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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the. another palestinian was shot dead with five hundred people injured by israeli troops on the seventh successive friday of protests along the gaza border. my mother's and this is all just do a live from doha also coming up to iran condemns israel's airstrikes on iranian targets in syria as a senior cleric threatens to target israeli cities. as a new abode outbreak is confirmed and democratic republic of congo the world health organization says it's planning for all possible scenarios. and sensory overload we're going to take you to the museum where visitors can see hear smell touch and taste.
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palestinians been killed and hundreds more have been injured on the israel gaza border injuring demonstrations on the seventh friday in a row forty two people have now been killed in the protests which call for palestinian refugees to be able to return to their ancestral lands taken from them by israel seventy deca reports from gaza. the injuries started early this young man was shot in his lower leg as you try to pull that israel's fence it's a seventh friday protest years here called the great march of return a passion well established by now tires brought right to the front and set on fire to obscure israeli sniper positions many palestinians have been coming here every friday for seven weeks now eleven legacies of a we're not going to stop our protests we will not move until we get our rights if the international community was on us about us and implemented
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a two state solution it was promised our lives would be so much better no one can accept living in this siege there was no light at the end of the tunnel. there was a constant volley of tear gas and other established pattern now israeli soldiers firing close to the fence and right to the back of the crowds this is what we've been seeing happening for the last a couple of hours a lot of tear gas. being flown. into the crowd and then do you think they are picking it up and throwing it back towards the feds that young people here are frustrated they have spent eleven years growing up under an israeli and egyptian siege they say they feel suffocated there are no jobs unemployment is over sixty percent that's the highest rate in the world. look at me when there was a lot of the in what i want to. believe that we besieged in gaza by everyone including the arab countries we palestinians especially here in gaza we want our
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rights and need our rights just like the rest of the world we just want to be known as better than us we deserve a good life too much of course has a lot of anonymous us in the fish. throughout the day a steady stream of injuries we counted several gunshot wounds to the lower part of the body the crowds appear smaller this friday everyone is preparing for monday one protester planned to mark a palestinian school the nakba or catastrophe the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the state of israel which displaced hundreds of thousands of palestinians from their homes it also coincides with the u.s. embassy's move to jerusalem we ask what will happen shall i love you on the fourteenth of may will be a surprise we're preparing a lot of surprises for israel you will see them on may the fourteenth. no one is sure exactly what will happen but from everyone we've spoken to palestinians are determined to come out in huge numbers stephanie decker al jazeera east gaza
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protests have been held in other countries in solidarity with the palestinians in turkey crowds demonstrated in istanbul against u.s. presidents donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the u.s. embassy in israel will officially moved in next week. huh. and tens of thousands of indonesians gathered in jakarta to also condemn america's embassy move to jerusalem they called on muslims around the world to increase their support for palestinians and by called products from israel and the us. a prominent iranian cleric has threatened the destruction of two israeli cities following the worst faceoff to date between the two countries over syria hourly on thursday morning israel fired dozens of missiles of what it alleged what iranian positions in syria it says it was responding to an iranian attack on its troops in the golan heights which iran vehemently denies from took on zimbabwe reports
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was in perhaps the harshest words so far a senior iranian cleric said israeli cities face destruction if that country continues to act quote foolishly the during a friday sermon a to her own university ayatollah cut to me had this warning after strikes on what israel says were iranian targets in syria not in august we will expand our missile capabilities despite western pressure to kid it to let israel know that if it acts foolishly tell of even hateful will be totally destroyed ca to me is part of the council of experts an eighty eight member body that elects iran's supreme leader he's also a political hard liner and has been a harsh critic of the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal he gave his views on the u.s. pullout from that agreement empty because i don't think america cannot do a damn thing they have always been after toppling of iran's regime and they
