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examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict and. the future home join us on may the fifteenth with special coverage. it's swear every. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel an alum in your bra five jeans will mean the days of time but ten times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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three americans arrived back home after being released by north korea and my proudest achievement well being this is a part of it but it will be what we the nuclearize that entire potential of donald trump thanks north korean leader kim jong un says he's hopeful of a major breakthrough with pyongyang. but i agree with that again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up israel strikes several targets in syria after accusing iranian forces inside syrian territory of launching attacks on the occupied golan heights plus. i can't even see through all their lives and in there in the wind is no or a remarkable upset. as
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a ninety two year old former leader defeats the ruling coalition. three americans freed from prison in north korea have touched down in the u.s. . it's like a dream with very very happy u.s. president donald trump think north korea's leader kim jong il in the sea met the men as they landed at joint base andrews outside washington d.c. their release comes after secretary of state mike pompei i traveled to north korea to finalize plans for a summit between president trump and kim jong un one hour from al-jazeera skimpily how kids who sat joint base andrews there was an audible here are the three americans disembarked from the medical plane that had transported them to the united states touching down on u.s. soil one of the freed him dong sure raised his arms
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triumphantly before walking down to the tarmac this is certainly a significant moment for these men who will now go on for further medical treatment there was a bus awaiting to take them there but the significance of this moment beyond the emotion what happens next this is certainly a pivot point for the united states which certainly has viewing this and viewing this as a goodwill gesture on the poor part of north korea the u.s. president president along with the vice president and the u.s. secretary of state to greet the three men who have recently been freed the president saying as he spoke to reporters that he wanted to thank him john good for this release saying in fact that it was a great honor to greet these three men and he is grateful for their good condition in the words of the u.s.
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president bad things could have happened but he says that his proudest achievement is not the release of these three men but what could happen next as he looks toward the upcoming summit with kim jong un the north korean leader he says the goal of the united states is to work towards complete denuclearize asia let's bring in a serious cathy know their kin she's live for us in so who are these men why were they imprisoned in north korea. oh these are three americans the first kim jong cole he was the one who was held for the longest arrested back in twenty fifteen and then sentenced to ten years hard labor accused of espionage we heard a little from him when he touched down on the tarmac there saying that he had to do hard labor but when he did get sick he was given treatment the two other men were arrested after donald trump was already u.s. president in twenty seventeen the first tony kim who also is known as kim soft was
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one man who worked at a pyongyang university as did kim hock song and they were accused of hostile acts and have been held for about a year or so donald trump has said that the u.s. administration has been working hard for their release and certainly there was a lot of anticipation to just see how these women were doing of course remembering that the last time that an american was released after being detained in north korea it was the case of auto warm beer who was unfortunately returned to the u.s. in a vegetative state and ultimately died we hear not much about what happens in north korea but many reports of the harsh human rights conditions that the citizens indeed face in north korea and the kind of treatment that these men must of had to face while in north korean detention but we saw them walk off the plane there
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seemed to be in good health which will be welcome news not least for the families of these men who certainly will be very much looking forward to being reunited with them to south korea's government have any involvement in this prisoner release what's what you've been saying about yours. well south korea has certainly welcomed the release and actually six south korean citizens remained in north korea so south korea says it is continuing to push for their release but south korea has said that it hopes that this will create a positive mood going into the u.s. north korea summit of course the administration of the liberal president mungy and has been pushing for more engagement and dialogue with north korea there was that historic into a korean summit between when j. and and kim jong un we saw the hugs and smiles that happened there in the south korea has been coordinating closely when it comes to setting up the summit between
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the u.s. and north korea we're expecting the foreign minister of south korea to meet her u.s. counterpart in washington d.c. see on friday and minging in is expected to travel to the u.s. for another meeting with donald trump on the twenty second of this month ahead of trunks expected meeting with kim jong un many thanks if you don't live. israel's defense minister says that he hopes the latest round of violence with iran inside syria has ended lieberman says that israel hit nearly all of iran's infrastructure in its biggest attack since the war began israel says that it was in response to iranian rockets being fired at its positions in the golan heights charlotte ballasts reports. air raid sounding in the israeli occupied golan heights rockets fired from syria israel says somewhere into sifted.
