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homes in that earthquake still live in this camp so i'm going to lay out that the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. to take all the sold by the park is. going to get. held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were going to. talk or scream would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. of one ton of mo twenty two at this time zero.
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israel flexes its military might hitting dozens of iranian targets inside syria. are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program june twelfth in singapore donald trump announces key details about his highly anticipated meeting with. forty nine people have been killed after a dam bursting kenya with an entire village washed away and justice for nora social media rallies to overturn a death sentence given to a young sudanese woman accused of killing her husband. israel says it is the story of nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in
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syria in a wave of overnight strikes it's in retaliation to alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights with prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning iran that it had crossed a red line tehran has yet to respond officially but senior iranian politicians have denied that iran was behind the attacks harry forsett reports now from the occupied golan heights. cockpit video from israeli warplanes is they carried out the largest and most prolonged air strike in syria since the start of its civil war israel says it hit dozens of iranian military targets as well as five syrian anti-aircraft installations israel says it was a response after iranian forces launched twenty rockets at israeli targets in the occupied golan heights we have made it very clear that we are here to defend ourselves those who started this round of violence were hearing ins who attacked israel we responded accordingly and we are now waiting to see how the iranians will
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respond israeli forces in the occupied golan heights were on alert for any further response at the same time local residents were told to go about their business as normal schools were open no restrictions placed on large gatherings israel says of the twenty rockets that were fired towards the occupied golan heights from syrian territory they all either fell in syrian territory or they were intercepted what followed was a massive and prolonged response from the israeli armed forces a real escalation in the kind of force that israel has so far been prepared to use within syria it's a message to deter any further such action and it's also making the most of an opportunity to do as much damage to rein in forces as possible israel's government has long warned of a growing threat from iranian bases and missiles inside syria it seems to have decided to act sooner rather than later and. we have of course hit all the infrastructure not all but almost all of the iranian infrastructure in syria they
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must remember the saying if it rains here it will pour over there and i hope that we finish this chapter and that everyone got the message. syrian state media said syrian air defenses it inserted most of the incoming rockets over the capital damascus but also confirmed that a radar station and a weapons storage site was struck. with iranian state television said syria had given a quote crushing response to. israeli attacks the strikes were carried out hours after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow saying he'd come away confident that russia would not prevent what he called israel's freedom of action a day later a different tone from the russian foreign minister. we see this is a very alarming development we believe that all issues must be resolved through dialogue during our multiple contacts with the leadership of both iran and israel including during yesterday's meeting between putin and netanyahu we underline the necessity of avoiding any actions that might be seen as mutually provocative. for
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now this latest flurry of cross border violence has subsided but all sides are aware that a new bar has been set for its intensity and that it could all too easily rise again are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied golan heights let's get more now. from tehran. senior leaders in tehran were silent in the immediate aftermath of cross border strikes between syria and israel that israel blamed on iran instead we heard from m.p.'s members of iran's parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy an influential body of government in the country one m.p. flatly denied iran's involvement saying it was syria rightfully responding to repeated attacks by israel another m.p. speaking to the homage of jamali said that israel was fabricating the nature of iran's involvement in the country. in accordance with international laws we have
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a presence in syria but there is no specific iranian military base there we may have a presence in some syrian bases for a kind of consultative training so israel's claim is devoid of truth jamal you also had a warning for israel saying that the days when countries in the region did not respond to acts of israeli aggression are over. we have a remark from the supreme leader that the era of hits in iran has gone before the iranian revolution and even until recently israel attacked syria several times bombed them bombed military bases to avoid direct tool syria chose self-preservation even iraq in the saddam era israel hit the atomic power plants whenever the zionists wanted they would break the sonic wall and attack the south of lebanon syria iraq and other countries so far they haven't seen any response but recently they saw the f. sixteen shut down syria stood firm despite being weakened by seven years of civil war so because of that they have been considerably frustrated they are accustomed
