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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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this is. our i'm suited and this is the news hour live from london coming up close in colombia's president the election the front runner has vowed to rewrite peace accord with the fast. the political crisis in italy deepens the prime minister designate fails to form a government and can join own indicates he wants the summit with donald trump to go ahead the u.s. president says north korea can become a great economic nation. and i'm peter simmons in doha with the day's top stories including australia's daniel ricciardo takes
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a victory at the bonnet co formula one grand prix for better more later in the program. first to colombia where polls have closed in the country's historic presidential election the first sense of peace deal was signed with the fark in twenty sixteen front runner even decay has vowed to undo aspects of the accord which he sees as too lenient on the rebel group let's go straight to our last american editor lucien human who is in bogota so any clues yet any indication how the voting has gone. just a second ago the sirens went off here and the vote counting began it's still much too early to know what the result is going to be they are as you can see right behind me our you will be seeing it just a moment they are putting the votes inside bags that are going to be counting them
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one by one out loud in this area we're expecting the left wing handed it. to do very very well indeed he is a former mayor of of. the front runner though so in other parts of the city he will probably get a much better showing but it's the interesting thing about this is that it's been the first election in. history where there hasn't been violence it's been the most peaceful election ever and that in itself is an extraordinary feat and something that colombians have never seen after two hundred years of independence so peaceful but how about clean any any suggestion that any kind of vote tampering. absolutely unfortunately we can't say the same about how transparent this is there have always been allegations of of tampering with the votes of people being forced
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to vote for someone they didn't want to have being pressured of being paid off of ballot stuffing and there have been those same allegations this time around at least three mares have been suspended in fact precisely for having done that and the second one who is the second candidate rather who is supposed to be leading in the polls is the left wing candidate. who already is saying that there are is a fraud in the works to keep him from winning he is claiming that there is a chance that the whole software that is being used after the votes are counted has already been intervened to prevent him from winning he has not given us any evidence of that yet but if the result is an extremely close ones we could expect some trouble and as we were saying this is the. historic election because it's the first since the peace accord the first one rebels are actually voting themselves but how could that he still indeed be affected after this election. absolutely and one of the crucial points of this election if even the the
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conservative candidate who is backed by the former president. both of them staunch enemies of this peace deal would if he were to win this election then it might be all over at least that is what a lot of people are predicting he told me that he wouldn't completely scrap the peace deal that he would keep some of it but it's enough for him to want to intervene the part that deals with the imprisonment or not or the extradition or not of the rebel leaders for the whole thing to possibly just fall apart while the other candidate the other almost all of the other candidates are still saying that they want to keep this deal together a deal that is already having a lot of problems because if the government has not been implementing it the way that the rebels had expected so a lot is hanging in the balance here this peaceful. electoral day that we've just seen may or may not be repeated in the future depending on what happens here good to get your thoughts on the day flew cname in their life for us in bogota. u.s.
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president donald trump says his team has arrived in north korea to make arrangements for the plant historic summit with kim jong il and that meeting is expected to take place on june the twelfth in singapore striking a more positive tone trump also said he believes north korea has the potential to become a great economic and financial nation is comments come after south korea's a president in north korea was committed to the summit and why the denuclearization andrew thomas reports from seoul. the surprise summit the second meeting in a month between moon j. and kim jong un was arranged just hours in advance it was held in secret this footage she was released only afterwards by the two governments of north korea's with excited commentary attached. what's clear is that the sudden into a korean summit was a direct response to donald trump's letter canceling the june twelfth north korea
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u.s. summit the leaders of both careers want that back on littlejohn's. we have agreed that the two top summit should be held successfully and that our journey to the korean peninsula as denuclearization and perpetual peace should not be halted president said kim jong un once again committed to denuclearize ation and that he had told him that president trump in return would end hostile relations and cooperate economically this was not a meeting president trump was told about in advance but in washington tonight he hinted he could yet be traveling to singapore a lot of people are working on it it's moving along very nicely so we're looking at june twelfth inching up or that hasn't changed. and it's more along pretty well analysts the splits on who's driving the agenda donald trump is seen as a person who can start a war and the last say forty eight hours to get maybe more of the fear that dormant
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thompson astray show is going to cancel the summit and then this if you lead to a new escalation of tension some probably of what if this year has been decisive others think it's kim in the driving seat they think his commitment to denuclearize ation means u.s. withdrawal from the region to not unilateral north korean disarmament in exchange for the lifting of sanctions i think it's the north koreans driven disengagement consolidate for strategic nuclear deterrence they've decided that they can push forward under those reasons not only with the united states but also south korea and reengage with china they have a clear pathway forward whoever is driving the june twelfth singapore summit is looking a lot more likely than it was it seems like longer but it was only three days ago that the u.s. north korean summit was suddenly called off since then we've been on what some have called a diplomatic rollercoaster but roller coasters run along tracks someone designs
