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extremely regrettable that saw north korea describes the u.s. decision to cancel the summit between the leaders of the two countries. i'm jane that this is al jazeera live from doha it was coming up two suspects flee the scene after an explosion in a restaurant just outside toronto more than a dozen people are injured. both as an island prepare for a landmark referendum that could overturn one of the world's strictest bans on abortions plus. more questions for malaysia's former prime minister as a corruption probe uncovers new evidence.
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international reaction to the cancellation of a scheduled meeting between donald trump and kim jong un is pouring in the last hour china has called for the u.s. and north korea to be patient and meet each other halfway june the twelfth would have been the first time a sitting u.s. president made a north korean leader darts a growing in recent days and whether the summit would actually happen on thursday chump canceled the summit in singapore with a letter as of now north korea says it is still willing to sit down for talks with the u.s. at any time and calls trump's decision extremely regrettable trounce announcement came just after north korea said it had blown up its only nuclear test site in a goodwill gesture to reduce regional tensions but the grand show of dismantling the site couldn't say the talks trump accuse north korea of tremendous anger and open hostility. all of the korean people northants.
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deserve to be able to live together in harmony prosperity and peace that bright and beautiful future can only happen when the threat of nuclear weapons is removed no way it can happen otherwise if and when kim jong un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions i am waiting for the us house minority leader nancy pelosi says kim jong un is the big winner despite the summit cancellation i think it's a good thing for kim jong un here you had a thug a person who killed all is own family members a person who has runs a police state being legitimized by the president of the united states they were on a par with each other he got global recognition and regard he's the big winner and
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we got this letter from the president saying ok never mind he must be having a giggle fit right there now and north korea and telling young it's unfortunate because if you say you you want to be optimistic you want to be hopeful that something can come of something the french president expressed his willingness to help bring the u.s. and north korea back to the negotiating table left wanted to date him on this because the france is prepared to help in this work but i think it is also for the international community in its entirety in a multilateral context and perhaps for the united nations to play a special role and so i hope that this is just an incident within the process which must continue and of which we know that ultimate pain which is coherent with our international aims and is vital for the region so i hope we do not stop there but that we continue to do this vital work together rob mcbride isn't so and has reaction from the. an intended gesture of peace
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in a process that may be going nowhere. the demolition of tunnels at north korea's underground nuclear testing site. it was meant to be a further step on the path to a historic summit but by the time these pictures were reaching the outside world it was already reeling from the shock of the summit's cancellation. from north korea's foreign ministry a measured response calling the decision not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability adding that north korea remained willing to sit down with the u.s. side to solve problems at any time from south korea disappointment verging on the will demand from me and ask for vice foreign minister kim statement we see no change of a sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current
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situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks as part of that effort south korea's foreign minister spoke with her u.s. counterpart mike pompei or by phone she emphasized the need to build on the goodwill of the landmark into korean summit at panmunjom in april fearing months of painstaking diplomacy could now be waisted. south korean president meeting with north korean leader kim jong un had laid the groundwork for the summit well i think jane is entitled to feel fairly indignant about this whole business because he has been a leader in working with kim jong un to develop an understanding and a way forward. in place of improving ties could there be a return to the hard line dictated by the us and demanded of its east asian allies
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. in order for north korea to change their policies it is necessary for japan and the us and south korea to apply pressure including the united nations sanctions. with the united states call to stand firm against north korea south korea in hopes of mediating a historic breakthrough shouted as the tunnels of. robert broad al-jazeera sole people have been protesting in south korea against the cancellation of the us north korea summer demonstrators gathered outside the u.s. embassy and so they say they feel they've been cheated the chance to live in peace . jim brown joins us now from beijing tell us about the reaction from there. well china's government has taken its time to respond to president donald trump's decision to pull out of that summit that was planned for singapore but finally on
