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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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conference finals coming up a little later in sports. but first a quiet revolution that's how arlen's prime minister ads is describing the purse to ease abortion laws. there were cheers and some tears at a vote counts and censor early results so a two thirds win for the yes campaign in friday's referendum the iris prime minister says new laws should be in place by the end of the year while many were celebrating as you can see others were concerned about the implications of a change in the law. only different countries than opposing you know if you see i think it's a sad day for this country personally i think that. in the long term i think if you do see some of the basic. human women are going to the women taking their rightful
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place in irish times he finally and we cannot thank everybody enough and. absolutely in this country in the experiences of women in the trauma of the birth to be disposed of that rejection into the trees and women and there's the it's amazing and still a little bit in shock and i was confident that we were going to get a yes vote but i didn't think it would be by this much the barker joining us from dublin so as the results come in me of are they indicating are they rather confirming what the exit polls have been indicating all along. well look you join me at dublin call small in the store explosive the irish capital this is how. the yes campaign. of the one showing results in this highly contagious referendum so. results coming in from the three major cities let
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them go away establish a central school south central all of these three cities have the situ and see where they post consistently. then sixty percent dublin central seventy six percent a must have turnouts in various different parts of the country across the board logically more than sixty percent in general it tells of course seemed to confirm all the exit polls say that this country has voted largely overwhelmingly in support of repealing the eighth amendment but it does in the view of many people who gathered here to celebrate does allow women a greater degree of autonomy when it comes to rights over their bodies rights over whether or not to terminate pregnancies and often challenging in difficult circumstances the final results will not be known until a little bit later on it will be announced here the clearly the celebrations here
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at least for now we've already begun and how confidence was the yes campaign ahead of this vote. well i think it's fair to say that the. distrust almost. every lacking of the us was the best way of describing it people always assumed that it would be a closely four race that in some parts of the country it would be too close to call and that would possibly being a rerun the recounts of some of the votes what nobody really expected was such a huge margin that the exit polls have now predicted as i said we're still waiting to see what the final results on the early celebration has already begun but people are really sort of explaining these results in terms of a massive upsurge in support from young people we saw one hundred thousand new voters sign up ahead of this referendum turnout over the course of the day. on
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friday was much higher than in other large votes including the last general election and including the referendum over same sex marriage back in two thousand and fifteen but those appear the hold across the board the old distinctions between young and old between rolan been really dissolved the people have come together to back what they regard as being human rights human rights in favor of the woman's right to choose the right barkha thank you the u.s. politicians want to know whether american troops tortured prisoners in yemen the u.s. house of representatives has voted to require the defense secretary to find out hundreds of yemenis are reported to have disappeared into a secret network of prisons run by the united arab emirates as troops search for al qaeda fighters american officials acknowledge the interrogation of suspects but deny human rights abuses rob reynolds has more from washington. the associated
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press news agency was the first to uncover the existence of a network of secret prisons in yemen run by the united arab emirates in a report published last year the eighteen secret prisons reportedly have as many as two thousand prisoners and those prisoners have been subjected to a variety of brutal tortures including electric shocks beatings burning and sexual abuse those findings were largely confirmed by a special panel of experts appointed by the u.n. now this legislation passed by the house is part of a much larger defense department budget bill it would have to go to the senate to be then sent on to president trump for his signature to become law the senate just recently voted to approve gina haskell as director of the cia his haskell was
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allegedly involved in activities including torture at u.s. black site prisons in earlier years. according to u.s. law it is illegal for u.s. personnel to be involved in torture however those protections are much less stringent when it comes to surrogates or u.s. allies actually carrying out brutal acts the u.s. has been supporting the u. the u.a.e. and saudi arabia in their battle against who the rebels in yemen for about the past three years andrea scrag is an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london he says more needs to be disclosed about u.s. anx accents in yemen. it is significant in that the american public needs to know what what the role of the united states troops in that area is at the moment