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them plans the twists and turns this ride is altogether different and a lot more serious under thomas al jazeera so. mike hanna has the latest now from washington d.c. . the state department has confirmed that a u.s. negotiating team has traveled to the north korean side of the demilitarized zone for negotiations hitting the team is some king now he's a former ambassador to south korea and he was part of the delegations that the go seated during the so-called six party talks between two thousand and three after all they broke down in two thousand and nine now interestingly enough on the north korean side their chief negotiator is chose. she's a deputy foreign minister and was part of the north korean delegation during those six nation talks so certainly the go see it is from both sides know each other well
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aware of the history of the ongoing crisis in north korea now what they are doing we understand is to set an agenda for the talks should they take place on june the twelfth without a clear agenda discussed over the next three days is likely to be no summit we'll just have to turn on the is a former u.s. state department special envoy for negotiations with north korea and joins me now live from washington d.c. thanks very much for coming on to there and i first wanted to ask you we often elinor freshened north korea speaks with one voice but could some of the sort of flip flopping with what's going on in the past few days indeed weeks with regards to this u.s. and north korean summit could that be due to different factions within north korea having different opinions. i don't think there are different factions for say i think what really happened here was the statement from appealing young which was
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very controversial i mean it was very offensive with spoke about the possibility of a nuclear standoff with the united states and it was very critical of vice president. also we were unable to have a dialogue with north korea about logistics in singapore i think it was a pressure on kim jong un to sort of say let's not go too fast let's let the americans understand we have some of our requirements here and let's not look too anxious so i think it was a bit of posturing on the part of north korea but i think it was posturing approve the highest level so i don't think they're factions percent a i think there's a bit of pressure on kim jong going to do is best to retain some nuclear weapons capabilities and some of those requirements that the north koreans may well want they've always talked about uncomfortableness with the american a south korean military exercises on the border now all this pressure on to say yes you will sign it to denuclearize sation and you think the has to be a bit of quid pro quo here with the american this to say yes ok as well as the
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economic sanctions being lifted we will look at that as well. you know i think the quid here really is the security assurances that north korea knows that they will be getting this is a this is a key demand from north korea and i think the two visits from our secretary of state mike pompei all made it very clear the u.s. is prepared to give them those security assurances a peace treaty to end the korean war but also a process to normalize relations with the united states which would facilitate economic development initiatives coming out of the kim jong un government so i think those things are on the table and it's very clear to the leadership in pyongyang it's available to them i think the military presence in south korea is an issue between the united states of the republic of korea obviously down the road that's probably most likely an issue that eventually will be discussed but between the united states and south korea personally i don't believe it should be on the
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table for any summit with the president of the united states and then going out and putting on the spot hey do you think they could still collapse such a thing that we now say fall down the road to so much being said and money should to come back around again and put it back together again you think it's definitely going to go ahead you know i think it's going ahead with whether we go ahead on the twelfth of june or a bit later is the question but i think it will go ahead there's an impetus here and i think that impetus obviously is also coming indeed coming from kim jong un who wants to work on the economic development initiatives in north korea wants to improve the economic situation in north korea has made that very clear since november of last year and his new year's address his focus is on economic development he has made it clear to the world he has a nuclear deterrent capability he doesn't have to prove himself any longer but his focus is on that so i think he's made that strategic decision and for that reason i think he very much wants to have a summit with the president of the united states the first time if you will
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a sitting president president has met with the leader of north korea so i think this is important for the north korea i think it will happen the question is will it happen on the twelfth of june or bit later. very good to get your thoughts on this thanks started so much for joining us now as they were just as if to try thank you thank you good luck. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour anti immigration anti european union and counting muslim germany's far right goes on the march and lead. from a population of seventy five to close to three thousand there and asked some to find out about the mission to save the one on indian rhino and install the defending champion palace out of the french open and the opening round that story coming up with peter. i. now months of political wrangling have failed to produce
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a new government in italy prime minister designate giuseppe contest says is officially giving up on forming an administration after the president rejected his coalition's choice for economy minister president says he has been quick to defend himself saying he had to block the euro skeptic candidate to protect the economy and the savings of all italians his decision has also angered the tea party populist coalition of the leak and five star parties who have called it unacceptable and called for his impeachment al-jazeera is nadine barber reports. of two weeks of talks in hopes of a breakthrough italy's prime minister designate throws in the towel. i have enough of that which i have been given by the president of the republic to form a government of china. has been asked by the so-called populist coalition which between the one the most seats in the march election with forming a viable cabinet now he says that's proved
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a bridge too far of the sticking point the proposed economy minister paulose of owner a former minister who's also a well known euro skeptic italy's president says voters would have sent a worrying message to italy's partners and the financial markets. they love villa can see that assume not because. individual i don't want someone who supports and which was expressed more the war that would inevitably lead from the right. up until the last minute but leader of the right wing likud party had insisted his pick for economy minister must not be vetoed speaking live on social media late on sunday he called the president's rejection antidemocratic. said no he said there will not be a government we work for nothing we will have a technocrat government i ask of the a democracy italy the italian decide or do the germans or french decide it's absolutely incredible from my point of view. salvini wants fresh elections so to.
