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it talks about just the good quality stocks off a laundry list of our trade in music as the rest of us deeply relevant to this road especially for a good thing this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to oss questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists there goes right to me so it's been intimidated from the arrest and people are on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep saw images as a weird legs all attempts to contradict something that was. once a strategy of war now the conflict is long over but the adoptions continue one on one east investigates why so many sri lankans disappeared without a trace. on al-jazeera.
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two palestinians killed by israeli gunfire on hundreds more wounded on the seventh friday of protests along the gaza border. so this is al-jazeera a long way from london also coming up here on condemns israel's asturias on iranian targets in syria with one senior cleric threatening israeli citizens a second down is draining kenya's rift valley amid fears of more deadly. the world health organization says it's preparing for the worst case scenario as it ships in the experimental vaccine to the d.l.c. to tackle a new outbreak. and purchase in the philippines after the supreme court removes its top judge
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a critic the president did to. the palestinians have been killed on the israel gaza border both on the israeli gunfire and hundreds have been injured as demonstrators around for the seventh friday in a row forty three people have now being killed in the protests which call for palestinian refugees to be able to return to the ancestral land in israel the protest to last until cheers day the day palestinians call or catastrophe marking the displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinians when israel was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. a report by save the children says hundreds of children in gaza. have been injured by israeli gunfire the recent protests the report found that more than eight thousand palestinians have been injured since the protests began in march including seven hundred children of those
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it found more than two thousand people have been treated in hospital for bullet wounds and science in figures from the palestinian ministry of health it says at least two hundred fifty children were hit by live ammunition correspondent stephanie decker is live for us in gaza staff understand you not far from the border what's the latest you've been saying. there's been a lot of tear gas suits being fired the israelis been done that throughout the day but at this time when the sun is starting to set you will see them intensify it because they want people to go home marcum probably zoom into the crowd a little for you they're still bringing tires to the fence though when they do this to basically obscure the sniper positions they'll burn them and you can see actually those israeli vehicles on the other side of the fence and usually when they come towards it you would expect them to fire tear gas into the crowd but certainly this is all been seeing on going all day the crowds are quite smaller
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from what we have seen here over the last couple of weeks ago and this is because they're basically getting ready for monday's protests now on monday they're going to be marking the not this is what they call the catastrophe seventy years since the establishment of the state of israel so there is a real momentum there you go there is some tear gas being fired all that might have . zoom into that for you. it is a pattern that we've seen here is to there's been injury see now there for a foreign language to try and get people to disperse. and we were just looking in injuries from life fires too yeah i was just going to say we're just talking a little bit about the numbers of children caught up in this that there are quite obvious a lot of children where you are right now and huge concern renee that they are being hit by live gunfire. yes well you mentioned that report by save the children you can see the situation along the fence now i know how families are bring their children but you also have
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a lot of young boys who feel well they are older before their years too because of the way that they've been born up here there's a lot of poverty children often will have to bring up their younger siblings so when you say to someone you're six seven eight nine ten years old why are you here will they will tell you exactly while they're here and their children because they want their rights and they want their freedom and they don't want to live under caesar's have a gentleman poncing us now he's been injured on the leg and you will see people returning to the factory ambulances coming past on who would have picked up yet another injury from the fence we've counted around nine or ten. injuries to the lower leg extremities sniper fire throughout the day just on this position and remember that this is just one the five protest points of what we're being told in preparation for monday which will be that and bigger protest day marking nakba more and more of these points will be set up along this fence and the idea people here
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are telling us to sort of stretch the israeli soldiers make them have to be at far more points but certainly a lot of a men to me are people will tell you to expect tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people to turn up on monday a step or sort of role of hamas playing understand that calling for people to actually go to the border what sort of things are they suggesting. it's interesting you say that we met there was a very rare the first really. to meet the new leader of hamas a a sin war that was organized yes i attended that it was a tune a half hour a q. and a really and it was also various things one what did he want to see happen on may the fourteenth which is now the day that the main protests will take place well he said that every palestinian had a right to prefer to reiterate that everyone here is on armed and of course israel has been making the allegations that members of the qassam brigades hamas military wing have been taking part what he said is while yes some of them have been taking
