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what happened to getting. the dog to do that now they very much wanted donald trump says his june summit with north korea's leader could be back home just a day off to canceling it. and i know i'm maryanne demasi this is al jazeera light from london also coming up handcuffed and charged with rape disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is released on a one million dollars bail bond and evidence and all straight a call on russia for compensation and legal accountability for shooting down a malaysian airlines flight of the ukraine. and coming home to low to high ten elf islands referendum on whether to relax its
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a portion was. donald trump dangled the possibility of his summit with north korea's leader going to head off to rule a day after he sent a letter to pyongyang canceling its u.s. president welcomed a conciliatory statement from north korea saying it remained open to talks he says the summit could still go ahead on june twelfth as planned. to see what happens or talk to them. there was a bird's eye view that now we'll see what happens it's pretty well we're talking very much want to do it. we're going to see what happens. but for now it looks like the summit is off and south korea's president described traumas cancellation as shocking and regrettable. played a significant role in bringing washington and pyongyang closer together right has
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the reaction from seoul. an intended gesture of peace in a process that may be going nowhere. the demolition of tunnels at north korea's underground nuclear testing site. it was meant to be a further step on the path to a historic summit but by the time these pictures were reaching the outside world it was already reeling from the shock of the summit's cancellation. from north korea's foreign ministry a measured response calling the decision not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability adding that north korea remained willing to sit down with the u.s. side to solve problems at any time from south korea disappointment verging on the will demand. ask for vice foreign minister kim statement we see no change of
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a sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks as part of that effort south korea's foreign minister spoke with her u.s. counterpart mike pompei or by phone she emphasized the need to build on the goodwill of the landmark into korean summit at panmunjom in april fearing months of painstaking diplomacy could now be waisted. south korean president meeting with north korean leader kim jong un had laid the groundwork for the summit well i think jane is entitled to feel fairly indignant about this whole business because he has been a leader in working with kim jong un to develop an understanding and a way forward. in place of improving ties could there be a return to the hard line dictated by the us and demanded of its east asian allies
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. in order for north korea to change their policies it is necessary for japan and the u.s. and south korea to apply pressure including the united nations sanctions. with the united states cold to stand firm against north korea south korea in hopes of mediating a historic breakthrough shouted as the totals of. robot broad al-jazeera so. house correspondent kimberly joins us now from washington kimberly is a june twelfth to chill realistic now. and the white house says that it's not realistic in a background call with reporters late thursday they said to sensually given the lack of preparation at this point the fact that u.s. negotiators are those that had were in place to lay the groundwork went to singapore they waited for the their north korean counterparts they never showed
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they didn't answer the telephone they said in terms of logistics alone a it's almost impossible to see according to this white house official how there could be a june twelfth summit having said that the president continues to talk like it's a possibility what they say is it's not important that the date is met but the goal is met and that is denuclearization and so they continue to talk they continue to to work the telephone said the diplomatic cables back and forth in an effort to try and negotiate the terms of an upcoming meeting but for now it seems that the chances of a june twelfth summit are very remote and so what do we know stage of the discussions taking place behind the scenes between washington and pyongyang or any other internet cases that might be involved to lay the groundwork for any such meeting in the future. the issue really seems to be the definition of denuclearize ation it seems to mean different things depending on which side you're
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on when it comes to the united states it means complete it means permanent it means irreversible and it means verifiable and one of the big concerns this white house official says is that goodwill gesture that happened a little more than twenty four hours ago by the north koreans where they dismantled that nuclear testing site they the united states was very clear in its determination of that saying that they wanted to make sure that there were international inspectors present for that in some form or capacity instead north korea allowed only foreign journalists to be present that's a concern for the united states so the on the other side north korea i believe is hoping for denuclearization to mean incremental attach to financial incentives so the expectation gap between the two sides very far apart. meeting if and when it
