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i was at the. rewind continues with me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's on how to get in it's how to get out the pictures there's no point going to these places rewind. stories generate thousands of headlines. with different angles from different. sponsible for the spin from the facts that's why. the misinformation from the. one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera and live from studio. syria's. military targets inside syria after accusing. rockets. in the golan heights on the ground as international calls for. three american citizens arrive on u.s. soil after north korea but. it is the welfare and the emotional return. and how much of a political wind it is for him. a former prime minister gets that. this is a remarkable win for. one. look at how he managed this comeback and hear from
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people on the streets of quality. i'm a ham handed using social media could come at a high cost the people in uganda let me tell you why next that's round the show using a hash tag a.j. it's great. news great to live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live on it al-jazeera dot com it appears the war in syria has entered a new phase as tensions between israel and iran reach new levels dozens of israeli strikes hit targets in southern syria which it says are areas controlled by a rom while rockets were targeting israeli military positions in the occupied golan heights as well now israel says it was provoked into action by attacks from inside syria that posted this video while almost immediately you had social media users across the region putting up their footage as well the sort of stuff the aftermath
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of rick rocket attacks and missiles streaking across the sky and surprisingly to our travels in the middle east all of a sudden attacking each other is provoked global reaction russia's call for dialogue and restraint germany said the attacks are of great concern the french president called for calm vote so that the u.k.'s foreign secretary condemning the iranian attacks while the u.s. says it strongly supports israel's right to self-defense so we've got our teams on the ground we're going to talk to them in a moment in teheran and in the occupied golan heights but first a little bit of background what it is all about why would iran fire on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights is the map and i know that area looks very small but don't let it fool you is politically sensitive it is strategically important it is claimed by both israel and syria from the hilltops on a good day you can see swathes of israel you can even see all the way to syria's capital damascus if you're a military commander that's a big deal. syria used the heights to shell much of northern israel between nine
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hundred forty eight and nine hundred sixty seven during the war which ended that year israel and took the area and has been there ever since but in one hundred seventy four the two countries signed an armistice agreement which saw united nations observer forces deployed to oversee the peace but of course since the outbreak of the syrian civil war there has been concern that the fighting could spill. now here's the key thing the opposition as we know is on the verge of defeat in syria and iran has been a key ally of bashar al assad during the war that leaves israel worried about having its rival iran right on its doorsteps in the golan heights and that seems to be what is causing all the tension. well harry force it is covering events for us in fact he's live in the occupied golan heights rest today looks nice and quiet there now gary but this is been quite a development. it has yes it has been a quiet day the israeli army the israeli government saying that the military action
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has concluded and it hopes that iran has got the message it began well in fact the warnings about this began even before midnight last night which is when israel says those twenty rockets were fired towards its positions here in the occupied golan heights israel has been warning for days that iran may take some kind of retaliatory action after a number of israeli strikes on iranian positions inside syria most importantly one on april the ninth in which several iranian soldiers are said to have been killed another one on tuesday night after donald trump speech withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal and those are says those twenty rockets were launched this way four of them were intercepted by israel but in the others fell inside syrian territory and then there came this monumental response really in comparison with everything that's gone before in terms of israel strikes inside syrian territory dozens of iranian targets it says were struck it's the defense minister avigdor lieberman
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said that almost all of iran's infrastructure had been hit during this operation the military is saying it will take a considerable amount of time if iran wants to rebuild that infrastructure for it to be able to do so so this was both a message of deterrence israel feeling it seems to have had the freedom of action to do this calculating that the consequences would not be too dangerous and also making the most of an opportunity to do the maximum amount of damage it could act amount of damage it could cause interests inside syria ok excellent report from on the ground they would hurry for them in the occupied golan heights we are going to head to teheran now here is. the iranians have been quiet pretty much all day but is that changing. zain it's kamal here in doha can you hear me. i think that is the universal symbol for someone can't hear you and looks at the
