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pushing up the price of oil. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. well i mean this is a news live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes we'll see what it. looks up to that. donald trump breathes new life into the idea of a june summit with north korea just a day off to counseling at. this great film producer harvey weinstein leaves a new york police station hanka says he's charged with rape and sexual assault. the netherlands and australia call on russia to be held legally accountable for shooting down and lazy an airline flight in ukraine and they want compensation.
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and i'm peter salmon and with all your sports including the use of rockets just one win away from making the n.b.a. finals with a little help from one last call. so donald trump has the possibility of a summit with north korea going ahead a day off three sent a letter to pyongyang canceling it u.s. president's decision to cancel the meeting was met with dismay in seoul whose president has only just been at the white house trying to salvage the meeting well now trump says the summit could be back on even on june the twelfth as planned. let me see what happens we're talking to them now. there was a very nice statement that put out now we'll see what happens it could even be that while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens we're going to see what happens white house correspondent kimberly how could his life from washington to assess this very nice
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statement from north korea said president trump and where are we at now. right well the latest is a statement where the spokesperson for the u.s. secretary of state heather nauert speaking at the naval academy where the president was also speaking saying that really trying to downplay that there's been any sort of hick up in the cancellation of the summit she's told reporters that this was a no surprise that they expected these types of twists and turns in the consultation moving forward to try and get some sort of a conversation between the north korean leader the u.s. president is still underway she says donald trump is consulting with his secretary of state mike pompei o. and also national security advisor john bolton interestingly however bolton is certainly one of the polarizing figures in all of this that seem to spark some of
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the sort of the domino effect that resulted in the cancellation of the some of the fact that he brought up the libya model for denuclearization which is obviously did not end well for moammar gadhafi and is certainly something that the north korean leader is concerned about as well in terms of his own future and safety but the bottom line is that the spokesperson for the state department says that the feeling of the trumpet ministration is that for now the meeting needed to be canceled because of her words the united states was not getting what she called the right signals from north korea but that doesn't mean that the meeting is off the president talking about june the twelfth but i can tell you white house officials telling us that in fact the probability of a june twelfth summit is very unlikely but it could be held at a later date just given the fact that the groundwork in terms of logistics there just isn't enough time to meet that june twelfth deadline even if the president is still talking about that date meanwhile there are all those who make about the
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constellation. all right this is election year so expect that we're going to hear a lot of that democrats have seized on this to criticize the president given the fact that pivotal congressional elections to control congress potentially tipping it from republican to democrat in november are very very much something that democrats are focused on so they have called the president's efforts up to this point amateurish they have said that the art of diplomacy is quite different from the art of the deal bringing up the title of donald trump's book that is well known the art of the deal sensually saying that the president really didn't know what he was getting himself into but at the same time saying that there is reason for optimism because pernelle perhaps the things can be done in a more measured way there is still the hope overall on capitol hill that that there will be some discussions about denuclearization because the alternative many
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democratic critics are saying would be that the war hawks inside the white house would win and that is something even more troubling for most of the president's critics or kimberly thanks very much they can help reporting them so for now it looks like june the twelfth summer could be off and south korea's president described trump's consolation as shockey regrettable and played a significant role in bringing washington in pyongyang close as you go the bride has the reaction now from seoul. an intended gesture of peace in a process that may be going nowhere. the demolition of tunnels at north korea's underground nuclear testing site. it was meant to be a further step on the path to a historic summit but by the time these pictures were reaching the outside world it was already reeling from the shock of the summit's cancellation. from north korea's
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foreign ministry a measured response calling the decision not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability adding that north korea remained willing to sit down with the u.s. side to solve problems at any time from south korea disappointment verging on the will dement. asked for vice foreign minister kim statement we see no change of a sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks as part of that effort south korea's foreign minister spoke with her u.s. counterpart mike pompei or by phone she emphasized the need to build on the goodwill of the landmark into korean summit at panmunjom in april fearing months of painstaking diplomacy could now be waisted. south korean president meeting with
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north korean leader kim jong un had laid the groundwork for the summit well i think jane is entitled to feel fairly indignant about this whole business because he has been a leader in working with kim jong un to develop an understanding and a way forward. in place of improving ties could there be a return to the hard line dictated by the u.s. and demanded of its east asian allies. in order for north korea to change their policies it is necessary for japan and the u.s. and south korea to apply pressure including the united nations sanctions. with the united states' call to stand firm against north korea south korea in hopes of mediating a historic breakthrough may now be as shattered as the tunnels of calgary robert bright al-jazeera seoul new york police have charged the hollywood producer harvey
