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tv   Egypts Women Street Sellers  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:57pm +03

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it is. also for the see. me. with a conducting business sharing this mission to. leave the things to. the church that . was. trying some new. sanctuary in the school. system. can zone and we're going places together. i really felt liberated as a journalist loved going to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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and other top stories on al-jazeera members of iran's parliament have burned the u.s. flag angry about president donald trump's decision to withdraw from the train t. fifteen and u.k. deal trump calls the agreement effective to its cause. iran's supreme leader accuses trump of lying and says he made a mistake saying he has more from to run. because it has no he has been criticized by hardliners in iran about negotiating the deal in the first place but we need to look at the recent comments by the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei who both said that if we are to stay in a deal which he doesn't think it's likely your. help. from the deal that the united states is taking away large explosions have been heard in the saudi capital after heathy rebels say they fired a volley of the listed missiles citing
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a media say defense systems intercepted the incoming missiles the rebels in neighboring yemen say they targeted economic areas including the largest inland port in the kingdom riyadh's been hit several times recently by missiles which the saudis say are manufactured in iran. the in more explosions in the afghan capital in the past half an hour these two police officers have been killed and six other people have been injured in the apparent coordinated attack eisel has claimed responsibility for the blasts jennifer glass has more from kabul. there were for a while a number of suicide bombers holed up in a nearby building special forces assaulted that filled building long volleys of gunfire and now that appears to be over and people who were trapped in neighboring office building and villas are now being allowed to leave across town in the west of the city by police station of thirteen that assault also over as well that also went on for a number of hours this is the latest in a series of
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a ball here really that has many afghans very concerned about their safety and about their security and as you say eiffel has claimed responsibility for these two attacks complex attacks clearly very well planned out and clearly very ambitious police station in district and is very heavily fortified as as is the one in district thirteen and yet they fought afghan police and special forces for several hours many people are wondering whether i so has any help from other organizations that is a big question here but there is no question in the minds of afghans that the security situation certainly feels a lot worse here in the capital arrives in a high security prison for i still suspect in indonesia has killed at least six people al jazeera is being told the inmates stole weapons and the holding several gods hostage at the park jail south of the capital jakarta. the jail policeman who
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testified in the case of two boyce's journalists in myanmar says his punishment will discourage others from telling the truth he told the court the two journalists while on child were set up by police the pair was arrested in december while investigating abuses in rakhine state they face up to fourteen years in prison accused of violating state secrecy laws by acquiring official documents. votes are being counted in what's been billed as malaysia's tightest ever election promise and. cast his ballot in the city of pick on. coalition is likely to win the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and the ninety two year old to one hundred have a son of weapons a new missile defense system and stealth technology have all been on display in russia's capital armed forces are showing off their hardware at the annual military parade in moscow to celebrate victory in world war two president vladimir putin
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announced the new technology in his state of the nation address in march the birla virus has reemerged in the same area of democratic republic of congo where another break was eradicated last year at least seventeen people have died in because the world health organization says two tested positive for own borders with our doctors our borders are sending teams to help prevent the disease from spreading al-jazeera world is up next.
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unassumingly son are now going through shit on the. incredible shit that are over almost for little island a little. disappointed. for
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a while what about a good bit of delicacy if they. think this is the one of but i'll bet it was so what is it about their money wasn't put in because she looked good but. when i do myself that it was a variation of well it was a highlight of the. us with a look at but i bet they didn't seem as one of them to enjoy the final. thank you thank you thank you thank you.
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and a good sleep almost going to be an interview i mean i was sure i mean now i really am you have been told. and there we should know down on of the men wish it was some anomaly. the economy incentive can see some of the four million on the. home of the i'm a little. too old to get out of the. vatican says jennifer but with all your disabilities act upon the knot of ago with. the
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big event for the goods i understand the not wanting to get out that we didn't want to go. to an argument i would go if it. was a good amendment honest to work the moment when i thought of you. i'm not about to start winning. and then i'm about looked up and. down. the road with. a. kind of kind of come from some kind. of hung. up on getting up the boat to find.
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what's there to be one of going to the border to. the border but still a lot of that i don't know if you can come outside out of it to get it. even to the day going to the back to do kids. still and with so you will be there's. no smile by the phone but she got me ok let her. know i tell you what the little river.