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a leader of the five star movement which got the most votes in march in one version there was over fifty percent support for two political parties parties that want to change to want to represent the talents in their interests but in the end a way to block it is always seems to be found the president is expected to decide his next step on a monday he could well see another non-politician given the job of heading an interim government for italians political instability is a fact of life one many hoped was about to change. al-jazeera and joining us now via skype from rome is. she's an assistant professor of international relations and global politics and the american university of so much for coming on to. make some sense of i think. of italian politics a bit confused by the first thing i wanted to say was why were they refusal by the president to rubber stamp just the economy minister why would that mean the whole
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thing comes crashing down. well that first of all thank you so much for having me well actually the problem is the position held by the two parties which are supposed to form a new government which is the five star movement and the lead by led by salvini so it's not really a technicality simply a matter of political will they said this is the whole package so take it or leave it's and the president of the republic said well i'm not ready to accept this kind of reasoning so this is essentially why apparently we want have we managed to get a government in the last few days and the next question i think many of us are asking is how come the to cheerlead just to have obviously been elected by the electorate and who are forming this new government how come the president can tell them who they should or should have in the cabinet that that's the way i know the system is set up but could that not only training pitch meant is that possible. no
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i do see that as a possibility so the whole in a sexually the press of the republic is acting absolutely within the boundaries of his constitutional prerogatives so i mean again this is a very unusual sign frequently by the i mean we we've seen presidents of the republic of the saying is so to speak perspective mr c. top and back in nineteen the ninety's for instance when berlusconi tries to you know get a lawyer one of these lawyers appointed that is a minister of justice happens again with renzi and so on and so forth now the usual way the situation finds you know it's old is you know the a new name is proposed by the political leaders but a d's particular time the two leaders of the five star movement and league are not ready to do that but another name is coming to the frame now kahlo cuts around late
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but the president is supposed to be summoned to go and see him on monday what side of the bar is he like you should be the one that now is off to full minute government is that we've got the reason he's been summoned and actually he's been summoned because essentially he's a some kind of you know new trial figure which is appreciated more or less by the whole parties so it's like he's respected by all parties so it could be a broker probably of some kind of new deal. and i mean a less of an agreement is sound the weather for a new technocratic governments or. something of the sorts we will need to go to new elections which is particularly problematic because either it is means that we would either need to go to the polls at the end of july which is extremely again strange in the history of detail you don't think it really happened or we would
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need to go and vote in september but again this is very tricky and very dangerous in a way because that's when. the actually the budget deal is negotiated so we'll see what happens indeed today it's far from over so i should also thank you so much for speaking to us and al-jazeera thank you three palestinians have been killed by israeli shelling in gaza it happened east of the city of rafa in the southern gaza strip israel's military says the men were armed members of the group islamic jihad and more than one hundred have been killed by israeli fire in the gaza strip since most protests broke out in march. and two boats will leave gaza this week with palestinians who need hospital care on board they're trying to break a blockade imposed by israel which has prevented medical supplies from getting into the territory and patients from leaving hospitals have been struggling to treat
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thousands of palestinians who've been wounded by israeli bullets during recent protests but it smith reports. gaza is blockaded by israel on all sides sea included but this week two boats loaded with patients who need hospital treatment and students with university places will try to breach israel's sea blockade which begins sixteen kilometers out in the mediterranean that passengers have a strong determination to break this siege whatever the circumstances whatever the challenges whatever the obstacles that would have been that would be imposed by the israeli side gaza's hospitals are full of patients who need urgent medical treatment there are those injured in two months of protests and longer term cases at least now i have sixty five of them already admitted those who would want to go in the marshall for turn but there are many other cases of cancer and open heart surgeries and many other complicated newer surgical cases all the better cases all of them need to travel abroad because of shortage of persil it is induced by the
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israeli blockade in gaza strip and why can't they travel abroad because the bulk of our seed must have time and what these patients should probably in time he can say to a patient why when cancer come back up to three months that he will deteriorate and you have too much complication they cannot wait life long waiting for the support of god and. the popes that will be used to being kept hidden organizers fear israel will try to destroy them before they leave the port and reality the boats are not going to get any further than israel's maritime blockade which is as tightly and harshly enforced as the land blockade but at least those on the boats will highlight again the open prison like conditions that there are here in gaza that prevent almost anyone from leaving burnitz with al-jazeera gaza. a protest against refugees has been taking place in badland thousands of supporters and they far right policy alternative. f.t. march through the capital the party swept into parliament last year on
