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al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixes. underway in colombia where people are electing a new president but some are worried it's a virtual effect the country's peace deal with former rebels. and i'm jane that and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up conciliatory words from north korea's kim jong un expresses his intentions to end decades of confrontation on the korean peninsula plus. the passengers have a strong determination to break the siege whatever the circumstances palestinians turn to desperate measures to break any israeli blockade and get urgent medical help. and marching against race in jay's germany's far right party takes its
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message to the streets. colombians i heading to the polls to elect a new president the vote could decide the fate of the twenty sixteen peace agreement between the government and the fog rebels the emergence of new rebel groups is putting that deal under scrutiny colombia's election comes as several latin american countries choose new leaders over the next few months a latin america editor lists in yemen as more on who is vying for the top job. he's the most politically inexperienced of all the candidates the conservative evangelical has an enviable advantage he's the protege of colombia's still immensely popular former president. like his right wing mentor duke is a staunch critic of the two thousand and sixteen peace accord reached with colombia's fark rebels which many complain was too soft he told al-jazeera he would
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start by making a fundamental change she could emotional much more responsible is that we want the leaders responsible for crimes against humanity to be obliged to tell the truth about what they did to compensate the victims and to go to prison no stronger part of a big. but that wasn't the original deal and many theor changing it could read night a war that lasted for more than fifty years. on the opposite extreme of the ideological divide is former bogota mary. colombia's first truly competitive left wing presidential candidate. he says maintaining peace and promoting social justice are his priorities. petrou is feared by the business sector and others who predict he'd turn colombia into another venezuela. the problem with petrol is the governability would be very complicated he would clash with the establishment but
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do reprise of colombia's past with war and the implementation of the peace accords . but there are other options including with the us moderate former mayor said he would have had little and sent a right wing former vice president his man by the us yet us polls indicate neither is likely to make it to an expected runoff but then lately polls have been wrong but this is colombia's first presidential election since the fark laid down its weapons but the army is nevertheless being deployed nationwide to guarantee security here and they're not expecting any trouble but that's not the case in other parts of the country where there are still rebel groups at large. colombians have several choices the question is whether or not they will choose a new president who will stay on the current course of peace. you see in human out just. south korea's president says north korea is committed to denuclearization and that kim jong un is looking forward to meeting u.s.
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president on trump moon spoke after a surprise meeting on saturday with kim with their plans to meet regularly under thomas reports from seoul. the surprise summit the second meeting in a month between moon j. and kim jong un was arranged just hours in advance it was held in secret this footage she was released only afterwards by the two governments. north korea's with excited commentry attached. so. what's clear is that the sudden into a korean summit was a direct response to donald trump's letter canceling the june twelfth north korea u.s. summit the leaders of both careers want that back on littlejohn's. we have agreed that the two top summit should be held successfully and that our journey to the korean peninsula is denuclearization and perpetual peace should not be halted president said kim jong un once again committed to denuclearize ation and that he
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had told him that president trump in return would end hostile relations and cooperate economically this was not a meeting president trump was told about in advance but in washington tonight he hinted he could yet be traveling to singapore a lot of people are working on it it's moving along very nicely so we're looking at june twelfth singapore that hasn't changed. and it's more along pretty well analysts the splits on who's driving the agenda donald trump is seen as a person who can start a war and the last say forty eight hours to get maybe more of the fear that the moment thompson is strange is going to cancel the summit and then this view to a new escalation of tensions and probably of what if this year has been decisive others think it's kim in the driving seat they think his commitment to denuclearize
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nation means u.s. withdrawal from the region to not unilateral north korean disarmament in exchange for the lifting of sanctions i think it's the north koreans driven disengagement consolidate nuclear deterrence they've decided that they can push forward under those reasons not only with the united states but also south korea and reengage with china they have a clear pathway forward whoever is driving the june twelfth singapore summit is looking a lot more likely than it was it seems like longer but it was only three days ago that the u.s. the north korean summit was suddenly called off since then we've been on what some have called a diplomatic rollercoaster roller coasters run along cranks someone designs them plans the twists and turns this ride is altogether different and a lot more serious under thomas al jazeera so this really army has fired into the southern gaza strip killing three palestinians attack happened in the city of yunus
