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welcome to this. coming up in the next sixty minutes. hundreds of homes have been damaged. in central kenya. israel hits a rainy and targets in syria accusing the iranians oh firing rockets on the occupied golan heights. this is a special night for the three. people. three americans held in north korea and breakthrough with pyongyang.
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and even when it's no. a remarkable abscess in malaysia as a ninety two year old former leader defeats the ruling coalition. says a rescue operation is underway after a dam bursts in central kenya police say they've managed to recover at least thirty eight bodies and there are reports of several others being unaccounted for heavy rain cools the patel dam in the current county to break its banks and it's swept away hundreds of homes flash floods have already killed at least one hundred people across the country and they've destroyed thousands of hectares of farm land let's get more now from andrew simmons who's in garrison county in eastern kenya i'm not sure how far away you are from this dam but i do know andrew that you have been in
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kenya covering these to wrenshaw floods that the country has been experiencing. and this seems to be the worst disaster yet in this this flooding crisis which started in early march you have seen the pictures there of a dramatic rescue taking place that position there there are expected to be much larger numbers involved with this so far we're hearing from the police that thirty eight are confirmed dead that number will rise you're hearing from the kenyan red cross that thirty two people have been rescued so far some a lot of bravery going on there and large numbers of rescue teams on the ground very quickly after this dam burst now let me immediately emphasize this is not one of the big power generation dams from the north of kenya which are very high on levels right now and there are worries that they could overflow no this was
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a large dam in a farm that has a total of seven dams for irrigation it's a flower farm. and then a coup towards top spot the lake the crew. was the village that was overcome by this forceful. torrents of water which covered a whole area of two kilometers with and some estimates put ten kilometers the water went all the way down so you can imagine the force involved and there are a number of families affected directly and indirectly overall where hearing estimates that two thousand people have been involved in this we've already heard reports that a thousand people. including some walking wounded are being accommodated in tents very quickly arranged by the local authorities and we heard from dr jonah on the telephone just been speaking with him he says the situation is
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a disaster he's in charge of health services throughout the county he says that the the dam was very. large privately owned by by the patel family well known farmers flower farmers i was ten metres deep and covered he said this was covered three acres so it was quite a large as the size of a small holding this like ten metres deep and then suddenly bursting he says mr monkey says that there are engineers on the ground assessing the other downs on the site which are also used for this irrigation so a very tense situation a very sad situation over this tragedy all right andrew simmons thank you very much indeed now we can speak to about his sexy general of the kenya red cross he's joining us from the capital nairobi and of course it's your organization that's at the forefront of the rescue and recovery activities surrounding this and give us
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the very latest as to what your work is confronting so the latest is that about the list six people are so far known to have died their numbers may be rising the about forty one people that are reported to have been injured with various injuries and at the same time there are five people who are missing you know about two thousand five hundred have been displaced the county government is leading this operation through the governor of the county along with the mentor in iraq there's in this interim government we are also setting up tents for. people who lost their loved ones of the same time. counseling proposal support and we hope by this afternoon we'll have also set up a small count for those that have been. before the government decide where to take them next and can you give us an idea as to the geography as to the location of this some why so many so much land and say much property has been destroyed.
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what we've been think is a. lot of problem in that group just outside neptune the left and like neck ruined because it's been raining very heavily in a canyon over the last couple of months not this much and the down but that is back because of a growing with water because of the of the heavy rains that the area has received and unfortunately it's been that people have been affected by the night over about mine said yes night and they were not prepared all the or even the red squares and such people when they're organized they've been raided because with almost zero visibility but this morning a lot of agencies led by the government have been there and now that by generously continuing and hopefully before the end of the day everyone would have been accounted for in one from one another and then that a couple rehabilitation programs start now if this is a privately owned and i understand are there any questions yet has to the the
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standards of construction if you like as to what is what has made it collapse so terribly with such terrible consequences well i think that the government will have to intervene and look into three at noon but obviously that sad part is that lives have been lost and many people have been displaced and in this very cold wet and rainy season it's going to be. a big challenge both for for this family to resettle but i hope the government will buy an answer the solution to the challenges that the lesson if there are any action to be taken i'm sure the government will take that action asgill etc general the kenyan red cross thank you very much indeed thank you for having us. now israel says it's hit dozens of iranian targets inside syria the military says it was a response to be rainy and rockets being fired at its positions in the occupied golan heights now france and russia are calling for restraint from all sides the israeli defense minister he says that he hopes the chapter is over and nearly all
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the rainey and infrastructure in syria has been destroyed there's been no response so far from the iranian government because here lopez what the u.n. reports. cockpit video from israeli war planes and animated maps show what israeli commanders say is the destruction of an iranian rocket launcher in syria the israelis also say dozens of other iranian targets in syria were struck. rockets have been fired from syria israel says some were intercepted and blames the attacks on the quds brigade which is part of iran's revolutionary guard syria and its allies which include iran and russia say it didn't start this fight they accuse israel of firing artillery shells at the golan border town of khan our number on wednesday the syrians blame the israeli air force for attacking a syrian army base south of damascus on tuesday killing two people. the.
