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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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new york city one of the world's biggest financial centers and home to one of its most important financial institutions. the federal reserve bank of new york or defect its manhattan headquarters sit on top of five hundred and eight thousand gold and it handles around eight hundred billion dollars of payments every day. johnson spice reports on its activity which moves markets around the world when no one thinks of the federal reserve in terms of cyberspace usually you think of you know economics you think of labor markets you think of macro models of the u.s. central bank and economists are poring over to try to decide what to do about interest rates it turns out of course that there's about three and a half trillion dollars of foreign funds being held at the new york fed and the fed is basically the account custodian for two hundred fifty foreign entities around
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the world. and its customers included bangladeshis central bank and it was to the new york fed that the hackers sent thirty five messages requesting payments from the bangladesh bank account. things could have been a lot worse but for an extraordinary coincidence millions of dollars hundreds of millions were never transferred because the name jupiter in the address for the bank happened to match that of an oil tanker nothing to do with the heist but on the list of u.s. sanctions against iran as a result most of the transfer orders were flagged as suspicious and blocked by the fed. and there were other reasons to transfer requests could have a suspicion they were different to most payments made by bangladesh bank they would formatted properly and these were large payments to individuals rather than organizations. but largely because the requests a p.
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it to be authentic aided by swift eighty one million dollars was sent. when i use my card in a foreign country for example or for a sudden large purchase it can trigger a simple fraud inquiry from my bank real time monitoring the technology is quite straightforward but in the case of the heist nothing like that happened at the fed the vast majority of the use payment requests that arrive on the doorstep of the new york fed are automatically executed you know they come to the swift network they have all the boxes ticked they're swift authenticated and so they automatically go out the door but fred stuff we're concerned enough about some of the payments to try to contact bangladesh bank at the end of service day they sent a message using swift and two more on friday but hackers had compromised bangladesh bank swift system and sabotaged
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a crucial printer in the dhaka office it wasn't until saturday that bangladesh bank staff realized what had happened and tried to contact the fed urgently could only use numbers they found on the internet lines that weren't oncet at the weekend on monday bangladesh bank finally got messages through to new york saying they'd been hacked. it would have been seen as stuff arrive to work in new york at seven thirty in the morning. the fed declined our invitation to provide someone for interview but said this while the event in february twenty sixth dean did not result in a breach or compromise of the new york fed systems we did view this as an opportunity to further strengthen the safety of global payments the new york fed perform certain screening all over and diligence on phones transfers sent both to and from the accounts of foreign central banks on our books the robust. this of
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cyber security around the global payment system must continue to be a priority for each participant in the chain. brussels belgium capital and home to european institutions as well as the headquarters of swift a co-operative organization owned by the banks that use it well in nineteen seventy three you have to go back then banks were sending messages to each other using the talents imagine getting ten thousand faxes a day not very secure not very automated so two hundred thirty nine banks from fifteen countries said let's use computers one hundred seventy three let's use global telecommunications and try to get it to work and they formed the society for world interbank financial telecommunication swift and today fast for its thousands of banks hundreds of two hundred countries and trillions of dollars
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a day flow through this with that work over ten trillion a day and it was swift messaging system that the hackers access to send messages to the fed. we always realize that sweet sweet spot were at the user's terminal at the end points which went out responsible for the physical security and for them keeping their own password safe and secure and other credentials and over time you can imagine as this cyber crime became much more sophisticated. swift should have been doing more or could have been doing more as we all know that. declined to be interviewed but said there is no indication that swiss network or cool messaging services have been compromised in the recent attacks on banks while our customers are individually responsible for the security of their own environments we fully recognize that the security over.
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customer security program. security swift. and the organization has introduced changes. under pressure over the heist changes have been made at some of the big institutions but will they be enough to stay ahead of the hackers and who was behind this ordinations theft. what happened to much of the money that was played a casino tables in the philippines isn't known but analysis by u.s. authorities and cyber security experts says the digital fingerprint found at the scene of the crime bangladesh banks computer systems points to north korea. in the u.k. the defense company b. a systems is subject to frequent attacks by hackers and helps other organizations
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defend themselves from cyber crime according to its experts the bangladesh bank heist bears the hallmarks of other attacks a distinctive code used to erase the tracks of hackers that also featured in an attack on sony pictures in twenty fourteen the u.s. government has blamed that on north korea a claim that north korea denies so we got a few clues from the tools that these attackers used in bangladesh bank and other attacks that we we've seen and the tools are very specific to a group called the wrists and this is a name that's been given by the security community and it's a group that has been involved in attacks on south korea than of volved attacks in the u.s. we've seen them in attacks in europe as well and they're almost certainly behind this this bangladesh bank heist as well the russian cyber security firm kaspersky lab has also said it found digital evidence that lazarus hackers made a direct connection from an ip address in north korea to
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a server in europe used to control systems infected by the group just perske said that was the first time they've seen a direct connection between lazarus and north korea and while it's possible the bangladesh hackers were trying to frame pin on yang north korean involvement was the most likely explanation. and in twenty. seventeen the then deputy director of the national security agency said private sector research linking north korea to the heist was strong linkage from sony actors to the bangladeshi bank actors is accurate that intonation state is wrong things that's a big. it's different. do you believe there are nations. i do. allegations or hacking whether from security firms or officials in the united states and south korea all denied by the north
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korean government but no matter who is behind the bangladesh bank job north career or an unknown crime syndicate could there be another cyber heist well there have already been more attempts in twenty seventeen taiwan's far eastern international bank was attacked by hackers trying to steal millions of dollars using the swift payment system the banks declined to comment russia's central bank has said hackers took control of computers at an unnamed russian bank in twenty seventeen and used the swift system to steal six million dollars and in february twenty eighth hackers tried to steal nearly two million dollars from india's city union bank the bank said there were similarities with the bangladesh case. on the trail of the missing millions i visited many places from the heart of the global financial system to developing countries old with different levels of
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technological sophistication but their banks all share one thing the messaging system swift and hackers have realized its users can make themselves phone dribble . maybe this is the victim but but it is at the cost of the global payments this is improving but in forcing the highest standards internationally is a challenge where i think the vulnerability is if there isn't a global a more global a coordinated response to these threats and the hackers have not gone away the bangladesh heist was a wake up call for the international banking system changes have been made the distract from hackers is constantly evolving and many institutions regard cyber security as the biggest risk they face today.
