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trump and the ethics of foreign names on. the see what happens when talking to them now. says his june summit with north korea's leader dick could be back home just a day off to counseling it. and i mean this is out zero life from london also coming up in constant challenge with great disgrace to hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is released on a one million dollars bail bond. the netherlands and australia are called on russia for compensation and legal accountability for shooting down a malaysian airlines flight crew. and coming home to fight it's a high turnout finds a referendum on whether to relax it's
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a bushmills. so than donald trump has dying told the possibility of his summits with north korea's leader going ahead after all a day off that he sent a letter to pyongyang canceling it the u.s. president welcomed a conciliatory statement from north korea saying it remained open to talks he says the summit could still go ahead on june twelfth as planned. to see what happens we're talking to them now. there was a very nice statement that put out now we'll see what happens to be the well we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens for now it looks like the summit is often south korea's president described trumps consolation is shocking and regrettable mean joy in has played a significant role in bringing washington in pyongyang close together from the bride and the reaction from seoul. an intended gesture of
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peace in a process that may be going nowhere. the demolition of tunnels at north korea's underground nuclear testing site. it was meant to be a further step on the path to a historic summit but by the time these pictures were reaching the outside world it was already reeling from the shock of the summit's cancellation. from north korea's foreign ministry a measured response calling the decision not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability adding that north korea remained willing to sit down with the u.s. side to solve problems at any time from south korea disappointment verging on the will demand. ask for vice foreign minister kim statement we see no change of a sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to
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further extend this momentum for the talks as part of that effort south korea's foreign minister spoke with her u.s. counterpart mike pompei or by phone she emphasized the need to build on the goodwill of the landmark into korean summit at panmunjom in april fearing months of painstaking diplomacy could now be wasted. south korean president meeting with north korean leader kim jong un had laid the groundwork for the summit well i think jane is entitled to feel fairly indignant about this whole business because he has been a leader in working with kim jong un to develop an understanding and a way forward. in place of improving ties could there be a return to the hard line dictated by the us and demanded of its east asian allies
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. in order for north korea to change their policies it is necessary for japan and the us and south korea to apply pressure including the united nations sanctions. with the united states call to stand firm against north korea south korea in hopes of mediating a historic breakthrough may now be shouted as the tunnels of calgary robert bright al-jazeera soul when i speak to a white house correspondent can be how could his life from washington and june the twelfth still realistic for the summit. it doesn't appear so at least according to top white house officials what we do know is that there is close coordination going on between the national security adviser the secretary of state and also the president as they continue to discuss but at the same time in a background briefing call from a top white house official late thursday evening he said the reality of a june twelfth summit at this point is next to impossible given the fact that there
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had been a team that was planning to go this weekend that is not happening also saying that when the team was there in singapore waiting to meet with the north koreans to lay down some of the ground work that they simply didn't show and then there was radio silence in the words of this white house official when they tried to follow up with telephone calls so what the white house is saying now and trying to spin this essentially saying is look at don't fixate on that date it's not about the date of the meeting even though the president himself is still talking about that date what the goal is is denuclearize ation and when it comes to this white house when it comes to many around the world there still is a desire to see that conversation about denuclearize sation happen even though the expectation gap between the north korean side and the united states side may still be very far apart so in the meantime have supposed to be making political compass a lot of loose. they certainly have the top democrat in the house of
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representatives nancy pelosi certainly underscoring the fact that she believes that kim jong un that has won in all of this that he has raised his providence on the global stage something that many have said that he has wanted for a very long time and there have been others that are mocking the calling the president's attempts at some sort of conversation with the north korean leader as being somewhat amateurish in ny of a tail if you will not understanding the delicate sort of process of diplomacy is very different from the business and art of the deal and so in an election year that's not surprising the president taking swipes on twitter at his opponents but at the same time feeling optimistic moving forward or a kennedy thanks very much to complete. police have charged hollywood producer harvey weinstein with rape and other sex
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crimes against two women the disgraced film boss handed himself in a day on friday more than one hundred women have accused him of sexual misconduct including rape and one son has denied old allegations of non consensual sex and has been released on a one million dollars bail bond and speech all across one ship were tons following the story from washington the ship tell us what happens next. well weinstein will next appear in court on july thirtieth but what is particularly interesting is the grand jury investigation that's underway in new york is still continuing for trial it has now been filed on behalf of two women we understand at least four women have testified to that grand jury and prosecutors are encouraging other women to come forward in addition to the case in new york there's a federal investigation that has been opened we understand partly because federal investigators are worried that new york is moving so slowly and their investigations underway understand in london and in california so more charges
