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that he says that some people some people of members of the community have over the years already been given alternative lands the talking about dealing and trying to sift out in posters and also the very delicate balance between conserving this very important what was the catchment areas and the rights of this indigenous community . if here he says it's releasing any theory here in born british citizen jailed under the country's anti terror law and the grassroots say was secretary-general of the opposition group being bought seven labeled a terrorist group by the theo paean government britain has been trying to secure seagate's release since his arrest here his newly elected prime minister. has secured the release of several thousands of prisoners including high profile politicians and journalists. made landfall in oman bringing strong winds and torrential rains three people died the coastal city of at least five
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other people were killed when the island. for sea faithful are missing thousands have been moved away from coastal areas i'm involved has more from. but there is a general sense of relief after the west of the cycle one has and that's because during the last few days that you are lodging services issued reports talking about a category two like alone that could hit this country and could be one of the most destructive in its recorded history however when it's made landfall tonight the cycle on lost much of its power and it also did not the eye it was like one did not directly hit here in the city. that has about two hundred thousand people in it. instead it passed about seventy five kilometers to the southwest of here and that's an area with population in relation. to somalia here also i mean they
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force talking about only the deaths of two people during the night one of them is a twelve year old girl and the other piece a man who was driving in the streets when his car drifted into a family that was flooded. so there is as i said the sense of relief here due to the mobilization that the government has launched in the last few days and the awareness among the people here the damage was limited talking about material damage we don't have figures yet i think that assessment is still going on and there will be probably more information about this in the next few hours or days. police in the united states have made a record breaking seizure of an illegal drug with enough doses to kill millions of addicts fentanyl worth twenty million dollars was found hidden in a truck during a routine traffic stop in nebraska a synthetic drug is up to fifty times more potent than heroin john had reports. it
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is one of the biggest seizures of an opioid drug in u.s. history in the hidden compartment of a truck nebraska state police found fifty three and a half kilograms of fentanyl worth twenty million dollars on american streets according to the u.s. drug enforcement agency that is potentially enough to kill twenty six million people you take that much fat all off the street you are saving lives and that's what our nebraska state troopers are doing driver felipe gin iommi naya and passenger nelson union were arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute when you're made of the opioid epidemic in the u.s. has left police and medical services struggling to cope with the sheer number of overdoses and deaths it's a time bomb it's a prescription for disaster it totally has the potential to kill them if they're not expecting that the u.s. centers for disease control found that most of the drug overdoses in the u.s. are due to fenton a drug thirty to fifty times as powerful as heroin i have never seen anything like
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this when my almost forty years of working and i believe that overdose rate will increase i think once in drugs like this or in our market place if we don't find a way to interrupt that cycle more and more people will use it opioids kill one hundred fifteen americans every day this police video shows a man near death in skokie illinois revived by the drug nor can which many police in the country now carry a few songs signs grains of fencing all are enough to kill most people when they do overdose the lucky ones end up in places like stroger hospital in chicago but many don't make it at all in terms of the sheer volume it's really the biggest we've had that the rate of rise of fatalities in cook county has just stepped up up on the twenty fifteen we had about six hundred sixty five fatalities the next year we had eleven hundred and for the past year we're collecting the statistics on. it looks
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like it'll be at least at that level maybe of a bit higher us police say the strength of fentanyl they're recovering from black market drug dealers is more powerful than ever meaning its victims could in time be counted in the millions john hendren al-jazeera chicago. still ahead on al jazeera amid charges that the u.s. troops tortured detainees in yemen about congress demands action. brazil's president calls in the military to move striking truck drivers paralyze the country . hello there we're seeing some cloud of rain working its way across japan at the moment here's the system response bowker actually working its way towards the east so that means by the time we get to sunday it should be an awful lot drier for many
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of us here however behind it there's another weather system that's gradually pushing its way eastwards and this one's also got some rather lively downpours with it as well particularly for the far east in parts of china and into the far eastern parts of russia there as we head through monday by choose day that system should have gone away but there's another one following behind this one's a developing feature as we head through monday and again it could give us for the role the heavy outbreaks of rain for the southeastern parts of china there's been a lot of wet weather here over the last twenty four hours will save some places reporting around eighty or ninety millimeters of wet weather still plenty more showers force on sunday but they'll gradually ease as we head through monday and this whole system will gradually sink its way towards the south that means for many of us there will be some drier weather including for us in shanghai but the southeast could still see a fair amount of cloud and a few outbreaks of rain including force in hong kong and across into the northern parts of vietnam to the further towards the south and force in the philippines a good deal of dry weather just a handful of showers here as far more wet weather out towards the west sumatra is
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looking particularly soggy. thanks not to mention lines to some friends because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day it is an urgent national necessity to be officially requested the education of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. machine at this time.