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pictures frozen anyway as well so that's unfortunate that we are unable to talk to . you but we will try to catch up with him because obviously iran in reaction is crucial to all of this given it has stayed quiet pretty much all day today now i was looking back through the al-jazeera online archive today and we noticed actually there's been a lot of expectation about the golan heights becoming a bigger part of the syrian equation just found two examples here this one is from september of twenty fourteen the golan heights new flashpoint in syrian war one of the people interviewed back then said we have been hearing the bombing in the fighting for the last three years it's just never been this close and there was another pace's an opinion piece from april twenty sixth saying israel golan heights and the syrian endgame this is when prime minister netanyahu chose to hold a symbolic cabinet meeting there stating the golan heights will forever remain in israel's hands israel will never come down from the golan heights with all that in
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mind we will speak to akiva eldar in tel aviv regular contributor here he is a senior columnist with the monitor online newspaper is this just been inevitable that the golan heights would become i'm not going to say a flashpoint but would become a bigger part of the syrian conflict. absolutely i think that the iranian ambition. to take over the germany from the united states that actually decided after the iraqi war maybe it was a traumatic war for the united states to take a step back in the middle east and as you know in our region there is no of a q so the iranian had their ambition and they found it the opportunity in syria and on top of this you have the russians and this combination of put in submission
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and the. top sleep probably the feeling of their prediction that trump is not interested in the middle east look at the peace process and did you hear anything about they recently go see asians between israeli and palestinians so the common wisdom was that trump is not interested in the middle east and the iranian took this opportunity to move the forces to the israeli closer and closer to the israeli border and probably there gamble was far from being perfectly timing is everything in life as we know and i'm wondering the fact that iran deal was so heavily in the news yesterday with donald trump trying to withdraw the u.s. from it. there's got to be some connection here. absolutely . and the connection the name of the game here is the feeling that
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netanyahu has got trump in his pocket that he can take the extra risk and move forward in the syrian arena as well as in the occupied territories while as i mentioned before while we're talking about syria the israeli settlements keep expanding and. we're not actually noticing what's happening there we don't hear much here in israel about the can those the interrogations the police he's busy with with a war now the polls. showing that you know his popularity doesn't stop he just went up another five mandates since drum's decision so the the atmosphere the in here in israel that there is
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a big chance here to get rid of the peace process and to stop iran know for is well it was on netanyahu just said when he was in moscow yesterday for most of the israelis is equivalent to the nazis so it's a no lose situation to fight against iran and you can hear the majority of the commentators in israel. blessing netanyahu for what he's doing for israel and so far i must say it works israel is not paying the price for this no in the iraqi war back in ninety one is or made it clear that board this is in the best case accommodation for israel and if the iraqis are going to saddam hussein is going to cross the jordan the the jordan. border israel will consider it.
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an attack on israel and this is the case with syria the golan heights is not even accommodation israel and next the golan heights area so iranian troops in syria close to the borders are considered penetration into israel itself akiva eldar it is always a pleasure talking to you and i thank you for your time today we're going to try again with the same bus ravi joining us live from tehran with an update from where barry is then you can hear me right this time loud and clear the. then bring us up to date what the iranians have been pretty quiet all day what are they saying now. well exactly that's that's what everyone here has been wondering if it's really a problem of narratives it's who shot first and we've been expecting to hear from the foreign minister the presidency or the supreme leader himself or anyone in the military establishment but none of the senior leadership in the country has really
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come forward to speak but we have heard from members of parliament who are part of a parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy to m.p.'s from that organization from the parliamentary commission have been speaking one of them to well just here and they've been saying things that we have heard before but some of the newer things they've said is. that israel is trying to probe at syria and that this is going to be a strategic mistake for them and also what's interesting is probably what they have not they haven't said whether iran was involved directly they've denied involvement or one m.p. has. directly denied that iran was involved they said over and over again that this this is this was something between syria and israel and that iran had nothing to do with it and then syria was defending itself which it has a right to do and so we're still waiting for the senior leadership to respond to two very disturbing allegations to a very very dangerous escalation in the syria conflict where iran is deeply
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committed and what it's very important to recognize that iran is really in a balancing act at the moment on what to do when it moves forward because of this escalation in syria where iran again is very heavily committed comes at a time when iran is backed into a corner just days after the nuclear deal was torn off by washington thanks for the update them but probably then to. maybe you want to get in touch with us on this one contact details coming up on screen if you know in fact i have already heard for all men think it was ruben on facebook who said night out of ten times we hear israel launched attacks into syria it seems likely that they are the aggressors and you know it's keep your thoughts coming in facebook dot com slash al-jazeera is where rubin is watching and commenting along with the broadcast and that number plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine what's happened telegram up and running if you want to get in touch with us we will move on in fact more