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weinstein with rape sex abuse and other crimes against two women a more than one hundred women have accused him of sexual misconduct including rape particularly in reports now from washington d.c. . feared no more harvey weinstein a once powerful producer will be prosecuted for rape and other sex offenses in iraq and or the word harm to my ipad for the future or hope that he will fall here. handcuffed the police made no attempt to shield him from the aggressive press dozens of women went public with similar stories on weinstein coercing them for sex targeting those who refused paying to have former spies harassed the ones who complained his alleged serial depravity hidden by the powerful sponsor me to movement which his lawyer seemed to mock outside of court the charges will not be believed by twelve people assuming we get twelve fair
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people who are not consumed by the movement that seems to have overtaken this case his lawyer says he will attack the credibility of his accusers there could be a lot of them prosecutors say there could be many more charges in the days to come weinstein stayed silent but still sent a message bringing to court a book about a once discredited hollywood director whose work is still acclaimed what happens in this new york courtroom will help determine if history will remember weinstein as a producer or a predator whose crimes created a new feminist movement that sent the message to the world me too but time's up political hane al-jazeera washington. now initial reports on a violent show that voted voted to turn out in the referendum on abortion is higher than the last election and the two thousand and twelve two thousand and fifteen referendum that bites gay marriage being asked whether they want to repeal or it's going in the constitution known as the eighth amendment the vague pitches in
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catholic conservatives against supporters of a more liberal i am and the reports now from the arse capital of dublin. irish people have been given an important choice in a highly contentious referendum ahead of the vote campaigners from both sides of the argument took the debate to the people islands voting on whether to repeal the eighth amendment of the country's constitution that all but bans abortion the law says that the life of a mother and unborn fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there is a serious risk to the mother's life not in cases of rape incest or serious optimality those that break the law or face a maximum fourteen year prison sentence. is a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had
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a condition. that. had never formed so there was nothing about his brain. and it. would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travelled to liverpool in the u.k. for an abortion just being alone in a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then. giving birth and then. having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. it's the courier and he has the ashes of my baby. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will be the. conservative against those that want. change many of. the catholic church
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dominated irish society is strongly opposed to abortion. of conception until catholics believe. and therefore of protection when it comes to the issue off the believe of special protection in law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing a different help by political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed limited access to abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the referendum is passed for many in this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. all right probably more still to come here on the news hour including we explained what was different about this friday's protest by palestinians along the dancing israeli border. that we explore how europe's new
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data procedurals could affect everyone from volunteers from sports clubs to small businesses. and why a former tennis player known as nasty is courting so much attention again it's may transport. the russian president has dismissed accusations that moscow was behind the shooting down with malaysian airline flights of ukraine four years ago on friday a stranger in the netherlands announced they were holding russia legally responsible for downing the plane it follows a report by an international team which from the russian army's fifty third anti aircraft brigade had provided the missile system used to shoot down the jet were a challenge as this report now from st petersburg to. the netherlands responded to information presented by the joint investigation teams j.i.t. on thursday with swift state level action the team said that russia's army moved to
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tell a missile system into eastern ukraine as war zone in the summer of two thousand and fourteen whilst it was allegedly used to shoot down the malaysian airlines passenger plane flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur all two hundred ninety eight people on board died many of them were australian and dutch astray and the netherlands have now informed the russian federation that we hold it responsible under international law for its role in the bringing down of seventeen astray and the netherlands have requested russia to enter into negotiations to open up a dialogue about its conduct and to seek redress. yes. the dutch government says this is a complex legal process a possible next step is to present the case to an international court but russia
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has spent four years presenting counter narratives and that pattern continues at this impeaches burg international economic forum for the mayor putin was asked if russia held any culpability are you saying this was not a russian missile. this was not a russian army missing you're going to know of course not and he questions the impartiality of the joint investigation team news ticker yes there are several versions including the one suggesting it was a ukrainian army missile or a plane or so on i repeat there's nothing which would make us trust the final conclusions and we will not be without awful involvement in the investigation. belling cats and open source investigation team has been looking into flight m.h. seventeen for years and many of their findings have been subsequently backed up by the j.i.t. in the dutch city of the hague on friday belling cat identified a russian military intelligence officer ivana cough as
