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population of up to twenty slowed efforts as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secret could plug the new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a. israel
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flexes its military might hitting dozens of iranian targets inside syria. barbara sarah you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program june twelfth in singapore announces the time and place and dissipated meeting with kim jong un ninety two year old man as your mohamed is sworn in as malaysia's prime minister just hours after winning standing victory and the dam bursts in kenya unleashing a sea of water forty nine people are killed officials say the death toll could rise .
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thank you for joining us israel says it has the story all of iran's military infrastructure in syria in a wave of overnight strikes it's in retaliation to alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights with prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning iran that it had crossed a red line tehran has yet to respond officially but senior iranian politicians have denied that iran was behind the attacks we're going to have more on iran's reaction in just a moment but we begin our coverage with harry forsett from the occupied golan heights. cockpit video from israeli warplanes is they carried out the largest and most prolonged air strike in syria since the start of its civil war israel says it hit dozens of iranian military targets as well as five syrian anti-aircraft installations israel says it was a response after iranian forces launched twenty rockets at israeli targets in the occupied golan heights we have made it very clear that we are here to defend ourselves those who started this round of violence for the ring ins who attacked
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israel we responded accordingly and we are now waiting to see how the iranians will respond israeli forces in the occupied golan heights who are on alert for any further response at the same time local residents were told to go about their business as normal schools were open no restrictions placed on large gatherings israel says of the twenty rockets that were fired towards the occupied golan heights from syrian territory they all either fell in syrian territory or they were intercepted what followed was a massive and prolonged response from the israeli armed forces a real escalation in the kind of force that israel has so far been prepared to use within syria it's a message to deter any further such action and it's also making the most of an opportunity to do as much damage to rein in forces as possible israel's government has long warned of a growing threat from iranian bases and missiles inside syria it seems to have decided to act sooner rather than later and. we have of course hit all the
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infrastructure not all but almost all of the iranian infrastructure in syria they must remember the saying if it rains here it will pour over there and i hope that we finish this chapter and that everyone got the message. syrian state media said syrian air defenses it inserted most of the incoming rockets over the capital damascus but also confirmed that a radar station and a weapons storage site was struck. with iranian state television said syria had given a quote crushing response to. israeli attacks the strikes were carried out hours after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow saying he'd come away confident that russia would not prevent what he called israel's freedom of action a day later a different tone from the russian foreign minister. that we see this is a very alarming development we believe that all issues must be resolved through dialogue during our multiple contacts with the leadership of both iran and israel
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including during yesterday's meeting between putin and netanyahu we underline the necessity of avoiding any actions that might be seen as mutually provocative. for now this latest flurry of cross border violence has subsided but all sides are aware that a new bar has been set for its intensity and that it could all too easily rise again are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied golan heights so the latest there from the golan heights for now let's get more on iran's response to the israeli action. monitoring developments from tehran. senior leaders in tehran were silent in the immediate aftermath of cross border strikes between syria and israel that israel blamed on iran instead we heard from m.p.'s members of iran's parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy an influential body of government in the country one m.p. flatly denied iran's involvement saying it was syria rightfully responding to repeated attacks by israel another m.p. speaking told us here on the homage of our jamali said that israel was fabricating
