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it's push back to war and then it's divided tribes here when generation. colombia is to vote again to elect a new president with a staunch critic of the fog peace deal taking on a left wing rival next month. i'm about this and this is obviously a live from doha also coming up donald trump confirms u.s. officials are preparing for his high stakes summit with a north korean leader. and he's five star movement demands the president's impeachment after his veto denies it a chance to form a coalition government. and an al-jazeera investigation exposes former international cricketers who were prepared to take money to fix matches.
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so we begin in colombia where early results suggest that an arch critic of the twenty sixteen peace deal with fog rebels has come out on top of the presidential election first round now with counting continuing right wing conservative iran decay is ahead but will face leftwinger gustava petro in round two in three weeks let's go live to latin america editor of the sea and human in bogota to see what happens within that three week period. you know rob well you're absolutely right it's very clear at this point of bad even duke is a conservative who is supported by this country will turn right when former president i believe it is on top but he only thought he got actually less than forty percent of the vote so it's not a given that in three weeks time he could win this election and on the absolutely other extreme of the political spectrum we have the second runner up which is none
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other than who stumble better or he is a former urban guerilla of the and nineteen rebel movement which disbanded in one thousand nine hundred she joined the political front to try to win power through the ballot box which is what he hopes he will do so there's going to campaigning has already begun i'm outside of the salad but does have a campaign headquarters right now they're all waiting for him to or arrive but they are already asking didn't they columbia's to start to them to join together to start the book together rather a coalition of all the center left and left wing and progressive forces in this country to try to be to evolve in this next round at stake many believe is the future of this of the peace accord that was signed more than a year ago we would reform it some believe he would actually kill it while to wants to accelerate this peace accord which has been very which has barely been implemented and that has led to new rebel groups emerging in the areas that were
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once controlled by far the religious wrong let's see how much she wins this election about the far peace deal and how much of it was about corruption on unemployment and health care issues that the country faces as well. i would say that. one on the base very much on the discontent that many many colombians feel for that agreement they believe that the far guerillas got away scot free that these this is much too lenient that their leaders need to go to prison. they were very angry about that and they supported even do that but on the other hand. not only promises to preserve that agreement but he really is seen as the as the champion of the underdogs of the poor and downtrodden in this country which is where has an incredible i just this level the but the world bank says that the difference between the richest and the poorest is the worst one of the worst in
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the world and certainly one of the worst in latin america is where that is one of the reasons why he is so popular with the lower middle class the working class and we have. the same in human life for us in bogota thank you very much and the. president donald trump has come from that u.s. officials are in north korea to discuss details of a possible summit with kim jong un plans for a summit in june the twelfth in singapore were scrapped by trump on thursday only to express enthusiasm a day later in a tweet trump writes i truly believe north korea has a brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day. agrees with me on this it will happen mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the state department has confirmed that a u.s. negotiating team has traveled to the north korean side of the demilitarized zone for negotiations hitting the team is some king now he's
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a former ambassador to south korea and he was part of the delegations that negotiated during the so-called six party talks between two thousand and three of tall they broke down in two thousand and nine now interestingly enough on the north korean side their chief negotiator is chose she's a deputy foreign minister and was part of the north korean delegation during those six nation talks so certainly the go see it is from both sides know each other well aware of the history of the ongoing crisis in north korea now what they are doing we understand is to set an agenda for the talks should they take place on june the twelfth without a clear agenda discussed over the next three days is likely to be no summit while the u.s. delegation arrived in north korea after a surprise meeting regime can draw on and mungy in south korea's president says
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pyongyang is committed to denuclearization and kim is looking forward to meeting trump and to thomas reports from seoul. the surprise summit the second meeting in a month between moon j. and kim jong un was arranged just hours in advance it was held in secret this footage she was released only afterwards by the two governments of north korea's with excited commentary attached. what's clear is that the sudden into a korean summit was a direct response to donald trump's letter canceling the june twelfth north korea u.s. summit the leaders of both careers want that back on littlejohn's. we have agreed that the jute hope summit should be held successfully and that our journey to the korean peninsula is denuclearization em perpetual peace should not be halted president said kim jong un once again committed to denuclearize ation and that he
