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families to thrive. egypt's women street sellers on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. sentiment as i call her and al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secretly plotting new borders . as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. ocean as monarch on
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a zero. another friday of protest on the gaza israel border we'll take you there live. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up condemnation from text run off to israel attacks dozens of iranian targets in syria . early ballots are cast in iraq's first parliamentary election since the defeat of i saw last year. the frantic search for survivors in kenya where a dam collapsed killing at least fifty people. protests have resumed along gaza's border with israel it's the seventh consecutive
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friday of palestinian demonstrations the protesters are demanding the right of return for refugees at least forty one people have been killed over the past few weeks let's take you there live now i was there a stephanie deca is at the on the gaza israel border stephanie what's happening than now. well it's still pretty quiet this is as it usually unfolds adrian more crowds will call just after three o'clock so just about an hour from now there have been arrival of some of the youths rolling tires and this is what they do i'll just step out a shot and that marshal you the actual sort of fence area they will burn those tires along the fence so to obscure the sniper positions you can probably see one of those positions and then what you have is some of the youth at the moment just sitting quietly on the ground very close to the fence this is the last friday before the naacp as you mentioned seventy years of the establishment of the state of israel palestinians call that the catastrophe and it what is interesting is that
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it's a lot of the youth here of course eleven years under blockade of gaza but the people here will tell you that they have not forgotten what happened to their grandfathers to their forethought fathers which is being kicked off their land so that's the main theme really of these protests that we've seen going on friday off to friday it is put immense pressure on israel agent what's happening in this area behind us what israel calls a so-called buffer zone as you mentioned there at least forty one killed a lot of those by law a far we've seen one boy this morning while a youth around twenty years old shot in the leg when he was very close to that fence by sniper fire so certainly we understand also from sources that there are negotiations happening under the table between the authorities here between some european countries and also indirectly with israel things like being discussed we hear allowing eight hours of electricity into gaza at the moment that's four hours a day if sporadic some form of prisoner exchange all these kinds of details are
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being ironed out but it goes to show that there is real pressure when you see thousands and thousands of are unarmed protesters up against that fence with israel so we'll have to wait and see what happens because those negotiations are expected what they want is for these protests the protests to lessen but certainly at the moment they're very much going on as planned all right stuff. many thanks indeed al-jazeera staff decker there live on the gaza israel border a report by save the children says that hundreds of children in gaza have been injured by israeli gunfire during the recent protests it cites figures from the palestinian ministry of health and says that at least two hundred fifty children have been hit by live ammunition it found that more than eight thousand palestinians have been injured since the protests began in march including seven hundred children it also concludes that more than two thousand people have been treated in hospital for bullet wounds joining us in the studio troops wherry who is associate professor in contemporary history of the middle east at university always
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good to talk to you but what do you make of the figures in that report i think this is this is very scary figure this shows how much this confronting this kind of level of force used by israelis was serious and basically the number of casualties now with more than a thousand in the number of the kids who are based on the don't want to fit the nearly seven hundred so this tells you how much was is really. losing any kind of control by israelis i think this this news international community to intervene i mean that the use of live ammunition across a border fence is inexcusable against unarmed people one has to ask the question what are kids doing at these protests in the first place and then the video these are these are a protest basically as we as we know started seven weeks ago are under the you know the one slogan which basically maintaining the right for return for palestinians and this is i think the presence of the children there is part of this mobilization
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none of those and i think it was expected we saw this in previous thing was bank other places even not only and as i think the question mark is you know what what does israel you know doing with all of these using womanish and and what this will be the impact of preventing the was seven rick. did not the prevent people to stand on the other we're in the other side of. that border they're on the try and they continue to do this i think there is a serious demand to have a third party to intervene to reduce that level of tension it's israel under pressure here i think so i think israel is now the artist you know they have a front now when with a good man and they have another front with as there is a lot of criticism from international community about what they are doing in gaza i think they are under political pressure but it depends how much this political. pressure you know can we i would say what is the level of force they can use all the level of political. pressure israeli in the future as you said it's been it's