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part but they have decided to lay down their weapons they've decided not to throw rockets so they have a right to peacefully protest at this fence he said that that he would wouldn't these had what was the problem of hundreds of thousands of people went through that fence will certainly israel would have a major problem with that the you could have been talking to here all seen them what's being planned for the fourteenth one of them said we're planning a lot we're planning a lot of surprises for israel and you'll see what happens on monday again we don't know what the plan is but i think having spoken to people sue if it's the frustrated youth whether it's families a lot of people will be showing up here from all walks of life all not day to markets to to reiterate and i think they've realized that the international community has refocused at the moment you'll see a lot more international press here today than we've seen over the last couple of weeks in anticipation to those protests so they will be making sure that they're taking the opportunity to remind people of their situation here and that something needs to change. on the border in gaza. protests have
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been held around the world in solidarity with the palestinians the on the tens of thousands rallied in the indonesian capital jakarta in anger at the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the u.s. embassy in israel will officially move to jerusalem next week. iranian government has strongly denying firing rockets at israeli forces in the occupied golan heights calling the allegations fabricated and baseless iran also condemned what it described as the international community's silence over thursday's israeli attack on what was said to be iranian military targets in syria is a mess ravi has more from techron. in perhaps the harshest words we've heard so far a senior iranian cleric warned that israeli cities face destruction if that country continues to act quote foolishly ayatollah cut to me was speaking at friday prayers
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that to her own university regarding israeli strikes on syria he had this warning that in august we will expand our missile capabilities despite western pressure to curb it to let israel know that if it acts foolishly or tell of even hafer will be totally destroyed hatami is a member of the council of experts an eighty eight member body that elects iran's supreme leader he's also a political hard liner and has been a harsh critic of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal he also gave his view of the u.s. pullout from that agreement empty because america could not do it thing they have always been after toppling of iran's regime and they say it is in line with that aims these european signatories also cannot be trusted iran's enemies cannot be trusted to cut them use words come as a ron's foreign minister zarif prepares to embark on a diplomatic tour to meet with the remaining signatories of the nuclear agreement
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in an effort to in some form preserve that deal the clerics words are a sign that hardliners have been emboldened here in iran and that moderates the government of president hassan rouhani are not only in a fight to try and preserve the nuclear agreement abroad they're also in a fight here at home to try and maintain their political futures i mean ron israel's defense minister i believe a man. to rent syria avi right infosys he says that presence and dangers the country. so. i will take this opportunity to send a message to assad to get rid of the iranians get rid of customs to the money get rid of the could source they are not helping you and their presence will only cause problems and damage get rid of the iranians and maybe it will be possible to have a different kind of life.
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questions are being raised in kenya about why they went down which burst killing at least fifty people on wednesday night and the necessary permits the water resources authority says the dam's operators did not have the permission required and the interior ministry tell dollars there it was entirely legal all this as rescuers continue to search for survivors andrew symonds reports another day of searching and no one is really sure of the number of people still missing many of those found dead so far have been children it's a harrowing operation and. i may be alive but my mom is gone my son is gone i'm not lucky i feel so bad because to place has grown so much but now we have nothing again i will never have a good life again. the focus of the rescue was is now much further downstream below the hill the surging waters again speed and force then spread over this large area
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as the searching goes on there's now a growing clamor of questions over what went wrong. kenya's director of public prosecutions has ordered the chief of police to open an investigation local media are reporting that the patel dam was investigated by the national water resources or forty and deemed unsafe but no action was taken nor any follow up by the all forty aside from questions over this there are seven other similar dams in the area all of them used for irrigating the crops the sprawl of daybreak is where families once lived whole homes swept away. from the air you get some idea of the scale of this tragedy the dam is almost fully drained downstream the waves of flood water gain momentum and later spread out inflicting
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much more devastation over a wider area. thank you for a long stretch from the dump area down stream we are also looking for the families that they were missing i hope an interesting. desk charles camano already knows he's lost a family member his sister fifty year old nancy moon this was her home going to what we heard about the flooding came to look for my sister we looked everywhere we only found her body hours after the water receded tried. to help. bernard mankato works at a village clinic he's trying in vain to clear things up. you portray what when i lived here with my colleague there were many houses around us and this is where many people respect the way the kenyan red cross is describing the floods as a national disaster with more than three hundred thousand people now homeless and
