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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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iraqis are getting ready to cast their vote for a new government what path will the country take in an election that was delayed one sorabjee. iraq elections on al-jazeera. to. russia. is no one way of telling the story a key thing is to the right and to be respectful there is a great way to get to know the person fully tells. once a strategy of war now the conflict is long over but the adoptions continue one o one used investigates why so many sri lankans disappeared without a trace on al-jazeera.
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fury in tehran over donald trump's the situation to pull out of the iran nuclear deal but europe valves to stand by the agreement. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up three americans released by north korea head home with the u.s. secretary of state like pompei oh we're live in kuala lumpur were votes are being counted in the country's tightest election ever. my moral compass is strong. and down times nominee to head the cia promises not to use torture against detainees if she gets the job.
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hello thank you for joining us iran's the supreme leader says donald trump's the station to pull the united states out of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal is silly and superficial he accused the u.s. president of lying in this threaten to quit the landmark agreement if the remaining world powers can't offer trade guarantees same does drive the reports now from tehran. the day after the united states tore up the nuclear deal iran set it on fire. members of parliament into one burned a printout of the international pact and the american flag a show of anger and disappointment over what they say is a mistake by washington i've got a little problem at all you more him if europe an important countries like russia and china fill this international vacuum perhaps that will be a way to continue otherwise the islamic republic of iran will bring the us to its senses with its nuclear actions they have to know that under such circumstances iran has no commitment to remain in the nuclear position it was in before. iranians
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woke up to headlines that highlight the country's internal divisions moderates who are currently in government want the deal to go on without trump hardliner stress the united states cannot be trusted and the agreement should be completely scrapped but both sides are bracing for an economic impact social division at the withdrawal means more pressure will be exerted on the people and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling to bring in goods and bypass sanctions. on wednesday iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei drew a line in the sand should be a beaut. it is sure to go hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the us president there were maybe more than ten lies most he says he threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump like hell you will i. while there is
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a sliver of hope for the deal to survive the company said he knows iran is asking the remaining signatories for the impossible to stand by iran and ignore the global financial threat posed by the united states has. now said that the agreement will stay in place with participation of the three european countries i do not trust these three countries. while the full impact of renewed sanctions have yet to materialize on iranian streets traditional chants of death to america are getting louder once again perhaps the clearest sign of iran's anger was a message from the supreme leader to the american president in it he said that many u.s. presidents have died in their boat so decomposed and the trump two will return to dust and become food for worms but the islamic republic company says it will remain standing the same bus ravi old is here at the wrong. says we can see in that report
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a lot of anger in iran but trump has warned iran against the pursuing its nuclear ambitions i would advise iran not to start their nuclear program i would advise them very strongly if they do there will be very severe consequence ok well diplomatic editor james bays is live for us a un headquarters in new york so we see there trump warning iran of severe consequences he's also said he's going to implement sanctions shortly to force around back to the negotiating table how likely is it that he will be able to do that. well i think it's likely that he can impose sanctions pretty quickly he says he's going to do it most of these sanctions were originally in place by executive order so that can happen pretty quickly forcing people back to the negotiating table with the other party have to be prepared to negotiate with you pretty clear from zane's report and to ron that that is not the case of the
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iranians and it doesn't of appear to be the case of the close allies of the u.s. who are included in this france the u.k. and germany as well as the other countries that signed a pact russia and china they say they're going to proceed without the u.s. they're going to stick with the deal as it is and try to make it work while the europeans are certainly going to try and make it work and realistically how likely is it that they will be able to keep the deal alive without the u.s. . well i think it's going to be difficult it's worth noting that european leaders have been for some time trying to persuade trump to stay in the deal and i think the argument to the president himself was pretty straightforward you've got to stay in the steel it's the only option the argument that i think some of those european officials made to some of trump's officials from the president himself because they know the president doesn't really get into detail was
