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on both sides of this conflict made on al-jazeera. children dream of becoming astronauts. few are further from the stars and said that. a teenager from iran. held back by society's shock. on determined. that the day reaching for the star witness documentary on al-jazeera. al jazeera. and for your.
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theory in teheran of a donald trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal but europe val's to stand by the agreement. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up malaysia's veteran acts leader mattera mohamed says he's won the country's closely fought election three americans released by north korea head home with us secretary of state might pay zero. a gunman loach coordinated attacks in the afghan capital battling security forces for al as.
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iran supremely says donald trump's decision to pull the united states out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal is silly and superficial excuse the u.s. president of lying and his threatened to quit the landmark agreement if the remaining while power is called off a trade guarantees. the reports from. the video after the united states tour of. iran started on former members of parliament into one burned a printout of the international power. and the american flag a show of anger and disappointment over what they say is a mistake by washington i doubt although. if europe an important countries like russia and china fill this international vacuum perhaps that will be a way to continue otherwise the islamic republic of iran will bring the us to its senses with its nuclear actions they have to know that under such circumstances iran has no commitment to remain in the nuclear position it was in before the
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iranians woke up to headlines that highlight the country's internal divisions moderates who are currently in government want the deal to go on without trump hardliner stress the united states cannot be trusted and the agreement should be completely scrapped but both sides are bracing for an economic impact this is your division. the withdrawal means more pressure will be exerted on the people and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling to bring in goods and bypass sanctions i on wednesday iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei drew a line in the sand show me a beaut. it is sure to go hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the us president there were maybe more than ten lies more he says he threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump like hell you will. while there is
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a sliver of hope for the deal to survive commonly said he knows iran is asking the remaining signatories for the impossible to stand by iran and ignore the global financial threat posed by the united states has. now said that the agreement will stay in place with participation of the three european countries i do not trust these three countries. while the full impact of renewed sanctions have yet to materialize on iranian streets traditional chants of death to america are getting louder once again perhaps the clearest sign of iran's anger was a message from the supreme leader to the american president in it he said that many u.s. presidents have died in their bones that decomposed and the trump two will return to dust and become food for worms but the islamic republic company says it will remain standing the same bus ravi olders here at the wrong. as a cabinet meeting
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a few hours ago want to iran against assuming its nuclear ambitions i would advise iran not to start their nuclear program i would advise them very strongly if they do there will be very severe consequence ok well tribes also threaten sanctions against any other country with links to iran that could dash hopes for the remaining signatories as they try to salvage the new deal and it's likely to mean any and all the trade dispute between the u.s. and some of its allies as paul brennan explains from. any nation that helps around in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states the message was clear america is out and the other signatories had better follow but they're not going without a fight. it is it is unique this makes the united states the world's economic police and i think that's not an acceptable situation but.
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we will look at the implications that the withdrawal of the us has for european companies and how the europeans can respond together. france germany the e.u. in the u.k. china and russia want to maintain the twenty fifteen agreement and iran has expressed its willing to but all sides understand the trade is the critical issue iran's acceptance of the nuclear restrictions was always dependent on the other signatories ability to deliver economic benefits to tehran without economic benefits is frankly nothing in it for the iranians and so if president trumps sanctions force the signatories to cease trading with iran then the deal is surely dead. since the twenty fifteen deal numerous international companies have promised billions of dollars of investment in iran among the biggest the aerospace giants boeing and airbus have signed deals reportedly worth seventeen billion dollars and
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ten billion dollars respectively the french oil giant total has contracts worth four point eight billion dollars and the automotive group persia has invested four hundred seventy five million dollars can europe really protect a globalized companies from the threats of u.s. sanctions what we. are both sides are protecting a war a company because we should know so. at the end what with the promise of law and the american law it's no applicable law here in europe and it's now up to do more here in germany there is no basis for what he is doing the iran nuclear deal enable trade between iran and the e.u. to double to almost twelve billion dollars for the first half of twenty seventeen and china exported nearly eight billion dollars of goods to iran in the second half