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segregate is in line with that aim these european signatories also cannot be trusted iran's enemies cannot be trusted not them these comments come as a ronnie and foreign minister job ads or if prepares to embark on a diplomatic tour meeting the remaining signatories of the nuclear agreement his job to try to preserve the deal has no doubt become more difficult. if they actually want to continue with the deal or they have to adopt tough diplomacy with the european. the europeans have to come up with mechanisms to protect european companies and european banks that want to invest and do trade with you on and an escalation of violence at syria's border seems linked to the u.s. pullout from the nuclear deal well i think the israelis are trying really hard to completely kill off the deal by rising tensions in the region they're essentially going to make it even very difficult for iran to even work with the europeans and i
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think ultimately what they're trying to do is to put you on a confrontational path with the west and i mean that's the reason why they were against the deal from the beginning. iranian leaders know the nuclear deal is on borrowed time and there is mounting public pressure at home as well as deep internal divisions among iran's political heavyweights all this could mean that an international agreement years in the making something that represented a hard won diplomatic victory for iran is now beyond repair hardliners in iran have been emboldened by the events of the last few days and the moderates the government of president hosni rouhani are not only in a fight to save the nuclear deal abroad but also to maintain their own political futures here at home. the older zero to one of us milan is director of the iranian studies program at stanford university and he's joining us live from there
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thank you very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera are we seeing the start of this of a shift in the balance of power in iranian politics as a result of this. i think as a result of mr trump's decision clearly the hardliners feel emboldened they feel like they have been vindicated mr hominy clearly has repeated that he has been vindicated and they are trying to stop dish the ground i think for a far more oppressive seizure of power maybe by di r.g.c. that would not be in my view. and likely what adds to the urgency of the situation is the economic virtual collapse of the iranian currency and all the other kind of problems that are making the situation very fraught for the regime and for mr rove. if the hardliners continue to make statements as we've just
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mentioned threatening in this case the destruction of two israeli cities for example is that going to make it less likely that it's going to be able to reach some sort of deal with the co signatories of the nuclear deal that the u.s. has pulled out all. i think so i think this kind of a foolish rhetoric by top clerics and top clerics who are directly appointed by mr harmony is going to make it very difficult for europeans to make the kind of effort they need to make and the kind of effort they have begun to make to possibly salvage the deal you can't try to help a regime that is constantly threatening the destruction of major other cities and if they had the clerics had been a little more wise if they having burned an american flag incompetently in the parliament the other day then europeans i think would have had a much better chance in a much better optics and
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a much better context to try to salvage a deal that they want salvage the iranian regime wants salvage he wants selvage china and russia wants salvage and these bands of crooked. conservative clergy who have held the country literally hostage to their whims are not allowing this to happen how much is the rhetoric that we're hearing from all sides of iranian politics reflective of what the people in iran actually feel about what's going on. you know it's very difficult to say that because it's very difficult to have reliable polling but every anecdotal evidence i have seen some pollings that i have seen some of the reporting in the iranian media the social media that i try to follow they are to me completely indicative that this regime particularly the conservatives are completely isolated the iranian economy is reeling the currency
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has lost almost sixty to seventy percent of its value two months ago if you had a dollar you could buy three thousand two month today if you have a dollar you can get eight thousand tomorrow that's a remarkable fall in people's livelihoods and people blame harmony they blame the conservatives they blame the r.g.c. who is monopolizing the economy and they blame them partly for the failure of the deal mr trump bears the bulk of the responsibility but some of these conservatives who in the last two years didn't allow rouhani and zarif to try to makes the deal stick mr harmony who banned any contact with the u.s. they bear some of the responsibility for the mess that we are in and of course mr netanyahu bears some responsibility because he is also in a fight of his life at home and keeping of give you minds busy with foreign wars seems to work for everybody in the region and in the world our best man is director