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information coming about about the big meeting between the u.s. president on trump and north korea's leader kim jong un just in the last few minutes we have had details about where and when the two will be meeting and what is your caster has got all of the details for us on that one heidi. i can also again president has made this announcement via his twitter feed saying that this historic summit will take place on june twelfth between himself and kim jong un and the place will be single poor now singapore is not a surprise choice for those who've watched the situation it's one of the two that the administration had been considering the d.m.z. the second option having been ruled out by trump publicly days prior and it is seen as a neutral point singapore the city state southeast asia which is seen as a gateway between the east and the south focused on commerce it hosts the u.s. military as well as a north korean embassy and it has
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a history of bringing together difficult diplomatic talks at the last minute we saw that in two thousand and fifteen when singable or also hosted the summit between the leaders of china and taiwan now singapore is about five thousand kilometers from pyongyang so this will be the furthest that kim jong un has traveled from his native country and trump on twitter this morning also building up the expectations for this meeting by tweeting we will both try to make it a very special moment for world peace. caster with that update thank you so much for that. well all these details just hours after three u.s. citizens imprisoned by north korea returned home and landed in maryland in the early hours of the morning they have been accused of being spies donald trump north korea's leader kim jong il and the stories coming ahead of course of that meeting that i was just talking about from the ender's air force base can really help that
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with this report. back in the united states it's been more than a year since kim haq song and tony kim have seen their families for kim dong chill it's been even longer he was imprisoned in north korea two years ago forced to do hard labor after being convicted of espionage speaking through a translator kim described his treatment in north korea forced to work but also treated well when sick there were a lot of lives and we were treated in many different ways for me i had to do a lot of labor but when i got sick i was also created by. the release of the three americans being viewed by the white house as a goodwill gesture by north korea's leader water back here who really. was. excellent to these three incredible people they are really three incredible
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people the release of the three americans is a product of negotiations ongoing with the united states and north korea but it is also a prelude to the upcoming summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong a summit that trump says he hopes will yield even greater results trump says his primary goal is to achieve complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula does looking forward to his upcoming summit with kim with optimism i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has made two trips to north korea it's during his most recent visit the kim reportedly accepted the u.s. proposal to grant amnesty to the three detainees. the time and date of the summit has been finalized but not yet made public it's an announcement the white house says will be made by early next week kimberly health at al-jazeera andrews air
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force base. we're here made the point at the top of the show that there are two stories here aren't there it's obviously the the release of the men but it's that guy in the middle of your screen of the dual conversations you're seeing i'm seeing a lot of it mainly about trying today online actually while as you said there's a lot of support for the president and even before the detainees arrived many people were saying that they planned to stay up to watch the homecoming and others like matt has called this a historic moment in american history and there's also a strong comparison being made with the previous president this includes president barack obama and you have rand fornia he's from the students for trump organization he street is saying that trump has made freeing u.s. hostages held abroad a priority and it's had more success than the a bomb administration and then you have others who are sharing the hash tag never forget. he is the american student
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who was detained by north korea back in twenty sixteen and released last year but he died shortly after returning to the u.s. trump acknowledged won't be as parents at the welcoming ceremony on thursday morning. let's go through some of these tweets while dan says that i can't help but think of otto and his parents who had to suffer because of cowardly obama a bomb a is all talk no walk grateful for trump well then you have political analysts keith boykin he's fired back with this tweet listing a publicized list of american hostages that were released from north korea during the obama administration and this was retorted over nine thousand times well what do you think of the latest developments send us your thoughts use the hash tag a jane is great thanks for here for joining us now hazel smith the professor at the school of oriental and african studies at the university of london joining us via skype and it's a pleasure to have you with us as always hazel first what she quick thought if you
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don't mind about singapore been chosen as the site for this meeting i mean does it does it matter where it happens or the singapore's have a role to play here. i think you'll intro had it quite right that this is a fairly neutral place and the new thing of course is singapore's quite a controlled state this means it is unlikely to be demonstrations on the full or gains can jungle president trump which means that the environment will be a little bit more conducive for both leaders but generally it's a place that both have diplomatic relations with both that both countries north korea and the united states have experience in dealing with the officials that and so it's a pragmatic choice ok so let's move on to the hostage situation or the end of the hostage situation i should say career appears to be giving up a lot here giving up three hostages people calling it a goodwill gesture but then there's also kim jong un talking about giving up nuclear weapons i mean what is north korea going to get in return here. two issues