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because nobody really knows on the other hand in terms of bringing an end to what is going on on these black sites i mean there's been a lot of evidence coming out of the last year suggesting that there are a range of different surrogates operate sitting in these presence of us as is not directly involved in actually setting up or running these files because like i have been somewhat maybe a little after two thousand nine but what you s. is done they basically externalize this to surrogates mostly united arab emirates but even the united arab emirates have now again externalized this burden to local groups that they're cooperating with so the control of oversight as well as the attribution to the u.s. directly or indirectly will be very very difficult so even if there is a there will be a some sort of evidence that the u.s. has taken some of that evidence some of that into a geisha came out of the interrogation it wouldn't directly mean that the u.s. can do anything about it i think the black side of the operation brazil's president has ordered the military to intervene in
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a nationwide truck driver strike the government and the truck drivers union reached an agreement to suspend the walkout on thursday but not all drivers are respecting the new deal as daniels one of the reports. the strike began last monday with truck driving a few years calling for lower fuel prices brazil is heavily reliant on its cargo being transported by road and after striking drivers are active roadblocks the country was very soon suffering fuel and food shortages especially in the major cities yesterday us forces fed that ice i called the federal security forces to clear the roads and i'm asking the governors to do the same we will not allow people to go without basic products we will not allow consumers to go without products we will not allow hospitals to go without supplies to save lives. long lines formed outside gas stations where some kinds of fuel ran out while
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supermarkets reported shortages especially of perishable goods production at many auto factories was carolina just over one million tons of grain could not be shipped out of the ports public transport services were cut in some cities. this is worrying everyone there's no fruit or vegetables at the markets and there's almost nothing it's an absolute shame the markets don't have anything after a full day of negotiations the government to most of the unions reached agreements to suspend the strike the fifteen days the government has offered to lower the price of diesel by ten percent but that will leave it with a bill this year with the economy fragile of more than one and a quarter billion dollars truck drivers say their income has been hit by higher fuel prices caused by rising world all prices and the weakening of brazil's currency the reality for most of the drivers who want to brasilia never even asked about our demands but they want to reach
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a kind of an agreement but according to the information we have that are present just look for a meeting when they saw the proposal the government's offer has still to be approved by congress which will debate the issue next week many suppliers say it will take several days to return to normal by which time the tentative truce will be running out and brazil unless a long term settlement can be reached will have to face a similar crisis all over again than a shrine that al-jazeera one of cyrus. take a look at these live pictures coming to us from paris that's where dozens of french labor unions left wing political parties and civil rights groups are protesting against the pro business policies of president. according to them so they're demanding social justice and similar protests are taking place across the country more than fifteen hundred police officers have been mobilized in paris to prevent activists not associated with the official protest from causing damage.
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cycle open mic who has made landfall in all bringing strong winds and tarantula rains three people died after it hit the coastal city of at least five other people were killed when it hit the yemeni island of so culture on thursday forty people are missing thousands have been moved away from coastal areas. has more from somalia. well there is a general sense of relief after the worst of the cycle on has and that's because during the last few days that your logical services issued reports talking of a category two hike alone that could hit this country and could be one of the most destructive in its recorded history however when it's made landfall tonight the cycle on lost much of its power and it also did not the eye it was like one did not directly hit here in the city. that has about two hundred thousand people in it. instead it passed about seventy five kilometers to the southwest of here and i saw