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syrian military video is said to show the firing of missiles in response was really attacks on the suburbs of the capital syrian state news agency says israeli missiles hit air defense positions radar stations and a weapons warehouse but the agency added most incoming rockets were intercepted. as a hundred incursion certainly. including just yes. iran has reinforces bases in syria which is increasing tensions in neighboring israel they further escalated this week when donald trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal the us president referred to israeli intelligence documents that said iran had been pushing nuclear weapons for years iran's denies that. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has flown to moscow to meet president vladimir putin the russian military intervention has kept bashar al assad in power israeli commanders reportedly warned russian forces airstrikes were about to be launched. on the iranians declare their
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intention to attack us they're trying to transfer forces and deadly weapons there with the explicit goal of attacking israel as part of their strategy to destroy. now both is release in syrians warned to take cover if the cross border attacks has collate. the young al-jazeera. of the golan heights has been a flashpoint in the region for decades israel captured the area from syria in one hundred sixty seven and has occupied it ever since the move has never been recognized by the un the golan heights gives israel a military advantage and is a key source of water israel has built more than thirty settlements in the territory ok we'll speak to correspondent zain verjee ravi is in the iranian capital tehran we've got
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a force is our correspondent who's actually there in this disputed area of the occupied golan heights harry where it's the israelis allege that iranian rocket fire started off this episode of conflict. that's right as far as the israeli military is concerned there were twenty rockets fired from syrian territory towards targets here in the occupied golan heights they say that four of them were intercepted by israel before they reached their targets that the other sixteen fell inside syrian territory but that was enough for israel to launch what is unprecedented as far as the course of the syrian civil war is concerned response inside syrian territory there have been many occasions where israel has targeted iranian what it says are iranian forces inside syria during that period but last night overnight it says they targeted dozens of such installations it says they hit almost all of iran's infrastructure within syria the defense minister avigdor
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lieberman has been speaking at or an annual conference north of tel aviv this morning he is cautioning against overt celebration from israeli media and from the israeli population saying that they don't want any further escalation but this was a real escalation in terms of israel's response it's obviously calculated to try to do two things one to deter any further potential strikes from syria by iranian forces that is one of the major concerns of these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu one that he's been warning the world and his own people about for some time now the prospect of iranian missiles being fired into israeli territory from there the other thing is to make the most of this opportunity to do the maximum amount of damage that they could to those iranian interests within syria indeed because israel has made it plain has there that it is not prepared to countenance at any entrenched in raining in military presence along its border.
