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south korea may join a historic summit between the u.s. and north korea in singapore. sam is a guy and this is al jazeera live from dell also coming up a staunch critic of the peace deal in colombia gets the most votes in the first round of presidential elections straightly in an english cricket boards deny any involvement in a match fixing after an al jazeera investigation plus. the passengers have a strong determination to break the siege whatever the circumstances palestinians turn to desperate measures to break an israeli blockade and get urgent medical help
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. the summit between u.s. president donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un may still go ahead a u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the north has been spotted in china on its way to singapore where that meeting was scheduled for june the twelfth before the u.s. president canceled it for more let's speak to andrew thomas he's in souls of some pretty strong signals there that june the twelfth is the date and it's back on again. what a difference one frenetic weekend can make on friday the summit was off canceled by donald trump and yet here we are on monday and it looks like it's very much back on this was donald trump tweeting just a few hours ago he said our united states team has arrived in north korea to make arrangements for the summit between kim jong il and myself he goes on i truly
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believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day kim jong un agrees with me on this it will happen and he might as well be talking that it will happen about the summit because all the signals are that it will indeed happen a delegation is on route right now from washington d.c. to singapore we think they're probably refueling in japan right now a delegation from north korea has been spotted beijing airport it's believed that they will take a connecting flight within half an hour from now from beijing down to singapore they should all arrive at the same time for the just tickle talks for paratroop security talks about that side of things meanwhile in power moon john donald trump was talking about talks going on inside north korea we're going to do u.s. delegation there led by a man called song kim he's currently the u.s. ambassador to the philippines but he's being ambassador here in south korea he was the lead delegate to the six nation talks under president bush and under president
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obama he's extremely experienced in this area he is right now in a building just across the border into north korea talking to his effectively his counterpart in these talks the lady she's the vice foreign minister of north korea chase on he she again very experienced in this area she was actually the lady who last week cooled vice president pence a dummy in setting chain the whole series of events which led to the cancellation of the summit but alas she's still very important north korea very important these talks and she is meeting with her u.s. counterpart in these talks right now so all of that all the signs are that the talks are very very much on looking like they will happen in singapore on the twelfth of june when trump says it will happen if it does will it become a three way. well the sun speculation about that has been in day for some time because of course president moon was key to getting this summit going in the first place and i'm sure he would like to be that i should carry out this though what the blue house here in seoul is saying is that although there is
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a working level discussions about getting moon involved in a trilateral discussion it would only be immediately after a successful bilateral between kim jong un and president trump so it wouldn't be the first meeting it would be either immediately afterwards possibly minutes or hours after that still in singapore possibly days afterwards in singapore or possibly at some later stage we're not talking about an alternative the bilateral this would be a trilateral that would happen if that first meeting between kim jong and president from goes well right thanks for that for now andrew thomas there see one crew is managing editor of korea exposé news magazine and he believes south korea's moon j. in could join trump and kim in singapore if at some it does go ahead. i think especially after the kind of performance mullen put up over the weekend having this surprise second summit begins on the end and being credit wait salvaging these
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peace or dialogue process people do think that it wouldn't be out of place if you were to actually join these two leaders of countries well what was really interesting to see coming out in the statement moon gave to the press sunday morning about the son he had and how we came down and was that he actually emphasized just how much mistrust love korea has the united states is especially when it comes to the guarantee of age and security so it is seems that south korea's rule to las concerns to the united states and to an extent north korea seems to be relying on south korea to be its partner and to be to an extent a guarantor of the terms that would be agreed on in any kind of negotiation between washington and you know. a critic of the colombian government's two thousand and sixteen peace deal with fog rebels as won the most votes in the first round of presidential elections. will faces nearest challenger gustavo petro in
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a runoff in three weeks petro supports the peace process in america and it's a listen human reports from bogota. conservative candidates event came in a head in the first round with thirty nine percent of the votes supported by colombians who want to modify a historic peace accord the start troubles which many see as a reward for terrorists. because i am sure hope supersedes closs hatred. but he'll be facing his political end to sis former bogota mayor gustava who in his youth was a left wing urban guerrilla and follow him up from school and this is what we're going to talk about at the ballot boxes in fifteen days it's a return to violence or it's building an era of peace. picture supporters believe he can deliver on the promise of health education and social justice for millions
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of disenfranchised colombians in what is one of the world's most socially an equal countries. that if you help the old the mothers like me who needed help i always had his support when he was mayor i trust and believe in hand. in order to. be this. which is that we have not brought all kinds of opponents growing who turn colombia into a new than israela or cuba he is deeply distrusted by the political and economic a stablish meant. but do get to raises concerns among moderates regarding i mean or do they get i have no doubt that if he wins he'll extradite the fark leaders and the peace process the same thing that happened in the middle east after agreements were violated will happen here. what's clear is that colombians will be going to the polls again choose between two radically different options for their future.