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an area with nation in relation. to here also i mean very force talking about only the two people during the night one of them is a twelve year old girl he's a man who was driving in the streets when his car drifted through eight. so there is as i said the sense of relief here due to the mobilization of the government has launched in the last few days and the awareness among the people here the damage was limited talking about material damage we don't have figures yet i think that assessment is still going on and there will be probably more information about this in the next few hours or days. and the heat wave is worsening the water shortage in northern india temperatures in new delhi are expected to soar to forty five degrees celsius neighbor of pakistan's also suffering at least sixty deaths are reported there charlotte ballasts reports. when
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you have the water tankers coming and you're in a heat wave without water kids are they know it's been a battle week now with that we'll turn what we suggested to you in the foothills of the himalayas the town of shimla has run out of water resistant saying it's like living in an oven with a cancun lease alone shower. we all suffering from the water crisis the whole community is only one type of comes but it's not enough we cannot even get to one bucket of water it is not just this area but in other areas as well it has been two to three weeks without water. water tank is a being used across northern india but even that is russian and some people are allowed just five liters of water a day in comparison when cape town was in drought earlier this year the limit was ten times that the risk of water borne illnesses increases when people try to live only some fifty liters a day in northern india is seeing that firsthand already that the book is separate
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from vomiting diarrhea and fever the doctor has given him injections and put him on a sailing trip now things are better nearly five hundred kilometers from shimla the more audubon district hospital is full of children sick from heat exposure and contaminated water. patients coming here are suffering from a mix of borrow and bacterial diarrhea i.v. percent of the children coming to outpatient department are affected by seasonal communicable diseases it is my belief that the children of ilja to the rising temperatures. water shortages are not new in india but climate change is the country cracking under the hottest summers the length of heat waves is increasing last year was india's fourth hottest on record and reservoir levels are at their lowest in a decade leaving drinking water out of reach just when it's needed the most shallow ballasts al-jazeera. john stephens here with an update on the weather in the
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americas stuff well we've been looking at the cycle own in oh man here's another one that's developing this one is called a subtropical storm it was a subtropical storm i hear you say well if you think about the storms that we normally have over a year or four say around south africa they're just normal storms that re strong winds high up in the atmosphere then you think of hearkens and they get their energy from the sea and their strongest winds are down by the ground now where you get a normal storm turning into a hurricane that's called a subtropical storm and that's what we're seeing at the moment around the caribbean so we've had this huge massive cloud across this region for well over a week it's been stretching its way northward giving a very heavy downpour through jamaica there and all the way up into florida and now it's within that that we're beginning to see the storm develop so we've already got some kind of rotation the thunderstorm clouds are just kind of playing catch up at the moment so they're building and gradually over the next few days we're expecting them to really get going so at the moment it's not really a favorable place for
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a hurrican to develop the winds high up in the atmosphere they're pretty strong that blow over anything that's developing but slowly this storm is beginning to emerge so we're expecting it to move northwards very very slowly and it's already giving us heavy rains over parts of cuba so that's where there's the greatest risk of the moments of seeing some flooding and as the storm moves its way northward it will hit the u.s. probably somewhere between louisiana and florida their rights there frank you for that well still ahead on the al-jazeera news our english speaking activists who want more rights in cameroon find themselves silenced plus. it's a prescription for disaster u.s. police discovery a massive haul of an illegal drug being blamed for an overdose epidemic and the jail leads to spanish superstar says he's coming to asia with big plans details a little later in sports.
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donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and power discovers the consequence is a us president spends strength can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely and just against unions drives people we go full on staff of bush and those people we trump and the ethics of foreign aid on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the leaders of north and south korea have met for their second enter korean summit and on kim jong il and held secret talks of the demilitarized zone they discussed the now canceled summit between kim and the u.s. president donald trump scheduled for june the twelfth the irish prime minister has described the push to ease the country's abortion laws as a quote quiet revolution early results so that two thirds when the for the yes campaign in friday's referendum new laws could be in place by the end of the year.
