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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixes. the dutch and australian governments accuse russia of shooting down a passenger jet four years ago. in this is al jazeera live from the house a coming of anger and uncertainty after dark cancels these kind summit with north korea's leader. two suspects flee the scene after an explosion in a restaurant just outside toronto. and voting is underway in island on whether to repeal the world's strictest laws on abortion.
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european union along with nato are urging russia to accept responsibility for the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen over ukraine in twenty fourteen australia and the netherlands have said they're holding rational legally responsible want russia to compensate the victims' families on thursday international investigators concluded that the missile that shot down the jet came from a russian military unit or two hundred ninety eight people on board died most of them dutch malaysian and australian president vladimir putin said russia doesn't trust the investigation but the dutch and australian foreign ministers have both reacted strongly. from there. but today we request that russia should take its responsibility and fully cooperate in the justice for the victims of the mh seven hundred flight it needs to fully cooperate in the ongoing criminal justice investigation our conclusion that russia is responsible has not been taken lightly it is based on an in-depth investigation for
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a stranger in the netherlands have now informed the russian federation that we hold it responsible under international law for its role in the bringing down of seventeen astray and the netherlands have requested russia to enter into negotiations to open up a dialogue about its conduct and to seek reparations roy chalons has more from st petersburg. australia and the netherlands have taken this step because of findings released by the joint investigation team looking at the downing of m.h. seventeen those findings were released in a press conference yesterday and what the j.i.t. said was the missile system that shot down m.h. seventy had come from a specific brigade of the russian military the fifty third anti aircraft missile
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brigade and that the system of being moved from a base in the kursk in south western russia across the ukrainian border in the summer of two thousand and fourteen then was used to shoot down and wait seventeen and then was moved back into russia again the evidence presented was clearly enough for. the netherlands and australia to feel that they could hold russia legally accountable for this now they say that holding the country legally accountable in this way is a complex process what they want to centrally is for russia to enter into dialogue with them. the accept responsibility for there to be some kind of recompense for the families who lost people in the incident probably compensation they wants the international courts or an international body to perhaps hear the next stage take this forward now russia has always denied
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involvement in the downing of seventeen effectively for it to do so for it to acknowledge responsibility would be to acknowledge its role in the conflicts that's been taking place in amman in eastern ukraine something which it has always denied as well a clandestine war effectively in a neighboring country moscow vladimir putin has invested so much in its foreign policy decisions that it would be a sign of weakness for him to step back from. to acknowledge guilt in any way and so until the administration taint is in russia until by me putin perhaps is no longer in office i don't think we're going to get any admission of culpability from the russians we'll get more of what they've done so far which is deny deny and deny . north korea says the cancellation of a planned summit with the us president is against the wishes of the world's donald trump has called off the meeting claiming tremendous anger and open hostility from
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the north but pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues schipper times is more. than a few hours after releasing a letter counseling the plan summit with north korea president donald trump issued a warning spoken to south korea and japan and they are not only ready should fully sure reckless acts be taken by north korea but they are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden any of the costs associated by the united states in operations if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us however the president suggested the singapore summit could still happen it's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit. at. a later date doldrums letter to north korea was
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a curious mix of threats and polite regret sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting the letter said you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful i pray to god they will never have to be used but the president added i thought a wonderful dialogue was building up which mean you and me and ultimately it is only the dialogue that matters if you change your mind having to do with this most important summit please do not hesitate to call me or write us secretary of state also said the next move is for the north koreans to make chairman kim why that decision to make for himself as president said we welcome their call their outreach to head back down there did we consult with our allies about the decision before making a public i don't want at least advise them that it's was coming i don't want to get into who all we notify does the white house i think will speak to that in