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a little bit more nuanced it was we want you to stay in the deal it really is the best thing but if you don't then please allow us to be able to stay in the deal please allow us to be able to do trade with iran now the trumpet ministration seems to avoid to have ignored that second plea as well because some of the sanctions it looks like we're going to reimpose a secondary sanctions on european businesses that are doing business in iran that i think will make it very hard for the deal to survive because if european countries can't still do business with iran then that's going to hit iranian economy and as you heard the supreme leader supreme data self say if we don't get a benefit out of this deal we're not staying in it james bays with the latest from the lead times thank you. donald trump says it is highly anticipated meeting with north korea's kim jong il
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and will not take place in the demilitarized zone on the korean peninsula trouble says more details about the meeting will be announced within days three americans meanwhile were being held by pyongyang are traveling back to the u.s. where the secretary of state like pale they are due to land within an hour and trance as he will meet them at andrews air force base in maryland it releases same as a gesture of goodwill ahead of the site. let's go live now to our correspondent at the white house kimberly the how can i can really tell us a little bit more about these three americans right well certainly know that the last time they were seen by a state department official in advance of this securing of their release was back in june and that is when a state department official went to bring home a warm beer of course the young man who was detained and eventually died of his
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injuries as a result of detainment so certainly they were accused by the north korean officials of espionage hostile acts something that the united states has always denied but the background towards that is well they did hold other jobs they were essentially accused of proselytizing inside north korea now again the united states has denied that these men are guilty of the crimes that they were alleged to have committed in fact north korea saying that they were granted amnesty in their release as you point out the white house saying this is what they call a gesture of goodwill and looking towards the meeting between kim jong un the north korean leader and donald trump the president speaking at a cabinet meeting just a short time ago saying that they have as you point out narrowed down the location but are reluctant to say when that will be for a few more days. because it was it was the summer going to take place. within three days within three days which is working around. it will not be.
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so i guess a lot of question marks still over this meeting with the north korean leader but certainly very aware that this if it goes to plan could be an incredible to class a coup for him. no question in fact the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh who spoke with reporters as he was leaving with those three americans who had been released really wanted to stress what the white house sees is this in terms of a diplomatic achievement it what they're calling this is an example of president trumps peace through strength achievement and they're using this kind of just springboard towards looking towards the summer at the upcoming summit we should point out that the secretary of state said that while the president was a little tight lipped about that meeting the announcement is likely to come early next week with regard to the location the time the day except donald trump was also
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asked in that cabinet meeting about whether or not he thought he deserved the nobel prize for this achievement of getting this the united states and north korea to be able to talk at this level he seemed to suggest or shrug it off as being premature what he said he sees an achievement is what he wants is a victory for the world a chance to make a good deal for the world we'll see if he is able to do that we will indeed can really help get live at the white house kimberly thank you now counting is under way in malaysia's most tightly fourth election in the years the vote that pitted the prime minister. long ruling coalition against of resurgent opposition led by his one time mentor and the former prime minister mahathir mohamad before including joins us live now from kuala lumpur it's been a very tight race any indication of who is ahead. well we're getting unofficial results and it shows. the opposition alliance the alliance led
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by former prime minister mahathir mohamad in the lead i have to say though that the official results now these unofficial results are derived from the ballots being counted at the voting stations and then they are taken to the counting center where the tally of before the taken to the voting to the counting they got to be signed off by off from the election commission as well as by accounting and these are usually volunteers all party members from the parties that are contesting in that seat so what's what we're hearing is that some election commission offices have refused to sign off on forms in several voting stations and that's why we're not getting the official results as quickly as we would like now and they're already allegations that the election commission is biased towards the ruling alliance we've been hearing that been people who said that that postal votes did not reach them on time they went able to send their votes on time people one day people would spend away from voting stations on the election day itself or not wearing the right
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clothes even though they isn't technically a dress code to turn up at voting stations people who have been queuing before five pm were not a lot with turned away from voting so these were the voting irregularities that we've been hearing people have been accusing the election commission by of. the person leading the opposition challenge has already said that he believes the opposition alliance has one hundred twelve seats that is needed to form the new government but these results have not been made official yet by the election commission. with the latest from kuala lumpur for the moment florence thank you we'll check in with susan as results start coming in now still to come on the program. gunmen launch coordinated attacks in the afghan capital battling security forces for hours and. and israel's prime minister heads to moscow and benjamin netanyahu i think recently strained relationship.
