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mostly women and men across the country completely skyrocket guys in front of the courts holding a good looks they're not there's blood flowing all over my leg al-jazeera investigations islamophobia incorporated when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room to be out when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on. al-jazeera where every.
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condemnation from tehran after israel attacks dozens of iranian targets in syria. hello i'm adrian from again this is our zero live from doha also coming up it's back to court for russian opposition leader alexina volley for mobilizing antigovernment protests. the frantic search for survivors in kenya continues after a dam collapse that killed at least fifty people. early ballots a cost of iraq's first parliamentary election since the defeat of ice a last year. iran's foreign ministry has responded to israel's. biggest attack in syria for decades the
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israeli military says that it destroyed iranian targets in response to rockets fired against its forces in the occupied golan heights an iranian spokesman called the claims baseless and fabricated kerry forces reports. cockpit video from israeli warplanes is they carried out the largest and most prolonged air strike in syria since the start of its civil war israel says it hit dozens of iranian military targets as well as five syrian anti-aircraft installations israel says it was a response after iranian forces launched twenty rockets at israeli targets in the occupied golan heights we have made it very clear that we are here to defend ourselves those who started this round of violence were hearing ins who attacked israel we responded accordingly and we are now waiting to see how the iranians will respond israeli forces in the occupied golan heights were on alert for any further response at the same time local residents were told to go about their business as
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normal schools were open no restrictions placed on large gatherings israel says of the twenty rockets that were fired towards the occupied golan heights from syrian territory they all either fell in syrian territory or they were intercepted what followed was a massive and prolonged response from the israeli armed forces a real escalation in the kind of force that israel has so far been prepared to use within syria it's a message to deter any further such action and it's also making the most of an opportunity to do as much damage to rein in forces as possible israel's government has long warned of a growing threat from iranian bases and missiles inside syria it seems to have decided to act sooner rather than later and. we have of course hit all the infrastructure not all but almost all of the iranian infrastructure in syria they must remember the saying if it rains here it will pour over there and i hope that we finish this chapter and that everyone got the message. syrian
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state media said syrian air defenses it inserted most of the incoming rockets over the capital damascus but also confirmed that a radar station and a weapons storage site was struck. with iranian state television said syria had given a quote crushing response to. israeli attacks the strikes were carried out hours after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow saying he'd come away confident that russia would not prevent what he called israel's freedom of action a day later a different tone from the russian foreign minister. we see this is a very alarming development we believe that all issues must be resolved through dialogue during our multiple contacts with the leadership of both iran and israel including during yesterday's meeting between putin and netanyahu we underline the necessity of avoiding any actions that might be seen as mutually provocative. for now this latest flurry of cross border violence has subsided but all sides are aware that a new bar has been set for its intensity that it could all too easily rise again
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are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied golan heights this wales prime minister benjamin netanyahu is threatening further action in syria you have called stock of a bomb iran crossed a red line our response was appropriate the israeli army carried out a broad strike a very broad strike against iranian targets in syria i sent a clear message to the assad regime our action is aimed at to rein in targets in syria but if the syrian army will act against us we will act against it meanwhile iranian m.p.'s have denied that iran was behind the golan attacks a senior politician told al-jazeera that israel is fabricating the nature of iran's involvement in syria and that its actions will have consequences. that they are accustomed to being invaded and they never receive response be sure that if confrontation occurs surely the country who would be damaged the most is the zionist regime let's go live. is there for us so we're hearing
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reactions like that from from senior iranian officials and saying what's the official line what's the foreign ministry saying. well two days after the incident in question the foreign ministry has just has issued a statement a no surprises as you'd expect in very very strong terms they have condemned israeli action inside syria they've called it a violation of syrian sovereignty a violation of international law and they've also criticized the silence they say that has been coming from the global community over not condemning israel's actions with regards to violating syrian airspace and syrian borders now. what is very interesting is that in the very global community that the foreign ministry is criticizing within coming days it will be trying to negotiate with members of that community to try and save the twenty fifty nuclear deal or what parts of it it can save but going back to the statement what was in the statement
