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the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. that he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that news is forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is part of life it's culture al-jazeera is an investigative unit reveals tactics used by anti muslim organizations to instigate a fear of islam on the radio universe care of the. oh the place where they're recruiting this stuff is toxic he's a poison salesman we saw the number of attacks against women and men across the country completely skyrocket guys in front of the courts holding a gun next thing i know there's blood flowing all over my leg al-jazeera investigations islamophobia incorporated.
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you include spoke of a bomb iran crossed a red line. benjamin netanyahu is a strong warning to iran and syria as president bashar al assad. robison this is all just syria live from doha also coming up about fifty people are dead after a down bias in kenya rescue workers scrambling to find survivors. the world's oldest elected leader takes over in malaysia and then promises to help a former opponent he once put in prison. looking for a lifeline argentina goes to the i.m.f. for a loan hoping to avoid another economic crisis. israel
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has issued a stark warning to iran and syria saying that if they attempt to hit israel they'll pay the price it comes after israel claimed it destroyed nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria in a wave of strikes early thursday it was in retaliation to alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights prime minister benjamin netanyahu is threatening further action. of a bomb iran crossed a red line our response was appropriate the israeli army carried out a broad strike a very broad strike against iranian targets in syria i sent a clear message to the assad regime our action is aimed at the reigning targets in syria but if the syrian army will act against us we will act against it well iran's denied that it was behind the attacks and there's been no official response from the iranian regime but a senior politicians told al-jazeera that israel is fabricating the nature of iran's involvement in syria are
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a force that has more on the attacks from the occupied golan heights. cockpit video from israeli warplanes is they carried out the largest and most prolonged air strike in syria since the start of its civil war israel says it hit dozens of iranian military targets as well as five syrian anti-aircraft installations israel says it was a response after iranian forces launched twenty rockets at israeli targets in the occupied golan heights we have made it very clear that we are here to defend ourselves those who started this round of violence were hearing ins who attacked israel we responded accordingly and we are now waiting to see how the iranians will respond israeli forces in the occupied golan heights were on alert for any further response at the same time local residents were told to go about their business as normal schools were open no restrictions placed on large gatherings israel says of the twenty rockets that were fired towards the occupied golan heights from syrian territory they all either fell in syrian territory or they were intercepted what
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followed was a massive and prolonged response from the israeli armed forces a real escalation in the kind of force that israel has so far been prepared to use within syria it's a message to deter any further such action and it's also making the most of an opportunity to do as much damage to rein in forces as possible israel's government has long warned of a growing threat from iranian bases and missiles inside syria it seems to have decided to act sooner rather than later and. we have of course hit all the infrastructure not all but almost all of the iranian infrastructure in syria they must remember the saying if it rains here it will pour over there and i hope that we finish this chapter and that everyone got the message. syrian state media said syrian air defenses it inserted most of the incoming rockets over the capital damascus but also confirmed that a radar station and a weapons storage site was struck. with iranian state television said syria had
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given a quote crushing response to. israeli attacks the strikes were carried out hours after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow saying he'd come away confident that russia would not prevent what he called israel's freedom of action a day later a different tone from the russian foreign minister. we see this is a very alarming development we believe that all issues must be resolved through dialogue during our multiple contacts with the leadership of both iran and israel including during yesterday's meeting between putin and netanyahu we underline the necessity of avoiding any actions that might be seen as mutually provocative. for now this latest flurry of cross border violence has subsided but all sides are aware that a new bar has been set for its intensity that it could all too easily rise again are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied golan heights let's get more now on iran's response to the israeli actions is monitoring developments from to. senior leaders in tehran