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one is the hostages again in your intro you referred to the debate going on about whether president trump has done more or less than previous presidents but this is a recurrent issue in your part ministration the direction national intelligence james clapper went to pyongyang and to get to americans released that was in two thousand and fourteen and this is ministration we would have expected at some point there would have been a humanitarian appeal and somebody senior would have gone over well stiffer n is that there seems to be much more of an overt link in terms of the release of these three american hostages today and yesterday it a link into the nuclear negotiations that was always a little bit separated off in the past these are seen as just the humanitarian issues and now what what we see in terms of the treaty that the child are present from is that this is the linked in to improving relations all the way around
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a sign of improving relations so there is a link that what are the north koreans got out of it well they are clearly in diplomacy mode and they don't see any advantage in having three american. people in prison in north korea this and sour the atmosphere and would be an obvious thing to the press to to latch onto so for them it's easy to show a gesture of goodwill and then get down to the real deal which will be the negotiations for them on a peace treaty on dinner do you need station and arrested speaking of those negotiations do we have to be careful about you know getting a little bit too far ahead of ourselves here because it feels like so much has happened in such a short space of time we've gone from the rocket man and the tods and threats of war to let's sit down and talk in singapore but there's still a really long way to go in this one isn't there or is there you know quite right there is a long way to go but unlike previous theories of diplomacy we see all the major
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players. which ink. not just united states north korea that south korea china russia and to certain extent japan on gould that we've also seen really a magnificent diplomacy from south korea which is being since the new president took office last unit inching toward sent a very pragmatic very forceful diplomatic maneuvering to all its north korea and at the same time unlike previous periods of rapprochement to north and south korea this is a south korean president that's being careful to keep the united states on board at every single move whether it was the deescalation for the winter olympics all or whether any future event so i think that we have seen we see a different. dynamic between all the regional power stations i think we can be a little bit more hopeful when asked for some positive outcome to these negotiations that we can test it and talking to you thank you so much for your time
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today i do appreciate it and while we're talking korean peninsula south korea's president in is today marking his first year in office and one of the highlights is his efforts to improve those diplomatic relations with north korea he is enjoying record approval numbers after taking over from his deeply unpopular produces a park going hey kathy novak with this report from seoul. when jane came to power following months of angry public protests his predecessor pocket in hay was impeached and ultimately imprisoned over a corruption scandal campaigned on a liberal platform promising change after a year in the job with an approval rating of more than eighty percent moon is the most popular president since public polling began when the country transition to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. polls show many south koreans even those who consider themselves conservatives like moon personally we're going to get to the two groups pulling
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a moon's approval rating or that people who are satisfied by his unconventional openness and the people who believe in is doing a great job to you with enter korean relations. someone to long to an exhibition celebrating the highlights of moon's first year. long as i really like his way of openly communicating with the public in many ways especially compared to how disconnected other presidents were i have great expectations and i hope to see real cooperation and reconciliation with north korea. if you would have predicted these scenes a year ago moon shifted from parkes hardline policy towards pyongyang to one of engagement even as the president of south korea's ally the united states was threatening to totally destroy north korea moon's vision for a peaceful lympics was realized when north korea sent a delegation to the winter games in pyongyang chung and the two koreas marked under a unified flag at the opening ceremony and since donald trump unexpectedly accepted
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an invitation for a summit with north korean leader kim jong un meetings not missile launches have become the new reality on the korean peninsula moon has found himself in the diplomatic driver's seat. while moon has been in the spotlight for his engagement with north korea some south koreans would prefer to see the president focus on domestic issues during the campaign he promised to tackle challenges such as the youth unemployment rate which recently hit a two year high of eleven point six percent. the issue that is perceived by the public as the most significant is the economy if these issues are not improved the president's approval rating can sink at any single moment. before last year's election most south korean said the economy and jobs not into korean relations should be the next president's top priority something analysts say moon may want to keep in mind as he begins his second year in office kathy novak al jazeera soul.