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the nature of iran's involvement in the country. in accordance with international laws we have a presence in syria but there is no specific iranian military base there we may have a presence in some syrian bases for a kind of consultative training so israel's claim is devoid of truth jamali also had a warning for israel saying that the days when countries in the region did not respond to acts of israeli aggression are over. we have a remark from the supreme leader that the era of hits in iran has gone before the iranian revolution and even until recently israel attacked syria several times bombed them bombed military bases to avoid direct syria chose self-preservation even iraq in the saddam era israel hit the atomic power plants whenever the zionists wanted they would break the sonic wall and attack the south of lebanon syria iraq and other countries so far they haven't seen any response but recently they saw the f. sixteen shut down syria stood firm despite being weakened by seven years of civil
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war so because of that they have been considerably frustrated they are accustomed to being invaded and they never receive response be sure that if confrontation occurs surely the country who would be damaged the most is the zionist regime jamali added that he hoped the actions taken by israel by launching missiles at syria would eventually result in the liberation of the golan heights very strong words coming from iran's parliament and no matter what iran senior leaders say in coming days two things are certain that this represents a dangerous escalation of the syrian conflict where iran is heavily committed and it comes at a sensitive time in the region when iran is backed into a corner with the devolution of the nuclear deal earlier this week. thank. you but our trump has confirmed the date and venue for a historic summit with north korea's leader the president announced it all where
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else twitter say the highly anticipated meeting between kim jong il and myself will take place in singapore on june the twelfth we will both try to make it a very special moment for world peace wow let's go live to heidi to castro who is in washington for us. just yesterday on wednesday the president specified that the meeting wasn't going to be in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea now we find out it's going to be in singapore but why singapore did he explain. well barbara singapore is seen as a neutral territory for both the united states and north korea it does host naval presence from the u.s. military there as well as an embassy to north korea singapore is also demonstrated that it is capable of hosting these high stakes diplomatic talks in two thousand and fifteen we saw the leaders of china and taiwan also true single port as their
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point as their meeting spots and it is not far from north korea is about five thousand kilometers this would be the furthest that kim jong un has traveled from his native country expectedly he would fly there we just saw from his recent visit to china that indeed his country does have the capability of sending him there on a plane which at one point was a question and leading up to the announcement of this summit there has been a series of developments that has been viewed by the u.s. as as good progress that started with north korea saying that it is willing to stop testing of its ballistic missile and nuclear programs that is willing to tolerate the presence of u.s. military troops on the korean peninsula and finally of course with the release of these three american prisoners we just saw in recent days in their final arrival home the big question though is what will north korea ask the u.s.
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in return yes i mean the certainly are a lot of challenges facing trouble ahead of this meeting so do we know how he's actually trying to prepare for the summit. we know there has been a lot of concern among his advisers about how rushed this decision was vice president was speaking on u.s. media today and said that when south korean leaders visited the white house in march and brought this offer from north korea for this summit that on the spot president accepted and that in fact this entire process critics have said has been very hasty rushing into this summit so there are some questions about what type of preparation trump can take we know he is visiting with the south korean president at the end of this month at the white house and we know that he's also said on twitter that if things don't go the u.s. his way he's willing to stand up and leave the table during those negotiations
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certainly with that tweet that you just read he's saying that this is a time for both leaders that could be very special for world peace could not have raised the stakes higher barbara had as you cast through with the latest on that from washington heidi think you might have there mohammed has been sworn in as malaysia's prime minister following his unexpected election when i was there previously governable asia in the eighty's and ninety's thursdays when makes him the oldest elected leader in the world when haven reports. it was a long day for mahathir mohamad has he waited to be sworn in by the king of malaysia as prime minister for the second time the serum he was expected the morning after the election but following apparent delays it happened a few minutes before ten in the evening so. mild a month afterwards he spoke of the achievement and what's to come and.
