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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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it perishable to lower the price of diesel by ten percent but that will leave it with a bill this year with the economy fragile of more than one and a quarter billion dollars truck drivers say their income has been hit by higher fuel prices caused by rising world all prices and the weakening of brazil's currency the reality for most of the drivers who want to brasilia never even asked about our demands but they want to reach a kind of an agreement but according to the information we have the representatives look for a meeting where they saw the proposal the government's offer has still to be approved by congress which will debate the issue next week many suppliers say it will take several days to return to normal by which time the tentative truce will be running out and brazil unless a long term settlement can be reached will have to face a similar crisis all over again. and then i'll go see it on one of cyrus in argentina the latest government appeal for help from the international monetary fund has provoked a mass protest. was. many argentinians
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blame i.m.f. imposed the stereotype measures for worsening the devastating economic collapse as fifteen years ago and in the one nine hundred ninety s. the value of the pesos sunk to new lows against the dollar president is asking for a multi-billion dollar i.m.f. loan seven activists from cameron's english speaking region of being jailed for between ten to fifteen years for acts of terrorism including activist and journalist mantra big see for is a legit role in organizing demonstrations calling for more rights for angle phones in the french majority country at least seventeen people have died in the northwest and southwest regions where activists are calling for autonomy the angle of phone minority has long complained of discrimination at the hands of the french speaking government. hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein's first appearance in court has been welcomed by women who've accused him of sexual assault he's been charged
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with the rape and sexual abuse of two women move being hailed as a victory for the me too movement weinstein handed him self in on friday but his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty his career imploded last year following allegations by more than one hundred women police in the united states have made a record breaking seas ear of illegal drugs with enough doses to kill millions of addicts fastener worth twenty million dollars was found hidden in a trunk during a routine traffic stop and the brassica the synthetic drug is up to fifty times more potent than heroin john hendren reports. it is one of the biggest seizures of an opioid drug in u.s. history in the hidden compartment of a truck nebraska state police found fifty three and a half kilograms of fentanyl worth twenty million dollars on american streets according to the u.s. drug enforcement agency that is potentially enough to kill twenty six million
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people you take that much fat all off the street you are saving lives and that's what our nebraska state troopers are doing driver felipe gin iommi naya and passenger nelson union were arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute when you're made of the opioid epidemic in the u.s. has left police and medical services struggling to cope with the sheer number of overdoses and deaths it's a time bomb it's a prescription for disaster it totally has the potential to kill them if they're not expecting that the u.s. centers for disease control found that most of the drug overdoses in the u.s. are due to fenton a drug thirty to fifty times as powerful as heroin i have never seen anything like that from my almost forty years of working and i believe that that overdose rate will increase i think once and drugs like this are in our marketplace if we don't find a way to interrupt that cycle more and more people will use it opioids kill one hundred
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fifteen americans every day this police video shows a man near death in skokie illinois revived by the drug nor can which many police in the country now carry a few songs signs grains of fencing all are enough to kill most people when they do overdose the lucky ones end up at places like stroger hospital in chicago but many don't make it at all in terms of the sheer volume it's really the biggest we've had that the rate of rise of fatalities in cook county has just stepped up up on the twenty fifteen we had about six hundred sixty five fatalities the next year we had eleven hundred and for the past year we're collecting the statistics on. and it looks like it'll be at least at that level maybe a bit higher u.s. police say the strength of fentanyl they're recovering from black market drug dealers is more powerful than ever meaning its victims could in time be counted in the millions john hendren al-jazeera chicago. northern india is in the
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grips of a heat wave temperatures are expected to climb to forty five degrees in new delhi by sunday the soaring mercury is worsening a water shortage spike in temperature is blamed for at least sixty deaths in neighboring pakistan charlotte both reports. when you hear that a water tanker is coming and you're in a heat wave without water tears are the no spin the battle week now with that will turn a house that was suppressed to do in the foothills of the himalayas the town of shimla has run out of water resistant so it's like living in an oven where they can't cook least learn shower. we all suffering from the water crisis the whole community is only one type of comes but it's not enough we cannot even get to one bucket of water it is not just this area but in other areas as well it has been two to three weeks without water water tank is a being used across northern india but even there says rush and some people are