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of last year a twenty two percent increase to defend that business france is preparing to launch a complaint against america with the world trade organization and the european union is examining so-called blocking legislation there will be frantic shuttle diplomacy at the highest level in the coming days paul brennan al-jazeera beilin. malaysia's opposition a demo had to mohammed says he has won enough seats in parliament to form the next government if confirmed the result will end the nearly sixty year wall of prime minister najib razak coalition barris and national a simple majority of one hundred twelve seats is required by a party or alliance an auditor will start saying he joins us live now from kuala lumpur what's the latest on the result. well it's still a little bit murky now mahathir is claiming victory but he's got enough seats to
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form the majority in parliament but the official results from the election commission puts the opposition alliance with one hundred and six seat teeny one hundred twelve seats to be able to form parliament to be able to form the government the next government so it's also a little bit murky but he is claiming victory and in a press conference just a couple of minutes earlier he said he's already informed the palace the king he will be sworn in at nine am tomorrow as the next prime minister of malaysia now however the other side that's the ruling alliance hasn't yet can feed it defeat the hasn't been any statesman from the prime minister from the cats make a prime minister of malaysia. he was supposed to hold a press conference here a couple of hours ago but he never showed up in support to have long left there's no one here left and we understand that there was a meeting at the prime minister's house a couple of cabinet can take a cabinet ministers attend at that meeting and they've said they will hold
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a press conference at eleven on the day morning so we've got one side claiming victory the other side not conceding defeat yet and it's still a little bit murky because the official results on not. out in total get he's nineteen years old how come back with this potentially before my tear mohammed . it's extraordinary i mean if he really does become the next prime minister of malaysia he would be the oldest statesman this is a man who's already ruled the country for more than twenty years he retired and he's returned to politics it's a remarkable comeback and his return really has galvanized the opposition coalition they were made up of three quite separate distinct polities very disparate coalition that banded together because of the. one reason to get rid of the party that the ruling alliance of the sea is corrupt has ruled this country for more than
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sixty years and yet mahathir it was a part of that but he returned to politics because of the corruption that surrounding the polity that surrounding. as well as the state investment fund where millions of dollars have been alleged to be misappropriated from the fund and not just denies wrongdoing but that clearly was an issue that has. that that was on voters' minds and the other issue that really perhaps helped the opposition alliance win votes is the rising cost of living there was really a lot of anger among the electorate at the rising cost of living and they blamed the goods and services tax which the government posed three years ago on that and mahathir and his opposition alliance policies had campaigned on the platform of promising to remove that tax within one hundred days of coming into power i will thank you very much from kuala lumpur floor it's really staying across the latest
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as we wait for confirmation of that election result donald trump says his highly anticipated meeting with north korea's kim jong un will not take place in the demilitarized zone on the korean peninsula has more details about the meeting will be announced within days three americans who were being held by pyongyang are traveling back to the u.s. with secretary of state mike peo at you to land within an hour trump says he will meet them at andrews air force base in maryland their release is seen as a gesture of good will head of the summit that's going to have to a white house correspondent can really help it so three americans have been released by north korea does this help lay the groundwork for that story summit between kim. well donald trump said that in fact he in his exact words he said i appreciate kim jong un for doing this certainly this is being viewed as a gesture of goodwill and certainly the united states happy that the condition of
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the three who were detained significantly better than that of auto warm beer who of course was released last june and he was in a vegetative state and later died of his injuries believed to be sustained well in captivity in north korea so certainly the u.s. very encouraged by what they've seen so far the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was saying in fact that they were in good health they were able to get on the plane without any sort of assistance are now being treated in japan before heading to the united states for further medical testing now the u.s. president certainly looking towards this in terms of that meeting that is still to be determined terms of daytime in fact donald trump speaking about this at a cabinet meeting being very sort of sketchy about the details when talking to reporters. because it was the words the sun was going to take place. within three days within three days which is working or it. it will not be.