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had told him that president trump in return would end hostile relations and cooperate economically this was not a meeting president trump was told about in advance but in washington tonight he hinted he could yet be travelling to singapore a lot of people are working on it it's moving along very nicely so we're looking at june twelfth singapore that hasn't changed. and it's more along pretty well analysts the splits on who's driving the agenda donald trump is seen as a person who can start a war and the last say forty eight hours to get maybe more of the fear that dormant thompson instruction is going to cancel the summit and then this if you lead to a new escalation of tension some probably of what if this year has been decisive others think it's kim in the driving seat they think his commitment to denuclearize nation means u.s. withdrawal from the region to not unilateral north korean disarmament in exchange
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for the lifting of sanctions i think it's the north koreans driven disengagement consolidate nuclear deterrence they've decided that they can push forward undergoes not only with the united states but also south korea and reengage with china they have a clear pathway forward whoever is driving the june twelfth singapore summit is looking a lot more likely than it was it seems like longer but it was only three days ago that the u.s. north korean summit was suddenly called off since then we've been on what some have called a diplomatic rollercoaster roller coasters run along tracks someone designs them plans the twists and turns this ride is altogether different and a lot more serious and littleness al jazeera so. the leader of italy's five star movement has called on parliament to impeach president. after efforts to form a new government collapsed it comes after matter of a veto the prime minister designate giuseppe conti's choice of economy minister
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forcing him to give up trying to form an administration the president was quick to defend themselves saying he had to block the euro skeptic candidates policy of owner to protect italy's economy is that matter will now try to appoint a caretaker government but there are fears of a constitutional crisis which opens the prospect of fresh elections under the it is not in baba reports. after weeks of talks in hopes of a breakthrough italy's prime minister designate throws in the towel. i have announced the mandate which i have been given by the president of the republic to form a government of change. decepticon to have been asked by the so-called populist coalition which between them won the most seats in the march election with forming a viable cabinet now he says that's proved a bridge too far and the sticking point the proposed economy minister paulose of owner a former minister who's also a well known euro skeptic italy's president says some voter would have sent
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a worrying message to italy's partners and to the financial markets. they love. and i'm not considering the individual i don't want someone who supports an opinion which was expressed more the want and that would inevitably lead to italy's exit from the right. up until the last minute material salvini leader of the right wing likud party had insisted his pick for economy minister must not be vetoed speaking live on social media late on sunday he called the president's rejection anti democratic. and said no he said there will not be a government we work for nothing we will have a technocrat government i ask of the a democracy italy the italian decide what are the germans offense decide it's absolutely incredible from my point of view. salvini wants fresh elections so too does luigi demaio leader of the five star movement which got the most votes in march when the margin there was over fifty percent support for two political
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parties parties that want to change things and want to represent the talents in their interests but in the end a way to block it is always seems to be found the president is expected to decide his next step on monday it could well see another non-politician given the job of heading in interim government for a tally of political instability is a fact of life one many hoped was about to change. al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera. the passengers have a strong that determination to break the siege whatever the circumstances alastair means turn to desperate measures to break an israeli blockade and get out and medical help. the reaction to a rally against refugees staged by germany's far right moves. from the sky. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city.
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hello there the rains of east now across many parts of china we did have plenty of showers across this chart there on sunday but now as we head into monday not a great deal left many of us getting away with a draw a day the wetter weather is actually towards the west you can see a very active system that's pulling itself together there that's working its way towards me and ma but more of that in just a moment the system as it is now you can see it over parts of thailand so for thailand in the northwest is going to be plenty of wet weather as we head through the next few days and those showers also stretch further south towards the monitor as well meanwhile elsewhere there is a lot of dry weather to be found that's mostly over parts of jobs should be fine and settled for many of us here and further north for many of us in the philippines at a loss of dry weather to be found here today but one or two showers around predominantly the sunshine will be our main weather type out towards the west and we can see that
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cloud that's gradually working its way northward still developing as it does say and it really is going to give some very intense downpours around the coast of maine ma all monday and tuesday incredibly wet here we could well see some landslides out of this system also we're looking at some heavy rains in the south western policy of india that's also across to to further north is draw it just incredibly hot in new delhi there with sponsored by the time these. scum of the world to see. the best films from across on the work of. the in the series i'll be but them about the courage to speak to some new insights . to challenge and change the way we look. around just. this time on.