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were silent in the immediate aftermath of cross border strikes between syria and israel that israel blamed on iran instead we heard from m.p.'s members of iran's parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy an influential body of government in the country one m.p. flatly denied iran's involvement saying it was syria rightfully responding to repeated attacks by israel another m.p. speaking to your own the homage of jamali said that israel was fabricating the nature of iran's involvement in the country. in accordance with international laws we have a presence in syria but there is no specific iranian military base there we may have a presence in some syrian bases for kind of consultative training so israel's claim is devoid of truth jamal you also had a warning for israel saying that the days when countries in the region did not respond to acts of israeli aggression are over so much as we have a remark from the supreme leader that the era of hits and run has gone before the
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iranian revolution and even until recently israel attacked syria several times bombed them bombed military bases to avoid direct syria chose self-preservation even in iraq in the saddam era israel hit the atomic power plants whenever the zionists wanted they would break the sonic wall and attack the south of lebanon and syria iraq and other countries so far they haven't seen any response but recently they saw the f. sixteen shut down syria stood firm despite being weakened by seven years of civil war so because of that they have been considerably frustrated they are accustomed to being invaded and they never receive response be sure that if confrontation occurs surely the country who would be damaged the most is the zionist regime jamali added that he hoped the actions taken by israel by launching missiles at syria would eventually result in the liberation of the golan heights very strong words coming from iran's parliament and no matter what iran senior leaders say in coming days two things are certain that this represents
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a dangerous escalation of the syrian conflict where iran is heavily committed and it comes at a sensitive time in the region when iran is backed into a corner with the devolution of the nuclear deal earlier this week. syrian president bashar al assad has given a new interview denying his forces were behind a chemical weapons attack in duma last month more than forty people were killed in the area which was held by rebels at the time but is now under government control i said the night his military has chemical weapons we don't have any chemical arsenal since we gave it up in two thousand and thirteen and. agency international agency for chemical. weapons made investigation of this and it. it's clear that all documented that we don't have rescuers in kenya my service searching for survivors after a dam collapsed killing at least forty nine people with many more still missing the
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disaster happened in the rift valley which is about one hundred fifty kilometers north of the capital nairobi when the dam burst on wednesday washing away almost an entire village and who simply reports. it was far and unforgiving the dam burst released a surge of water that took homes and lives with it there was no warning and it happened in darkness this is the scene hours afterwards they're searching for a man one of dozens of people many of them are children sprawled daybreak is where families once lived whole hung's swept away from the air you get some idea of the scale of this tragedy the dam is almost fully drained downstream the waves of floodwater gained momentum and later spread out inflicting much more devastation over a wider area. thank you very long straight from the dump down stream we are also
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looking for the families that they were missing hoping that christening. charles kim or no already knows he's lost a family member his sister fifty year old nancy moved this was her daddy to do what we heard about the flooding came to look for my sister we looked everywhere we only found her body hours after the water receded. bernard mankato works at a village clinic he's trying in vain to clear things up. i lived here with my colleague there were many houses around us and this is where many people were swept away the dams main purpose was irrigation of a large flour farm investigators will want to know what type of fortifications had been used and other dams in the area are being checked. this tragedy has really
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brought it home just how dangerous these continuing rains are making it for kenyans right across the country the rainfall is the heaviest for two decades and it proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the infrastructure of this country simply can't cope with. the kenyan red cross is describing the floods which started in march a national disaster it says that aside from all the lives lost the number of people now homeless has reached three hundred thousand and two simmons al-jazeera there is a county in kenya after some delay during the day malaysia's new prime minister has been sworn in ninety two year old mahathir mohamad is back in the job he once held for twenty two years on wednesday he led the opposition to an unexpected victory in parliamentary elections is now the oldest elected leader in the world when he reports from kuala lumpur. it was
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a long day for mahathir mohamad has he waited to be sworn in by the king of malaysia as prime minister for the second time the ceremony was expected the morning after the election but following apparent delays it happened a few minutes before ten in the evening so. mild a month afterwards he spoke of the achievement and what's to come and. to say. the. least. for those supporters there was excitement with disbelief that malaysia was finally seeing a change in government after sixty one years in power by the ruling very son coalition . struggle for more than their teachers government and that is to be good for our mission in. gives you know it's