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a key suspect the second russian military figure they've implicated in the incidents this person is was the highest military ranking officer at the time in the so-called lugansk people's republic he represented the military intelligence of russia at the time and he was in direct command and control of the mercenary slash volunteer operations military units and militants in eastern ukraine in the lookout scariness that of eastern ukraine so we believe we were there to fight somebody who was who was very high in the chain of command and who ultimately if. is link to the actual downing of seventeen is displayed unproven for the by the joint best team will be one of the critical suspects but none of the mounting international accusations are likely to shift russia's position much in the near future of the country's political culture sees
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contrition or acknowledgement of guilt as a sign of weakness and glad he made putin has too much invested in his global strongman image to back down now rory talons al-jazeera said petersburg. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a measure requiring the pens can to investigate whether america has broken the law by torturing detainees in yemen hundreds of men have reportedly gone missing in the south of the country after they were allegedly swept up during a search for al qaeda fighters american officials say that u.s. forces have been involved in interrogations of detainees in yemen but they have denied any participation in all knowledge of human rights abuses israel supreme court has rejected a challenge by human rights groups to prevent soldiers from firing on protesters in gaza palestinians have gathered along the gazan israeli border again on friday to protest against the israeli blockade one hundred thirteen palestinians have been
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killed by israeli forces since the protests began at the end of march bennett smith reports now from the border. it's been a pretty quiet friday one of the quietest fridays in gaza have been for weeks and then within just the space of an hour really hundreds and hundreds of people were bussed in here bussed in by hamas by islamic jihad and other political groups in gaza and bussed in to protest again at the border now we know that we've been told that one of the tactics following. recent protests has been slightly different the tactic has been not to go right up to the little try and breach it but to still protest still trying to keep the israeli forces on their toes that's the tactic we've been told they're trying to deploy here the protest organizers and that certainly seems was what has happened here because really it was there was nobody here about an hour ago and then they all came they protested there's been tear gas
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and there have been a number of people injured by live fire on by tear gas that the israelis have been throwing over at least twenty people injured and they've been taken away to hospital for treatment but this as i say seems to be this new approach keeping the israeli military on its toes it was quiet all day and then suddenly this quick sharp shock of a large protest group arriving seemingly out of thin air. now the european union has introduced sweeping new legislation to protect the privacy of its citizens known as g.d.p. our general data protection regulation it requires organizations and companies to protect the personal data of all e.u. residents or or face punitive fines and that means any information that could be used to identify you trading photographs post on social networking sites or even your e-mail address on the g.d.p. our individuals will get on the g.d.p. of individuals will get expanded rights to access the information collected on them
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for free through data subject request they would also now have the right to be forgotten and that means companies must delete all data if an individual withdraws consent for it to be held long and complex terms and conditions must be replaced with a simple to understand consent request and if there is a data breach all users must be informed within seventy two hours while many companies say they're not ready for the new rules and for smaller organizations the change is proving problematic as paul brennan reports now from berlin. european data holders have had two years to work out a game plan for g.d.p. but the protection law intended to create a level playing field for data use has hit smaller groups hard. this youth football club in berlin uses membership data to circulate newsletters and fixture lists the staff are all volunteers g.d.p. are is a major headache we have
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a home page and actually i love having photos every team under on the home page well you know we're not sure if we can do it you're not going to be ready by friday i am not completely. it's awful. for europe's tech companies g.d.p. are is an incentive to innovate payslips. cappuccino at this trade expo in paris there are voice activated devices the don't actually share any data at all the consumers will get to choose right and they'll know better so they'll choose for equal features they'll choose the one that protect the privacy rights get it wrong though and a twenty four million dollar fine is a genuine worry it is it is and it's particularly worrying because you cannot be sure that you have implemented the rules the right way at the moment the recent deluge of g.d.p. our emails shows the ongoing uncertainty some ask customers to explicitly opt in
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others put the onus on the customer to opt out and others simply mention updated previously settings the facebook bridge and it's a scandal may seem a world away from the g.d.p. our compliance requirements are small sports club such as this but the fact is that even seemingly innocuous data when put together really starts to matter. lobby groups and campaign this have brought the welcome g.d.p. are as a reset button a wake up call they say for e.u. citizens to engage with some fundamental questions do i really want to continue giving this company my data and when need to do that is that it isn't necessary for much for me and to make a conscious attempt or a conscious decision what data they share a recent survey of german companies revealed that just twenty five percent of them expected to be able to meet the g.d.p. our deadline e.u.