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cycle and make who has made landfall on bringing strong winds and torrential rains eight people have died across oman and yemen and forty three people are missing thousands have been moved to higher ground. indigenous people forced to leave their forest home in kenya are still waiting to return despite winning a court case against their rejection a year ago the people won the right to remain in the mouse forest the government hasn't helped them to return or pay the court order two million dollars in compensation nor have they apologized the all jacks say the government's wanted them out so illegal loggers could steal from their ancestral lands catherine soy has more from the northwest of the capital nairobi. on the some of the members of the union. address. i am there to manage and. luckily. i've. been very nostalgic about the good old days
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and basically the same day to celebrate the. human and people's right to. our right to live in the forest. and three they say that they are. the ends of the forest and land and they have been destroying the earth the government has been saying that the forest to be destroyed and nobody should be in there. a member of the cast that looks. into this park a good recommendation anything that basically the government has said they're willing and what is happening now is just trying to look into the. camp and for example they're trying to kill a number of the communities they're trying to. kill people
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that aren't claiming to be there. so there's also the usual pumping station very important and also the financing issue of the basin. and the right. he added i feel good for the government. for it had been a few days and it would be good to see. how can we drive the car and went down to the old me on the couch the boy. with the. china so have signed an agreement to resume ties the west african nation severed links with taiwan on thursday the second country to do so in a month taiwan has accused beijing of luring its friends away with offers of generous aid packages raising denies this saying taiwan is part of its territory and has no right to diplomatic ties with other countries the volatility of the
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turkish lira is bringing the country to the edge of a financial crisis the currency has had its worst week and month in almost nine years it hit a low of four point ninety three against the us dollar to helping ground the central bank raise the interest rate by three percentage points on wednesday then followed up on friday with a move to help companies repay some foreign currency debts the lira has lost more than twenty percent of its value since the start of the year all this comes as the country prepares for a general election next month simcoe civil glue has more from istanbul. economists say what turkish there has been suffering from is no different than any other developing countries currencies are suffering from but they emphasize that turkish economy has some structural problems which is the high external that evolved four hundred fifty billion dollars. foreign currency debt for the private sector so
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turkey has a lot of that to pay for and also the political situation in turkey the political instability inside turkey and out in the neighboring countries is another factor there is the state of emergency under way since the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen which is a major problem for many foreign investors for the last couple of months experts say that foreign capital has been withdrawing from the country due to that and the ruling party it doesn't give any signal that state of emergency will be lifted also another problem is the ongoing military operations in northern syria this is what is not welcomed by the international financial markets and the government sees it as an attack to itself and to government on the other hand turkey's opposition parties which are preparing for themselves for the upcoming election in june to want for they are proposing that they can ease this economic problems but while the structural problems are there it seems like the economic problem is going to stay
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there to cope with balls for the ruling government whether they win or if the opposition parties if they win seven activists from the english speaking region a french majority cameroon have been jailed for acts of terrorism journalist moncho big city who organize demonstrations calling for more rights for english speakers is among those given ten to fifteen year sentences about a fifth of the population speaks english most of the live in the northwest and southwest they accuse the government of discriminating against them. ethiopia is releasing an ethiopian born british citizen who had been jailed under the country's anti terror law and there got shoot c.-k. with secretary-general of the opposition group seven which the government has labeled eight terrorist group britain has been trying to secure his freedom since his arrest has newly elected prime minister. has released thousands of prisoners
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including high profile politicians and journalists. police in the united states have made a record breaking seizure if an illegal drug with enough doses to kill millions of addicts fenton all worth twenty million dollars was found hidden in a truck during a routine traffic stop in nebraska john hendren reports. it is one of the biggest seizures of an opioid drug in u.s. history in the hidden compartment of a truck nebraska state police found fifty three and a half kilograms of fentanyl worth twenty million dollars on american streets according to the u.s. drug enforcement agency that is potentially enough to kill twenty six million people you take that much fat all off the street you are saving lives and that's what our nebraska state troopers are doing driver felipe gin iommi naya and passenger nelson union were arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute knowing when you're made of the opioid epidemic in the u.s. has left police and medical services struggling to cope with the sheer number of