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been seven weeks of demonstrations now and the next week of course the anniversary of nakba the just the catastrophe i mean what what sort of demonstration we agree i think it's because it's actually more people and more sort of mobilization which already started this week i think even they are worried about what will happen in this friday as well ok good still always a much many thanks indeed iran's foreign ministry has responded to israel's biggest attacks in syria for decades a spokesman described wednesday night strikes on dozens of targets as an illegal act of aggression based on a fabricated excuse israel's prime minister hasn't ruled out for their action he maintains that iranian forces in syria have fired rockets at israeli positions in the occupied golan heights russia is leading global calls for deescalation but iran's foreign minister will travel to moscow for talks on monday more now from al-jazeera zain bus ravi in tehran. two days after the incident in question the
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foreign ministry of iran has issued a statement strongly condemning israeli incursions into syria calling it a violation of international law violation of israeli sovereignty and criticizing the global community silence over israel's illegal actions iranian the iranian foreign ministry statement also said that syria has a right to defend itself and lay blame on israel for supporting armed groups that are trying to destabilize syria the allegation coming from iran is a common one that israel is part of its strategic depth supports groups like groups like the islamic state and illness or fronts but what was said is as important as what wasn't said no specific mention about israeli allegations that iran shot first that it is to blame for this cross border. fighting that has happened and no specific reference to the allegation by israel that it was iran that lost enormous strategic assets inside syria now moving on the government will be trying on friday
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to shift focus back to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal foreign minister zarif will be meeting with counterparts later this week from china and russia then on words to europe in an effort to try to save what little they can of the twenty fifty nuclear agreement that the united states pulled out of earlier this week and here into her on friday a nationwide call for anti u.s. demonstrations following friday prayers we are expecting to see large numbers of anti u.s. demonstrators out on the streets of you know from how to solve a professor of political science at the university of tehran who says that israel is trying to undermine regional security. it's a very dangerous game and no there's no question that it's going to escalate the tensions in the region nevertheless what i think is i think israel is trying to put you on in the united states on a path of confrontation and i think they have been successful in the past year especially with donald trump with drawing from the deal we have to understand that the nuclear deal was a major cornerstone of wrong government and it's really going to hurt ronnie's
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government domestically and it's going to help the conservatives it's very disappointing in the sense that if you look at history iran has not attacked any country in over two hundred years whereas israel has been in a major war every decade since the one nine hundred forty s. they're also the only country in the region that have nuclear weapons or not even a member of the n.p.t. brazil iran is a member of the n.p.t. in according to the i.a.e.a. has been completely obliging by the deal since it was signed so i think there is a lot of frustration disappointment even anger but perhaps not a lot of surprise because donald trump has been against this deal even since the campaign european leaders continue to try to save the iran nuclear deal after the u.s. announced that it was withdrawing from the twenty fifteen packs france's foreign minister said that his country will resist hewas sanctions against iraq now that.
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it's high time for europe to move from words to actions in terms of economic sovereignty its hard time it develops the same instruments that the u.s. has to defend its economic interests. this time tomorrow iraqis will be voting in the first parliamentary election since the defeat of i saw last year the first group of people to vote have already done so the members of the security forces will be working to protect polling stations on election day it's the fourth election since the u.s. u.s. led invasion removed saddam hussein from power fifteen years ago but in parts of iraq. people who were forced from their homes in the fight against eisel a struggling to recover their cautious but hopeful that this election may bring change reports from a refugee camp in northern iraq. mohamad schuchat and his family fled mosul in june last year during the battle against leisel their home was destroyed like many of
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the two million people in iraq displaced by violence in recent years they live in a camp for the internally displaced yes we are asking politicians to look after everyone equally regardless where they are from and especially those living in camps we don't want charity we want to go home and we don't want money in return for our votes the iraqi government says one hundred sixty six polling stations are being set up in seventy camps in time for saturday's parliamentary election campaign cheaps say candidates from a number of parties have visited but apart from the post there's little sign of election campaigning. only around twenty five families of the one thousand three hundred fifty living in this camp have returned to the areas they fled during the battle against. the vast majority of the people here a sudanese and their homes have been completely destroyed when you speak to people here many of them say that even if they could return to the areas they lived in
