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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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while incarcerated and at the mercy of a sheriff's controversial approach to punishment and reform sheriffs holding a credible amount of power and are allowed to run the jails in the way that they see fit and we see a lot of abuses american sheriff on al-jazeera never to show it to me to go to jihad and the show al-jazeera is an investigative unit reveals tactics used by anti muslim organizations to instigate a fear of islam all over greater universal care all of those those are places where they're recruiting this stuff is toxic he's a poison salesman we saw a number of attacks against women and men across the country completely skyrocket guys in front of the courts holding a gun next thing are not there's blood flowing all over my legs al-jazeera investigations islamophobia incorporated.
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this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. disappointment regrets and praise as u.s. president on the trump announces plans to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. members of iran's parliament and american flag to show their anger even as president rouhani says the tech crunch will stay in the deal. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a hostage situation at a prison in indonesia at least six people have been killed. malaysia's prime minister seeks a third term despite corruption allegations and elections the pit him against a form of mental. abuse we've got a show of force the display of military power in front of russians russia's
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president. we begin with breaking news from afghanistan where several large explosions have been heard in the capital let's bring in our correspondent jennifer glass who's on the line now from kabul jennifer what more can you tell us. injuring two with different attacks underway in two different parts of the city. thirteen thirteen of the city west of the city has under attack so to have police station number ten in charge now there have been at least five explosions seven of them smaller followed by small arms fire the attack started just about half an hour ago right now the small arms fire has died down the police seem to have held off the attackers there is being in the street but a complex attack here in the center to complex attacks here in the center of kabul
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it's unclear exactly what the target of the attack in charge now was whether it actually was the police station or whether it is the. another company that does indian visas or the asian development bank on your each other right we'll have more on that breaking story out of kabul and when we get it to the mother jennifer glass many thanks indeed. u.s. president of trump has defied last ditch diplomatic efforts by his european allies to stick by the iran nuclear deal following his announcement that he's going to pull out of the pact has been swift international reaction with more criticism than support members of iran's parliament burned an american flag to show their anger the parliamentary speaker slammed president trump saying that he lacked the mental capacity to resolve the issue iran's president condemned the u.s. for not respecting its commitments he says though that iran will remain in the pact but warned the terror on could resume in reaching uranium if its national interests
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on prospective of the signatories to the twenty fifteen dealing clued in france germany and the u.k. have said they regret trump's decision but will remain parties to the the agreement they'll be meeting with their iranian counterparts on monday to discuss the developments but president trump did get the support of the united arab emirates saudi arabia and israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has praised the u.s. president for taking a bold decision to pull out of quote a disastrous deal the white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. after much anticipation u.s. president donald trump made good on a signature campaign promise solidifying his america for its agenda i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. the u.s.
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negotiated the agreement with iran in twenty fifty along with the united kingdom france germany china and russia to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief with the announcement the united states now brea imposes tough economic sanctions on iran's oil and banking sectors that had been lifted arguing iran did not live up to its end of the agreement. we have definitive proof that this arabian promise was a lie even though u.s. intelligence the united nations and european allies maintain iran has been compliant under the agreement trump cited a recent israeli report that iran had not been truthful about its activities before entering into the deal trouble also argues the agreement should have dealt with iran's military pursuits in the region and its ballistic missile program. capitol hill the top senate democrat disagrees and to me the right thing to do would have
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been to try and come up with our allies with an agreement on those issues and let the nuclear part of this continue as is because it's not being violated in any way trumps predecessor barack obama the man who oversaw the deal called trump's decision a serious mistake in a statement obama said without the agreement the united states could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear armed iran or another war in the middle east. deede former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders believes the united states is already on that path the road to the war in iraq did not simply begin in two thousand and three it was laid down brick by brick over a number of years ironically as the president tore up the nuclear deal with iran secretary of state mike pompei it was on his way to north korea laying the
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groundwork for a nuclear deal with p.r. nyang president indicated the united states is willing to negotiate a new deal with iran but he says his decision also signals the united states will no longer make calls empty threats. kimberly help at al-jazeera at the white house france's foreign minister says the risks of confrontation are real following trump's withdrawal from the deal let's go live to paris such as is there so what exactly has the french foreign minister been saying that. well the message from france today is very much that the u.s. may be out of this iran deal but france wants to stay in and wants to preserve it so the french foreign minister speaking on french radio a short while ago said that the french president about all michael will be speaking to the iranian president will be reaffirming his commitment to the deal and trying to work out how they can now go forward to try and maintain it we know that it was