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a wave of anti migrant sentiment and is now the largest opposition bloc. is in berlin. a highly vocal confrontation here in berlin but not a violent one alternative for germany held a large rally outside first of all the berlin main train station then marched through the streets through the brandenburg gate behind me where they held actual demonstrations of the speeches from the party leaders but it was a message which the protesters and more many more thousands of them on the streets of berlin and members of the in terms of germany they tried to drown out the message of this party it first came into the parliament in the last elections and getting old in ninety six they are now the main opposition party in germany they have overtaken the green party and they're beginning to challenge the social democrats to a part of the grand coalition so there is
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a movement here towards the extreme right of populist movement a movement it was essentially by the large number of voters many of them that came in on angela merkel's open open borders all the see so this is a problem that's going to remain here in germany the fact that in the book in the start you're hearing paranoid race extended phobic anti semitic remarks and you know hearing them in little rallies on the streets of live this is a problem that's going to be causing ructions within the grand coalition the social democrats want to keep a liberal attitude towards refugees but those parties trying to tighten up the borders restrict immigration two hundred. thousands a year so that's causing attention even within a grand coalition and we're going to see more scenes like this and we're going to hear more from the old germany because now essentially they see this growing mainly
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the demographics imported from east blue collar workers the unemployed in the older people in the east in germany who fear that communities are being changed forever and who fear for their future so we'll see many more of these demonstrations and many board these confrontations. india's cassy rang a national park is home to the largest population of the protected one whole and indian reiners is a world heritage sites and considered a conservation success story but the rhinos still face two big threats poaches and the annual monsoon floods probably jacob reports on efforts to preserve the species . these rhino called love them leaving only when they see they keep that signals feeding time at the center for wildlife we have taken and conservation in. the car between one and five years old and still require daily milk but bottles have a place but the rhinos mothers were killed either by poachers or floods. even
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when i'm at home. or have to take a day slave. early primo offer a glimpse into the heavy rains and floods that killed dozens of people and animals in the northeastern state of ascent each summer more than sixty rhinos have died in the past three years. because they're on the national park is home to several protected and endangered species but it's a conservation success of the one honda that has turned this park into a world heritage site injured rhinos will once close to extinction in one thousand nine hundred five there were just seventy five left today that close to three thousand and. eighty percent of them by the demand for rhino horns in neighboring cells remains a huge threat the conservation status of the indian rhino was shifted from endangered to vulnerable in two thousand and eight but with the ever present threat
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the poaching. could once again turn the tide against the animal known as indian unicon. poachers kill two dozen rhinos in the last two years so far they've killed three. this means replacing old guns an aging gods with better weapons and younger stuff which is a struggle dude on the funding outside the gates heavy traffic and speeding. also pose a threat. the challenges are many but asylums rhinos of conservationists and the public on this side sit there i know it or i've been to bits of people who are something else but i know you go to write. the. wildlife teams are once again
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getting ready for this year's flood rescues but the main mission remains ensuring the long term survival of the one horned rhino. al-jazeera doesn't. assume still to come on this al-jazeera news hour big money bribery match fixing pop two of the al-jazeera investigation that's triggered an inquiry at the top of cricket. the largest mosque in indian controlled kashmir becomes a battleground between police and separatists and in sports chris froome complete funk historic x.i.i. cling tribal beats we'll have the details later on in the program. hello there we've had hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes every year of every the last day or so and the vast majority of those have been in the west as
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well as lots of thunder and lightning we've also seen very large hail some very damaging winds and a lot of heavy rain as well least thunderstorms are going to continue rattling their way through as we head through monday and into tuesday again some of them are likely to be very very heavy towards the east it's generally a lot quieter weather wise here quite warm as well we're looking at a maximum of twenty seven in warsaw but it's not going to be completely dry this is a streak of cloud here could give us some rather lively thunderstorms as well for the other side of the mediterranean it is quieter here thirty four degrees not too bad there in cairo but towards the west what more cloud hair that's all linked to what's going on maybe europe so some heavy thunderstorms here too for about there it should be dry in our maximum temperature getting to around twenty degrees and no major changes for us as we head through the next day also for the central belt of africa plenty of showers here as you would expect many of them from ethiopia all