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allowed just five liters of water a day in comparison when cape town wasn't around earlier this year the limit was ten times that the risk of water borne illnesses increases when people try to live only some fifty liters a day in northern india is seeing that firsthand. the call is severing from vomiting diarrhea and fever the doctor has given him injections and put him on a sailing trip now things are better. nearly five hundred kilometers from shimla the morata district hospital is full of children sick from heat exposure and contaminated water. patients coming here are suffering from a mix of viral and bacterial diarrhea eighty percent of the children coming to outpatient department are affected by seasonal communicable diseases it is my belief that the children of juda the rising temperatures or. water shortages are not new in india but climate change is the country cracking under ever hotter
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summers the link of heat waves is increasing last year was india's fourth hottest on record and reservoir levels are at their lowest in a decade leaving drinking water out of reach just when it's needed the most shallow ballast al-jazeera. colombia will soon become nato's first latin american so-called global partner it's set to join the military alliance next week president juan manuel santos says the deal signed after the peace accord with fogge rebels will improve colombia's image on the world stage. on sunday colombians go to the polls to pick a new president one of the biggest challenges for whoever wins will be to keep the peace agreement with fogge rebels on track the deal ended fifty years of guerrilla warfare but other rebel groups and the emergence of new ones also be a headache for the next leader our latin america editor lucien human reports. a year ago more than five hundred disarmed fark rebels came to this camp to begin
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a transition into civilian life as part of a peace deal that was supposed to include government and extensive land reform and now more than half of them have left many to join the dissidents. giovani castro is still here but like many says the government to see them. one year after signing we see that those who refused to disarm right my respects they were proven right while we live here humiliated in a room made of materials that produce cancer. many tell us they feel frustrated and betrayed by their own leaders the problem with the peace process goes beyond land distribution and economic aid just as importantly the government vow to guarantee the safety of the demobilized rebels instead they are now sitting ducks with no protection. this area was once
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undisputed far territory controlled by the rebels six front. its former commander. says that in the last few months at least seven of his men have been murdered. we wanted to abandon war but there are many sectors that want to push us back we are concerned because the territory that was under our control is now in the hands of many different groups. one of them is a new rearmed version of the e.p.l. the people's liberation army which recently put out this video showing off its new weapon. infalling to hunt down fark members. the leader of the code into indigenous community tells us that the e.p.l. is trying to take over their land and recruit members in this lucrative drug trafficking region just like the find one state eyepieces here in this territory there is no presence of the e.p.o. the e.o. and the dissident groups and also other illegal paramilitary groups. here and they
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are spreading throughout colombia quickly filling a power vacuum. dashing the dreams of rural communities and former rebels who believed however briefly that the armed conflict here was. seen as just see that colombia. the rango crisis in may in my eyes made headlines worldwide but another minority is also being persecuted ethnic chin refugees have crossed the border into india in their thousands since the one nine hundred sixty s. his party jacob reports from statesmen was cracking down on the remainder is discourage them from even thinking about returning. the chin hills of myanmar lie just east of the indian state of missouri eighteen years ago creel to me walked across the border into india with the five children to escape what she calls false labor by the military. we'd be forced to carry heavy loads for the soldiers and
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follow them for days on end distant towns we couldn't refuse there was no one to look after my small children a new life in missouri was tough at first but the sixty six year old says it's better now the traditional designs she weaves in the loom is not only to old many can refuse you say they fled harshman into rural poverty and religious persecution and but this majority myanmar ethnically related to local musicians who share the christian faith making it easier for them to integrate an estimated sixty to eighty thousand of them live in working as a formal laborers and trade but this is a poor indian state where even local struggle to get jobs while many. have made the hells of their home the lack of jobs and the desire of nation and political asylum grow all those are the capital of delhi where things don't always work out for the best in delhi's jennifer jennifer you stand out of often face problems with language and culture but community churches support network refugee cause issued by
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the un help them access basic services but little else most have lived here for decades in poverty unable to find employment or education for their children close to four thousand should a few jews are registered with the un in delhi once the largest ethnic group fiji group. they say the reason violence in myanmar means it's still not a safe place for ethnic or religious minorities. and. no other religions other ethnic culture. here memorize. and then the system remained the same and if that's before bureaucratic paperwork is also trapped many refugees in legal limbo a.t.o.l. tunnel says indian officials have denied visas required to join his daughter was resettled in australia in two thousand and eight and they're not alone many long term fiji's hope to resettle in the third country but according to un globally
