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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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al jazeera. and for us. this is al jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes i believe that this is a tremendous setback. for north korea and indeed a setback for the world the u.s. calls off a summit with north korea pyongyang says it's willing to resolve the issues with the u.s. . only and u.s.
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announcement came hours after north korea allowed a group of journalists to watch it demolish its nuclear test site. russia rejects claims that it's downed malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen killing everyone on board four years ago. voters in ireland prepare for a landmark referendum that could overturn one of the world's strictest bans in abortions. threats of military action followed by talk of peace and now a canceled summit it's been a roller coaster ride and it appears the u.s. president and the north korean leader are at loggerheads yet again north korea has called donald trump's decision to cancel the talks unexpected and has expressed a willingness to sit down and talk at any time and in any format called off the meeting planned for june the twelfth blaming tremendous anger and open hostility
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expressed by pyongyang based on the recent statement of north korea have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth well many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially i believe that this is a tremendous setback. for north korea and indeed a setback for the world well the decision has caught the south korean president off guard when jay and says he's perplexed by trunks decision calling it regrettable development his foreign ministry says it will continue to work with the u.s. in pursuit of talks with the north and me and me as for vice foreign minister kim statement you see no change at least since you will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks on
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north korea's vice foreign minister kim carr guana released a statement through its official news agency k c.n.a. he said president tom's position on the north korea u.s. summit is a decision that does not coincide with mankind's wishes for peace and stability a sudden announcement of canceling the summit unilaterally was unexpected for us and we find it very regrettable we'd like to say once again the u.s. to the u.s. that we're ready to sit down with the u.s. at any time in any manner to solve this issue we've got reporters covering the developments in beijing seoul and washington d.c. let's start with bright he's joining us live from seoul rob first of all tell us more about in a phone call that seems to happen between the u.s. secretary of state and the south korean foreign minister. that's right south korean foreign minister. held a conversation with these opposite number mike pompei of south korea still reeling somewhat from this shock announcement but it does seem as though the content of the
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phone call was relatively upbeat concentrating on the positives as they stand and there are some positives to be found in the statements coming from north korea as you mentioned that the vice foreign minister kim saying that north korea remains open to dialogue at any time wants to see the process moving forward that has been picked up upon by the south korean foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state they both accept that yes this process certainly isn't dead yet there is potential life in it and it's just a way of how to move forward in particular for the south koreans of trying to keep up the momentum which you'll remember was first started last month with the into korean summits those seem like very heady days in comparison to where we are now but this was the meeting between president moon and kim jong il of north korea which started the whole process and south koreans agreeing with their u.s.
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colleagues that that momentum should not be lost in all of this that yes the relationship may have soured between north korea and the u.s. but ways of trying to keep the into korean dialogue going on the last rub north korea had obviously made certain moves towards these talks i had of the summit that was due to take place in june for example releasing the u.s. citizens and also more recently of course the distant destroying parts of the nuclear sites that we had just mentioned there it's going to be very difficult whatever the circumstances for talks to carry on if there's this significant level of distrust now isn't it between north korea the u.s. and perhaps other players as well. north korea i think does feel as though it has made a lot of the concessions a lot of the running as you mentioned that the nuclear testing site of congo he has been demolished we are now seeing pictures of that being released by the various
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invited foreign media who went up to cover this north korea does feel as though that was a very sincere gesture it could be argued that its nuclear complex is actually so vast with all of its facilities for nuclear enrichment fuel enrichments it's building of the missiles and so on that actually a site that many argue was pretty derelict in any case it's not much of a gesture but there will be a feeling that yes north korea has made the running but clearly we don't know what's been going on in the back channels between washington and pyongyang it clearly wasn't ever going to be enough for washington at this stage for now thanks very much indeed let's bring in our china correspondent adrian brown he's in beijing for us adrian what role do you think is there going to be for china in all of this particularly given the fact that it seems to have released reach some sort of at least threads of agreement with trade for example with the u.s.
