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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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penetrates global market slavery a twenty first century evil continues its charcoaled slaves. colombia is to vote again to elect a new president with a staunch critic of the fox peace deal taking on a left wing rival next month. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters and with me as a peron i'm also ahead donald trump confirms u.s. officials are in north korea preparing for his high stakes summit. as early as five star movement demands the president's impeachment after his veto denies it
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a chance to form a coalition government and the english and astray in cricket boards back their players after an al-jazeera investigation uncovers evidence of match fixing. a hardline critic of the colombian government's two thousand and sixteen peace deal with fox rebels has won the first round of presidential elections with thirty nine percent of the vote vonda cable faces and there is challenger left wing petro and her father fought three weeks petro who supports the peace process or second with twenty five percent a latin america editor lucien newman reports from both the. conservative candidates came in ahead in the first round with thirty nine percent of the votes supported by colombians want to modify a historic peace accord. which many see as a reward for terrorists. because i am sure hope supersedes closs
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hatred. but he'll be facing his political end to sis's former mayor. who in his youth was a left wing urban guerilla and follow him almost from his this is what we're going to talk about at the ballot boxes in fifteen days it's a return to violence or it's building an era of peace. pitta supporters believe he can deliver on the promise of health education and social justice for millions of disenfranchised colombians in what is one of the world's most socially unequal countries. that if you help the old the mothers like me who needed help i always had his support when he was mayor i trust and believe in hand. in order to win throughout the house you have to. be this. which is.
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not good i don't think opponents warn he'll turn colombia into a new than israela or cuba he is deeply distrusted by the political and economic a stablish mint. but do get to raises concerns among moderates in the recovery because i have no doubt that if he wins extradite the party leaders and the peace process the same thing that happened in the middle east after agreements are violated will happen we're not what this is what's clear is that colombians will be going to the polls again to lose between two radically different options for their future. looking to see in human i just see. them on to other news now and u.s. president all trump has confirmed that american officials are in north korea to discuss details of a possible summit on trump canceled a summit on the twelfth injured in singapore on thursday are they to change his mind a de lay said in a tweet from freud that i truly believe north korea has a brilliant potential and will be
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a great economic and financial nation one day can join own agrees with me on this that will happen mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the state department has confirmed that a u.s. negotiating team has traveled to the north korean side of the demilitarized zone for negotiations hitting the team is some king now he's a former ambassador to south korea and he was part of the delegations that negotiated during the so-called six party talks between two thousand and three of tall they broke down in two thousand and nine now interestingly enough on the north korean side their chief negotiator is chose. she's a deputy foreign minister and was part of the north korean delegation during those six nation talks so certainly the go see it is from both sides know each other well aware of the history of the ongoing crisis in north korea now what they are doing
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we understand is to set an agenda for the talks should they take place on june the twelfth without a clear agenda discussed over the next three days there's likely to be no summit. now robert kelley is professor of international relations at tucson national university and he says president johnson's using summit with kim jong un to prop up his domestic and. it would help a lot if the americans particularly would start to lay out what specifically they're looking for the sides demanding that the north koreans give up everything because they're not going to do that so assuming the north koreans aren't going to give up all that what would the united states be willing to live with and what we want what we willing to give the north koreans in return i mean that's one of the things have been really frustrating about this process in the last couple of weeks is this kind of like all or nothing sort of feel to it right now to some it's going to happen or it's not all this great drama they're going to give up everything the libya model that's probably not how this thing they're going to shake out they'll probably be the north koreans will give up something that will go to something else
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and then be a series of meetings and steps taken years in which you have concession made for counter concession it's not all going to get wrapped up in three weeks that would be extraordinary i think on donald trump's side yes i think it's a little more obvious driven by domestic needs the president dismissing a tough election in the fall we know the president likes the drama and theatricality of these kinds of big meetings president hasn't really steep himself in the detail of nuclear weapons or missile technology if you listen to his speeches he's very thin on what specifically we're going to ask for give away i think a lot of this yes is driven by his desire for been to cation and approval in the global media. to italy now where the leader of the five star movement has called on parliament to impeach president says a matter rela after efforts to form a new government collapsed it comes after the president vetoed the prime minister designate to contest choice of economy minister forcing him to give up trying to form an administration the president was quick to defend himself saying he had to block the euro skeptic candidate. to protect him is a common me it's thought i will now try to appoint