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of the iranian studies program at stanford university we appreciate your time sir thank you very much questions are being raised in kenya about whether a damn which burst and killed at least fifty people and widens day had been sorry permits the water resources authority says the patel downs operators did not have the permission required but the interior ministry has told al jazeera the operation was entirely legal the rescue operation is now become a recovery operation as andrew symonds reports. with no hope of finding survivors the sense of urgency had gone it was about finding bodies over a large expanse of ground in deep set mud flood water many of those found dead have been children in the meaning i may be alive but my mom is gone my son is gone i'm not lucky i feel so bad because the place has grown so much but now we have nothing again i will never have
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a good life again at the local mortuary there's an attempt at helping the bereaved a counselling service this man whose wife is dead express his gratitude that his daughter somehow survived the. massacre they were able to rescue my child after the water subsided she had hung on to a tree branch and was tired but i thank god she is ok. most of us gauged in one of three actions identifying the dead trying to settle in a makeshift camp for the displaced or recovering what's left of their lives and their homes it's a familiar grim picture in so many parts of kenya in this flood crisis even so there are those who feel they're lucky if you could move. we thank god that we're alive even though we've lost everything i'm grateful for my life and that my family was spared. all over the area there was a controlled release of water from other downs but local people still feel uneasy
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about risks kenya's director of public prosecutions has ordered the chief of police to open an investigation local media are reporting that the patel dam was investigated by the national water resources or forty and deemed unsafe but no action was taken nor any follow up by the all forty aside from questions over this there are seven other similar dams in the area all of them used for irrigating the crops from the air it's clear to see the consequences of such a dam burst but an interior ministry spokesman on the ground told out zero that no laws have been broken by the farm owners some people are claiming the number of missing could be larger than the national disaster team is same because many bodies have been recovered. that we've heard on the radio that forty three people are
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missing i'm a local i just don't believe it we know it's over two hundred people that are missing. and so whatever the cause whatever the numbers the people of this rural district have to cope with their losses and somehow live in these grim conditions andrew symonds al-jazeera there is a county in kenya still ahead on al-jazeera malaysia's king agrees to pardon the jailed opposition leader anwar ibrahim paving the way for his eventual return to politics and how the braggs a vote is said to have sparked a growing culture of racism in the u.k. . by the springtime flowering of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome back signs of the monsoon
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across southeast asia with the system producing outbreaks of rain across china some heavy rains being reported here but see some rain extending up towards the river valley but the skies fuzhou hong kong and indeed for taiwan weather conditions are looking dry it's looking pretty wet across parts of vietnam protect the northern areas extending into indochina during the course of suff late on sunday but further north across china that frontal system does begin to weaken i said down into southeastern parts of asia we've got one and two showers for the philippines but generally weather conditions not looking too bad middle of that thirty five degrees heavy showers across borneo but for java and bali the weather is generally looking pretty good and as we head up through them in a pinch are scattered showers to singapore and kuala lumpur further north i think for central northern parts of thailand some heavy downpours but for bangkok probably dry for much of the time for south asia we've got a few showers for carola but otherwise the main feature remains the heat temperatures into the mid forty's in many areas also some showers across parts of
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the poor inthe least the states of india bangladesh and some of those still looking pretty heavy but really temperatures expected remain up at forty three degrees for delhi over an crunchy somewhat more pleasant weather there with highs of thirty four the weather sponsored by cattle and release. the birth of the zionist movement. and the establishment of a jewish homeland in palestine the crucial battle and they're listed as risk simply getting jews into palestine at any cost hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homes. seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe.