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this is the news good if you want to mr feist but live welcome as always coming up for you with a story about a different kind of cocktail that is helping people in mongolia struggling with their pollution and look at that and also ahead the deadly ebola virus that striking africa again this time it's the d.l.c. the democratic republic of congo dealing with a confirmed outbreak which will be the regional director from the world health organization in just a moment. when welcome to another look at the international focus we still have disturbed weather affecting a good part of the middle east this area cloud moving out of iraq into iran has been producing some rather lively showers very gusty winds coming in behind a bit of lift the dust and sand as a result of that what we have to think atlanta looking at some other wet weather
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too just around the southern end of the caspian sea and northern parts of iran see some heavy showers and that is making its way further east with over towards afghanistan still very wet and it's a good parts of turkey northern areas of syria still seeing some lively showers as you go on into saturday we will start to see those showers easing off a touch so that cloud that we have affecting iran and iraq that's sliding down across the fall north of saudi arabia quite a keen and gusty wind thirty seven celsius for doha on friday those temperatures pick up to around forty one as we go on into saturday general increase in temperatures as those winds start to push in from the south they will be lost the drive is going to try once again across a good part of southern africa last week clear skies here a little bit of cloud down towards the fos out you will notice in that cloud will make its way across a good part of south africa cape town sixty eight degrees celsius harare with a high of twenty four in the sunshine.
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the traffickers come back choose violence that same emotion from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from albania know her way to come tsunami you know how to translate and now i must be an organized crime and sex slaves episode two of slavery a twenty first century medieval on al-jazeera we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of internet to recover includes that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a farmer and it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible
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this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. the headlines about the viewer dot com and what's trending as well malaysia we're going to be told about that in just a moment that might not be the prime and suspicion at the moment the latest on the
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israel iran six. as well and actually continue there on the measure to look into something different. have a look at what everyone else is reading that's what's trending this thursday and on to see the. malaysia kuala lumpur now where within just the past couple of hours the king of malaysia has sworn in the world's oldest prime minister at the age of ninety two he is a familiar face to many am here mahathir mohamad already the longest serving malaysian prime minister he was in power for twenty two years in the eighty's and ninety's now he has completed a remarkable political comeback the former leader of the ruling party caused a big shock when he headed up an opposition alliance to their first election victory ousting the ruling party for the past sixty one years he is replacing that . has caught up in a seven hundred million dollars corruption scandal so that's. how their moms are
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speaking right now to his supporters wayne hay was there a little bit earlier at the swearing in ceremony. it was a long day for mohammed as he waited to be sworn in as the seventh prime minister of malaysia the ceremony eventually happened in the palace behind me in kuala lumpur just before ten in the evening local time the expectation was that it would happen on thursday morning the morning after the election because that is what we have seen happen in the past it didn't pan out that way in fact there were several days delays throughout the day and the fact they were a few delays would have created a few among supporters of my g m a hundred and his victorious coalition given that leading up to this election there was a relation there was a concern that if this vote didn't go the way of the former prime minister najib and his coalition bearish on national that this country for more than sixty years that perhaps they may not let go of power so easily in the end the transition has
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been relatively smooth and. it is once again the prime minister of malaysia but he says that within the next two years he will hand over power to his former deputy prime minister and why abraham who's in jail on sodomy charges charges that he says are politically motivated. mohammed says he will seek a royal pardon for anyway abraham and have him released as soon as possible. so just who is this memo have the a mohamed what are friends a zero on line i've got this quote some look a man one malaysian newspaper is calling the people's tsunami. if you did it when people say. these. i feel i'm going to deny that fact it is already one. clear majority and it will
6:35 pm
be on and i believe before they go. home. that i'm on their first piece. to see not believe what is really i'm going to
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i'm going through my. now it's a mountain not malaysia went on the streets of kuala lumpur tonight to find out what people there were thinking about when. i don't think he will bring us forward alone i think he's gone through him a lot of people who who didn't really have his chance. through him the people who didn't have a chance getting a chance to win no sure their capabilities and i think together they can do something good i hope for your kid i don't want you i'm confident that he will make a change for the country and he will develop the country even more i'm confident about that dude. there are two things one is no one is mad here goes down and
6:37 pm