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that's right and that is what netanyahu has been saying both in an in and of the threat itself that he says is based within syria and is mounting within syria and indeed from hezbollah are aligned to iran is lebanon and also what he's been saying in relation to the iran nuclear deal which obviously israel has been trying to convince the united states for many years to get out of now that he has donald trump in the white house that has come about he's been saying that that deal does not prevent iranian activities within syria activities which he says threaten israel greatly as for the situation here now the israeli military is doing two things somewhat contradictorily perhaps they're telling people who live here to go about their normal daily lives schools running as normal large gatherings of people are fine but at the same time we have some soldiers just behind the camera now telling us and other media here that we have to get out this will soon be come
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a restricted military zone there is a road that runs parallel to the to the border area you can see behind me this road is going to be closed we are just a couple hundred meters away from an israeli military base they are about to seal this this area off all right harry for said live in the occupied golan heights thank you very much all right let's flip to the other side of this equation now and go to the iranian capital tehran our correspondent there is aimed as ravi and the iranian saying anything have they actually admitted their role in this. well martina to hear from the vantage point into her own it really is an issue of narratives who shot first. what exactly did the israelis hit in terms of what they say were iranian assets on the ground now when it comes to officials here in iran it has to be said that there has yet to be any official reaction from any of the senior leaders either on the civilian government government side or on the military
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side no one said anything about the cross border fire between syria and israel last night so we're still waiting to hear what the iranian government might have to say however if the past is anything to go by what we're likely to hear is the same thing that iranians have said in the past they use the same language the united states uses for israel and that syria has the right to defend itself as far as iran is concerned it is there on the invitation of the official government of bashar al assad and it is syria that is the aggressor in that equation now whatever the iranians say next two things are for certain that this is an escalation in a theater of war where iran is heavily committed and it comes at a time when iran is backed into a corner with the devolution of the nuclear deal earlier this week all right the same doesn't live in tehran thank you very much indeed well now let's wait to just our land this is director at the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and he's joining us now from. italy thank you for joining us this is
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a very serious escalation as correspondent just alluded to how close are we to an all out confrontation between israel and iran i don't think we're close at all you know there's been a lot of hype about this particularly from the israeli side but israel is drawing red lines that the balance of power in that region is very skewed to israel or israel has has. out ronnie. up some afraid we'd have a very very unreliable line to just rely on this this is a real shame jesse i think we might have you but just so i wonder if you could continue the line dropped off a little bit but i think we have you back now could you continue yeah i don't think the war fears are well taken i think that the balance of power is skewed
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very in israel's paper here israel is hurting syria hurting iran it wants to come off the back of this trump statement and let iran know that it should not try to develop any emplacements near the go on ice because israel will destroy them and i think israel has demonstrated that it has the upper hand it has a superior technology it can destroy anything israel i mean excuse me iran what's up there so i don't worry about a war i think this is mowing the lawn as israel likes to say and letting syria and iran know that they shouldn't try to shift the balance of power and how carefully then do you think the israelis calibrated their action in order to to to to stay within the realms of proportionality then and not to attract any of the criticism because it seems very much as though the criticism if any is being
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directed at iran mrs merkel the german chancellor accusing iran of being provocative. yes well it's very difficult it's very difficult for anybody to take one side situation all of europe is is condemning on assad it's condemning iranian influence in syria it wants to roll back to iran in that sense nobody's going to come out and take you know take syria and iran side against israel that israel has a pretty free hand to do what it wants in syria in order to destroy the buildup of iranian or hizbullah or syrian missile emplacements or any attempt to build up technology that could hurt israel i don't think israel has to worry much about that particularly now that president trump has taken a very clear stand against iran just for landis talking to us live from that
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initially thanking pleasure. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including the military lines up early for voting in the iraq election with a major issue. questions over a violent scene of an indian these imprisoned that's being called an act of terror . and the celtics reached the penultimate round of the n.b.a. playoffs they'll need to know that this has coming up the final install. now in a show of diplomatic progress three americans freed from prison in north korea have touched down in maryland u.s. president donald trump met them at an air force base near washington d.c. kimberly how could report. back in the united states it's been more than a year since kim haq song and tony kim have seen their families for kim don shula
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it's been even longer he was imprisoned in north korea two years ago forced to do hard labor after being convicted of espionage speaking through a translator kim described his treatment in north korea forced to work but also treated well when sick. we were treated in many different ways for me i had to do a lot of labor but when i got sick i was also treated by them the release of the three americans is being viewed by the white house as a goodwill gesture by north korea's leader water back. who really. was. excellent to these three incredible people they are really three incredible people the release of the three americans is the product of negotiations ongoing with the united states and north korea but it is also a prelude to the upcoming summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim
