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i mean really is a two week gets washington d.c. two hours to get on the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly where those two cultures north and south america. you can buy the pakistani army to the emirates to get. the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they have a paper that said they were missed. or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. guantanamo twenty two this time zero.
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anger in iran lawmakers burned the u.s. flag in protest over president trumps the situation to pull out of the nuclear deal . hello i'm barbara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program freed from north korea three american prisoners are released in a goodwill gesture ahead of nuclear talks next month's. know how you view your relationship with the president. comes pick to head the central intelligence agency is grilled at her confirmation hearing. a new initiative to train midwives in nigeria where every day more than one hundred women die while giving birth. and we'll have the latest from one of the most prestigious and guillaume. bets on the moving calendar can fill fest.
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thank you for joining us iran says supreme leader says the trance decision to pull the united states out of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal is quote silly and superficial he accused the u.s. president of lying in this threaten to quit the landmark agreement if the remaining world powers can't offer a trade guarantee. he has more now from tehran. the day after the united states tore up the nuclear deal iran set it on fire members of parliament into one burned a printout of the international pact and the american flag a show of anger and disappointment over what they say is a mistake by washington i thought all right all your more him if europe an important countries like russia and china fill this international vacuum perhaps that will be a way to continue otherwise the islamic republic of iran will bring the us to its
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senses with its nuclear actions they have to know that under such circumstances iran has no commitment to remain in the nuclear position it was in before the iranians woke up to headlines that highlight the country's internal divisions moderates who are currently in government want the deal to go on without trouble hardliner stress the united states cannot be trusted and the agreement should be completely scrapped but both sides are bracing for an economic impact. the withdrawal means more pressure will be exerted on the people and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling to bring in goods and bypass sanctions. on wednesday iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei drew a line in the sand. days sure go hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the u.s. president there were maybe more than ten lies most he says a threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and
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that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump like hell you will i. while there is a sliver of hope for the deal to survive the company said he knows iran is asking the remaining signatories for the impossible to stand by iran and ignore the global financial threat posed by the united states has. now said that the agreement will stay in place with participation of the three european countries i do not trust these three countries. while the full impact of renewed sanctions have yet to materialize on iranian streets traditional chants of death to america are getting louder once again perhaps the clearest sign of iran's anger was a message from the supreme leader to the american president in it he said that many u.s. presidents have died in their bones that he composed and the trunk too will return
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to dust and become food for worms but the islamic republic company says it will remain standing same bus rob the old is here at the wrong well let's cross now to our diplomatic editor james phases live for us a u.n. headquarters in new york james trump has said he's going to implement sanctions shortly enforce iran back to the negotiating table but having just seen that report out of tehran and looking at the reaction there how likely do you think that is. well part one reimposing the sanctions he says he's going to do it so we can only assume that he is going to do it in the coming weeks and months and put those sanctions back in place to get new negotiations means you've got to get the other parties to come back to the negotiating table in there seems to be no sign of that from tehran and for that matter no sign of that coming from the other signatories to the deal there's been a phone call recently between the presidents of iran and france and in that phone
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call a man well mark rohr and rouhani were talking about lots of things but they were not talking about fresh negotiations with the united states they were talking about fresh negotiations among themselves to try and keep this deal alive also following on to that point because as you mentioned the crown has already spoken to the iranians the europeans very clear that they don't agree with donald trump stance but is there any realistic way that the europeans on their own can keep the deal alive without the u.s. . well i think in the negotiations to try and keep this deal before president trump made his decision to president trump european leaders were saying you've got to stay in this deal this deal is the only way forward i think because president trump doesn't do details that's the only way you could address him but i think to some of president trump's key officials it was