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two birds will set sail from gaza this week with palestinians who need urgent hospital care they'll try to break a blockade imposed by israel which is prevented medical supplies from getting into the territory and patients from leaving hospitals have been struggling to treat thousands of palestinians who've been wounded by israeli bullets during recent protests and its first reports. gaza is blockaded by israel on all sides c included but this week two boats loaded with patients. need hospital treatment and students with university places will try to breach israel's sea blockade which begins sixteen kilometers out in the mediterranean the passengers have a strong determination to break this siege whatever the circumstances whatever the challenges whatever the obstacles that would have been that would be imposed by the israeli side gaza's hospitals are full of patients who need urgent medical treatment there are those injured in two months of protests and longer term cases
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at least now i have sixty five of them already admitted those who would want to do in the marshall for turn but there are many other cases of cancer in open heart surgeries and many other complicate newer surgical cases of the baby cases all of them need to travel abroad because of shortage of personalities induced by the israeli blockade in gaza strip and why can't they travel abroad because the bulk of our seed must of time and what these patients should probably in time he can say to a patient why when cancer come back after three months that he will deteriorate and you have too much complication they can outwait lifelong weight in what is part of dropping. the boats that will be used to being kept hidden organizers fear israel will try to destroy them before they leave the port and reality the boats are not going to get any further than israel's maritime blockade which is as tightly and harshly enforced as the land blockade but at least those on the boats will highlight again the open prison like conditions that there are here in gaza that prevent almost anyone from leaving. burnitz with al-jazeera gaza
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a protest against refugees has ended without much confrontation in berlin the far right party alternative for germany march through the capital it swept into parliament last year on a wave of anti migrant sentiments is now the largest opposition party extra police were deployed because pro refugees supporters held a council demonstration called stop the hatred there was even a for to live votes on the river and many on board could be seen taunting far right matches since as you fifteen more than a million refugees of arrived in germany as part of chancellor angela merkel's open door policy last year she agreed to cap the number of arrivals a two hundred thousand a year as a concession during talks to form a new government last month merkel agreed to take in ten thousand people slated by the un's refugee agency for a resettlement program so clear which countries they will come from. they have a chance and joins us live from berlin you can barely hear us in the last hour
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david as ever i'm going home. to well janey yes this century's been a very vocal confrontation and thank goodness not a violent confrontation the police about two thousand of them spent all of the day trying to keep the two sets of protests as a partner that was very difficult but they managed it there was nothing in the way of have any injuries but the two sides got pretty close to each other and there was a huge shouting match between them here at the brandenburg gate of course the counter-demonstration just behind me were kept away from the main rally and the speeches here in front of the brandenburg gate but they certainly made their views known they were saying nazis out nazi scum and it's fair to say that the alternative to germany we had to two speeches from the main co-leaders are having a real impact and in fact it's disturbing the liberal left wing sides of germany
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and there were two terms trying to drown out the message here they didn't succeed in doing that they didn't stop the rally or the march it has dispersed peacefully but there's no doubt a tool that we'll turn to for germany since the election to the bundestag the german parliament last year where they got something like ninety two of the seats in the parliament it now means that the main opposition voice in the bundesliga and that is having a great impact on the politics of germany because for the first time you're hearing in the parliament what we might describe as paranoid racist and xenophobic remarks and those are now under the guise of the freedom of speech and the rallies this body can put on also being heard on the streets of berlin as little doubt that there is a major impact by the alternative for germany and that. discussion here was the future for germany the anti islamic anti refugee they want everything stopped dead
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very worried about the committee's defects on the committee and such a large number of immigrants more than one million of them since twenty fifteen so these are big problems that the whole of germany faces but they have very extreme and right wing solutions and it's going to be very difficult but i'm going to call and coalition the grand coalition of the social democrats to compete and hit back at the alternative for germany already they're having to put much stricter policies on the borders of germany with refugees and that's upsetting the balance of the coalition itself because the social democrats are much more liberal and they're opposed to some of the measures that angle in the world is bringing in strike i'm just wondering david's i. mean what actually commentary is. sorry say again jay what actually prompted this at this stage and where will this leave angela merkel. well most people in the
