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tv   Witness From The East  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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and i'm saying that and other top stories on al-jazeera there are more hopeful signs this sunday that a canceled summit between donald trump and kim jong un could actually happen next month the north korean leader says he wants to end decades of confrontation and is committed to complete the nuclearization under thomas or for some sort. the surprise summit the second meeting in a month between moon j.n. and kim jong un was arranged just hours in advance it was held in secret this footage she was released only afterwards by the two governments. north korea's with excited commentary attached. what's clear is that the sudden
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into korean summit was a direct response to donald trump's letter canceling the june twelfth north korea u.s. summit the leaders of both korea's want that back on littlejohn's on one we have agreed that the jute hope summit should be held six justly and that our journey to the korean peninsula is denuclearization and perpetual peace should not be halted president said kim jong un once again committed to denuclearize ation and that he had told him that president trump in return would end hostile relations and cooperate economically this was not a meeting president trump was told about in advance but in washington too he hinted he could yet be traveling to singapore a lot of people are working on it. will be along very nicely so we're looking at june twelfth singapore that hasn't changed. and it's more along pretty well analysts the splits on who's driving the agenda donald trump is
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seen as a person who can start a war and the last say forty eight hours to get maybe more of the fear that the moment thompson is strange is going to cancel the summit and then this view to a new escalation of tension some probably of what if this year has been decisive others think it's kim in the driving seat they think his commitment to denuclearize nation means u.s. withdrawal from the region to not unilateral north korean disarmament in exchange for the lifting of sanctions i think it's the north koreans driven disengagement consolidate nuclear deterrence they've decided that they can push forward undergoes not only with the united states but also south korea and reengage with china they have a clear pathway forward whoever is driving the june twelfth singapore summit is looking a lot more likely than it was it seems like longer but it was only three days ago that the u.s. north korean summit was suddenly called off since then we've been on what some have
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called a diplomatic rollercoaster roller coasters run along cranks someone designs them plans the twists and turns this ride is altogether different and a lot more serious under thomas al jazeera so. this israeli army has fired into these southern gaza strip killing three palestinians the attack happened near the city of tire and eunice a committee in gaza has announced a boat will be launched from gaza port carrying palestinians injured in recent protests hospitals in the area are struggling to cope with these and thirteen civilians have been killed during demonstrations by israeli forces since march more than twelve thousand people have been wounded. a protest against refugees is taking place in berlin the far right party alternative for germany is marching through the capital some of them are bobbing in the boats as you can see surgeons parliament last year on a wave of anti migrant sentiment counter-demonstrations are also.
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a group doctors without borders says dozens of refugees and migrants have been shot and wounded while trying to escape human traffickers in libya the victims from eritrea ethiopia and somalia fled the town of bani walid on wednesday doctors without borders says fifteen people were killed and twenty five injured the white house says it won't lift sanctions on venezuela despite the release of an american citizen president all trying welcomed back joshua hole two is in prison for two years on weapons charges as the headlines the news continues here but first let's take a look at elgin zero. and
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you. who. you are. and then cut us out and then you could get it. broke or cut our short i don't you're not. going to sustain that any of it matter to them. so there you must know . of course i could protect a car call it up or quit when that tough negotiation over the clerk got on the come i could start just by starting so you could just get on the scale much improve i know home while i know also to get out quite a long way you know. because i've shown those who don't. clear a while and come on i'm going you'll know but it will hold on a second it's great i don't want to tell someone you're not gonna change. i do your condo sale i think started to say that this dish but i still don't know i think calling out on the supported on the book not us at hygiene i know but i think it's
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like a modest spice tonight some of corning ought to cut up on a certain attributes so i don't grudge him a short i know it's your committee mind so keep it from your it's no secret to typecast him to accident. or to suit up to thirty and had to get a new suit going out today in the nice and simple sense of the day sunday tuples into local muscle to make up under the know what in this kind of puts it in this order need i know a good woman what did i click on. that all. of us use cents on that so the mud you know but is not in are you out of an all can even go kanalz or
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you set all of us all just a significant difference when it is all that you will call an acquittal can you look at them or move it up when i journey so no sense or tuscon night took can then use and do it to your put the economic standards as soon as i think it i do use words that are needed to see the times look at a it's almost it's even more saucy he shook a massage. you . know. you're going.