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friday afternoon here in beijing we got that response it came from luke airing who is the foreign ministry spokesman he said that china had noticed there have been obstacles in the process of preparing for this meeting but the china also notices the two sides are willing to meet up and we hope both sides will cherish the opportunity of the efforts that have so far be made he also said that he hoped both sides could now be patient now the language rather like the language from north korea has been restrained measured and actually quite conciliatory and even upbeat and i think what china is a sense lee saying jane is this if the united states and north korea really want this summit to happen then it will and china will play its role in trying to facilitate that and i think if it does happen if there is a a summit some way down the line then i think china will play a much stronger role in guiding north korea than it has done up until now essentially i think we're seeing north korea and china now speaking with one voice
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and i think the build up of the summit has seen china and north korea actually coming much closer together remember relations between these two ideological allies neighbors has been very strained during the past year because china a force has been enforcing those u.n. sanctions against north korea but it may well start to feel that perhaps it should ease up on the economic squeeze against north korea what sort of impact you think it's likely to have on china u.s. relations. well we have a number of friction points between china and the united states at the moment taiwan the south china sea the iran nuclear deal and of course now north korea's nuclear program now china on friday was not entering into the blame game it wasn't pointing fingers at the united states of course president from has essential he accused president xi jinping of seeking to undermine the summit by trying to
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influence kim jong un so he can gain leverage in the ongoing trade negotiations between china and the united states but china didn't want to as i say get into the blame game today was trying to sound restrained it wanted to be seen to be i guess like north korea the good guys in the fallout from this decision and for the united states to really be the intransigent one i thank you for that adrian brown. poser of an island on whether to appeal one of europe's strictest abortion laws an amendment to the constitution makes terminating a pregnancy illegal in all but the strictest circumstances and it's punishable with a long prison sentence the vote pitches social and religious conservatives against those who want a more liberal island barker reports from dublin irish people have been given an important choice campaigners from both sides of the argument have been bringing the
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debate to the people islands voting on whether to repeal the eight the badman to of the country's constitution that all but bombs abortion the law says that the life of a mother of an unborn fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there is a serious risk to the mother's life not in cases of rape incest or serious are. those that break the law or face the backs of a fourteen year prison sentence. is a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had a condition called a catholic i'm at the top half of his head had never formed so it was nothing about his brain. and we knew then that our baby would not survive. would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travelled to liverpool in the u.k. for an abortion just being alone in
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a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then. giving birth and then several hours later having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. the ring on my door about and that's the courier and he has the ashes of my baby. this is where the debate is gathering momentum on high streets up and down the country here in the capital dublin yes camp. campaigning side by side but you can probably imagine there are some heated moments here the results of this referendum will say an awful lot about how it's changed and how prepared to carry on changing. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will be the. money a backing no for religious reasons the catholic church that once dominated irish society strongly opposes it from the moment of conception until natural death catholics believe that human life is sacred and therefore worthy of protection when
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it comes to the issue off the the on board we believe that worthy off special protection in law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing a different help by political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed allowing unlimited access to abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the referendum is passed from any of this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. al-jazeera doublet still ahead on al-jazeera a race against time for aid agencies to stop a worsening humanitarian crisis in south sudan passed. hopefully that will actually handle a lot of. control my camera she is pace is actually
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mccown reacts to the latest developments in the sexual assault claims against avi weinstein. from dusky sunsets if it's proving savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello it's warming up nicely across much of europe now a loss of heat around lots of lovely spring sunshine was the showers as well you can see there's a line the showers coming out of england's pushing down across the low countries through germany i will say the eastern side if you want to see showers still down towards the southeast as well and with that he's around it really will be why live as we go on through the next day it's got a navy are we getting up to low twenty's stockholm still getting up to twenty two degrees probably moscow at eighteen celsius look at twenty six in kiev twenty eight in bucharest we're getting up to around twenty seven for rome if anything at