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does it still carry weight with north korea. it's a difficult one rob i think that china has been both disappointed but not surprised by president donald trump's decision after all china finds itself caught between two of the world's most unpredictable leaders but it does believe that kim jong un is sincere about wanting to achieve denuclearization albeit in his own time it says that the dismantling of its only nuclear test site is evidence of that that event was also witnessed by chinese journalists the few journalists that were invited to watch this happen china believes though i think ultimately that the fault for this summit not taking place does not lie with north korea it lies with the united states and some of the provocative language that's come from trumpet ministration officials during the past few days and weeks china as you point out is the only
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ally that north korea has china has been in forcing sanctions against north korea often against its will and the question now of course is will china feel compelled to carry on squeezing north korea economically because it's been hurting china's economy particularly in the border city of dandong so we could see i think perhaps a react sation of the sanctions that china has been in forcing against north korea i think chinese officials rob are also curious about the timing of trump's decision because it came just hours after that nuclear site started to be dismantled in the state media here today we've had no official comment yet from any government figure but state controlled media has been quite measured in its response saying that it hopes that the contacts between north korea and the united states will continue but of course president front has essentially accused xi jinping of meddling he
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believes that china is trying to influence kim jong un in order to gain leverage in the ongoing trade negotiations but we have. for the moment rob that we friction on so many fronts between china and the united states right now taiwan the south china sea north korea the iran nuclear deal u.s. diplomats going back to their home country suffering from mysterious illnesses and now of course china being told by the united states that it can't take part in a naval exercise off or why in a few weeks times it's interesting to imagine you know how this is going to play out in the next few days and weeks aaron brown in beijing erin thanks very much indeed all the top democratic politician in the u.s. house says the consolation has left kim jong un the big one. i think it's a good thing for kim own here you had a thug a person who killed all is own family members a person who has runs
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a police state being legitimized by the president of the united states they were on a par with each other he got global recognition and regard he's the big winner and we got this letter from the president saying ok never mind he must be having a giggle fit right there now and you know his career and telling young it's unfortunate because if you say you you want to be optimistic you want to be hopeful that something can come of something all right reynolds is joining us now from washington d.c. rob the top democratic politician there saying nancy pelosi really saying that the big winner as you mentioned the was came in with the washington is the sense that trump has actually lost in this. well certainly the predict the predictable responses came from the predictable people rob palosi and number of other democrats said that this was a disappointment and a mistake but generally republican lawmakers are supporting president trump and
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saying that he made the right move the white house made a briefing for reporters and issued some of the reasons that they say were behind the decision to call off the summit they called it a trail of broken promises from the north koreans which included the failure to allow any international experts to observe the destruction of that nuclear test site that we've been talking about also insulting language towards vice president mike pence by north korean officials and a situation in singapore recently where u.s. diplomats when men went to meet with their d p r k counterparts to talk about laying ground rules and agendas for the summit but the north koreans never showed up so those are some of the reasons that the white house is giving for this sudden decision it does appear though that one thing is certain that president trump will
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not have the opportunity to pull off some kind of a great foreign policy coup he's been open about saying he thinks he might deserve a nobel peace prize if all goes well it looks like that is definitely not going to happen at least not for a while for a while rob rob thanks very much indeed while the cancellation follows months of intense diplomacy between the u.s. and the two koreas it began when it came used his new year's address to offer talks with south korea and raise the prospect of sending a delegation to the pill in china winter olympics well that was altered and north and south korean athletes marching under a single united korea flag at the games opening ceremony it also saw the first of many high level talks between the two countries. eventually led to last month's historic into a korean summit between kim jong un and south korean president moon j. in only the third time leaders from the two countries have met iran this time mike
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pompei you made two visits to pyongyang first as cia director and then as u.s. secretary of state speaking with kim both times those visits set the stage for the singapore summit between kim and donald trump but i mean just sticking points eventually have derailed the process will richard o'brien off skis former stirling ambassador to south korea and he's joining us now from sydney thank you very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera what role do you think there is from jay in now in this circumstance. well i think jane is entitle to feel fairly indignant about this whole business because he has been a leader in working with kim jong un to develop an understanding and a way forward and there's that declaration between the two of them about peace on the peninsula denuclearize denuclearization it does seem to me that the americans
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showing their truce stripes. a degree of colonialism here about korea's and they're not really taking on board the fact that it's it's been jane who's done a great deal of work with control and i don't know where we go from here when you read trump's letter it's full of. sentences and you know i do hope we can meet it's more in sorrow than anger that i send you this letter but when you look at what mike pence and pump them saying. i think it was nancy pelosi has said recently that kim is a thug and and he's a gangster and he's made it is family can i suggest we should leave that sort of language out of this this should not be an emotional thing and should not be character assassination it should be about the ship practicality of getting some sort of deal going favorite word of done with trump to denuclearize the region is there a sense in which we are overestimating for want of