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welcome back you're watching our desert time to recap our headlines now the north and south korean leaders met saturday at the border village of panmunjom to discuss the proposed u.s. north korea summit word of the previously announced meeting broke a few minutes ago this comes a day after the u.s. president said he had very productive talks with north korea aimed at getting a summit back on track canceled the talks on thursday. has begun in ireland after friday's referendum on relaxing laws on abortion exit polls suggest sixty eight percent of people voted in favor of repealing what's called the eighth amendment official results are expected on saturday afternoon. made landfall in amman bringing strong winds and torrential rains seven people have died across a man in the other forty people were missing. u.s.
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politicians want to know whether american troops tortured prisoners in yemen the u.s. house of representatives has voted to require the defense secretary to find out hundreds of yemenis are reported to have disappeared into a secret network of prisons run by the united arab emirates as troops search for al qaeda fighters american officials acknowledge the interrogation of suspects but deny human rights abuses problems has more from washington. the associated press news agency was the first to uncover the existence of a network of secret prisons in yemen run by the united arab emirates in a report published last year the eighteen secret prisons reportedly have as many as two thousand prisoners and those prisoners have been subjected to a variety of brutal tortures including electric shocks beatings burning and sexual abuse those findings were largely confirmed by
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a special panel of experts appointed by the u.n. now this legislation passed by the house is part of a much larger defense department budget bill it would have to go to the senate to be then sent on to president trump for his signature to become law the senate just recently voted to approve gina haskell as director of the cia his haskell was allegedly involved in activities including torture at u.s. black site prisons in earlier years. according to u.s. law it is illegal for u.s. personnel to be involved in torture however those protections are much less stringent when it comes to surrogates or u.s. allies actually carrying out brutal acts the u.s. has been supporting the u. the u.a.e.
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and saudi arabia in their battle against who the rebels in yemen for about the past three years and brass creagh is an assistant professor of the defense studies department at king's college london he says more needs to be disclosed about u.s. actions in the amman. it is significant in that the american public needs to know what what the rule of the united states troops in that area is at the moment because nobody really knows on the other hand in terms of bringing an end to what is going on on these black sites i mean there's been a lot of evidence coming out of the last year suggesting that there are a range of different sorry it's operating in these present so u.s. as is not directly involved in actually setting up or running these sides because black sites have been somewhat maybe a little after two thousand and nine but what the u.s. has done they basically externalize this two sergeants mostly united arab emirates but even the united arab emirates have now again externalized this burden to local
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groups that they are cooperating with so they control and oversight as well as the attribution to the u.s. directly or indirectly will be very very difficult so even if there is a. they will be a some sort but ince the u.s. has taken some of that evidence is some of that into again came out of the interim it wouldn't directly mean that the u.s. can do anything about it i think the operating results president has ordered the military to intervene in a nationwide truck driver strike the government and the truck drivers union reached an agreement to suspend the walkout on thursday but not all drivers are respecting the new deal on the reports. the strike began last monday with truck driving a few years calling for lower fuel prices brazil is heavily reliant on its cargo being transported by road and after striking drivers erected road blocks the country was very soon suffering fuel and food shortages especially in the major
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cities yesterday us forces fed that ice i called the federal security forces to clear the roads and i'm asking the governors to do the same we will not allow people to go without basic products we will not allow consumers to go without products we will not allow hospitals to go without supplies to save lives. long lines formed outside gas stations where some kinds of fuel ran out while supermarkets reported shortages especially of perishable goods production at many auto factories was paralyzed there were one million tons of grain could not be shipped out of the ports public transport services were cut in some cities and. this is worrying everyone there's no fruit or vegetables at the markets and there's almost nothing it's an absolute shame the markets don't have anything after a full day of negotiations the government to most of the unions reached agreements
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to suspend the strike the fifteen days the government has offered to lower the price of diesel by ten percent but that will leave it with a bill this year with the economy fragile of more than one and a quarter billion dollars truck drivers say their income has been hit by higher fuel prices caused by rising world all prices and the weakening of brazil's currency the reality for most of the drivers who want to brasilia never even asked about our demands but they want to reach a kind of an agreement but according to the information we have that are present just look for a meeting where they saw the proposal the government's offer has still to be approved by congress which will debate the issue next week many suppliers say it will take several days to return to normal by which time the tentative truce will be running out and brazil unless a long term settlement can be reached will have to face a similar crisis all over again down a shrine there. when the cyrus more now on our breaking news story the unexpected