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a slightly more nuanced message which is we want you to stay in the deal but even if you don't stay in the deal please whatever you do allow us to still do business with iran take the example of france we just mentioned companies like totally oil company run no persia oh big investors in iran well the trumpet ministration didn't listen to that advice either it looks like secondary sanctions potentially on those european countries maybe coming back in place and that will make it very very hard to continue european trade with iran and if the european trade gets cut off then to run i think will see no more benefit in staying in this deal you heard that from the supreme leader himself james vai's of the latest from the u.n. james thank you. the u.s. president has just told a cabinet meeting details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong il will be revealed within three days
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but he has said the meeting will not be held inside the demilitarized zone between the north and the south and this just hours after three u.s. citizens imprisoned in north korea were freed they are now heading back home in a move seen as a goodwill gesture ahead of the summit kathy novak has more now from seoul. the release of the americans is another sign of the thawing relationship between pyongyang and washington and improves the climate for the proposed summit between donald trump and kim jong un the us president has pushed the case for months saying there's been constant pressure likewise fighting very diligently to get the three american citizens back reports that the three had been moved from a labor camp to a hotel in the capital was followed closely in south korea there they received better food and medical treatment this is what we know about the three men kim jong il is a south korean born u.s. citizen who worked as a religious minister in his early sixty's he was detained in twenty fifteen on
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spying charges a year later he was sentenced to ten years hard labor at a government arranged news conference he apparently confessed to stealing military secrets while working with south korea a claim rejected by seoul two of the men have been detained since donald trump became president kim hock song was detained on suspicion of hostile acts in may twenty seventeen believed to be an ethnic korean born in china he emigrated to the u.s. in the one nine hundred ninety s. he worked at pyongyang university of science and technology. who goes by tony kim was arrested in april twenty seventeen he also worked at the university and was accused of hostile acts trumper had been suggesting that unless the north koreans take real denuclearization steps that he wouldn't go to the summit well the north koreans have given him something else very easy for them to give and now the summit will absolutely go ahead donald trump used to call the north korean leader a little rocket man and warned of a hostile reaction to further threats of attack from their west korea best not make
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any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire of fury. like the world has never seen that in march there was a dramatic turnaround when president trump announced summit plans after a visit by a south korean delegation to the white house the man who is now u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o followed up with visits to north korea to lay the groundwork for talks with president trump as three americans celebrate their release the family of student ottawa india will be thinking of what could have been arrested in north korea and held for seventeen months he returned to the u.s. in a vegetative state and died days later parents have lodged a growing full death suit against the north korean government kathy novak al jazeera soul. the interim speak for a cia director says she won't allow the use of harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects she the hospital is facing tough questions from u.s.
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senators at her confirmation hearing she admitted the cia learned lessons from its interrogation program after the nine eleven attacks in which she was accused of overseeing torture techniques she says should never allow that to happen again even if ordered the by president trump my moral compass is strong i would not allow cia to undertake activity that i thought was immoral even if it was technically legal i would absolutely not permit it she would not follow the order if you felt that was no i believe that cia must undertake activities that are consistent with american values to get the latest now from a ship or town see who is in washington d.c. for us have obviously the use of torture one of the most controversial issues about gina has she was very open about the fact that she wouldn't do it again but in
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general how do you think she held up on the grilling. well she refused point blank to answer a very simple question was torture was the announcer an interrogation program that was underway immoral she refused to say yes or no it was a yes or no question she refused to just keep on saying she would hold the cia to higher standards in the future so. how she did depends on your position on the nuremberg defense that is she was just obeying orders it didn't go so well for the nazis it at nuremberg but this is the main defense that we have if a g. and a houseful it seemed it was legal in the in the view of the bush administration at the time however if she was asked again as cia director to torture suspects a moral compass as she said would prevent her from doing so which led to the question well where was your moral compass when the when that ever was being talked juror in that interrogation program and you say well it was legal at the time which again leads to that question well what if there is a legal finding from the trumpet ministration say that it is legal again and then