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jong un a summit that trump says he hopes will yield even greater results. trump says his primary goal is to achieve complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula does looking forward to his upcoming summit with kim with optimism i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has made two trips to north korea it's during his most recent visit the kim reportedly accepted the u.s. proposal to grant amnesty to the three detainees thank you the target date of the summit has been finalized but not yet made public it's an announcement the white house says will be made by early next week kimberly healthy at al-jazeera andrews air force base for the release of the americans is the latest in a series of diplomatic moves including north korea sending athletes to compete at
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the winter olympics in south korea kim jong un's sister was part of that delegation and that paves the way for talks between kim and south korea's president and after kim made history by stepping across the heavily fortified border they agreed to sign a peace treaty by the end of the year to formally end the cayo flew to pyongyang for a second unannounced visit in as many months to organize the summit between kim and president trump. well south korea's president moon is marking his first year in office having improved relations with north korea dramatically is now enjoying record approval ratings kathy novak reports from seoul. monday and came to power following months of angry public protests his predecessor pocket in hay was impeached and ultimately imprisoned over a corruption scandal campaigned on a liberal platform promising change after a year in the job with an approval rating of more than eighty percent moon is the
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most popular president since public polling began when the country transition to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. polls show many south koreans even those who consider themselves conservatives like moon personally we're going to get to the two groups pulling a moon's approval rating on that people who are satisfied by his unconventional openness and the people who believe in is doing a great job for years with enter korean relations. someone to long to an exhibition celebrating the highlights of moon's first year. long as i really like his way of openly communicating with the public in many ways especially compared to how disconnected other presidents were i have great expectations and i hope to see real cooperation and reconciliation with north korea. if you would have predicted these scenes a year ago moon shifted from park's hardline policy towards pyongyang to one of
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engagement even as the president of south korea's ally the united states was threatening to totally destroy north korea vision for a peaceful lympics was realized when north korea sent a delegation to the winter games in pyongyang chung and the two koreas marked under a unified flag at the opening ceremony and since donald trump unexpectedly accepted an invitation for a summit with north korean leader kim jong un meetings not missile launches have become the new reality on the korean peninsula moon has found himself in the diplomatic driver's seat. while moon has been in the spotlight for his engagement with north korea some south koreans would prefer to see the president focus on domestic issues during the campaign he promised to tackle challenges such as the youth unemployment rate which recently hit a two year high of eleven point six percent. the issue that is perceived by the public as the most significant is the economy if these issues are not improved the
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president's approval rating can sink any single moment. before last year's election most south koreans said the economy and jobs not into korean relations should be the next president's top priority something analysts say moon may want to keep in mind as he begins his second year in office kathy novak al jazeera soul. all right we can go live to seoul announced the young chick ball whose research fellow young say university of st the north korean studies thank you very much indeed for talking to us i was quite taken by president trump when he was welcoming the three newly released prisoners those americans who've been held in north korea he was taken by surprise because he didn't expect the releases to happen until perhaps after they'd had his meeting with kim jong il and why do you think kim jong un has made such a generous gesture to president trump before the actual meeting. those
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current leadership has been working really hard to change the perceived image as a dictator of the recruits the regime with a very gross violation of human rights without a reason being perceived as a rational actor than kim jong un will be very difficult to make his claims in his own negotiations on denuclearization of north korea in the upcoming summit meeting with the u.s. president on trump and human rights issues will be the weakest part of north korean regime that can be easily attacked by skeptics in the united states and japan and south korea about making a deal with north korea on nuclear weapons and missiles so you know this is kind of a preemptive action taken by mr kim i was i was going to say do you really think that these you have human rights is going to be play
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a major policy in this upcoming summit which we understand is really going to be focusing on the d u cries ation of north korea. that's a great question i don't think human rights issue will be up in front coming something meeting between kim and trump but human rights issue is the hotel that north korea has stalled. in vienna because north korea wants prosperity in exchange for its nuclear weapons and missiles something very similar to the past taken by china in one nine hundred seventy s. when the reason that tonka with the united states saw india and the human rights issue will emerge. very interesting that you say that because i was good at ascii with kim jong un giving away so much giving up the american hostages a promising peace with the south by the end of the year what and and also promising
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to to give up his nuclear program what it sadly does kim jong un want to return and i think you answered it by saying prosperity but what sort of form with that take well we have to remember that all fish are polish still north korea under the leadership of kim jong un is a simultaneous a person of nuclear weapon development and economic development so kim jong un has declared that north korea has our share of the first call north korea is now officially a nuclear power state so it is all points in time for north korea to shift the focus and energy to the second goal which is their economic development we have to remember that kim jong un is not like a religious fanatic who would like to go down with the united states or american civilization here's the ultimate goal is to cure it and so by a vote even as a dictatorship so having a nuclear weapon made it diminishes the chance to survive there in north korean
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leadership will become more willing to make important compromises with its nuclear weapons than missiles for the sake of survival and security young chick bum interesting to talk to you thank you very much. now in just a few moments ever ten we'll have all the weather news and also coming up on this al-jazeera news hour drumming up anti-government protests in argentina paying the bills coming at a long time. and it's party time in what osiris is bucket junius celebrate their second thousand time title details coming up in sports. from the waves. to the contours of the east. we have