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the way across towards the west and i think some of the heaviest ones are likely to be over parts of nigeria down through cameroon i think that's where some of the showers will band together and give some periods of more prolonged. with. from cutting edge medical technology toxic could be a vast resource the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world releasing games something good and not the worst. side as an innovative solution to global health care problems to make a difference maybe all this word get it sure we sold the cure on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story bill needs to be forced to leave the group just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought
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and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. welcome back a reminder of the top stories today on al-jazeera votes are being counted in colombia systolic presidential election the first since a peace deal was signed with the font in twenty sixteen from iran avon decay has vowed to undo aspects of the accord which she sees as too lenient on the rebel groups islamist prime minister designate giuseppe conti has given up on efforts to
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form a government he says it's because the president rejected his coalition's choice of economy minister the president insists he had to protect the interests of civilians and south korea says north korean leader kim jong un is committed to a summit with u.s. president donald trump next month some says his team has arrived in north korea to make arrangements for that meeting. i'll just say it was investigative unit has exposed a match fixing from a criminal gang who claims to have bribed international cricketers to under-perform the match fixer correctly predicted how players in two test matches would perform at certain points during the game david harrison reports. al-jazeera went undercover posing as wealthy investors to investigate corruption in cricket. that is how serious we are an e m a now is
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a much fixer from mumbai he told as we could make huge sums of money from betting on his information. both the allegedly fixed matches were played in india and involved in england and australia the governing body for world cricket the international cricket council so he was taking off findings very seriously and has launched an investigation into an intelligence sources confirm that menow works for a powerful criminal organization called the de company. it controls most of india's huge illegal betting market said to be worth sixty billion dollars a year from now told us players have been paid to underperform at certain points during the two matches and only if you. have he says the fixes or settings were arranged for india versus england in two thousand and sixteen and for india australia last year was the just. setting me
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years later. letting go of the setting or get the field or i'm looking at something in his predictions were accurate in both matches our investigation also exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches one of them is house and resident the former pakistan stall he agreed to play in the tournament set up soley for match fixing. are you interested then would you play. to sri lanka plays the cooler to go until our locker or t.v. would also play. and that's that's not the fake tournament was planned by dubai based gourab raj kumar lover probably would be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to go to court. now what do you say to the millions of people who watch cricket innocently believing it's fair competition they spend good money watching
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cricket and you are actually corrupting the game. and get this right now and all three players declined to comment raj kumar said al-jazeera had invited him to act in a movie for public entertainment only david harrison al-jazeera london the biggest mosque in indian administered kashmir has become the center of a separatist battle fighting between police and rebels escalated at jamia mosque in srinagar after friday prayers and protests broke out on saturday palace reports. yes there are no longer kashmir's biggest mosque has become a political battlefield outside its gates and tryna go muslim separatist to mom's an indian rule over the land kashmir has been disputed since nine hundred forty seven and on friday its holiest mosque became the stage for who should rule this land john muir margaret three of the grand mosque isn't just the center of faith
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for the people of downtown but it has a reverence in the hearts of every individual of genuine kashmir and any kind of violation of sanctity done to jimmy a mosque will not be tolerated. in the muslim holy month of ramadan after friday prayers came the most damning of actions police say young men waved separatist flags and threw rocks at them after previous they say dozens of police were injured and denied excessive use of force by fifty protesters were hurt their banners and stones no match for the government's going to its worship its surrender to the. food they started with firing shock and pellets and stun grenades the mosque was violated very badly which is very unfortunate on the part of the government young boys were injured in the dozens they then entered the mosque for their safety afterwards no prayers could be held because the mosque needed to be cleaned. it needs to be cleaned of blood staining its six hundred year old
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fluids blood from people like danish a student who went to pray and may never again see his beloved mosque saw him now miles has said as soon as the press ended heard screams from outside and then the police directly fired at the wash has now the talk to say his eye will his best and it will cost about four thousand dollars for his treatment we're a poor family how can we arrange such a huge so. one mother left praying for an answer but from beside a hospital bed. the most states a lot thousands of kashmiri muslims unable to pray in their most revered sites during their holiest months until the blood is removed and shell casings collected they are hopeful it can remain a haven from the tensions that surround its walls charlotte dallas. myanmar's government has arrested and sentenced to prison