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you're watching all december reminder of our top stories this hour one palestinians being killed and hundreds more have been injured on the israel gaza border during demonstrations on the seventh friday in a row forty two people have now been killed and thousands injured by israeli forces in the protests a prominent iranian cleric has threatened to destroy two israeli cities following the worst confrontation so far between the two countries over syria on thursday israel fired dozens of missiles at alleged iranian positions in syria it says it was responding to an iranian attack on its troops which iran denies. questions are being asked in kenya about whether a down which burst and killed at least fifty people died in state had the necessary planets the water resources authority says no but the interior ministry has told al
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jazeera the operation was entirely legal. but world health organization says it's preparing for the worst case scenario after confirming two cases of a bola and thirty two probable or suspected cases in democratic republic of congo nine neighboring countries have been a large hit at least seventeen people have died since people in the village of because all began showing symptoms similar to a ball and a hail reports a sober announcement the democratic republic of congo and beyond it is back but if you do your compatriots since tuesday may aids the democratic republic of congo is facing an epidemic of a bowl of virus disease that constitutes an international public health emergency. the government isn't taking any chances the world health organization is exploring the use of an experimental vaccine to try to stop the outbreak and in the meantime we are preparing as if it will be
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a green light so coaching is on standby the stockpile is on standby the teams are being put on standby health authours is compare the outbreak on tuesday they were alerted when news came from a remote congolese village to the capital kinshasa the outbreak declaration occurred after the lab results confirmed true cases four people died during an outbreak last year but it's over current threats the d r c has had nine ebola outbreaks in the last forty years it is highly contagious it kills half the people it impacts and has no cure the experimental vaccine has been successfully used he says in the name he says. is a specific. extended access. it passes from its origin bass to humans through bush meat once in the population it spreads through bodily fluids symptoms a fall from a headaches in
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a sore throat into organ failure along with internal and external bleeding health workers the most vulnerable being in close proximity to the victims so far three have been infected the w.h.o. is trying to support the d r c s health workers by sending in fifty experts and releasing one million dollars for an emergency fund to stop it from spreading nigeria is already taking it so measures rolling out ebola screenings that is apple investigators will follow anyone who has been exposed to the by response three weeks the time it takes but ebola victims to show symptoms burials will also be monitored as people can get infected while preparing bodies all part of an effort to avoid a repeat of the worst ebola outbreak in west africa in twenty fourteen which killed more than eleven thousand people and the heywood. south korea wants u.s. troops to remain in the country saying their removal is known negotiable ahead of
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denuclearization talks between washington and north korea the foreign minister of south korea also insisted sanctions against the north must not be lifted before the summit next month why is in washington d.c. to meet the new secretary of state mike from pale. malaysia's new prime minister mahathir mohamad says the king has agreed to pardon the former deputy prime minister ibrahim was jailed while he was opposition leader on charges he says were politically motivated but he's now in coalition after wednesday's election when he reports from kuala lumpur. i think that as the prospect of a pardon sent family supporters and media scrambling to a hospital in kuala lumpur inside and why abraham is recovering from shoulder surgery under a prison guard while he serves a five year jail term earlier the new prime minister mahathir mohamad said the
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malaysian king had agreed to pardon and while immediately it is going to be a full five it was means that he should not really be if i did it should be released immediately when it is. that you could be. but this speech really both of. which are remarkable words to hear from who was grooming and want to take over in the one nine hundred ninety s. during his first tenure as prime minister but he sect him as his deputy in one nine hundred ninety eight when unproven allegations of sodomy emerged and then oversaw his jailing for six years on corruption charges the following year in two thousand and fourteen he was convicted on separate sodomy charges and sentenced to five years now in events that not long ago would have seemed unthinkable and was wife one as he stands alongside mahathir as malaysia's first female deputy prime minister i didn't hear i had dreamt this for twenty years it's quite some time
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i've achieved that is the start of the new dawn a new era new time formalise and i think it's a better future for all of us the prime minister now says he was wrong to fire and water twenty years ago and he'll hand power to him within two years even when it bring him is pardons and released it may be a long time before he can be elevated to the position of prime minister he would have to go through a byelection in a seat somewhere in malaysia and then an internal vote so he can become a party president all of that has to happen before he can become prime minister. the supporters who've been with. during a long fight may not believe it until it actually happens given that mahathir mohamad has promised this transition before wayne hay al jazeera kuala lumpur. one of china's t.v. channels has been barred from airing the euro vision song contest nine go t.v. censored gay themed elements during his broadcast of tuesday's semifinal the