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had been overhead. from mexico but. she said so i'm going to have that i. mean we're having. been a very. canny heads here was in a man hope. was to the max but it is there i just had to know and then he.
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and most of us i am and i said yeah i know i'm the lot we were on alert looking about my best i'm a lot about that no. i want to say what i meant how did the. i want. elizabeth.
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and i. oh nine hundred thousand and i've learned never told no north and those should still. come on a sunday if you want to get. the most of as it gets used to want to achieve a goal to shoot. them in the fly mouth to most less hello how did the feel of the cup. and i mean that i must. look up something up and down here and talk about it
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and he said why not both of us they've got to see me and. i'm not going up i don't even know if we don't get up but i am on the lookout and i get. stuck on the other thought that i know nothing about the follow up if i can i'll stay but how to tell a lot of these robots that i know how to how to study go watch i've. got a lot of fun not a problem that i'm not going away after now but how far to go with the next bad thing and i'm not going to how would i stand it now you don't have to do much about the fellow i had to make the list i had i know better but i've met and gotten stuck let go of that but never believed it and from head to pick up and shut up a lot of the time i was not upset about a lot of my shit i'm going to get upset. her
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. i don't want this hell it's not the. guy i love the little w. was going to be talking to shove me fuck on the minute she's the most given honest about that he was the only my miss you then honest going to.
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become a muslim the number one muslim suffering it would come down to him if he did this you sent the government the brunt of it but mostly the mother would not choose a different friend of the son of the sas it ok that one i was in was that it was that they felt all of them to be that the country was just like but when he said that it was i mean nothing i had asked my daughter i think about. that. at. all about that and what the feel and how that was that bad. that. could i numbers have been with bella went to mr given up on separate lives and then had you know the market hold them was that i said made her famous by yes i'm going to hold on let me do leno the one which has a limit so he has it done a lot into what the flu is the one onsite would not come down from picking him up trouble to come come i would be that it could have come down
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a hundred that i know him i want to say i was there done only you and me and as they are most of the gov you can see russia grimaced we're going to bow out because i'm a lucky young to know what was thrilled to be going young because invests in the woman must mean you've got to communicate it out there you go young because the young shuttle you cousin is seven o'clock and. that magical social hour ditching them how to get a call most of your salary was a lot to share some of you. will be able to get them off the shelf it will fall on me i do that anything has a certain value to the i don't assume i phone manner of it jams i don't know clearly show as a physician i of course i want i don't really have young girl who fell into t.v. or the work that i've written and when they don't know what the cause i haven't dealt with that i'm having
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a magical time i will go see her do this and i can also i came to get i will listen . i did. you have to start over my will to all sort of is doubly sure you have seen it wasn't real women hate jimmy who you trust and will one day will live out because of innocent kids who chris is relishing when even the most precious son of a gun i'm a had you gone in with didn't want to call. going to stick to my friend give it must have a lot of. debate have a descent. but i'm no martian when i go i shove off what you want to suck your blood to quit feeding one of them with a loser. present is it to give in to. part of it i love. you love you hate. this animal planet and all of my academia and we all smile quick to rattle off a list i have had to. bring in and it seems to me from singing by having someone come to hear anyone is going to let in what was going on is really. they're trying
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to run out. in a good drive to hide how dishonest you. are to get out of the shoulder not a five year wish doesn't alter you know you and i have a very good for them to be. near. a good measure it's one of the sure little most lovely and was. and then what about our. teams. really of. the militias which matters. when little as in i literally have. had a facility that they have an image i knew i was going to get attacked the girl was sure that there's a man. six absolutely when most. of. the reddish telegram by the in that name was that he had started when most. in the mob
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wives an iranian it must have been and it is. wide in the raffle for we don't have the lot of the mob i've been home. but if it is such a hole is interesting never. where the haitian i never liked. least let's hear the. react to the national mood market crashes. was alive the i'm that in the second son of to be here had dinner. at the old number two group of five there are some. more learned by their little callers and under him ten gave bunch of good went over to the realms haven't bought from going to a concert and he almost didn't add the going to send them out on a chance and get it cut out of his to do. to them is there out there and if we
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sure as. he will get told got a lot of dylan did was make him would name well i want to be able to do is dignity or to do is make a note then you get a ditty and move it to me or becomes in going to look to me. but passionately you really are looked at an issue that is about to which they will get don't want but are good don't want but again for them today the send one of you will certainly be made to give your can see manipur going to plan you could have had there is that what you already. look for that other lady and i don't plan to sell will matter and the owner is very . kind of given a good new year new groom a global collection of it will surely. must have learned further to come
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on our show the third and in our look clearly. had the intent early bowl of middle aged out of the mess that was so in order ness of about the last roll of the bird went up are sure to have the. well. with you i never saw any of his work. with the site. is a list. of the measures you might take to. look out you know. for your i know my kind of is more like i'm sure. that's not a problem and not an outline at that moment if there are some honest feeling i'm.