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a good scattering of spring showers across europe with my particular down towards the south and ounce of water southeast and can see lots of clouds swirling about a little every of low pressure now moving across the black sea some lively downpours here where it's settled best of the weather i suspect will be the western side of russia moscow that's pretty good over the next few days if you fancy some warm weather and blue skies we're seeing rather gray skies some heavy showers across northern parts of italy recently and said through wednesday this was the same just to the north of milan heavy and thunder a showers came down with some large hail and you see the kind of chaos that resulted here we will still see a scattering of showers across northern italy on the other side of the adriatic into the domination coast pushing over towards the good parts of garia back into turkey which has some very heavy rain over the past couple of weeks now for turkey ankara still seeing some more downpours moskos you can see a northerly wind only fifteen celsius and not particularly fantastic at the moment
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that things will improve as we go on through the next day or two showers tend to disperse across central pass till they're down towards the southeast wasco warming up to around one thousand celsius by friday swore one by saturday with a high then twenty four. there with sponsored by the time riis. just. down to zero. where every.
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one says strategy of war and now the conflict is long over but the adoptions continue one on one east investigates why so many sri lankans disappeared without a trace on al-jazeera. congress to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the number of dead from a single kenya is the current county has risen to at least forty nine a search and rescue operation is currently under way heavy rain cools patel day to break its banks to remind hundreds of homes. three americans freed from prison in
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north korea have touched down in the u.s. president trump called it a great honor to welcome the men to a base just outside washington their release comes after secretary of state might pompei a travel to north korea to finalize plans for a summit between trump and kim jong. israel's defense minister says his military has nearly destroyed. bases inside syria. and said more than a dozen targets were hit in response to be rainy and rockets fired at israeli positions in the occupied golan heights russia is calling for restraint on all sides. malaysia's police chief is saying he will ensure a safe transfer of power following the opposition's unexpected election victory supporters are gathering outside the palace. waiting for the king to approve mahathir mohamad as prime minister a ninety two year old to govern the lazy a in the eighty's and ninety's led an
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opposition alliance to their first election victory in sixty years. of the. willing to be clear. they say. we need to form now the. i can't even. win. the past. is committed to respecting the principles of democracy the king is assigned to be made prime minister according to the constitution the party will respect whatever decision the king makes and i would like to urge the people of malaysia to remain
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calm and place confidence in the king to make a decision all right live now to divvy ago palin our correspondent who's in the malaysian capital and that important meeting with the king is currently underway. indeed in fact we're also hearing that mahathir may have left the palace to this press conference that he had set for just about right now i want to bring back this point of march here actually setting a deadline for this meeting with the king at the palace here arrives about nine g.m.t. deadline was waiting in there there were other coalition members who were also at the palace it's unclear whether that meeting has happened it's also unclear and possibly and most unlikely that the swearing in happens as per the hot tears deadline and what this indicates is that it's perhaps a throwback to the days when my fear was the prime minister of malaysia a throwback to his authoritarian rule where he called the shots and so he tried to
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get those wheels in motion again but it seemed not to have gone particularly in the way that he had visualized or had decided it should he was so confident would he said that press conference for nine thirty g.m.t. yet now he has he has been waiting in the palace and from what we understand there has been no swearing and now this says two things about the situation here one many people do not on no or the political system is not equipped to handle such a monumental change this is the first time we're seeing a new governments or new party in place and to perhaps marketeer may not have as much sway as he things he thought or he had previously when he was prime minister and perhaps there will be have to be a change in attitude in the way to change in the way things are done and monetary even himself has admitted that he will have to devise new ways now with this new political system or to create a new political system to accommodate this kind of
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a political change indeed i mean this is a complete sea change in malaysia isn't it but law to mohammed is part of the coalition which is tranced the the posi of government of the of the last sixty years or so he doesn't necessarily that doesn't necessarily mean that he becomes automatic leave the prime minister the. it doesn't necessarily mean he automatically becomes the prime minister he will have to be nominated but his coalition members will probably do that he will have to be endorsed by the king so it's all very likely that he will be if we see the current developments or the current events go according to how it should be according to the political political system now i have to bring it back to the last elections where najib had won and the virus the national party had retained their leadership and their swearing in didn't happen till the day after election results were announced so
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perhaps it's just a matter of waiting or buying the time before the system our monetary gets gets confirmed as the leader of the country but once again no confirmation yet everyone is still waiting for some political direction all right we'll come back to you the minute there is thank you very much. now to iraq where security force personnel they have started voting forty eight hours before the parliamentary elections everyone else gets underway on saturday now it's to fulfill actions since the u.s. led invasion deposed president saddam hussein fifteen years ago voting is expected to fragment as usual between sunni shia and kurdish factions but most political parties are emphasizing unity let's go live now to the iraqi capital baghdad and our correspondent there some a binge of aid so security force personnel starting off the voting asama.