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the israeli army is attributing the attack to the coots brigades part of the iranian revolutionary guard. iran is an ally of syrian president bashar al assad and the coalition says it didn't start this fight it says israel fired shells at the golan border town of han on a bay earlier on when stay on choose day blamed israel for this is a strike on a syrian army base south of damascus that killed two people. the syrian military says this video shows a firing missiles in response to israeli attacks on damascus suburbs. some people estimate that means rio has made a hundred incursion certainly doesn't. including just. go for a wider or probably i've been waiting for iranian response. iran has increased its military presence in syria and with that increased tensions with
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neighboring israel it is still later this week when u.s. president donald trump quit the iran nuclear deal referring to israeli intelligence documents that said iran had been pursuing nuclear weapons for years something iran denies. prime minister binyamin netanyahu has traveled to moscow to meet with assad's ally russian president putin. it's luck to all of us in this i presented israel's obligation and right to defend itself against iranian aggression from iran from within syrian territory against the state of israel the iranians declare their intention to attack us they're trying to transfer forces and didley weapons there with the explicit goal of attacking israel as part of their strategy to destroy israel earlier this week the israel army warned of an imminent attack the i.d.f. has detected a regular iranian activity in syria as preparing the civilian population on the golan heights accordingly as well as defensive systems any aggression against
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israel will be mixed with a severe response and now after the golan heights attack israel followed through syrian media broadcasting their air defenses responding to attacks by israel rockets arching from one country to another israelis in the golan heights and syrians urged to find cover hoping the assault doesn't exclaims shallop bellus out his ear israel says the rockets were fired at us forces in the golan heights which israel captured from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and is occupied since in a move that's never been recognized by the un occupying the golan heights gives israel a military advantage it's also a source of water that israel's built more than thirty settlements in the territory let's go live to the west or islam to serious alan fischer is that moscow has called on israel and iran to dial down the tensions between them have it go lieberman the defense minister says that he hopes that will be an end to the matter
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is it. it is so volatile in the syria no one would give any absolute gatton ts but certainly the israelis believe that they have dealt a fairly devastating blow to the iranian military inside syria they say they targeted all iranian infrastructure in the attack that they were acting on intelligence that they had gathered that even presented when benjamin netanyahu was in more school speaking to vladimir putin and when the rockets started to fly then they decided to carry out this extensive operation the number of dead on the syrian side still unclear what the israelis are saying is that a number of missiles were fired twenty in total towards the territory a number fell short and those that came close to israel were destroyed by the iron dome defense system lieberman has been saying just in the last few hours that if it rains in israel it will poor all around very clearly suggesting that the intent in
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taking action to stop iran establishing bases in syria a point that netanyahu made when he visited moscow on whedon's that certainly what we'll see is the israelis continuing to target any. really in operations that they believe is a threat to their territory something they've done not something they've always admitted to doing but something they've done progressively since february of this year so this is all about israel laying down a red line if you like on a border which until. recently had been relatively stable. the north there's always been a point of contention and certainly after donald trump decided that he would. essentially violate the iran nuclear deal then what israel said was please people
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in the north be aware that there could be some sort of attack they said that they were aware of a really in missiles trained towards israel and they opened up the public shelters no it's thursday morning in the north of israel and they are saying that everything is operating as normal although there is a restriction on the number than the size of gatherings in public areas they say that things there are getting back to normal and giving the defense minister's comments it's clear that he believes that this is a threat that while it won't go away has certainly been diminished and suggesting that when the iranians wake up this morning after that is really a military operation they say they will it will take them several months to even begin to consider rebuilding to previous levels and of course that the hidden message there is even if they do decide to rebuild to previous levels then the israelis will bomb them again and that many takes out a serious alan fisher in west jerusalem