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just not going to. have it in the gotta be yourself. so. the motion is what i did out of being up front of a little. annoyed them at the same time and yeah well and. given the line i'm going. to the resident if. we have to do big deal. i say yeah yeah.
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as a country and i got to. see an actor. who would not. have. sat down at the list of need for an. all star game that kind of crimes against time no good no
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a good enough time and. this i want to be good enough on our way up that any man from the. pub to dump the stuff that is the last time i know. i've got that i don't play i was going to. go out of the bed on the carpet but not stay out of. the satellite that was. not this. and we. it's. it's. it's.
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do not have them been instructed in fog and may on the one compass the but the. mother to love for the mom as you well do not. the numbers you got there you know that the sun has a how do another one know when to hear without a tree and among other. things that you know i'm sure that. they have some of them up the well of the invented go was one of the come some could go away when well if you assume. you know mind there's lot of good about him in the nose and at the hammock in my
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goodness took a good. amount of money going to be brought about as you see here of a man out and had many if not a mobile going to school when you get the. head to what they're going to get if i learn to marshal given i've got it done because you gave up. visiting and music. and. the music. business and western i don't know if you can one i'll buy you and while it doesn't begin to live isn't big enough almost a you. don't know the amount of it going are you having a go at all. and i was not without a kind of song on the road so i take on what they were doing and it was to. before the yes good man because the right. nor did was no no
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no. no no no i knew what the camel commanding officer gave the dominion a then up no. last time i was then what would you. like to blame me for this month on the dug out of the. that the. american in the middle and out of a or b. without a bit that i said i could submit it was in this memo good luck gonna try that in other businesses oh my god if they want you to think. that it's not a lot of guts. i'm just not in the to send up
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a bunch on the to come out on some of these little such thing until. one. of the such doesn't come up. shit our seven million lives in this world. each one is still a. one sided to be seen. to be heard that demonstrably. it is time to be a. witness document to look things up. on. the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protestants had blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with details coverage of this
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extremely hard to stop street everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of posset story over region's history and its perfected war that has divided tribes here for generations. the buzz of the zionist movement. and the establishment of a jewish homeland in palestine the crucial battle of the early stages risk simply getting jews into palestine at any cost hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homes. seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
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and. are the top stories on al-jazeera members of iran's parliament have burned the u.s. flag angry about president of trans decision to withdraw from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal trump calls agreement defective to its core iran's supreme leader accuses trump of lying and says he made a mistake. from to her. because it was wrong he has been criticized by hardliners in iran about negotiating the deal in the first place but we need to look at the recent comments by the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei who both said that if we are to stay in a deal which he doesn't think is likely europe has to step up and help iran gain from the deal that the united states has taken away loud explosions have been heard in the saudi capital after heathy rebels say they fired a volley of ballistic missiles saudi media say defense systems intercepted the
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incoming missiles hooty rebels in neighboring yemen so they targeted economic areas including the largest inland port in the kingdom riyadh spain had several times recently by missiles which the saudis say a manufactured in iran. they've been a series of explosions in the afghan capital at least two police officers have been killed and six other people have been injured in the parent coordinated attack in kabul eisel has claimed responsibility for the blasts riots in a high security prison for i saw suspects in indonesia has killed at least six people al-jazeera has been told the inmates stole weapons and are holding several guards hostage at depok jail south of the capital jakarta jail policeman who testified in the case of two oysters journalists and me and says his punishment will discourage others from telling the truth he told the court the two journalists learn and queries who were set up by police the pair was
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a race in december while investigating abuses in rakhine state votes being counted was being schooled malaysia's tightest ever election promise and. cast his ballot in the city of pick on the coalition is likely to win the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and ninety two year old mohammed those are the headlines the news continues but let's go back now to al-jazeera world. really no no no no no i don't want. the rest of the you know just a little. one of them how was the chemical test today to die but out of. their. dad. with a man who will hold out a. while i think given all think about sex from the beginning may have as
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a little i'm going over what are you going to look at that i would really want to understand. a seven m. a shelf a seven head office have never looked on my lot in a matter of the president or that. man of the past but there are going to get and i mean you know but it does have to be near the top of those own as well in my career you help women want to home and. mississauga. got number yet a muffin man how they got done you know when i'm good because i'm good not just those who have been in the hunt i'm not going to. sit down with a raid on and get that i just don't know it's. not me but cost me a little. the most motion. that. your. family only kind of planted there you know if you missed it you saw it. you know but it does show the old enough to need to feel left the buzz of the house who couldn't stand up with
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the love that you could tell how comes that crime scene out there in the blood comes up from scene and little most you want to see him doing that is in the hunt. with something with some i would agree. that it. was sad to. say that that actually was that i must. not come up and come out of that for sure that it. did have an invention going emblems in the namby me you know. mr clinton could not honestly. i had to give a quote. you should give him and the. dunderhead and help. but they'll be she ruffled a guinea to get national t.v.
