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right. over your.
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continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before donald trump sends a threat to tehran as he pulls the us out of the iran nuclear. bomb oh come on peter w watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up a swift reaction from iran to tehran vows to remain committed to the landmark deal calling the u.s. withdrawal unacceptable. but is he is prime minister casts his votes as millions go to the polls in a fierce election marred by scandal plus. not only were they actually did they come to me the poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing and i contra
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fuse them and you call to train midwives in nigeria where every day more than one hundred women die giving birth. to begin with the u.s. presidential decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal donald trump defied last ditch diplomatic efforts by his european allies to stick with it following his announcement has been swift international reaction with more criticism than those being support now first to react so as the iranian president said the u.s. does not respect its commitments haasan rouhani said he has ordered the atomic energy organization to be ready to stop the enrichment of uranium other signatories to the twenty fifteen deal including the french and the germans and the u.k. have said they regret mr trump's decision but they were. remaining parties to the pact the european union's top diplomat for the record so the e.u.
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will preserve it to the un secretary general antonio tenet has called on remaining parties to abide by the deal but president trump did get support from the united arab emirates saudi arabia and israel the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised the u.s. president for taking a bold decision to pull out of a quote disastrous deal as a white house correspondent can really help it. after much anticipation u.s. president donald trump made good on a signature campaign promise solidify his america first agenda i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. the u.s. negotiated the agreement with iran in twenty fifteen along with the united kingdom
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france germany china and russia to limit or raaz nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief with the announcement the united states now bria poses tough economic sanctions on iran's oil and banking sectors that had been lifted arguing iran did not live up to its end of the agreement. we have definitive proof that this arabian promise was a lie even though u.s. intelligence the united nations and european allies maintain iran has been compliant under the agreement trump cited a recent israeli report that iran had not been truthful about its activities before entering into the deal trouble also argues the agreement should have dealt with iran's military pursuits in the region and its ballistic missile program. capitol hill the top senate democrat disagrees and to me the right thing to do would have been to try and come up with our ally with an agreement on those issues and let the
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nuclear part of this continue as is because it's not being violated in any way trumps predecessor barack obama the man who oversaw the deal called trump's decision a serious mistake in a statement obama said without the agreement the united states could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear armed iran or another war in the middle east. deede former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders believes the united states is already on that path the road to the war in iraq did not simply begin in two thousand and three it was laid down brick by brick over a number of years ironically as the president tore up the nuclear deal with iran secretary of state mike pompei it was on his way to north korea laying the groundwork for a nuclear deal with p.r. nyang president indicated the united states is willing to negotiate
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a new deal with iran but he says his decision also signals the united states will no longer make were trying calls empty threats can really help at al-jazeera at the white house she have a chance he has more now from washington. barack obama gave a very detailed explanation of why he doesn't agree with donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iranian nuclear the old beginning with the fact that the deal is multilateral it was agreed upon unanimously in the u.n. security council and with germany it wasn't a deal just between iran and the united states secondly that the deal is working iran has pulled back its nuclear program thirdly the inspection regime is the most stringent ever put on a nuclear program this isn't just about trust president obama said compliance he adds number four iran is complying with the deal and even the u.s. has own intelligence agencies accept that and fifth there is no expiration date on
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the ability of iran or the acceptance of iran getting a nuclear weapon we hear a lot about sunset clauses for particular provisions but president obama points out there is no there is ponens in the prohibition of iran acquiring a nuclear weapon and again according to the challenges the agency has never as a necessarily wanted one there is one sixth point the brought president obama makes which is he agrees with the fundamental philosophy of the neocons that iran is a force of instability and president obama's case is given that there should be constraints on iran's nuclear program and while there are constraints the u.s. and its allies should work on what it feels are iran's in unstable unstable design has a strong reaction to tehran of course is in correspondent is that. flanked by his senior leaders and within minutes of the u.s. pullout from the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran's president hassan rouhani
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addressed his country in the world in a live speech he said the united states had once more proven itself to be an unreliable negotiating partner and characterize the american president's remarks as rude. the. they have done nothing except put empty signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect international agreements we have done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the us is pulling out i champion the nuclear agreement in the face of hard line critics at home who said it was unlikely to succeed so despite the u.s. pullout rouhani isn't willing to give it up without a fight any iranian hopes of still benefiting from the deal and keeping it alive
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now rest in the hands of the country's foreign minister who helped negotiate it following his president's speech jawad zarif tweeted that he would spearhead diplomatic efforts hoping to convince other signatories to isolate the united states and not give in to pressure from the white house but the success of more diplomacy is questionable in the face of crippling u.s. sanctions on iran and the threat of secondary sanctions on countries and companies working with iran if the europeans are able to make these promises serious promises here on then there may be a way for the deal to remain intact otherwise i think that the deal is that iran's not going to give us any concessions need there on it regional. role and it's what it sees as its struggle against extremism nor with regards to its defense capabilities and its missile defense because it knows that the only thing