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a search and rescue operation is underway after a dam burst in central kenya heavy rain caused the patel dam in the kuru county to break its banks sweeping away hundreds of homes police say they've recovered at least twenty bodies and there are reports that fifty people are unaccounted for flash flooding has already killed at least one hundred people across kenya and destroyed thousands of hectares of farmland. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then again gauging love story from gaza as medics treating the wounded fall for each other. drumming up anti-government protests in argentina is paying the bills there becomes ever more expensive. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. how i would still have plenty of storms rumbling away across central and
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eastern parts of europe down into italy down across the balkans still plenty of cloud his swelling away over towards the black sea the leiria of low pressure the quieter weather is further north moscow doing quite nicely we've got some more wet weather windy weather coming in from the atlantic says in the process of moving across that western side if you have through scotland and looking to drive its way further east was a long line of wet weather there all the way from scandinavia down across parts of germany and on towards the out seventy celsius there for london and paris and as we go through thursday afternoon fifteen celsius twenty bath or four moscow but still plenty of showers down towards the southeast and cold as a turkey still looking pretty unsettled weather still there for greece into the balkans further north as we go on into friday the rain moves over towards the baltic states quater weather comes in behind for a time barely the seventeen celsius seventeen celsius to fall under but it's twenty two for paris next area of rainfall that's waiting out over iraq and whether that
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cools keeps it green and lovely that will make its way in over the next couple days you know whether to cross northern parts of africa wanted to show was a possibility of the northern algeria l.g.'s the twenty three. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing where on line horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and ship steet bass is a dialogue about some of this except if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation on mt is iraq.
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hello again this is al jazeera our top stories this hour three americans freed from prison in north korea are back in the u.s. president on a truck called it a great honor to welcome the men to a base outside washington d.c. their release comes after secretary of state mike pompei i traveled to north korea to finalize plans for a summit between president trump and kim jong. israel's defense minister says that his military has destroyed nearly all iranian bases inside syria every dollar lieberman says that more than a dozen targets were hit it was in response to a radiant rockets fired at israeli positions in the occupied golan heights. malaysia's former prime minister mahathir mohamad says that there's an urgency to form a new government the ninety two year old who governed malaysia in the nineteen eighties
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nineties led to lead an opposition alliance to their first election victory in sixty years he replaced his former prodigy who was tainted by a government corruption scandal. there's been some is. a little understanding of the asian but we like to be clear that there is a and then you can see here we need to form a government now that the that is because currently there is no government of malaysia. i can't even. end it there in the end is no. party but a certain national the past not so now is committed to respecting the principles of democracy the king will decide who we made prime minister according to the constitution the party will respect whatever decision the king makes and i would
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like to urge the people of malaysia to remain calm and place confidence in the king to make a decision to live now to work on a number of zeros to be a pollen is why the urgency to form a new government the stress on the urgency at least why is the meeting with the king so important. that's several reasons adrian firstly people are very worried you know there's a sense of uncertainty they're worried that anything could change at any moment this has been a very unusual euphoric when for people here the fact that the government is changing for the first time since its inception since the one nine hundred fifty s. when malaysia became independent so there is so much uncertainty and people just want something to be confirmed they want the person they voted for the party they voted for to be confirmed as the new government and meanwhile the previous governments about the deeds government still hasn't conceded in any way and they're
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still also leading are feeding this uncertainty saying it's up to the palace and then five hours ago the palace a palace spokesman had said that they are not going to endorse anyone today so in general it's this feeling of uncertainty the fact that there isn't a government in place anymore and that's also a few of the things could change at any moment now according to the constitution as the g but said in that sound bite the palace has to endorse it which is why my fear mohamed put this self-imposed deadline in less than an hour his spokespeople are saying that they are going to be meeting representatives of the palace and there is going to be some acknowledgement that mark there will be the next leader of the country but we're not hearing this from either the state media or are the state apparatus or the palace itself it was billed as possibly malaysia's tightest ever lection the chief was was expected to win was his coalition was expected to gain. the most seats however there was this upset i mean were people saying there about