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a better word the impact that donald trump's letter is trying to have on the process and what we're actually seeing is a return to the bellicose rhetoric that was happening on both sides prior to the announcement of the summit and prior to the agreements and the time shaking that went on between the north and the south leaders. i think we have and let me say this all the western media probably not al-jazeera but certainly in the strata the middle press particularly has been talking about what the north koreans have to give up and that's all i've been talking about denuclearization and getting rid of your weapons and missiles what kim jong il plainly wants and he stated this many times and he is and his and his officials have is a peace treaty they want to non-aggression pact they want the united states to guarantee that they want to attack north korea they want bring about
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a regime change they also want freedom to have economic access to world markets and get on with the job of living this isn't being mentioned now whether they have put this on the table and said i wait a minute to pump a or two pence this is not a one way street we're not just going to disarm you you have to give things in return or not i don't know but if they haven't tried to already begin the process of bargaining then you can understand with the right wing in washington the whole backing away and saying no let's let's let's threaten them in the city boss to the president you go ahead and they go share it with them but it won't work and if it doesn't we've got the military option all of us hope that there's no way in which the military option is going to be used can i just ask you about the political future for moon and he's staked a great deal politically on this particular summit where do you think he stands
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with the people of south korea if this falls apart despite his best efforts. will i do you think that in as a good deal the populace supports in south korea the south koreans are very pragmatic about this whole deal when the japanese hyperventilate about the north having nuclear weapons the south go about their business and say all right you know this is part of the country we have not going to use them. i'd like to think and i'm doing that bit out of touch because i was investor in south korea a couple of decades ago but my feeling is that most people want this to go most people would like to see something of the agreements with north korea and denuclearization i'm not sure that most people want to see a marriage in the two countries it's a bit like the germany's you know the west germans who were very worried about east germany coming in because it would take away some of their economic strength i think the koreans feel a bit the same way but that's further down the track the first thing is to try to
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the situation i want to want forgive me for interrupting you but i do want to ask you about the role of japan in all of this notion. was at one point seen regarded rightly or wrongly as having being sidelined out of this process and has very much taken. an overall view an overseer view if you like of the whole process do you think that there's a position that he can fill not go in to drive to bring the two sides together. i'm not sure not do agree with you that i think she has been sidelined and feels that very much what about japan we're involved in this too you know but and the only brings in the victims and the people who've been kidnapped and so on but that's that's a side issue his his foreign minister has been talking with the koreans and with in washington the japanese are very active but i do have the saints that. they really
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are sidelined and they have to let the two koreas firstly get on with it and then with trump and with china the big actors here of course china and the united states and the two koreas japan is certainly important as well but i think that they feeling a little bit of relevance deprivation syndrome at this stage really interesting to get your point of view in this richard bronowski former strolling about or to south korea thank you very much for joining us. but more ahead on the news hour including a group of families assumes the european union over climate change. lightning storms torrential rains and floods affect more than one hundred thousand people in sri lanka and the capital's thunder past the lightning and into their first stanley cup finals in twenty years that's up to the job in the sport.
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dutch investigators have concluded that the missile used to shoot down a civilian passenger plane in twenty fourteen came from a russian military unit all two hundred and ninety eight people on board the malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen were killed president vladimir putin has said russia doesn't trust the investigation but will still take a look at its findings only challenge reports. progress has seems painfully slow at times but piece by piece the joint investigation team led by the netherlands is building its case into the deaths of two hundred ninety eight innocent adeline passengers and crew over eastern ukraine four years ago and the j.i.t. case points increasingly had russia. it's. today the joint task force has concluded that the missile used to shoot down m.h. seventeen originated from the fifty third. brigade of the russian armed forces
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the international j i t back to the latest allegations with plenty of information they showed photos and videos alleging the particular missile launcher was driven into ukraine from the fifty third brigade a base near chord scale in southwestern russia they displayed parts of a missile with a production code indicating it was made in moscow in one thousand nine hundred six and they suggested they had other data presumably classified intelligence as yet there are no name to suspects and no accusation that it was russian military personnel who shot down m.h. seventeen rather than the separatists russia has always denied supporting and supplying during the war in eastern ukraine but the j.i.t. feels it's narrowing in on those responsible and a prosecution in a dutch court but the chances of russians facing justice in a foreign courtroom are vanishingly small russia doesn't extradite its civilians let alone military personnel involved in a clandestine war in
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a neighboring country and russia has put forward an often contradictory collection of counter narratives for why it couldn't possibly have had any role in the needless deaths of nearly three hundred people bloody near putin meeting french president macron incent petersburg responded to the new accusations. ukraine is involved in the investigation russia is a much more so we don't know what is the mission it's writing in those reports and what it's based on in order for us to recognize the report we have to be fully involved in the investigation that we deal looks although new for the j.i.t. is case the substance of their allegations was actually already in the public domain and has been for some to. it was a reports two years ago by open source investigators belling caps that first pointed to russia's fifty third anti-aircraft missile brigade as the origin of the big missile system and bearing can't say they have another big m.h.