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a statement the south korean government said it was attempting to make sense of what precisely president trump means the north koreans and it was spurred by repeated threats from administration officials that north korea could face the libyan model if no deal was reached that refers to the overthrow and killing of libyan leader moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven the fear now is a hardening of positions on both sides i'm a little bit concerned now that if the trump people give up on this completely that we might be headed back to where we were six months ago fire and fury and the rest of it right it's important that we keep talking to the north koreans and we not slide back to fire and fury still for the moment the president says he is ready for what he called constructive dialogue with north korea i really believe him when he wants to do what's right so hopefully the work she had written see al-jazeera washington rob mcbride is more regional reaction from the south korean capital. an intended gesture of peace in
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a process that may be going nowhere. the demolition of tunnels at north korea's underground nuclear testing site. it was meant to be a further step on the path to a historic summit but by the time these pictures were reaching the outside world it was already reeling from the shock of the summits cancellation. from north korea's foreign ministry a measured response calling the decision not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability adding that north korea remained willing to sit down with the u.s. side to solve problems at any time from south korea disappointment verging on the will demand from me and i ask for vice foreign minister kim statement we see no change of a sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to
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further extend this momentum for the talks as part of that effort south korea's foreign minister. spoke with her u.s. counterpart mike pompei or by phone she emphasized the need to build on the goodwill of the landmark into korean summit at panmunjom in april fearing months of painstaking diplomacy could now be waisted. south korean president meeting with north korean leader kim jong un had laid the groundwork for the summit well i think jane is entitled to feel fairly indignant about this whole business because he has been a leader in working with kim jong un to develop an understanding and a way forward. in place of improving ties could there be a return to the hard life dictated by the u.s. and demanded of its east asian allies. in order for north korea to change their
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policies it is necessary for japan and the u.s. and south korea to apply pressure including the united nations sanctions. with the united states call to stand firm against north korea south korea in hopes of mediating a historic breakthrough be shouted as the tunnels of. robert bright al-jazeera soul michael pembroke is the author of the book career where the american century began he says there was doubts the summit would take place i wrote last week that the statements by john bolton were extremely misconceived an unhelpful and what triggered the current crisis is that mike pence repeated the same sort of statements on monday on fox news he talked about the libya model he talked about the military option and this incensed cho east sun who is he who is the vice minister for foreign affairs responsible for relations between the us and the north
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korea that is the context there's been no statement by kim jong un himself i think president trump and those around him of over react to the normally the real issue is that the north koreans will never accept and have never accepted at have made quite clear that unilateral denuclearization is not part of the deal they are prepared i am quite certain to undertake complete and irreversible denuclearization but the quid pro quo must mean must be a peace treaty to end the state of war. at least forty nine people have drowned when their boat capsized in a river in democratic republic of congo it happened on wednesday in the northern province of. about fifty people survive boats are one of the main forms of transport in the country thirty is under way in ireland on whether to repeal some
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of the strictest abortion laws anywhere in europe prime minister earlier fired a car cast his vote in dublin he's backed the pro-choice campaign to change the law terminating a pregnancy in ireland is illegal in all but the strictest circumstances and punishable with a long prison sentence the verge pitches social and catholic conservatives against supporters of a more liberal island in the back or reports from dublin irish people have been given an important choice campaigners from both sides of the argument have been bringing the debate to the people islands voting on whether to repeal the eighth amendment of the country's constitution that all but by arms abortion the law says that the life of a mother of an unborn fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there is a serious risk to the brother's life not in cases of rape incest or serious are.
