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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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for us five genes will be off the data types but time's thoughts are that we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp set up that the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed.
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a show of anger in iran's parliament up to us president donald trump pulls out of the nuclear deal. and i'm adrian finnegan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. several explosions in the afghan capital kabul targeting at least two police stations. malaysia's prime minister six of despite corruption allegations in elections that pitted against a former mental. and the annual display of military power in front of russia's president.
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u.s. president donald trump has defied last ditch diplomatic efforts by his european allies to stick by the iran nuclear deal following his announcement to pull out of the pact has been swift international reaction with more criticism and support members of iran's parliament burnt an american flag to show their anger the parliamentary speaker slammed trump saying that he lacked the mental capacity to resolve the issue iran's president condemned the u.s. for not respecting its commitments he says that iran will remain in the pact but warned the terror ron could resume in reaching the radium if its national interests on respected other signatories to the twenty fifteen dealing clued in france germany and the u.k. have said they regret trump's decision but will remain parties to the agreement they'll be meeting with their iranian counterparts on monday to discuss the developments but president trump did get support from the united arab emirates saudi arabia and israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is praised the u.s.
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president for what he's called taking a bold decision. to pull out of a quote disastrous deal a white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. after much anticipation u.s. president donald trump made good on a signature campaign promise solidifying his america first agenda i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. the u.s. negotiated the agreement with iran in two thousand and fifteen along with the united kingdom france germany china and russia to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief with the announcement the united states now bria poses tough economic sanctions on iran's oil and banking sectors that had been lifted arguing iran did not live up to its end of the agreement we have definitive
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proof that this arabian promise was a lie. even though u.s. intelligence the united nations and european allies maintain iran has been compliant under the agreement trump cited a recent israeli report that iran had not been truthful about its activities before entering into the deal trouble also argues the agreement should have dealt with iran's military pursuits in the region and its ballistic missile program. capitol hill the top senate democrat disagrees and to me the right thing to do would have been to try and come up with our allies with an agreement on those issues and let the nuclear part of this continue as is because it's not being violated in any way trumps predecessor barack obama the man who oversaw the deal called trump's decision a serious mistake in a statement obama said without the agreement the united states could eventually be
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left with a losing choice between a nuclear armed iran or another war in the middle east. deede former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders believes the united states is already on that path the road to the war in iraq did not simply begin in two thousand and three it was laid down brick by brick over a number of years ironically as the president tore up the nuclear deal with iran secretary of state mike pompei it was on his way to north korea laying the groundwork for a nuclear deal with p.r. nyang president indicated the united states is willing to negotiate a new deal with iran but he says his decision also signals the united states will no longer make calls empty threats can really help at al-jazeera at the white house france's foreign minister says the risks of confrontation a real following trumps withdrawal from the deal attention butler reports from
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paris. well the message from france is that the u.s. wants to pull out of the iran nuclear deal but france wants to stay in it and work to preserve it we heard from the french foreign minister evolute dri on wednesday morning and what he is saying is that the french president emmanuel michael will be speaking to the iranian president will be reaffirming his commitment to the deal and the jury also outlined what we have seen as france's position over the last few days and that is that for france it believes that this deal is the best that there is out there for the moment the dri are saying that iran is complying with this deal that it's the best chance to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons and ensuring peace and stability in the region and i literally did say there are areas that still need to be discussed with iran such as its bill istic missile program but that they will be done naturally and in due course now there's no doubt that donald trump's decision has caused a lot of disappointment a lot of frustration in france for those who not only worked so hard to put this
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deal together but those who worked hard to try and persuade donald trump not to pull out no one more so than the french president tomorrow michael who is really a multiply desire for its over the last few months to try and persuade donald trump to stay in this deal but those diplomatic efforts it seems have failed so the focus now is very much on the european leaders coming together with iran to try and save this deal and we know that on monday leaders from iran france germany and the u.k. foreign ministers from all those countries will come together and meet and discuss what next. u.s. secretary of state mike compare as arrived to north korea for another surprise visit it says second trip after meeting kim jong un in pyongyang last month he's expected to discuss kim's upcoming meeting with president trump and the detention of three u.s. prisoners reports suggest that they'll be released as a goodwill gesture well persuading north korea to give up its nuclear weapons has