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seventeen development to reveal on friday rory chalons al-jazeera sim petersburg russia families from eight countries is suing the european union for failing to adequately protect them from climate change the claim nicknamed the people's climate case is the first of its kind to be brought against the families say climate change is infringing on their fundamental human rights so you gago reports the warning signs have been alarming forest fires drought sun rising sea levels have all pointed to dramatic climate change and the urgency needed to tackle it but one group of people action just isn't happening fast enough families whose livelihoods have been seriously affected by climate change. lack of rain and when it does rain it's to rent and there are hail storms which just drawing the crowd. if. we have to do something concrete before it becomes totally
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irreversible. they say that the e.u. is not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and current targets will not protect them or their future i am for meaning because on the scale all families are concerned about the same thing they don't want any compensation of damages all they want is for the e.u. to adjust its climate targets so that the families a protected as much as possible twenty seventeen was among the three hottest years ever recorded the world economic forum says all environmental dangers have become more prominent over the past decade pushing the planet to the brink not only is it costing the earth it is also wreaking havoc on the global economy natural disasters from last year alone cost hundreds of billions of dollars then namely here and if it's recognized by the european court that climate protection is
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a human rights issue i think climate protection can be activated in the court of all other jurisdictions in the world and that's really important for the plaintiffs . as the e.u.'s general court in luxemburg hears the case lawyers scientists and non-governmental organizations are pushing for the e.u. to become more ambitious to prevent dangerous climate change before it is too late to do anything about it so on a diagonal al-jazeera us president donald trump's posthumously pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion jack johnson he was convicted in one thousand nine hundred thirteen on charges of taking his white girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes the law at the time could be used to prosecute men for interracial relationships even if they were consensual granted johnson a full pardon saying his decision corrected a historic role. my family now can go forward knowing that the
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stain and the pain has been great and history will be written and i sincerely think you stare and you and everybody there brought me here and that's all. well there's more as a professor of history at grand valley state university is also the author of i fight for a living boxing on the battle for a black man who he's joining us on skype from grand rapids in michigan we appreciate you being with us sir thank you very much indeed if i understand it correctly it's actually very rare for individuals to be granted a presidential pardon after their deaths what do you think it is about jack johnson that has prompted the president to take this action. i actually think that part of what trump did was actually part of what obama didn't do and obama president obama was presented with this opportunity and what we see during trump's administration is often times he'll try to undo what obama doesn't
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do or try to kind of show him well. but you know at the same time this is something that has been in the works for a while you know mccain presented this in two thousand and eight so so it's about time that this happens but i just don't think it's trump doing this is really about why he should have done this why was it that president obama decided not to offer that pardon. i don't know you know part of me wish they would have but the other point i think just looking at the optics of it being the first black president to to part in this like every champion i don't know if he was ready. for the potential blowback on that. but i wish it would have because you know jack johnson was wrong in one nine hundred thirteen and this needed to be corrected so it is true of course that president trump has decided to take this action i get the impression from the way that you're talking that you not entirely comfortable with
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the fact that president trump has decided to do it why. yes i think look on the one hand i guess it needed and if that happened but on the other hand we know trump's pass right this guy is trump's been sued for. racial discrimination in housing we know what he said about this is one tribe who want to be innocent and it's also a singular jest right it's just jack johnson being part of it says nothing about the past problems of racism jim crow lynching and some essential nation law or says nothing about our current state of our prison system right where we're a lot of black men we are are be wrong and sent to prison give our international viewers i snapshot if you would of how important jack johnson is to boxing. so jack johnson is important in this is that he's the first light heavyweight champion i mean it's one of the great stories of sport somebody who's born the son of sleighs rise to be the head weight champion of the world and so he wins that in