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a woman gets up to twenty on friday afternoon twenty four by this whole we come to sass day and rising the twenty nine there for paris as a said lots of hate that plume of he will continue to not just way further north his that line of right coming in across whiles northern england down across the low countries down towards the southeast and cold of you have when we do see wanted to these showers they will be heavy and found very possibly with hail some of the pictures ago wanted to sashay the wetter weather nudges a little further east was you notice and then we're going to see some showers just touch to push back towards the southwest approaches all of england from all the parts of africa it is fine. dry and sunny. the weather sponsored by cats are these . stories generate thousands of headlines collaboration with different angles from different perspectives we. are still more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for the separate the
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spin from the facts that's why on god's power the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. are you watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour north korea says the cancellation of a planned summit with the us president is against the wishes of the world's donald trump called off the meeting blaming tremendous anger and open hostility from the north but pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues. south korea's president says he's perplexed by trump's decision his foreign minister spoken to us
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states mike pompei or they agree to continue pursuing talks with pyongyang. poles of open an island on whether to appeal one of europe's strictest abortion laws an amendment to the constitution makes terminating a pregnancy illegal in all but the strictest circumstances and it's punishable the long prison sentence. a bomb has exploded in a restaurant in canada injuring fifteen people police say two men fled after detonating the device in the city of this is so good three of the injured are in a critical condition in hospital. so we transported fifteen from the city to local area was three of those patients went down to try some. type of injury that would be consistent with an explosion i don't have specific exact injuries that were sustained by the patients but that three of them were frequent. trips. down your leg has more from toronto. this was at a busy and popular
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a south asian indian restaurant called bombay bell in mississauga city adjacent to drop it which is to be with the significance of the aging population a city of around a billion people police say it was about ten thirty in the evening local time and two males entered the restaurant appearing to be dressed quite normally on the stink they but their faces were covered the photo they released isn't very distinctive in the descriptions are mostly of their clothing but they do say two males are being sought as for the injuries police and paramedics say they had to take people to local hospitals with three critically injured people taken to hospitals in toronto where the most acute medical facilities are what we don't have here is any word as to be the motive behind this there's absolutely no speculation by anyone at the moment at least for the authorities or otherwise and there's no word on whether there is a threat to public safety here we have seen it for weeks from the foreign affairs
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minister of india external affairs minister of india so. saying her government is monitoring the situation just in case their help is needed but right now that appears to be preliminary we're waiting for the police to release more information as their ongoing investigation to indonesia's parliament has approved stronger antiterrorism legislation funding recent suicide bomb attacks the change allows for military involvement and contact terrorism policing and extended detention periods more than twenty people were killed in attacks in indonesia second largest city and this month the suicide blasts are carried out by two families linked to isolate. lation police have seized nearly thirty million dollars from three apartments linked to the family of former prime minister najib razak anticorruption officers also found bags containing jewelry and watches police say no son and daughter were living in the apartments. question on allegations that billions of dollars were
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stolen from the state investment fund while he was prime minister he denies any wrongdoing to figure part of this more from kuala lumpur. police say they waited three premises allegedly linked to the former prime minister najib one most apparent lee occupied by his daughter the other by his son and the third was vacant now in this vacant apartment they say they found twenty nine million dollars in cash in twenty six different currencies they also say they found thirty seven bags of luggage containing jewelry and luxury watches these are currently being valued but police say the value may exceed the amount of cash they found they also found two hundred eighty four luxury handbags including brick and bags these are currently being authentic ated now these have all been seized over the past week in separate raids they also have brought in the former prime minister for questioning clued in america than seven hours session yesterday there have also been other revelations and these are proving hard for many malaysians to stomach as it's now
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coming out that the funds are money used to support this one empty fund and to be fund was government's money now for so long the previous government had maintained and so had the former c.e.o. of the fund they had always said that government money our money taxpayers' money wasn't being used to prop up this fund while it's now been found out that taxpayer money is being used to pay the interest that we go through some of the figures so far one billion dollars has been paid out by the central bank and now bear in mind this is money that had been earmarked for the development of malaysia going into. infrastructure and education they also revealed that by the end of this month another thirty five million dollars has to be paid out in interest rates and pretty much by the end of this year a quarter of a billion dollars will have to be paid out and interest many malaysians are understandably angry this had previously led to protests against the previous