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meeting between the north and south korean leaders to discuss the proposed u.s. north korean summit under thomas joins us now live from seoul so what we know about the sandra. well first of all what a surprise it was nobody saw this coming not the south korean media not politicians outside of the korean peninsula it's all a complete shock and a complete contrast to the summit that was held very publicly on april twenty seventh the the first big summit between the leaders of north and south korea this one the follow up clearly organized at the last moment clearly organized in secret held in secret and it's just happened it's clearly happened in the context of the on again off again summit between donald trump and kim jong un and the blue house the home of the south korean president has put out a very brief statement saying that of course what was discussed was trying to get that big summit back on track now we'll know more details of what exactly was discussed on sunday morning south south korean time at the moment though safe to
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say that just the very fact that these two leaders have met so swiftly after donald trump called off that summit with kim jong il and this really is a major development now they met on the north south korean border but actually just on the northern side so president moon went over the border to meet his north korean counterpart that much we know exactly what was discussed and what wasn't we don't but it was a very secretive talks nobody knew about it in advance and these talks went on with over two hours from three pm to five pm local time so they would have wrapped up about three and a half hours ago now the fact that they met the fact that the meeting was at this level to leaders of the countries of north and south korea will be too much to read into that a positive sign or signal for the prospects of the trump. summit. but we're looking for positive signs and certainly even without this news the signs were looking more positive than they were twenty four hours ago simply because
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donald trump has said some pretty positive things on twitter and publicly to reporters in washington and we've seen the active moves by the south koreans and the north koreans to try and salvage something to try to get this summit back on track so i don't think know that it's too much to read into the fact that these two leaders have met that this is looking more positive for the summit overall between the u.s. and north korea of course also important that the north and south korean leaders have a hotline now established ready for important talks but they chose not to use that they chose to meet in person and that's again is a sign that they want these personal relationships they value these personal relationships and they think that meeting in person might help to get things back on track so again no i don't think you're wrong to say positive signs and it's certainly was already looking positive even without this news but it is very dramatic news and it seems like a major step forward towards getting that summit back on track but in the twelve it's been a bit of a roller coaster hasn't it with the trump kim summit on of on off
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how is all of that playing out in the sort of public psyche in south korea. rollercoaster is the word it really has been on again off again nobody quite knows what to think you talk to people and in south korea in seoul and they were so positive about this summit between donald trump and kim jong un they didn't really go back six months far inferior in all of that they certainly thought that they had a very uneasy few years ahead and what we've got now is news that this summit is potentially off then on then off and on people who just do not know what to think but they are positive generally today saturday that the sun is going to be back on when they hear this when they hear that their president has met with north korea's leader they'll be that much more positive again but it does leave people here in a sort of sense in a permanent sense of disbelief foremost that they can't believe the speed at which all these things are happening i mean again just go back forty eight hours ago we
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were looking forward to a summit that was then canceled that then looked like it might be back on it might just get back on and now suddenly we're looking at these two leaders meeting in person and the signs were very positive again all right good stuff there plenty to to watch out for as we come to the build up of this trump kim sign for now let's thank you very much our correspondent there andrew thomas reporting to us live from seoul. recap another story with him following now the vote counting has begun in ireland after five days a referendum on relaxing those abortion laws exit polls suggesting around seventy percent of people are in favor of repealing what's called the eighth amendment of the main group against changing the law has conceded defeat fischer results are expected on saturday afternoon the vote comes thirty five years after another referendum in shrines some of the world's toughest anti abortion laws into the
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constitution. the bark or is that a counting center in dublin. many would assume that this would be a very very closely fought race somebody even predict predicted that there may be a recount in some parts of the country when it where it might be very very close indeed but even if there is a huge margin of error this looks very much like a landslide for those that are after thirty four years of waiting for this law to be overturned have got what they wanted and indigenous people forced to leave their forest home in kenya are still waiting to return despite winning a court case against their vacation a year ago the people won the right to remain in the mouth forest where the government has not helped them to return or paid the court ordered two million dollars in compensation. say the government wanted them out so illegal loggers could steal from there and says strong land it's inside story now so stay with us