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been the topic of discussion in tokyo today the japanese and chinese prime ministers together with south korea's president agreed to increase cooperation to denuclearize the korean peninsula the first trilateral meeting for three years urged concrete action by the north for a pub and peace settlement. there's been several large explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul that's speak live to our correspondent jennifer glass who is in kabul jennifer what will can you tell us. adrian two police stations appear to come under attack police station number thirteen in district thirteen that's been dusted archie in the west of the city that's mainly a minority. neighborhood you know that pack apparently is still ongoing at least one building in flames there in the second attack on police station in district number ten that's the very heart of the city's a very center of the city at least eight explosions there over the past hour and
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forty minutes or so and lots of small arms fire the interior minister saying that there are still suicide bombers in one of the building in the area and that that attack also ongoing as well it's unclear whether the targets were actually the police stations there are also a number of other things in the area there is the main visa agency for india right next to the police station which some have suggested may have been the target in p.g. and as well as the asian development bank a big donor here but definitely too complex attack something we haven't. been for a while simultaneous complex attack and put this into context for us jennifer just a few days ago the taliban of course announced the beginning of the spring offensive. that's right and we've seen a dream really a series of worsening security situation around the country this is the second attack in kabul in just over a week. on sunday there was another attack on
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a polling station a voter registration center both the taleban and. have claimed responsibility for attacks on voter registration centers and election workers head of elections scheduled and there's a real feeling of increasing decreasing security here in the afghan capital because of attacks like this has become the most dangerous place in afghanistan used to be the safest place to be in afghanistan but the fact that these conflicts attackers get into the very center of the city they carry out these attacks and they can hold off for so long is certainly worrying for many afghans and certainly worrying about what might might might be coming we have seen a series of increasingly large attacks just over two weeks ago sixty people were killed here and there have been attacks over the last month that have grown increasingly violent. on the line from kabul. a riot at
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a high security prison for eisel suspect. has killed at least six people being told that several guards are being held hostage at the jail south of the capital jakarta security forces are trying to restore calm the unrest follows the arrest of three suspected gunmen who are accused of planning to attack police or cool. prison in the into the sea and capital can you tell us. well we still have an ongoing hostage situation here. one of the best security presence here in indonesia police have now confirmed that the one hostage still alive and five have been killed by inmates who. have been negotiating with these inmates. it's not clear exactly what how these
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negotiations but what i heard is that one of the they want to meet their leader. and was actually. planning an attack in two thousand and sixteen basically. so basically also this shows the security situation with a. mobile phone. or a riot. for mobile phones and also a laptop and inside this very same prison riot and also a hostage situation is still. not. trying to solve the situation. our more and more. can be seen here and it's also an indication that.
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here. are these people who. just how strong a group. many . people have. but. many people.
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own security. warning. in. nigeria where every day one hundred women die. hello even though we're more or less in dry season there are a few big showers around in indonesia and malaysia but they're pretty discreet mostly you won't get them what you should be seeing is heavy rain further north and this is just southeast of bangkok forty nine minutes and six hours to six hours
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it's critical here this is sort of flood territory flash flood for territory we're getting more of the same sort of showers in central and southern thailand obviously there are a few in borneo wanted to in the philippines but we've got not got the extensive and long lasting rains to see a month or two ago now watch out for in myanmar and i think thailand in particular vietnam looks cloudy but not especially with that moment least not in the south there's not a hint of a bit more snow possibly about to come to the southern alps certainly the winter is on its way in nicely hotel which is reflect a drop to twelve degrees in melbourne on thirteen forty nine late on shore breeze in the south and the circulation ever tasmania and that's quite telling that could contain some fairly cold weather as it runs through sun comes out behind of course and it's still warm in perth considerably so twenty six degrees now we've had benignly weather in new zealand in the last couple of days and the forecast is
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still though cloudy fairly benign. the to choose six colleges. from the beginning until the very trade in human. is big business. and wealthy western nation i repeat. no way to know how to translate now it must be an organized crime nothing in six lisa absolute to have slavery a twenty first century medieval on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories here on al-jazeera this hour members of iran's parliament of a u.s. flag angry over president fox decision to withdraw the twenty fifteen euclidian from called it defective to its core iran's supreme leader accused trump of lying and said that he played the stake. the but at least eight explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul they happen to police stations one building is on fire and the interior ministry says that there are still suicide bombers in a building. that arrives at a high security prison feisal suspects and it has killed at least six people are just being told that several gods being held hostage at the jail south of the capital jakarta. polls about closed in malaysia at what's being billed as the country's tightest ever election the votes pits prime minister najib razak against his ninety two year old former mental rubber bride reports from kuala lumpur.