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to being invaded and they never receive response be sure that if confrontation occurs surely the country who would be damaged the most is the zionist regime jamali added that he hoped the actions taken by israel by launching missiles at syria would eventually result in the liberation of the golan heights very strong words coming from iran's parliament and no matter what iran senior leaders say in coming days two things are certain that this represents a dangerous escalation of the syrian conflict where iran is heavily committed and it comes at a sensitive time in the region when iran is backed into a corner with the devolution of the nuclear deal earlier this week. well see even the director of the win without war group at the center for international policy he says tensions have heightened in the region following the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal in a dangerous moment the iran deal for its greatest achievement was that it took the united states iran and indeed israel back from the brink of war and what we're
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seeing now is that tearing that deal up has put those parties right back right back on that bring to war the iranians are unlikely to have no response to the kinds of provocations in the attacks that we're seeing right now in syria obviously these attacks over the last twenty four hours have been the largest that we've seen in decades but the israelis have been repeatedly attacking iranian positions in syria for quite some time now throughout the last several years in fact right before those missile attacks from syria on the golan there was israeli attacks preceding that on iranian positions we're entering the cycle of tit for tat escalation where both parties both sides are claiming they're the aggrieved claiming they're the victims of the other's aggression we have to be alarmed about where we're heading and you're absolutely right we have now this potential between the hawks and the forces that we're seeing in the donald trump and ministration folks like john bolton folks like mike pump aoe that have openly talked about war with iran repeatedly in the past we have to be wondering what they're saying to their israeli counterparts right now.
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donald trump has confirmed that they are historic summit with north korea's leader the president announced on twitter saying the highly anticipated between myself will take place in singapore on june the twelfth both try to make it a very special moment for world peace. has more now from washington. singapore is seen as a neutral territory for both north korea and the united states the city state hosts the us navy presence as well as an embassy of north korea and it has demonstrated its ability to successfully cordoning this type of high stakes talks in the past in two thousand and fifteen the leaders of china and taiwan both picked a single boar for that for that meeting also being five thousand kilometers away from pyongyang it's not that far from north korea kim jong un would be traveling
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there a sensibly by plane his second flight of his life and we understand this would also be the furthest that he's traveled from his native country now a series of developments that the u.s. views as favorable has led us to this point it started with north korea signaling that it was willing to stop testing of its nuclear and ballistic missiles program and it also said that it would tolerate the presence of u.s. military troops on the korean peninsula and of course in the last few days we saw the release of those three american prisoners who are now home in the united states the big question of course going into this summit planned for june twelfth is what will north korea ask in return from the united states at this point no one in the trumpet ministration has said if any. if any requests have been made by north korea and in fact trump is said to be heading toward the summit with the attitude of
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finding out what north korea's intentions are a question we may not have the answer to until june twelfth arrives. trauma's tweet came just hours after he welcomed back three u.s. citizens who were released from jail in north korea kimberly halkett was at andrews air force base. back in the united states it's been more than a year since kim haq song and tony kim have seen their families for kim don shula it's been even longer he was imprisoned in north korea two years ago forced to do hard labor after being convicted of espionage speaking through a translator kim described his treatment in north korea forced to work but also treated well when sick. we were treated in many different ways for me i had to do a lot of labor but when i got sick i was also treated by them the release of the
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three americans is being viewed by the white house as a goodwill gesture by north korea's leader water back here. really. excellent to these three incredible people they are really three incredible people the release of the three americans is the product of negotiations ongoing with the united states and north korea but it is also a prelude to the upcoming summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong a summit that trump says he hopes will yield even greater results trump says his primary goal is to achieve complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula is looking forward to his upcoming summit with kim with optimism i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has made two trips to north korea it's during his