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is as important as what was not said no specific mention of israeli allegations that iran suffered huge strategic losses in those strikes no official response to that no specific response to that and no specific response to the allegation that iran shot first so we're still waiting to get clarity about what tehran believes is the narrative of what happened. two days ago but again likely to be in complete contradiction to anything that the israelis are alleging so what so what happens next on the diplomatic front at least. well the leaders here into iran are trying to shift focus today back to the nuclear deal and the immediate aftermath of the u.s. pulling out there were some protests some street action at the old u.s. embassy but then the government called for nationwide protests today following friday prayers so we're expecting that in the coming hours there will be large rallies into iran in other cities following friday prayers we're also watching for
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any more reaction from senior officials here in the government but those protests generally speaking is when organized by the iranian government those rallies tend to be large so we are expecting an outpouring of people onto the streets today all right zain many thanks indeed same describing that live and. russian opposition leader alexina volunteers again in court for organizing protests against the government two days before president vladimir putin's inauguration thousands of people protested against his force. of and he was among one thousand six hundred protestors to take and by police more now from our zeros rory chalons who's outside the court in moscow. it's a familiar routine this this tends to happen pretty much every time he calls people out onto the streets the authorities offer him one rallying sites he rejects that because it's too far out of the city center and instead ops to bring his supporters down to somewhere very much in the heart of things in moscow then quite
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often you get a rest as we did last weekend and it's usual that only is one of those detentions so what i think we're going to get today is perhaps an indication. to me of putin starts his fourth term in office as president an indication of whether or not it's ready made putin is changing his tactics when it comes to the valley previously what he gets is a reasonably short spell in police cells he gets twenty thirty days something like that he sits there it's a bit and then comes out if there's anything on top of that we might suppose to be a putin is tightening the screws but if it stays as a normal twenty or thirty day detention i think we can assume the writing a piece in assumes that it's not broke because i need to fix it when it comes to me
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. iraqis will vote on saturday in their first parliamentary election since that if he's of i saw last year the first group of people to vote all members of the security forces will be required to protect polling stations on saturday it's the fourth election since the u.s. led invasion removed saddam hussein from power fifteen years ago in parts of iraq the people who were forced from their homes as i saw took over a struggling to recover their costs but hopeful that the election may bring change charles traffic reports now from a refugee camp in northern iraq. mohamad schuchat and his family fled mosul in june last year during the battle against leisel their home was destroyed. like many of the two million people in iraq displaced by violence in recent years they live in a camp for the internally displaced. we are asking politicians to look after everyone equally regardless where they are from and especially those living in
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camps we don't want charity we want to go home and we don't want money in return for our votes the iraqi government says one hundred sixty six polling stations are being set up in seventy camps in time for saturday's parliamentary election campaign cheaps say candidates from a number of parties have visited but a call from a post there's little sign of election campaigning here only around twenty five families of the one thousand three hundred fifty living in this camp have returned to the areas they fled during the battle against. the vast majority of the people here assume these and their homes have been completely destroyed when you speak to people here many of them say that even if they could return to the areas they lived in they have very little faith in politicians because they feel so let down and discriminated against by previous shia led government. the government says it's going to cost two billion dollars to rebuild mosul forty thousand homes were
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destroyed in the west of the city alone. every few days people who used to live there gather in the camps to collect food handouts. off camera tell us that when eisel took control of mosul in two thousand and fourteen many among the city's predominantly sunni population believed eisel may improve their lives up to what they describe as so many broken promises by the bank that government but they say that quickly changed when they began to experience the brutality of life on the. fled the fighting in mosul in july last year she blames the government. and the suffering she and her family enjoy in the camps. we only want to go home it's inhumane living here the other day it rained in our tent flooded we're only asking politicians to