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they have very little faith in politicians because they feel so let down and discriminated against by previous shia led government. the government says it's going to cost two billion dollars to rebuild mosul forty thousand homes were destroyed in the west of the city alone. every few days people who used to live there gather in the camps to collect food handouts. tell us that when eisel took control of mosul in two thousand and fourteen many among the city's predominantly sunni population believed eisel may improve their lives to what they describe as so many broken promises by the government but they say that quickly changed when they began to experience the brutality of life. fled the fighting in mosul in july last year she blames the government. and the
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suffering she and her family enjoy in the camps what to do not. only want to go home it's inhumane living here the other day it rained in our tent flooded only after to rebuild their homes this is the least of all human rights it's the fault of the government that brought this calamity on us. winning the trust of mosul sunni population is going to be a major challenge for the new government if it is to prevent iraq's sectarian divide getting wider. and hundreds of thousands of people like him the first step towards winning that trust would be rebuilding their home so they can start rebuilding their lives. malaysia's new prime minister says that the king has agreed to part in the jailed opposition figure and why bring him here mohammed has also promised to reveal his
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cabinet on saturday the ninety two year old was sworn in on thursday after a win that swept the opposition to power for the first time on what you bring him as can custody on charges of sodomy and corruption charges he maintains were politically motivated mahathir says that he plans to hand over power to anwar within two years from al-jazeera as wayne hey who's in kuala lumpur. this is the hospital where it really in the former deputy prime minister of malaysia is recovering from shoulder surgery and a prison guard because he is still serving a five year jail term for sodomy which he says is politically motivated on friday morning the new prime minister of malaysia my head to mohammed said that the king of malaysia has agreed to grant a royal pardon that would allow him to walk free and resume his political career remembering that has said that he will hand over power to sometime within the next
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two years to allow him to become the prime minister the party officials are saying that the royal pardon may not happen for another few weeks even when it does the role of prime minister going to him may take some time first he would have to go through a byelection in a seat somewhere in malaysia then there would be an internal vote within his party for him to become party president so all of that has to happen before he can become prime minister we're going to weather a plague thanks to announce a zero then protests in the philippines after one of the president's biggest critics loses her job. and sensitive design a new exhibition in new york challenges designers to appeal to all five senses. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across northeastern parts of asia one weather system
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clearing japan we've got another little trough of low pressure moving across the sea of japan and we have got another area of clay begin to develop this frontal system which will move across south korea so wet day in seoul during saturday are certainly some rain developing later on and then heading through into sunday that whole system pushes through into the sea of japan and affects the west coast of japan tokyo still likely be drawing quite warm and humid there twenty five degrees that's where beijing looking quite warm twenty nine degrees and shanghai just on the edge of that rain bands that we cloudy with the threat of rain at times there's plenty of rain across more central and southern parts of china though southeast there is general looking to about hong kong thirty and for taiwan where the conditions are fine with a mix of thirty three heavy showers across northern parts of vietnam and sharing an unsettled picture across parts of indochina anyway with sheriffs of both me and mark and also from laos now dallas southeastern parts of asia philippines not
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looking too bad some heavy showers for malays in borneo java generally fine and then up through the nape ensure we've got showers for singapore and kuala lumpur northwards into thailand some heavy showers expected across central and northern areas. the birth of the zionist movement. and the establishment of a jewish homeland in palestine the crucial battle listed just was simply getting tears into palestine at any cost hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homes . seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
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again this is out as iraq top stories this hour protests of resumes along gaza's border with israel these are live pictures from there it's the seventh consecutive friday of palestinian demonstrations protesters demanding the right of return for refugees and at least forty one people have been killed in similar demonstrations over the past few weeks. iran says that israel's air strikes in syria were based on what it calls fabricated excuses israel says it launched the attack on thursday after a radian forces fired rockets at its positions in the occupied golan heights and laziest new prime minister says that the king has agreed to pardon the jailed opposition figure on what ibrahim he's in custody on sodomy and corruption charges that he says a politically motivated mohammad says that he plans to hand over power to anwar