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also made comments very much keeping in line with france's position over this crisis over the last few days saying that for france this deal is the best that there is out there is stopping iran from developing nuclear weapons it is ensuring a certain amount of peace and stability in the region and that is why this deal must stay knowledgeable admitted that there are areas which still need to be discussed with iran such as iran's but istic missile program and that they can be discussed in due course but really the priority is to keep this deal and what we saw over the last twenty four hours is really a lot of disappointment a lot of frustration in france at donald trump's decision and many here have worked very hard to try to put this deal in place and many who work very hard at trying to preserve it is specially the french president it might or might call who has spent the last a few months multiplying his phone calls to donald trump urging the u.s. president to stay in the deal but of course those diplomatic efforts we see have
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failed so france germany the u.k. the european union want to save this deal so what now. well the french foreign minister spoke about a meeting on monday he said he will be talking to his counterparts from germany from the u.k. and from iran to discuss what happens next and there's no downs we have seen european leaders rallying together presenting a united front we heard from the e.u. foreign policy chief frederica more greeny on tuesday night saying that the e.u. is determined to preserve this deal more greenhouse self somebody who worked very hard to put it together so there's no doubt we're going to see this kind of flurry of diplomacy over the next few days weeks months years to come but who knows but the reality is it may be very difficult for the e.u. to maintain this deal when you've got the u.s. saying that it's going to impose economic sanctions on iran now what is that's
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going to mean for this deal and the ability to try and preserve it is really unclear and not just that we've also heard from iran's revolutionary guard the head of the iran's revolutionary guard saying that it would be impossible for the allies to preserve this deal because they too tied to america so this is the kind of very difficult context that you have facing european leaders are serious and sasha part of their lives in paris attention many things u.s. secretary of state mike pompei as arrived in north korea for another surprise visit it's his second trip after meeting kim jong un in pyongyang last month he's expected to discuss kim's upcoming meeting with president trump and the detention of three u.s. prisoners reports suggest that they'll be released as a goodwill gesture. well persuading north korea to give up its nuclear weapons has been the topic of discussion in tokyo the japanese and chinese prime ministers
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together with south korea's president agreed to increase cooperation to denuclearize the korean peninsula the first trilateral meeting for three years urged concrete action by the north for a permanent peace settlement a riot at a high security prison for eisel suspects in indonesia has killed at least six people being killed and several guards are being held hostage at the jail south of the capital jakarta security forces are trying to restore calm the on rest follows the arrest of three eisel gunman who are alleged to be planning to attack jakarta is police headquarters al-jazeera step boston is live for us in jakarta steph what's the latest. well this standoff here at the high security prison has been going on for seventeen hours between the highly trained and police with basically guiding the prison and inmates who all have been detained
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on terrorism charges so basically what happened last night a riot broke out the inmates broke through the door they broke out of the block managed to take hostage several police officers and also managed to take quite a lot of guns weapons and ammunition and what looks like happened after that is that these police officers have been killed why did mediately and one of them according to my sources is still alive and is still being hostage right now at the moment as we speak during the day and also since last night police has been negotiating with the inmates about a possible thing to this situation one of the demands that i heard is that they want to meet their leader the man they consider their leader who is. proclaimed leader here in indonesia who is also being detained he is actually currently on trial going to take an attack actually from the prison itself so
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a lot of the names of them are still being why should i was it possible that this highly trained can be taken hostage by inmates inside prison or. will get a weather update thanks to. the outcry of hungary against of elected leader. according to. the spanish language movie that features big names setting the scene of the. from flowing i mean we. tune in chanting does it please. it is spring so spring showers would seem appropriate and that's more or less what we have is resurvey warm across europe the circulation of cloud in the black sea
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main rains now gone east of turkey's in the caucasus but it's just on the edge of your really and there's more cloud coming into the u.k. but between the two well it's not so much going on from the point of view of extensive weather is just dotted showers relative warmth twenty five or more from vienna northwards and southwards still twenty in london now that that front that's coming in across the u.k. will cool things down by anything up to ten degrees as she comes in overnight which suggests it might produce a few big showers in switzerland belgium germany as it runs in then he got sixteen seventy degrees in london's us a bit of a drop still twenty seven it had in berlin that different suggests an active wet day i suspect for germany and denmark just two examples for the science lovely bit of spring just interspersed with big showers that's most of the action so around the mediterranean we've got cloud around the north african coast mostly it is just that it is just classic there when tents determine whether it's warlock twenty two now which is nice improvement thirty one encounter is obviously hotter in as one
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where you see the cloud well you just see the cloud nothing more. the weather sponsored by cats on race. unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things humans all just or those observations are doubt about that or if you join us on sacked one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq.