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to. down to some of that when i looked up. our you know it's not me in your mind america and. america young. and young at the massive invasion and you have to get a major should do nothing not so they don't see it that you don't think they are doing that i. would be just on that i am going to put you downtown and then they are garbage because i don't have the above anything else of the government which is a third of the elderly on the hood of a newcomer civilian withstand the title belt rather than you know more misery in this ng i will someday soon this is.
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their mission exceed staff to what's been shown not to show you our support by them by the by. your mother hashmi are they almost had to warm up your does and your city and your city must come profound. luck for the mother being sure your bitter love you. will have something to put him with me from here. to. you my sister we need to call know you snow when you so after. the storm because some of the new coke much. you going to skin the. the look you got him out of all coats could go bust at a modest mr. unal seven thought for the committed what ifs are all got any of what you thought to sludge pick one stupid to go off some little thing up
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with a lot of money and so we'll continue to do as i said you're not me got was not a time of cutting to one day you know it all for. all no one will come you know you want to keep it to the tired to down the scuttle so into can you are he will call you not the need. you have to move. so do it so do not recall got another going to keep us honest and keep it there more. than this so we do. not got a question which is what did you get it so tickled. you to partition as in what i didn't work out. so there's a little. it's not that i want done that i don't. that's not what i thought you do not what you must.
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be. going to leave is no way much money off you know. because after the. money. going it's been. falling. of going to favor obama. and here in the us. q this is your this is your. this is mine yours. is about the philosophical. one yeah. so i'm on their side and i don't smile like that. but it's normal that there was an anonymous kind of a pack of them that i know you. but i cannot go amiss good sister so when you.
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have a tip so you seem to stick to the canopus do so through hadn't. done all sink you look at june and. since all cut up he could get out the distance. got it can you call it. a bit of those are the cost of them from me but the show is set the session up. or stupid boy dusty sissoko costly
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sisters of all. you can eat they could be so you're not just a little for things so cynical corny comment on what's complete arky sightings were coming or got a look or so coming up like a cyclone so discussion of. the cynical and all that it cannot call because i didn't have to commute the cheese anon and all but it's not in the bottom of a desktop system with a new look at the show you have pretty much so the whole could delani show you have dealt to us all on the kids don't know what i think of it so dissolved a can eat more. book you are sending. up but the good article from last.
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thanks. for the show then you're going to try to get along. i think you can imagine and noticed some work on your home go up but it's no wonder you all cut out who are your single toes it's mr you know home got put on the not a consonant slid to the center can you at the show nor will you sit around or not try to look at all what didn't cut do you get to understand that's mystical one or whole wall and all you see in the show needs and see to create and so do so one of the can in this to touch your idea took any notice of knowledge into your news to. use it it would just.
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look cool cool you did. such a big kid. with my course you cannot stop. the wood if you look on something. while. you look at this we come to a stupid. you know i do things and there are some of the noble that are in no hurry to take over. when all you. need got up with the boat the my mother and i get so so she would need. many more color need to come here to be covered up look good on them. too.
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she will cause me one. day. to keep. me at that only missed the cut i think you can then i'd unit. particular wish to watch got up to those unique research or journalist you call a writer or thought so you their motor still cut up. here did you source a motion not at all you may know what the meat. is so they got an all. in all on the whole i think at that moment i got them it's not about the
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so called thought no fish to eat it was it nick i sit here so you hear a hunch that all. of them since i want to see what they don't know on the. commode of what look at what was in the mcconnell took me off so no no matter comes from the mother got it evolved from god it came over the fish to wrong someone. who could talk to from you cannot.
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get. the food court could look no comes to money my time clock and no i wasn't smart was it a comment one way or another so you can see this from. another who call for the cloakroom. you're. the one. you're. cool. if suddenly you must know my god if but do you know my that. she did when i want to know what they must. know when i'll. walk you
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mused he joined you made this to me till me no communi going to talk. so did. the sense and took me. to see horses i musta. missed you. so most year more. do you agree that they're not going to know. your example are priceless motives so you want to show you must. so it's disappointing. so you or i would. do you. so you can use.