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those that break the law takes a box of a fourteen year prison sentence. she is a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had a condition called out of kathleen i'm at the top half of his head had never formed so there was nothing about his eyes no brain skull and if we knew then that our baby would not survive. and would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travelled to liverpool in the u.k. for an abortion just being alone in a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then having. given birth and then several hours later having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. the ring on my door about and that's the courier and he has the ashes of my baby. this is where the debate is gathering momentum on high streets up and down the country here in the capital dublin the yes camp i know
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camper out in force campaigning side by side but you can probably imagine there are some heated moments here the results of this referendum will say an awful lot about how far has changed and how the paint to carry on changing. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will be the. money a backing no for religious reasons the catholic church that once dominated irish society strongly opposes it from the moment of conception until natural death catholics believe that human life is sacred and therefore more of a of protection when it comes to the issue off the the on board we believe that worthy off special protection and law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing a different path helped by political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed allowing unlimited access to abortions
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during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the referendum is passed for many of this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. al jazeera doublet still ahead on al-jazeera the new legislation the european union has introduced to protect the privacy of its citizens. however we've had some lovely warm sunshine across japan recently some areas will see something of a change as we go on through the next twenty four to forty eight hours the cloud already spinning out of the yellow sea the east china sea and it is making its way towards houston some heavy downpours certainly a possibility here some make the most of that fine and dry weather increasing clout
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there it to honshu you know just a twenty five celsius for tokyo coming behind us fine and schreiber seeing a little more cloud just spilling into the korean peninsula as we go on through sunday by sunday much of japan brightening up once again some lovely warm sunshine twenty six to tell you twenty nine the four asako so we got that cloud around southern areas of japan and it links back to some very wet weather that we have into central areas of china big massive cloud of rain here with some localized flooding these are really going to be some very heavy downpours are going to see over the next twenty four hours or so it will sink a little further south would see night is wetter weather coming into the southwest and cold i think hong kong just about staying dry as we go on through the weekend early next week the west the weather will surely push in sunshine the showers meanwhile across a good part of southeast asia over seas and lovely showers into the philippines recently continue some very wet weather to come for a good part of thailand this weekend.
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let me take you through our top stories australia and the netherlands are holding
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russia legally responsible for the downing of a malaysia airlines flight over ukraine in twenty fourteen with the loss of two hundred eighty nine lives on thursday international investigators concluded that the missile that hit the aircraft came from a russian military unit. north korea says it remains open to resolving the issues despite donald trump's cancellation of a planned summit for what he called the tremendous anger and open hostility shown by kim jong un the north says his decision goes against the wishes of the world and is a stream regretable. south korea's president says he's perplexed by trump's decision it's foreign minister spoken to us to state mike pompei and they agreed to continue pursuing talks with pyongyang. irish people are being asked whether or not to relax some of the strictest abortion laws anywhere in europe the referendum pitches social and catholic conservatives against supporters of a more liberal island. the european union has introduced sweeping new legislation
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to protect the privacy of its citizens known as g.d.p. our general data protection regulation it requires all entities to protect the personal data of all e.u. residents that means any information that could be used to identify a person including photos posts on social networking sites and your e-mail address under the g.d.p. our people will get expanded rights to access the information collected on them for free they'll also now have the right to be forgotten which means companies must elite's all data. if anyone withdraws consent for it to be held long and complex terms and conditions must be replaced with a simple to understand consent request and if there is a data breach all users must be informed within seventy two hours many organizations say they aren't ready for the new rules some major u.s. web sites have already been blocked in europe paul brennan reports.