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how it is still raining in western iran and iraq in syria the big swirl in the system is pretty obvious because the head of it all is tough right now between the caspian and the black sea so it's over the caucasus doesn't feed any more moisture in so the thing will slowly fall apart but the immediate future the still significant rain to come out of it now media possibly georgia certainly turkey in the fall north of syria south of it the sons come out again twenty seven in beirut bit of a breeze running across egypt and the showers extend down towards cuba and having gone through baghdad that there will be further rain in the northern portion of this place think it's back down south which is more cloud by this time given this is still here not to be about the day the one hundred millimeters of rain come out
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of the sky from northern syria northern iraq and bits of turkey that will produce some rather unpleasant conditions flooding in particular and of course you can see shasta east of that still there in iraq to the sides apart from the casual thunderstorms showing up in the saudi arabia you just watch a change of wind direction as this thing goes through i think briefly what history's bit of a showing down through bahrain but that will be cut off by the time you get to friday though that massive cloud suggests thunderstorms in north and saturday. unpack it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether on line horrendous things humans will just there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this excessive perhaps everyone has
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a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has addressed his decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying iran will negotiate quote something will happen there's been an angry reaction in tehran with politicians burning the u.s. flag in. compass also promise to reveal details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong within three days but says it won't
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be held within the demilitarized zone has freed three u.s. citizens meanwhile as a goodwill measure ahead of the meeting and counting is underway in malaysia's most tightly fourth election in prime minister. is facing a resurgent opposition led by his one time mentor here mohammed. now donald trump's pick for cia director says she won't allow the use of harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects she to haskell is facing tough questions from u.s. senators at her confirmation hearing she admitted the cia learned lessons from its interrogation program after the nine eleven attacks in which she was accused of overseeing torture techniques she says should never allow that to happen again even if ordered by president trump. my moral compass is strong i would not allow cia to undertake activity that i thought was immoral even if it was technically
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legal i would absolutely not permit it she would not follow the order if you felt that was no i believe that cia must undertake activities that are consistent with american values. let's get the latest now from share of hansie in washington really interesting to hear gina housefull there was she says that basically the morality trumps if you will the legality of things she says even if it was legal she wouldn't now use torture i mean in general how do you think she did under her grilling. well my point it's interesting you say more reality trumps legality however when she was all sed point blank walls the in holmes the interrogation regime put into place its place on the under bush the torture regime was it moral she refused to on some point blank with a yes or no on so she simply would say that she was under her leadership of the cia
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would never happen again because of her moral compass about's raised a number of questions she refused to answer questions on whether while she was overseeing torture at a black site prison in thailand whether she'd asked for the into homes interrogation regime to expand and to be in homes she would mount so that so there are those questions much of her on the two main issues that have dogged her with torture and destroying evidence of torture she went with the nuremberg defense which is she was just following orders you thought it was legal at the time so she says i thought torture was legal so i thought it was fine so the question was well where was your moral compass then but you know then she was rather on the satisfactory on the issue of her drafting the memo that destroyed the evidence of torture the videotapes some ninety videotapes of torture she says she only did that because she was worried about the security of cia operatives when she was asked they will did you know that they were actually requests freedom of information requests federal judge requests requests from congress for those tapes as part of
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the investigations of torture she said she didn't recall when she was asked well if you're so worried about your cia operatives one will just make a digital copy and pixelate out the faces of the operatives who said well she was a technical a technical person in addition we also have cia cables that come out saying it was actually about the reputation of the cia that was it was it was most at stake by those who want to those tapes destroyed but these are the answers she gave in the public a public session of these hearings and now the committee will go into a closed hearing where she will to give more classified information perhaps some of the senators are a bit wary off or have a bit of better luck in getting specifics about her role in torture how many people's torture she ever saw for example i guess it's hard to say now she have until that that closed hearing is over but how likely do you think it is that she will actually win the nomination. judging by the questioning it seems she's doing pretty well and the republicans need a straight majority one hundred senators. john mccain in arizona so he's not going