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data regulators are expected to be sympathetic for now but after extra time comes penalties paul brennan al-jazeera berlin well earlier i spoke to max sram who's who's the chairman of the nonprofit organization none of your business he's taking a number of big tech firms like facebook to court under the new data protection laws and he says the general data protection regulation does not do enough for consumers one interview with t.p.r. is that it allows you to consent to data usage but it only allows you to send things in a very limited way so the purchase of these complaints is actually to tell companies you're allowed to use most of the data you said you know you did for an hour something like that. without consent without actually asking for that but if you do anything in addition like personalized advertisement if you start on date or something like that yeah actually now to have our consent that is not public with
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the app or with certain rights common people now really have to have the free choice to use an app without consent to search on top of it and that's what we try to force these complaints right so you would say that what's going on here is a kind of forced consent. absolutely that's kind of the thing we know in a lot of ways that a lot of stuff is hitting the driver stuff that people actually don't want to agree to but they kind of have to and that is exactly what. it is there is a number on going off to privacy policy and the services are so so did not require that you can use the service without going straight into the privacy policy or data usage that you're not willing to really do that doesn't include stuff that's necessary for servers so for example if you have an android phone and it needs certain data just to run that so i and that's all not even if you are but maybe then you will take that data but i don't know that it's something where they then have to get three choices a yes or no so what about facebook and what they say they say that they spent the
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last eighteen months making it's pretty policies clearer purposes settings easier to find and they have introduced better tools for people to access download and delete info what do you make of that. that's so fine and that's actually stuff that they do the problem is that these buttons and these options that you have usually never touch the core issue of what they actually do with the data so they give you but that you can kind of you're more gradual about what you hear with your friends but there's usually no but that allows them to not share data with for their purposes and all of that tonight p.r. speech but bottom line is people kind of killed the whole the whole the health of the did not agree to g. is to do their privacy policy until midnight today it basically left you with a promise things you either have to clean your account now or you agree and that is exactly this or that cheaper explicitly. might that they put up some other problems all over the place but that is not really the issue to go after here so in the
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meantime what immediately comes to mind is what should we what should i as a user do when faced with these requests from these companies. that's the big problem right now do you think you have these rights on a t.p.r. you and i actually do them using combined with the data protection authority but most users are not going to do that as an oem you know consumer issues it's moving people just have better stuff to do and i like the mediums that they hated but they made it usually don't go to court over that that is the reason we kind of bottom behalf of people so that the nonprofit organization is able to claim you have the g.p. are now to file on behalf of the individual person and you can then bring cases like this case forward that tackles the bigger issue that doesn't really concern you the one vigil only but we saw a big pop up a little bit of play the millions of or with it and that is a possibility now energy target we address these issues on a bigger in a bigger way the interesting thing especially those with that the beta protection
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authorities now have to decide over to the many countries in europe that previously was more like addition to the now they really have to decide over each of. their little of the business property if they decide to run away so we're actually in a position to really enforce these right now. all right still ahead here on the news help from above six point three million people in south sudan rely on relief supplies the only going conflict is pushing more and more people closer to stuff it . is already devastated the yemeni island of sick culture now i'm on is preparing for the arrival of cycling in new. delhi. and a red wave hits the fans flocking to ukraine for the champions league final.