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well again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera been several explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul one of the blasts happened near police station there are reports that a gun battle is now on the way it's not bone yes as to whether there are any casualties. members of iran's parliament of burnt a u.s. flag angry other president trumps decision to withdraw from the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran's president hassan rouhani criticized president transaction but said the tehran remains committed to the pact president trump says that he'll impose the highest level of sanctions against iran. at a riot at a high security prison for i saw suspects that indonesia has killed at least six people i'm serious being told that several guards are being held hostage at the jail south of the capital jakarta. voting is under way in malaysia and what's being
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billed as the country's tightest ever election votes pitting prime minister najib razak against his ninety two year old former mentor robert bride reports from quote of. malaysia's prime minister ninety braszczok voting in an election that is seen as a test of his credibility. his coalition's lead has narrowed in the days before voting but he's confident he has still done enough to win. i believe the people will give a new mandate to barry san nasa now we cannot vote based on slander or sedition because the elections are not about that he has been plagued by the scandal over the government's one m. d. b. investment fund that had hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly misappropriated jeep denies any wrongdoing. but the controversy has brought the return of the former prime minister mahathir mohammed into the political fray accusing his former protege of corruption the. bribe money that he's received doesn't last you don't
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let a bit of money make you pull in the country forever this is what will happen if najib stays on as prime minister at ninety two he remains a potent political force in an election few are willing to call because there's so many things that the president the soviet he said nobody would have dreamed i would give it imagine like decades ago just nobody stopped he's willing to take it all with her tear could sway traditional pro-government voters in rural areas and helped galvanize opposition supporters in urban areas who are convinced it's time for change a better future for our children and our grandchildren that's when we deliver that yes we know what at least the we did run the government is like the one you like is the only you know money and i feel that if the country's government more. honestly we have some bright minds in it at the police should be ok but critics say
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the ruling on no party in power for sixty one years benefits from an uneven allocation of seats the opposition claims the odds have been stacked against it by the so-called jerram and ring of political boundaries this constituency in kuala lumpur was recently extended to include thousands of extra pro-government supporters turning a safe opposition seat into a marginal one. the fear for the opposition is even if they win the popular vote the ruling coalition will retain a majority of seats to stay in power rob mcbride al-jazeera kuala lumpur. russia says it's showcasing advanced hardware at its annual military parade the ceremony marks victory of the germany in the second world war this year state media says it's featuring stealth technology hypersonic weapons at a new missile defense system let's go live to moscow offices for each islands so it's an annual event to some extent we've seen it all before but with the tension
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so high up on that with the west does this military parade take on new dimensions perhaps. oh yeah i mean then the ninth of may military parades has two functions really one is domestic it basically is a way of boosting national pride and patriotism modern russia has had plenty of traumas but concentrating on the victory over the nazis in the second world war is one thing that pretty much every russian can university say was a good thing that the country did together pull together in a time of crisis so it's a very potent domestic symbol when many russians feeling that their direction in the world is questionable but it also has another role which is of course showcasing russia's military prowess and its and its firepower and the
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military the russian military has made great strides recently in the last two narvi years its operation in syria has proven so itself into the world that russia can actually undertake an expeditionary campaign in another country and keep that rolling so it's learned a huge number of lessons from his operation in syria technologically and logistically and this is a chance for russia to bring some of that technology put its own display in the center of moscow so that its own people can see what's going on and also people around the world can see this particularly people in the west coast. yes there will be people in washington d.c. london paris etc paying close attention to all this hardware to the hypersonic missiles to the s four hundred air defense systems things like that things that russia is proud of the moments and of course this sort of thing tends to be catching like it's a sign of the changing times i suppose that the united states which previously had