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a caretaker government there are fears of a possible constitutional crisis and new elections with continuing political instability and the reports. of two weeks of talks in hopes of a breakthrough italy's prime minister designate throws in the towel. i have announced the mandate which i have been given by the president of the republic diploma government of china. he had been asked by the so-called populist coalition which between the one the most seats in the march election with forming a viable cabinet now he says that's proved a bridge too far and the sticking point the proposed economy minister paolo's a former minister who is also a well known euro skeptic italy's president says boehner would have sent a worrying message to italy's partners and the financial markets. they love. i'm not considering the individual i don't want someone who supports an opinion which was expressed more the war that would inevitably lead to italy's exit from
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the your. up until the last minute. leader of the right wing likud party had insisted his pick for economy minister must not be vetoed speaking live on social media late on sunday he called the president's rejection and democratic. said no he said there will not be a government we work for nothing we will have a technocrat government i ask of you democracy italy do the italian decide or do the germans of french decide it's absolutely incredible from my point of view so the me wants fresh elections so too does luigi demario leader of the five star movement which got the most votes in march one of which there was over fifty percent support for two political parties parties that want to change things and want to represent italians in their interests but in the end a way to block it is always seems to be found the president is expected to decide his next step on monday it could well see another non-politician given the job of
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heading in interim government for a tally of political instability is a fact of life one of many hoped was about to change the debugger al-jazeera brazil's government has lowered the price of diesel in response to an ongoing strike by truck drivers the blockade has caused shortages and gas stations and safe markets across the country there are also plans to reduce some tolls and establish a minimum freight train it's what demanded by the truckers the government in the hearing invasion agreement last week but some drivers remain on strike. now the australian and english ports have denied their creditors were involved with a match fixing syndicate and out of their investigation exposed a match fixer from an organized crime ring the claims to have bribed international creditors to under-perform he correctly predicted what players and two test matches played in india were due at a certain point during the game david harrison has our exclusive report.
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al jazeera went undercover posing as wealthy investors to investigate corruption in cricket. that is how serious we are an e m a now is a match fixer from mumbai he told us we could make huge sums of money from betting on his information. both the allegedly fixed matches were played in india and involved in england and australia the governing body for world cricket the international cricket council said it was taking off findings very seriously and has launched an investigation into an intelligence sources confirm that menow works for a powerful criminal organization called the de company. it controls most of india's huge illegal betting market said to be worth sixty billion dollars a year from now told us players have been paid to underperform at certain points during the two matches and barely meet if you.
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have he says the fixes or settings were arranged for india versus england in two thousand and sixteen and for india australia last year was just. setting me years later. letting them be setting or get the field or i'm a little bit upset in his predictions were accurate in both matches our investigation also exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches one of them is has son reza the former pakistan stall he agreed to play in the tournament set up soley for match fixing. are you interested then would you play. to sri lanka players given their color to go until our locker or t.v. would also play. and that's that's not the fake tournament was planned by dubai
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based gourab raj kumar blubbered problem was told to be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to go to court. now what do you say to the millions of people who watch cricket innocently believing it's fair competition they spend good money watching cricket and you are actually corrupting the game rock thank you but now and all three players declined to comment raj kumar said al-jazeera had invited him to act in a movie for public entertainment only david harrison al-jazeera london excel . and as a quick adolescent he says corruption and fluence against early and the minor leagues. it's not a great look for the game when you have this sort of news coming out but i also think it's a bit of a wake up call for the two national cricket council that that the bookmakers are looking for another way in so they've got to start to take more of an active role
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in preparing and maybe take more of an active role in looking at these small the twenty leagues that a cropping up now more and more all the time and just making sure that there's no corruption going on in the smaller legs i think the i.c.c. have done a lot in cleaning up the international game and which has meant that the bookmakers need to find other ways of influencing their results so approaching a ground man or maybe looking at these lower level to a twenty legs is the way to go the fact that the international team does so well educated and is now on by the anti corruption unit i think has pushed these these bookmakers away from the main game and if in it we're saying you know like a twenty things or a groundsman banco it's rather than the the main international players and you can watch our exclusive investigation end to cricket match fixing on al jazeera on monday at twelve g.m.t. . still ahead on the bulletin why can