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what happened in a coup county is a disaster all of its own andrew simmons al-jazeera a county in kenya. and heavy rains have also affected half a million people in somalia to causing the river to flood last month the u.n. estimates that more than one hundred thousand people have been internally displaced it's warning the floods could trigger cholera malaria and other water borne diseases although emergency medical supplies have been deployed the u.n. estimates an extra two million dollars is needed to reach more areas the world health organization says it's preparing for the worst case scenario after confirming two cases of ebola in democrats republic of congo nine neighboring countries have been alerted and experimental vaccines are being shipped to the country at least seventeen people have died since people in the village of be core began showing symptoms resembling ebola catchall lopez hardy reports. a sober
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announcement of the democratic republic of congo and beyond ebola is back there but here dear compadre it's since tuesday may aids the democrats agree public of congo is facing an epidemic of a bowl of virus disease that constitutes an international public health emergency. the government isn't taking any chances the world health organization six priority in the use of an exponential vaccine to try and stop the outbreak and in the meantime we have preparing as if it will be a green light so coaching is on standby the stockpile is on standby the teams are being put on standby health authorities confirmed the alberich on tuesday they were alerted when news came from the remote congolese for the age of the coral to the capital kinshasa eighteen people have died in the last wife weeks from symptoms linked to ebola outbreak declaration occurred after the lab results confirm true cases of ebola four people died during an outbreak last year but it's
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a recurrence threat that the r.c.c. has had nine a ball that breaks in the last forty years ebola is highly contagious it kills half the people it effects and has no cure the experimental vaccine has been successfully used before he says been done in the navy has been so that is a specific approval record extended access by being received ebola passes from its origin bats to humans through bush meat once in the population it's pressed through bodily fluids symptoms of all from a fever headaches and a sore throat into organ failure along with internal and external bleeding health workers are the most vulnerable being in close proximity to the victims so far three have been affected the w.h.o. is trying to support the d.r.s. these comp workers by sending in fifty experts and releasing one million dollars from an emergency fund to try and stop it from spreading my cheerio. pretty taking
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on its own measures rolling out ebola screens at its airports investigators will follow anyone who's been exposed to the virus for three weeks the time it takes for a ball a victim's to show symptoms. burials will also be monitored as people can get infected while preparing bodies all part of an effort to avoid a repeat of the worst of all the outbreak in west africa in two thousand and fourteen which killed more than eleven thousand people caught c.l.o. buso the young al-jazeera still to come this half hour with ideas king agrees to pardon janet opposition leader anwar ibrahim paving the way for him to come prime minister and other bricks in voters' sparked a growing culture of racism in the u k.
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welcome back across central and southern parts of china we've got outbreaks of heavy rain at the moment the far east isn't looking too bad there hong kong northward towards taiwan foods you also expected to be a largely dry also pretty sure across a good part of indochina northern parts of vietnam including a noise seen some heavy downpours and a scattering showers expected across los and also in b.m.r. yang gone there with highs of thirty three degrees across into south asia and here it is really hot ahead of the monsoon in many areas but we are starting to get showers no beginning to push up into parts of the south bangalore has had some much needed rain there fifty millimeters in the space of twenty four hours and more showers are likely for parts of carol in the forecast we can see forty four degrees in one port forty three expected in delhi to head on through into sunday as temperatures still remain largely in the forty's across in theory be implementers also looking pretty warm during the course of sutlej but certainly across southern
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parts of saudi arabia and up as far north as qatar we're going to get quite a strong southerly wind developing so every chance of some dust storms as a result forty degrees of pretty hot one here as we get through into sunday we should find the wind direction changing and temperatures then down to thirty eight . from the beginning until the very end the trade in human folly is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated now coming. to know her way to know how trenton the the must be an organized crime back in the six least episode of slavery a twenty first century evil on al-jazeera. a
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comeback reminder of the top stories are an al-jazeera two palestinians have been killed only israel gaza border and hundreds injured during the seventh friday in a row of protests forty three people have been killed without telling iran says accusations that it find rockets at israeli forces in the occupied golan heights a basis and israel said it attacks its attacks in syria on thursday with twenty ation against a rainy and targets in the world health organization is to send an experimental vaccine to democratic republic of congo after confirming two cases of ebola and thirty two respect cases that. more than sixteen thousand civilians have been