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against weinstein could be forthcoming and i'll be getting a sense weinstein slightly different i think we are benjamin brafman weinstein's lawyer was was very outspoken as you might expect outside the court has obviously a defense lawyer will go after the credibility of those bringing about the charges brafman is argument was bad behavior isn't necessarily criminal behavior yes all the weinstein may have been that is the implication may have been abusing his power as a hollywood studio mogul but he didn't invent the hollywood costing couch model that is that this was a consensual acts of sex because the women wanted to further their career everyone knew what they were getting involved in that appeared to be the sort of argument that brafman was making he also made another interesting observation that he wasn't sure where they were he could get a fair a fair trial a jury that wasn't tainted by the movement the movement being the meat to movement of the sprung up internationally and fighting against the abuse of power of powerful man against men and women for that matter so the suggestion is that
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there's a lynch mob mentality right now weinstein is the symbol of this now and he's being unfairly targeted at these seem to be the two planks of the defense that we had from brafman this morning she had thanks very much as she returns reporting from washington. the russian president has dismissed accusations that moscow was behind the shooting down of a malaysian airlines flight over ukraine four years ago on friday australia and the netherlands announced they were holding russia legally responsible for downing the plane this follows reports by an international team which from the russian army's fifty third anti aircraft were great had provided the missile system used to shoot down the jet or a challenge reports now from st petersburg. australia and the netherlands responded to information presented by the joint investigation teams j.i.t. on thursday with swift state level action the team said that russia's army moved to tell our missile system into eastern ukraine as war zone in the summer of two
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thousand and fourteen whilst it was allegedly used to shoot down the malaysian airlines passenger plane flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur all two hundred ninety eight people on board died many of them were australian and dutch astray and the netherlands have now informed the russian federation that we hold it responsible under international law its role in the bringing down of m.h. seventeen astray and the netherlands have requested russia to enter into negotiations to open up a dialogue about its conduct and to seek reparations the dutch government says this is a complex legal process a possible next step is to present the case to an international court but russia has spent four years presenting counter narratives and that pattern continues at this in petersburg international economic forum the mere putin was asked if russia
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held any culpability are you saying this was not a russian missile this was not a russian army miss and you know of course not. and he questions the impartiality of the joint investigation team. there are several versions including the one suggesting it was a ukrainian army missile or a plane or so on i repeat there's nothing which would make us trust the final conclusions and we will not be without awful involvement in the investigation belling katz and open source investigation team has been looking into flight m h seventeen for years and many of their findings have been subsequently backed up by the j.i.t. in the dutch city of the hague on friday belling katz identified a russian military intelligence officer ivana cough as a key suspect the seconds russian military figure they've implicated in the
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incidents this person is was the highest military ranking officer at the time in the so-called lugansk people's republic he represented the military intelligence of russia at the time and he was in direct command and control of the mercenary slash volunteer operations military units and militants in eastern ukraine in the lookout scariness that of eastern ukraine so we believe we have identified somebody who was who was very high in the chain of command and who ultimately if is link is to the actual downing of seventeen is displayed and proven further by the joint best occasion team will be one of the critical suspects but none of the mounting international accusations are likely to shift russia's position much in the near future the country's political culture sees contrition or acknowledgement of guilt as
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a sign of weakness and bloody may putin has too much invested in his global strongman image to back down now rory talons al-jazeera some petersburg. still to come here and al jazeera renewed fighting along the disputed border between india and pakistan forces thousands of families from. and how europe's new day to precede laws could affect even the smallest entities. we got some rather nasty weather affecting a good part of the middle east over the next day or two at the moment the course northern parts will see some showers spilling out of turkey towards georgia armenia azerbaijan the far south of russia come down to get a sense of the med here is fine and dry the heat is on for baghdad temperatures
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here at forty degrees celsius well i just see want to see showers that afghanistan and sas day easing away as we go on into sunday let's look a little further south where the real weather action it's very much in evidence we'll see how tropical cycle in making its way towards amman then over the coming hours here we go you can see the system here as it made its way across culture we saw some very nasty flooding i fear the flooding will be much worse for salada and that fosse outhwaite and quarter of a monster here we go is swirling away here quite a big system on the outer bands of the storm quite a tightly packed storm there that is the location just to the south else a lot of it will push its way further north which in the coming hours pretty much going through a lot of strongest winds on the eastern flank says a lot of really will take a battering some of these winds could well approach two hundred kilometers per hour so damaging winds and the flooding rains there set to continue through saturday and sunday.