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government and it is essentially this corruption scandal that unseated the former government and brought the new government in at least ninety five people are missing off to cycle in the new hit the yemeni island of psychiatrist state of emergency has been declared and evacuations are underway underway in nearby amman where the storm is expected to make landfall next one involves reports from the southern amman a city of. high waters ahead of the coming storm locals in the omani city of salada gather their belongings and scramble to evacuate buses and helicopters take the vulnerable out of the path of cyclonic emergency services are being deployed and people are being urged to seek safety the government warns that low lying areas are at risk from flooding until the early hours of friday morning the city of continuous to prepare for the cycle on scenes like this one for us those people are
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crowding in shopping malls stocking up on food supplies or who tells me the beach moving their guests to safer areas the yemeni island of sumatra offers a glimpse of what's to come cars and boats have been washed away by high waters hundreds more have been forced from their homes internationally recognized government has declared the island a disaster zone but the turmoil of the war in yemen raises questions as to how much help they can be matilda lodges are tracking the path of the storm predicting what will happen next because it is gaining strength and by saturday it will carry winds of one hundred ninety kilometers per hour or mine is used to seasonal rains but powerful cyclops are real in the siege and there have only been seventeen in more than one hundred years. and dizzier salalah southern one heavy flooding across sri lanka has killed at least thirteen people displaced more than forty thousand others
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the army and police have been deployed to rescue those trapped after days of heavy monsoon rains she lanka's disaster management agency has issued warnings for landslides. aid agencies are struggling to deal with the latest humanitarian crisis in south sudan fighting between government and opposition forces making it hard to reach millions of hungry people with the approach of the rainy season the situation is likely to get worse have morgan reports from my old county. for children to feed and a stigma to care for but there's no food and no medicine and there is little hope left in her home village of conduct when i go along we don't have enough food not even enough basic items to get by every day not enough clinics like mine if you passed away because of hunger and of yellow is one of about twenty thousand people in canada who have actually officially registered for help but is still waiting aid
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organizations say the food security situation in the area is catastrophic and hundreds of people are at risk of dying from starvation and this is just one community five years the civil war has left six point three million people more than half of south sudan so million population relying on relief supplies it's not only the people here in kandahar that are in need of aid for survival continues fighting between government and opposition forces have displaced thousands to the area that was already vulnerable as they seek safety as well as humanitarian aid yangon lawyer fled her home village with her children but arrived in conduct too late to register for aid. i collect a little food out of torn sacks of aid if not for that aid i won't be able to feed myself and my four children. delivery aid is not easy the country lacks proper roads and drops of food and other supplies can sometimes be the only way to reach those in need and the number of people desperately requiring help is expected to
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reach seven million soon with the rainy season approaching getting relief supplies to many areas comes with additional challenges right now my colleagues and my teams are struggling and battling to preposition one hundred forty thousand metric tons of food in various i think in fifty different warehouses around the country conflict obviously also and security issues is also obviously hindering our access so even if there are roads even if we have access to a river but if there's conflict we can't or we can't take the risk to go yet i'm says she's afraid she may lose her children or mother to hunger a fear shared by hundreds of others here as the fighting continues and the need for aid continues to rise people morgan al-jazeera and south sudan nicolas maduro has been sworn in for the second time as the president of venezuela the government controlled constituent assembly held
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a surprise seventy for him which the opposition denounced as unconstitutional largely boycotted sunday's elections saying it would be neither free nor fair to reports. he won't officially take control of the presidency and so january of next year and he'll stamp our until twenty twenty five but there's no doubt at least in the eyes of he and his supporters that nicolas maduro is still in control of venezuela he was sworn in at the constituent assembly a body set up and controlled by his government where he made a rare admission that things are not going well we must do things again he said you must do them better but the president according to the man himself is not the problem older adults should mean what it's a stupid simplification to think his problem is due to nicolas maduro but it's a problem of the entire country which has the right to live the dream and to explain the future in that also looked at by many venezuelans cannot imagine that
