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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i know this is there and what are you looking for today we get to assist the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom to suppose our customers are told not sure is it to me to explore eastern process with so many the news we have outside knowledge available to us to know. and monday put it well on the. british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to from driving. five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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israel strikes several targets in syria for accusing iranian forces inside syrian territory of launching attacks on the occupied golan heights. again on people watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. going prime minister najib razak excepts election defeats i was stood by his mentor ninety two year old former premier that. nobody thought this was going to happen and if it did it would be years or decades donald trump wins the release of three american prisoners from north korea. in the next ninety minutes or two hours. and the expected love story that is unexpected that's blossomed amidst protests in gaza.
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tensions between israel syria and iran appear to be escalating with israeli warplanes firing at targets inside syria the state news agency there is reporting that several military sites including a raid officer lety and munitions depo were destroyed earlier the israeli military said iranian. forces in neighboring syria fired rockets at their positions in the occupied golan heights shot up at us. air raid sounding in the israeli occupied golan heights rockets fired from syria israel says somewhere into sifted other schools damage to the frontline positions. the israeli army is attributing the attack to the coots brigades part of the iranian revolutionary guard. iran is an ally of syrian president bashar al assad
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and the coalition says it didn't start this fight it says israel fired shells at the golan border town of han on a bay earlier on wednesday on tuesday it blamed israel for this is a strike on a syrian army base south of damascus that killed two people. the syrian military says this video shows a firing missiles in response to israeli attacks on damascus suburbs. some people as. has made a hundred incursion certainly doesn't. including just just. so for a while probably i've been waiting for iranian response. iran has increased its military presence in syria and with that increased tensions with neighboring israel it is still a ship this week when u.s. president donald trump quit the iran nuclear deal referring to israeli intelligence documents that said iran had been pursuing nuclear weapons for years something iran
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denies. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has traveled to moscow to meet with assad's ally russian president putin. it sucked. i presented israel's obligation and right to defend itself against iranian aggression from iran from within syrian territory against the state of israel the iranians declare their intention to attack us they're trying to transfer forces and deadly weapons there with the explicit goal of attacking israel as part of their strategy to destroy israel earlier this week the israel army warned of an imminent attack the i.d.f. has detected a regular iranian activity in syria as preparing the civilian population on the golan heights accordingly as well as defensive systems any aggression against israel will be mixed with a severe response and now after the golan heights attack israel followed through syrian media broadcasting their air defenses responding to attacks by israel
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rockets arching from one country to another israelis in the golan heights and syrians urged to find cover hoping the assault doesn't exclaims shallop ballasts out his era. let's take a look at exactly where the strikes have hit israel's military saying iranian forces were the first to strike shelling an israeli outpost in the occupied golan heights then israel responded with repeated strikes on iranian positions inside syria syrian state media says its air defense system intercepted those rockets people living in damascus reported seeing explosions above the city syrian state t.v. has said israeli missiles have also been taken down south of homs are a force that has more now from jerusalem. this is the first time that israel has directly accused iran of attacking it from within syrian territory since the start of the syrian civil war in twenty eleven it's been met with an overwhelming israeli
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response there was a statement coming from the israeli military after what seems to be the conclusion of that response it says that these really military targeted dozens of military targets belonging to the could see brigade of the iranian revolutionary guard that this is a huge escalation from what took place in february when an israeli jet was shot down by syrian anti-aircraft fire after israel responded to what it says was an iranian drone that entered israeli territory in that event there were some eight targets and four of them belonged israel said to the iranian military this time it's talking about dozens of such targets among them it says are intelligence sites that just six headquarters military compounds military bases weapons storage site at damascus airport it also says that some of those attacking forces were met by syrian anti-aircraft systems and that resulted in syrian military targets being struck as well so this was obviously put in place as
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a response in advance of what israel had been briefing the local media about in recent days saying that it expected some kind of iranian response to recent israeli strikes on iranian targets within syria and this is the response that israel has decided is calibrated to show the strength that it has to target iran inside syria the question is whether that will be a terence or whether it could invite further escalation from the other side now that these things are in train accidental escalation towards further conflict is always a possibility. well another of our correspondents. for all of the following developments for us out of beirut details still pretty sketchy hashim can we just put together as best as we can a timeline of what happened here statement so far from the syrian military talking about intercepting myside that were targeting areas in