my dear goes up on the third we have a prime minister in waiting on more abraham and that's never happened in history and this is the will of the people and we are united we support that and i am you know i fully support dr machin mohammad and how i feel now is that we have gained our independence i hope demanding that has been given to pack a time will be fulfilled that just my hope and hope of all malaysians there's a big group of people behind him all the other. all the components i think they can bring along change. we've been. wondering whether all the ready you still have been at them in tending will make a difference and we are glad that it is and we're looking forward to a change and hopefully bring. hope to the younger generation because that's what we have to respond. well earlier i spoke to can walk or provides analysis on malaysia's elections for the website new mandela i put it to him without wanting to
6:38 pm
be just that it was quite extraordinary that a ninety two year old be elected to. i agree with you i mean i think it's amazing and i can certainly say that many many malaysians whether in the cities all in the rural component areas and so on that i've been speaking to for the past several weeks are also amazed and even more made as i am seeing him in person. that he has the vigor of someone easily a quarter or a third of his age. and he's very lucid he's very sharp and i think right now because of this saga of him trying to get sworn in i don't even know where the even gone to bed since yesterday but he still looks fresh as ever so i think i don't think the seems to be a physical problem with him being a nonagenarian. perhaps what's more pertinent and certainly the case for voters that i know who you know think about this age thing is is he thinking forward you
6:39 pm
see thinking about the future and that's something i think in a strange way the younger rival did not match do not match up to this all the man there is also this respect and regard that many malaysians have especially in the semi urban rural areas that i've been going through in the last month or so where the more hot a brand name the image and what martin represents remains very potent very much respected and he's been you know played a critical part in actually opening up and winning over all these so-called vote banks that used to be very reliable for. the party that's now lost. you know just a month ago the inside story team was asking will mahathir mohamad make
6:40 pm
a return as malaysia's prime minister age ninety two well we know the answer to that now it is kind of interesting to know it's finished kind of interesting to revisit this edition to see how accurate those predictions were back then about how it could win the inside story as always it's in the show's section about zero dot com. was hosting that one you'll also find upfront with meth he has done in that section this edition that wants to play from june of two thousand and sixteen features an interview with him back then had established the save malaysia movement to stop the country as he put it going to the dogs and other typically robust interview from there up front with me at the house on now if you are traveling through nigeria any time soon you would make sure to allow some extra time to get through the screening process for a bowler on a rival the country has reintroduced those precautionary measures following an outbreak of the disease in in the democratic republic of congo that is the same
6:41 pm
place where another outbreak was eradicated last year at least seventeen people have died the world health organization says at least two tested positive positive for ebola so far since the epidemic back in twenty fourteen more than eleven thousand people have died from it all in six countries liberia guinea sierra leone nigeria mali and the u.s. and idris with more now on what nigeria is doing now. the decision to up skilled surveillance of the country's entry points was taken at the federal cabinet meeting in the the federal government has ordered health workers to deploy to airports and land borders to ensure that people coming in from risk countries especially the central africa region for example the democratic republic of congo why cases of a ball of water ported should be monitored strictly the government once troubled a situation. in two thousand and fourteen when the first ball a case was recorded in this country the carrier of the virus was from liberia which
6:42 pm
doesn't share any common boundary with nigeria but eventually came in with a virus it spread and killed a lot of people including health workers he came into contact with in nigeria so the order for the health workers from the government of nigeria is to deploy to these entry points the land borders and their ports to ensure that everybody from the risk countries is probably screened before being let into the country well now that it is back in the democratic republic of congo people in neighboring countries are worried and the virus may spread to them as one hundred three said in nigeria there are medical services that have been capital crippled as well as the health workers go on strike for the third week coinciding with the outbreak well we also feel as online how they think the outbreak could be handled and this is what some had to say. yes it is very unfortunately the government can continue spy she's seen and quarantined what had gone time to do is keep them divide us under subjecting them to this to see that it will have free the government was imposed on schools to
6:43 pm
introduce sanitizers to students and people to make use of our leaders have to work to fly these in full of very well because you have very sad to tell the story of what happened instead of. named yeah and some of the africa for in china last in. a row sophistic countries need to be properly checked charmless introduced to screen properly and when she saw the bullet but was just found this childless to be stopped from child immediately and as always if you want to share your thoughts on the story or anything else get in touch with us use any of these platforms and use the hash tag it thanks for hillary and thanks to all those people who did get in touch with us really helps us to tell the story it is interesting actually to look at the history of a bowler in africa i've done that with this an interactive map from the world health organization this is the start of the outbreak in march of two thousand and
6:44 pm