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malaysia as prime minister najib razak voting in an election that is seen as a test of his credibility. his coalitions lead has narrowed in the days before voting but he's confident he has still done enough to win. i believe the people will give a new mandate to barry san nasional we cannot vote based on slander or sedition because the elections are not about that he has been plagued by the scandal over the government's one m. d. b. investment fund that had hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly misappropriated now jeep denies any wrongdoing. but the controversy has brought the return of the former prime minister mahathir mohammed into the political fray accusing his form a protege of corruption the. bribe money that he's received doesn't last you don't let a bit of money make you pull in the country forever this is what will happen if najib
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stays on as prime minister at ninety two he remains a potent political force in an election few are willing to call because there are so many president said nobody would have dreamed it would you would imagine like decades ago just nobody still he's willing to take it all with her tear could sway traditional pro-government voters in rural areas and helped galvanize opposition supporters in urban areas who are convinced it's time for change a better future for our children and our grandchildren that's when we deliver that yes we know who don't use the we did run the government is like the like is their own you know money but i feel that if the country's government more. honestly we have some bright minds in it as being malicious should be ok but critics say the ruling on no party in power for sixty one years benefits from an uneven allocation of seats the opposition claims the odds have been stacked against
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it by the so-called jerram and ring of political boundaries this constituency in kuala lumpur was recently extended to include thousands of extra pro-government supporters turning a safe opposition seat into a marginal one the fear for the opposition is even if they win the popular vote the ruling coalition will retain the majority of seats to stay in power rob mcbride al jazeera kuala lumpur. saudi arabia's military has intercepted missiles over riyadh according to saudi media earlier loud explosions were heard in the capital the rebels in neighboring yemen say they launch the missiles against economic targets in riyadh the city has been targeted by the who these several times in recent months. russia says that its showcasing advanced hardware at its annual military parade ceremony marks victory over germany in the second world war this year state
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media says that it's featuring stealth technology hypersonic weapons add a new missile defense system how does eras rory challenge reports now from moscow. well the may ninth celebrations happen every year of course they serve two functions relief for russia and its leadership first of all they're a way of boosting national pride and patriotism russia in its morton years has suffered plenty of traumas but victory in the second world war is one thing that pretty much all russians going to agree was a great national victory but then of course there's the showpiece this is a chance for russia's military to display to the world all its latest hardware and technology the military has made great strides in the last couple of years because of its operation in syria it's learned a great deal technologically and logistically and now you get the may the night military parade is a chance to show off new systems like p.s. one hundred and here hypersonic missiles that's the kind of thing that we've been
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seeing this year at this parade syria of course features in the diplomacy surrounding this parade as well binyamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister has come here he was standing close to putin as all the tanks rolled through red square but let's not kid ourselves this is not about coming and hanging out with putin i want to putin's favorite events of the year this is about coming here to talk about israel's concerns over iran's role in syria essentially israel is heading towards a kind of heightened military footing at the moment expecting some kind of lash back from iran or its proxies israel has been striking iranian and hezbollah targets inside syria for quite some time. and there reports there was another strike of a night just south of damascus sorry there seems to be an escalating situation there and the possibility of
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a direct confrontation between iran and israel in syria and israel once and i went where russia stands on this place on hawaii's big island and been going door to door to evacuate people as the killer way a volcano continues to spew dangerous gases so fun no one has been killed or injured thoughts as rob reynolds reports previous eruptions on big island have led to mass casualties and even affected the global climate. lava from killer whale volcano has stopped flowing at least for now after destroying dozens of homes and displacing nearly two thousand people scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later we saw similar things in one thousand fifty five but this year eruption that went on for eighty eight days but this is fairly typical activity fortunately the only losses during this eruption have been to property not of human lives globally one out of every ten people lives within
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a volcano danger zone a study last year by the university of bristol in the u.k. estimated that more than a quarter of a million people have been killed by volcanic eruptions in the past five hundred years an average of five hundred forty deaths per year one of the deadliest eruptions in modern times was of mount pelée in the caribbean island of martinique in one thousand no to it completely wiped out the city of some pierre killing thirty thousand people. volcanoes can affect the entire earth's climate the eruption of mt tam bora in what is now indonesia in eight hundred fifteen discharge so much and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere it blocked sunlight causing extreme cold in the northern hemisphere crop failures and what people at the time called
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the year without a summer as for kill the way it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years most of it flowing harmlessly into the sea but not always but it's really difficult to forecast what might happen and so that makes it really hard to know exactly what native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the moods of the goddess. is native to the belly is always nice to us whether he thinks our home or not we accept this type of event scientific understanding of how volcanoes work has strengthened greatly since those tremendous eruptions of the past century but no amount of sophisticated sensors seismographs or satellite imagery can predict exactly when an eruption will occur or when it will end. al-jazeera hilo hawaii donald trump's pasta lawyer has been accused of receiving half