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the city which is on the golan heights they say that they have managed to take down some of those missile eyes but others managed to hit weapons facilities and also a radar facility that that area has been a flashpoint. district in the past this is part of it under the control of the syrian rebels but over the last few years the syrian army backed by different believes she has managed to take most of these areas creating concerns by israel which has been accusing syrian government here brownian forces shiite militia groups of trying to meant tain permanent military bases in those areas i mean it was seen at task in those areas in the past at these rallies have targeted a base on the outskirts of the capital damascus a few days ago also targeted the city on the articles of homs last month trait
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triggering a strong statement from the iranians on the syrians think that this time any attack by the israelis will be met by retaliation and for the israelis they're clearly worried they've been signaling this for several weeks now they're clearly worried about some sort of hezbollah iranian front coming towards them where you are is that a realistic possibility. that's a huge concern today as the lebanese army says that four israeli fighter jets violated. space. this is something which is creating concerns because now the confrontation in syria degenerate into a full blown confrontation between the israelis and the iranians now the question is what would be the reaction of hezbollah or israel has been saying in the fast that the syrian government is behaving the way for iran and hezbollah seventeen
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strong three presence in on the golden hide nothing from the border with israel this has been raising concerns you've been here eleven that any confrontation over into lebanon as a could trigger a reaction from hezbollah that happens that you might end up with a situation where you have different frontlines different of these happening at the same time which could destabilize the entire region now the biggest concern from an israeli perspective they say they have seen iranian side. stepping into these areas particularly on the border with israel hoping to maintain permanent military bases now in the past the narrative of the israeli government was basically that intervention in syria would be confined to preventing those iranian soldiers or fighters from sending any weapons unless now that has
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completely changed it looks like we're bracing for. in that region and the big question now with the continue to be the reaction from here eleven and is part of that narrative fashion that you're taking us through there not so much the symbolism of the golan heights the strategic geography of the golan heights because if you're up on the golan heights you are literally overlooking the road to damascus and everyone we're talking about in this in this three way fight today is well aware of that. indeed and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about a few months ago when a visit to the golan heights is that he is determined not to allow iran to open a corridor or all the way from thailand to the golan heights so the israelis biggest concern is here brian nguyen's meant taining those military sets enough
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that it bases in the golan heights and this creates huge concerns for the israeli government now the question is basically where is bally's with continue attacking those areas in the golan heights because that's just further destabilize syria in a way or another and that those sunni challengers for the syrian president bashar asad because of one hand he badly need support from iran and different groups operating in the area to try to tilt the ground in his favor without the rebels from the areas they have been controlling for almost six years if not if these rallies continue to tell you things areas particularly in the golan heights of this fight against the syrian government positions particularly on the outskirts of the capital damascus that's because of that undermine president. in his trunk hold the capital damascus or interesting events happening as we speak now in syria a potential for why don't we general confrontation is that also
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a potential for more this experience government position is also that question thank you malaysia's former prime minister mahathir mohamad has called for the prime minister to be appointed immediately he was in effect talking about himself he's just giving a press conference following his party's election win marking the surprising comeback for the ninety two year old the first time since full independence and opposition alliance is likely to form the next government. there's been some is. a leg of understanding of the asian but we like to be clear that they say and the engine see here we need to form the government now the that is because currently there is no government of malaysia. i can't even see. and in
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the end is no. better said national the past. is committed to respecting the principles of democracy the king will decide who we made prime minister according to the constitution the party will respect whatever decision the king makes and i would like to urge the people of malaysia to remain calm and place confidence in the king to make a decision. ok let's take you live now to my colleague robert bright who's in kuala lumpur for us this hour so rob is it a sense there of being in limbo at least for the next few hours. that seems to be the message from dr bao to hear that yes there is a kind of a political limbo here in kuala lumpur in malaysia it is a public holiday here it was that was declared by dr mad here when he realized his party had won this but his message seems to be he is the prime minister in waiting clearly has his party's coalition has one enough seat the past the post system one
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hundred twelve seats in parliament but you have a prime minister who technically is still holding the reins of power who has not said definitively that he's going to give up those reins of power although he has accepted that yes the people have spoken saying it is up to the king so the point from dr mahathir is this there is not an effective government in. hopefully any mahathir has given notice if you like to the administration that he wants to have this resolved by five pm today thursday local time here in malaysia he wants this transition to go through you do get a sense that maybe this is the all parties trying to feel their way forward this is pretty uncharted territory this simply hasn't happened before the ruling party losing an election and having to hand over power hopefully the all parties are trying to find out a way of trying to do that peter what are the local paper saying about it.