fourteen we know of course that began in guinea and then moved to other areas sierra leone liberia cote d'ivoire but actually if you go right back on this timeline to nine hundred seventy six we're actually looking at the democratic republic of congo and what is now south sudan as the places where the very first. outbreaks happened so that was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and we're still seeing it now in twenty eighteen we've got dr abraham associate fall with us the regional director for emergencies at the world health organization via skype from brownsville a pleasure to have you with us i know that it is only a small number of cases so far at this point but it must still be concerning to see it all are coming back to an area where we thought it was eradicated from. good evening thank you for your question and your interest into this important question and we cannot talk about what i don't occasionally because you know there
6:45 pm
is this theory to some error in africa taking drugs on the virus reservoir so expected to contribute all of our break in some areas of three couples the most important thing is to be able to rapidly detect our breath rapidly controls of so we are not so proud to have a pretty specific area of the airport taught by another briggs never seen more never brings never a small one cannot compare one hundred dollars because just to see context best picture leisure related to logistics for example the distance between contrast unbend that kind of a thousand kilometers from by let that group because the percentage is more than four hundred kilometers you have to go by plan to be able to do the work are you satisfied that. everyone is prepared enough for this and that the lessons of twenty
6:46 pm
fourteen have been learned so the level of preparedness and improved series in the region if you look at what happened last year the same time we are had another brick of congo look up to those that believe control but right now with this new hour break we have just song you know to information we have sent a team to this to get more to have a clear idea of the magnitude of the problem and to do graphics score that will help really to adjust the response to make sure that it could be controlled. and is it premature at this point for other countries to be screening like nigeria is or is that actually a good sign that they're doing that. you know skeery our port of entry is part of the international health regulations so it's never too primitive to start screening so as important to take this measure is going to like nigeria are. close to twenty
6:47 pm
four countries in africa i want to be content to accelerate every year some of the capacity for international have regulation including screening are put off until i'm sure they're putting in place now the missouri to fill the governor what it is i don't find. dr abraham so say fall i know you're busy man so i really do appreciate your time thank you. it was liberia which was was hit by a boulder a few years ago it was declared free of the epidemic in general twenty sixteen but not before four thousand eight hundred people died in this in the field edition of talks about zero we heard from the people who survived in the ones who played a crucial role in ending the outbreak there it is talk to al-jazeera return to liberia and it is in the show's section around zero dot com we're back to reveal a now you've brought this up a couple of days ago an amazing uganda social media and tax the thread it all together for us yeah well the ugandan government is looking to impose
6:48 pm
a tax on social media and this is all part of the government's efforts to try and boost revenue but also the president yoweri museveni says that he wants to stop gossip and also misinformation well. the information minister has also been posting that this will obviously help with that the proposed tax on social media is under review in parliament and the move is expected to charge each mobile phones of scriber that uses whatsapp twitter and facebook two hundred ugandan shillings per day and that's roughly five u.s. cents but this does not apply to educational and research sites the government is already looking to tax other telecommunications services and hopes to generate about four hundred billion ugandan shillings that's roughly one hundred seven million u.s. dollars in additional revenue well as i mentioned the information minister does say that the taxes are meant to increase local content production and also up
6:49 pm
innovation inside uganda but there are questions about whether people can actually afford to pay this but let's put things into perspective now at least forty eight percent of the population have access to the internet that's according to the i.c.t. policy in east and southern africa at least one in nine people use a social network facebook and what's up are the most popular and then said affordability in new. ganda schools poorly on the affordability driver's index and the research center has also said that the attacks could increase the digital gap and also affect mobile money subscriptions we all stew gondolas how they feel about this tax here's what's about to say that the first one not so sure maybe oh it's youth and spelling lead to high marks this belief because it is well social media in uganda and this is likely to disastrous effect force me into that rely on social media platforms like facebook twitter you tube for marketing most of the
6:50 pm
voters. they find it very difficult and maybe expensive to come to talk to the prison achieves. so it's through to the. east already through social media text. just. into. while the committee to protect journalists has also tweeted they said that this could have the potential to curtail freedom of expression and also access to information they have off the president to reconsider this move but it's not the first time the government has looked to block access to the internet it happened and twenty sixteen where they blocked social media during the last general election we want to know what you think especially if you are currently in uganda
6:51 pm
tweet us use the hash tag a.j. news great or me directly i met him a hobbit well thank you we're here just to remind you of the breaking news this hour on al-jazeera if we look at the headlines at al-jazeera dot com yes. it has been sworn in after his election win but it's this one down here donald trump announcing on twitter that singapore has been chosen as the sites of his. chat. a little bit. that will be happening in singapore again right now. let's. get on. with other.