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. and americans are getting there will be. good in all our five years but the dreaded a questionnaire isn't going to. never got to the mcgovern they're going to hold it up one of the time i started reading where warfare was then your pitiful you really . are you and then i had. my own beef in love with and a. really good bit of the behavior will get by the only the miscavige but first i'm going to do. a little actually hello number of the government reply lin has done a mere we know who. has done a look at lanigan blama we could play that we could be nice bizzle mr and they aren't.
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i. is the enough to get out of muslim and christian culture stand they were doing must all learn and you and your small island will supersede that the nation colors them the guardian will have that they believe you are the focus here at the man of a still of muscle and feel a million land had that close the middle of a model the how do i read that and what does the medic what does she die as you are not the how about her but i knew there would be arguably me to consider yeah we have that and that it lace you can lose them. kid won't take it as a bad omen solace is about the same like pricing the letting me. kid a alyssa to stand in a tussle than in an abandonment out of you know some guinea lad not a local comic innocent of any. so
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little has been lending them old nobleman now it's not only america. could a house advocate then assert that ana is a bit of a does not know nobody missed this event and had their moment on the low had the upcoming minima. smell can get nothing in the late night after the believe they will not run across a tab at the bottom is awesome the other night and after the national i have not gotten quite enough of a vision that i don't not know how to shut some of the net on them on. paper i'm. not honestly. up on comes from c.n.n. first hard covers most of the times he was shot and obama knocked back on the.
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map a minute i'm going to have to listen when i some of us here in the city. come in at least. once a. week listen to the hi bob that's kind of stunning a hot spot on the political will to beat. you know just how much of. a dig our shirts give me just such a. list are good to see what i look at the end wasn't all about what he did i would have a little what are the same ramel what he did that was so how would awesome a cruise ship. never give in love but. to beat up on going to.
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the nickel we have to talk to you. but you have to be. acting with. a large amount of fashion and i'm sure a myth. maybe a good will from boston to. be ousted could be our. business but you had a lot of. our month and you're. good looking. but. young family my mama mama gave her. a gun i mean my list you see it has cemented model because. i don't have a host of names on the field mishmosh up all live on the ferry. to offer a little bit of the family guy yes need. to begin with some of the kind of my look in the can because it would came back and it was cool how this. will be going at
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it again because we don't know because i don't. know. why the perception is that. the bunch of old nothing but i don't think you know what. i mean so if they could have been big. on lobby are you going down the. group to the result of how good the little. punch with the struggle come especially about how you. can show room of the moon but been right through the last good bruises to put them here would be right. we're under. the weight of a big to see any given week you know am i going to see it and you can write.
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younger started out to be a good look how did you get is that a good rule you would go to google if you thought i was a living god however gazi then not a big one for most of them. i don't know how many it has are so. maybe if there were every other question but i do it and i'm going to do that i don't want to give us their. business very intimate much mischief and i think it's the whole machine i think of more so than the question of. santa clara has tightening and that started last.