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here on al-jazeera. what now for north korea donald trump canceled much awaited talks with kim jong il and. their ability now to change its mind sometime in the future to what happens to the world's nuclear weapons now this is inside story. and welcome to the program on this of pran i'm shocking perplexing and unexpected
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just some of the reactions to donald trump canceling his highly anticipated summit with ken jiang on and singapore next month the north said trump's decision was extremely regrettable a sentiment echoed worldwide as a missed opportunity for peace the u.s. president called it a sad moment of history and the white house blamed north korea's trade of broken promises in a letter to kim trump said sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it's an appropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting you talk about your nuclear capabilities but our the so massive and powerful that i pray to god they'll never have to be used to spot trump surprise announcement north korea has not given up hope that talks will eventually happen the north's ministers said they regretted trumps decision bought that they were willing to meet any time to resolve any issues he also praised him for his bold decision to engage with the north recently now the korean war in. one
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nine hundred fifty s. left a long legacy of distrust between implacable enemies and the united states japan and other regional neighbors felt increasingly threatened by nuclear bomb tests and the launching of more than a dozen long range ballistic missiles last year trump called kim the rocket man on a suicide mission kim accuse trump of being mentally deranged and head out of military exercises which he said threatened invasion but diplomatic progress had been made since last month mike pompei a became only the second u.s. secretary of state to meet a north korean leader trump welcomed home three americans freed from jail as a goodwill gesture by north korea also last month for the use of the north and south took his stark steps during their unprecedented meeting in the demilitarized zone both committed to finally signing a peace treaty to formally end the korean war and for his first foreign trip kim went to china to see his ally president xi jinping well let's now get the thoughts
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of our guests joining us from washington d.c. is meant our over former u.s. diplomat and career desk officer in the arch mason lecture at university of east anglia rah is also author of japan's relations with north korea and recalibration of risk and on skype from seoul is the one coup publisher of korea exposé he writes about korean politics and current affairs a very warm welcome to all of you must over president trump has said that this is a loss for north korea and for the world but are you surprised one not surprised president trump has been as reactive about canceling the summit as you was about initiating or responding to its invitation in the in the first place i am a bit surprised. that he wasn't invested enough to to continue with it beyond this point mr coe why do you think the u.s.
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president really cancelled the summit. well there were indications to north korea and united states at fundamental differences when it came to how the vision that the nuclear as efficient process there's been a lot of talk about how i you know it is due to my want to duplicate just a little libyan model in dismantling the nuclear program in north korea which meant a north korea would have to need significant concessions before there can be any kind of rewards and then we have seen until recently had no interest in going along with this when you were so i think if you're to has a lot of commentators here in south korea they would tell you that the u.s. government might simply a con to the religious and that they just don't have enough time before this single or summit to clarify all the details work out all the differences so it might just be better to cancel it at this time and try to have another one scheduled in the near future mr mason donald trump has blamed north korea's hostile rhetoric for
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canceling the summit and american officials have also pointed out that north korean officials missed meetings to prepare for the summit that they went on so in their phones was north korea committed to the summits yes i think north korea was committed to the summit but i think there is in one sense a cultural difference here and also a tactical difference north korea certainly would like and has for a long time wanted to draw the united states into a direct dialogue with the means by which they do that if you like the way in which the goalposts are set in a way we're in a way in which the protocol if it's followed is quite different on both sides and so there's a game of kind of one upmanship but also demonstrating who is able to call the shots here i think some of the way in which this is broken down is jus to a misunderstanding by which that should proceed with all the way in which that should proceed. mr over do you think that how much of this misunderstanding might
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come from different voices in the u.s. administration and is does the u.s. administration have a unified diplomatic strategy for dealing with north korea do you think one dull for that the united states has any real coherent strategy when it comes to north korea at all and i think that national security advisor john bolton president someone who is very much an ideological hardliner who is skeptical about diplomacy and this summit from the start and then secretary of state he also someone who's conservative but his outlook is somewhat different he his perspective is just generating successes for the president. mr mason how does the u.s. administration if there if there's any chance that a summit can actually take place again as they're both the u.s. and north koreans have said they hope will happen how does the u.s.