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a virus spread by bats has forced on people in southern india to stay away from fruit and the difficulties for the disabled and navigating their way around america's biggest city. hello there we've seen plenty of showers across the northern parts of turkey recently you can see them on the satellite picture plenty of them just along that northern coastline there have been very very heavy and some places have reported some flooding more showers still to come as we head through the next couple of days and it looks like those will gradually be pushing their way eastwards as we head into choose day to the south of that will see a fair amount of cloud for some of us but i think from baghdad it's just going to be pretty hot now temperatures at least forty degrees as we head through the next few days but the east and the showers are gradually retreating their way eastward so for many of us in afghanistan things should calm down weather wise here as we
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head towards the arabian peninsula we've got this massive cloud here that's the remains of off likely still giving plenty of cloud and that's what we're seeing over doha and gradually that's pushing its way across into iran as well we're still seeing a bit of rain all not system as well but most of that is held back to the coast and just over the border of oman in saudi arabia there and this region again could see a few more showers as we head through tuesday but the showers are confined to this area they won't drift anywhere for the north because the air is so dry at this time of year we impossible head a bit further south and we've got lots of wet weather here that's working its way towards cape town looks like a pretty soggy and windy day for us atop temperature of sixty. banks love to make loans to some friends because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and it is an urgent. quest.
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of the city. we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i am a sinner i'm a proud person. that's machine on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories colombia is set for a runoff for it to elect a new president after sunday's election produced no clear winner conservative vandar as a critic of the fog peace deal thirty nine percent of the vote here faith left when a challenge of the style of petro and three weeks donald trump says u.s.
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officials over north korea to prepare for a possible summit between him and kevin jiang on next month and for the first time south korea says it's considering the possibility of a three way meeting with trump and kim in singapore and the leader of italy's populist five star movement wants president says you're much valid to be impeached after efforts to form a new government collapsed that comes after the president vetoed the prime minister designate just a contest choice of economy minister forcing him to give up trying to form an administration. let's get more on our top story now the runoff vote to elect colombia's new president johnson is a senior analyst for the international crisis group and he warns that tampering with the peace agreement may discourage other rebel groups from disarming. well the island specifically extreme are keeping a very close eye on this whole process not only on the elections but on the implementation of the fark agreement in general so any failings or any changes or
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any sort of intentional. lack of will to implement a piece in or attentional attempt to change it would actually send a signal to the element of the colombian government not very trustworthy negotiating are there's a chance without a doubt if we get a president they can stop at the door someone who least is willing to say that they won't change the peace here and i think those divisions will end up actually getting in and these groups will come together a bit more because there's someone who may feel they can trust but as i still think violence is not completely off the table in colombia suture unfortunately right now we have various foreign dissident groups operating in different parts of the country that you know but and because the peace negotiation simply is not isn't sure and has been has made little progress in the time that it's been taking place is still operating militarily and so are different drug trafficking organizations throughout the country. fourteen people an hour to have died from
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a virus in southern india than a virus which can cause flu like symptoms and brain damage in the state of carole of the small and shallow bellus reports. markets and carola bustle like normal but fruits ellis' hydel it's a re a sign that a deadly virus is gripping a community we are afraid of. because. it's pretty big. that. by the groups. in outbreak of nip a virus in kara live a small has killed more than a dozen people its natural host is the first best and well it's not confirms that's how this outbreak started it's enough to stop people from async anything the best may have touched. after this virus problem sales have been really bad the products are just not getting sold earlier used to sell one kilogram for fifty rupees but now i have to sell two kilograms for fifty rupees this is because everyone is
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saying that fruit bats this and fruit bats that nothing is getting sold carolus hospitals have been overrun with people sick with fear of a virus causes flu like symptoms and brain inflammation it kill seventy five percent of those it and fix and there is no vaccine india's health ministry is trying to quote concerns they seem tains to monitor if a new cases and says the virus has not sprayed and yet silence. tourists a steering clear of cace carolus biggest city it's two hundred kilometers from the outbreak but still vacancies here. we are getting quite a lot of cancellations from the bum sticks a. lot of. and from the guy from the gulf countries. the arab season is coming up and they are getting worried. the world health organization has listed as one of eight priority diseases alongside