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one thousand only what happens to after that is that america in cities and states has a lot of laws that try to ban black white men from fighting obviously the man which is used to take jack johnson and taking a woman across state lines for immoral purposes but also what you have is black athletes are being judged or you going to be like jack johnson that is say are you going to lead your life as a free man and when i say that i mean jack johnson and then his life as a free man he did whatever he wanted to do an era where one hundred four days a black person speak lynched so he gave a lot of black working class men hope right that they could live their life how they saw fit there's more professor of history at grand valley state university thank you so much for your time tonight thank you for having me this great hollywood producer harvey weinstein is expected to surrender to police in new york
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to face sexual assault charges that's according to u.s. media more than one hundred women have accused him of sexual misconduct including rape it was fired from the biasing company last october following the allegations why scene has denied all allegations of known consensual sex american actor morgan freeman has apologized after he was accused of sexual harassment on misconduct by at least eight women they say he behaved inappropriately while working on film sets or promotional tours and a statement framing the setting evident tended to make anyone feel uncomfortable or disrespected. still ahead and al jazeera. and they use the park loose to continue their dialogue the u.n. secretary general expresses deep concern over the cancellation of the u.s. north korea summit we're going to have more global reaction and liverpool arrive in ukraine we're going to hear from mohamed salah as they prepare for the champions league final that's coming up in sports with joe.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. welcome back across central and southern parts of china we've got an area of rain affecting up towards the yangtze river valley starting toward shanghai says and heavy downpours are likely here further surfers all looking fine for food for hong kong and across in taiwan we're also looking at conditions further south once you get into vietnam more particularly in towards less then you start to see some pretty heavy showers in those respects as continues through saturday about staging see the rain extends the bit further towards the south across china affecting change do and do hand as well for southeastern parts of asia we've got germany fine conditions across more northern parts of the philippines so for luzon it should be fine temperature in the mid thirty's there for manila further towards the south so
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for southern parts the philippines some heavy showers a possible so he wet across more western parts of the island of borneo java bali the odd shower but i think gerry not too bad and then north was through the malay peninsula we've got a scattering of showers began not too bad for the most part some showers are like low across thailand some heavy ones expected here at times bangkok looking at temperatures in the low thirty's for south asia we still have the possibility some heavy showers affect in sri lanka and southern parts of india further north dry and very hot in one or highs of forty five. the weather sponsored by cats our enemies.
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the nature of news as it breaks this is one of the areas that protesters had blocked the road through thing finding higher than anything else they could find with details coverage of this extremely hot. seat that everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be and with pasta tory over regions history and it's protected warrant that is divided tribes here for generations.
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they're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour north korea says the cancellation of a planned summit with the u.s. president is against the wishes of the world donald trump called off the meeting blaming tremendous anger and open hostility from the north to pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues south korean president mondrian says he's perplexed by trump's decision but his foreign minister has spoken on the phone with the u.s. secretary of state might pump a zero agreed to pursue talks with pyongyang. in the announcement came just hours after north korea said it had blown up its only nuclear test site in a goodwill gesture to reduce regional tensions reporters were given rare access to witness the event but international nuclear inspectors were not invited. well the french president has expressed his willingness to help bring the u.s. and north korea back to the negotiating table emanuel is in russia for talks with
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president putin wanted to dispose the france is prepared to help in this work but i think it is also for the international community and its entirety in a multilateral context and perhaps for the united nations to play a special role and so i hope that this is just an incidental within the process which must continue and of which we know that ultimate aim which is coherent with our international aims and is vital for the region so i hope we do not stop there but that we continue to do this vital work together for a few of us but in your word is used to russia perceived this decision with regret we are seriously hope that a significant step would be taken towards reduction of tensions on the korean peninsula and that it would be the start of denuclearization of the whole of the korean peninsula. says he's deeply concerned by the cancellation of the summit he says all parties to the north korea talks should continue their diplomatic efforts with nerves of steel diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations