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does happen will be determine exactly what denuclearization means given the expectations on both sides are very different all right thank you very much our white house correspondent kimberly with all the latest on that story. new york police have charged the hollywood producer harvey weinstein with sex abuse and other crimes against two women more than one hundred women have accused him of sexual misconduct including rape. reports from washington. feared no more harvey weinstein a once powerful producer will be prosecuted for rape and other sex offenses erotic and or words harm to my palate for the future or hope that he would get. handcuffed the police made no attempt to shield him from the
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aggressive press dozens of women went public with similar stories on weinstein coercing them for sex targeting those who refused to have former spies harass the ones who complained his alleged serial depravity hidden by the powerful spawned the me too movement which his lawyer seemed to mock outside of court the charges will not be believed by twelve people assuming we get twelve fair people who are not consumed by the movement that seems to have overtaken this case his lawyer says he will attack the credibility of his accusers there could be a lot of them prosecutors say there could be many more charges in the days to come weinstein stayed silent but still sent a message bring into court a book about a once discredited hollywood director whose work is still acclaimed what happens in this new york courtroom will help determine if history will remember weinstein as a producer or a predator whose crimes created a new feminist movement that sent the message to the world me too but time's up
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political hane al-jazeera washington. russian president has dismissed accusations that moscow was behind the shooting down of a malaysian airlines flight over ukraine four years ago on friday australia and the netherlands announced they were holding russia legally responsible for downing plane follows a report by an international team which found the russian army's fifty third brigade had provided the missile system used to shoot down the jet or challenge reports from some petersburg. the australian and the netherlands responded to information presented by the joint investigation teams j.i.t. on thursday with swift state level action the team said that russia's army moved to tell our missile system into eastern ukraine as war zone in the summer of two thousand and fourteen whilst there it was allegedly used to shoot down the malaysian airlines passenger plane flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur all two
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hundred ninety eight people on board died many of them were australian and dutch astray and the netherlands have now informed the russian federation that we hold it responsible under international law its role in the bringing down of m.h. seventeen astray and the netherlands have requested russia to enter into negotiations to open up a dialogue about its conduct and to seek reparations. the dutch government says this is a complex legal process a possible next step is to present the case to an international court but russia has spent four years presenting counter narratives and that pattern continues at this in petersburg international economic forum for the mayor putin was asked if russia held any culpability are you saying this was not a russian missile this was not
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a russian army missing you're going to know of course not and he questions the impartiality of the joint investigation team music of yes there are several versions including the one suggesting it was a ukrainian army missile or a plane or so on i repeat that there's nothing which would make us trust the final conclusions and we will not be without awful involvement in the investigation. belling katz and open source investigation team has been looking into flight m h seventeen for years and many of their findings have been subsequently backed up by the j.i.t. in the dutch city of the hague on friday belling cat identified a russian military intelligence officer ivana cough as a key suspect the seconds russian military figure they've implicated in the incidents this person is was the highest military ranking officer at the time in the so-called lugansk people's republic he represented the military
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intelligence of russia at the time and he was in direct command and control of the mercenary slash volunteer operations of military units and militants in eastern ukraine in the lookout scare and is that of eastern ukraine so we believe we have identified somebody who has who is very high in the chain of command and who ultimately if. is link to the actual downing of a made seventeen is displayed unproven for the by the joint distribution team will be one of the critical suspects but none of the mounting international accusations are likely to shift russia's position much in the near future of the country's political culture sees contrition or acknowledgement of guilt as a sign of weakness and bloody may putin has too much invested in his global strongman image to back down now really talons al-jazeera said petersburg still
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ahead for you on the program indonesian police and military get stronger palaces the government introduces tough new laws on terrorism and how europe's new data privacy laws could affect even the smallest entity. however got plenty of heat across europe at the moment it's hot and it is getting hotter and with the heat we've also got some lively storms you can see this a lot of storms just coming out of ukraine pushing across austria easing up towards the low countries and a little plot just storms just around the black sea pushing into that western side of turkey a little bit of unsettled weather to into northern parts of spain and portugal easing up around the bay of biscay could see some lovely showers here as we go on through the next couple days and here's why look at these temperatures thirty