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most recent visit that kim reportedly accepted the u.s. proposal to grant amnesty to the three detainees kimberly help at al-jazeera andrews air force base. rescuers in kenya are searching for survivors after a battle collapsed killing at least forty nine people with several still missing the dam in the rift valley burst its banks on wednesday washing away almost an entire village andrew symonds has more now from kenya. it was fast and unforgiving the dam burst released a surge of water that took homes and lives with it there was no warning and it happened in darkness this is the scene hours afterwards they're searching for a man one of dozens of people many of them are children the sprawl of daybreak is where families once lived whole homes swept away. from the air
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you get some idea of the scale of this tragedy the dam is almost fully drained downstream the waves of floodwater gain momentum and later spread out inflicting much more devastation over a wider area. thank you for a long stretch from the dump area down stream we are also looking for the families that they were missing hoping that christening. charles kim or no already knows he's lost a family member his sister fifty year old nancy moon this was her doggie dakota that we heard about the flooding came to look for my sister we looked everywhere we only found her body hours after the water receded. bernard mankato works at a village clinic he's trying in vain to clear things up. i lived here
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with my colleague there were many houses around us and this is where many people were swept away. the dams main purpose was irrigation of a large flower farm investigators will want to know what type of fortifications had been used and other dams in the area are being checked. this tragedy has really brought it home just how dangerous these continuing rains are making it for kenyans right across the country the rainfall is the heaviest for two decades and it proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the infrastructure of this country simply can't cope the kenyan red cross is describing the floods which started in march a national disaster it says that aside from all the lives lost the number of people now homeless has reached three hundred thousand and two simmons zero there is a county in kenya still to come on the program ninety two year old.
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sworn in as prime minister just hours after election victory and we meet a young nigerian schoolgirls who are determined to finish their education despite the daily threat of violence. had i was rather a taste of winter in tasmania and beyond the southeast corner of australia that circulation mid looks fairly wintry certainly be windy and wet cold enough for a bit is at height of the most part it just feels a need to wrap a bit more fourteen in melbourne longshore brazenness circulations gone through tasmania but it's still going to be overcast and probably wet and in contrast personally having twenty six twenty seven degrees the next and the last couple of
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days is just a long warm spell it hasn't improved any and we've gone to saturday now just slightly less breezy in melbourne notice where that thing is running up the coast of new south wales that'll be interesting to watch so rather than going frost the tasman sea that's going to fin direction however we have still got cloud heading down towards need new zealand has done this in the last twelve hours or so so expect a wet forecast and you have one through oakland on trust church so north and south around stop tickly cold because the reason normally sixty to eighty but it does look rather wet a day ahead the sun's come out in christ church but not in oh and nineteen well the human degrees here i think you might enjoy things rather better in south island not much breeze and the should be rather more sunshine. once a strategy of war now the conflict is long over the good options continue one on
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one east investigates why so many sri lankans disappeared without a trace on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel and. for a five gene will mean the data types but ten times faster than fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera israel says it has destroyed nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria in a wave of overnight strikes it's in retaliation for alleged iranian attacks on
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israeli positions in the occupied golan heights iran is yet to respond of fish being confirmed the historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong un will take place in singapore on june the twelfth and rescuers in kenya are searching for survivors after a dam collapse the rift valley killing at least forty nine people. last year mohamed has been sworn in as well asia's prime minister following his unexpected election win here previously governable asia in the eighty's and ninety's thursday's win makes him the oldest elected leader in the world when haye reports from kuala lumpur. it was a long day for mahathir mohamad as he waited to be sworn in by the king of malaysia as prime minister for the second time the serum he was expected the morning after the election but following apparent delays it happened a few minutes before ten in the. so. afterwards he
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spoke of the achievement and what's to come and. for those supporters there was excitement with disbelief that malaysia was finally seeing a change in government after sixty one years in power by the ruling very sun coalition . struggled for more than their teachers government in a big big brawl. mission in two articles in there gives you know it's a mystery the followers think. i think everyone will come on this is all very fake that you. could be regarded as the puppet master of malaysian politics. in wednesday's election he defeated the party he used to lead it's now led by now