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it is pretty extraordinary stuff. the events of the last night wednesday going into early hours of thursday here meant that for most people they went to bed last night in malaysia fully expecting to wake up to the same party in power as their parents grandparents have for the past thirteen malaysian general elections that's not the case that many of them are being told by today's later editions of the morning papers here the news they have finally a new government although has to be said some of the coverage is quite subdued that's because a lot of the papers here are either controlled by the government or are in line with the government and they are seemingly as disbelieving as the government themselves so in the new straits times we have pakistan the opposition claims victory they seem to be hedging their bets their son wants the star conceive the doctor here is to be sworn in as the new prime minister and giving this all important figure of one hundred twelve seats won by his coalition it is left up to
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the non english headlines to be a little more emphatic on such an historic moment the chinese title here reads a people's tsunami and that is the same title in behave in malaysia the local language here tsunami racket the same message this is a people's it's an army peter just very briefly rather mean looking at the broader picture of malaysian politics dr mahathir was criticized and in effect i guess some people say got rid of they would say look you destroyed the institutions of government when you had your twenty two years in the top job and yet he would have been elected back into office on a ticket of law and order how does that work. it is it is quite extraordinary many ironies here he is credited dr mahathir with twenty two years of strong leadership some would say verging on or thora tarion leadership a certain amount of cronyism the same kind of cronyism which arguably has now led
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to what many people believe has been the widespread corruption within the current government led by the ruling party that you see here but this seems to be very late in life here possibly turning over a new leaf at the ground old age of ninety two saying here except that many of the problems currently being. currently here in malaysia were the result of his time in power including of course the promotion of his. so he says he accepts that but will soon hand over power to what the person he believes should be the rightful prime minister of malaysia and that's and what you bring him the leader of the opposition currently languishing in prison and probably today in his prison cell enjoying some of these titles peter rob thanks talk to later. still to come here on al-jazeera a hostage situation at a prison in indonesia has ended we'll have the latest. the my moral compass is
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strong i would not allow the cia to undertake activity and donald trump's nominee to head the cia promises not to use torture against detainees if she gets the job. how i once again we're still struggling to shake off the shabby weather across the middle east we've got a fair amount of cloud pulling out of iraq into iran up towards the caspian sea and look how that cloud just runs its way down into the gulf as well for good measure it will not a little further north which in this was as we go through thursday ahead of that the warmth setting in now for a couple of about thirty one celsius behind we'll see highs of around twenty five and by route but the cloud the rain that continues to turkey into syria northern
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parts of iraq more of the same as we go on through friday by friday we will see some of that rain just making its way across northern areas of iran as well in just eighteen back towards afghanistan to the south of that though it is essentially try there will be some of that cloud affecting the funnel all of the arabian peninsula they want to see showers into western parts of iran he would die ha colder than it has been lately let's hope so we say that it's six thirty seven celsius and it will be try it with at dusk the listed inside setting a possibility across that eastern side of the peninsula right so you were crossed south africa right over the next day quite a keen northerly wind coming into cape town a little bit of cloud around the western cape will see that cloud nothing a little further race was by the time we come to friday. al jazeera wild need some extraordinary women. who are making things happen
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that are way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt swimmin street silent as an al-jazeera. year with al-jazeera live from the top stories for. tensions between israel syria and iran appear to be escalating the israeli military