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a bowl in seeker that could cause a global epidemic it was discovered in malaysia twenty years ago and has killed more than two hundred people since containing nippur in the world sick in most populated country is a challenge so far fear is spreading faster than the virus bellus. three palestinians have been killed by israeli shelling in gaza that happened east of the city of rafa in the southern gaza strip as well as militants says the men were members of the islamic jihad group more than one hundred people have been killed by israeli fire in the gaza strip since mass protests began in march. the term both will leave gaza this week with palestinians needing urgent medical care on board they'll try to break through a blockade by israel which has prevented medical supplies from getting n. and patients getting out hospitals have been struggling to treat thousands of palestinians dead by israeli bullets during protests bernard smith reports from
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gaza. gaza is blockaded by israel on all sides sea included but this week two boats loaded with patients who need hospital treatment and students with university places will try to breach israel's sea blockade which begins sixteen kilometers out in the mediterranean the passengers have a strong determination to break this siege whatever the circumstances whatever the challenges whatever the obstacles that would have been that would be imposed by the israeli side gaza's hospitals are full of patients who need urgent medical treatment there are those injured in two months of protests and longer term cases at least now i have sixty five of them already admitted those who would want to go in the marshall for turn but there are many other cases of cancer in open heart surgeries and many other complicate newer surgical cases all the better cases all of them need to travel abroad because of shortage of possibilities india was by the israeli blockade in gaza strip and why can't they travel abroad because the bulk of
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our seed must of time and what these patients should probably in time he can say to a patient why when cancer come back up to three months that he will deteriorate and you have too much complication they cannot wait lifelong waiting for the spot adopting. the posts that will be used to being kept hidden organizers fear israel will try to destroy them before they leave the port and reality the boats are not going to get any further than israel's maritime blockade which is as tightly and harshly enforced as the land blockade but at least those on the boats will highlight again the open prison like conditions that there are here in gaza that prevent almost anyone from leaving burnitz with al-jazeera gaza. a protest against refugees has been held in germany's capital thousands of supporters of the far right party alternative for germany oas the march to the left the party swept into parliament last day on a wave of anti immigrant sentiment and now the largest opposition bloc to have a chaser has more from berlin. a highly vocal confrontation here in beilin but not
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a violent one alternative but germany held a large rally outside the school the burly in main train station then marched through the streets to the brandenburg gate behind me where they held their actual demonstration and they heard speeches from the party leaders but it was a message which the protest has and there are more many more thousands of them on the streets of berlin than there were members of the alternative to germany they try to drown out the message of this party it first came into the parliament in the last elections with a bonus stake any more than ninety seats they are now the main opposition party in germany they've overtaken the green party and they're beginning to challenge the social democrats who are part of the grand coalition so there is a movement here towards the extreme right a populous movement a movement was called essentially by the large number of refugees more than
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a million that came in and angela merkel's open open borders policy so this is a problem that's going to remain here in germany the fact that even in the blunder stark you're hearing paranoid racist senate phobic anti semitic remarks and you know hearing them in political rallies on the streets of berlin this is a problem that's going to be causing ructions within the grand coalition social democrats want to keep a liberal attitude towards refugees but merkel's parties trying to tighten up the borders restrict immigration two hundred thousand a year that's causing. attention he would in a grand coalition. we're going to see war seems like there's going to be a war for germany because now essentially they see this growing mainly the demographics of borders from east to collar workers the unemployed and all the people in eastern germany who fear their communities are being changed forever and
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who fear for their future so we'll see many more of these demonstrations million war these days former u.s. president george h.w. bush has been readmitted to hospital in ninety three of all his getting treatment a name for low blood pressure and for tank earlier this month he spent over a week and hospital for a blood infection following the death of his wife barbara now right hailing services like the have changed the way people travel but those with disabilities so they're being left behind us courts are dealing with a number of lawsuits aimed at making transport accessible to all your questions to me has part two of us even he's on the global state of disability access wheelchair bound valerie joseph gets picked up curbside every morning at her home in the outskirts of new york city who ride to work is made possible through accessorize part of the city's public transportation system through seventy five