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in new york ambassadors were arriving for a meeting of the un security council when news of president trumps letter cancelling the summit broke their road ahead is a bumpy road and nothing is a given i think i just saw the news like you did and so we will look into what that means i just i just heard that on the way now i hope this opportunity this opportunity will not be will not be missed in geneva the u.n. secretary general was attending a conference on disarmament i am deeply concerned by the cancellation of the plans meeting in singapore between the president united states of the democratic people's republic of korea. and there you are those the park use to continue their dial to find the best to the peaceful and very fireball
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didn't realize ation of the korean peninsula the high level diplomacy of recent months involving a showpiece summit between the two koreas and the highest level meeting between the u.s. and north korea for decades was always a high stakes on the taking the question now is whether it's broken down completely or whether it can be revived one expert is pessimistic. the way that sent this letter with the threat of america's massive nuclear arsenal i think the north koreans are going to take that well i think this is going to cause them to feel like they've got to display their massive nuclear arsenal also it happened immediately after north korea took the step of collapsing its test tunnels they're going to feel betrayed diplomatic channels are still believed to be open between the u.s. and north korea urging contacts will now need to be made to stop a slide away from diplomacy and towards conflicts james bays out zero at the united
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nations. tens of thousands of by heavy monsoon rains are bracing for more bad weather at least thirteen people have died so far in lightning storms to rochelle rings and floods well fernando's has more from the southwest. twenty five days old sick with fever and surrounded by water baby nephew's parents called in the navy to help get her to the doctor that it's difficult she didn't sleep last night so we decided to take her to the hospital the family's one of thousands caught in floods in sri lanka it's what services like this that help people are all by the floodwaters like here in the college that this big to get. areas torrential rains marking the start of the monsoon season brought more water in a few days than most places see in a year this caused a number of major rivers to burst their banks affecting more than one hundred
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twenty thousand people in half of the country's twenty five districts landslides are another worry in the color that a district which saw a number of people buried alive in two thousand and seventeen the national building research organization says unauthorized building and development work are to blame for fear darfur that i mean what i hear blow up in movie eighty percent of these incidents are manmade those that we have created landslides are natural occurrences but man provides the trick and the lessons learned from earlier flood disasters seem to be helping the lack of planning left authorities struggling to cope last year which saw more than two hundred deaths and thousands of people stranded with no relief for deeds officials say disaster preparedness has made a major difference this time around. we have drills on different scenarios in how to handle such situations in areas prone to floods we deployed navy boats on
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standby and raised awareness among. people by floodwaters. are receding awful cost overnight this will certainly be a worry for baby net needs paid and as the battle to get how well enough an end. at least nineteen people are missing after a cyclon hit the yemeni island of so-called truck heavy rains and strong winds lashed the u.s. go world heritage territory in the arabian sea a state of emergency has been declared after the powerful storm flooded villages and capsized boat so it's expected to make landfall in nearby ole man on saturday the u.n. says an escalation in the conflict in yemen in recent weeks has put a further ten million people's lives at risk humanitarian chief mark lowcock says that have been a growing restrictions of humanitarian aid and stuff in yemen aid workers are being detained in intimidated visas are being delayed or denied that's preventing vital
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resources from reaching more than twenty two million yemenis living in desperate need at least six people have been killed and twenty two injured after a car bomb exploded in the eastern libyan city of benghazi and local sources say it happened behind a hotel near a syrian products market the syrian government says it's intercepted a missile attack on a military airport in the homes state media is reporting air defense systems repelled the attack polls are set to open in r. and a few hours and whether to repeal one of europe's strictest abortion laws the eighth amendment makes terminating a pregnancy illegal in all but the strictest of circumstances and it's punishable with a long prison sentence the boat pitches social and religious conservatives against those who want a more liberal ireland baka reports that irish people have been given an important choice campaign is from both sides of the argument that bringing the
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debate to the people. islands voting on whether to repeal the eighth amendment of the country's constitution that all but bans abortion the law says that the life of a mother and unborn fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there is a serious risk to the mother's life not in cases of rape incest or serious optimality those that break the law or face a maximum fourteen year prison sentence. is a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had a condition called. him at the top half of his head had never formed so there was nothing about his eyes no brain no skull and if we knew then that our baby would not survive. and would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travelled to liverpool in the u.k.