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this. people still can't believe it many are saying if you look at social media and it's a lot of the reason a lot of the people you're seeing that are being vocal about this are the youth of malaysia now about half the registered voters were under forty years old so a very. said idea or there's a feeling that it is the youth that has mobilized this big change and they're saying that this is mark democracy in action people are still taking stock of what's happening the fact that for the first time there is going to be a new government in this country but once again there is this idea that what happens next is next is anyone's guess because this has never happened before even my theory has said that they have to find their way over devise a new way of transitioning this government because it is unprecedented but the feeling here is excitement a much needed change people feel like they've been let down they've been there's
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been disillusioned with the previous government with the rising cost of living with corruption allegations so they feel like they actually made their mobilize some kind of a change and so at the moment there is some sense of euphoria here to many sixty degree a couple and their lives in kuala lumpur military personnel are casting early votes ahead of iraq's parliamentary elections the poll officially opens on saturday the fourth election the fourth rather election since the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion many parties are emphasizing unification as the political landscape is fragmented by shia sunni and kurdish factions a suburb in java reports now young voters are expected to play an important part of . iraq's second largest university that means god reminders of the fight against isis are everywhere in mosul but the bombed out rooms and charred corridors don't prevent young people in mosul from seeking a better future there are
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a cross-section of iraq's diverse society from all communities including sunni share in christian. as in most parts of iraq opinion about whether to vote is divided other an encouraging people to think outside the box and go and vote so decisions must be based on integrity and not on sectarian or ethnic lines while others disagree. it is better if we boycott the elections the main reason for boycotting is that i have not found anyone fit for office for leaving iraq young people in the capital baghdad also have mixed opinions about whether the election will bring change almost sixty percent of iraq's population is under twenty seven years old and many a lack of opportunities and limited prospects but in a country where opinion seems to be divided there seems to be consensus among the youth that there needs to be change at the top. in the run up to the election the government has banned discussions on politics in all public universities but opinions can't be silenced and there were no i hope that we can have a bit
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a situation the now and i hope whoever is elected can bring change to improve things that's why we have to vote. for a nice service seems no security and iraqis have a status in the world. to change the constitution and change the government we have to get one president. not everyone gets the opportunity for higher education but many of those who do cannot find jobs a model a.b. graduated from baghdad university five years ago despite his frustration with iraqi politics he hasn't lost hope. to mystic that the situation of the elections will be very different. but there will be a small change and that's a step in the right direction. and with that cautious optimism young iraqis get ready to elect another government hoping politicians will rise above sectarian divisions and corruption to work towards a better on some of the job aid al-jazeera back that. the red cross is urging
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israel to respect medics who've been working in gaza during border protests in the last few weeks friday will be the seventh week of demonstrations in which forty one palestinians have been killed but among the chaos a special bond has developed the stephanie decades plans. theirs is an unexpected love story. a both volunteer medics treating the injured during the weekly protests along israel's fence with gaza they'd never met before. the first time she impressed me is when she went directly to the border and how brave he was to secure one of the injured at the fence. that moment was captured on video a deal signals to the israeli soldiers that she is a medic coming to help collect an injured protester. i raise my hands to show the soldiers that we are medics and to stop shooting it was the first time i met my that was a really beautiful day for me and we worked together to treat the injured i felt
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something strange in my stomach. and a producer suffered tells her. that strange thing is called love my dear. ideal is one of six sisters and three brothers her parents are happy about the engagement but even that is a challenge in gaza these days when an immigrant i never expected him to ask me to marry him because our family's faces really tough financial conditions but i feel god is compensating. my life has been really hard i don't want anything from life except this. they got engaged in the medical tent where they met in kind eunice it's one of the five protest points along israel's fence. and they often pass by here during the week if you young boys and men remain and sometimes their injuries israel's fence is only a few hundred meters away. so what now for this young couple.