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she would say no my moral compass it was a very circular argument she also said she didn't believe donald trump would ever all scope to torture suspects even doldrums on the record as saying he believes hold how totally in torture she also refused to answer questions on whether while she was at him in a position of power she she wanted to expand the torture program and she wouldn't answer that question was very pointed question she refused to answer the second major issue there was her role in the destruction of the tapes that provided evidence of the torture program she drafted the memo that led to the destruction of tapes that had been requested by court order and by congress for evidence she says she only did it because she was worried about the security of those doing the torture she was worried about leaks and so that's why she had to destroy them that raises several questions firstly one senator us why didn't you just make a digital copy and blackout the faces of the people doing the torturing she said she wasn't technically never even heard she suggested such
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a concept secondly those leaks happened well often well after the destruction of the tapes from. john kiriakou and thirdly when she was asked well did you know that there were requests from court orders from congress for tapes showing evidence of these sorts of torture tactics she said she didn't remember so if you believe. the rest of the narrative found very warm reception from republicans she's a lifelong cia's servant of the united states and the american dream a small from a small town kentucky to international espionage but there is always deep questions which she just would not own another going into closed session perhaps the sons will have better luck in closed session. you'll be keeping an eye on all developments of this especially how likely she is to actually win the nomination for the moment. that's still to come here on al-jazeera vote counting in a tightly contested malazan election which sees the current prime minister up
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against his former mentor and as the river of love us close in hawaii scientists warn that he knew and remains unpredictable and presidents. current rains in china have moved from the last twenty four hours talk hong kong westwards in the short feed suggest that you will be to shout a little bit and of course that line takes you away to such one that's not a very wet picture but you should be going to get the line that stretches across the yangtze valley towards shanghai and that's come back into play come friday remains though she would potentially sundry in hong kong elsewhere in grand isle.
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the some of the big showers in the northeast of india and bangladesh in the master plan suggest rain in the south every now and again you do get these thunderstorms rolling across the northwest bringing the dust the have you as we saw one couple days ago i can't forecast another immediately things of cotton down temperature wise compared with a week ago we are cooler but it's still searing the heart of forty four and not poor as about the same in the middle of pakistan as well and of course it remains dry and that's true for the next two days with no significant change in the arabian peninsula we have to watch a line of comes slowly done thursday forecast has it here ahead of it we think probably quite dusty in hue behind it clicks in thirty eight degrees and briefly quite windy things do cotton down there for friday. should never be a country that anyone who spent time in our facilities me tell you
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we are just through this thing from a country and we know our approach is more incarcerated and to have a share of controversial approach to punishment and reform sheriffs hold incredible amount of power and are allowed through the jails and ways and we see a lot of abuses american sheriff. took me to go to jail. welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has addressed is the decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying iran will negotiate or something will happen there's been an angry reaction in tehran meanwhile with politicians burning
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the u.s. flag and. three u.s. citizens imprisoned in north korea have been freed ahead of a summit between the u.s. and north korea president trump says the meeting will not be held in the demilitarized zone. donald trump's pick for cia director says she will not allow harsh use of interrogation tactics on terror suspects the hospital is facing tough questions from u.s. senators at her confirmation hearing we're going back to donald trump he of course was at a cabinet meeting a short time ago talking about iraq and deal and he's warned iran against pursuing its nuclear ambitions i would advise or and not destroy their nuclear program i would advise them very strongly. if they do there will be very severe consequence ok so said bombers have struck two police stations in afghanistan's capital killing
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at least five people and wounding seventeen others. two police officers were killed and three others were injured in the first incident in western kabul the second attack also targeted a police station which was located in the city center the government says at least eight suicide bombers took part in the attacks overall one of which has been claimed by eisel and the other by the telephone polls have closed and counting is underway in malaysia's most tightly force election in years the vote pitted prime minister najib razak long ruling coalition against the resurgent opposition led by his one time a mentor ninety two year old former prime minister mahathir mohamad the ruling party's image has been tarnished by a financial scandal which saw in a jeep accused of taking hundreds of millions of dollars in government funds early indications suggest the ruling party me cling on to power but could lose the popular vote before and slew joins us live now from kuala lumpur so as we were