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yes martin this is a special board for about a million iraqi security forces who have been coming in to pull polling stations like this one across iraq this particular one is expecting about four thousand security personnel to cost their ballots this is the first vote that they're taking part in since they defeated iceland this is the same force which crumbled as i said advanced in two thousand and fourteen but then it was able to revamp itself and then go after i.c. and now has secured almost all of iraq from isis fighters barring a few border areas with syria security forces here have been telling us that their commanders have told them there will be no pressure on them to choose their country that many people here have been voting for did candidates who they see as instrumental in their fight against ice and people who have made sacrifices if this thing really enough those candidates belong to the shia militias or the popular mobilization units who are not part of the basic iraqi security forces are part of
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the wider framework but they're not taking part in this for today and then to be working with the general public on the the truck that started it so is it is it fair to say then that perhaps the sewer security has gone away some lost and now iraq is are able to concentrate more on other issues like the standard of living. well the issue of security hasn't gone away yes it has improved tremendously because we were talking to the baghdad operation see who is telling us that just a few years ago there were dozens of bombings in a month and now every few months there is a bombing on the outskirts of baghdad just on the way here there are dozens of checkpoints that have been set up people have to leave their cars sniffer dogs and bomb disposal scored units on standby there is a very heavy security because they feel that there are isis sleeper cells the security situation is not completely over but it has improved and yes people are demanding they need better services they need better infrastructure this rebuilding
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of iraq needs to be needs to be brought up by the leaders and they're hoping that this new government that they will vote in will make sure that it goes beyond the issues of corruption and sectarian divides and we've got two people there on the right just ahmed thank you are some of our correspondent in baghdad now a siege inside a top security jail for terrorist convicts in indonesia has now ended with the surrender of all one hundred fifty five prisoners five policeman taken hostage were killed before a sixth one was released and one of the inmates also died in the riot in prison that's close to the capital jakarta set vasant is there. police have free gain control of the high security prison near hundred fifty six inmates most of them detained on terrorism charges managed to take over three of the six prison blocks on tuesday. the rioting prisoners took six policemen hostage and killed five of
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them in what commanders described as brutal murderous one was later released i still claims responsibility for the hostage siege and uploaded photos and videos on websites suggesting from inside that box prison police say the inmates seized a store room of weapons and explosives confiscated during antiterrorism rates police commanders deny a deal was made with the inmates to secure their surrender. about the explosions we heard we were finalizing the sterilization process because for about forty hours the prisoners were taking hostages and making bombs that's why we exploded and demolish them. a few hundred in the nations have joint eisel and those in that prison are either convicted or awaiting trial for involvement in attacks one of the president's demand was to meet the south brooklyn plead of isolation in tunisia a man. who is on trial for an attack in two years ago prosecutors say he planned
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the attack from inside prison and it when hubby has carried out research into prisons holding terrorist convicts he says in most cases guards are incapable of controlling the prisoners let alone do to radicalize them but. those convicted on terrorism charges consider prison a place for them to study like an academy or university of jihad to them prisons are not considered a place where they will change their ideology they learn inside prison they recruit others. after they surrender the prisoners have been moved to an out of prison on an island in java but questions have been raised about how secure it is plans to build a top security jail especially for prisoners convicted of terrorism have been postponed for years while the hostage crisis has been resolved relatively smoothly a lot of questions remain how could this happen inside one of them home to most of the women by confiscate weapons and explosives for inside the prison compound