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a group of or henge of refugees who tried to reenter iraq and state says the refugees did not follow the proper process required for their return at least fifty eight of them have since been released and taken to camps for internally displaced people military commanders in iraq are being trained to maintain peace after a brutal campaign to defeat i so the army is working with the u.s. led coalition who helped to win the fight against the armed group last year but the presence of foreign troops remains a divisive issue asama binge of aid has been given rare access to a coalition base run by spanish troops. it's a hot day during ramadan but these iraqi soldiers must complete their task officers are being trained to become trainers for their own troops. iraqi forces need to maintain control after the defeat devices and hang that i would have upon them oh we have eliminated i so militarily we have retaken all the iraqi territories now we are conducting hunting down and pursuing missions and intensifying intelligence
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work our fight now is a fight of intelligence prowess. as small units are learning how to navigate alleyways in the me controlled territory. a civil guard unit is conducting this course at the spanish run base as part of the u.s. led coalition the commander says exercises are important for iraqi forces to maintain security. to train iraqi forces to be able to provide a safe and secure environment. after years of sharpening their shooting skills it's time for more verbal communication it's important for iraqi soldiers to know how to serve warrants and make arrests they need a different method from fighting eisel. training for war equally important as training these troops are not just training for warfare but also how to maintain urban peace in an environment which is close combat. u.s. troops are also helping maintain the readiness of iraqi forces after the two
12:40 am
thousand and three invasion u.s. forces were seen by many as occupiers since then there has been a growing military partnership. u.s. led coalition forces have provided weapons and training to build the iraqi army despite their close coordination the presence of u.s. troops in iraq remains politically sensitive and we're going to maintain them ensure that the iraqi security forces have what they need the u.s. commander says their mission is important even after isis defeat i think there's still a need of course that they need will be the decision of this government of iraq in government that comes because we're here on their invitation but we see now that we move to more of an operational and strategic level assistance that we can provide. after the initial collapse against isis iraq's military regroup to hunt down fighters and recapture territory iraqi soldiers are confident they have learned from past mistakes and are ready to confront challenges head on osama bin job
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a down to zero. iraq eleven people are now known to have died after cycling macoun or made land fall off some of them on the side the coastal city of salalah after battering the yemeni island of culture running ships around town damaging homes and infrastructure as always you say eight say it is are still missing and many of us have been displaced heavy rains are expected to continue to batter the region for two more days now it's been one hundred days since several ram opposed became south africa's president he took office after his predecessor jacob zuma resigned under pressure over corruption rabbitohs a promise to clean up south african politics but his government is now battling corruption allegations of its own welcome when reports from johannesburg. they called it rama the reaction of many south africans when cyril ramaphosa became
12:42 am
president in february. things have gone from bad to worse for his predecessor jacob zuma his eight years were blighted by a series of corruption scandals. last year people protested calling for him to step down eventually resigned under pressure from his own party to run opposed he's been promising to clean up ever since this is the year in which. we were turned the tide on corruption in our public institutions thanks he began with a cabinet reshuffle some of the controversial ministers of the zumiez white house but other state including this man. now minister of home affairs leaked documents linked him to major corruption scandals he denied involvement. but it seems from a poser has helped investor confidence south africa's currency the rand and its credit ratings have stabilized since he took over but the political opposition says
12:43 am
it's not enough and i haven't seen anybody going to jail for the corruption top of the corruption in south africa all we hearing him paying lip service to corruption and say he's going to do both and he's going to do that one hundred days i haven't seen anybody been arrested yet. last month from oppose a cut short a trip to a commonwealth summit in london and people protested in the northwest province they demanded the governor zuma ally to step down over port the livery of public service is a frequently recurring issue in south africa. another key issue is land since apartheid most of it still belongs to the white minority many black people and less on the pressure from opposition in february from opposes a.n.c. supported a motion in parliament to try and amend the constitution to allow government expropriation of land without payment historically the a.n.c. his rhetoric has been radical with politicians promising redistributions of wealth but in practice its economic policies are centrist in that respect in spite of the
12:44 am