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degrees celsius paracelsus the afternoon getting up to twenty five in london still very hearts across a good part of the cabin they've even stockholm touching twenty four degrees and twenty two there for good measure for moscow where they hate to say we have got some live the storms will be some big storms around the black sea pushing down towards the southeastern corner of your base the side of the med could catch politician as it states generally five and a little bit of cloud there for the big guy as we go on into the weekend. yeah we'll see a tab is around twenty one celsius in the heat of the day there we go i want to see showers towards the southwest approaches of england into wells more so as we go on into sunday still a scattering of showers down on us that western side of the med but we are going to see more of those showers towards the east. a new series of reward for care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring
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you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in living close to cope with the loss of know and the other student rewind continues with joseph's journey this is. the struggle continues book. from bob good to now. used to students we want on al jazeera. welcome back a look at the top stories now u.s. president donald trump says it's possible a planned summit was north korea could still go ahead on june twelfth despite canceling it a day area kyung yang says it's still willing to hold talks new york police have
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charged hollywood producer harvey weinstein with rape and other sex crimes against two women weinstein is denied all allegations of non-conceptual sex. and australia and the netherlands say they are holding russia legally responsible for its alleged role in the shooting down of malaysian airlines flight m h seventeen of eastern ukraine four years ago russian president vladimir putin has dismissed the allegations. now initial reports out of ireland show voter turnout in the referendum on abortion is higher than the last election on the two thousand and fifteen referendum that backed gay marriage voters are being asked whether they want to repeal an article in the constitution known as the eighth amendment the law gives the unborn fetuses the same right to life as the mother affectively banning them from thomas in the pregnancy car an irish legislation only allows abortions when the woman's life. at risk otherwise they could be jailed for up to fourteen years if voters choose to repeal the amendment the irish government has vowed to
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introduce legislation allowing abortion within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy ireland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in europe only matched by poland which allows terminations in some cases and malta where it's completely banned eve barker reports from dublin. irish people have been given an important choice in a highly contentious referendum ahead of the vote come painters from both sides of the argument took the debate to the people islands voting on whether to repeal the eighth amendment of the country's constitution that all but by arms abortion the law says that the life of a mother and of born fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there is a serious risk to the bombers life not in cases of rape incest or serious optimality those that break the law or face a maximum fourteen year prison sentence. is
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a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had a condition called. the top half of his head had never formed so there was nothing about his brain. that. would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travel to liverpool in the u.k. for an abortion just being alone in a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then. giving birth and then. having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. it's the courier and he has the ashes of my baby. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will mean abortion and. conservative
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against those that want. change many of. the catholic church dominated irish society is strongly opposed to abortion. of conception until natural death catholics believe. and therefore more of a of protection when it comes to the issue off the we believe that worthy of special protection in law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing a different path helped by political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed limited access to abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the referendum is passed for many in this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. hundreds of people in the libyan city of done
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a have protested against the siege imposed by forces loyal to renegade general hurley for hafta several civilians have been killed and others wounded since have to as troops began fighting the local group of protection force earlier this month turner is the only major instances you know on to have to control the siege is led to shortages of food and medicine hospitals have also been shut down the u.s. house of representatives has approved a measure requiring the pentagon to investigate whether america has broken the law by torturing detainees in yemen hundreds of men of reportedly gone missing in the south of the country after they were allegedly swept up during a search for al qaeda fighters american officials say that u.s. forces have been involved in interrogations of detainees in yemen but that they have but they have denied any participation in or knowledge of human rights abuses israel supremes court has rejected a challenge by human rights groups to prevent soldiers from firing on protesters in gaza palestinians have gathered along the gaza israel border again on friday to