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future with inflation is predicted to reach thirteen thousand percent food and medicine shortages more than three million people fleeing the country and around them crime and corruption president the doodle agenda swayed and still have faith in the country's oil industry get a kick out of the children of petroleum i want to hear from the oil workers because we must increase production to one million barrels and who will do it madeira. do it i'm asking the oil workers will you not help increase oil production where are the oil workers the daughter won the elections with more than sixty seven percent of the vote however most opposition candidates were either in jail boycotted or not allowed to run they called the swearing in ceremony unconstitutional many foreign governments also criticized the elections in the round of followed then this way they are in the us it expelled diplomats from each other's capitals while several other countries in the region have recalled their ambassadors president the
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daughter repeated his accusations that foreign governments led by the united states undermining than assuage his economy he took office in two thousand and thirteen on the death of his predecessor chavez despite the critters. the pruett says and the misery the goose would do is still the president's have been assuaged leaving many wondering just how he's done it. so i'm going to see it up what osiris u.s. media say the disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein is expected to surrender to police in new york to face sexual assault charges well the one hundred women have accused him of sexual misconduct including rape he was fired from the weinstein company following the allegations which triggered the me to movement weinstein has denied all allegations of non consensual sex u.s. actress rose mcgowan was one of the first to speak out against weinstein accusing him of raping her she hopes the charges will heal her trauma and says she plans to attend court if he faces trial if i'm allowed to attend and hopefully that will
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actually heal a lot of the kind of trauma i get when her face i never hear his name i never have to read or hear that he says it was consensual and i get to sit there and i get a look at him and i get to be and i and so many other victims will get to look him squarely in the eye and just by being there represent the fact that we did not want this we did not ask for this we were just. people. in the us oscar winning actor morgan freeman has apologized after eight women accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct they say behaved inappropriately or working on film sets and promotional tours freeman says he was sorry to anyone he made feel uncomfortable or disrespected. u.s. president has posthumously pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion
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jack johnson he was jailed a century ago for his relationship with a white woman he was convicted nine hundred thirteen on charges of taking his wife girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes the law was used to prosecute men for interracial racial relationships even if they were consensual trump says johnson's full pardon corrected a historic wrong. these are the top stories north korea says the cancellation of a planned summit with the u.s. president is against the wishes of the world donald trump called off the meeting blaming tremendous anger and open hostility from the north but pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues south korea's president says he's perplexed by trump's decision his foreign minister has spoken to u.s. secretary of state mike pompei and they agreed to continue pursuing talks with
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young young. for vice foreign minister kim statement you see no change of the sincere will by the brotherhood countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks. police in canada are searching for a motive after a bomb explosion in an indian restaurant fifteen diners were injured three seriously in the city of mississauga near toronto detectives are studying security camera video of two men entering the restaurant with their faces covered polls open in ireland on whether or not to repeal some of the strictest abortion laws anywhere in europe terminating a pregnancy is illegal in all but the strictest circumstances and punishable with a long prison sentence the vote pitches social and catholic conservatives against supporters of a more liberal island. indonesia's parliament has approved stronger anti-terrorism
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legislation following recent suicide bomb attacks the change allows for military involvement in counter-terrorism policing and extend detention periods more than twenty people were killed in attacks in indonesia second largest cities through a buyer earlier this month the suicide blasts were carried out by two families linked to i so malaysian police have seized twenty eight million dollars from three apartments linked to the family of former promise anticorruption officers also found bags containing jewelry and luck she watches as she denies stealing billions of dollars from a state investment fund while prime minister. those are the headlines the stream is coming.
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in for you. imo they could be and here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today the growing migrant crisis in latin america has hundreds of thousands of venezuelans flee their country seeking economic and political stability what can the international community do. currently pearson a lawyer a writer and activist in your industry. the epicenter of the refugee crisis is along the venezuelan and colombian border where roughly thirty five thousand venezuelans cross every day in search of work or medicine it's believed that three thousand to five thousand people who make the daily so sure an end up staying in colombia or from there make their way to other countries so so how.


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