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we got some rather nasty weather affecting a good pasta of the middle east over the next day or two at the moment the course more than possible see some showers spilling out of the towards georgia or armenia azerbaijan the far south. come down so that a sense of the met here is fine and dry the heat is on for baghdad temperatures here at forty degrees celsius well i just see want to see showers that afghanistan and sas day easing away as we go on into sunday let's look a little further south where the real weather action it's very much in evidence will see how trouble cycle in making its way towards amman then over the coming hours here we go you can see the system here as it made its way across culture we saw some very nasty flooding i fear the flooding will be much worse for salada and that fosse southwestern corner of monster here we go is swirling away quite a big system on the outer bands of the storm quite
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a tightly packed storm there that is the location just to the south pole salada it'll push its way further north which in the coming hours pretty much going for us a lot of strongest winds on the eastern flank says a lot of really will take a battering some of these winds could well approach two hundred comments his palace a damaging winds and the flooding rains there set to continue through saturday and sunday. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the line this is to be good but i'm about to get fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move from world. colleges zero. this time on not just. the blow up in
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the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being that freedom of the challenge is going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. i don't get a reminder of the top stories here on the news and u.s. president donald trump says it's possible a planned summit with north korea could still go ahead despite counseling the june
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twelfth museum says they sightsee anger and hostility from pyongyang. new york police have charged hollywood producer harvey weinstein with rape and other sex crimes against you women weinstein has denied all allegations of consensual sex. australia in the netherlands say holding a russian legally responsible for its alleged role in shooting down by lazy i mean seventeen of the eastern ukraine four years ago. now aid agencies and health officials say educating the population in the democratic republic of congo is vital to containing the virus that solved the dying patients escaped from a hospital in dhaka city this week one went to church for prayers while the other fled to be with her family both patients died hours later potentially infecting more people in the process world health organization has confirmed at least twenty seven people have died from a bone in the r.c.
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well let's take this simpleton story on joining us on skype from brussels is accelerants she's an emergency coordinator of doctors without borders overseeing their response to in the democratic republic of congo x.l. welcome to the program. says the outbreak is sitting right now on a knife edge is that how you would assess a situation yes yes this in mind means it's not that easy yet even when they are yes that's right. why don't be good and then you should be no wait a minute to be. spread. it seems to spread into the city of i'm in dhaka with a population of more than three hundred thousand which is also a transport hub i understand to kinshasa what risks does that present and how do you try to contain those risks. and there is. going to transit as you mentioned to everybody some experts at what point are you going to do right now
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is really but trying to contain and reaction ninety five people we have to treat and you know away and then we have to meet any bank or look on the back of us you know the dental final senate sure that he didn't know that he will be taking sharon and then treated me and her friends and. not mention this this issue of the two people leaving the hospital i want to visit the family want to go to church is this part of the problem the lack of awareness among residents about the dangers of infection it's a lack of communication and it's very well and that we have a sense that is it really should explain what it is explaining that the reason we think they're in charge and that escaping is not the best any training yet there is a way of explaining to the population and communicating them to go what we can do what's happening right here to do with the next going to go and is it. just that
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you have to of course the great deal of experience in dealing with the boat in the region it seems that it looks as if lessons haven't been learned. because you know yes it's going to be tense you know break the past well not exactly. in the same area thanks as a national security you know you're going to feel that the other way are. events react quite fast and i wasn't by that extent. yes always the same maybe we just when i was in shanksville to see that is it why don't we ever so good in canada we were just seeing some pictures there of vaccinations taking place on the sun is a big vaccination program in action right now would that be sufficient to stop the spreading. it in management is a tool that we have to fight it but it's not the only one of us to find things that
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you have to do then just extend the patient to photos and i'm back to. come down he said oh this is buddy and dedication it is like an extract when you find the best you need i'm glad to. and i'm going to let it sit on that tray actually gets sort of transition changing so i guess the big effort this is try and stop a repetition of the a better operate for a few years ago but that's right and that's the situation that we have been phony if somebody was a god but instead now we ask them to try to stand up. again and what about the situation with getting volunteers out there to try and educate people it must be a real challenge is not because it's a it's a high risk thing to do. as soon as you have explained it was a one people as a way that transmitting you could know you could get it then what it seemed that it