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a million dollars for a russian oligarch with toy ties to president vladimir putin michael i've been a lawyer working for a former adult film actress who's suing trump says he's called solid evidence proving the claims against michael cohen stormy daniels says that she was paid one hundred thirty thousand dollars by the president's former lawyer to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the president ten years ago last week trump admitted that he was aware that payment but tonight any wrongdoing. the u.s. is calling for venezuela's president to step down to protect the safety and security of the americas for. as well as are suffering major shortages of food and other essentials as well as hyperinflation nicolas maduro and the socialist government are accused of using heavy handed tactics to stifle opposition of unrest the white house says the presidential election to you later this month is a sham. we cannot allow to protrude his quote unquote victory on may twentieth
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as a validation of his role it will be nothing of the sort as long as a matter of starts a credible independent observer mission we know the results will be fraudulent the systematic oppression of the venezuelan people has become an active threat to the entire region for the safety and the security of all people of in latin america it is time for men dural to go the both a virus has reemerged in the same area of the democratic republic of congo where another outbreak was eradicated last here at least seventeen people have died in the choro the world health organization says two people tested positive for ebola the world health organization of doctors without borders a sending teams to help prevent the disease from spreading what is needed to deal with that you ball outbreak you still have in place treatment centers so all those
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who are infected with the virus can be treated appropriately and timely it is also . it is also important to have in place contact tracing teams who will follow for twenty one days old those who may have been exposed to to to to the virus it is also important to work with the population so to make sure that the burials are done in a safe and secure way. having a baby in rural nigeria is a major risk for women the u.n. says that more than one hundred die each day giving birth the lack of access to health care means that many expectant mothers have babies in the villages of a serious job of a dog and reports now from benway state where a veteran midwife is trying to improve standards people in the village call her mama and golly she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential been receipt i mean a garbo is her real name and she's hailed as
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a savior by the other women she sent in goes in the local language which means a traditional bridging assistant or a midwife. ameena has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifteen years. and i think she would be negated not going to was a well they're actually they come to me they're poor and they need help and sometimes they come with nothing and i can't refuse them so i take care of them even when they can pay me. mary alex is grateful she didn't have any money but i mean had her deliver her baby just a few hours ago she's naming her baby happiness the story of mary alex is one that is repeated a thousand times over but the challenges faced by ameena can be extreme this is what's left of the clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it it is devastating not
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only for her but for those women who rely on her. government figures reveal almost seventy percent of deliveries in rural areas happen i told the nigerian government's no introduced a program to better train birthing assistants like ameena so we're just going to train them and ask them so that they can have the skills that are quite identified d.d.'s they just sense. during pregnancy there will be encouragement to the continent. but in benelux state there are more challenges to overcome governments health workers seven been on strike for several weeks now this is why private and charity rides like this one are packed with patients making the situation even more difficult for mothers and their being. in the meanest makeshift clinic another expectant mother arrives she's given what is described as herbal medicine concocted
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by a mina and then it's a case of waiting and waiting jim allowed in the organ al-jazeera mccurdy in bed with state central nigeria. terry with the save room for the good here at the top stories this hour after several members of iran's parliament but a u.s. flag angry of a president trumps decision to draw from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal from. called the pact defective to its core iran's supreme leader accused trump of lying and said he made a mistake the three signatories to the deal france germany or the u.k. say they regret president trump's decision the will remain parties to the pact they're planning to meet with their radiant counterparts on monday to discuss the situation france's foreign minister says the risks of confrontation a real after trumps withdrawal from the deal but bottle reports from paris it
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believes that this deal is the best that they raise out there for the moment literally all saying that iran is complying with this deal that it's the best chance to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons and ensuring peace and stability in the region now that you all did say there are areas that still need to be discussed with iran such as it's been the state missile program but that they will be done naturally and in due course the put at least eight explosions in afghanistan's capital kabul they happen to have two police stations one building is one fire the interior ministry says there are still suicide bombers in another building. a riot at a high security prison for eisel suspects in indonesia has killed at least six people as he was being told that several guards are being held hostage at the jail south of the capital jakarta polls are now closed to malaysia and what's being billed the country's tightest ever election prime minister najib razak said ruling coalition is likely to win the most seats his main rival is ninety two year old mahathir mohamad the leader of the opposition alliance and the saudi military has
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intercepted missiles above riyadh according to saudi media earlier loud explosions have been heard in the capital who the rebels in neighboring yemen say they launched the missiles against economic targets in riyadh the city's been targeted by the who these several times in recent months. joined up here with a news hour for you on al-jazeera a little over twenty five minutes but after slavery a twenty first century evil next. for three hundred years the most powerful nations on earth grew richer.


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