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alternative of germany say she created the problem she created the way the party by allowing so many open borders and so many refugees in but so what she's doing is trying to tighten down the access to germany trying to make sure there's a quick process for expelling any of those refugees who have no rights of asylum those who are the so-called economic migrants but will this be enough for the alternative for germany i very much doubt it i think we're going to see similar scenes many more during the course of the next few years. thank you for that david chaytor. still ahead on al-jazeera. all we hearing him is paying lip service to corruption and he's going to do both and he's going to do their hundred days i haven't seen anybody being arrested yet south africa so all around the. hundred days in office but is he living up to his promise is also the campaign is pushing
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to make new york city more accessible to everyone. well again we have some showers to contend with across the far south of china and into indo-china most of the northern vietnam could be quite where they can be some flooding around and up into the mountains for the showers across much of last a mere mars looking very wet at the moment and we like to see quite a night to system developing towards the top of the bad bangle certainly drawing in more heavy showers here running into that time of year when storms really do become prevalent for other parts of eastern china there are some showers of food and also across in taiwan really see some showers but also some brighter weather into south asia and certainly for german kashmir we've had issues with forest faras in recent
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days mostly very dry weather ahead of the monsoon itself but elsewhere we've certainly got plenty of cloud sharp some storms across some of the eastern areas some heavy rain down through more western areas and more showers coming into sri lanka so that's how we're expected turn it during the course of monday elsewhere forty five in newport is looking really hot in delhi at the moment temperatures there in the mid forty's and a sign of any significant let up across in the arabian peninsula a lot of cloud as a result of the remnants of tropical cyclone but here in doha should be fine and sunny with highs of thirty nine. unpack it for us what will you hear and what will you sing whether online horrendous things humans will just there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of the best if perhaps everyone has
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a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the district join the global conversation on mt is iraq. and again a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera colombians are electing a new president a vote could decide the fate of the twenty sixteen peace agreement between the government of one manual santos and fuck rebels santos isn't a candidate as he's already served his maximum two terms two birds will try and set sail from gaza this week with palestinians who need urgent hospital care bill m. to break a blockade imposed by israel which has prevented medical supplies from getting into
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the territory and patients from leaving. south korea's president says north korea is committed to denuclearize ation moon spoke after a surprise meeting on saturday with kim their pledge to meet regularly china says it's hopes kim's planned summit withdrawal trauma next month can still go ahead. the aid group doctors without borders says dozens of refugees and migrants have been shot and wounded while trying to escape human traffickers in libya the victims were from eritrea ethiopia and somalia they fled the town of bani walid on wednesday the local hospital says twenty of them are being treated for torture related injuries doctors without borders says fifteen people were killed and twenty five injured during the scape but there was no immediate confirmation from local authorities mahmud of the what he does in tripoli. according to medical sources in the city of benny will lead seven of the wondered migrants received treatment for
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serious ones of gunshots including broken bones and eighteen others received medical treatment for minor injuries now according to you and the are hundreds of migrants still remain in unofficial detention centers controlled by people smugglers and traffickers in the city of beni will lead why the city of beni will lead because benny will lead first of all is approved and it has not been controlled by any of the rebel governments for the last seven years and also many what it is the hub is the linking point between the cells of libya and the north and usually people smugglers and traffickers bring migrants from the south were the borders are unmonitored are not controlled very spacious unmonitored borders so the traffickers and people smugglers bring those migrants from the south to the city of
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beni will lead and then the keep them there and there the migrants face a lot of violations including extortion force of labor and also beating now from beni we need they migrants being sent being sent to the to the coast where they usually take and sail to europe and in most cases those doing is capsized in the mediterranean and many migrants die in the sea it's been a hundred days and several ram oppose it became south africa's president he took office after his predecessor jacob zuma resigned under pressure from his party zuma had been in power for eight years but faced several allegations of corruption malcolm webb reports from johannesburg. they called it rama the reaction of many thousand africans went through ramaphosa became president in february. things have gone from bad to worse for his predecessor jacob