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killed in yemen since twenty fifty according to the united nations most of them were killed as a result of ass strikes carried out by the saudi led coalition and they say the number of civilian casualties is increasing with two hundred thirty six deaths last month alone double loads in march human spokeswoman robin shamdasani lang's many of the deaths on saudi's military tactics. recent attacks against sites located in densely populated areas including monday's airstrikes against the presidential office insana raise serious doubts about respect for the principles of precaution distinction and proportionality in international human humanitarian law based on the information collected by the u.n. human rights office in yemen the first raid hit directly the presidential office which is located in a densely populated area i would this is told us that the same building was hit again about seven minutes after the first strike causing additional casualties
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among the first responders to the first strike. molesey is new prime minister mahathir mohamad says the king has agreed to pardon him the former deputy prime minister was jailed while he was opposition leader and challenges he says were politically motivated but he is now in coalition with mahathir after wednesday's election in hay reports from kuala lumpur. that was at the prospect of a pardon sent family supporters and media scrambling to a hospital in kuala lumpur inside an why abraham is recovering from shoulder surgery under prison guard while he serves a five year jail term early in the new prime minister mahathir mohamad said the malaysian king had agreed to pardon and while immediately it is going to be a full five there was means that he should not really be if i did it should be released immediately when it is. up there that you could be.
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but this speech really both ways which are remarkable words to hear from who was grooming and want to take over in the one nine hundred ninety s. during his first tenure as prime minister but he sect him as his deputy in one nine hundred ninety eight when unproven allegations of sodomy emerged and then oversaw his jailing for six years on corruption charges the following year in two thousand and fourteen he was convicted on separate sodomy charges and sentenced to five years now in events that not long ago would have seemed unthinkable and was wife one as he stands alongside as malaysia's first female deputy prime minister i didn't hear i could have dreamed to come this far twenty years it's quite some time i'd have achieved it but it's a start of the new dawn a new era a new time for melissa and i think it's a better future for all of us the prime minister now says he was wrong to fire and water twenty years ago and he'll hand power to him within two years even when you
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bring him is pardons and released it may be a long time before he can be elevated to the position of prime minister he would have to go through a by election in a seat somewhere in malaysia and then an internal vote so he can become a party president all of that has to happen before he can become prime minister. the supporters who have been. with him during a long fight may not believe it until it actually happens given that mahathir mohamad has promised this transition before when hey al jazeera kuala lumpur. have been protests in the philippines after the supreme court expelled the chief justice is being critical of president for regurgitates a maria lauda surrender was removed in a vote by fellow judges acting on a government petition seeking her dismissal serino has fiercely criticize a number of decisions by the. people to stand up to what she calls his or tower tyrion rule i am the employee lancaster one of the so many
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thousands of man who say nice have been out who could be made in the end who have been unfairly accused or and clearly the means by the very powerful forces in our society that not be exposed for what they are hiring j.c. could take a has more from manila. well it was definitely an unprecedented move by the philippine supreme court ousting one of its own magistrates and the less than the chief justice for itself many good the said n o should end as lawyers and supporters point out that such a move to the been done through a proper impeachment trial of congress aspin the pin law requires however this no longer comes as a surprise because it has been an odds with precedent would be good that there since early into his term at around august in twenty six the good that they had put out a list of court judges supposed to be involved in the illegal drug trade and said and pointed the or called him out on that pointing out that he should follow due
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process in a recent speech that they're called said and his enemy and indeed this case against iran was filed by the solicitor general the lawyer for the did there the administration the solicitor general of hugh said and of failing to submit her statements of income from her time as a university professor now what does this mean for said i know it means that she will no longer probably be able to make her case before congress at what was her pending impeachment case a noted nations envoy has condemned what she describes as a growing culture of racism in the united kingdom which is worsened since the vote to leave the european union today at chu mary has called on the u.k. to be pale some of its immigration rules she says have led to foreigners being wrongly scapegoated for social and economic problems lawrence leamer pools. people all over the u.k. like the bits of multiculturalism that make their lives nicer like for instance for food but nowadays it seems foreign people are not anything like as popular. pieces