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it to. point to. so you could i mean. it's all caught up with you on a hot topic of the news on the scale of. one since one hundred percent of our stores. mostly go nuts printing so you can go in and some cost so much for mustard in the store got an all out here. and or. even heard the kids that he and. i know what i know. so they cut it out. so. it all caught on my. mr great i got an all irishmen in the can he said the cardinals in a minute or so want to own up. to gordon. do you know my own knocked it so. that he had to have you. done so want to go on you know you don't
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know what i'm on a minute or so ago i know some of the haven't i woulda. been so kind of i'm up market or capital cannot. come or. run on schedule. i'm quite a lot more suitable. i
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will make a mold mold. of the. cold. heart. i have that is new or hot being back in one thousand six theory yes i will limit
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the alphabet as well the cemetery but this sort of just sort of thing i think something like ten pence haven't been enough of a cross to be the cause of a broken mint. in order to put a big no no no it's not the first on the member forum thing that's the fifth the study here on what's on the chips. peace talks. this is mine now and i mean they live on. this in that alfonse every year to man oh said he. was and was about what the miniport i got here covered a bit or him as i was say to mr hero go on. that it's a pleasure for me. to meet
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a person like you that carry the flame of justice and the flame of those who are oppressed to say to the people you know there is somebody caring for you and i were saying to him that he came to this stone even before i was born so it's even a greater pleasure for me to meet the person that before i was born he was already taking care for those who are not yet born in cup or have been. so much for you. you have to earn your. own you. know what you can't move. so north i cannot with a poll are kind of side of the topic of a pickle mr nice nor what it will come to most sensible. so no need to look for quite some wholesome coming course come up to.
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me maybe. it's something they couldn't pay if you were going on there what ever the fuck i don't know is that we would like you also want to come they tell the people you know i guess i will if you are joining me but not the about it could. really think. small i would put it.
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on one of them. on the side of the earth and this may be due to people because i spoke to didn't think shows of photographs because in so mobs they more diminished sold and so most of the buying must to be turned by wind. and i took a few shows and the of developed i saw it still all different g.'s. took pictures saw a bird to a friend of fifty a boat it is just a saw this is a. strong. hard time walking for us yes for me so i moved. seventy one years old. i'm walking and i even have a very foggy need to see you. it
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was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank one of one east investigates how cyber hackers infiltrated the global banking system and on al jazeera. al-jazeera is investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy votes and that is a good thing to say fix your fix bribing professional players they send beautiful
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goes to the players or give them housing rolex watches. or book pictures. please or five the. al-jazeera investigations crickets match fix as. al-jazeera. where every. once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentleman and syrian. oh much money does a richer get those people put up think that it's been done it one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera.
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and i'm jane done and other top stories on al-jazeera south korea's president moon j.n. says north korea is committed to denuclearization moon spoke after a surprise meeting on saturday with kim where they pledged to meet regularly china says it hopes kim's planned summit with donald trump next month can still go ahead . of him has expressed his fixed will to denuclearize what he wasn't sure about was whether the u.s. will secure the north korean regime after what you discussed and agreed to also seeks economic prosperity through this so i urge the two leaders to have direct communication on these matters israeli army has fired into the southern gaza strip
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killing three palestinians the attack happened near the city of san eunice the committee in gaza has announced a boat will be launched from gaza port carrying palestinians injured in recent protests at least one hundred thirteen civilians have been killed in demonstrations by israeli forces since march and more than twelve thousand people have been wounded hospitals in the area are struggling to cope approaches against refugees is taking place in berlin the far right party alternative for germany is marching through the capital it swept into parliament last year on a wave of anti migrant sentiment counter demonstrations are also planned. a group doctors without borders says dozens of refugees and migrants have been shot and wounded while trying to escape human traffickers in libya the victims from eritrea ethiopia and somalia fled the town of bani walid on wednesday doctors without borders says fifteen people were killed and twenty five injured colombians are
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heading to the polls to elect a new president it's the first vote since the twenty sixteen peace deal between the government and fock rebels that ended fifty two years of conflict. the white house says it won't lift sanctions on venezuela despite the release of an american citizen president donald trump welcomed back joshua holt who was in prison for two years on weapons charges the u.s. astronauts who was the fourth man to walk on the moon has died at the age of eighty six and then being made two turns into space one being the polar twelve mission to the moon and another commanding a crew to schuyler. those are the headlines let's go back to.