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rebuild their homes this is the least of all human rights it's the fault of the government that brought this calamity on us. winning the trust of mosul sunni population is going to be a major challenge for the new government if it is to prevent iraq's sectarian divide getting wider. from the hammered and hundreds of thousands of people like him the first step towards winning that trust would be rebuilding their home so they can start rebuilding their lives. strafford al jazeera sunshine camp in northern iraq. will get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then some good news for malaysia's jailed opposition leader just after a new prime minister is sworn in. plus a campaign for freedom we look at how an murder and rape case is drawing attention to the legal system in sudan.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia the imagery reveals a fair amount of dry weather across the philippines a scattered showers but nothing more than not heavy showers lightly across borneo my particularly across malays in borneo coaching those up being quite wet is fine for java and bali up through the ripe scottish hours to singapore in kuala lumpur but cherry dry conditions around the gulf of time but once you get further north across town in central northern arizona looking pretty wet at the moment that's likely continue as we head on through into sunday down into a straight yeah i mean to really quite deep vicious low pressure system across southeastern heiresses particularly affected tasmania over the last twenty four hours now. as you look at the front a lot of this the main feature is the area of high pressure dominating the weather across much of the country but that doesn't mean we're going to bring winds up from
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the south of course next stop is antarctica but this low is giving some extremely heavy rain across many parts of tasmania hope ot there it's wettest may day on record as west this day any day since one thousand nine hundred sixty look at the forecast with that southerly flow is particularly chilly across southeastern areas may see some rain at times for sydney and across western australia twenty eight degrees on soft late as a head through towards sunday a change of wind direction we'll see those temperatures falling away to twenty three. jailed should never be a country club and anyone who spent time in our facilities will tell you here this is for this thing from a country and we know our approach is more incarcerated and at the mercy of a sheriff's controversial approach to punishment and reform shares holding the problem of power and are allowed to run the jails in the way that they see fit and we see a lot of abuses american sheriff al-jazeera. shaq who took me to go to jail in
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his shadow. what it calls fabricated and baseless accusations israel insists that it lost it back on thursday after iranian forces fired rockets at its positions in the occupied golan heights. russian opposition leader alexina volunteers in court for organizing protests against the government thousands of people rallied two days before president vladimir putin was sworn in for a fourth term in office and early voting is underway in iraq's first parliamentary election since the defeat of i saw last here the security offices will be protecting polling stations on saturday cast the first ballots. kenya's public
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prosecutor is launching an investigation into what caused the dam to burst killing at least fifty people rescuers are still searching for survivors after most of the village in the county was swept away and recent reports. it was fast and unforgiving the dam burst released a surge of water that took homes and lives with it there was no warning and it happened in darkness this is the scene hours afterwards they're searching for a man one of dozens of people many of them are children the sprawl of daybreak is where families once lived whole homes swept away. from the air you get some idea of the scale of this tragedy the dam is almost fully drained downstream the waves of floodwater gain momentum and later spread out inflicting much more devastation over a wider area. thank you for
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a long stretch from the dump down stream we are also looking for the families that they were missing i hope an interesting. charles camano already knows he's lost a family member his sister fifty year old nancy moon this was her home going to be what we heard about the flooding came to look for my sister we looked everywhere we only found her body hours after the water receded trying. to help. bernard mankato works at a village clinic he's trying in vain to clear things up. you port where you lived here with my colleague there were many houses around us and this is where many people respect away the dams main purpose was irrigation of a large flower farm investigators will want to know what type of fortifications had
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been used and other dams in the area are being checked kenya's director of public prosecutions has ordered the chief of police to open an investigation local media are reporting that the patel dam was investigated by the national water resources or forty and deemed unsafe but no action was taken nor any follow up by the all forty aside from questions over this there are seven other similar dams in the area all of them used for irrigating the crops. the kenyan red cross is describing the floods which started in march a national disaster it says that aside from all the lives lost the number of people now homeless has reached three hundred thousand and under joins us now live from in kenya andrew the damage self had been declared unsafe but are authorities any clearer yet as to what actually caused it to break.