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fewer than one percent are resettled and with more than seventeen million refugees in the world today they wait may be a long while political al-jazeera delhi india. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now the u.s. president says he's had a very productive talks with north korea aimed at getting the summit back on track in his latest tweet donald trump said the meeting with leader kim jong un could still take place on june the twelfth in singapore. you can see what we're talking to them that. there was a very nice statement that went out we'll see what happens. now we'll see what happens it could even be while we're talking to them now they very much want to do what we'd like to do we're going to see what. exit polls from
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a referendum in ireland suggest a majority of voters want to change strict abortion laws they've projected a landslide victory for yes voters which sixty eight percent in favor of repealing what's called the eighth amendment official results are expected on saturday afternoon cyclonic has made landfall in oman bringing strong winds and torrential rains seven people have died across oman and yemen forty people are still missing thousands of people have been evacuated from coastal areas. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a measure requiring the pentagon to investigate whether american troops tortured detainees in yemen hundreds of men are reportedly gone missing after a search for tireder fighters u.s. defense leaders say their forces did question detainees in yemen but deny any knowledge of human rights abuses u.s. police have made a record breaking seizure of illegal drugs with enough doses to kill millions of
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addicts phone till is worth twenty million dollars was found hidden in a truck during a routine traffic stop in nebraska the synthetic drug is up to fifty times more potent than heroin in argentina the latest government appeal for help from the international monetary fund is provoking a mass protest many argentinians blame i.m.f. impose the story to measures for worsening the devastating economic collapses fifteen years ago and in the nine hundred ninety s. it's inside story now stay with us. on counting the cost we'll look at how investors are reacting to the collapse of the trump kim singapore summit. what it's really has fallen out of a more date with the rest of europe was on the rise we look at some of the fresh is pushing up the price of oil. counting the cost and i just you know. what now for north korea donald trump cancels the much awaited talks with kim jong
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il one. of the only known to change his mind sometime in the future is what happens to the north's nuclear weapons now this is inside story. and and welcome to the program on this of pran i'm shocking perplexing and unexpected just some of the reactions to donald trump canceling his highly anticipated summit with ken joan and singapore next month the north said trump's decision was extremely regrettable a sentiment echoed worldwide as a missed opportunity for peace the u.s. president called it a sad moment of history and the white house blamed north korea's trade of broken promises in a letter to kim trump said sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility
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displayed in your most recent statement i feel it's an appropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting you talk about your nuclear capabilities but the so massive and powerful that i pray to god they'll never have to be used well despite trump surprise announcement north korea has not given up hope that talks will eventually happen the north's was foreign ministers said they regretted trumps decision bought that they were willing to meet any time to resolve any issues he also praised for his bold decision to engage with the north recently now the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. left a long legacy of distrust between implacable enemies and the united states japan and other regional neighbors felt. increasingly threatened by nuclear bomb tests and the launching of more than a dozen long range ballistic missiles last year trump called kim the rocket man on a suicide mission kim accuse trump of being mentally deranged and head out of military exercises which he said threatened invasion but diplomatic progress had
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been made since last month mike pompei a became only the second u.s. secretary of state to meet a north korean leader champ welcomed home three americans freed from jail as a goodwill gesture by north korea also last month for the use of the north and south took his stark steps during their unprecedented meeting in the demilitarized zone both committed to finally signing a peace treaty to formally end the korean war and for his first foreign trip kim went to china to see his ally president xi jinping well let's now get the thoughts of our guests joining us from washington d.c. is meant our over former u.s. diplomat and career desk officer in the arch mason lecture at university of east anglia rah is also author of japan's relations with north korea and recalibration of risk and on skype from seoul is the one coup publisher of korea exposé he writes about korean politics and current affairs
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a very warm welcome to all of you must over president trump has said that this is a loss for north korea and for the world but are you surprised why not surprised president trump has been as reactive about canceling the summit as he was about initiating or responding to its invitation in the in the first place i am a bit surprised. that he wasn't invested enough to to continue with it beyond this point mr coe why do you think the u.s. president really canceled the summit. there were indications north korea and you know the students at fundamental difference.


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