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said iranian forces in syria five rockets at their positions on the golan heights later israeli warplanes fired at syrian military bases and step up state t.v. is reporting several air defense positions were hit. lazio's former prime minister mohammad calls for the prime minister to be appointed immediately dr mohammed has just given a news conference following his passing election when blocking a surprising comeback for the ninety two year old for the first time since independence an opposition alliance is likely to form the next government. three americans held captive in north korea will land at a military base in the next hour or so roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from now just outside washington they will be greeted by president trump their release comes after the secretary of state mike pompei of travel to north korea to finalize plans for a summit between trump and korea's kim jong un kathy novak now from seoul. the release
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of the americans is another sign of the thawing relationship between pyongyang and washington and improves the climate for the proposed summit between donald trump and kim jong un the us president has pushed the case for months saying there's been constant pressure likewise fighting very diligently to get the three american citizens back reports that the three had been moved from a labor camp to a hotel in the capital was followed closely in south korea there they received better food and medical treatment this is what we know about the three men kim jong il is a south korean born u.s. citizen who worked as a religious minister in his early sixty's he was detained in twenty fifteen on spying charges a year later he was sentenced to ten years hard labor at a government arranged news conference he apparently confessed to stealing military secrets while working with south korea a claim rejected by seoul two of the men have been detained since donald trump became president kim hock song was detained on suspicion of hostile acts in may
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twenty seventeen believed to be an ethnic korean born in china he emigrated to the u.s. in the one nine hundred ninety s. he worked at pyongyang university of science and technology. who goes by tony kim was arrested in april twenty seventeen he also worked at the university and was accused of hostile acts trumper had been suggesting that unless the north koreans take real denuclearization steps that he wouldn't go to the summit well the north koreans have given him something else very easy for them to give and now the summit will absolutely go ahead donald trump used to call the north korean leader a little rocket man and warned of a hostile reaction to further threats of attack from their west career best not make anyone threats to the united states. they will be met with fire as a fury. like the world has never see but in march there was a dramatic turnaround when president trump announced summit plans after a visit by a south korean delegation to the white house the man who is now u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o followed up with visits to north korea to lay the groundwork for talks with president trump as three americans celebrate their release the family of student auto war india will be thinking of what could have been arrested in north korea and held for seventeen months he returned to the u.s. in a vegetative state and died days later one because parents have lodged a wrongful death suit against the north korean government kathy novak al jazeera soul donald trump's controversial nominee for cia director has testified before a senate committee to the hospital i spent thirty three years working for the agency much of it on the cover but it's how work leading the interrogation of suspects that's brought some politicians to question her fitness to head the cia classical hain has more from washington. you knew there were going to be protests gina haskell is controversial she was in charge of the secret prison in thailand when added on the cherie was tortured but republicans
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on the committee across the board said that was actually ok with them it's very easy to sit back and criticize the work of the agency with the benefit of hindsight haskell says she wouldn't torture people now the democrats were not convinced answer yes or no do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral senator what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to answer the question. and i think i've answered the question i have not she went on to say that she doesn't believe torture works but with a caveat she never said what she supervised waterboarding was torture we got valuable information from debriefing of al qaeda detainees and i don't i don't think it's noble whether interrogation techniques played a role in that she had to answer for another controversial move she sent the order demanding ninety two videotapes of people being tortured destroyed she blamed her
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boss and republican seemed convinced of her innocence were holding you responsible for drafting a cable at your boss's direction make any more sense than holding a senate speechwriter responsible for the boring speech of senators you have on the senate floor senator i'll defer to you. some have warned giving her the job would send the message that the u.s. like president trump is ok with torture at least one democrat now says he doesn't agree making it likely she will be the next leader of the cia pedicle hain al-jazeera washington and uneasy and police say a hostage crisis at a high security jail in the capital jakarta has now ended often in the old prisons involved surrendered at least six people died in a riot at the high security prison which holds a large number of isolating suspects a prison officer was taken hostage at the de paul jail but was later released be on arrest comes days after the arrest of three suspected eisel gunman accused of