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a mystery give all of us i think. i think everyone will have on this ball great say this. could be regarded as the puppet master of malaysian politics. in wednesday's election he defeated the party he used to lead it's now led by now the politician man had a hand picked to be prime minister and is now improved in a corruption scandal now denies involvement. here is now in coalition with anwar ibrahim the dipping prime minister the sex in one nine hundred ninety eight and wire is serving a five year jail sentence for sodomy charges he says are politically motivated makatea says he'll seek a rule pardon for and which may allow him to become prime minister within two years leading up to this farce and on election day when it became clear that this was going to be a close race there was concern about exactly how this would unfold depending on who would win. would there be protests or violence on the streets there's been no sign
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of that instead of the only celebrations. the delays to the swearing in ceremony would have created a few nerves within the government in waiting and its supporters fearful of last minute tricks ruining their party but the transition was smooth which in itself is remarkable given the high stakes the characters involved and their intertwined history wayne hey al jazeera kuala lumpur still ahead on al-jazeera donald trump names the date and place for his meeting with kings oman and welcomes home american prisoners from north korea. south korea's president monday and marks his first year in office with black or the approval ratings. through tranquil arabian can you. deny can feel intense
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and if any should go on telling. hello in the last twenty four hours or so the heaviest of the spring rains in china have been down in the science west one days worth of rain or less to get you this rapid flooding on the street don't worry she was rescued but it just shows you how quickly the streets can become a river and washings away quite readily for example floating traffic lights and they are still working or feel like underground motorcycles now account how that works either but those showers are fades away and i was still feeding plenty of moisture into china so it's going to feel quite sticky in hong kong with the developing rains are going to be further north again spreading slowly use words towards shanghai but that's because like the angles developed the darker green being the heaviest of the rain and that is saturday's forecast that tails off down towards the north of me and beyond for some pretty heavy showers for example in northeastern india but sas vittles a little bit quieter and some big white tops in borneo. happen in the gulf of
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thailand these are the two areas to focus on i think for the full cost you know it's that overland so they shout it build by day now if you're in indonesia got a much greater chance of being drawn through bali and the big ol days looks pretty dry but malaysia on particular i think will focus on thailand is likely to be wet. the weather sponsored by cattle and the race. children dream of becoming an astronaut. a father from the stars and set the. teenager from iran. held back by society. reaching for the stars the witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all just here on the reminder of our top stories this hour benjamin netanyahu is issued a stalk warning to iran and syria saying that if they attempt to hit israel though pay the price it comes after israel claimed it had destroyed nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria it was in retaliation to alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights. a search and rescue operations underway after a dam burst in central kenya you say they've recovered at least forty nine bodies and there are reports several others are unaccounted for. malaysia has a new prime minister ninety two year old matthew mohammed is back in the job he once held for twenty two years on wednesday in that the opposition to an unexpected
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victory parliamentary elections he's now the oldest elected leader in the world. well the stage is now finally set for the meeting between donald trump and north korea's kim jong un the u.s. president took to twitter again to break the news singapore will play host to the tompkins summit on june the twelfth the u.s. leader said both men aim to make the meeting a very special moment for world peace. well within the past hour trump address supporters in indiana where he spoke about the upcoming summit. so the relationship is good and hopefully for all of us for the world hopefully something very good is going to happen and they understand it's very important for them it's important for everybody so japan south korea china everybody i think it's going to be a very big success but my attitude is and if it isn't it isn't ok if it
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is it is it not and you have to have that because you don't know we're not going to be walked into a red where the negotiator john kerry refused to leave a. while thompson and swims at the details of his meeting with north korea's leader came just hours after he personally welcomed home three americans freed by the regime the move was seen as a goodwill gesture by pyongyang ahead of the summit john hendren has more from washington d.c. . the white house is calling it a victory for the world three american citizens were released from a north korean prison president trump threw some happens when he said kim jong un really was excellent by releasing those three men that struck a lot of americans in a bad way they have not forgotten the story of auto warm beer in american citizen who was returned to the u.s. from a north korean prison in june in a coma and died just a few days later the senate minority leader chuck schumer said it is no great