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within two years. singapore will host the first meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders on june twelfth president donald trump announced the date and location on twitter had previously said that he wanted to meet kim jong un in the the military. on the border between north and south korea that's where the leaders of those two countries held death some as last month well the announcement was made after the u.s. president welcomed home three americans freed by north korea they were released to secretary of state mike pompei o traveled to north korea to finalize plans for the meeting between trump and kim jong il well later trump told his supporters that he's hopeful of a good outcome. so the relationship is good and hopefully for all of us for the world hopefully something very good is going to happen and they understand it's very important for them it's important for everybody so japan south korea china
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everybody i think it's going to be a very big success but my attitude is and it isn't it isn't ok if it is it isn't mine and you have to have that because you don't know we're not going to be walked into an array and where the negotiator john kerry refused. one hour from of zeros john hendren in washington. the white house is calling it a victory for the world three american citizens were released from a north korean prison president trump drew some happens when he said. really was excellent by releasing those three men that struck a lot of americans in a bad way they have not forgotten the story of auto warm beer an american citizen who was returned to the u.s. from a north korean prison in june in a coma and died just a few days later the senate minority leader chuck schumer said it is no great
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accomplishment of kim jong un to do this and when the president does it he weakens american foreign policy and puts american citizens at risk around the world there is a long history of hope and then disappointment in meetings between the u.s. and north korea but president trump considers himself a deal maker his critics would say he is a deal breaker after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal in the paris climate treaty but trump fancies himself a deal maker we will find out after june twelfth whether he's able to make a deal on north korea with kim jong un the goal the white house says is the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula japan's prime minister shinzo abbay has been speaking about his expectations for the meeting. in each built it i would like to welcome the decision for the official date and location for the u.s. and north korea summit in regard to the historical summit i have strong expectation is that it will be a chance to make progress on nuclear issues missile issues and most importantly
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abduction issues like russian opposition leader. has appeared once again in calls for organizing protests against the government but the case has been adjourned until tuesday two days before president vladimir putin's inauguration thousands of people protested against his force in the fall of the was among one thousand six hundred people detained by police more now for rory chalons who's in moscow. what if you're looking for some kind of indication today. as to what the kremlin's tactics were going to be regarding its only problem going forward well we're still waiting the valley was here he for two charges today he was up first of all for disobeying police and also for organizing repeated on authorized rallies both of those charges have been pursued by owns now and the court will come back again on may the fifteenth to hear them now in the valley had come here not quite knowing
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what to expect because the last time he was up just before the election on similar charges the court released him essentially as a free man kerman has basically kept a broadly similar tactic though when dealing with me and his demonstrations sometimes i make arrests sometimes they don't but novelli is often going through this process of an administrative attention of twenty thirty days or whatever he sits inside a police cell for a while and then he comes out and the whole system repeats itself now what is the crimean going to do going forward that's what we're looking for today perhaps an indication about whether they're going to get tougher on him and we're going to have to wait further for that in the philippines the protests after the country's highest court expelled the chief justice leaders so they know she was removed in a vote by fellow judges who were acting on a government the titian seeking her dismissal so there has been critical of president with regard to urging people to stand up to what she called his office or
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a tyrian rule. has more from them. well it was definitely an unprecedented move by the philippine supreme court ousting one of its own magistrates and the less than the chief justice herself many who had this said i know should end as lawyers and supporters point out that such a move to the been done through a proper impeachment trial of congress aspin the being law requires however this no longer comes as a surprise because it has been an odds with precedent it would be good that they have a since early into his term at around twenty sixteen good that they had put out a list of court judges supposed in the involved in the illegal drug trade and said and pointed here or called him out on that pointing out that he should follow due process in a recent speech that they're called say they know his enemy and indeed this case against it and was filed by the solicitor general the lawyer for the that there the administration the solicitor general of you said and of failing to submit her statements of income from her time as
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a university professor now what does this mean for said i know it means that she will no longer probably be able to make her case before congress at what was her pending impeachment case india's prime minister narendra modi has begun a state visit to the pole he arrived in genoa pool and attended the press session at a temple it's modi's first visit since twenty fifteen when india imposed an unofficial blockade along the india nepalese border. argentina has begun talks with the international monetary fund about getting financial support its economy minister has met with the i.m.f. said chief christine lagarde in washington argentina is dealing with soaring inflation on its currency the peso has lost value. kenya's public prosecutor is to launch an investigation into what caused the dam to bust killing at least fifty people rescuers are still searching for survivors after rushing water swept away most of the village in the county many others remain unaccounted