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protest against the israeli blockade one hundred thirteen palestinians have been killed by israeli forces since the protests began at the end of march and it's misreports from the border. it's been a pretty quiet friday one of the quietest fridays in gaza have been for weeks and then within just the space of an hour really hundreds and hundreds of people were bussed in here bussed in by hamas by islamic jihad another political groups in gaza and bussed in to protest again at the border now we know that we've been told one of the tactics following. recent protests has been slightly different the tactic has been not to go right up to the little try and breach it but to still protest still trying to keep the israeli forces on their toes that's the tactic we've been told they're trying to deploy here the protest organizers and that certainly seems was what has happened here because really it was there was nobody here about an
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hour ago and then they all came they protested there's been tear gas and there have been a number of people injured by live fire on by tear gas that the israelis have been throwing over at least twenty people injured and they've been taken away to hospital for treatment but this as i say seems to be this new approach keeping the israeli military on its toes it was quiet all day and then suddenly this quick sharp shock of a large protest group arriving seemingly out of thin air. five people have now been reported killed and at least forty more are still missing after site and make devastated the yemeni island of psychiatrists cyclon is now on its way across the way b. and c. to amman as winds gusting at around one hundred sixty five kilometers per hour it's expected to reach landfall in the next few hours as well as the wind damage there are fears that extreme rainfall and what's usually a dry climate will lead to severe flash flooding. anticorruption
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police in malaysia have seized twenty eight million dollars from three apartments linked to the former prime minister najib razak the money was found in twenty six different currencies bags containing jewelry and luxury watches rolls are taken from the homes of his son and daughter deny stealing billions of dollars from a state's investment fund while prime minister well now indonesia is introducing tough new antiterrorism rules sweeping changes will passed by parliament on friday following a series of recent suicide bomb attacks scott hyder points now from jakarta. with a much anticipated bang of the gavel. a new anti-terrorism law was approved by the indonesian parliament on friday changes to existing laws were initially proposed two years ago a series of recent suicide bomb attacks renewed focus earlier this month more than twenty people were killed at churches in a main police station in surabaya indonesia's second largest city two families
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including children carried out the attacks i saw claimed responsibility supporters of the new law say gives more tools to the government and law enforcement to prevent attacks it also says if someone is charged with an offense when children are involved the penalty will be increased by a third you know when. our old law is only about the response to terror act and we know if we are only responding it won't solve the problem there are always new terrorists. more than one thousand indonesians have traveled to syria and iraq to join isis fight it's estimated five hundred have returned. the new law allows police to charge and illusions proven to have joined a terrorist group while abroad and also those who have trained or simply planned to carry out attacks the goetia actions went late into thursday night before the new anti-terrorism law was passed here in parliament on friday much of the discussion
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was focused on the definition of terrorism the law also includes a role for the indonesian army to you know in combating terrorism the government said they'll only be brought in for larger incidents the president has a year to detail exactly what the t. and i's and terrorism role will be. new funding and support for attack victims as part of the new law so cheap to how do we bow was injured in the two thousand and four bombing i mean that he hasn't been indicted and if we are optimistic that the government is going to act on the support and compensation for victims would we be fighting for this for a long time. after the church bombings in syria by a president joko widodo proposed a rule in lieu of law if parliament failed to pass the new legislation but it seems suicide attacks have pushed members of parliament to act scott harder al-jazeera to . police in canada are searching for two men in connection with a blast at an indian restaurant west of toronto fifteen people were injured in the
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blast two suspects with their faces covered went into the restaurant late thursday night dropped the explosive device and ran out three people were seriously injured the other twelve people suffered minor burns but he said the attack does not appear to be a hate crime or terrorism related. to men wearing hoodies were seen entering the restaurant with an i.e.d. which is an improvised explosive device the men were seen fleeing the scene immediately following the explosion police across the g.t.a. have been notified and are now looking for these men. truck drivers in brazil could be on a collision course with the military after their union insisted it will continue with its blockades despite president michelle turner authorizing the army to step in to clear the highways major routes across the country is still blocked on the fifth day of the dispute with truckers angry a steep hike in diesel prices brazil's biggest city south palo has declared