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to say. that. for those supporters there was excitement with disbelief that malaysia was finally seeing a change in government after sixty one years in power by the ruling very son coalition . struggle for more than their teachers government and the big fish formation in. gives you know it's a mystery give all of us i think. i think everyone will have on just all great faith that. could be regarded as the puppet master of malaysian politics. in wednesday's election he defeated the party he used to lead it's now led by now the politician man had a hand picked to be prime minister and is now in breaux old in
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a corruption scandal niger denies involvement. here is now in coalition with anwar ibrahim the deputy prime minister the sect in one nine hundred ninety eight and wire is serving a five year jail sentence for sodomy charges he says are politically motivated mcateer says he'll seek a real pardon for anwar which may allow him to become prime minister within two years leading up to this farce and on election day when it became clear that this was going to be a close race there was concern about exactly how this would unfold depending on who would win. would there be protests or violence on the streets there's been no sign of fact instead only celebrations. the delays to the swearing in ceremony would have created a few nerves within the government in waiting and its supporters fearful of last minute tricks ruining their party but the transition was smooth which in itself is remarkable given the high stakes the characters involved and their intertwined
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history wayne hay al jazeera kuala lumpur. still to come on the program we meet the young men jerry and schoolgirls who are determined to finish their education despite the daily stress of violence from behind out and the man illegally kidnapped by british spies and sent to be tortured by moammar gadhafi is libyan security services is given an apology. however bisan pretty big shot of the last day or so in the middle of europe more or less you see white dots all over the place at that arc of cloud come to the british isles and through france this one here that tells officers europe has produced a rather chilling effect a drop of something like ten degrees in london however as soon recovers the forecast for friday is eighteen degrees twenty two in paris in the sunshine again
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it's warmer still further east and this is where you'll find the occasional big dam bulls through croatia for example maybe austria germany even western poland but the next tranche of weather coming in from the atlantic cool things down again fourteen and eighteen in paris and it's proper rain once more to be honest it's pretty standard spring weather now the still an outflow of coolish air on to the coast of north africa are in the low twenty's the most part twenty six in tunis a pleasant change thirty three in cairo has been a lift in temperature and forty six in as well but that weren't necessarily last reason penetrate and drop temperatures here still forty four in the far south of all cheer for than you might expect it for size beyond that pretty big showers as well the reading kenya's still occasionally quite heavy but the most violent storms more recently have been nigeria and ghana and there are more to come.
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the birth of the zionist movement. and the establishment of a jewish home in palestine the crucial battle. at any cost hundreds of thousands forced to. seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe. a comeback is a reminder of the top stories on. israel's prime minister benjamin it is the
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fending overnight strikes on syria which he says the story of nearly all of iran's military infrastructure they are saying iran crossed the red light iran has yet to respond. it's been confirmed a historic summit between the u.s. president don trump and north korea's kim jong un will take place in singapore until the twelfth mahathir mohammad has been sworn in as malaysia's prime minister following his unexpected election win on wednesday he is now the oldest elected leader in the world. rescuers in kenya are searching for survivors after a collapsed killing at least forty nine people with several more still missing that down in the rift valley burst its banks on wednesday washing away almost an entire village and more now from kenya. it was fast and unforgiving the dam burst released a surge of water that took homes and lives with it there was no warning and it
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happened in darkness this is the scene hours afterwards they're searching for a man one of dozens of people many of them are children the sprawl of daybreak is where families once lived whole homes swept away. from the air you get some idea of the scale of this tragedy the dam is almost fully drained downstream the waves of floodwater gained momentum and later spread out inflicting much more devastation over a wider area. a long stretch from the dump down stream we're also looking for the families that they were missing hoping that christening. yes charles kim or no already knows he's lost a family member his sister fifty year old nancy moon this was her home to what
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we heard about the flooding came to look for my sister we looked everywhere we only found her body hours after the water receded. bernard mankato works at a village clinic he's trying in vain to clear things up. i live here with my colleague there were many houses around us and this is where many people were swept away the dams main purpose was irrigation of a large flour farm investigators will want to know what type of fortifications had been used and other dams in the area are being checked. this tragedy has really brought it home just how dangerous these continuing rains are making it for kenyans right across the country the rainfall is the heaviest for two decades and it proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the infrastructure of this country simply can't cope. the kenyan red cross is describing the floods which started in march