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accomplishment of kim jong un to do this and when the president does it he weakens american foreign policy and puts american citizens at risk around the world there is a long history of hope and then disappointment in meetings between the u.s. and north korea but president trump considers himself a deal maker his critics would say he is a deal breaker after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal in the paris climate treaty but trump fancies himself a deal maker we will find out after june twelfth whether he's able to make a deal on north korea with kim jong un the goal the white house says is the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula the british government's apologized to a former libyan dissident and his wife for the role it spies played in sending them to libya to be tortured in two thousand and four. and his wife were abducted with the help of british agents were handed over to moammar gadhafi his henchmen were asleep ports. if revenge is
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a dish best served cold then the fourteen years it took abdelhakim bell and his wife fatima good shot to get their apology will have been worth it so we come now to the statement by the attorney general in the british parliament a place which so often hears lectures about how other countries should have paid the rule of law the government finally admitted what had always said that it's had illegally kidnapped him and handed him over to the gadhafi government in libya to be tortured and on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize on reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal which you both suffered and our role in it. in two thousand and four the british prime minister tony blair was eager to win over gadaffi as part of the american war on terror. and his wife were taken from thailand by officials from the british intelligence service and i six it was suspicions they were linked to al qaeda through the libyan islamic fighting group
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which was rebelling against gadhafi but ten years on and the same british government was helping bring gadhafi down and in the rubble of tripoli the files emerged detailing the relationship between m i six the american cia and libyan intelligence. it took a full six years for the u.k. authorities to accept his argument he had asked for nothing except an apology. he for whom we did money today the british government has acknowledged and apologized for the suffering of my wife and myself years ago i thank them for this brave step the british government has learned a lesson from this and i hope other governments around the world will learn it as well. and outside the u.k. parliament fastener held up the letter from the british prime minister offering the total apology for what they've done. the u.k. lost its way when it got mixed up in the rendition of an innocent pregnant woman
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and to get off a dissident but today i think it stood on the right side of history by recognizing its mistakes and by apologizing. and so where does this leave the reputation of m i six it's worth bearing in mind that spies do what their political masters tell them to and in the years after the september the eleventh attacks in new york the americans were doing rendition a loss and presume of the british will that they should too but times change and so do political considerations and this is the people made can come back to hold them . the torture cells was held in a go on the political architects of u.k. foreign policy then including former prime minister tony blair can now rest as easy as the m i six agents and the line is drawn into the scandal but had it not been for the persistence of human rights lawyers this day would never have come lawrence lee al-jazeera london argentina has begun formal talks with the international
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monetary fund about getting financial support to stabilize its economy economy minister nicolas should do a hazmat i.m.f. chief christine lagarde at the group's headquarters in washington d.c. argentine is dealing with soaring inflation and its currency the peso is losing value last week argentina's central bank tried to stabilize the situation by increasing interest rates to forty percent. well they call it a number of turmoil has sparked protests on the streets of the capital want to set its tester's a worry that strict terms from an i.m.f. bailout could lead to another crisis many blame the i.m.f. susteren team measures for the financial collapse in the early two thousand that left millions in poverty. to the workers they will not stop on and all the storm we workers are not going to like congress to accept the interference of the international monetary fund the increase of tariffs or labor reform and we are going to fight until the end so that those infamous resolutions of the next week government to turn back the workers have
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a memory we know that policies like these lead us to hell and we will not allow it well earlier i spoke to mark weiss broad who's been whiting about argentina's economy for fifteen years he says the country's government could have avoided going to the i.m.f. . they're not facing the kind of situation even that they were facing in that depression from one nine hundred ninety eight to two thousand and one which of course the i.m.f. is is quite a bit of fault for our times very much worried about going back to the i.m.f. you know poverty rose during those few years from eighteen percent to forty two percent of the population and that was a country that was you know not long before that one of the richest richest in america given the level of opposition to this move by the argentinians why is the government so anxious to go to the i.m.f. i think perhaps they think that this will restore credibility with the markets.