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administration go about reconciling these real differences coming from with then of there this is an important question i think the next move in terms of moving back towards dialogue would certainly be for sectors that might pompei oh perhaps to make another visit to north korea there might need to be mediation from china as well china will be a key player in this and so the u.s. will need to find a way to present itself which which avoids losing political capital at home in other words sustains this idea of legitimacy of genuinely moving towards dialogue engaging in north korea but at the same time has to show some kind of reconciliation or some kind of move back towards the north koreans otherwise the north koreans will not be able to project this image of legitimacy to their own people and also be able to kind of move the relationship with china and the united states forward where we have actually heard from the chinese foreign ministry
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reaction to the cancellation of the summits let's just say listen in. well me so we've been humming through that i'm sure far as a party that's concerned about the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula we think that a meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders would have a pivotal role in promoting the denuclearization process in the present situation we really hope that the united states and north korea can cherish the recent positive progress exercised patients show goodwill and meet each other halfway and can continue to be dedicated to solving each other's concerns three talks and to work together to promote the denuclearization process the soko china saying that they are hopeful that a summits can still take place that the progress that's been made in the last few weeks and months can be built upon what role do you see china playing now were it disappointing in time china really remains on very strong backer all of korea desist a country in general and tools to is it just
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a destination is always first member state visit since taking power in china has shown tremendous support for the korean regimes throughout this process despite the fact that it has sent some very difficult relationship with kim jong un's because kim jong un was proceeding with the nuclear program south korean government certainly has indicated that it sees china very much as a partner in bringing about dialogue and to some extent china has been a much more friendly country to south korea's of rules to doing with the nuclear energy shunned in the united states mr mason do you think that china how willing do you think china is to play a role in this process now given that president trumps aim to point the finger at china a few days ago when the north started being a little bit hesitant to go ahead with the summit. yeah i mean certainly there's a i'm sure there's a degree of irritation from the chinese side towards the attitude if you like or at
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least the public attitude of the united states administration but overall i think the chinese will welcome the opportunity to continue to play a mediating role because all of this is playing into a much broader strategic. long term game if you like of the chinese dominate beginning to dominate if you're the soft power arena and what i mean by that is to say that china has already been able to take the lead on things like climate change on military deescalation in other areas and so a role was previously played by the united states of the kind of international statesman of the international police force has begun to shift slightly towards beijing and this presents a positive image for of china to the world and present the image of china as a responsible player both regionally and globally and that's something that beijing seeks to improve and to continue so i think they will they will welcome this is an as an opportunity rather than as a threat or
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a challenge. and mr obama what about japan's role in all of this where is china and south korea have expressed disappointment japan has always been much warier about this process with north korea words of turn has had a very tough time staying relevant in north korea for years really because. it's not south korea it's not one of the two koreas and it doesn't have the leverage or the clout that china. or the united states does so japan's interest is really in staying relevant in north korea policy game and in a way that benefits when tensions are higher between the united states and north korea because it has been an advocate of the pressure again pain and it is a friend to the hardliners in the ministration. mr kerr how it fell looking on at what's happened to president hu and jay and said that he was perplexed but what
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does the cancellation of the summit if anything mean for north south relations well that's a good question there has been a statement coming out of the presidential blue house today that despite this enormous setback south korea has continued to try and get these important parties to do he's process talking at the same time to go going to government will continue to remain committed to improving relations with north korea which according to its own vision was supposed to include significant economic aspects as well the question though at this juncture is where there any of this is really going to be especially feasible when everybody is aware that the ultimate goal north korea wants is to be taken seriously as a state actor and to rejoin the international community to gain that legitimacy that it's been craving for a long time and above all to undo the kind of international sanctions.


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