5:43 am
for an abortion just being alone in a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then having. given birth and then several hours later having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. the ring on my door about and that's the courier and he has the ashes of my baby. this is where the debate is gathering momentum on high streets up and down the country here in the capital dublin yes camp i know camp are out in force campaigning side by side but you can probably imagine there are some heated moments here the results of this referendum will say an awful lot about how far has changed and how the paint to carry on changing. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will be the. money a backing no for religious reasons the catholic church that once dominated irish society strongly opposes it from the moment of conception until natural death
5:44 am
catholics believe that human life is sacred and therefore worthy of protection when it comes to the issue off the the on board we believe that worthy off special protection and in law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing a different help by political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed allowing unlimited access to abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the referendum is passed for many of this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. al-jazeera dublin to a bowl of patients who fled from a hospital in the democratic republic of congo went to church just before they died potentially exposing more than fifty people to the deadly virus health officials are struggling to contain an outbreak of the disease in the city of london dhaka
5:45 am
where twenty two people are known to have died since april doctors without borders says the two patients were vomiting and infectious and died just hours after attending the prayer session the un special envoy for burundi has urged the government to restart dialogue with the opposition at a security council meeting on the political crisis but only if the opposition is contesting the result of a referendum on term limits that could allow president appeared in a call in season to stay in power until twenty thirty four human rights groups have accused security forces of jailing and murdering opponents of the changes athens reports from the capital. how many. and his wife jean marie are still grieving. three years ago their fifteen year old son was killed by security forces in presidential election violence. he was among the first to die in protests against president perry. who then want
5:46 am
a controversial third tom there are other son is in jail for life convicted for participating in an attempted coup against the president. with every other time the police coming up to such points and this creates a lot of tension and fear i personally don't have any we point. since the protests include tempted to fifteen hundreds of people have been killed about four hundred thousand a still in refugee camps both the government and opposition have been blamed for the violence. today the kind of scenes witnessed back then but people are still living in fear and uncertainty human rights and opposition groups have leveled accusations of abuse at government forces and members of the ruling party. they say people killed beaten and arrested in the lead up to the referendum on
5:47 am
constitutional changes being. one of the few opposition leaders still in the country after many were forced into exile he says there is no freedom of expression . if you hear that. this means that. the situation is not. going to pretend because everybody needs to leave quietly in these villages or in. the area in the in the cities or elsewhere. and security must be granted to everybody but state officials blame the opposition human rights groups and other international bodies of tarnishing the image of the country to put pressure on the government to hold talks if. some individuals are trying to manipulate even the you're un security council so that they can accept to violate its own laws
5:48 am
and to negotiate with. many people in the city told us that the security situation has improved but they also hope they'll come a time when they can freely talk about important matters that affect them without fear of arrest or intimidation catherine saw al jazeera which you bora. still ahead on all those michael fences get their f one close ups going to all the details in the sports.
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5:50 am
and it's time for the sports here's joe. thanks very much an emotional alex of that skin and his washington capitals have the first stanley cup final in twenty years they thundered past the tampa bay lightning for nothing in the n.h.l. zee eastern conference decider the capitals now confront the vegas cold nights for his treasured trophy kevin calvert reports. that couldn't have started beta for the capitals kept in the way a bitch can describe this as the biggest game of this line they were thank god he hasn't reached a stanley cup final in a career spanning fifteen years joins us unless you until the season he hasn't even got past the second round of the playoffs thank you also out for ending years of pent up frustration with the man stopping temple buy from scoring for the second strike guy. from colorado to put bright and hopefully fate in perspective the
5:51 am
lightning struck more goals than any other team in the n.h.l. regular season but a beautiful daughter saved their. thank you and when the gloves and helmets were off the washington capitals went back and down i. think. the knockout blows though with a come from one player who were tempted by buried by barrett cough ski the seventeenth player to school for the capitals in the playa we were a franchise with a passionate team spirit we were thank you i've been on a team like this where in any situation where we're confident and confident each other. we'll get down each other it's just. you know it's stronger ok the motion has hard to explain what i feel and the great did you know. a captain and team intent on going one better than capturing the prince of wales
5:52 am
cup derreck kayongo one of the golden knights carried the trophy away others in the past have kept their hands off i was figuring if they touched it they wouldn't be able to touch the stanley cup one round later and confident enough to ignore superstition. kevin calvert al-jazeera actually if you see the boston celtics one went away from their first trip to the n.b.a. finals in eight years they beat the cleveland cavaliers ninety six to eighty three on wednesday to take a three two lead in their best of seven series rookie jason tatum scored a team high twenty four points for boston who've now won their last ten games at home lebron james had twenty six for the cavaliers but his efforts once or nelf the series now moves to cleveland for game six on friday the brawl in the cavs must win to keep alive the hopes of reaching the n.b.a. finals for a fourth straight year. for the cns response oh on friday night. you know how well we've played at home you know in this postseason. you know and that's only dak