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overdoses and deaths it's a time bomb it's a prescription for disaster it totally has the potential to kill them if they're not expecting that the u.s. centers for disease control found that most of the drug overdoses in the u.s. are due to fenton a drug thirty to fifty times as powerful as heroin i have never seen anything like that from my almost forty years of working and i believe that that overdose rate will increase i think once the drugs like this are in our marketplace if we don't find a way to interrupt that cycle more and more people will use it opioids kill one hundred fifteen americans every day this police video shows a man near death in skokie illinois revived by the drug nor can which many police in the country now carry a few songs signs grains of fencing all are enough to kill most people when they do overdose the lucky ones end up at places like stroger hospital in chicago but many
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don't make it at all in terms of the sheer volume it's really the biggest we've had that the rate of rise of fatalities in cook county has just stepped up up on the twenty fifteen we had about six hundred sixty five fatalities the next year we had eleven hundred and for the past year we're collecting the statistics on. and it looks like it'll be at least at that level may be able to hire you as police see the strength of their recovering from black market drug dealers is more powerful than ever meaning its victims could in time be counted in the millions john hendren zero chicago spain's prime minister is vowing to stay in power until his term ends in twenty twenty even though the opposition has filed a motion of no confidence against him but on the whole is under increasing pressure off story court ruled has people's party profited from an illegal kickbacks for contracts scandal colombia will become nato's first latin american so-called
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global partner next week areas of cooperation include links to organized crime terrorism and cyber security president says partnership with the military alliance will improve colombia's image on the world stage the partnership follows the signing of a peace accord with dark rebels which ended fifty years of conflict. on sunday colombians will elect a new president along with keeping the peace agreements with the fark the new leader will have to deal with emerging rebel groups or latin america reports. a year ago more than five hundred disarmed fark rebels came to this camp to begin a transition into civilian life as part of a peace deal that was supposed to include government and extensive land reform and now more than half of them have left many to join a dissident. giovani castro is still here but like many says the government
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deceived them. one year after signing we see that those who refused to disarm right my respects they were proven right while we live here humiliated in a room made of materials that produce cancer. many tell us they feel frustrated and betrayed by their own leaders the problem with the peace process goes beyond land distribution and economic aid just as importantly the government vow to guarantee the safety of the demobilize rebels instead they are now sitting ducks with no protection. this area was once undisputed fark territory controlled by the rebel six front. its former commander. says that in the last few months at least seven of his men have been murdered. we wanted to abandon the wall but there are many sectors that want to push us back because the territory that was under our control is now in the hands
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of many different groups. one of them is a new rearmed version of the e.p.l. people's liberation army which recently put out this video showing off its new weapons and vowing to hunt down fark members. the leader of the indigenous community tells us that the e.p.l. . is trying to take over their land and recruit members in this lucrative drug trafficking region just like the find one state i think. in this territory there is now the presence of the e.p.l. the iau and the dissident group and also other illegal paramilitary groups. and they are spreading throughout colombia quickly filling a power vacuum. dashing the dreams of rural communities and former rebels who believed however briefly that the armed conflict was also seen human.
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colombia still ahead on the stories from the arctic anywhere artists open the world to their unique way of life and in sport the countdown is on liverpool prepared to face real madrid in the champions league final will have all the build up coming up in just a few months. an international committee vote on. a landis partition and. many have no say in the matter. the colonial power washes its hands of palestine. and what happens in one nine hundred forty eight are events that are still shaping the president. seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians cool the catastrophe al nakba. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people
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shouting instructions if you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come on being stupid to realize you've witnessed history in the making. hello again getting around the largest city in central america is challenging for people who are in a wheelchair and many in guatemala city are trapped at home because of the lack of
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wheelchair friendly buildings but as david mercer reports one woman is determined to get things moving for disabled people. every time the gomez heads out of her house she puts herself at risk getting to work entails a dangerous forty five minute long commute. that has to cross guatemala city's boulevards and bridges while dodging motorbikes cars and trucks she and many of her friends have been hit the fifty two year old says the lack of wheelchair friendly infrastructure is just one more barrier to overcome by it. there are lots of holes and steps in the sidewalks and lots of obstacles i prefer to put myself at risk in the street than get caught up on the sidewalk if i don't put in this effort to get to work i wouldn't be able to pay my rent.


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