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zuma his eight years were blighted by a series of corruption scandals. last year people protested calling for him to step down eventually resigned under pressure from his own party to run opposing he's been promising to clean up ever since this is the year in which. we were. in our public institutions thanks he began with a cabinet reshuffle some of the controversial ministers resume out but others stayed including this man by. now minister of home affairs leaked documents linked him to major corruption scandals he denied involvement. but it seems from a poser has helped investor confidence south africa's currency the rand and its credit ratings have stabilized since he took over but the political opposition says it's not enough and i haven't seen anybody going to jail for the corruption top of
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the corruption in south africa all we hearing him paying lip service to corruption and say he's going to do both and he's going to do that one hundred days i haven't seen anybody been arrested yet. last month from oppose a cut short a trip to a commonwealth summit in london and people protested in the northwest province they demanded the governor zuma ally to step down i reporter livery of public service is a frequently recurring issue in south africa. another key issue is land since apartheid most of it still belongs to the white minority many black people the land less on the pressure from opposition in february opposes he supported a motion in parliament to try and amend the constitution to allow government expropriation of land without payment historically the a.n.c. s rhetoric has been radical with politicians promising redistributions of wealth but in practice its economic policies are centrist in that respect in spite of the talk of land redistribution things haven't really changed much on the run opposer
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he's been on the boards of several corporations is widely seen as a friend to big business with presidential elections due next year rahm opposes performance in the months ahead will determine if the a.n.c. can still win the majority it's always enjoyed malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. political analyst and author of the book when zuma goes he says so all ram oppose has restored confidence to south africa. there are high expectations as to what he could have achieved within the first hundred days what is the correct list there when you look into government institution you look at the key ministries that is national treasury such as the state on entities where corruption was beginning to actually sit in your strange leadership in those situations and i do think when it comes to actually people going to jail for corruption do courses being followed we have seen higher level investigation in virus programs is where
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people are being investigated so i think when it comes to confidence there is generally thought of pretty leave for months out of the gains that we've done now they have a president with us for what is wrong and what is our eye but of course you do take . the lead us your present job the most administrators in eight years of corruption will not be undone in four months the white house says it won't lift sanctions on venezuela despite the release of an american citizen president donald trump welcomed back joshua holt who'd been in prison for two years on weapons charges he was arrested while in venezuela for his wedding the release came after a meeting between a u.s. senator and venezuelan president nicolas maduro on friday the u.s. astronauts was the fourth man to walk on the moon has died at the age of eighty six alan bean made two tours in space one being the apollo twelve vision to the moon and another commanding a crew to skylab america's first space station. well i felt i was one of the
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luckiest guys on earth particularly since my profession was flying airplanes and it looked like your more advanced way to do airplanes was do for space ships and more advanced than that was getting a chance to land on the moon so for someone in my profession that has the interest i had which most of the astronauts of my day did have that thought then it was wonderful it was like you won the lottery only going better i was there is investigative eunice's exposed to match fixing from an organized crime syndicate it claims to have bribed and so national cricket says to underperform the match fixing correctly predicted how players and to test matches would play at a certain point during the game david harrison has exclusive report al-jazeera went on the cover posing as wealthy investors to investigate corruption in cricket.
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is how serious we are an e m a now is a much fixer from mumbai he told us we could make huge sums of money from betting on his information. both the allegedly fixed matches were played in india and involved england and australia the governing body for world cricket international cricket council so he was taking all findings very seriously and has launched an investigation into an intelligence sources confirm that the now works for a powerful criminal organization called the de company. it controls most of india's huge illegal betting market said to be worth sixty billion dollars a year minnow told us players had been paid to underperform at certain points during the two matches. and only if you. have he says the fix is all settings were arranged for india vs england in two thousand and sixteen and for india australia last year was the best. years.