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a new series of rewind it can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries live and i was the top of the plus and no like and the other student rewind continues with josef's journey this is. the struggle continues book. from did. huge distance rewind on al-jazeera. and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and u.s.
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president all trump says it's possible a plan summit with north korea could still go ahead despite council in june twelfth meeting and says that citing anger and hostility from pyongyang. new york police have charged hollywood producer harvey weinstein me with rape and other sex crimes against two women one scene has denied all allegations of known consensual sex. australia in the netherlands say the hippie holding a rush at legally responsible for its role in shooting down malaysian airlines flight m h seventy over he sneaks in four years ago. now island is voting on whether to relax some of the strictest abortion laws in europe the referendum asked whether voters want to repeal an article in the constitution known as the eighth amendment the current law gives unborn fetuses the same right to life as the mother effectively banning them from terminating the pregnancy arash legislation only allows abortions when the woman's life is at risk otherwise they could be jailed for up to fourteen years if o.j.
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is choose to repeal the amendment the irish government has vowed to introduce legislation allowing abortion within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy ireland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in europe only matched by poland which allows terminations in some cases a mall to where it is completely banned let's join across one of neve baraka who's in the hours capital of dublin eve tell us how big is the turnout this. looks like at this early stage the voter turnout is very high indeed there are three point two million eligible voters here in ireland we know that one hundred thousand new voters signed up to vote ahead of this referendum and at this stage the turnout is higher than in previous key votes including the two thousand and fifteen same sex marriage reference. irish people have been given an important choice in a highly contentious referendum ahead of the vote come painters from both sides of
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the argument took the debate to the people islands voting on whether to repeal the eight the badman to the country's constitution that all but bombs abortion the law says that the life of a mother and of born fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there is a serious risk to the barber's life not in cases of rape incest or serious optimality those that break the law or face a box of a fourteen year prison sentence. is a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had a condition. had never formed so there's nothing about his brain. that. would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travel to liverpool in the u.k.