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they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore one of the nice witnesses the massive dictions and demolitions forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes one of many used on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every new. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and paladin as the consequence is a us president spends strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely and just against unions drives people we go and see if a bush and those people will trump and the ethics of foreign aid on our.
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exit polls suggest ireland has voted two to one in favor of relaxing the country's strict abortion laws. hello again my name's peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up for thirty days while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens donald trump says his highly anticipated summit with north korea could be back on a day after it was called off plus it's a prescription for disaster u.s. police discovered
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a massive hole of an. drug being blamed for an overdose epidemic. also this hoffa cycling mcu has made landfall in amman with fears it could be the country's worst storm on record. the top story there have been celebrations in ireland among those seeking changes to the country's strict abortion laws. exit polls suggest a two to one majority in favor of ending the ban on terminating pregnancies official results are expected on saturday afternoon but it comes thirty five years after another referendum enshrined some of the world's toughest anti abortion laws into the constitution. i just think we have a pretty great news is really. going to change a lot of things. this is on the. right you know
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this is the no i'm you know somebody on my it's a complicated issue but i do think it's you know women should be allowed to choose you know a lot of irish women have gone abroad to have abortions and it's a fact of life that people have abortions so i think it's only right that it should be allowed. i have not to have abortions be i was ecstatic because it was such a it could have been such a close call and i think a lot of us were expecting a no so to see about it was have seemed to me like a pretty enthusiastic yes that was amazing this referendum on abortion i asked voters if they wanted to repeal an article in the constitution it is known as the eighth amendment now that gives unborn fetuses the same right to life as the mother in effect banning the terminations of any pregnancy terminations are only allowed when the mother's life is at risk women who have an abortion face up to fourteen
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years in prison if voters do repeal the amendment the irish government has promised to introduce legislation that would allow abortion during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy island has some of the most restrictive abortion laws anywhere in europe by poland which only allows terminations in rare cases and in malta abortions are completely banned in the barca has the latest from the irish capital dublin. an early exit poll by the irish times repeated by other news agencies including reuters puts the results as follows sixty eight percent in favor of repealing the eighth amendment of the irish constitution thirty two percent in favor of keeping it in place the early exit polls seem to indicate a landslide win for the yes vote in some areas turnout was as high as sixty percent certain points during the day was much higher than in other previous votes including the last general election and including the last major referendum on same
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sex marriage back in two thousand and fifteen what we're seeing here appears to be a nation at a crossroads a nation that is prepared to embrace change a nation that is reevaluated women's rights and is prepared also to bring in changes to bring ireland more into line with the rest of the european union the official count begins at nine o'clock in the morning local time on saturday the official results will be given out later on saturday afternoon but it does look as if the yes campaign will be the side that will influence politics and irish society going forward for many many more years to come. as the form of irish central dot com the irish voice newspaper he says he's not surprised by the projected yes result. the dog that didn't bark in the whole referendum of the catholic church their advice and their ministrations and their sort of outrage about this bill went
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out city nowhere and the reason is very obvious most of the last twenty years have been embroiled in horrific cases of kind of silly. and again to people are saying you know you're not going to influence my vote what was amazing about is from peter in particular was a rural areas if the example is right we were in areas almost every county in our and it seems voted for his legislation now a good scenario before the vote was taken was a doubling which has got one point two million people in its catchment area was going to be key that they would vote happening in favor and then the rest of the country to vote against but based on his example the entire country ordered far and which is incredible if you go back to the previews and then in one thousand nine hundred three and the numbers were almost reverse. so it's a sign of you saw with same sex marriage you're seeing it now this is a country that's for aggressing on a very very fast rate they have
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a prime minister who's openly gay a son of an immigrant from the. it's a very very different country and i think the people themselves are probably very surprised to wake up tomorrow and they realized just what they did on terms of modernizing the contrary removing punishment from women fourteen year sends if you had an abortion. and so you know they were sick of the punishment i'm sick of demonizing and i think women in particular for her new jumpers the u.s. president all trump pass a test that has high stakes summit with the north korean leader kim jong il and could be back on a day after he called it off mr trump says he's having a very productive dialogue to revive the discussions south korea has welcomed the move as a white house correspondent kimberly helped as he delivered the commencement address at the u.s. naval academy president trump did not directly mention his canceled summit with north korea's leader but said the u.s. is prepared for whatever happens next the best way to prevent war. is to be
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fully prepared for war earlier while speaking to reporters outside the white house trump expressed optimism about meeting with kim jong un even suggesting the june twelfth summit he cancelled a date earlier could be back on now we'll see what happens it could even be that while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens white house officials say given the lack of preparation the prospect of a june twelfth summit is almost impossible they say their goal now is making sure if and when a meeting does occur that it's productive still on friday try.


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