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shied away from this particular kind of military fetters realisation well now donald trump wants a military parade of his own looking at the pictures there is i see israel's prime minister netanyahu there what's he doing there. yeah he flew in. basically he's been standing next to very close to putin here in red square let's not kid ourselves this is not about hanging out with a russian president's one of his favorite events this is about diplomacy netanyahu has come here to moscow because of the worsening crisis in syria and basically israel's concerns about iran's presence in syria israel and russia have. a kind of practical understanding about what is taking place in syria but that is coming under great strain at the moment there have been numerous four a's
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that the israeli military has made into syria its air forces bombed numerous targets there are reports that it bomb targets just south of damascus overnight basically trying to make sure that iran does not establish a permanent foothold in syria. israel has long been lobbying on russia to make sure that that doesn't happen and it does not think it's getting the compliance from russia that it was hoping for so there's no use of the coming year very important meeting he's met with many times but this meeting. killelea is is is very important because of the heightening tensions essentially because israel is heading towards a kind of war footing and heightens military footing it's expecting some kind of lash back from iran perhaps coming from its proxies in syria and it wants to know where russia stands on this. very many thanks i'm serious rory challenge their lives in moscow. britain's prime minister to resign may is government to suffer
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another defeat of writs briggs it plans members of britain's upper house of parliament voted against the prime minister's plans to leave europe's single market after the u.k. breaks from the e.u. house of lords also backed an amendment to remove the fixed date to leave the e.u. from the legislation politicians argued that sticking to march twenty ninth next year could cause problems if they go see actions go down the while. thousands of people in hungary have been protesting against what they call the or thora tarion rule of prime minister viktor orban the right wing nationalist was elected for a third straight last month on an anti immigrant agenda but the barber reports. that. police pushed back demonstrators trying to get into the parliament building in budapest. hundreds of people gathered early on tuesday before parliament's first session since last month's election when for prime minister viktor orban some also
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formed a human chain around the building shouting dictator. the protest against the government and because of the protest against the opposition it is because we think that the only it. illegitimate. later in the day a huge crowd gathered carrying a hundred garion and european union flags. support for all bands anti immigration stance particularly in rural areas gave him a landslide victory but his opponents call his would illegitimate because of changes he brought in redrawing district boundaries and extending citizenship in voting rights to ethnic hunger areas in the neighboring countries. one hundred thirty three of one hundred ninety nine members of parliament taking the oath come from all bonds fish party and its small ally the christian democratic people's party. for all ban approval by the chamber expected on thursday is a formality meaning he'll serve a third term in
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a row. his fourth in total as premier. the voters made the decision about who should govern the country and who should play the opposition role everyone must respect the decision of the voters this is the basic rule of hypocrisy of the obama also has just the two thirds majority that allows him to amend the constitution on challenged he's promised an amendment giving parliament the final say over any efforts to settle foreigners in the country and the law imposing a twenty five percent tax on foreign donations to civil society groups that support immigration. opens critics accuse him of removing democratic checks and balances including a crackdown on parts of the media his economic policies have put hungary on track for economic growth of four percent had a divided opposition into the mix and it's unlikely that these protests will dent picture all bands popularity. al-jazeera. the a
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bowl of virus has reemerged in the same area of the democratic republic of congo where another outbreak was eradicated last here at least seventeen people have died in but choro the world health organization says that two people tested positive for the the world health organization and doctors without borders are sending teams to help prevent the disease from spreading the u.s. is calling for venezuela's president to step down to protect the safety and security of the americas venezuelans are suffering major shortages of food and other essential as well as hyperinflation nicolas maduro and the socialist government are accused of using heavy handed tactics to stifle opposition and unrest the white house says the presidential election due later this month is a sham and we cannot allow to patrol his quote unquote victory on may twentieth as a validation of his role it will be nothing of the sort. as long as mr o.