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for an abortion just being alone in a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then. giving birth and then. having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. it's the courier and he has the ashes. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will be the. conservative against those that won't. change many of. the catholic church dominated irish society is strongly opposed to abortion. of conception until catholics believe. and therefore the of protection when it comes to the issue off the we believe of special protection in law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing different helped by
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political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed limited access to abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the referendum is passed for many in this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. to israel where the supreme court has rejected a challenge by human rights groups to prevent soldiers from firing on protesters in gaza palestinians have gathered along the guns and israeli border again on friday to protest against the israeli blockade but this time soldiers fired tear gas in response with reports now from the border in the last hour or so bus loads of people came up to the border from boston by the various groups here in gaza hamas
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islamic jihad and other groups and several thousand of the really went down to the border there just disappearing in the last sort of twenty minutes also because we're very close to sunset in the breaking of the fast so they've gone away. but it was part of a tactic that we've been led to believe was what the protest organizers were going to deploy which is effectively trying to keep the israeli military on its toes and never let them keep their guard down effectively the israeli military just behind me of course on the other side of the fence there in israel and so what they did was they turned out they turn if they stood there and there have been people injured by live fire not just from this site but at least twenty people injured by live fire on by tear gas at all the sites up and down. today but most of those really in the last sort of hour or so when these quick flash protest appeared and then everybody disappeared again but as i say a tactic that we were told in the week a deliberate tactic to they were going to try and make sure that the israeli
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military were on its toes and yes the protests were not going to be as big as they were a couple of weeks ago people were not going to try and breach the fence and they haven't tried to breach the fence as far as we know today but there have been up there and they have been making their presence felt in the israelis were firing tear gas a bit earlier on as well to disperse people. that's collation in violence on the border of indian administered kashmir has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes this comes as a ceasefire between india and pakistan india and pakistan backed troops over the holy month of ramadan for the part that's actually going to this report. people in this farming community have found themselves caught in the middle of another cycle of violence in indian administered kashmir their village in the john region is less than three hundred metres from the pakistan border dozens of families lost everything when their homes were hit by mortars. and face even sloss
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this is the bus holy month of ramadan and we can't even eat properly when we break our fast out of fear some of our livestock were injured and we ran out of food for the buffalo. it has not been a peaceful start to ramadan since the ceasefire in this volatile disputed region crumbled more than a week ago. in the wee hours we were eating before fasting and heavy firing began we ran with our livestock for our lives we are in constant fear. several people have been killed on both sides of the border more than eighty thousand have been driven out of their homes and are seeking refuge in these temporary shelters. oh my god we have small children their education is hugely affected because schools have been closed for so many days india should react to pakistani aggression and once and for all. as has become the custom in the seventy one year old dispute both
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the indian and pakistani governments retreated to their usual positions blaming each other saying the other has violated the cease fire hundreds of times this year killing civilians and soldiers in india fear has intensified that rebels trained and armed by pakistan are extending their reach pakistan says the only thing it's arming people with is moral support in opposing indian rule no one can say what instigated the fighting this time those who lost loved ones and homes and the displaced may not care they just want the violence to end natasha going to name just zero. corruption police in malaysia have seized twenty eight million dollars from three apartments linked to former prime minister najib razak the money was found in twenty six different currencies bags containing jewellery and luxury watches were also taken from the homes of his son and his daughter denies stealing
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billions of dollars from estate investment fund while prime minister david pollan has more now from quote of the. police say they waited three premises allegedly linked to the former prime minister najib one was apparently occupied by his daughter the other by his son and the third was vacant now in this vacant apartment they say they found twenty nine million dollars in cash in twenty six different currencies they also say they found thirty seven bags of luggage containing jewelry and luxury watches these are currently being valued but police say the value may exceed the amount of cash they found they also found two hundred eighty four luxury handbags including brick and bags these are currently being authentic ated now these have all been seized over the past week and in separate raids they also have brought in the former prime minister for questioning clued in america than seven hours session yesterday there have also been other revelations and these are