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to be around so it could be a forty nine fifty majority that they need that sort rand paul the republican said he worked for it for and it seems like he's sticking to it so then the republicans might need one democrat and it seemed there was a particular senator from virginia who seemed very very cozy with with her so they think he will maybe maybe he will vote for her and everything will be ok the republicans seem particularly exercised by her and also the democrats themselves are giving the democrats a little leeway to vote for because so many x. obama officials are in her corner including both of president obama's cia directors and remember it was john brennan president obama's cia director who also was a fan of torture he was also for rendition kidnapping people having people tortured in third countries and he was confirmed so that gives the democrats some cover and it was president obama who we said let's look forward that's not look back that's not hold anyone accountable for things like torture which is one of the reasons why we have so many of these people responsible for these sorts of issues still in the
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running for promotion. with the latest there from washington for the moment she had thank you now gunmen have launched coordinated attacks in the afghan capital killing at least seven people including two police officers. seventeen others were injured when three separate explosions struck kabul followed by gunfire the government says at least eight suicide bombers took part in the attacks overall one of which has been claimed by eisel the other by the taliban jennifer glass is in kabul for us and she spoke a little earlier about what the government is doing about the growing number of attacks in afghanistan. interior minister went on television actually to defend his police forces and his security forces now he says in his defense the interior ministry doesn't have enough of the intelligence equipment to try and prevent these attacks and he says that the attackers are getting help from outside from from
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organizers outside of afghanistan he says the intelligence services do have some of the equipment needed to try and slow these attacks but the interior ministry has a lot to take care of they're trying to they're trying to protect voting centers to try to protect embassies to try to protect ministries and we just learned in the last couple of weeks to cope with the afghan security forces are actually down by more than thirty five thousand over last year that's army as well as police and security forces so it's an uphill battle for them. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been in moscow the russian president vladimir putin speaking after those talks he said he did not believe that russia would try to limit israel's military actions in syria this follows reports of an israeli strike on the iranian military facility near the mask is israel is concerned about russia's growing closeness to iran and involvement in syria but russia has its own interests in the
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middle east as rory chalons explains from moscow. all his meetings with readymade putin are important said benyamin netanyahu before flying to moscow on wednesday but this one is particularly so for israel's prime minister arriving for russia's victory day military parade was an astute courtesy call the holiday celebrates the soviet role in defeating naziism and vladimir putin believe the world isn't grateful enough for russia's sacrifice. especially you. today some try to face from history the fate of a nation but save europe and the world from slavery from extermination from the horrors of the holocaust they try to distort the events leading to the true heroes of the gotten and by history leave it to the store to we will never allow this to happen. but it's netanyahu wasn't here to argue about history he was here to talk about what's happening now in syria one of netanyahu concerns is russia's intention
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to send the syrians the s. three hundred air defense system the previous generation of interceptor missiles he watched drive past him when moscow more importantly he wants to know whether putin is still listening to his worries about iran. it's difficult to believe that seventy years after the holocaust in the middle east as a country that wants to eliminate israel it's a good occasion to discuss this problem with the russia's military intervention in syria has succeeded in making it a relevant power that governments in the middle eastern region have to talk to now but most guys finding that its partnership with tehran is testing the limits of a previously decent working relationship with israel jerusalem appears to be reaching breaking point. israel has already shown its readiness to strike iranian targets inside syria on tuesday nights there were reports of more conflict direct constant in israel and iran in syria will be disastrous for russia and that's why
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russia will do every sink to try to avoid this kind of collusion to use both military contacts and diplomatic contacts. a russian capacity is not unlimited of course. and in this regard. change in the u.s. position on iranian nuclear deal. might serve as a catalyst. as a moved for escalation in the region indeed following u.s. president trumps decision to pull out of the neatly i deal with iran israel stepped up military readiness along the border with lebanon and the golan heights the israelis think attacks from iran's regional proxies such as hezbollah are coming the middle east's complex patchwork of tensions and conflicts could soon be even more combustible whether russia wants it or not rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. at