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all clear signs according to experts that indonesia's present system needs a complete overhaul. al-jazeera and that south of. the red cross is urging israel to respect medics who thing working in gaza during the border protests friday will be the seventh week of demonstrations in which forty one palestinians have been killed and even among the chaos there is a special bone that developed that shows that love can bloom even in the most difficult of circumstances stephanie decker explains. theirs is an unexpected love story. a both of. and here medics treating the injured during the weekly protests along israel's fence with gaza they'd never met before. the first time she impressed me is when she went directly to the borders and how great she was to secure one of the injured of the fence. that moment was captured on video
1:46 pm
a deal signals to the israeli soldiers that she is a medic coming to help collect an injured protestor. i raised my hands to show the soldiers that we are medics and to stop shooting it was the first time i met my that was a really beautiful day for me. and we worked together to treat the injured i felt something strange in my stomach. and a producer suffered tells her. that strange thing is called love my dear. ideal is one of six sisters and three brothers her parents are happy about the engagement but even that is a challenge in gaza these days when an immigrant i never expected him to ask me to marry him because our family's faces really tough financial conditions but i feel god is compensating me my life has been really hard i don't want anything from life
1:47 pm
except this. they got engaged in the medical tent where they met in kind eunice it's one of the five protest points along israel's fence. and they often pass by here during the week if you young boys and men remain and sometimes their injuries israel's fence is only a few hundred meters away. so what now for this young couple. now we are focusing on the great march over ten but you know with a comic situation here is terrible there is no war i need to make enough money for our wedding which could take me one or two years i said this even in the front of her father my situation. they don't get paid for their volunteer work and it comes with real risk israeli snipers of shot emergency medics as well as unarmed protestors and journalists the protests are expected to culminate on may the fifteenth during what palestinians call the nakba or catastrophe it's the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the state of israel ideal in march will
1:48 pm
be there to help treat the injured and they fear there could be many stephanie decker on jazeera and eunice gaza. full.
1:49 pm
argentina is seeking help from the international monetary fund interest rates there if it forty percent that's the highest among major economies president mauricio
1:50 pm
mockery says i.m.f. aid would help strengthen growth but many people aren't convinced her is a boat reports i'm. protesting when a site is against the government of mali. i believe. it is against the recent race in the price of utility services but also against the recent announcement of a request a financial help of the international monetary fund zero below that said point that this cannot continue the government has raised the prices of utility services as never before and now in agreement with the i.m.f. we know what happens when we deal with the i.m.f. it has never ended well most start in time very shocked with the news that the government is seeking financial help from painter national monetary fund because it brings back memories of what happened seventeen years ago when argentina big gold said on its sovereign debt and entered one of the worst crisis in this country's history many fear that an agreement with the i.m.f. where we start in hardship austerity measures that it will hurt but the country's
1:51 pm
most vulnerable. argentina is trying to cope with the devaluation of the peso currency and capital flight because a strengthening u.s. dollar. is affecting emerging markets and especially vulnerable countries like argentina that has been struggling with double digit inflation rates and the deficit for years the most going to us we understand. these days people are upset afraid that this situation will end up in a crisis like the ones we've seen in the past or that it's going to stop the process of change that we are going through right now we have a strong conviction that what we are doing will end up in development and growth that we've been waiting for for years. maggie says he's trying a gradual approach to reduce the deficit but for many his announcement is like going back in time he. was part of the team that helped argentina negotiate with the world after the crisis in two thousand and one.