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that prevents the united states from attacking iran is a steadfast capabilities president rouhani has always said that his government pursued dialogue in an effort to avoid conflict. but in his speech he spoke about old wars with the united states the kinds of things the nuclear deal was designed to leave in the past the u.s. decision to abandon the agreement and the shifting rhetoric of iran's leaders from economic concerns to strategic security are worrying signs they signal the resetting of relations between the two countries back to a time when open conflict was the norm. ron the polls have opened in malaysia in an election mired by scandal and fierce competition now the prime minister najib razak has cast his ballot in the city of pecan achieves coalition is likely to win the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and the opposition leader. mohammed let's take a look now at the main candidates and what's at stake so the prime minister mr
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isaac has been in power since two thousand and nine his right wing coalition has dominated malaysian politics for more than six decades but allegations of his links to a corruption scandal involving the state owned investment fund may affect his party's performance competing against him is his one time mentor and former prime minister mahathir mohamad the ninety two year old quit his old party and gave the country's opposition a huge boost when he forged an alliance with them in the jeep's coalition is still expected to win the vote but a significant loss of seats tomorrow could leave the prime minister open to a leadership challenge within his own party discontent over the rising cost of living among voters may also sway the results. following the story for us how would you sum up the tone of the election campaign. well it's been full of rhetoric it's been full of personal attacks as well.
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described. as the evil. and on the other side. has described mahathir mohamad as an authoritarian who only wants to come back to power to help cement his family's legacy but this really isn't just an election about two personalities. has costed as an election to save the country and its final campaign push to canvass for votes he said in his speech he told voters to go out and vote twice he said when you vote you accosting your vote not just because we want to change in government but because you're voting for your dignity. have been destroyed twenty years ago we were considerate and. known for our corruption now and then on the outside while he's made campaign promises he's saying to the country look at our sixty years more than sixty years of track record with built up this country we've made it successful you want to keep it successful you've got to
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continue voting for us he's promised a few things in his finals in his last campaign speeches were released at ten pm local time just before the end of the campaign period he's promised. no taxes for people below it's twenty six years old it's promise free holidays here's what else he had to say. come election. the physical. aspect of the election has not been good. but it has been quite vicious. personal attacks which is very. doesn't reflect what democracy. what's most important is for the people to decide on the best in the industry should and must be based on facts much speech on. the shoot. for the nation and.
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so florence when we know the result will be a smooth process so will it involve lots of political horse trading. a survey that's been released just. that suggests that this election is really too close to call now the independent polls. suggest now is on track to win one hundred seats out of two hundred twenty two seats. so the winning party will have to be able to gain control of hundred twelve seats but it also says. that the opposition alliance is on it's likely to win. the toss still too close to hold which means there could be a policy that could take me to. having fed back the some of us still. it's too close to call so it could still go either way now the reason why the seats are too close to call as well is because the opposition has been. there was. an
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islamist party that used to be pawns of the opposition alliance that the pan malaysia islamic party but it splits with the old alliance because it stand on wanting to implement islamic penal code in the states. so that has weakened the opposition about and it will put. a stronger position but because it won't have. if it but if it doesn't have outright all majority control of that then we could see perhaps the smaller parties joining with rice on national to form a government lawrence thanks very much. still ahead here on al-jazeera leaders from japan china and south korea meet to discuss north korea's nuclear program. and setting the stage the u.s. secretary of state lands in pyongyang to protest the doll trumps historic meeting with kim jong il.
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hello there we've got another weather system this developing over parts of north america you can see it on the satellite picture galloping its way across the plains that it has given us a lot of electrical activity lots and lots of thunder and lightning and is still putting itself together as it works its way towards the east i think there's a chance of seeing the old severe thunderstorm over parts of illinois as we head through wednesday and then that system gradually edges its way eastwards still giving a little bit of snow over parts of canada towards the west to here we've got yet more cloud of rain that's making its way across parts of calgary there as we had three day but it's still very warm in denver with the top temperature of thirty two degrees and if we head for the south we've had this system with us for the past few days really has been lingering across this region more wet weather still to come then across the bahamas cuba and jamaica there as we head through wednesday and
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thursday but the hispania area it is a little bit dry and now so not completely dry but certainly not as many showers as we've seen down towards south america and it's in the south here where we're seeing lots of thundery activity currently lots of what weather there every post a year ago i and across parts of argentina including force one as ari's that system is expected to stay for wednesday and thursday in fact it should only eventually as we head into saturday. with the most billion people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with a growing global population al-jazeera is environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably. just on this bit of the thread. and see there's the vegetable of the sea right there.
