have opened and what's been billed as the country's tightest ever election promises has cast his ballot in the city of his coalition is likely to win the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and opposition leader mohamad let's take a look at the main candidates and what's at stake and his ruling party have been in power for more than six decades but allegations of his links to a corruption scandal involving the state owned investment fund may affect his party's performance competing against one time mentor and former prime minister
5:39 am
mahathir mohamad the ninety two year old quit his old party and gave the country's opposition a huge post when he forged an alliance with them jeeves coalition is still expected to win the vote but a significant loss of seats to marty's could leave the prime minister open to a leadership challenge with then his own party where discontent over the rising cost of living among voters may also sway the results let's get more on this our correspondent rob mcbride is joining us live from kuala lumpur so what are the main issues rob as voters head to the polls. that's right elizabeth this is very much a test of the credibility of prime minister najib and also depending on how close the vote is it may also be a test of his political survivability as you mentioned that he does face competition threats from within his own party he is under this continuing scandal of the one fiasco the government run investment fund collapsing hundreds of
5:40 am
millions of dollars being allegedly misappropriated a lot of the blame for this has fallen at the door of najib although he has always denied any wrongdoing but as people go to the polls here and polls have been open for a good couple of hours now and like the polling station we are at they are seeing brisk business as you talk to people here elizabeth there are a lot of bread and butter issues things like the economy the cost of living an unpopular government service tax that has recently been introduced so those are issues that people are concerned about that are driving their decisions to vote as far as the ruling coalition and the main coalition partner that has been in power since the starting the founding of malaysia they have been reminding people in a lot of their advertising that it is because of their sound government policies that they have seen this economic progress that people do enjoy a level of prosperity today that their parents and grandparents never did now is
5:41 am
the time to stay with those policies as far as many other people and of course everybody in the opposition is concerned after sixty one years of on broken rule it is definitely time for a change agent and aside from these very important issues this is being seen very much as a personal battle you know between two former allies and now better phones. that's right on the one side and on the other side of course here mohammed ninety two years old coming out of retirement he is a very revered figure here seen almost as a founding father of modern malaysia he was prime minister for twenty two years but he seems to have made it his personal quest to unseat his former protege and he has been a galvanizing factor part of the problem with the opposition is looking for a figurehead who could bring the different parties together one of the main leaders
5:42 am
of the opposition and what he brought him is in prison so here seems to have stepped up they came into this race trailing in the polls but recent polls in the past couple of days have shown that the gap between the two has been closing but one of the problems that the opposition say they face is the political odds being stacked against them by gerrymandering of the political system here of redrawing of political boundaries just very quickly to give you an example of that the constituency where we are here in kuala lumpur this used to be a opposition stronghold but recently the boundary was extended to include thousands of extra pro government supporters so now this like a number of other seats has been turned into a marginal seat elizabeth thank you very much for that as a problem by joining us live from kuala lumpur thank you. now donald trump personal lawyer has been accused of receiving half a million dollars from a russian oligarch with ties to president putin michael of an r.t.
5:43 am
a lawyer working for a former adult film star so when trump says he's got solid evidence proving the claims stormy daniels says she was paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the president ten years ago last week trump admitted he's aware of that payment but denies any wrongdoing. now the united nations population fund says more than one hundred women die every day while giving birth in my geria because of a lack of access to health care facilities many women give birth felt side of clinics with the help of midwives john allen doggoned reports from benue state and central area where one woman has been on a mission to improve standards. of people in the village called her mom and she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential when with state i mean a guard is her real mean and she's healed as
5:44 am
a savior by the other women she sent in in the local language which means each additional breathing assistant or a midwife i mean there's been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty years. know this you. know going to was a. they come to me the poor they need help sometimes they come with nothing and i can't refuse them so i take care of them even when they can't pay me. mary alex is grateful she didn't have any money but i mean i had to deliver her baby just a few hours ago she's namely her baby happiness the story of mary alex is one that is repeated a thousand times over but the challenges faced by ameena can be extreme this is what's left of the clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. government figures reveal almost
5:45 am
seventy percent of deliveries in rural areas happen at home the nigerian government's now introduced a program to better train birthing assistants like ameena so we're just going to train them and prosecute them so that they can how is that why. did yesterday just science. during pregnancy. improvement to the continent. but in benelux state there are more challenges to overcome governments health workers seven been on strike for several weeks now this is why private and charity wards like this one are packed with patients making the situation even more difficult for mothers and their babies in the minas makeshift clinic another expectant mother arrives she's given what is described as herbal medicine concocted by a mina and then it's
5:46 am
a case of waiting and waiting jim allowed in the organ al-jazeera mccurdy in bed with state central nigeria. tourism as government has suffered its thirteenth defeat in recent weeks over its plans of the house of lords and members of russian's upper house of parliament voted against the prime minister's plans to leave europe's single market after the u.k. breaks from the e.u. they also backed an amendment to remove the facts stay to leave the e.u. marc. still ahead.