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well. that's what i did was just you know you know more about. what's going on and. what is there was love well i'm going to. learn like aloneness of present. much out of a row and that i had to do that in a school is there one and then there's the element of cinema that i mean one of the
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men's ashes had to have the chairs out. of the show to give not. push. but yeah well for the last and alice had no go because. i said here that i knew that one is the. second i went to school in the state and i had bullets and there has been some kind of politics. off the air but she. but i'm some how about. just within the law larry. part of that is in need the money got to net.
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as did those. who are going out. with them and out of their things and i said that he that i. was i was actually. at the mission at the midterm but had to but i'm going to assume. that i think
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about it about us that. we have not done some thought of it. in the employ. of the given that there's nothing at all to the need to come up with out of if you look. that good at the moment to say and then. this will. now get into effect. and i get to. the i will matter at the one to give. the gift to me to shift. our to look at i'm one hundred and arrogant i'm one of the richest to prevent the. internet. and you get i mean i want to get
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a lot of acting are going to keep out of the desert. in the i don't know they should. do the double i had st i'll be. at bigamy debate are going to give an old model of how good a lawyer has really been washington i'm addicted to that. that's what they're going to do with. a woman sitting back then. we want to split up with the new mom you just didn't have get the one of the. pride of the i'd go with the lift the activities. to show i get most of them. with condom attention to what i get i don't know that i'm not. many times that. young muslim indeed
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was abused but i'm someone at the end up being a woman and i'm not a member of that. reality. from side machinations as an obstacle of getting along different from. each man. the little mother needs. to. have some say and. that's. kind of us how it comes. bama shalit have been. because i get a student pulled out of like every oh i don't know about the os in an os i don't know how given how dumb the suffering is the both the what the remember what if a still. can be i'm going about my when so very early on when our amount of. but the image of our now was the image of a and very i was really good well the only private dog. i haven't had the.
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machine with but him. putting a stick in the hole you can do it for the consent of it becomes. the second hand. that he got out of about that. time and i might add that he must have been. was the nothing that was mentioned among the same mechanical elements but then it was a substantial time against my will in the making of this one of the handsomest good child he could get. the civil have done to my real friends that i am an. actor not going to keep still wanted to get out in which you could tell
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a story to start out without by which i mean that i was. going to go out. and about again i bow to no good i'm selfish well done willingness to strip them of their. we then you know in the bees that with me and meet with them shines now. above the machine in him and he. can equal no medical moment hit and hit the way i mean the machine. animal is there when the horses would have noticed. him at the beach to be mellow used in the rose the mellow early which was the beautiful day. yet it may not that even a bottom but i'd like the. old them better to be honest i had a little bit ahead. of us about the bottom but the name of this dish i can. have them here. that and then yes. but you.
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know most of the. most. of them that you have a lot of. that because both of them shrug a little of all of them. but the other the special. edition affected of them. along. with a lot of. kids . are. the whole lot of well wonder. woman super
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cool were mean we've all heard of. them but to be honest. i mean how do we. know. now when the seven hundred. one. will. listen a little bit and it's one of them a should. have been then that. most of them were in the.
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i'm in a law that i was born in the same year as is going to voice i feel as though the state is my mother should have been a cause of celebration for some a catastrophe that is still going on they put my sons in jail so every day i feel disgust for he twice over. tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in forty eight on al-jazeera world. binny's pink sky by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels.
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it has been a thundery last week for northern argentina and it's just not stopped the last massive cloud extends over southern paragraph bits of europe and southern brazil is just a selection of figures for his twenty four hours worth of rainfall significant when it happens every day and comes out of thunderstorms and that's what's going on the moment i think the same will carry on this is the forecast so wednesday to some degree goes across the andean chain to chill a this snow showing up in the higher ground of the andes you can see santiago might get a case no rain shower is a sort of link system but to be honest most of frosty is going to be and the time pompous and maybe a bit beyond that is a huge gap that you get to the north of the constant which is where you get the seasonal rains which have been doing this seasonal thing there's been significant sherry rain in jamaica and cuba and the bahamas but only some of it's been picked up by rain gauges hostetter and what's going on here but this will be fifth or
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sixth day of more potential big showers to jamaica cuba and the bahamas less so in haiti your notice equally less so in mexico but there's some good green dots there i think that's daily big shots from guatemala and that's truth the heart of mexico . the weather sponsored by cattle and race. you know where we are now it's the city of the did not maybe week i want to talk about this which is called a time out of the photo.


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