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hearing it's been a very tight race any indication so far as to who is actually ahead. always receiving unofficial results the opposition alliance of hope has pulled ahead in a race now i have to stress the. official results and how unofficial results are derived is that the votes on the ballots are counted at the voting stations before they are taken to the counting so that because a constituency could have several could have several voting stations then what happens is that the people who count the ballots the head of the counting the head of the voting station will be a person from the election commission official then there are also counting agents from the party the candidates belong to they have to sign off on a form so what we're hearing is that some of the election commission offices have refused to sign off on the forms and that's why some results are not being official
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as yet and we've also had a press conference from the from there mohamad who's leading the opposition challenge now and he said that he believes heads opposition alliance has won one hundred twelve seats and more than one hundred twelve so they are they should technically be able to form the next government off malaysia but because the results are being delayed and he believes that there is some hanky panky going on they are on able to do that yet now we also have to say that we have been waiting for the take a prime minister runs up to appear at a press conference reportedly would have been held about an hour or two hours ago and he hasn't yet. well we'll wait to to hear from him when he does for the moment florence louis with the latest from florence thank you. police on how wise big island have been going door to door to evacuate people as the you know way of ok.
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reynolds reports now from hino where residents are on the alert for further eruptions. lava from killer whale usual for eruptions to stop and start up again later we saw similar things in one thousand fifty five british or eruption that went on for eighty eight days but this is fairly typical activities fortunately the only losses during this eruption have been the property of human lives globally one out of every ten people lives within a volcano danger zone a study last year by the university of bristol in the u.k. estimated that more than a quarter of a million people have been killed by volcanic eruptions in the past five hundred years an average of five hundred forty deaths per year one of the deadliest eruptions in modern times was of mount pelée in the caribbean island of martinique in one thousand no to it completely wiped out the city of some pierre killing
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thirty thousand people. volcanoes can affect the entire earth's climate the eruption of mt tam bora in what is now indonesia in eight hundred fifteen discharge so much and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere it blocked sunlight causing extreme cold in the northern hemisphere crop failures and what people at the time called the year without a summer as for kill the way it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years most of it flowing harmlessly into the sea but not always but it's really difficult to forecast what might happen and so that makes it really hard to know exactly what native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess pale a native. to the belly is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we
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accept this type of event scientific understanding of how volcanoes work has strengthened greatly since those tremendous eruptions of past century but no amount of sophisticated sensors seismographs or satellite imagery can predict exactly when an eruption will occur or when it will end rob reynolds al-jazeera hilo hawaii. at least six people have died in a riot at a high security prison for eisel suspects. there has been told that several guards are being held hostage jail which is south of the capital jakarta security forces are trying to restore calm the unrest that follows the arrest of three suspect that i saw men accused of planning to attack jakarta as police headquarters. the having a baby in the a.j. area is a major risk for women the u.n. says more than one hundred die in childbirth every day the lack of access to health
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care means many expectant mothers have babies in their villages to reel in dugan reports now from ben or a state where a veteran midwife is trying to improve standards people in the village call her mama galley she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential when receipt i mean a garbo is her real meaning and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in in the local language which means each additional breathing assistant or midwife. ameena as been delivering babies in her village for more than fifteen years. know that she would be. now going to was able to become to me the poor they need help sometimes they come with nothing and i can't refuse them so i take care of them even when they come to me. mary alex is grateful she didn't have any money but i mean had her deliver her baby just
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a few hours ago she's naming her baby happiness the story of mary alex is one that is repeated a thousand times over but the challenges faced by ameena can be extreme this is what's left of the clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. government figures reveal almost seventy percent of deliveries in rural areas happen at home the nigerian government's now introduced a program to better train birthing assistants like ameena so we're just going to train them and prosecute them so that they can how is that why i didn't buy. the just things. during pregnancy you will encourage me to confront and care. but in benelux state there are more challenges to overcome the government's health