5:47 am
5:48 am
thank you very much there was to be no fairytale finish in the french cup for third division side as they were beaten in the final two nil by paris sandra man just two hundred seventeen fans watched the opening game in this year's cup campaign but hundred fifty bus loads of supporters made the trip from the small french town to paris p.s.g. hit the post four times inside the opening twenty five minutes before giovanni lascelles of finally opened the scoring for the french glamour club edits and cavani scored from the spot as p.s.g.
5:49 am
became the first team to win four consecutive french cup titles now turned their attention to avoiding being relegated to the fourth division one goal may have sealed the fate of three premier league team to southampton edge twenty in a vital relegation battle the lone goal in the seventy third minute from an early dany in short the west brom and now relegated ofter a is in england's top league their result move southampton to thirty seven points meaning the now three clear of swanzy and almost certain of remaining in the premier league qatar to help continue their impressive a run in the asian champions league with an impressive away win over the u.a.e. . in the first leg off their on of sixteen visitors to hell took the leads in the sixteenth minute through use of a lot of b. they then doubled the advantage before half time their rivals hit back with two late goals of their own but it wasn't enough winning it for two.
5:50 am
now this is just over a month to go until the world cup in russia and the country's football union's been punished by fi five of racism they've been fined thirty thousand dollars after french players were racially abused by russian fans during a friendly and petersburg paul pogba was one of those who face monkey chants the stadium in some petersburg will play host to seven world cup games during the tournament. meanwhile officials behind the joint twenty twenty six world cup bid from the united states canada and mexico have promised that fans won't be denied entry to the u.s. based on their race president donald trump is look to implement a travel ban on residents of six missile image or t. countries but the u.s. government has told fee for the eligible athletes and fans from all countries will be allowed to enter fee for war vote on june thirteenth to decide the world cup host the united bid by the three countries are up against. fifa has also handed guatemala's former secretary general hector through here our lifetime ban from the
5:51 am
sport for bribery to hear how did netted taking kickbacks for his help in securing media and marketing rights for wild cup qualifying matches he was sentenced to jail last october as part of a widespread u.s. investigation that saw more than forty others accused of bribery as well. english football club leeds united have begun their controversial talls me an ma the second to tame a faced widespread criticism for agreeing to visit the asian country now on mars in the midst of an army crackdown which is displace more than seven hundred thousand russian jim islams to bangladesh the british government has also advised against travelling to parts of the country still mates will play the myanmar national team on wednesday before facing the league all-star two days later. one of the biggest rivalries in a major league baseball is heading overseas the boston red sox and the new york yankees have announced they'll play it to games in london next june is the first
5:52 am
time the regular season games we've played in europe has been slow to make the move compared to all the u.s. sports the n.f.l. and n.h.l. have played in london since two thousand and seven while the n.b.a. has played eight games there in the last seven years. the stadium and the infrastructure in this city gives major league baseball every opportunity to put on a first class is that we hope that this series will be the beginning of a relationship with one in that persists and a continuation of increased exposure for major league baseball here in europe that the italia is back on home soil with the fourth stage being raced in philly chris frame continues to struggle in his quest for a third straight ground toll when he's fifty five seconds off the lead and is still suffering from injuries they sustained before the controversial eye opening time trial and west jerusalem the two hundred two kilometer state was one in a not health sprint by the belgian ten well an australian bar and then
5:53 am
a still holds the latest pink jersey though with two more days left in philly before the race heads to the mainland. rugby is experiencing a huge boost in popularity across africa and up to three teams could be at next year's world cup in japan south africa have already booked their place in kenya morocco namibia to nazir uganda and then bob way will compete to join them at next month's africa gold cup earlier we spoke to the president of rugby africa abdel-aziz bush and he says he's very hopeful about the expansion of the sport across africa. we still have to work very hard because we still need to improve. our work or most in the country where the ruby do not exist like like sudan or like other countries cup a very the other country so but most of the time there is easy access to direct be used to people who want to play rugby and we hope