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planning an attack against a cautious police had courses. the red cross has called on israel to respect medics working in gaza during long running protests that have led to many deaths and injuries now friday will be the seventh week of the great march for turn by thousands of palestinians protest along the israeli border fence but among the chaos a love story is stephanie that. there is an unexpected love story. a both volunteer medics treating the injured during the week protests along israel's fence with gaza they'd never met before. the first time she impressed me is when she went directly to the border and how great she was to secure one of the injured at the fence. that moment was captured on video a deal signals to the israeli soldiers that she is a medic coming to help collect an injured protestor. i raised my hands
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to show the soldiers that we are medics and to stop shooting it was the first time i met my that was a really beautiful day for me. and we worked together to treat the injured i felt something strange in my stomach. and a producer suffered tells her. that strange thing is called love my dear. ideal is one of six sisters and three brothers her parents are happy about the engagement but even that is a challenge in gaza these days when an immigrant i never expected him to ask me to marry him because our family's faces really tough financial conditions but i feel god is compensating. my life has been really hard i don't want anything from life except this. they got engaged in the medical tent where they met in kind eunice it's one of the five protest points along israel's fence. and they often pass by
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here during the week if you young boys and men remain and sometimes their injuries israel's fence is only a few hundred meters away. so what now for this young couple. now we are focusing on the great march of the ten but you know with a comic situation here just terrible there is no war i need to make enough money for our wedding which could take me one or two years i said this even in the front of her father my situation. they don't get paid for their volunteer work and it comes with real risk israeli snipers of shot emergency medics as well as unarmed protesters and journalists the protests are expected to culminate on may the fifteenth during what palestinians call the nakba or catastrophe it's the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the state of israel i deal in my heart will be there to help treat the injured and they fear there could be many stephanie decker on jazeera and eunice gaza.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories. tensions between israel syria and iran appear to be escalating the israeli military said iranian forces in syria five rockets at their positions in the occupied golan heights israeli warplanes fired at syrian military bases. syrian state t.v. is reporting several defense positions were hit the white house press secretary sarah saunders has been speaking about rising tensions between israel and iran. this just further shows that the iranian regime cannot be trusted israel absolutely has a sovereign right to defend itself and we support them in whatever efforts they have in order to defend themself but again i think this activity in this action is just further demonstration that the iranian regime cannot be trusted and another good reminder that the president made the right decision to get out of the iran deal
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well as he is formally. has called for the new prime minister to be appointed to me to get to the he was really talking about himself he's just given a news conference in the last following his policies election with marking a surprising comeback for the ninety two year old for the first time since independence in opposition alliance is likely to form the next government. has been some. understanding of. but we'd like to be clear. they say and. we need to do for now the that is because i believe they. believe. even if you truly and it. is no. the u.s. could reimpose sanctions on iran as early as next week to ensure it doesn't develop
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nuclear weapons as well as america's withdrawal from a landmark deal that limited iran's nuclear capabilities. three americans freed from prison in north korea have entered u.s.s. space they just touched down in maryland in the next hour or so earlier their plane landed in alaska for refueling president trump took to twitter to say he looks forward to greeting the hostages those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness i'll have a summary at the top of the hour i'll see that. al-jazeera. where ever you.


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