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harriet. when i heard our barclays thirty invasion of lebanon in june one thousand eaten my heart went out to the palestinian people who had suffered so much. in one thousand forty eight they had to be expelled by sign. and. leave with hardly a few gees their only hope was to the body to their country and return home. to them the very start of the israeli invasion it was
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a very clear. aim once not only to destroy the peace and. also tried to kill the greatest number will. think you know how to union me when or side they don't i mean come through there are no could've asked. for this sort of you are. saying that's the most arson out of the sky big enough. record though. i don't know what the source of most of those the numbers say they're going to pass so most of that figure. almost certainly you me are number one a couple so you've got the back in a bucket of popcorn with the standard. you serve and the guy we're going to get.
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more. to come than her. mother must end. the film other than a new angle. thank you. so. her daughter on honest with you. i know you're going to call the preferred marker so they're not going to pursue or do is to become arsed. and of course in the stomach of a mockery. going from a ball. that does. either. to the hilt
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of problems can be a field. rather. just. a fog. or some other pain i love. i. remember when. he came. eight years ago. when remains there is a risk. that when some of the ice at either of us or. someone. has. a modern what but now i see murat battle now sinister not on the simple so i'm not sure that my first solo shot you know what i had. last.
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fall for the scene in the. alley his disgust. for the. men. not being one but. how it was before. it was not involved like the field you know it was but that. was too many fancy. even very old life nothing as this was always one that's a little it's a little. of you serve a. big range zero water yet but it's one of the fifty one survival. now that's for the making of the boeing says the a fifth is. as you
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know the navy for a day on sunday and the other day they found. the lead at fifty's that is over so you get. to. the bottom for.
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the money. thank. you no no no one needs some of those sucky i know because it. says start
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on you when you want to pick a mustang first you know. how much of a distance you are some think you know such in such images only don't let us know how feels like it must seem hopeless hikers. so did that let us know when the soviet filters and muscles are in fact one of us not to you no one doubted my need want to can muster will settle. nor do in most of the book so-called superhero canard so if you know jupiter so move could show you the pretty cool joker go to mr pradelle so to move on. i'm so sorry most. but i think i'm on the what what three does a good needs to know here anyhow there a there on the not die get that the last has seeing that i've done this and that but the soap out of my that then it's ok the more hundred dead so it has you know
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when you start getting more intimate that nobody there a sick idea of that's your the state or more or it's more about that and i didn't see it on that but it may not have put up the put i need so more no they could anybody not that i get them all to. know how much you know what the name of but the quotes this is an exile one it's the c.n.n. you know god can state that. those who had a union or no soul now to snap some new york does she talk to all day. tuesday you know that you and mr tatum or you snivel not. the consulate. cooks i mean shoehorned to. ski. dischord there are no if you look. at the sun. shone in the story just it
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is that some guy still out there so is there no credit no big. satellite up your cock up it not educated you can't stand not i dunno i'm no more convinced i'm not the stick you look so you are he joined me i'm out walking or yet in your so no cocks i mean sure there in your kid who cooks i think you know judy is nick she done that once done know it on top this is it it can't be done you could not. good daughter seven times the rough not at all no vision lost three major ground you cannot bustle to no money coming.
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off the news time no can buck if you had not talked. and also cause you know maybe i could well america to restore that's good thing so you're not going to sister so you're not what the soon. and such you start so. journals to move slow. the system that i hear there's a collective of those photos nothing. tony
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still closed up he did use and idea just. don't touch it that he just said that there's a single door. on you know all the understanding of the show on the door ceased it squishes i still marked it so. no one to turn missed. him come come come. on you know you always get
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a brush on top of the. sun nice. touch i guess i don't want to know come. sit up there. would always. wonder skeptical keep him out good. all that's normal. when you're so-called new. because i don't know any. dog kind and i don't. care much about. that amount of human opinion a. characteristic of.