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stops a credible independent observer mission we know the results will be fraudulent the systematic oppression of the venezuelan people has become an active threat to the entire region for the safety and the security of all peoples in latin america it is time from a duro to go. it's one of the most prestigious not say grammar a surveillance on the movie calendar the cannes film festival is on the way in the south of france for eleven days twenty one movies will compete for the top prize the palme d'or. charlie angela's. the crown jewel of the international film festival circuit opening this year with the spanish language film for just the second time in its seventy one year history. and i want to go to ben is a psychological thriller starring happy about penelope cruz and it is setting the tone for a festival that this year will champion art house cinema. on the driver. why
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are big hollywood blockbusters almost entirely absent from this year's line up and the headline grabbing so low a star with story is not in the main competition we've got really interesting competition coming from people like spike lee and also a return of laws one trailer as well so we're going to see some interesting big names coming into the main competition but also those fresh faces those new voices of the art house might actually surprise and that might be the big story that comes out of the festival this year. each year it can briefly focus is the world's attention on the film industry and industry still reeling from the harvey weinstein scandal can is when many of his alleged sexual assault took place it can no longer be a two week celebration of male brains and female beauty. issues of gender inequality and sexism are rife in head of the jury cate blanchett is calling
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them out would i like to see more women in competition absolutely will do i expect and hope that that's going to happen in the future i hope so we're dealing with what we have in front of us and you know our job as industry members away from the festival is to keep working towards positive change. but the festival says it will not bow to what it calls positive discrimination. still do some people say the seven percent of women directors in the film industry the cannes always has a higher number twenty twenty three percent but there's a number of women directors say to me well if i'm selected the can i hope is not just because i'm a woman i hope it's because i'm a direct government artist. other controversies a red carpet bag on selfies and no netflix the online distributor has fallen out with the festival but it can brings back glamour to art house cinema but audiences should be pleased charlie and.
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it's good to have you with us adrian figure here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera have been several explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul one of the blasts happened near a police station are reports that a gun battle is underway it's not yet known if any casualties members of iran's parliament of burns a u.s. flag angry of the president trumps decision to withdraw from the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran's president hassan rouhani criticized president transactions but says the tehran remains committed to the pact trump says he'll impose the highest level of sanctions against tehran. the three signatories to that deal france germany and the u.k. say that they regret trumps decision and will remain parties to the pact they're planning to meet but they're ready and counterparts on monday to discuss the situation france's foreign minister says the risks of confrontation
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a real following trumps withdrawal from the deal attention but the reports from paris. for france it believes that this deal is the best that they raise out there for the moment all saying that iran is complying with this deal that it's the best chance to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons and ensuring peace and stability in the region did say there are areas that still need to be discussed with iran such as it's been the stick missile program but that they will be done naturally and in due course u.s. secretary of state mike pompei as arrived in north korea for another surprise visit it's a second trip after meeting kim jong un in pyongyang last month he's expected to discuss kim's upcoming meeting with president trump the rights of the high security prison for eisel suspects and into the shias killed at least six people now to serious being told that several guards are being held hostage at the jail south of the capital jakarta. polls will close shortly in malaysia where they want to being
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billed as the country's tightest ever election prime minister najib razak ruling coalition is likely to win the most seats his main rival is ninety two year old mahathir mohamad mohamad the leader of the opposition alliance russia showcasing advanced hardware at its annual military parade ceremony marks victory of a germany of the second world war this year state media says it's featuring stealth technology hypersonic weapons and a missile defense system was there more news right after the stream next. al-jazeera world some extraordinary women. who are making things happen. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. swimmin streets.


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