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european data holders have had two years to work out a game plan for g.d.p. but the protection law intended to create a level playing field for data use has hit smaller groups hard. this youth football club in berlin uses membership data to circulate newsletters and fixture lists the staff are all volunteers g.d.p. are is a major headache we have a home page and actually i love having photos at every team on the on the home page when you know we're not sure if we do it you're not going to be ready by friday i. not completely. it's awful. for europe's tech companies g.d.p. are is an incentive to innovate his nibs. cappuccino at this trade expo in paris there are voice activated devices the don't actually share any data at all the consumers will get to choose right and they'll know better so they'll choose
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for equal features they'll choose the one that protect the privacy rights get it wrong though and a twenty four million dollar fine is a genuine worry it is it is and it's particularly worrying because you cannot be sure that you have implemented the rules the right way at the moment the recent deluge of g.d.p. our emails shows the ongoing uncertainty some ask customers to explicitly opt in others put the onus on the customer to opt out and others simply mention updated previously settings. the facebook bridge and all it's a curse scandal may seem a world away from the g.d.p. our compliance requirements of a small sports club such as this but the fact is that even seemingly innocuous data when put together really starts to matter lobby groups and campaigners have broadly welcomed g.d.p. are as a reset button a wake up call they say for e.u. citizens to engage with some fundamental questions do i really want to continue
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giving this company my data and when need to do that is that it isn't necessary for much for me to make a conscious attempt or a conscious decision what data they share a recent survey of german companies revealed that just twenty five percent of them expected to be able to meet the g.d.p. our deadline e.u. data regulators are expected to be sympathetic for now but after extra time comes penalties paul brennan al-jazeera berlin leader calendars a legal officer with privacy international she says the new regulation puts transparency at the forefront for companies and organizations. what we've seen as more and more data has generated in our everyday life is that companies are amassing more data and they're using it in ways that people wouldn't expect their exploiting their data and what t.p.r. is doing is placing limits on this and. with these e-mails you can already
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see that the law is having an impact that companies even if they're scrambling at the last minute to do something about it are realizing that actually they need to look at closely at what they do with people's data and and really that out and not just out of dating their privacy policies because they feel like it because they're actually obliged to be more transparent about what they do with people's data and to provide more information but it's also about having this kind of justification for what what they're doing with your data and and that that is one of the reasons we're seeing this but it is also and this kind of scramble at the last minute but. today will as the law takes effect is very much just the beginning for the some kind of dos searching for a motive off to a bomb explosion in an indian restaurant fifteen dinah's were injured three seriously in the city of this is so the near toronto detectives are studying
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security camera video of two men entering the restaurant with their faces covered so we transported six to. see. this mystery is what they. said. they would be consistent with an explosion i don't specifically. system but. and to corruption police in malaysia of seize twenty eight million dollars from three apartments linked to the family of former prime minister najib razak bags containing jewelry a luxury watches were found in the homes of his son and daughter denies stealing billions of dollars from the state investment fund while prime minister devika pollen has more from kuala lumpur. police say they waited three premises allegedly linked to the former prime minister najib one most apparent lee occupied by his daughter the other by his son and the third was vacant now in this vacant apartment
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they say they found twenty nine million dollars in cash in twenty six different currencies they also say they found thirty seven bags of luggage containing jewelry and luxury watches these are currently being valued but police say the value may exceed the amount of cash they found they also found two hundred eighty four luxury handbags including brick and bags these are currently being authentic ated now these have all been seized over the past week and in separate raids they also have brought in the former prime minister for questioning clued in america than seven hours session yesterday there have also been other revelations and these are proving hard for many malaysians to stomach as it's now coming out that the funds are money used to support this one empty fund and to be fund was government's money now for so long the previous government had maintained and so had the former c.e.o. of the fund they had always said that government money our money taxpayers' money
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wasn't being used to prop up this fund while it's now been found out that taxpayer money is being used to pay the interest that we go through some of the figures so far one billion dollars has been paid out by the central bank and now bear in mind this is money that had been earmarked for the development of malaysia going into infrastructure and education they also revealed that by the end of this month another thirty five. a million dollars has to be paid out in interest rates and pretty much by the end of this year a quarter of a billion dollars will have to be paid out and interest many malaysians are understandably angry this had previously led to protests against the previous government and it is essentially this corruption scandal that unseated the former government and brought the new government in indonesia's parliament has approved stronger anti terrorism legislation following recent suicide bomb attacks the change allows for military involvement in counter-terrorism policing and extended