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a national disaster it says that aside from all the lives lost the number of people now homeless has reached three hundred thousand and drew simmons al jazeera there is a county in kenya. the british prime minister has apologized who was illegally kidnapped by british spies and sent to be tortured by moammar gadhafi libyan security services abdul hakim a bell hard who was suspected of having links to al qaeda in the early two thousand and was a victim of rendition as part of the u.s. war on terror which was backed by the u.k. lawrence lee has the story. if revenge is a dish best served cold then the fourteen years it took. and his wife fatima bhutto to get their apology will have been worth it we come now to the state went by the
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attorney general in the british parliament a place which so often hears lectures about how other countries should have paid the rule of law the government finally admitted what bell had always said that it's had illegally kidnapped him and handed him over to the gadhafi government in libya to be tortured on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal which you both suffered and our role in it. in two thousand and four the british prime minister tony blair was eager to win over gadaffi as part of the american war on terror. and his wife were taken from thailand by officials from the british intelligence service m i six over suspicions they were linked to al qaeda through the libyan islamic fighting group which was rebelling against gadhafi but ten years on in the same british government was helping bring gadhafi down and in the rubble of tripoli the files emerged detailing the relationship between m i six the american cia and libyan intelligence. it took
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a full six years for the u.k. authorities to accept his argument he had asked for nothing except an apology. you know when we do funny today the british government has acknowledged and apologized for the suffering of my wife and myself years ago i thank them for this brave step . the british government has learned a lesson from this and i hope other governments around the world will learn it as well. and outside the u.k. parliament. held up the letter from the british prime minister offering the total apology for what they've done the u.k. lost its way when it got mixed up in the rendition of an innocent pregnant woman and an anti kadafi dissident but today i think it stood on the right side of history by recognising its mistakes and by apologizing. and so where does this leave the reputation of m i six it's worth bearing in mind that spies do what their
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political masters tell them to and in the years to the september the eleventh attacks in new york the americans were doing rendition a loss and presume of the british they should sue but times change and so do political considerations and this is the people made can come back to hold them the torture cells was held in a go on the political architects of u.k. foreign policy then including former prime minister tony blair can now rest as easy as the m i six agents and a line is drawn into the scandal but had it not been for the persistence of human rights lawyers this day would never have come lawrence lee al-jazeera london. attacks own schools and universities around the world are on the rise that's according to a report by the global coalition to protect education from attack over the last five years the group says there have been more than twelve and a half thousand attacks harming twenty one thousand students or educators schools
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and universities in twenty nine countries were used for military purposes and that the report says increases the risk of repeated attacks from opposing forces and the recruitment of child soldiers well the report also found that attacks the liberally targeting females is a growing problem a quarter of a quarter of attacks in afghanistan involve girls schools. or vocal or arms nine year battle to destroy the education system in northern nigeria has left hundreds of teachers and children killed or kidnapped thousands of classrooms have also been blown up or set on fire many parents are now keeping their children at home but as i would address reports now from that chair others meanwhile are determined to finish their exams no matter what. fatima came to was kidnapped three months ago by book war on fighters along with one hundred nine other schoolgirls are three sisters when you leave you now they're all preparing to go back to school fighting
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was the last ecological counseling and is still too traumatized to talk in detail on camera but she is determined to take our final examinations are three sisters who narrowly escaped being seized also returning to class. and reading as well but this school. ideas are still has three more years of high school left. five students remain missing and with more than one hundred other girls taken from another school in chibok four years ago. his fighters are opposed to western education have repeatedly targeted schools killing and abducting hundreds of students and teachers . dozens of students were killed and burned while they slept in the town of bani id four years ago that attack in your state remains one of the deadliest by boko haram
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struck to secure their vote of violence has killed more than four thousand of the past nine years in northern nigeria the loss is particularly devastating in areas that are lagging behind in school you are replacing the bed what of rating teachers will remain remains difficult. in borno state alone more than five thousand classrooms are been destroyed by the fighters three thousand have been rebuilt with new largest schools been constructed in relatively secure towns and villages. experts say there are signs of opportunity despite the violence and destruction. even. to time more children but what they had before a crisis. because those displaced children for the first time in their life of opportunity to access to education and this overwhelming number one was interpreted