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you're watching all just get out of mind of our top stories this hour results from the first round of colombia's presidential elections suggest rightwinger eve on ok a critic of the fog peace deal is in the lead with about thirty nine percent of the vote is likely to face left wing challenger petro in a second round runoff in three weeks. donald trump says u.s. officials are in north korea to prepare for a possible summit between him and kim jong un next month in a tweet the president also said north korea will become a great financial nation one day trump announced he was pulling out of the june twelfth meeting but he backtracked quickly. the leader of italy's populist
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a five star movement has called for president. impeachment after efforts to form a new government collapsed prime minister designate a separate kaante gave up attempts after much at all a veto of his choice of economy minister. palestinians have been killed by israeli shelling in gaza that happened east of the city of rafa in the southern gaza strip israel's military says the men were armed members of the islamic jihad group more than one hundred people have been killed by israeli fire in the gaza strip since mass protests began in march. two boats will leave gaza this week with palestinians needing urgent hospital care on board who tried to break a book a the by israel which has prevented medical supplies from getting in and patients getting out all spittles have been struggling to treat thousands of palestinians wounded by israeli bullets during protests but in smith reports. gaza is blockaded by israel on all sides sea included but this week two boats loaded with patients
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who need hospital treatment and students with university places will try to breach israel's sea blockade which begins sixteen kilometers out in the mediterranean that passengers have a strong determination to break this siege whatever the circumstances whatever the challenges whatever the obstacles that would have been that would be imposed by the israeli side gaza's hospitals are full of patients who need urgent medical treatment there are those injured in two months of protests and longer term cases at least now i have sixty five of them already admitted those who would want to go in the marshall for turn but there are many other cases of cancer in open heart surgeries and many other complicate newer surgical cases of the baby cases all of them need to travel abroad because of shortage of personalities induced by the israeli blockade in gaza strip and why can't they travel abroad because the bulk of our seed must have time and these patients should probably in time he can say to
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a patient why when cancer come back after three months that he will deteriorate and you have too much complication they cannot wait life long waiting for this product up in. the boats that will be used to being kept hidden organizes fear israel will try to destroy them before they leave the port and reality the boats are not going to get any further than israel's maritime blockade which is as tightly and harshly enforced as the land blockade but at least those on the boats will highlight again the open prison like conditions that there are here in gaza that prevent almost anyone from leaving burnitz with al-jazeera gaza. protest against refugees has been held in germany's capital thousands of supporters of the far right party alternative for germany on a.s.d. march through berlin the party swept into parliament last year on a wave of anti migrant sentiment it's now the largest opposition bloc ever chaytor has more from berlin. a highly vocal confrontation herron beilin but not
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a violent one alternative but germany held a large rally outside best of all the berlin main train station then marched through the streets to the brandenburg gate behind me where they they held their actual demonstration and they heard speeches from the party leaders but it was a message which the protest has and there are more many more thousands of them on the streets of berlin than there were members of the old terms of the germany they tried to drown out the message of this party it first came into the parliament in the last elections with a bonus tag any more than ninety seats they are now the main opposition party in germany they've overtaken the green party and they're beginning to challenge the social democrats who are part of the grand coalition so there is a movement here towards the extreme right a populist movement a movement it was because essentially by the large number of refugees more than a million that came in and angela merkel's open open borders policy though this is
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a problem that's going to remain here in germany the fact that even in the bone the stark you're hearing paranoid races that evoke began to semitic remarks and you are now hearing them it's little rallies on the streets of berlin this is a problem that's going to be causing ructions within the grand coalition social democrats want to keep a liberal attitude towards refugees but the agam up as parties trying to tighten up the borders restrict immigration two hundred thousand a year. so that's causing a tension even within a grand coalition and we're going to see more scenes like this and we're going to hear more from the germany because now essentially they see this growing mainly the demographic supporters from each of the unemployed in the older people and he said in germany who fear that communities are being changed forever and who fear for