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it really is there a slight possibility that this meeting might not happen. absolutely in fact reporters asked donald trump about that saying you know is it possible this couldn't happen he said that everything could be scuttled in his words so don't trump is always left that possibility open he certainly is encouraged by the fact that the groundwork for these talks have been positive so far this being a goodwill gesture at the release of the hostages might pump a zero said he was in north korea for a total of thirteen hours and spoke directly with kim jong un the north korean leader for approximately ninety minutes donald trump was asked if just getting to this stage was a big deal whether or not even as some of suggested deserve the nobel prize for this he seemed to shrug off that suggestion but did say that he does see this is an opportunity for a chance he said to make a good deal for the world we'll have to see where well thanks so much kimberly how
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it was all the latest from the white house with al-jazeera still to come on the program for you israel's prime minister heads to moscow convention the next yahoo he'll increasingly strained relationship also we're going to tell you about a one hundred four year old australian scientist who's traveling home across the world and his flight. how it was still got some rather wet weather into southeastern parts of europe last a cloud showing up just around the but it's rainy and pushing over towards italy the balkans and down into that southeastern corner there are still showers lingering around parts of turkey of a sort of the black sea little area cloud has still producing some heavy downpours and it'll be the case as we go through the next few days there is that wet weather event so that long a lot of rain pushing right up through germany instead mark into scandinavia
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further racist fine and dry for moscow fifteen celsius similar value there for london you notice sixteen celsius in london on thursday said the fresher than it has been recently but those temperatures not just a little has because through friday last drying creasing cloud will spill in jamaica way towards the weekend before france is fine and dry paris twenty one celsius twenty five very betrayed looking good the wet weather continues down towards the southeastern corner so more rain to come for greece and turkey going to write a possibility across the far north of africa northern parts of libya could see a little bit of wet weather as you go on through the next few days fair amounts of just swirling up there into egypt and also into libya thirty one in congress is still pretty hot here not quite as hot but it will be fine in trying to bat with a high note.
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packet for us what were you here and what were you seeing whether online horrendous things humans told us through those absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the set of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this successes perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the world watched them so if you didn't suit join the global conversation on mount is iraq. technical headlines now u.s. president donald trump has addressed his decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal saying iran will negotiate or quote something will happen
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it's been an angry reaction from takraw and with politicians bunning the us flag in parliament. malaysia's opposition leader mattera mohamed says he's won enough seats in parliament to form the next government and will be sworn in as prime minister on thursday but the opposition has not conceded defeat and donald trump has promised to reveal details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong un within three days. but says it won't be held with in the demilitarized zone has freed three u.s. citizens as a gesture of goodwill ahead of the meeting. well in all the stories we're following gunmen launched coordinated attacks in the afghan capital killing at least seven people including two police officers seventeen others were injured when three separate explosions struck kabul followed by gunfire the government says at least eight suicide bombers took part in the attacks overall one of which has been claimed by and the other by the taliban jennifer glass and she spoke to us about
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what the government is doing. regarding the number of attacks in afghanistan. the interior minister went on television actually to defend his police forces and his security forces now he says in his defense the interior ministry doesn't have enough of the intelligence equipment to try and prevent these attacks and he says that the attackers are getting help from outside from from organizers outside of afghanistan he says the intelligence services do have some of the equipment needed to try and slow these attacks but the interior ministry has a lot to take care of they're trying to they're trying to protect voting centers to try to protect embassies they're trying to protect ministries and we just learned in the last couple of weeks because the afghan security forces are actually done by more than thirty five thousand over last year that's army as well as police and security forces so it's an uphill battle for them. at least six people have died in
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a riot at a high security prison feisal suspects in indonesia al jazeera has been told that several gods are being held hostage at the pope jail south of the capital jakarta security forces are trying to restore calm the unrest follows the arrest of three suspected eisel gunmen accused of planning to attack a conscious police headquarters that often has wall from outside the president the park. it's a serious blow to the highly trained in the anti terror police brigade after several of their members have been killed during a hostage situation at one of the best protected prisons in the country it all happened after a group of inmates managed to break out of their cell block and get hold of weapons and ammunition one of the demands of the inmates is to be released as soon as possible and also to meet with among. the self-proclaimed leader of i sell in indonesia who is currently on trial for an attack in jakarta in two thousand and sixteen prosecutors say he planned this attack from behind bars the situation at