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base fare going from one to you can get to around trips a day sounds like a good deal if you qualify but trips must be booked twenty four hours in advance and her commute with other passengers can take up to two hours each way nearly one hundred fifty thousand disabled new yorkers rely on public transportation that includes the city's aging subways. new york's subway system has the lowest rate of wheelchair accessibility of any major transit system in the united states. stations are accessible and that's where the elevators are working jose hernandez described one instance recently when they were not. gotten away somewhere something like sixteen soames subway stops it walk a fine out of it and that was working that journey alone took me a minute an additional two hours in elevator performance disability advocates have had to resort to protests like this and lawsuits just to
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try to get the public transit authority to comply with an existing law that requires stations be made obsessive bull whenever they undergo major renovations just as they sued to win an agreement to make fifty percent of new york's yellow taxis handicapped accessible by two thousand and twenty but then over showed up and were allowed to operate without any regulation so our agreement is at risk the amount of accessibility with sixty thousand inaccessible vehicles added to the city streets. is doing is it's just not what it should be a lack of access to transportation advocates say is one reason less than thirty percent of disabled people in new york city work valerie is one of them and a plaintiff in one of several lawsuits against hoover demanding they make more of their cars accessible i am a tax there i go to work i have a life and i need to get around this i can't always plan my life on
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a nine to five and she is willing to fight so people like her can have not only a job but also a life outside of it kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. the u.s. state of maryland has declared a state of emergency after flash flooding ellicott city is one of the worst hit areas with water surging about the first full of some buildings there are no immediate reports of casualties or injuries though and storm alberto has hit western cuba dropping more than twelve centimeters of rain in less than eight hours it's moving north through the gulf of mexico with one speeds of up to one hundred and five kilometers an hour alberto is expected to hit the southern u.s. coastline early on monday. the fourth man to walk on the moon has died at the age of eighty six u.s. astronaut alan bean had two of tours in space one was the apollo twelve mission to the moon he commanded america's first space station and the other. well i felt i
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was one of the luckiest guys on earth particularly since my profession was flying airplanes and it looked like you're more advanced the way to do airplanes was do space ships and more advanced than that was getting a chance to land on the moon so for someone in my profession as the interest i had which most of the astronauts of my day did have thought then it was wonderful it was like you won the lottery only good rather. than again on the nose of a product with the headlines on al-jazeera columbia will hold a runoff to elect a new president after sunday's election produced no clear winner rightwing yvonne duke a who's a critic of the fox peace deal thirty nine percent of the vote her face left one challenge at the stop of petrol and three weeks. we do not
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want to tear up the accord we want is to make it clear that a peaceful colombia is one where there is peace and justice there is reparations there is compliance sentences are served to satisfy the demands of the victims. says u.s. officials are in north korea to prepare for a possible summit between him and kim jong un next month and for the first time south korea says it's considering the possibility of a three way meeting with trump and kim in singapore. the leader of italy's populist five star movement wants president says your model valley to be impeached after efforts to form a new government collapsed comes after the president vetoed the prime minister designate just separate context choice of economy minister forcing him to give up trying to form an administration the australian and anguish cricket boards are denying that their players were involved with a match fixing syndicate and al-jazeera investigation exposed a max fixer from an organized crime ring who claims to have bribed international cricketers to underperform he correctly predicted what players in two test matches
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played an india would do at a certain point during the game brazil's government has lowered the price of diesel in response to a weeklong strike by truck drivers the blockade has caused shortages that gas stations and supermarkets across the country the government and the union reached an agreement last week but some drivers remain on strike the u.s. state of maryland has declared a state of emergency after flash flooding ellicott city is one of the worst hit areas with water surging about the first full of some buildings there are no immediate reports of casualties or injuries the same area was affected by flash floods two years ago which killed two people. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us one on one eighth is coming up next thank you very much for watching. on counting the cost we'll look at how investors are reacting to the collapse of the trump kim singapore summit. why it's
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only has fallen out of a more day with the rest of europe boss on the rise we look at some of the freshest pushing up the price of oil. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it was a very real. tens of millions of dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank via the federal reserve bank of new york and then laundered in the philippines. the money and the thieves then vanished. and steve on this episode a one on one east we investigate one of the biggest bank robberies a modern times and ask how the cyber hackers got away with it. well to cope with. another one time or the. other government coming on.
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jacka the capital of bangladesh.


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