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now we are focusing on the great march of the ten but you know with a comic situation here just terrible there is no war i need to make enough money for our wedding which could take me one or two years i said this even in the front of her father my situation. they don't get paid for their volunteer work and it comes with real risk israeli snipers of shot emergency medics as well as unarmed protestors and journalists the protests are expected to culminate on may the fifteenth during what palestinians call the nakba or catastrophe it's the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the state of israel ideally will be there to help treat the injured and they fear there could be many stephanie decker al-jazeera and eunice gaza. yemen is demanding that the united arab emirates withdraw its troops from ireland immediately in a letter to the un yemen says the move is quote
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a reflection of the state of disagreement between the yemeni government and the u.a.e. iraqi troops landed on so-called island last week forcing out yemeni soldiers they claim they're on a mission to confront hooty rebels on the island but islanders say there are those who thinks that. argentina is seeking financial help from the international monetary fund interest rates there have hit fourteen percent the highest among major economies president says that the aid would strengthen growth but many people aren't convinced reports. when a site is against the government. it is against the recent race in the price of utility services but also against the recent announcement of a request of financial help of the international monetary fund says. that this cannot continue the government has raised the prices of utility services as never before and now an agreement with the i.m.f.
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we know what happens when we deal with the i.m.f. it has never ended well most start in time very shocked with the news that the government is seeking financial help from the international monetary fund because it brings back memories of what happened seventeen years ago when i did it on its sovereign debt and entered one of the worst prices in this country to me many fear that an agreement with the i.m.f. where we start in hardship on the measures that it will hurt but the country's most vulnerable. argentina is trying to cope with the devaluation of the peso currency and capital flight because a strengthening u.s. dollar. is affecting emerging markets and especially vulnerable countries like argentina that has been struggling with double digit inflation rates and the deficit for years. we understand that these days people are upset afraid that this situation will end up in a crisis like the ones we've seen in the past or that it's going to stop the
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process of change that we're going through right now we have a strong conviction that what we're doing will end up in development and growth that we've been waiting for for years. maggie says he's trying a gradual approach to reduce the deficit but for many he's. announcement is like going back in time and question everything within a month i may have brought out a roving stain was part of the team that helped argentina negotiate with the world after the crisis in two thousand and one but it looks as if there's you know going to get part of the argentina is being cautious with what is happening in the world and it's trying to get ready if the situation gets worse the government has a clear road but it's not enough if your macro economy is not working machree said inflation was going to be twenty percent and twenty sixteen and it was actually forty percent they did not believe that a rise in tire riffs would worsen inflation. but you know. without credibility argentina is facing economic uncertainty once again and while the government saskin for international help on the streets people i trying to make sure that economical
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stereotype will come at their expense it is how will win a sideways. it's good to have you with us a very unfit here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera three americans freed from prison in north korea have touched down in the u.s. president donald trump called it a great honor to welcome the band to the base outside washington d.c. their release comes after secretary of state mike pompei i traveled to north korea to finalize plans for a summit between trump and kim jong un. back together. to . make. a. really big. grab.
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as defense minister says the u.s. military has destroyed nearly all iranian bases inside syria i believe and says that more than a dozen targets were hit in response to iranian rockets fired at this. positions in the occupied golan heights but this is mahathir mohamad says that he expects to be sworn in as prime minister following his surprise election when the ninety two year old who govern militia in the eighty's and ninety's led an opposition alliance to their first election victory in sixty years replaced by braszczok who was tainted by corruption scandal. there's been. a little understanding of the asian but we like to be clear that there is a and. we need to form now the that is because i believe it is. all.
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not even. and. is no or. a search and rescue operation is underway after a dam bust in central kenya police say they've recovered at least twenty bodies there are reports that fifty people are unaccounted for heavy rain caused the patel dam in the county to break its banks sweeping away hundreds of homes those are the headlines more news feed on al-jazeera after the stream next. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am done. with the listening post on al-jazeera. and.


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