talk of land redistribution things haven't really changed much on the run opposer he's been on the boards of several corporations is widely seen as a friend to big business with presidential elections due next year rahm opposes performance in the months ahead will determine if the a.n.c. can still win the majority it's always enjoyed malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. now one of the first man to walk on the moon has died at the age of eighty six u.s. astronaut alan being made to toss into space one with the apollo twelve mission to the moon and another commanding a crew to skylab america's first space station it was the fourth person to explore the lunar surface been later gave up those adventures to become a painter in past interviews about his career he said he felt like he had won the lottery. still to come on al-jazeera we meet in new york they're being left behind by public transport services and the campaign is fighting to change
12:45 am
them around madrid are back home to celebrate with their pizza we'll tell you all about that just ahead in sports. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening broached on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies. and that was it but not how people feel how they think and that's what we do we go five and
12:46 am
a half months of demanding a good education system that was introduced to. latin america europe has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. now ride sharing services like oba have changed the way people travel but those with disabilities say they are being left behind a number of lawsuits are making their way through the u.s. courts to make all forms of transportation accessible is a major problem in new york where the disabled are more reliant on public
12:47 am
transportation question salome has part two of our series on the global state disability access wheelchair bound valerie joseph gets picked up curbside every morning at her home in the outskirts of new york city for a ride to work is made possible through access a ride part of the city's public transportation system to seventy five base they're going from and to you can get to round trips a day sounds like a good deal if you qualify but trips must be booked twenty four hours in advance and her commute with other passengers can take up to two hours each way nearly one hundred fifty thousand disabled new yorkers rely on public transportation that includes the city's aging subways. new york's subway system has the lowest rate of wheelchair accessibility of any major transit system in the united states only the stations are accessible and that's where the elevators are working jose hernandez
12:48 am
described one instance recently when they were not. gotten away somewhere something like sixteen soames subway stops it walk a fine out of it that was working that journey alone took me a minute an additional two hours in elevator performance disability advocates have had to resort to protests like this and lawsuits just to try to get the public transit authority to comply with an existing law that requires stations be made obsessive full whenever they undergo major renovations just as they sued to win an agreement to make fifty percent of new york's yellow taxis handicapped accessible by two thousand and twenty but then who were showed up and were allowed to operate without any regulation so our agreement is at risk the amount of accessibility with sixty thousand inaccessible vehicles added to the city streets. is doing is it's just not what it should be
12:49 am
a lack of access to transportation advocates say is one reason less than thirty percent of disabled people in new york city work valerie is one of them and a plaintiff in one of several lawsuits against hoover demanding they make more of their cars accessible i am a tax there i go to work i have a life and i need to get out i can't always plan my life on a nine to five and she is willing to fight so people like her can have not only a job but also a life outside of it kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. over to pete's now for the sports. thank you so much we start with formula one way daniel ricardo was victorious at the monaco grand prix on sunday the red bull driver overcame a loss of power in the middle of the race to hold of sebastian vettel who finished second ahead of chad lewis hamilton and gleason has more. it was a case of unfinished business by donald ricardo in monaco on pole here two years
12:50 am
ago a pitstop era cost him victory then and having been quickest in practice and qualifying all weekend it seemed the australians race to laze. on a track weights notoriously difficult to take ricardo's teammate max wished after improved it can be done so i think in the back of the great after a crash in practice most intimate qualifying the dutchman would eventually climb all the way to ninth. but no most catching the caught at the front even after he suffered a loss of power with two thirds of the race remaining he managed to fend off the challenge from the chasing sebastien vettel. the virtual safety car came out just once with six laps to go as savage tells the clad the first monaco native to contest this race for twenty four years smashed into the back of brendan hartley store. it didn't effect the outcome though because crossing the line first
12:51 am
for the second time this season ahead of ferrari that all i must say to me with hamilton. on the i could show more emotion today that yesterday. two years in the making this i finally feel like their attention is has arrived. we had problems i don't know how much the radio broadcast but we had we had a lot to do with her in the rice. i think it was before halfway i i felt power loss of power and i thought the race was done and we got to using six years so i spent just thanks to the tame we we got it back and start. it's hamilton. he still leads the championship standings by fourteen points ahead of vettel ricardo with a heart on both hands in it and with brad both g. major engine upgrade the head of the next grand prix in canada in two weeks' time a car that pretty quickly become a title contender polling place and i do think. the real madrid's players have
12:52 am
returned to the spanish capital to celebrate retaining their champions league title beat low ball three one in kiev on saturday and on sunday captain sergio ramos and his team mates showed off their silverware to their adoring supporters who have grown accustomed to winning this competition rail of one the champions league thirteen times now almost twice as much as the next best team ac milan with seven this was also the third victory in a row for cristiana ronaldo and co it's the first time a club has managed to do then it inspired munich in the nineteen seventies little hole striker mohammad selar left the field in tears during the first of of their champions league final after suffering a shoulder injury but the twenty five year old has given a glimmer of hope to egypt fans ahead of the world cup posted this on twitter on sunday saying of the final it was a very tough night but i'm a fighter despite the odds i'm confident that i'll be in russia to make you all proud your love and support will give me the strength i need egypt are said to make their first world cup appearance since nineteen ninety. defending french open