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gives us an occasion he says or like space is already just eat their young people are having a good image like strangers gives one a question well only strain that known to have on his face she likes transition in a sense a way that's an easy status means you can know the right to get well i saw her on so we appreciate your time and good luck with your efforts thanks very much indeed for talk news here and all deserve thank you when i had agencies are struggling to deal with the latest humanitarian crisis in south sudan fighting between government and opposition forces is making it hard to reach millions of hungry people and with the approach of the rainy season the situation is likely to get worse for my old county in south sudan is more. for children to feed and a stigma to care for but there's no food and no medicine and there is little hope left when yet in her home village of conduct. here i go along we don't have enough
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food not even enough basic items to get by every day not enough clinics like mine if you passed away because of hunger and of. is one of about twenty thousand people in canada who have actually officially registered for help but is still waiting. to see the food security situation in the area is catastrophic and hundreds of people are at risk of dying from starvation and this is just one community five years of civil war has left six point three million people more than half of south sudan's twelve million population relying on relief supplies it's not only the people here in contact that are in need of aid for survival continues fighting between government and opposition forces have displaced thousands to the area that was already vulnerable as they seek safety as well as humanitarian aid. fled her home village with her children but arrived in conduct too late to register for aid. i collect a little food out of torn sacks of aid if not for that aid i won't be able to feed
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myself and my four children. delivery aid is not easy the country lacks proper roads and drops of food and other supplies can sometimes be the only way to reach those in need and the number of people desperately requiring help is expected to reach seven million soon with the rainy season approaching getting relief supplies to many areas comes with additional challenges right now my colleagues and my teams are struggling and battling to preposition one hundred forty thousand metric tons of food in various i think in fifty different warehouses around the country conflict obviously also and security issues is also obviously hindering our access so even if there are roads even if we have access to a river but if there's conflict we can't we can't take the risk to go yet i'm says she's afraid she may lose her children or mother to hunger a fear shared by hundreds of others here as the fighting continues and the need for
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aid continues to rise people morgan al-jazeera and south sudan truck drivers in brazil could be on a collision course with the military after the union insisted it will continue with its blockades despite the president authorizing the bombing to step in to clear the highways major routes across the country are still blocked on the fifth the dispute with truckers angry at a steep hike in diesel prices brazil's biggest cities has declared a state of emergency the nation's entire car industry has shut down and there are major food and fuel shortages. oman is preparing for the arrival of cycling mccain you which is expected to hit close to the coastal city of salon within the next few hours the cycling has already devastated the yemeni island of sumatra where five people have been killed and at least forty people are missing howard well then with more. high waters ahead of the coming storm locals in the omani city of salada
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gather their belongings and scramble to evacuate buses and helicopters take the vulnerable out of the path of cyclonic emergency services are being deployed and people are being urged to seek safety the government warns that low lying areas are at risk from flooding until the early hours of friday morning the city of continuous to prepare for the cycle on scenes like this one for us those are people crowding in shopping malls stocking on food supplies or hotels near the beach moving their guests to safer areas the yemeni island of sumatra offers a glimpse of what's to come cars and boats have been washed away by high waters hundreds more have been forced from their homes internationally recognized government has declared the island a disaster zone but the turmoil of the war in yemen raises questions as to how much help they can be matilda lodges are tracking the path of the storm predicting what
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will happen next because is gaining strength and by saturday it'll carry winds of one hundred ninety kilometers per hour wind is used to seasonal rains but powerful cyclons are railing besieging there have only been seventeen in more than one hundred years. and dizzier salalah southern on mine. iraqi politicians are trying to negotiate a coalition to form the next government shia cleric. has emerged as an unusual power broker his blog the alliance captured more parliamentary seats and the other party and found strong support among baghdad's working class and jeff paid reports from todd a stronghold side a city. so the city has been replaced. in the sprawling suburbs it represents about the only modernization in years. makes
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about ten dollars a day and like many others in the city with a lack of services. nine million people live in southern city. just around the poverty line the lack of services is evident everywhere basic facilities such as sewage clean water and electricity are all but missing this is the traditional power base for the age of shia leaders named after assassinated mohammed. it's the first election where the poorest part of the. elected the winning party. representing the divide between rich and poor this election has given people hope but the question remains in iraq's complicated politics. to bring about change people here.