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their future so we'll see many more of these demonstrations and many more of these confrontations. it's been a hundred days since several ramaphosa became south africa's president he took office after his predecessor jacob zuma resigned under pressure from his party during his eight years in power zuma failed to shake off corruption scandals and as malcolm webb reports from johannesburg people now expect ramaphosa to act against the corruptions. they called its rama for yeah the reaction of many south africans when cyril ramaphosa became president in february things had gone from bad to worse for his predecessor jacob zuma his eight years were blighted by a series of corruption scandals. last year people protested calling for him to step down eventually resigned under pressure from his own party to run opposing has been promising to clean up ever since this is the years in which
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we would turn the tide on corruption in our public institutions thanks he began with a cabinet reshuffle some of the controversial ministers. out but others stayed including this man. now minister of home affairs leaked documents linked him to major corruption scandals he denied involvement. but it seems rum oppose a has helped investor confidence south africa's currency the rand and its credit ratings stabilized since he took over but the political opposition says it's not enough and i haven't seen anybody going to jail for the corruption top of the corruption in south africa all we hearing him paying lip service to corruption and say he's going to do both and he's going to do that one hundred days i haven't seen anybody been arrested yet. last month from oppose a cut short a trip to a commonwealth summit in london and people protested in the northwest province he demanded the governor. to step down over all delivery of public services frequently
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recurring issue in south africa. another key issue is land since apartheid most of it still belongs to the white minority many black people the land less on the pressure from opposition in february opposes a.n.c. supported a motion in parliament to try and amend the constitution to allow government expropriation of land without payment historically the a.n.c. is rhetoric has been radical with politicians promising redistributions of wealth but in practice its economic policies a centrist in that respect in spite of the talk of land redistribution things haven't really changed much on the run opposer he's been on the boards of several corporations is widely seen as a friend to big business with presidential elections due next year rahm opposes performance in the months ahead will determine if the a.n.c. can still win the majority it's always enjoyed malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg
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south africa a strike by truck drivers in brazil over the rising cost of diesel has now lasted a week that's cause shortages of gas stations and supermarkets across latin america's biggest country and the government and the union had reached an agreement last week but some drivers are refusing to back down the army set up guard points at all refineries and petrol stations. al-jazeera his investigative unit has exposed a match fixer from an organized crime syndicate who claims to have bribed international cricketers to underperform he correctly predicted what players in two test matches would do at a certain point during the game david harrison has our exclusive report al-jazeera went undercover posing as wealthy investors to investigate corruption in cricket. that is how serious we are an e m a now is a much fixer from mumbai he told us we could make huge sums of money from betting
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on his information. both the allegedly fixed matches were played in india and involved in england and australia the governing body for world cricket the international cricket council said it was taking off findings very seriously and has launched an investigation into an intelligence sources confirm that menow works for a powerful criminal organization called the de company. it controls most of india's huge illegal betting market said to be worth sixty billion dollars a year from now told us players have been paid to underperform at certain points during the two matches and barely meet it you will now. have he says the fix is all settings were arranged for india versus england in two thousand and sixteen and for india australia last year. the death camps years later. he said being yet the feel i'm looking at something
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in his predictions were accurate in both matches our investigation also exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches one of them is has son reza the former pakistan stall he agreed to play in the tournament set up soley for match fixing. are you interested then would you play. to sri lanka plays the cooler to go until our locker or t.d. would also play. us that's not the fake tournament was planned by dubai based gourab raj kumar larger group tend to be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to do to compete. now what do you say to the millions of people who watch cricket innocently believing expect competition they spend good money watching cricket and you are actually corrupting the game so iraq can get. menow and all
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three players declined to comment raj kumar said al-jazeera had invited him to act in a movie for public entertainment only david harrison al-jazeera london and you can watch our exclusive investigation into a cricket match fixing on al jazeera on monday at twelve g.m.t. . eleven people are now known to have died after cycle mokoena hit land off southern oman the cyclons struck the coastal city of salon after battling the yemeni island of so cultural authorities say eight sailors are still missing and many others have been displaced the u.s. state of maryland has declared a state of emergency because of flash flooding ellicott city is one of the worst hit areas with water surging above the first floor of some buildings that are no immediate reports of casualties or injuries in the same area was affected by flash floods two years ago which killed two people. why chilling services like google