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station also chose not to air islands performance which is about a romance between two men the european broadcasting union says censorship is not in line with its diversity values. i un envoy has condemned what she says is a growing culture of racism in the u.k. since the breaks in vote on slave reports. people all over the u.k. like the bits of multiculturalism that make their lives nicer like for instance for food but nowadays it seems foreign people are not anything like as popular pieces lived in the u.k. for twelve years and regards himself just as much british as polish but recently he took his kids to the park where they were given a stark reminder of how some in this country view outsiders one boy which was some of them yourself english only. he was very. is a nine year old boy yeah yeah i think it came from his parents officials it istic
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from the british government show a steady rise in racial or religious li aggravated offenses over the last five years showing peaks for instance of the shirley abdo shootings in paris they didn't over three thousand incidents a month but between april two thousand and sixteen when the bricks at referendum campaign began and july twenty sixth seen just after the u.k. voted to leave incidents shot up peaking at over five and a half thousand a month. the abuse that some europeans gotten immediately after the referendum results made headlines at the time but the link wasn't made between those hate crimes and an official government policy of targeting illegal immigrants to go home now the united nations whose rapper turn has just finished a fact finding tour of the u.k. suggested the bricks it votes and political groups campaigning for combined some accommodates a growing culture of racism i think that the environment leading up to the referendum the environment doing the best environment asked the west end and has
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made racial and ethnic minorities laws honorable to racial discrimination intolerance many on the right of british politics have condemned her visit saying the u.n. must have better things to do the victims of racism would not agree of course the vote to leave the european union followed on hard from a stated government policy of trying to create a so-called hostile environment for immigrants many supporters of blacks and say it's not europeans but the european union as an institution that they're objecting to but increasingly it seems to be europeans and others suffering the consequences the real issue is that while politicians say they make distinctions between illegal immigrants and people in the u.k. lawfully it doesn't follow that the public will see the difference several thousand incidents a month reported to the police surely speaks to a genuine problem lawrence li al jazeera london i mean zoom in new york is challenging designers to think about all five senses for a new exhibit called design beyond vision the result has to be had smelled and
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touched to be believed kristen salumi reports. sound. scent. and light. these are the media designers looking to engage all five senses in an exhibit called sign vision. so what we have here so this is an installation called the snow storm and snow storm and what you'll find here are over one hundred fifty wall snowballs that are each impregnated with the smell of winter weather meant to evoke a mood or play with perception the cooper hewitt design museum encourages visitors to do more than just look. in these chairs patterns of vibrations create feeling like falling into a vat of jello we experience design with all of our senses at all times so we're constantly touching and smelling and hearing and we really want to bring. that
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experience into the gallery and to offer visitors a way to look at this everyday products and packaging design as well as immersive experiences around design to begin to think about this idea the designer of this exhibit was counting on the fact that just about everyone who sees this black fur as a same reaction to stroke it which triggers this musical number. i just felt the for and made to music and i thought she got fun designing for all five senses can also mean reaching more diverse users so it very much is about the experience in your hand and as well as in your mouth. like table where that uses color and form to guide people living with dementia vision loss is fantastic i mean it really is open minded to. never really thought about
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before making for more inclusive design. neat museum experience kristen salumi al jazeera new york. this is all just zero these are the top stories one palestinians been killed and hundreds more have been injured on the israel gaza border during demonstrations for the seventh friday in a row forty two people have now lost their lives and thousands have been injured by israeli forces in the protests there calling for palestinian refugees to be able to return to their ancestral lands taken from by israel. a prominent iranian cleric has threatened to destroy two israeli cities following the worst confrontation so far between the two countries over syria on thursday israel fired dozens of missiles at alleged iranian positions in syria it says it was responding
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to an iranian attack on its troops which iran denies. malani is director of the iranian studies program at stanford university and he says that sort of threatening language from hardline iranian politicians will make it difficult to salvage the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. i think this kind of a foolish rhetoric by top clerics and top clerics who are directly appointed by mr harmony is going to make it very difficult for europeans to make the kind of effort they need to make and the kind of effort they have begun to make to possibly salvage the deal you can't try to help a regime that is constantly threatening the destruction of major other cities questions are being asked in kenya whether a dam which bursting killed at least fifty people on wednesday had the necessary permits the water resources authority says no but the interior minister has told al jazeera the operation was entirely legal police are now investigating the chinese
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t.v. channels being barred from airing the univision the song contest go t.v. censored a gay themed elements during his broadcast of tuesday's semifinal the station also chose not to air ireland's performance which is about a romance between two men south korea wants u.s. troops to remain in the country saying their removal is non-negotiable ahead of denuclearization talks between washington and north korea the whole minister of south korea is also insisting sanctions against the north must not be lifted before the summit next month coming up next it's inside story by now. israel has launched its biggest attack.


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