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for thought on al jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera life i have courses here in doha your headlines so far the u.s. president says the u.s. is withdrawing from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal donald trump said the agreement is defective to its core adding he'll impose the highest level of sanctions against tehran. the iranian president says the u.s. withdrawal from the deal is unlawful and has accused washington of not respecting its international commitments hasan rouhani said tehran is now getting ready to start uranium enrichment. and the polls have opened in malaysia in an election
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mobbed by scandal and fierce competition the prime minister najib razak cast his ballot in the city of pecan my chips coalition is expected to win the most seats but it is expected to be a close race between him and the opposition leader martin mohammed. back to our top story and mr trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal james space has more now on reaction from around the world to the u.s. decision. president trump's speech in the diplomatic reception room of the white house put the u.s. in breach of one of the most important diplomatic agreements in recent history a deal that helped to negotiate the diplomatic reception around the world dismay if not surprise in recent weeks the french president emmanuel mccraw and the german chancellor angela merkel came to washington to lobby trump in the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson even went on the cable t.v. show the u.s. president is known to watch over breakfast all these efforts failed and the u.s.
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has three closest european allies issued this statement it is with regret and concern that we the leaders of france germany and the united kingdom take note of president trump's decision to withdraw the united states of america from the joint comprehensive plan of action together we emphasize our continuing commitment to the j c p a way this agreement remains important for our shared security the european union pledged to stay in the deal and make it work without trump the good opinion is that they are meant to act in accordance with its security interests and to protect its economic investments. but there is a major problem ahead trump's new ambassador to germany rick grinnell has already tweeted that german companies should wind up their operations in iran could companies from europe and elsewhere now face secondary u.s.
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sanctions causing major strains between washington and its allies iranian president hassan rouhani says his government will wait a matter of weeks while it seeks guarantees from the europeans that the deal will still benefit them even those pushing for the deal survival know there's a risk of it dying a slow death and that diplomacy could be replaced with a slide towards further conflict in the middle east james pays zero at the united nations. donald trump's chief diplomat has arrived in north korea to prepare for a summit with kim jong un mike pompei o met kim in the north korean capital last month before he was sworn in as the u.s. secretary of state's both washington and pyongyang have agreed on a date and location for the meeting but no further details have been given so far let's get more now from kathy novak our correspondent in seoul so kathy what we expecting from this visit by mr pompei o. well two major things we're expecting to be discussed peter the first is setting the details for that meeting
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that is expected between the u.s. president donald trump of the north korean leader kim jong un donald trump had said that the date and location worst set but the firm details had not yet been announced and of course donald trump has said in the past that he could still walk away from those plans or indeed walk away while a meeting is going on if he were displeased so this move by pump aoe to go back to pyongyang to firm up those plans seems to be to want to ensure that that meeting does go ahead we don't know yet if he will meet this time or with the leader himself kim jong un but he will be meeting he says with senior officials the other item that we're expecting to be on the agenda is the three americans who are detained in north korea donald trump has said that america has been working to for their release and we're expecting this to be discussed when my pump aoe has these
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meetings in pyongyang interesting leave though just a note as he is the top diplomat representing the united states in the official transcript released by the state department in the u.s. my pump a zero for first of the leader of north korea as chairman of course his surname is kim kim jong un kim being the surname and being his first name so it may just seem like a little detail but of course north koreans hold the leader in the highest esteem almost a religious level so you one would imagine they would be quite displeased that the new secretary of state would be getting the name wrong of the leader of north korea peter cathy thanks very much. first two d. nuclearized north korea will be high on the agenda of a meeting between the leaders of japan china and south korea in tokyo the three way talks are meant to take place every year but this is the first time since twenty fifteen and in a sign of improving ties between the neighbors it's also the first visit to japan
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by a chinese premier and a south korean leader since twenty eleven when a joins us live now from tokyo so wayne what's the top of their agenda today. well in fact a very brief trilateral summit which lasted just over an hour has come to an end there are other meetings going forward today there is a trilateral business some of their other bilateral meetings as well but the main thrust of it has come to an end and they did understandably after such a brief summit issue a fairly bland statement the three leaders afterwards in fact it was really only the japanese prime minister shinzo arbor who spoke in specifics about the north korea issue he said that he wants to see specific actions from north korea he said the u.n. security council resolutions must be fully implemented he said he raised with his counterparts from china and south korea the issue of japanese abductions these are
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people from japan who were taken by north koreans from japanese soil in the seventy's and eighty's allegedly to be trained as spies in north korea will twelve of those japanese citizens are still in north korea unaccounted for that is just one of the issues that the japanese want resolved and they went on to say that all of these issues have to be resolved if they are to start talking about normalizing relations between japan and north korea so after all the diplomatic activity recently the meeting between the two koreas the two meetings between the chinese president and kim jong un and all the talk around the possible summit between donald trump and kim jong il and you got the feeling that this was about the japanese prime minister laying out japan's wishes what they need to see from this process going forward and in terms of the tripartite relationship when do you get the sense where you are that what donald trump's announce what ten hours ago on the