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detention periods when twenty people were killed in attacks in indonesia second largest city earlier this month the suicide blast occurred but two families linked to eisele. nicolas maduro has promised to do better as the president of venezuela was sworn in for the second time he says he's not to blame for the millions of venezuelans who don't have enough food to eat the opposition boycotted sunday's election and many south american neighbors denounced it as a sham. i reports from what i said yes. he won't officially take control of the presidency and so january of next year he'll stamp our until twenty twenty five but there's no doubt at least in the eyes of he and his supporters that the dawdle is still in control of venezuela he was sworn in at the constituent assembly a body set up and controlled by his government he made a rare admission that things are not going well we must do things again he said we
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must do them better but the president according to the man himself is not the problem older adults should mean what it's a stupid simplification to think this problem is due to nicolas maduro it's a problem of the entire country which has the right to live the dream and to a splendid future. looked at by many venezuelans cannot imagine that future with inflation is predicted to reach thirteen thousand percent food and medicine shortages more than three million people fleeing the country around crime and corruption president the doodle agenda swayed and still have faith in the country's oil industry get a channel across europe italy and i want to hear from the oil workers because we must increase production to one million barrels and who will do it. wilmer duro do it i'm asking the oil workers will you not help increase oil production where are the oil workers the daughter won the elections with more than sixty seven percent of the vote however most opposition candidates were either in jail or courted or
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not allowed to run they called the swearing in ceremony unconstitutional many foreign governments also criticized the elections in the round of followed then this way they are in the us it expelled diplomats from each other. pittel well several other countries in the region have recall their ambassadors president would order repeated his accusations that foreign governments led by the united states were undermining venice waiters economy he took office in two thousand and thirteen on the death of his predecessor. despite the criticism the protests and the misery nicolas maduro is still the president of venezuela leading many wondering just how he's done it that you find out to see it or one of cyrus and you can find out a whole lot more by logging on to our web site for all the stories that we've been talking about and the editorial comments from our correspondents and complete is that up to twenty four hours a day until. the
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top stories on al-jazeera astray and the netherlands are holding russia legally responsible for the downing of a malaysia airlines flight over ukraine in twenty fourteen and they want russia to compensate the victims' families on thursday international investigators concluded that the missile that shot down the jet came from a russian military unit all chandra ninety eight people onboard died most of them dutch malaysian and australian prison velimir putin has said russia doesn't trust the investigation from there. but today we request that russia should take its responsibility and fully cooperate in the justice for the victims of the mh seven hundred flight he needs to fully cooperate in the ongoing criminal justice investigation our conclusion that russia is responsible has not been taken lightly and it's based on an in-depth investigation. disgraced hollywood producer view
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weinstein has surrendered himself to police in new york on sexual assault charges more than one hundred women have accused him of sexual misconduct including rape he was fired from the weinstein company in october following the allegations which triggered the me to movement weinstein has denied all allegations of non consensual sex. north korea says it remains open to resolving issues despite donald trump's cancellation of a planned summit for what he called the tremendous anger and open hostility shown by kim jong un the north says his decision goes against the wishes of the world and is extremely regrettable. south korea's president says he's perplexed by trump's decision is foreign minister spoken to us or to state my pump air negri to continue pursuing talks with pyongyang. these forty nine people have drowned after the boat capsized in a river in democratic republic of congo it has been
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a wednesday in the northern province of child about fifty people survived but it's one of the main forms of transport that irish people have been asked whether or not to relax some of the strictest abortion laws anywhere in europe the referendum pitches social and catholic conservatives against pro-choice supporters of a more liberal island police in canada are searching for motive after a bomb explosion in an indian restaurant fifteen diners were injured three seriously in the city of mississauga yet wanted to take as a starting security camera video of two men entering the restaurant with their faces covered. those are the headlines in the news continues but now its inside story.
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takes control of a region that some describe as. a federally administered tribal areas of. plenty of armed groups including the so now better place to act and react as long as. this story. welcome to the program purana the overwhelming yes vote in pakistan's national assembly merging with the province but eventually ended semi autonomous status feels the move will help and what it calls its fight against terror.


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