5:53 am
we're about right now you know i'm not worried about a game seven of the world game six and you know you can't you know put yourself in that moment. until you take your present. two time defending champions real madrid have arrived in kiev ahead of the champions league final on saturday a huge crowd turned out to welcome christiane an elder and his team is than yours have won this trophy twelve times in the past rael play liverpool for the crown this time around liverpool also in the ukrainian capital and will be aiming to become european champions for six time their star striker mohamed salah is excited for his biggest match with the team so far. because he every match has its own preparation you're asking about the champions league final which i haven't played in before i am excited i know the whole world will be watching but i don't want to put too much pressure on myself i feel this game will be great for us as a team and for me personally just days after leaving barcelona after twenty two
5:54 am
years under city esther has signed for japanese top flight team this celko be the spaniard made the announcement in tokyo earlier and yes he was given an emotional sendoff at the weekend after helping basso win twenty two major titles including nine league of crowns but he has one more important day with spanish football the thirty four year old in the squad for next month's fi for world cup in russia the second grand slam of the tennis season the french open is just a couple of days away and while no one simona halep is ready to put the disappointment of last year's tournament behind her the romanian led by a set and three love in the final before eventually losing. to penco who was also a run up in paris in two thousand and fourteen is still bidding for a first major title she'll play alison risk in the opening round and must reach at least the semifinals to stay at number one. yeah improved a lot and also mentally and also the game he's in the bit stronger is. more
5:55 am
complete now i feel it and my movement on court they think it's a stronger i'm feeling good ready to start at the moment and hopefully i can play with a nice formula one is back in monaco ahead of sunday's grown pray the drivers have been familiarising themselves with the track and monaco's metal fences by the looks of things that are problems for red bulls daniel ricardo monaco in record time in both the morning and afternoon sessions he shaved half a second off to lighten the whole time from last year's race. there's been a lot of talk about rookie driver charlotte clerk he's the first monaco native to contest his home grand prix in twenty four years and the twenty year old sal the driver is being tipped for big things in the future i am very excited you know i've been waiting for this moment scenes since child remember watching the four years old. for the first corner i was with in my best friend's apartment watching down
5:56 am
the formula one dreaming of one day being part of it and this day has finally happened denmark's lukas be arrogant continued his recent good form to lead after the opening round of the p.g.a. championship at wentworth the world number one hundred eighty three made seven birdies in a bogey free round and lived by one shot heading into day two former world number one rory mcilroy is just two shots back as he bids to kickstart his season two thousand and fourteen champion carded a five under round of sixty seven. it was good to see golf like that good to see the shots that i had. and you know the drives that i hit you know i put it in play a lot more so i had a couple of shots there but you know i guess you can't you know you can't expect perfection all the time you've got to sort of. you take it as it is and but i played well if i played a lot better today than i have done the last couple of weeks so it's a good step in the right direction england's cricket has had a rough opening day against pakistan in the first test at lord's mohammed abbas and
5:57 am
has an alley took four wickets each as the hosts were all out for hundred eighty four in reply pakistan with fifty four one at the close of play stuart broad removing a mobile hack for the only breakthrough the pressure is mounting on jury did tally to simon yet as he bids for his first grand total win with just three stages remaining the person saw his lead halt on thursday germany's max shachtman one in a stage eighteen but the may not actually and was in the pack behind him four time tour de france winner chris froome attacks in the final few kilometers taking defending champion tom dumont with him yet struggled for the first time in this year's zero it means duel and is now just twenty eight seconds behind in the overall classification with two more days in the mountains to go before the final procession in writing. and that is all the sport for now more later but it probably is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all the stories i robot that sometimes agree with
5:58 am
me. packet for us what were you here and what were you saying whether on line horrendous things you're as old as they're. about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decisions join the conversation. and wondered ported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
5:59 am
days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. bought into existence by a slave rebellion. yet rife with slavery. for fans of the two thousand and ten quake forced into domestic were. deprived of an education and dropped off a childhood. child slaves part of slavery a twenty first century evil. and this time on al jazeera. al-jazeera is investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy votes and that is you can say use a fix here fix bribing professional players but send beautiful goes to the players
6:00 am
to give them houses rolex watches. good cricketers good blue good five children. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixing. i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world. the u.s. calls off a summit with north korea pyongyang says it's willing to resolve the issues with the united states. the u.s. announcement came hours after north korea allowed a group of journalists to watch it demolish its nuclear test site.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up the indonesian parliament debates a.


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