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iran nuclear deal colors their relationship and how they look in the on the north korean nuclear issue. well there was certainly no discussion of that or at least not publicly when the three leaders made their statements as i say the japanese prime minister was really the only one who spoke in specifics about the nuclear issue in north korea and his desire to see the korean peninsula fully denuclearized but the it was a feeling that the three need to be unified in their stance when it comes to the korean peninsula and also when it comes to trade and that sits them apart from the united states as well peter of course we've had the america first policy of the u.s. president donald trump and that goes against what these three countries believe in they believe in free and open trade they believe in multilateral trade so there will be discussions in the meetings ahead there were discussions as well in that
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trilateral summit about trade between the three countries about multilateral deals there is a trilateral deal that they've been discussing for the past six years or so and we'll continue discussing when thanks very much. personal lawyer has been accused of receiving half a million dollars from a russian oligarch with ties to the russian president vladimir putin michael of an atty a lawyer working for a former adult film star suing donald trump says he's got solid evidence proving the claims against michael cohen stormy daniels says she was paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars by the president's former lawyer to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the president ten years ago last week strong admitted he is aware of that payment but denies any wrongdoing. so he's amazed government in london has suffered his thirteenth defeat in recent weeks over its bricks it plans this time in the house of lords members of britain's upper house of parliament voted against the prime minister's plans to leave europe's single market after the u.k. breaks away from the e.u.
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they also backed an amendment to remove the fixed date to leave the e.u. that's march the twenty nine for next year from the legislation. the united nations population fund says more than one hundred women die every day while giving birth in nigeria because of a lack of access to health care facilities so many women give birth outside of clinics with the help of midwives. reports from benue state and central nigeria where one woman has been on a mission to improve standards. people in the village call her mama galley she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential been receipt i mean a garbo is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in goes on in the local language which means a traditional bridging assistant or midwife ameena has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifteen years. now going to was
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a well they're actually pretty they come to me they're poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing and i can't refuse them so i take care of them even when they can't pay me. mary alex is grateful she didn't have any money but i mean i had her deliver her baby just a few hours ago she's naming her baby happiness the story of mary alex is one that is repeated a thousand times over but the challenges faced by ameena can be extreme and this is what's left of reclaiming she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. government figures reveal almost seventy percent of deliveries in rural areas happen i told the nigerian government's now introduced a program to better train birthing assistants like ameena so we're just going to
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train them and asking them so that they can house is that why i didn't find the chance to be just friends. during pregnancy you will encourage me to confront and care. but in benelux state there are more challenges to overcome the government's health workers said went on strike for several weeks now this is why private and charity wards like this one are packed with patients making the situation even more difficult for mothers and their being. in the minas makeshift clinic another expectant mother arrives she's given what is described as herbal medicine concocted by a mina and then it's a case of waiting and waiting jim allowed in the organ al-jazeera mccurdy eventually state central nigeria. more news of course you know he wants it including our top story that donald trump declaring u.s.
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withdrawal from iran nuclear deal that's al jazeera dot com. this is al jazeera these are your top stories the u.s. president says the united states is withdrawing from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal donald trump said the agreement is defective to its core adding he'll impose the highest level of sanctions against tehran. the iranian president says the u.s. withdrawal from the nuclear deal is unlawful and accused washington of not respecting its international commitments. they have done nothing except put empty signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect
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international agreements we have done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the u.s. is pulling out while other signatories to the dealings leading the e.u. and russia have expressed regrets over the move by donald trump america's european allies have pledged to uphold the deal but trump's decision has been supported by israel the united arab emirates and saudi arabia. mr trump's chief diplomat has arrived in north korea to prepare for a summit with kim jong un mike pompei i met mr kim in the north korean capital last month before he was sworn in as secretary of states both washington and pyongyang have agreed on a date and a location for the meeting but no further details have been released. the polls have opened in malaysia in an election marred by scandal and fierce competition in other prime minister najib razak cast his ballot in the city of pecan coalition is expected to win that the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and the opposition leader martin mohammed there are about
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fifteen million registered voters and really is here with two hundred twenty two seats in the parliament up for grabs. the reason is government has suffered his thirteenth defeats in recent weeks over its banks it plans in the house of lords members of britain's of us apollo and voted against the prime minister's plans to leave for europe single market after the u.k. breaks away from the e.u. they also backed an amendment to remove the fixed date to leave the european union march the twenty ninth of next year from the legislation those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after earthrise i will see you in about thirty minutes. spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in.


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