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the highly protected prison raises a lot of questions about the notoriously overcrowded detention centers in indonesia where often mobile phones and laptops can still be found a similar riot took place in the last year and after the riot police found myself flag. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been in moscow meeting with the russian president vladimir putin speaking off of those talks he said he did not believe russia would try to limit israel's military actions in syria and this follows reports of an israeli strike on an iranian military facility near the syrian capital damascus israel is concerned about russia's growing closeness to iran and involvement in syria but russia has its own interests in the middle east as or a challenge explains from. all his meetings with readymade putin are important so benyamin netanyahu before flying to moscow on wednesday but this one is
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particularly so for israel's prime minister arriving for russia's victory day military parade was an astute courtesy call the holiday celebrates the soviet role in defeating naziism and vladimir putin believe the world isn't grateful enough for russia's sacrifice a. special you. today some try to face from history the fate of the nation but say . view of the world from slavery from extermination from the horrors of the holocaust they try to distort the events and the true heroes of the gotten and by history really written this daughter we will never allow this to happen. but netanyahu wasn't here to argue about history he was here to talk about what's happening now in syria one of netanyahu concerns is russia's intentions to send the syrians the s. three hundred air defense system the previous generation of interceptor missiles he watched drive past him when moscow more importantly he wants to know whether putin
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is still listening to his worries about iran. it's difficult to believe that seventy years after the holocaust in the middle east there's a country that wants to eliminate israel it's a good occasion to discuss this problem with the russia's military intervention in syria has succeeded in making it a relevant power that governments in the middle eastern region have to talk to now but most goes finding that its partnership with tehran is testing the limits of a previously decent working relationship with israel jerusalem appears to be reaching breaking point israel has already shown its readiness to strike iranian targets inside syria on tuesday nights there were reports of more colorful direct constants in israel and iran in syria will be disastrous for russia and that's why russia will do every sink to try to avoid this kind of collusion to use
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both military contacts and diplomatic contacts. a russian capacity is not unlimited of course. and in this regard. change in the u.s. position on iranian nuclear deal. might serve as a catalyst. as a moved for escalation in the region indeed following u.s. president trumps decision to pull out of the neatly or deal with iran israel stepped up military readiness along the border with lebanon and the golan heights the israelis think attacks from iran's regional proxies such as hezbollah are coming in the middle east's complex patchwork of tensions in conflicts could soon be even more combustible whether russia wants it or not rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. donald trump's pick for cia director says she won't allow the use of harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects jeanne
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a house bill is facing questions from the u.s. senate says at her confirmation hearing she admitted the cia learned lessons from its interrogation program after the nine eleven attacks in which she was accused of overseeing torture techniques she says she'd never allow that to happen again even if ordered by president trump. be my moral compass is strong i would not allow the cia to undertake activity than i thought was immoral even if it was technically legal i would absolutely not permit it she would not follow the order if you felt that was now i believe that cia must undertake activities that are consistent with american values shavar dancey has more from capitol hill. there are two questions the dog house for her role in talk of blacks in thailand that she was overseeing and her role in the destruction of evidence of torture that
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congress and federal courts are requested be handed over and on both she was sticking to a nuremberg defense she was just following orders and she thought that they were legal the problem for those who are skeptical of her nomination is it's very difficult then to understand what she actually thinks about torture which actually thinks about destroying evidence and those are important issues for the next director of the cia she tried to assure senators around the u.s. public by saying she has a very strong moral compass then in the end when pushed she wouldn't say that torture was immoral at least the torture we saw post nine eleven and she suggested it wasn't even a cia issue because it's no longer the cia's drawable to interrogate prisoners. hundreds of people have protested in montenegro after the latest attack on a journalist in the balkan country the protesters in the capital polled said the government has not done enough to tackle violence against the press have been a number of incidents in recent years including on tuesday when
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a reporter called vera was shot outside her home the general manager of a newspaper says there's been a total of twenty five attacks on its offices and journalists now to armenia where the new prime minister nicola has visited the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh on his first official day in the job the area is recognised internationally as part of azerbaijan but has been controlled by ethnic on the union forces since one thousand nine hundred forty. said he's ready for talks with azerbaijan about this issue but wants the separatists to take part as well as a by john said his trip showed either naivety or ignorance. well now in mozambique thousands of people have turned out for the funeral of opposition leader and rebel commander afonso comma the comma died of a suspected heart attack last week at his rural hideout in central mozambique at
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the age of sixty five he headed the opposition renamo group for almost four decades the funeral was attended by mozambique's president who vowed to forge ahead with peace talks with a comma successor an elderly academic preparing for voluntary suicide says he has no hesitation about ending his life david good will who does not have a terminal illness said that he hopes his story will encourage others to take a more liberal view on assisted dying sonic eggo reports. it's not the end that he wanted but it is one that he has fought to have one hundred four years old the australian scientist david good old has spent the last few days saying goodbye to friends and relatives before joining halfway across the world to end his life. dr is no wrong we're very.