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have changed the way people travel but those with disabilities say they're being left behind us courts are dealing with a number of lawsuits aimed at making transportation accessible to all from new york christensen only has part two of our series on the global state of disability access. wheelchair bound valerie joseph gets picked up curbside every morning at her home in the outskirts of new york city for a ride to work is made possible through access a ride part of the city's public transportation system to seventy five base fare going from and to you can get to around trips a day sounds like a good deal if you qualify but trips must be booked twenty four hours in advance and her commute with other passengers can take up to two hours each way nearly one hundred fifty thousand disabled new yorkers rely on public transportation that includes the city's aging subways new york subway system has the lowest rate of
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wheelchair accessibility of any major transit system in the united states only a quarter of its stations are accessible and that's where the elevators are working jose hernandez described one instance recently when they were not. gotten away somewhere something like sixteen subway stops is like a find out of it and that was working that journey alone in addition she was in elevator performance disability advocates have had to resort to protests like this and lawsuits just to try to get the public transit authority to comply with an existing law that requires stations be made obsessive will whenever they undergo major renovations just as they sued to win an agreement to make fifty percent of new york's yellow taxis handicapped accessible by two thousand and twenty. but then hoover showed up and we're allowed to operate without any regulation so
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our agreement is at risk the amount of accessibility with sixty thousand inaccessible vehicles added to the city streets. is doing is it's just not what it should be a lack of access to transportation advocates say is one reason less than thirty percent of disabled people in new york city work valerie is one of them and a plaintiff in one of several lawsuits against hoover demanding they make more of their cars accessible i am a tax there i go to work i have a life and i need to get around this i can't always plan my life on a nine to five and she is willing to fight so people like her can have not only a job but also a life outside of it kristen salumi al jazeera new york. the fourth man to walk on the moon has died at the age of eighty six the u.s. astronaut alan being two tours in space one was the apollo twelve mission to the moon and the other one he commanded america's first space station. well i felt i
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was one of the luckiest guys on earth particularly since my profession was flying airplanes and it looked like your more advanced way to do airplanes was do for space ships and more advanced than that was getting a chance to land on the moon so for someone in my profession that has the interest i had which most of the astronauts of my day did i had that thought then it was wonderful it was like you won the lottery only even better. this is all just you know these are the top stories results from the first round of columbia's presidential election suggest right wing fox peace deal critic yvonne do k. is in the lead with about thirty nine percent of the vote is likely to face left wing challenger gustavo petro in a second round runoff in three weeks donald trump says the u.s. officials are in north korea to prepare for a possible summit between him and kim jong un next month in the tweets the
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president also said north korea would become a great financial nation one day alyea trump announced he was pulling out of the june twelfth meeting but he backtracked quickly the leader of italy's populist five star movement has called for president said his impeachment after efforts to form a new government collapsed by minister designate gave up attempts after the title of vetoed his choice of economy minister. for people but i knew this would not be a popular decision so i accepted the prime minister proposal despite the fact that you stepping on to it was not elected. did you get that if i have been informed that the parties now want an immediate election it is a decision i will make after we discuss it in parliament and i will take action in the coming hours in three palestinians have been killed by israeli shelling in gaza has happened east of the city of rafa in the southern gaza strip israel's military says the men were armed members of the islamic jihad group more than one hundred
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people have been killed by israeli fire in the gaza strip since mass protests began in march a strike by truck drivers in brazil over the rising cost of diesel is now the last of a week its cause shortages a gas stations and supermarkets across latin america's biggest country the government and the union reached an agreement last week but some drivers are refusing to back down and. the u.s. state of maryland has declared a state of emergency because of flash flooding ellicott city is one of the worst hit areas with water surging above the first floor of some buildings and those are the headlines the news is going to continue here on al-jazeera after inside story i'll see in about half an hour but i.
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south africa's president serial rock also says he's bringing reforms opposition parties insists he must do more to end corruption so a hundred days after he came to office what has been opposed to achieve and what challenges lie ahead this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back to south africa's fifth democratically elected president syria rama posa is marking one hundred days in office he came to power after jacob zuma was forced to resign after years of corruption allegations raposo was elected in february following his victory as leader of the ruling a.n.c. party in december he made a number of.


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