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hard work and. oh are you thank you. thank god. about half a mile ahead of dallas and they're not running what was that someone else said to them then let it go i won and so wonderful that i'd been was that i was so often and exists in the lives of the younger so what that is a line i'll bear to self esteem if i can deserve it one that had this or was it the kind of on the person across the bow. and a sense that there are plenty of glad we are scattered. over that far. only as i'm not going to tell everyone that none the less is in the game than most is a then
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lot of this what i see the only way. well the week. good. luck if i would find my guys. i don't have them on a lot of the afternoon other than my my not good. but. yes. i am good at something not good. i discerned all of the yes so that i could pull about that i'm working too hard and so i went through the. list let's go live this with
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a sign not that. i want to sell something yes. this is. my mother there's a little yes and. you. know my point. zero. keyboard to take sudoku man. in the cup that steve i love. it's a familiar story. and. here again to your employee that yes yes. and if you remember kids often all cause a coup or fashion i shifted much from that careful when you were both young. when i got up i'd get up and i cannot be prosecuted because i was in
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a cold you know going to the north i had a smoke but he thought this isn't about a family member out of see on law women that is the other thing because i'm a bust them. and no have a gala day in the hut. listen i'm a lot mama let the latin malice a lot still left how many loomis is in the family philistine molly visited back from a visit would be a bit of arms because i know what the money the canvas isn't. changing the. reason that you must. remember us more credible through google not. it's a male. drink to cause a problem go to go you don't like you know out of no good to talk to god so the.
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attack of the negative sort of them kind of you're. not going to count them nice are not going to be too much to give us a closer to give me no no no we're still talking. so when you know called to go to concerts so the kind of the night of the material i listed. most of this. is facing but i think here. in this room number number seven is very small and you would hear this this isn't well if he had a. good remember number seven. if that had been marked that left the money off many lot about. how one mbit
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loved her to go and i think it's about how you can out i've been misled misled i mean she known the. missions that had over this and why didn't they have them the young has said to. the women the again the hiking the. at that about. look at this week but only found so. for the record all over any record the more modern osaka vinci go and not so much at the congo though if they call it a night given much thought i'd have a book on that because i don't i.
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want to go back to no one by the manual caucus site of the night of august and i think the hottest new mobile people but. i think the court of think will know if that's me booked often a lot of dust so you couple of them will crack and think i don't want to numbing come for the monday carcass other night but if i'm on my fill for the full bore of my phone i didn't talk about. the all. the i. mean. certainly.
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if it. looks like. i'm going. to see. more. people we're trying to seize those book might we handle it like salt. dishes local for us they do because that they
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can pick up like a good big german yes i think it would be for the people who have already been there i think i'd have to come back again. yes. some form. six hundred eighty of pasta.
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and. a sink and there are in the north. to. go up to sixty seven i came here. and the third time it was no such a city's. both it and a needed over settlement. and there were three periods.
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it's difficult because i fear about. all the sticky story over zionism occupation hope why and the how did they make their country why they didn't use the name of the. palestinian villages and until here they come yes and more more land they need. and. this is the only them yes. at the genoese door put it to you the door your career in the school. and generous
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to doubting your ident to walk most to talk in identity no nothing could my tennis organized dented none of that. i did. living a wandering life for centuries now forced to think hard about their future. al-jazeera worlds meets the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with a changing world. and preparing their children for a different way of life. the last nomads of morocco on al-jazeera.
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from flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze. welcome back we'll take a look at the weather across the americas this time we've got some showers across northern areas into colombia and ecuador but as we come further towards the south it's looking largely drawn farm we have got this area of cloud across parts of northeastern argentina and into europe and as we head through into monday would like to see this developing into an area of rain but it should be fine across paradise sunshine there thirty degrees rio should enjoy fine weather conditions twenty five but we have got a frontal system pushing in towards santiago in chile said rain is likely that
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later in the day up into the caribbean region we've got a tropical cyclone development taking place in the caribbean certainly a massive cloud across the bahamas and through cuba i would like to see some very heavy rain developing here of the next twenty four to forty hours as winds also begin to strengthen up through the isthmus we've got some heavy showers but once you get up towards mexico generally not looking too bad even on monday you may find nothing more than cloud across the potential otherwise fine conditions for much mexico with highs of twenty eight in mexico city into north america then ng see the cloud from the system spreading out from the some heavy rain is likely across georgia and through into florida some showers also likely further north across the eastern seaboard some damp or is also likely in new york city the weather sponsored by catto and peace. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin. the facts that's
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why i'm got some dangerous power with the listening punched on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and i'm jane dutton this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes polls have just opened in colombia where voters will select a new president an election that could test the government's peace deal with former rebels consider three words from north korea's kim jong un reportedly expresses his intentions to end a history of confrontation on the korean peninsula.


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