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well obviously the massive amount of rainfall which has been. right across kenya since the beginning of march had a max big bearing on this now the director of public prosecutions has ordered the chief of police to investigate he wants an interim report within two weeks the actual dam itself was subject according to local media to an inspection by the national water resources or thoughts and deemed unsafe that report which hasn't been fully confirmed yet suggests that there was no action taken by the farmer and there was no action taken by the ortho or it is when it became clear that a safety order had been breached now there are seven other dams in the area engineers have been checking some of them out so you can expect a lot of response from the local people not only in terms of their mourning for so
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many dead but also for concerns about their safety with these other. performing the same function and that's irrigation of these very large farms making very large profits from exports for flowers. and for coffee and andrew the search and rescue operation continues. is there an accurate figure as to how many people remain unaccounted for. the truth is adrian no one is sure how many are still missing we've just heard from our crew who are with the rescue teams right now in the past half hour they've taken the body of a child out of the mud that is the sort of situation harrowing situation they're facing right now these rescue teams are there on shore they are looking at trying to get research done with families to find out who is reported missing but there's
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such a state of confusion and they've had to travel such a distance down the river to where most of the damage has occurred because the water is a charge all the way downstream and then gaining force and momentum spread out over a very wide area and there is now a suggestion that least forty people are missing so expect the numbers to get much higher are reliable sources within the county health ministry say that fifty bodies have been recovered in the maybe an update on that soon that includes many children definitely was a situation that the speed in which this happened on wednesday night meant that people were caught unawares that some were trying to run away but of course that the magnitude the severity of the wave that went down this this was normally just a seasonal stream well it was just no one could cope with it the chances for survival were quite limited to so many people many thanks anderson and stan live in
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the dob in kenya. malaysia's new prime minister says that the king has agreed to pardon the jailed opposition figure and why abraham mohamad also promised to reveal his cabinet on saturday the ninety two year old was sworn in on thursday after a win that swept the opposition to power for the first time away abraham is in custody on charges of sodomy and corruption charges that he's always maintained who are politically motivated by her tears says that he plans to hand over power to him within two years. it is to be a full blooded bust means that each you know only be provided each should be the least immediately east. and then you see. this speech really. more from of zeros way hey in kuala lumpur. this is the hospital where abraham has been recovering from shoulder surgery under
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a prison guard he is still in there because he is still serving a five year jail term for sodomy a charge that he says is politically motivated we've seen some of his family members going in there to visit him also some senior members of his party and coalition well on friday morning the new prime minister of malaysia mohammed wasted no time getting to work he called a meeting of senior members of the winning coalition to discuss cabinet positions those cabinet positions he says will be revealed on saturday in that meeting they also discussed the issue of a royal pardon for abraham and afterwards in a media conference he confirmed that the king of malaysia agreed to grant a pardon for exactly when that happens we don't know once he is released it could take some time before he is able to assume the position of prime minister remembering that has said that he will hand over power to him sometime within the next two years but once he's pardoned once he's released from prison and while
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would then have to go through a byelection process in a seat somewhere in malaysia they would then then have to be an internal vote in his party for him to become party president and only then would he be able to assume the position of prime minister of malaysia people of indonesia have rallied in the capital jakarta to show solidarity with palestinians they condemned the united states decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital stop was a protest. angry speeches here at the national monument in chalk act as tens of thousands of people have gathered here to show solidarity with palestine and they're saying that the move of the united states embassy to jerusalem is an insult to islam and a provocation to the world although it's organized by conservative groups this is an issue that unites many here in indonesia in the nature doesn't have any diplomatic relations with its route and president joke we don't again stressed this morning that he condemns the u.s. move and also condemns its route and he urges united nations to take steps against
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the move of the embassy and the united states embassy is very near to here only over there and the security is very very high but so far the organizers have not announced if they're going to move the whole protest to the united states embassy this is a large protest of a series of protests that have been happening since last year december when donald trump announced the move of the u.s. embassy and also then tens of thousands took to the streets showed their anger and also urged all indonesians to boycott american products from protests in the philippines after the top court expelled chief justice maria sorrento she was removed in a vote by fellow judges acting or government petition seeking her dismissal has been critical of president bush to go to say urging people to stand up to what she called his office or for tarion rule richard is