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to form a government needs coalition partners but he also has to manage voter expectations but he makes alliances and. we have high hopes from his. reforms. and enter the green zone for the sake of reforms so that the oppressed would rise. so there also need support from six members. which includes the communist party the former minister says the magnitude of the challenges needs a united approach. this is. where the. because it comes like all these big challenges these are when each of which in which you can build a very wide. a bus just him says the situation for them has not improved since
9:44 pm
saddam hussein's time his makeshift food stall barely earns him a living he's already disappointed at politicians attitudes the election i swear. i want the main reason that there is rampant poverty and solder city is because there are no jobs no money and most of all those politicians are turning a blind eye to us. for decades not much has changed here once again these poor suburbs have used their vote now they wait for politicians to deliver on campaign promises osama bin job made out of the era of city back that indonesia is introducing tough new antiterrorism rules parliament approved the changes on friday following a series of suicide bombings this month that killed more than twenty people in the city of sort of two families linked to i still carried out the attacks the new laws give more power to the police and military has more now from jakarta. sweeping
9:45 pm
changes to indonesia's anti-terrorism laws passed here in parliament on friday no this came after a late night negotiations through late thursday evening focused primarily on the definition of terrorism there the government and parliamentarians had a different view of what should be defined as terrorists and terrorism that was the gap was bridged and they were able to take this legislation to the floor here in parliament on friday now the new laws really focus on a few things one primarily is the prevention of terror attacks that's where previous laws were a bit weak here in this country that focuses on people who are associated who pledge allegiance who have been trained by terrorist organizations they can now be charged before an actual event has taken place a terrorist attack has been taken place but also even if they're plotting it they're able to now the government here in the legal system is able to bring people in and charge them for that so that's focused on prevention no one thing also this bill these new laws say is that the military will have a role when it comes to preventing terror attacks but the government has said to
9:46 pm
calm concerns over the military being very involved in almost all operations of terrorism the government saying only when it's big enough that they need the assistance of the military now the details of just how big that involvement will be will come in the next year where the president has to put official declaration exactly how the military will be involved that's to come but right now finally after two years before this bill final was passed it was passed on friday here in the parliament. right still to come in the. game. by gadhafi the libyan language that's fighting to be hood. make history by swimming across the pacific ocean.
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
well an ethnic group in labor is fighting for official recognition of their language which was banned during the forty year rule of moammar gadhafi as margaret after what had reports from your friend the constitution continues to ignore the language seven years after the fall of gadhafi. the until now the radio station in libya while stands out as a landmark in the mountainous western town of v.f. are in. language means a speech as volunteers keep the radio station on air as best they can and how good a mob is no support from the government. loses gibby says programs promote its culture by interacting with listeners that.
9:49 pm
it was shameful to go out and say i'm a messy now we speak our own language freely we still have a long way to go but we're not giving up it's a mission we have to accomplish for generations to come and school teachers in a different are trying to do the same. thing in. the language was banned by mama to get deaf ear during his more than forty years in power now students can learn songs in schools but it is not always easy if it's all about the of course there are challenges especially when we compose songs in standard am a zig language nevertheless this younger generation has a better opportunity to learn it more than the older ones. it was two years after the end of get daffy. before they had the confidence to teach their own language again but gym owner and has says the government is not doing enough to keep the
9:50 pm
language alive in schools clearly told one of if tucker says there should be an amnesty of the language department at the faculty of education so that we can have specialized teachers the ministry of education should also provide us with textbooks the year around half a million am as using libya the majority live in the west of the country i'm a zealot people here say their language was not allowed to be spoken in schools before the revolution which deposed them seventy years ago as a try to retain their heritage and identity they have campaigned for language to be recognised in libya's constitution but so far consecutive governments have failed to meet their demands. on the thirteenth of january every year gathered to mark the new year something he couldn't do during get there his reign may lose and her colleagues say they're determined to revive more of the ethnic groups culture and identity but they're worried the current armored conflicts in libya could
9:51 pm
derail duce efforts. to hit. you for in your eyes time for sports people standing by. make thank you so much houston need one more win soon reach the n.b.a. finals but may have to do it without one of a pocket rockets chris paul azinger serious start for game six of the western conference finals he injured his hamstring in the ninety eight ninety four when over defending champions the golden state warriors so held matic reports thanks to the houston rockets of putting golden state's grayness n.b.a. champions on the real threat thanks steph curry and company aiming to make the finance reform straight season thanks by james harden's rockets are looking to get there for the first time since ninety ninety five was was they showing just why they finished the regular season on top of the western conference off to both teams
9:52 pm