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workers seven been on strike for several weeks now this is why private and charity wards like this one are packed with patients making the situation even more difficult for mothers and their babies in the minas makeshift clinic another expectant mother arrives she's given what is described as herbal medicine concocted by a mina and then it's a case of waiting and waiting jim allowed in the organ al-jazeera mccurdy in bed with state central nigeria. it's one of the most prestigious and glamorous events in the movie calendar the seventy first annual council festival is underway in the south of france for the next eleven days twenty one movies will be competing for the top prize of the power door with plenty more being shown out of competition and this charlie. angela reports the focus this year is away from hollywood. the. can
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and the crown jewel of the international film festival circuit opening this year with a spanish language film for just the second time in its seventy one year history. and i want to. is a psychological thriller starring happy about penelope cruz and it is setting the tone for a festival that this year will champion town cinema. i'm a driver. why are big hollywood blockbusters almost entirely absent from this is lined up and the headline grabbing so low a star with story is not in the main competition we've got really interesting competition coming from people like spike lee and also a return of law as one trailer as well so we're going to see some interesting big names coming into the main competition but also those fresh faces those new voices of the art house might actually surprise and that might be the big story that comes
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out of the festival this year. each year it can briefly focus is the world's attention on the film industry an industry still reeling from the harvey weinstein scandal can is when many of his alleged sexual assault took place it can no longer be a two week celebration of male brains and female beauty. issues of gender inequality and sexism are rife in head of the jury cate blanchett is calling them out would i like to see more women in competition absolutely will do i expect and hope that that's going to happen in the future i hope so we're dealing with what we have in front of us and you know our job is industry members away from the festival is to keep working towards positive change. but the festival says it will not bow to what it calls positive discrimination. for small. people say the seven percent of women directors in the film. industry the cons always has a higher number twenty twenty three percent but as
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a number of women directors say to me well if i'm selected the cameras i hope it's not just because i'm a woman i hope it's because i'm a director because i'm an artist. other controversies a red carpet ban on selfies and no netflix the online distributor has fallen out with the festival but it can brings back glamour to art house cinema but audiences should be pleased charlie rangel al-jazeera london. now firefighters in poland that hadn't been usual problem to deal with after an accident on the motorway twelve tons of liquid chocolate it was spilt when the tanker hit the central barrier and then flipped over the emergency services say that as chocolate cools it's harder to clean up than oil or snow a lorry driver broke his arm but no one else was hurt harder than oil or snow but surely more tasty.
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a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera now u.s. president donald trump has addressed his decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal saying iran will negotiate or quote something will happen there's been an angry reaction in tehran to the decision with legislators burning the u.s. flag in parliament iran's supreme leader is also blasted the move a silly and superficial. to go hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the us president there were maybe more than ten lies multi-seat if threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump like hell you will. the u.s. president has told a cabinet meeting details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong un will be revealed within three days but he has said the meeting will not be held inside the demilitarized zone between
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the north and the south meanwhile three u.s. citizens imprisoned in north korea have been freed and are now on their way back to the u.s. with secretary of state michael pompei o president trunk has tweeted that he will meet the men when they land that andrews air force base in maryland where the president's pick for cia director says she won't allow the use of harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects she now has full is facing tough questions from u.s. senators that are confirmation hearing she admitted the cia learned lessons from its interrogation program after the nine eleven attacks in which she was accused of overseeing torture techniques suicide bombers have struck two police stations in afghanistan's capital killing at least five people and wounding seventeen others. two police officers were killed and three others were injured in the first incident in western kabul which was carried out by eisel the second attack also targeted a police station located in the city center and that was claimed by the taliban at
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least six people have died in a riot at a high security prison for eisel suspects in indonesia al-jazeera has been told that several guards are being held hostage at the jail which is south of the capital jakarta going to have more on all those stories in half an hour stay with us though coming up next on his ear witness.


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