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the politician man had a hand picked to be prime minister and is now in brule in a corruption scandal niger denies involvement. here is now in coalition with anwar ibrahim the deputy prime minister he sex in one nine hundred ninety eight and wire is serving a five year jail sentence for sodomy charges he says are politically motivated mcateer says he'll seek a real pardon for anwar which may allow him to become prime minister within two years leading up to this farce and on election day when it became clear that this was going to be a close race there was concern about exactly how this would unfold depending on who would win would there be protests or violence on the streets there's been no sign of fact instead only celebrations. the delays to the swearing in ceremony would have created a few nerves within the government in waiting and its supporters fearful of last
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minute tricks ruining their party but the transition was smooth which in itself is remarkable given the high stakes the characters involved and their intertwined history wayne hay al jazeera kuala lumpur. in the story of nora hussein a young sudanese woman who's been sentenced to death for killing her husband nora story begins when she was sixteen she fled the family home near khartoum to escape a marriage forced upon her by her father for three years she lived with her on ten focused on getting an education but when she was nineteen she was tricked into returning home and forced to marry a few days later her husband draped there with the help of his relatives who held her down and when he returned again the next night to repeat the act nora fought back stabbing him several times and the venture be killing him her cases attracted widespread attention on social media with the campaign justice for nora now trending on twitter israel has sohn is the global executive director of the
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activist group equality now the group is backing up petition calling for justice for nora she told me that sudanese law is failing the young girl. this is a travesty of justice from every angle that you can look at and it also shows all the various steps and bit sudanese laws and policy failed this young girl who had a very bright future ahead of her from the aspect of child marriage sudanese law allows girls right after puberty to be married off by their father has it allows for no marital rape exemption there's no medical rape recognized under the law and the one the girl has to be obedient to a husband so there's not so fast specs of the law that are called in to challenge by this case the case is a very very hard one under sudanese no but when you look at it from a human rights aspect in many many other countries of the world this would be looked at as a victim and would be provided services and care as opposed to being you know put in solitary confinement and given the death penalty so we are appealing to the
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president of the legislature to the ministry of justice on behalf of sudanese activists and international human rights groups that no neuron must be freed and this case must be really looked at and the hope that i have here is that really have had a previous case four years ago in sudan where a young ethiopian woman was gang raped and the know at that time provided that if you couldn't prove your rape you were going to be flogged and guilty of fornication and adultery and we got together with sudanese activists and that time bad law was changed and so the rape provisions were amended and that woman did get justice so i'm hopeful that justice will prevail in numerous cases and i'm hopeful that with international media attention with international human rights groups and sudanese activists all working together we can get there for. local her arms a nine year battle to destroy the education system in northern nigeria has left hundreds of teachers and children killed or kidnapped thousands of classrooms have
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also been blown up or set on fire many parents are now keeping their children at home but doesn't interest reports from that she others are determined to finish their exams no matter what. fatima came to was kidnapped three months ago by book war on fighters along with one hundred nine other schoolgirls are three sisters when you choose now they're all preparing to go back to school fighting was the last ecological counseling and is still too traumatized to talk in detail on camera but she is determined to take a final examinations are three sisters who are not only escaped being seized also returning to class. and reading as you went back to school but. ideas are still has three more years of high school left. five students remain
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missing and with more than one hundred other girls taken from another school in chibok four years ago boko haram has fighters outpost western education have repeatedly targeted schools killing and abducting hundreds of students and teachers dozens of students were killed and burned while they slept in the town of bani id four years ago. that attack in your state remains one of the deadliest by boko haram struck to secure their vote for a violence has killed more than four thousand over the past nine years in northern nigeria the loss is particularly devastating in areas that are lagging behind in school replacing the very motivating teachers who remain in ruins difficult. in borno state alone more than five thousand classrooms are been destroyed by the fighters three thousand have been rebuilt with new largest schools being constructed in relatively secure towns and villages experts say there are signs of