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that's kind of the way they look at these things and i think also it's way and this is typical in many cases of the i.m.f. where the government wants to take measures that are going to be deeply unpopular they're going to cut spending most likely could possibly push the economy into recession and they use the i.m.f. as cover things in the i.m.f. is making us do that we have to you know we have an agreement and so i think those would be the reasons why they would do that you know all these programs and i.m.f. typically they reduce the deficit by cutting spending and pushing the economy towards recession because then people have less money to spend they import less and that's not the best way to do it of course for most people but it could be the way that some of the government investors and people they care about look at it
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you mentioned before the president was the mockery was looking to get some sort of credibility with the markets as a result of bringing in the i.m.f. but politically speaking how much of a risk is he taking but i think it is risky i mean he you know his. approval rating cording to latest polls has fallen from fifty percent late last year to thirty five percent now in as i said these kind of programs think you know things definitely get worse at least at first and sometimes indefinitely so he's definitely taking a risk dozens of protesters have been detained in kazakhstan after demanding the release of political prisoners the rally was organized by a leading government critic in the country's largest city. a court called knocked out i'll be ourselves group an extremist movement two months ago judges have been warning the public that could face criminal prosecution for supporting him
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demonstrations in kazakhstan are rare because people need permission from the president and the police to rally. south korea's president monday in is marking his first year in office having improved diplomatic relations with north korea is now enjoying record approval ratings kathy novak reports from seoul. monday in came to power following months of angry public protests his predecessor pocketing hay was impeached and ultimately imprisoned over a corruption scandal campaigned on a liberal platform promising change after a year in the job with an approval rating of more than eighty percent moon is the most popular president since public polling began when the country transition to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. polls show many south koreans even those who consider themselves conservatives like moon personally we're going to get to the two groups pulling a moon's approval rating on that people who are satisfied by his unconventional
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openness and the people who believe moon is doing a great job to us with enter korean relations. someone to long to an exhibition celebrating the highlights of moon's first year. long as i really like his way of openly communicating with the public in many ways especially compared to how disconnected other presidents were i have great expectations and i hope to see real cooperation and reconciliation with north korea. if you would have predicted these scenes a year ago moon shifted from parkes hardline policy towards pyongyang to one of engagement even as the president of south korea's ally the united states was threatening to totally destroy north korea moon's vision for a peaceful lympics was realized when north korea sent a delegation to the winter games in pyongyang chung and the two koreas marched under a unified flag at the opening ceremony and since donald trump unexpectedly accepted
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an invitation for a summit with north korean leader kim jong un meetings not missile launches have become the new reality on the korean peninsula moon has found himself in the diplomatic driver's seat. while moon has been in the spotlight for his engagement with north korea some south koreans would prefer to see the president focus on domestic issues during the campaign he promised to tackle challenges such as the youth unemployment rate which recently hit a two year high of eleven point six percent. the issue that is perceived by the public as the most significant is the economy if these issues are not improved the president's approval rating can sink at any single moment before last year's election most south korean said the economy and jobs not into korean relations should be the next president's top priority something analysts say moon may want to keep in mind as he begins his second year in office kathy novak al-jazeera soul.
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this is all just the readings of the top stories benyamin netanyahu has issued a stark warning to iran and syria if they attempt to hit israel they'll pay the price this comes after israel said it destroyed nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria it was in retaliation to alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions in the occupied golan heights syrian president bashar al assad has given a new interview denying his forces were behind a chemical weapons attack in duma last month more than forty people were killed in the area which was held by rebels at the time but is now under government control assad says his military does not have chemical weapons we don't have any chemical arsenal and since we give it up in two thousand and thirteen and. agency international agency for chemical. weapons made investigations. and it.
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cleared or documented that we don't have a search and rescue operations underway after a dam burst in central kenya police say they've recovered at least forty nine bodies and there are reports several others are unaccounted for malaysia has a new prime minister ninety two year old mahathir mohamad is back in the job he once held for twenty two years on wednesday he led the opposition to an unexpected victory in parliamentary elections. u.s. president donald trump says he'll meet north korea's leader kim jong un in singapore on june twelfth john made the announcement on social media after he welcomed home three americans freed by north korea as a goodwill gesture. argentina has begun for korea as a goodwill gesture. argentina has begun formal talks with the international monetary fund about receiving financial support to stabilize its economy its
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economy minister has met i.m.f. chief christine log on to the group's headquarters in washington d.c. despite its reform efforts the country's find itself facing a falling currency high debt and soaring inflation bites groups are calling for justice for a young sudanese woman sentenced to death for killing her husband after he raped her no one has seen as lawyers are appealing the decision the cases attracted widespread attention on social media over the campaign justice for nora she was forced into the managed by her parents three years ago when she was just sixteen years old those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by phone.


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