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or yet but. i'm a little bit upset and his predictions were accurate in both matches our investigation also exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches one of them is has son russell the former pakistan star he agreed to play in the tournament set up soley for match fixing are you interested person would you play. to sri lanka players or color to go until our locker or t.v. would also play. and that's just not the fake tournament was planned by dubai based gourab raj kumar blubbered problem was told to be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to go to court. now what do you say to the millions of people
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who watch cricket innocently believing it's fair competition they spend good money watching cricket and you are actually corrupting the game. and get. menow and all three players declined to comment raj kumar said al-jazeera had invited him to act in a movie for public entertainment only david harrison al-jazeera london and you can catch our exclusive investigation into cricket match fixing right here on al-jazeera on sunday twenty g.m.t. . ride sharing services like have changed the way people travel but those with disabilities say they are being left behind a number of lawsuits are making their way through u.s. courts to make all forms of transportation accessible and the problem is particularly bad in new york city because since it only has part two of us areas on the global stage of disability axis wheelchair bound valerie joseph gets picked up curbside every morning at her home in the outskirts of new york city to ride to
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work is made possible through access a ride part of the city's public transportation system to seventy five base fare going from and to you can get to round trips a day sounds like a good deal if you qualify but trips must be booked twenty four hours in advance and her commute with other passengers can take up to two hours each way nearly one hundred fifty thousand disabled new yorkers rely on public transportation that includes the city's aging subways new york subway system has the lowest rate of wheelchair accessability any major transit system in the united states. stations are accessible and that's where the elevators are working jose hernandez described one instance recently when they were not. gotten away somewhere something like sixteen subway stops is like a fine elevator that was working that journey alone to an additional two hours in
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elevator performance disability advocates have had to resort to protests like this and lawsuits just to try to get the public transit authority to comply with an existing law that requires stations be made obsessive will whenever they undergo major renovations just as they sued to win an agreement to make fifty percent of new york's yellow taxis handicapped accessible by two thousand and twenty. but then hoover showed up and we're allowed to operate without any regulation so our agreement is at risk the amount of accessibility with sixty thousand inaccessible vehicles added to the city streets. is doing it's just not what it should be a lack of access to transportation advocates say is one reason less than thirty percent of disabled people in new york city work valerie is one of them and a plaintiff in one of several lawsuits against hoover demanding they make more of their cars accessible i am a tax there i go to work i have
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a life and i need to get her out so i can always plan my life on a nine to five and she is willing to fight so people like her can have not only a job but also a life outside of it kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. the top stories on al-jazeera colombians have been voting for a new president election could decide the fate of the twenty sixteen peace agreement between the government and the fog rebels the emergence of new rebel groups is putting that deal under scrutiny south korea's president mean j.n. says north korea is committed to denuclearize ation and to ending decades of confrontation moon spoke after a surprise meeting on saturday with kim where there pledged to meet regularly.
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kim jong un has expressed his fixed will to denuclearize what he wasn't sure about was whether the u.s. will secure the north korean regime after what's been discussed and agreed to you also seeks economic prosperity through this so i urge the two leaders to have direct communication on these matters israeli army has fired into the southern gaza strip killing three palestinians the attack happened near the city of khan yunis. a committee in gaza has announced a boat will sail off from gaza ports carrying palestinians injured in recent protests at least other than thirty civilians and and thirteen have been killed in demonstrations by israeli forces since march and more than twelve thousand have been wounded hospitals in the area are struggling to cope approaches against refugees ended without much confrontation in berlin the far right party alternative for germany marched through the capital it swept into parliament last year on a wave of anti migrant sentiment and is now the largest opposition party the white
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house says it won't lift sanctions on venezuela despite the release of an american citizen u.s. president donald trump welcome back joshua hole two was in prison for two years on weapons charges u.s. astronauts he was the fourth man to walk on the moon as died at the age of eighty six and been made two choices into space one being the apollo twelve mission to the moon and another commanding a crew to skylab america's first space station that wraps up the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the listening post to stay watching. al jazeera. and for you. trying
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to reckon with several women's rights which is just what the rest of you know me and you know what i bought in the space on a train and accusing this guy women arrested him we need to get that ready for women in this thing and i think she actually i think if that. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week saudi arabia jails women's rights activists in the media ask is the crown prince driving real change or hitting the brakes one journalist arrested another one sentenced egypt keeps tightening the screws on the news media in mexico and government advertising those ads keep some media outlets afloat but that comes at a price and read my lips badly britain's royal wedding reworded if you want a hot dog.


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