12:53 am
champion illinois the banco has been knocked out of this year's tournament on the opening day but left when who won her maiden grants that i think i was twelve months ago was beaten in straight sets by world number sixty six counts of you know cause of our it's just the second time in the open air of the women's defending champion has lost in the first round. i think it was terrible day at the office today for me and i mean in general i played maybe like twenty percent of what i get to play made like fifty unforced errors in so many double faults like you couldn't serve today and everything together just brought me a really bad result i'm really disappointed and so angry i mean i'm just like really angry and i just want to in turn break the time. asta pinker wasn't the only big casualty on day one seven time major winner venus williams was beaten by world number ninety one cheering it's the chinese players biggest career when venus won't be leaving paris just yet though she's also entered in the doubles with sister
12:54 am
sorry. there was less drama in the men's draw second seed alexander very of made it safely through to round two with a comfortable straight sets win over look the way he has recovered just better. chris froome has become just the third man in history to hold all three of cycling's grand to assemble tamia sleep that's after he won the jittered italia on sunday to add to the seventeen tour de france and a world that i spun your victories froome had barely been in contention in italy until a remarkable solo attack on friday's nineteenth stage put him in full control and he came through unscathed in sunday's final processional stage in rome to win by forty six seconds from defending champion tom de moon froome is the first british right it's when the jaded italian three year old is still under investigation for this doping test result at last as well but he denied any wrongdoing. i don't thing is quite sunk in yet but i'm sure for the next few days once i've got
12:55 am
a bit of time to reflect but it's just been incredible i mean obviously for any cyclist suit this is the dream to have all three leaders jerseys in the space of ten months which is just incredible incredible feeling italy's francesco molinari has won the p.g.a. chairmanship it went with by two shots from former world number one rory mcilroy who won this tournament back in twenty fourteen he shared the lead with molinari heading into sunday's final round of the northern irishman carded a three under round of seventy to finish thirteen under overall but it wasn't enough to challenge molinari he shot a flawless final round of sixty six to finish seventeen under par and win a seventh career title he is now in the automatic qualifying places for the ryder cup coming up in september. obviously it's the best possible start to do in the first one of the season so. really pleased it's been a fantastic week i've played really well. and it's memories cherish for
12:56 am
a long long time pakistan have won the first cricket test of a series against england at lord's in london mohammad a bus was the star performer for the tourists removing eight england batsman in the match pakistan winning by nine wickets inside four days losing just one wicket as they chased down the victory target of sixty four i am very proud of my team my boy . said there told when i was first doing the guys made after i got my back to my batting and then they're going to again my boy responding especially with all aboard and i made a board i think i'm very proud of michael defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors have tied their waste in conference series final against the used in rockets they came back from a seventeen point first quarter deficit to thrash the rockets one hundred fifteen eighty six play thompson was the top scorer with thirty five points while stiff kerry had twenty nine the warriors are aiming for a fourth finals appearance in a row while the rockets haven't made it there since nineteen ninety five game seven
12:57 am
will be played back in euston on a monday. can't give memorandum three they thrive off those and i think the middle level in the first half so we had to take that away and. when we're the i feel like we're the best team in the world the most fun to watch when we're pushing up on tour de france starts making play we've got too much talent just to get singles like coach always trust next man how diverse and work in our favor most time. ok most sport again later but for now it's back to london. thank you paine said don't forget to look at our website al jazeera dot com for attention more news and current affairs especially a bit more on the it's having election result that's it from me for this news out but i will be back in a moment with much more of the day's news. there
12:58 am
are seven billion lights in this game. each one is still the.
12:59 am
one to be seen. to be heard. to be. it is. witness document. on here on in the next episode of earth royce. georgia groupings crew on a voyage through the widdle sea to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile untaught ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just teeming with life. of ease a soul the remotest. unsought take sanctuary on al-jazeera.
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early results suggest right wing candidate event to kerry is leading colombia's presidential election with forty one percent of the votes. and again i'm see it says and this is al jazeera line from london also coming up the political crisis in italy deepens the prime minister designate fails to form a government. indicates he wants a summit with donald trump to go ahead the u.s. president says north korea can become a great economic nation and from a population of seventy five to close to three thousand where when asked some to find out about the mission to say all and indeed.


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