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opportunity despite the violence and destruction. even. time more children but what they had before a crisis because those displaced children for the first time in their life of opportunity to access to education and this overwhelming number one was interpreted as a sign of hope the market of sisters are returning to duck to school despite book warning not to while some are sending their children to school other skeptical parents i keeping those out of books or at arm's reach not trusting the security forces to ensure their safety a victory of sorts for the eisel gunman fighting to keep children away from class. al-jazeera the east nigeria. at least one person has been killed after sri men attacked
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a mosque near durban in south africa the attackers entered the mosque after midday prayers armed with guns and knives they slit the throats of three worshipers before setting the place on fire and fleeing the scene police say the motive of the attack is still unknown. the british government has apologized for its role in the kidnapping of a libyan dissident who was later tortured the u.k. ambassador to turkey gave a letter of apology to abdel had. from the british prime minister to resign me belhaj and his wife fatima. ducted by british spies in thailand in two thousand and four and were suspected of having links to al qaeda they were returned to libya where they were tortured by moammar gadhafi government a u.s. military investigation into the deaths of four american soldiers while still in rishon in the share has found widespread problems across all levels of the operation were to blame the men died last october after being ambushed by fighters
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that linked to eisele our defense correspondent particle hain has more. it was last october in his chair where four u.s. troops and four local soldiers were killed in an ambush it's taking the pentagon all of this time to come up and release the findings of their report and it shows a whole host of issues everything from the unit not turning together before the mission to put him in approval and not giving the whole story about what they were actually going to be doing in the field they didn't have the right equipment the soldiers destroyed their radios when they thought they were going to be overrun so that meant they couldn't communicate with the base now the head of african command came here to the pentagon to say that they have learned their lesson there will be changes we are now far more prudent in our missions we've increased the firepower we've increased the iowa sarcastically we've increased various response times and what this is done is is allowed these teams perhaps to not to do the tempo that they would like but it provides adequate and more resourceful force protection
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measures the pentagon went so far as to prepare a very detailed video showing exactly what went wrong one of the big issues is they couldn't get them help it took about an hour and a half for a drone to give surveillance above the sight of the embers it took more than five hours for a helicopter to evacuate them including the wounded those are all issues that the pentagon says are now currently being addressed music streaming service spotify has removed hip hop artist r. kelly from its place it's part of the company's new policy on hate content and hateful conduct r. kelly's music can still be found on the app but it will not be actively promoted a recent social media campaign has called for a boycott of his music following years of sexual assault allegations can find more of that story and everything else we've been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com.
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now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera israel says it is the story of nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria in a wave of overnight strikes it's in retaliation for alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights tehran has yet to respond officially u.s. president donald trump asked confirmed the date and a venue for a historic summit with north korea's leader he wrote on twitter that the highly anticipated meeting will take place in singapore on june the twelve you also wrote he hoped that they would both try to make it a very special moment for world peace. well those details were announced a just after trump welcome back three u.s. citizens who were freed by pyongyang on wednesday as a goodwill gesture ahead of the talks castro has more now from washington now this
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location was widely expected in the u.s. as trump was debating between singapore and the d.m.z. he ruled out the d.m.z. in days earlier singapore is seen as neutral ground for both countries it hosts a u.s. military base as well as the north korean embassy and it is a country experienced in holes in hosting these high stakes diplomatic talks at the last minute we saw that in two thousand and fifteen when it successfully hosted a summit between the leaders of china and taiwan. mahathir mohamad has been sworn in as malaysia's prime minister following his unexpected election when the ninety two year old was sworn in as the seventh leader by king sultan mohammed the fifth on thursday by us here government asia in the eighty's and ninety's the win makes him the oldest elected leader in the world he replaces the who was tainted by a corruption scandal rescuers in kenya are searching for survivors after
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a disaster that's killed at least forty nine people with several more still missing the dam in the rift valley around one hundred fifty kilometers north of the capital nairobi burst its banks on wednesday evening washing away almost an entire village the dam is one of seven in the area owned by a commercial farm and residents are concerned the more of them may be unsafe flash floods in kenya have already killed at least one hundred people since march well those are the headlines one o one east is next thanks for watching. in the. new. sri lanka has used abduction as a way to win.


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