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6:53 pm
i mishear i'm interested in this leeds united story about but clearly possible to start us off we're going to go with a bit of envy i'd start with but yeah there's a legion i want to start on it's why not often i say that song. we now have the completed line for the f.b.i.
6:54 pm
conference finals the boston celtics will face the bron james his cleveland cavaliers in the east the celtics beating the philadelphia seventy six as they stay on course to win basketball's biggest prize the first time in a decade jonica reports this place but with two of its biggest players out through injury boston's playoff run could have easily ended by now the team rebuilt since losing to the cavaliers in the cultures finals last season with just four of the original players left will for the among them to make fifteen points against the philadelphia seventy six is. terry hershey who's taken over from the injured kyrie irving was just as impressive beating the first top positive for the celtics in front. of what the team of lacked in experience they've made up for a new n.b.a. debutant jason tatum school twenty five points the winning cage to price against the cavs and le bron's in this year's conference time. i.
6:55 pm
love bronze on a just a ridiculous run of play. and you know we know that it'll be quite a challenge but the most important thing that our team can do tomorrow is go outside and get away from it for a day and take a day off and take a deep breath some think fans will be holding their breath when game one between both soon cleveland gets underway on sunday john because you're. just. here is that eagerly anticipated leeds united story now that announced earlier a few weeks ago that there'd be visiting myanmar many of her fans may have thought that being a mistake but this week they're controversial sort of the southeast asian country began it seems just how the coaching session with young players in young gone there the country's being criticized for the treatments of the ranger muslim minority the united nations has described it as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing the second tearing this team is owned by andrea rudd resigning who does have business interests in the country but he denies
6:56 pm
that's always financially motivated saying the club is only there to support grass roots football how many other areas are there in the world in china in other parts of the world where there are abuses and i'm not answering that particular subject he said because we do sports we do football we are not politicians but hundreds of leeds fans have actually travel to watch that see they and local football supporters appear happy that leeds chose to play in myanmar. but i decided to come here it shows they're sticking to their guns and not giving in to criticism and that's why i'm proud of them and also most of. the ministers are also saying. the views of roy not everyone is in agreement with the official line from leeds human rights activist matthew smith with this leeds united commands a global following and should leverage their popularity to throw their weight behind calls for accountability in myanmar phil hay is the sports writer for the
6:57 pm
yorkshire evening post at the newspaper which is based in leeds fell writes about the store in twenty years he says remember the time in leeds united went to dot dot question mark would love to know if it's worth all the efforts and the criticism will leave his official twitter page emphasizing the positive using images from the team's coaching session with local youngsters this morning's event was a wonderful experience the kids say loved. football though very dedicated everyone has had lots of fun and this is something i won't forget the words of one of the players involved jay roy. and one final story to tell you about the national hockey league is in the midst of its playoffs and some seems might just be kicking themselves for failing to draft this star player from russia. to me a person liason up his skates in front of a packed crowd in sochi at an annual gala match event a hockey legend saying with a storming performance scoring five goals and a big win appears to have among any ability to make defenders move in the opposite
6:58 pm
direction. of course he can get in touch with may be on the school sports on sweats is more from a in the eighteen hundred g.m.c. news hour but for now let's get back to come and deal sorry cynical maybe he's just a really really good hockey player that might just be all it comes down to that will do it for this newsgroup today thank you for getting in touch with us during the show in fact someone said comments about mahathir mohamad saying i an issue here is the attitude towards asia yeah he's a nineteen year old man he's done the job before he will be if i just want to win this passed out the new prime minister of malaysia twitter facebook what's up all up and running hashtag i get used to it if you want to get in touch with us from our stories and we do for you right back here in studio fourteen now down to zero at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow.
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travel often. by trying to use the forests they provide little. talks of. the. valleys and scotland's. adventure. discover it. because faraway places close to. going just to get his cattle i always. may on al-jazeera venezuela will hold a snap election as president maduro aims to retain control what lies ahead for a country that has been waiting for light at the end of a long tunnel of people in power the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis
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insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is the territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from now al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may be on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel and alum in your bra five gene well being off the data type it's about time stocks of the fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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