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he's not suffering from any serious illness but as stressed by his increasing dependence on relatives to look after him he played tennis until he was ninety years old and performed to the theatre group as his physical condition deteriorated made worse by a fall his daughter karen provided round the clock support to avoid going into a care home ultimately it was dr goodall's own decision to go through with the assisted suicide one that his family has had to come to terms with he's lived. a really good one hundred four years and. you know whatever happens whatever choices i'm a. there up to him assisted suicide is approved in the australian state of victoria where dr goodall once lived and where he previously attempted to take his own life because he's not terminally ill he was denied the state's help to kill himself an
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advocacy group exit international raised money for his trip to an end of life clinic in switzerland and accompanied him along with his relatives. the call common question that's polled if you'll see sick no chance of recovery should you be able to get lawful help to die or you'll get eight out of ten people in most western countries will say yes to that the question really is why hasn't that translated for the democratic process in evolution of legislation a bit harder to answer mainly we think that it's fear on the part of many politicians that they'll be targeted because of their support for something that they would see as controversial in this case ultimately it came down to one man's desire to choose what he said would be a peaceful dignified death a decision dr google hopes everyone can sympathize with as well as respect so here you go out to sarah. well there's more to everything we're covering right here
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address al-jazeera dot com. minder of the top stories this hour donald trump has addressed his decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal saying iran will negotiate or quote something will happen has been an angry reaction in town iran to this decision with legislators banning the u.s. flag and parliament iran's supreme leader has also blasted the superficial. hard for you all heard last night the cheap and impudent remarks of the u.s. president there were maybe more than ten lies multi-seat threesome both the establishment and the iranian nation that he will do this and that and i will tell him on behalf of the iranian people mr trump like hell you will. well asia's opposition made them hard to mohammed says he's won enough seats in parliament to
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form the next government will be sworn in as prime minister on thursday if confirmed the result will end the nearly sixty year rule of problems and coalition virus a national simple majority of one hundred twelve seats is required by a party or alliance to rule the opposition has not conceded defeat. has told a cabinet meeting that details of a historic summit with north korea's kim jong un will be revealed within three days but he said the meeting will not be held inside the demilitarized zone between the north of the south three u.s. citizens imprisoned in north korea have now been freed and are on their way back to the united states with u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe president trump has tweeted that he will meet the man when they landed anders our force base in maryland well now gunmen launched coordinated attacks in the afghan capital killing at least seven people including two police officers seventeen others were injured when three separate explosions
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struck kabul followed by gunfire the government says at least eight suicide bombers took part in the attacks over rule one of which has been claimed on the by the taliban. pick for cia director says she won't allow the use of harsh interrogation tactics on terror suspects jeanne a hospital is facing tough questions from the u.s. senate has at her confirmation hearing. bring you more on that story and everything else in about twenty five minutes time more news coming up for you then after the story which starts now.


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