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least six people have died in a riot at a high security prison for eisel suspects in indonesia al jazeera has been told that several guards are being held hostage at their proper jail south of the capital jakarta security forces are trying to restore calm in the rest follows the arrest of three suspect that eisel gunmen accused of planning to attack in jakarta his police headquarters. the ebola virus has reemerged in the same area of the democratic republic of congo where another outbreak was eradicated last year at least seventeen people have died in it because all the world health organization says two of them has that positive for ebola the show and doctors without borders are sending teams to help prevent the highly infectious disease from spreading. in mozambique sons of people have turned out for the funeral of opposition leader
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and rebel commander afonso black outta luck ahmed died of a suspect that heart attack last week at his rural hideout in central mozambique at the age of sixty sixty five he had the opposition renamo group and for almost four decades the funeral was attended by mozambique's president who vowed to forge ahead with peace talks with thomas successor. an elderly academic preparing for voluntary suicides says he has no hesitation about ending his life david goldhill who does not have a terminal illness has said that he hopes his story will encourage others to take a more liberal view of assisted dying so many reports. it's not the end that he wanted but it is one that he has fought to have one hundred four years old the australian scientist david good old has spent the last few days saying goodbye to friends and relatives before joining halfway across the world to end his life.
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dr no wrong with very. he's not suffering from any serious illness but is stressed by his increasing dependence on relatives to look after him he played tennis until he was ninety years old and performed to the theatre group as his physical condition deteriorated made worse by a fall his daughter karen provided round the clock support to avoid going into a care home ultimately it was dr google's own decision to go through with the assisted suicide one that his family has had to come to terms with he's lived. a really good one hundred four years and. you know whatever happens whatever choices i'm a. there up to him assisted suicide is approved in the australian state of victoria
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where dr goodall once lived and where he previously attempted to take his own life because he's not terminally ill he was denied the state's help to kill himself an advocacy group exit international raised money for his trip to an end of life clinic in switzerland and accompanied him along with his relatives the quite common question that poll if you're sick sick no chance of recovery should you be able to get lawful help to die you'll get eight out of ten people in most western countries will say yes to that the question really is why hasn't that translated for the democratic process in evolution of legislation harder to answer mine lee. we think that it's fear on the part of many politicians that they'll be targeted because of their support for something that they would see as controversial in this case ultimately it came down to one man's desire to choose what he said would be a peaceful dignified death
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a decision dr google hopes everyone can sympathize with as well as respect. al-jazeera. and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has addressed his decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal saying iran will negotiate or quote something will happen there's been an angry reaction in tehran to his decision with legislators burning the u.s. flag and parliament iran's supreme leader is also blasted the move as silly and superficial. to go hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the u.s. president there were maybe more than ten lies multi-seat threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump like hell you will or compass told
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a cabinet meeting the details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong un will be revealed within three days but he has said the meeting will not be held inside the demilitarized zone between the north and the south meanwhile three u.s. citizens imprisoned in north korea have been freed and are now or they're on their way back to the u.s. with the u.s. secretary of state michael pail president trump has tweeted that he will meet the men when they land that andrews air force base in maryland. counting is underway in malaysia. years the vote pits the prime minister. a long ruling coalition against a resurgent opposition led by his one time mentor and former prime minister mahathir mohamad government have launched coordinated attacks in the afghan capital killing at least seven people including two police officers. seventeen others were injured when three separate explosions struck. by gunfire the
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government says at least eight suicide bombers took part in the overall in the attacks overall one of which has been claimed by eisel the other has been claimed by the taliban. and our own from speak for cia director says that she will not allow the use of harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects she has full is facing tough questions from u.s. senators at her confirmation hearing more on that on the al-jazeera news hour i'll have that for you in less than half an hour coming up next the inside story.


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