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proving hard for many malaysians to stomach as it's now of coming out that the funds are money used to support this one empty fund and d.b. fund was government's money for so long the previous government had maintained and so had the former c.e.o. of the fund they had always said that government money our money taxpayers' money wasn't being used to prop up this fund while it's now been found out that taxpayer money is being used to pay the interest that we go through some of the figures so far one billion dollars has been paid out by the central bank and now bear in mind this is money that had been earmarked for the development of malaysia going into infrastructure and education they also revealed that by the end of this month another thirty five million dollars has to be paid out interest rates and pretty much by the end of this year a quarter of a billion dollars will have to be paid out and interest many malaysians are understandably angry this had previously led to protests against the previous
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governments and it is essentially this corruption scandal that unseated the former government and brought the new government in. the european union has introduced a new legislation to protect the privacy of its citizens known as the g.d.p. of general data protection regulation it requires organizations to protect the personal data of all residents or face fines for smaller organizations the change is problematic as paul brennan reports from berlin. european data holders have had two years to work out a game plan for g.d.p. but the protection law intended to create a level playing field for data use has hit smaller groups hard this youth football club in berlin uses membership data to circulate newsletters and fixture lists the staff are all volunteers g.d.p. are is a major headache we have a home page and actually i love having photos of every team on the on the home page
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but you know we're not sure if we can do it you're not going to be ready by friday i. not completely. it's awful for europe's tech companies g.d.p. are is an incentive to innovate his nibs. cappuccino at this trade expo in paris there are voice activated devices that don't actually share any data at all the consumers will get to choose right and they'll know better so they'll choose for equal features they'll choose the one the protect the privacy rights get it wrong though and a twenty four million dollar fine is a genuine worry it is it is and it's particularly worrying because you cannot be sure that you have implemented the rules the right way at the moment the recent deluge of g.d.p. our emails shows the ongoing uncertainty some ask customers to explicitly opt in
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others put the onus on the customer to opt out and others simply mention updated privacy settings. the facebook bridge and it's a scandal may seem a world away from the compliance requirements of a small sports club such as this but the fact is that even seemingly innocuous data when put together really starts to matter lobby groups and campaign it's have broadly welcomed g.d.p. are as a reset button a wake up call they say for e.u. citizens to engage with some fundamental questions do i really want to continue giving this company my data and when need to do that is that it isn't necessary for much for me to make a conscious attempt or a conscious decision what data they share a recent survey of german companies revealed that just twenty five percent of them expected to be able to meet the g.d.p. our deadline e.u. data regulators are expected to be sympathetic for now but after extra time comes
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penalties paul brennan al-jazeera berlin probably more on the web right there al jazeera dot com is the address lots of comment in that this is to. elicit a recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera and donald trump says it is possible that a planned summit with north korea could still go on thursday trump canceled the june twelfth meeting in singapore with kim jong un citing anger and hostility from the north the state department said pyongyang had failed to reply to u.s. requests to help. young responded by saying it remains willing to sit down for talks to resolve the nuclear issue and chart now says the door is still open. well then see what happens we're talking to them now. there was a very nice statement that put out we'll see what happens. now we'll see
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what happens but it would be that while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do we're going to see what happens the screws hollywood film producer harvey weinstein has appeared in court in new york on sexual abuse charges the sixty six year old was released on a million dollar bail bond he faces rape criminal sex act and abuse charges stemming from encounters with two women is lawyer says he'll plead not guilty a number of hollywood stars came forward with accusations against weinstein last year sparking the me to movement which encourages women to speak up about abuse australia in the netherlands are holding russia legally responsible for the downing of malaysian airlines flight m h seventeen of ukraine in two thousand and fourteen on thursday international investigators said the missile used to shoot it down came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board died russia has consistently denied any involvement. island is holding
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a referendum on whether to relax some of the strictest abortion laws in europe voters are being asked if they want to repeal a law that effectively bans women from terminating their pregnancies and the government says it would then introduce laws allowing abortion in some cases results are expected on saturday canadian police are searching for two men in connection with the bombing of an indian restaurant west of toronto fifteen people were injured three seriously two suspects with covered faces drop the explosive device and fled the scene police say the attack does not appear to be a hate crime or to be terror related. all right you have to take all the headlines stay with us inside story is coming right up by fire.
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what now for north korea donald trump canceled my choice of talks with kim jong un . a change of mind sometime in the future so what happens to nuclear weapons now that's inside story. welcome to the program on this of a prawn i'm shocking perplexing and unexpected just some of the reactions to donald trump canceling his highly anticipated summit with kemp own and singapore next month the north said trump's decision was extremely regrettable a sentiment echoed worldwide as a missed opportunity for peace the u.s. president called it a sad moment of his.


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