5:54 am
that this time off we go we have a someone union coming from the repair shop and also to do the work of so then we would have a three unions we would have south africa. and a team who wins the the gold cup and then. phil mickelson says he's excited to be paired with tiger woods for the eye opening round of the players' championship the two thousand and seven champion will also play with welcome to fix rickie fowler when the unofficial fifth major gets underway in florida on thursday because then says it's been four years since he was last pad with which for a tournament opening round and he wants it to happen more often. you know i don't know how it's going to play out but i just know that. we seem to be bringing out the best in each other and. we've been playing some really good golf lately and i'm hoping that we have a great week i think everybody here wants to see it want to see us play well i
5:55 am
think we're we are playing well it's a good golf course golf course for us to showcase and i would love for us to continue this all the way into the weekend as well tennis now and women's world number one simona halep has extended her winning streak to fourteen matches as she reached the third round at the madrid open the remaining overcame a least merton's in straight sets she'll now face christina after the six left six three when. former wimbledon champion patrick of it if it has also continued her winning streak now extending it to seven matches this off to be someone to cope with of party coast six three seven six to reach that round also in madrid. and here to finance it at dusk zero has joined some of tennis's a leeds players such as rafa nadal and if i talk a bit of it for andy murray and more he's reached his fifty five hundred eighty well told victory in madrid and he did so with a seven five six four when over a tally in paolo lot n.z. to reach the second round to just go is the forty eighth man ever to hit the five
5:56 am
hundred win. and that is the this ball for now more later. all right finally this forgotten the seventy first cannes film festival is underway in the south of france for the next eleven days twenty one movies will be competing for the top prize the palme d'or challenge in a report. the crown jewel of the international film festival circuit opening this year with the spanish language film for just the second time in its seventy one year history. and i want to go to ben is a psychological thriller starring happy about penelope cruz and it is setting the tone for a festival that this year will champion art house cinema. on the driver. why are big hollywood blockbusters almost entirely absent from this year's line up and the headline grabbing so low a star with story is not in the main competition we've got really interesting
5:57 am
competition coming from people like spike lee and also a return of laws as well so we're going to see some interesting big names coming into the main competition but also those fresh faces those new voices of the art house might actually surprise and that might be the big story that comes out of the festival this year. each year it can briefly focus is the world's attention on the film industry an industry still reeling from the harvey weinstein scandal can is where many of his alleged sexual assault took place it can no longer be a two week celebration of male brains and female beauty. issues of gender inequality and sexism are rife in head of the jury cate blanchett is calling them out would i like to see more women in competition absolutely will do i expect and hope that that's going to happen in the future i hope so we're dealing with what we have in front of us and you know our job as industry members away from the
5:58 am
festival is to keep working towards positive change but the festival says it will not bad. to what it calls positive discrimination said fulfill the farm people say the seven percent of women directors in the film industry the cons always have a higher number twenty twenty three percent but there's a number of women directors say to me well if i'm selected for cannes i hope it's not just because i'm a woman i hope it's because i'm a direct government artist. other controversies a red carpet bag and on selfies and no netflix the online distributor has fallen out with the festival but it can brings back glamour to art house cinema but audiences should be pleased. and that the news hour thank you very much for watching. sixty seven war the promise for one people. but
5:59 am
disaster and not. the pledge to the establishment of the jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that eternity but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories does us men do is to deliver individualism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the.
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