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as a sign of hope. the market of sisters are returning to school despite warning not to while some are sending their children to school other skeptical parents i keeping those out of war at arm's reach not trust in the security forces to ensure their safety a victory of sorts for the eisel gunmen fighting to keep children away from class. al jazeera the east nigeria. at least one person has been killed after sri men attacked a mosque near durban in south africa the attackers entered the mall scuffed a midday prayers armed with guns and knives they slit the throats of three worshipers before setting the place on fire and flee the scene police say the motive of the attack is still unknown. south korea's president whom jay in is marking his first year in office having improved to diplomatic relations with
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north korea he's now enjoying a record approval ratings kevin over reports from seoul. monday and came to power following months of angry public protests his predecessor pocket he was impeached and ultimately imprisoned over a corruption scandal campaigned on a liberal platform promising change after a year in the job with an approval rating of more than eighty percent moon is the most popular president since public polling began when the country transition to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. polls show many south koreans even those who consider themselves conservatives like moon personally. the two groups pulling a moon's approval rating are that people who are satisfied by his unconventional openness and the people who believe the moon is doing a great job with enter korean relations. someone to long to an exhibition celebrating the highlights of moon's first year. i really like his way of openly
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communicating with the public in many ways especially compared to how disconnected other presidents were i have great expectations and i hope to see real cooperation and reconciliation with north korea. if you would have predicted these scenes a year ago moon shifted from park's hardline policy towards pyongyang to one of engagement even as the president of south korea's ally the united states was threatening to totally destroy north korea moon's vision for a peaceful lympics was realized when north korea sent a delegation to the winter games in pyongyang chung and the two koreas marched under a unified flag at the opening ceremony and since donald trump unexpectedly accepted an invitation for a summit with north korean leader kim jong un meetings not missile launches have become the new reality on the korean peninsula moon has found himself in the
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diplomatic driver's seat. while moon has been in the spotlight for his engagement with north korea some south koreans would prefer to see the president focus on domestic issues during the campaign he promised to tackle challenges such as the youth unemployment rate which recently hit a two year high of eleven point six percent. the issue that is perceived by the public as the most significant is the economy if these issues are not improved the president's approval rating can sink any single moment before last year's election most south koreans said the economy and jobs not into korean relations should be the next president's top priority something analysts say moon may want to keep in mind as he begins his second year in office kathy novak al jazeera soul. rumor you can get a lot more on that and every other story we've been covering on our web site the address on your screens right now al-jazeera thought home.
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in the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is the fending overnight strikes on syria saying iran crossed the red line israel says the strikes the stored nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria hitting dozens of targets tehran has yet to respond officially but senior iranian politicians have denied that iran was behind any attack us president donald trump has confirmed the date in venue for a historic summit with north korea's leader he wrote on twitter that the highly anticipated meeting will take place in singapore on june twelfth he also wrote he hopes they would both try to make it a very special moment for world peace well those details were announced just stop the trump welcomed back three u.s. citizens who were freed by pyongyang on wednesday as
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a goodwill gesture ahead of the talks are the usual castro has more now from washington now this location was widely expected in the u.s. as trump was debating between singapore and the d.m.z. he ruled out the d.m.z. in days earlier singapore is seen as neutral ground for both countries it hosts a u.s. military base as well as a north korean embassy and it is a country experienced in holes in hosting these high stakes diplomatic talks at the last minute we saw that in two thousand and fifteen when it successfully hosted a summit between the leaders of china and taiwan. has been sworn in as malaysia's prime minister following his unexpected election when the ninety two year old was sworn as the seventh leader by king sultan mohammed to face on thursday. malaysia in the eighty's and ninety's the win makes him the oldest elected leader in the world he replaces the. head by
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a corruption scandal rescuers in kenya are searching for survivors after a dam disaster that's killed at least forty nine people with several more still missing the dam in the rift valley around one hundred fifty kilometers north of the capital nairobi burst its banks on wednesday evening washing away almost an entire village well those are the headlines are going to have on the day's news for you in just under half an hour coming up next though it's the street. by.


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