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lived in the u.k. for twelve years in regards himself just as much british as polish but recently he took his kids to the park where they were given a stark reminder of how some in this country view outsiders some more water boy which was probably some of the nine or ten years old english obviously the book he was very very roots and. is a nine year old boy yeah yeah and i think it came from his parents officials are distinct from the british government show a steady rise in racial or religious the aggravated offenses over the last five years showing peaks for instance of the shell yep those shootings in paris they didn't over three thousand incidents a month but between april two thousand and sixteen when the bricks and referendum campaign began and july twenty sixth seen just after the u.k. voted to leave incidents shot up peaking at over five and a half thousand a month. the abuse of some europeans goes immediately after the referendum results
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made headlines at the time but the link wasn't made between those hate crimes and an official government policy of targeting illegal immigrants to go home now the united nations whose rapporteurs just finished a fact finding tour of the u.k. suggested the bricks votes and political groups campaigning to combine some accommodates a growing culture of racism i think that the environment leading up to the referendum the environment during the referendum and the environment asked the rest of and i'm has made racial and ethnic minorities move on move on to racial discrimination and intolerance many on the right of british politics have condemned her visit saying the u.n. must have better things to do the victims of racism would not agree of course the vote to leave the european union followed on hard from a stated government policy of trying to create a so-called hostile environment for immigrants many supporters of blacks and say it's not europeans but the european union as an institution that they're objecting to but increasingly it seems to be europeans and others suffering the consequences
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the real issue is that while politicians say they make distinctions between illegal immigrants and people in the u.k. lawfully it doesn't follow that the public will see the difference several thousand incidents a month reported to the police surely speaks to a genuine problem laurence li al-jazeera london in italy the anti establishment five star on the far right link have made significant steps towards forming a coalition nine weeks after inconclusively elections that he promises are drafting a program for a new government and say they've made progress on policy but they have yet to name someone to lead it and eight of the five star leaders so they're looking for a high profile figure from outside both parties to be prime minister they have until sunday to report back to the president. the hawaii state government is closing a national park around the kellaway a volcano with new fears of m h eruption after more than a week of volcanic activity lava toxic gases have caused massive damage on
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disruption after breaking through cracks caused by an earthquake scientists some park officials are now free of the biggest eruption in modern a century with ash and boulders the size of refrigerators potentially being thrown into the air the lava lake has sunk down so far that it's going to interact with the groundwater possibly when that happens we could have a very explosive steam eruption here at the summit which could sind a shower of rock and ash all over the deck where we are here. one of china's most popular t.v. channels has been banned from airing the vision song contest after it censored al g.b.t. elements from his broadcast mungo t.v. apparently blurred at rainbow flags and sense a tattoos to stay semi final it also chose not to island song which is about a romance between two men european broadcasting union has said censorship is not in
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line with its values of diversity. let's get a quick look at the top stories here on al-jazeera two palestinian protesters have been killed by israeli gunfire on the israel gaza border during the seventh friday of demonstration is in a row forty three people have now been killed in the protests which called for palestinian refugees to be able to return to their ancestral land in israel a report by save the children says hundreds of children have also been injured by israeli gunfire since the protests began in march they are subtle to last until choose day the day palestinians call nakba or catastrophe baka displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinians when israel was created in one nine hundred forty eight al-jazeera stephanie decker has been following developments from calls of. a lot of tear gas that's being fired the israelis have done that throughout the
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day but at this time when the sun is starting to set you will see them intensify it because they want people to go home marcum probably zoom into the crowd a little for you they're still bringing tires to the fence though when they do this to basically obscure the sniper positions all burn them and you can see actually those israeli vehicles on the other side of the fence and usually when they come towards you would expect them to fire tear gas into the crowd but certainly this is all been seeing on going all day. the iranian government says accusations that it fired rockets at israeli forces in the occupied golan heights are fabricated and baseless it's also condemned what it described as the international community's silence over thursday's israeli attack on what were said to be iranian military targets in syria the world health organization is sending an experimental vaccine to democratic republic of congo after confirming two cases of. at least seventeen
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people have died since people in the village of because began showing symptoms resembling a virus questions are being raised in kenya about whether a dam which burst and killed at least fifty people on wednesday had the necessary permits the water resources authority says the dams operators did not have the permission required but the interior ministry says the operation was legal as of the top stories coming up next slavery looks into the plight of sex slaves.
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for three hundred years the most.


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