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a state of emergency the nation's entire car industry is shut down and there are major food and fuel shortages now the european union has introduced new legislation to protect the privacy of its citizens known as g.d.p. our general data protection regulation requires organizations to protect the personal data of all residents or face fines for small organizations the change is problematic as paul brennan reports from berlin. european data holders have had two years to work out a game plan for g.d.p. are but the protection law intended to create a level playing field for data use has hit smaller groups hard this youth football club in berlin uses membership data to circulate newsletters and fixture lists the staff are all volunteers g.d.p. are is a major headache we have a home page and actually i love having photos of every team on the on the home page
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but no we're not sure if we can do it you're not going to be ready by friday are you. not completely. it's awful. for europe's tech companies g.d.p. are is an incentive to innovate payslips really a cappuccino at this trade expo in paris there are voice activated devices that don't actually share any data at all the consumers will get to choose right and they'll know better so they'll choose for equal features they'll choose the one that protects the privacy rights get it right though and a twenty four million dollar fine is a genuine worry it is it is and it's particularly worrying because you cannot be sure that you have implemented the rules the right way at the moment the recent deluge of g.d.p. our emails shows the ongoing uncertainty some ask customers to explicitly opt in
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others put the onus on the customer to opt out and others simply mention updated previously settings the facebook bridge and all its occur scandal may seem a world away from the g.d.p. our compliance requirements of a small sports club such as this but the fact is that even seemingly innocuous data when put together really starts to matter lobby groups and campaigners have broadly welcomed g.d.p. are as a reset button a wake up call they say for e.u. citizens to engage with some fundamental questions do i really want to continue giving this company my data and when need to do that is that it isn't necessary for much for me to make a conscious attempt or a conscious decision and what data they share a recent survey of german companies revealed to just twenty five percent of them expected to be able to meet the g.d.p. our deadline e.u. data regulators are expected to be sympathetic for now but after extra time comes
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penalties paul brennan al-jazeera berlin. there's more in everything we're covering right here the address you can see it there al-jazeera dot com. quick look at headlines now u.s. president donald trump says it's possible a plan summit with north korea could still go ahead on thursday trump canceled the june twelfth meeting in singapore with kim jong un citing anger and hostility from north korea the state department said had failed to reply to u.s. requests to help the summit help plan the summit responded by saying it remains willing to sit down for talks to result the nuclear issue and trump is now saying that the door is still open. we're going to see what happens we're talking to them that. there was a very very very big that put out we'll see what happens right. now we'll see
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what happens if that indeed while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens. disgraced hollywood film producer harvey weinstein is appeared in court in new york on sexual abuse charges the sixty six year old was released on a million dollar bail bond he faces right criminal sex act and abuse charges stemming from encounters with two women a number of hollywood stars came forward with accusations against weinstein last year sparking the me to movement is lawyer says he'll plead not guilty. we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process mr weinstein they will be exonerated australia and the netherlands are holding russia legally responsible for the downing of malaysian airlines flight m h seventeen of ukraine in two thousand
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and fourteen on thursday international investigators said the missile used to shoot it down came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board died russian president vladimir putin has dismissed the allegations and island is holding a referendum on whether to relax some of its strictest abortion laws in europe voters have been asked if they want to repeal a law that effectively bans women from terminating the pregnancy the government says it would then introduce those allowing abortion in some cases you're up to date with all of the top stories more news coming up in twenty five minutes time off to rewind which is next.
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hello welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey here at al-jazeera english we have built a library of award winning documentaries over the past decade and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the very best of them this week going back to two thousand and ten on al-jazeera follow the heartwarming story of one man's determination to leave the poverty of us west african home in the liberian capital of monrovia risking his life to cross the sahara desert on the back of a pickup truck.


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