went in level at half time things start to get heated in the second home thanks chris for showing the warri is that he means business there was sixteen lead changes the nine ties in the second half with go in state going into the final quarter with a one point advantage anybody she could up on the bank but it was houston's day eric gordon starting with twenty four points off the bench thanks and they managed to edge it by four points ninety eight to ninety four thank you just know what to do we know what it takes to win and we definitely want to we pride ourselves on defense so it can create a lot of opportunities on office and that's what we pride ourselves on they were in good spirits considering the situation these last two games gone. you know down to the wire and they made a couple more plays to get the job done so credit to them but you play seven games
9:53 pm
of the scariest usury fused his biggest concern now is the health of crystal who went to injured and is a doubt for game six so he'll malik al-jazeera. a real madrid have gone no one up on liverpool a day off from europe's champions league football final past players from both clubs lined up for a casual kick around in kiev the ukrainian capital which is hosting the showdown rail winning the friendly if a nine three and one of the legends reckons history is on the side of the twelve time winners who are gunning for a third straight title. of what a lot of analysts in the finals must be won if you don't look at juventus who have lost a lot in a row and been disappointed over and over and that since roman druid plays finals like nobody else they have a special pit of grief for this tournament for these finals they know how to win them and update. so i think their supporters can stand something now with
9:54 pm
a check and. everything i want i think they are well hopefully the good days are coming back and everything is going to be tremendous atmosphere for this but with little supporters and if we can pull it off tomorrow i think it's a big big step forward for liverpool the former top tennis player known as nasty is in more trouble. has been arrested twice in one day in romania's capital book arrest police say the seventy one year old was stopped on suspicion of drink driving a few hours later he was pulled over for riding a scooter without a license he has been fined two hundred fifty dollars and had his license suspended for three months but still faces most serious charges last year the former u.s. and french open champion was fined and banned for misconduct as romania's fed cup captain. four time tour de france winner chris froome has taken the lead in cycling's judo the talia friday. is nineteenth stage took the cyclists on a one hundred eighty five kilometer journey from then they are led to
9:55 pm
a bout of the neck froome was for the start of the day's action but a well timed attack with eighty kilometers to go saw him move into first place not only would he win the stage but in doing so took the overall race lead he is now perfectly poised to win the only grand tour missing from his collection having already won a spot. to go from forty first is right i was going to do that on the last climb along so i had to drive from far out so i called it actually now snow is the perfect place to do a gravel road just reminds me a little bit of riding on the roads back in africa. just just felt good and thought nouns now it's is now whenever i have to try many people all over the world enjoy swimming as a form of exercise all just for leisure up in the water might last less than thirty minutes but imagine swimming for six months and covering more than nine thousand kilometers that is what this men intervenes to do is name is been comps if you've
9:56 pm
heard that name before it's not too surprising in one thousand nine hundred eighty swim across the atlantic ocean now twenty years later the frenchman is aiming to become the first to cross the pacific ocean the fifty year old will start in japan's capital city tokyo he will swim eight hours and consume more than eight thousand calories a day not to mention keeping an eye out for sharks and jellyfish and after about six months he will arrive in the american city of san francisco even though the calm said never again twenty years ago he is motivated to do this to raise awareness against plastic pollution in the earth's oceans. you know swimming for a long time remember my father walking in he's the one who taught me how to swim in the atlantic i remember at times or would go on the chin and walk in the versity plastic now i wore i go on the beach i see plastic everywhere so as a father now and that began by i don't know what i can do as an individual to try
9:57 pm
to change or to you know put my sense into changing into two. people. making becoming more aware of the problem. and that's all the sport for me we'll have another update again in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. but for now it's back to nikki in london. page of a very much they will look forward to seeing a little bit later just about it for this news hour but let's just let me just nudge in the direction of our website al-jazeera dot com is the address will have plenty more of all the top stories you can see there and the forthcoming half hour with my colleague merriman mozzie that the top story about donald trump suggesting that the meeting with kim jong un could still happen despite for a canceled it yesterday on thursday all right that's it from a nicholas his music will be right here in a couple minutes from. june
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on al-jazeera. with media trends constantly changing belittling post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries
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witness brings world issues into focus through personal stories june on al-jazeera . thanks love to mechanize to sufferings because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and ninety it is an emerging national. to be officially requested. of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. debts machine at this time. on counting the cost we look at how investors are reacting to the collapse of the from kim singapore summit why it's only has more days with the rest of europe on the rise you look at some of the pressure is pushing up the price of oil. counting the cost on.
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what happens to the. result is that they very much want to donald trump says his june summit with north korea's leader could be back on just a day off to canceling it. and. this is al-jazeera light from london coming up handcuffed and charged with rape disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is released on a one million dollars bail. in evidence and all straight on russia for compensation and legal accountability for the shooting down a malaysian airlines flight of the ukraine. and coming home to.


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