1:52 pm
argentina is being cautious with what is happening in the world and is trying to get ready to leave the situation gets worse the government has a clear road but it's not enough if your macro economy is not working machree said inflation was going to be twenty percent twenty sixteen and it was actually forty percent they did not believe that a rise in tariffs would worsen inflation. without credibility argentina is facing economic uncertainty once again and while the government is asking for international help on the streets people are trying to make sure that economic won't come at their expense. it's time for the sports shoes that is santa thank you very much martin always style of basketball in the boston celtics will face the cleveland cavaliers in the third round of the n.b.a. playoffs for a second straight year the celtics dug deep to beat the philadelphia seventy six says and reach the eastern conference finals and. reports the celtics young players
1:53 pm
looked like they could be stars of the future played with two of its biggest players out through injury boston's playoff run could have easily ended by now the team rebuilt since losing to the cavaliers in the conference finals last season with just four of the original players left home for among them he made fifteen points against the philadelphia seventy six is in game five. terry version has taken over from injured kyrie irving was just as impressive beating the first top of the to put the celtics in front and what the team of like to experience they've made up for in youth jason tatum has made himself indispensable the n.b.a. debutant scored twenty five points to one hundred fourteen to one hundred twelve when clinched the series and a place against the cavs and brawn in this year's conference finals bronze on a just a ridiculous run of play. and you know we know that it'll be quite
1:54 pm
a challenge but the most important thing that our team can do tomorrow is go outside and get away from it for a day and take a day off and take a deep breath celtics fans will be holding their breaths when game one between boston and cleveland gets underway on sunday. a. welcome to new year's have won back to back argent time premier league title as thousands of fans have taken to the streets of brenda cyrus to celebrate their team's victory to to draw against town wednesday was enough for them to secure thirty third in the with one round of the championship remaining when they moved to within three titles of fierce rivals with a plate for the most league trophies in argentina. and it was the clash of the titans in the italian cup as event is thrashed ac milan four nil to win the final in rome is the fourth straight time event as have won the cup at italia thirteenth overall
1:55 pm
as they look to compete domestic double why winning the theory out while they need just one point from their final two games to win a seventh consecutive title and just a united say their former manager alex ferguson is out of intensive care after surgery for a brain hemorrhage on the seventy six year old underwent an emergency operation in hospital on saturday ferguson is the most successful manager in the history of the british game with thirty eight trophies won over twenty six years in charge of united has failed to got the point they needed to avoid relegation from the english premier league on to open the scoring against chelsea in huddersfield were able to hold on for a one one draw for chelsea it's a qualifier for next season's champions league they must now when their final game of the season at newcastle and hope liverpool lose at home to brighton while tottenham have made sure of their place in next season's european champions league
1:56 pm
with a one nil when against newcastle meanwhile the title went as manchester city have set new records for total points and goals scored in the premier league season a three one win over brighton took their goal tally up to one hundred five to maintain our level we had done in the season try to break the record. two two two and they know we're you know intensity and i would say. ninety seven points a lot of goals a lot of lean so that is a consequence this is and we have gone through that's why true with good knows one more game we're going to try one hundred boys in and finished almost almost perfect season in the premier league. in the second tier united are continuing the controversial two old ma'am are all they held a training session with young players on thursday the club has faced widespread
1:57 pm
criticism over their choice to travel to a country that the u.n. accuses of ethnic cleansing against muslim minority united lost the first game of the tour against an all star domestic league team and young going on wednesday they're still scheduled to face a national team on friday some of the world's best golfers will tee off as the players championship in florida later former world number one roy mark arroyo is among them he makes his return to sawgrass still looking for his first win here another former champion tiger woods is also in the field mall has been in contention as a couple of tournaments in the last few weeks but after coming through spinal surgery the fourteen time major winner is grateful for any success. and once it's gravy i'm telling you but it's it's it's unbelievable and. i'm just so thankful.
1:58 pm
bill to have this opportunity because i didn't know if i'd ever have it and trust me. i'm fully aware of of how hall specialises for me. and of course we'll have more sport for you later on but for now back to marty so ana thank you very much indeed with us over the al-jazeera news hour but don't go away because adrian will be in this chair in just a moment and give you much more of the day's news but to kill the following up on that election result in malaysia a complete surprise of course but still we haven't got a prime minister everybody expected to be mohamed the former prime minister of course who ruled for twenty years also in malaysia say this here that is there.
1:59 pm
this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today you need to test the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more and up and send your disposal to little that sure is a tomato exploration process was amazing in the we have that technology available to us techno on all diseases. the signal is given. so it's safe to walk to school. in this community in one month the police say this area is one of several. children.
2:00 pm
so parents and grandparents are what they call. hundred. volunteers also act as security. in this. scene.


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