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for days of heavy rain preceded the bursting of the patel dam flash floods have killed at least one hundred people across the country and destroyed thousands of hectares of farmland more now from us here is andrew symonds who's in nearby dub. another day of searching is going on all the more harrowing now because the likelihood of finding anyone alive is really zero our team on the ground with the searchers have just reported back a child being recovered from the martin dead sadly and there are an unknown number of people still missing although the estimate has put forty but no one is sure of the exact figures while all this is going on there is a move by the director of public prosecutions before kenya's chief of police to investigate the whole affair and that points the finger immediately at what went on
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with the management of this on this very large farm patel as it's known and it was actually inspected by the water resources or thought see not so long ago no action was taken a pounding they found that it was unsafe but no action was taken furthermore no followup was made by the authorities it would seem so question marks over that and also questions about the seven other dams in the region all very for by all these rains and people not only are they mourning but they're also afraid that there could be a repeat of this tragedy why is closing a national park around one of its most famous for canines because of the growing risk of an eruption lava and steam and spewing through vents near a killer way off and on for a week now scientists fear that it could lead to the biggest eruption in one
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hundred years i mean i'm in new york has challenged designers to think about all five senses for a new exhibit called design beyond vision the result has to be heard smelled and touched to be believed kristen salumi reports. sound. scent. and light. these are the media designers looking to engage all five senses in an exhibit called sign vision. so what we have here so this is an installation called the snow storm and snow storm and what you'll find here are over one hundred fifty wall snowballs that are each impregnated with the smell of winter weather meant to evoke a mood or play with perception the cooper hewitt design museum encourages visitors to do more than just look. in these chairs patterns of vibrations create feeling
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like falling into a vat of jello we experience design with all of our senses at all times so we're constantly touching and smelling and hearing and we really want to bring. that experience into the galleries and to offer visitors a way to look at everyday products and packaging design as well as immersive experiences around design to begin to think about this idea the designer of this exhibit was counting on the fact that just about everyone who sees this black fur as a same reaction to stroke it which triggers this musical number. i just felt the for and made to music and i thought she got fun designing for all five senses can also mean reaching more diverse users so it very much is about the experience in your hand and as well as in your mouth. like table where that uses
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color and form to guide people living with dementia vision loss is fantastic i mean really sort of open minded to. never really thought about before making for more inclusive design and neat museum experience. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. good teri with us adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera protests have resumed along gaza's border with israel it's the seventh consecutive friday of palestinian demonstrations the protesters demanding the right of return for refugees at least forty one people have been killed in friday demonstrations over the past few weeks more now from stephanie decker who's on the gaza israel border more crowds will call just after three o'clock so just about an hour from now there have been arrival of some of the youths rolling tires and this
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is what they do or just step out of shot in that march show you the actual sort of fence area they will burn those tires along the fence and to obscure the sniper positions you can probably see one of those positions and then what you have is some of the youth at the moment just sitting quietly on the ground very close to the fence this is the last friday before. iran says that israel's asterix in syria were based on what it calls a fabricated excuse israel says it launched the attack on thursday after iranian forces fired rockets at its positions in the occupied golan heights. but this new prime minister says the king has agreed to pardon the jailed opposition figure on what abraham who's in custody on sodomy and corruption charges that he says are politically motivated mohamad says that he plans to hand over power to anwar within two years singapore is to host the summit meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders on june twelfth president donald trump announced the date and location on twitter he previously said that he wanted to meet kim jong un in
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the demilitarized zone on the border between north and south korea that's where the leaders of those two countries held their first summit last month. that then protests in the philippines after the country's highest court expelled the chief justice maria lopez sano she was removed in a vote by a fellow judges acting on a government petition seeking her dismissal so i don't has been critical of president rodriguez to say urging people to stand up to what she called his all for terri and rule as the headlines more news on al-jazeera right after today's inside story next.
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leading again at the age of the.


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