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a fellow of the middle based structure based institution he says the supreme court has been supportive of to major decisions over the past two years. in many ways it was expected that the supreme court building towards a president it's fair to in the past two years actually on major issues whether it was the church this unilateral declaration of a martial law light of the siege of mirali by isis elements or the very controversial very yellow former filipina strong line marcus at the cemetery of national heroes on those two important issues to fix philippine supreme court a large lean towards philippine president so there were concerns that in this case the same thing will happen the fact of the matter is that present a third to open he has said that he wants a supreme court justice and supreme court justice center and national issues she was appointed by the former president after his accident was in many ways. seen as the enemy of president and of course iran has been among very few voices of
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independence now at the very highest level of government and she has question and multiplication of president a tear at this assault on the rule of law and president there at this war and drugs rights groups are calling for justice for a sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for killing her husband after he'd raped but hussein's lawyer sort of peeling against the decision her parents forced her into the marriage three years ago when she was sixteen a social media campaign called justice for nora is drawing attention to a case has made house and is the global executive director of the activist group equality now which is campaigning for nora's release. this is a travesty of justice from every angle that you can look at and it also shows all the various steps and which sudanese laws and policy failed this young girl who had a very bright future ahead of her from the aspect of child marriage sudanese law allows girls right after puberty to be married off by their fathers it allows for
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no marital rape exemption there's no medical rape recognized under the law and the one the girl has to be obedient to a husband so there's not so fast specs of the law that are called in to challenge by this case the case is a very very hard one under sudanese no but when you look at it from a human rights aspect in many many other countries of the world this would be looked at as a victim and would be provided services and care as opposed to being you know put in solitary confinement and given the death penalty so we are appealing to the president of the legislature to the ministry of justice on behalf of sudanese activists and international human rights groups that no neuron must be freed and this case must be really looked at and the hope that i have here is that we have had a previous case four years ago in sudan where a young ethiopian woman was gang raped and the know at that time provided that if you couldn't prove your rape you were going to be flogged and guilty of fornication and adultery and we got together with sudanese activists and that time bad law was
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changed and so the rape provisions were amended and that woman did get justice so i'm hopeful that justice will prevail in numerous cases and i'm hopeful that with international media attention with international human rights groups and sudanese activists all working together we can get there for. music streaming service spotify is removed or b. singer r. kelly from its curated play lists recent social media campaign calls for a boycott of his music over the years of allegations of sexual abuse against minors music could still be found on the platform but it works now be actively promoted the signal to noise the accusations why. is closing a park around one of its most famous volcanoes because of the growing risk of and the option lava and steam have been spewing through vents the killer whale volcano for a week now scientists fear that it could lead to the biggest eruption in one hundred years thirty six homes near the crater have been destroyed.
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could tell us a very unforgiving here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera iran says that israel's air strikes in syria were based on what it calls fabricated and baseless accusations israel insists that it launched the attack on thursday after iranian forces fired rockets at its positions in the occupied golan heights privatised benjamin netanyahu is threatening more action. look of a bomb iran crossed a red line our response was appropriate the israeli army carried out a broad strike a very broad strike against iranian targets in syria i sent a clear message to the assad regime our action is aimed at the raining targets in syria but if the syrian army will act against us we will act against it. lazio's new prime minister says the king has agreed to pardon jailed opposition figure and whatever him and was in custody on sort of me and corruption charges charges that
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he's always maintained a politically motivated mahathir mohamad says that he plans to hand over power to anwar within two years russian opposition leader alexina vonnie is in court for organizing protests against the government thousands of people rallied two days before president vladimir putin was sworn in for a fourth term. kenya's public prosecutor is launching an investigation into what caused a dam to burst killing at least fifty people rescuers are still searching for survivors after most of the village in the coup county was swept away. early voting has begun in iraq's parliamentary election the first since the defeat of i saw last year the security officers will be protecting polling stations on saturday cast the first ballots it's the fourth election since the u.s. led invasion removed saddam hussein from power fifteen years ago people in indonesia have rallied in the capital jakarta set to show solidarity with palestinians there condemning the united states as decision to recognize drucilla
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as israel's capital the protest in the philippines after the country's top court expelled chief justice maria mood as sorrento she was removed in a vote by fellow judges acting on a government petition seeking her dismissal she's been critical of president reagan to thirty urging people to stand up to what she called his all for terri and. joined up in here with the news out a little over twenty five but it's on al-jazeera after one zero one east next. business updates brought to you by. going places to get.
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business updates brought to you by. going places together. you. still feel. civil war. critics are still. who speak.


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