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looking to see in human blood that. rebels near the southern syrian province of data are preparing for a possible offensive by government forces the area is mostly controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response of government troops do attack international and regional powers all of august and avoid wider conflict so hold on has more from beirut. rebel factions in the southern province of the and in the neighboring province of are coordinating their efforts. command preparing for the possibility of a government offensive the pro-government media really has been drums of war as of late syrian government helicopters dropping leaflets in the rebel controlled areas telling the opposition fighters to lay down their arms so really using the threat of military action to try to bring about
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a surrender is different from other areas in syria because international and regional players are involved we heard the united states warn of what it called appropriate measures if the government decides to carry out an attack and breach the cease fire there is a cease fire in this southern corner of syria which is guaranteed by jordan the united states and russia jordan and israel for example are also concerned because jordan does not want to see an escalation through its borders that will create a refugee crisis israel does not want to see and back to groups close to its border so there is behind the scenes negotiations between all these players to try to find an arrangement that will be suitable for all these different parties like i mentioned what israel wants it doesn't want the troops to reach the border now it's not clear if they can reach a deal but undoubtedly there are efforts to find some sort of arrangement to
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prevent an all out war that really could involve regional powers. straight in. volved in the match fixing syndicate and i'll just their investigation exposed to much fix so from an organized crime ring claims to have bribed international cricket to perform correctly predicted what players in two test matches played in india would do points. david harrison has our exclusive report. al jazeera went undercover posing as wealthy investors to investigate corruption in cricket. that is how serious we are an e m a now is a much fixer from mumbai he told us we could make huge sums of money from betting on his information both the allegedly fixed matches were played in india and involved in england and australia the governing body for world cricket the
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international cricket council so he was taking off findings very seriously and has launched an investigation into an intelligence sources confirm that menow works for a powerful criminal organization called the de company. it controls most of india's huge illegal betting market said to be worth sixty billion dollars a year from now told us players have been paid to underperform at certain points during the two matches and only two minutes you. have he says the fixes or settings were arranged for india versus england in two thousand and sixteen and for india australia last year was the death. setting many years later. letting go of the setting or yet the feud or i'm a little bit out in his predictions were accurate in both matches our investigation
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also exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches one of them is has son reza the former pakistan star he agreed to play in the tournament set up soley for match fixing. are you interested then would you play. to sri lanka plays the cooler to go and de lara locker or t.d. would also play. that's not the fake tournament was planned by dubai based gourab raj kumar the other problem was told to be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to. do for. now what do you say to the millions of people who watch cricket innocently believing it's fair competition they spend good money watching cricket and you are actually corrupting the game rock think it is but now and all three players declined to comment raj kumar said al-jazeera had invited him
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to act in a movie for public entertainment only david harrison al-jazeera london. and you can watch our exclusive investigation into a cricket match fixing on al-jazeera on monday at twelve g.m.t. . that i have now this is why a killer virus spread buybacks is forcing people in southern india to stay away from fruits. a real life hero an immigrant in france praise for an extraordinary act of bravery. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now across parts of western europe we have seen some really stormy activity weather wise over the last two to three days and indeed is not finished yet i think just distribution
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will change that could be the main difference so we've had big storms over the u.k. i think u.k. not quite in the clear but i think the risk of still light to vittie will be mainly across parts of northern france the low countries parts of germany and also down towards the ampere implant sure so be warned if you get these storms they could be very severe indeed with the risk of flash flooding if you don't get the storms you're going to enjoy some stunning weather conditions like in berlin with temperatures of thirty degrees light winds and full on sunshine cooler conditions for moscow as we pick up the wind coming in from the north but generally find there for care in ukraine and fine conditions across southeastern europe with the proviso the risk of showers and not much change heading through into tuesday so as we head into northern parts of africa it's largely fine the wind coming in from the northeast temperatures thirty two degrees in cairo otherwise fine conditions for central parts of africa some big storms across the congo uganda and towards the gulf of guinea region but it's looking fine for obamacare molly there with
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temperatures the thirty six across southern parts of africa we could see some rain affect in particular the eastern cape. the weather sponsored by cattle and release . a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry. and brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya a was the job of the plus a no and the others through the rewind continues with joseph's journey this is a. struggle continuous bog. till now i've used distance rewind on al-jazeera.
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other back to watching out zero time to recap our headlines are positive signs the summit was when the u.s. president and north korean leader may still go ahead u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the north is in china on its way to singapore that's where the meeting was due to take place on june the twelfth before donald trump canceled it. colombia is set for a runoff vote to elect a new president after sunday's election produced no clear winner conservative even do kerry who is a critic of the fog he still got thirty nine percent of the vote or face left wing challenger will stop the petro in three weeks. rebels near the sounds syrian province of daraa are preparing for a possible offensive by government forces the area is mostly controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response government forces attack. fourteen people are now known to have
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died from a virus in southern india. virus which can cause flu like symptoms and brain damage emerged in the state of carolina this month charlotte bess reports. markets and carolyn bustle like normal but fruit sellers says hydel it's a real sign that a deadly virus is gripping me clearly she. believes because. there is this point being. that afraid to buy food. in an outbreak of nippur virus in care a little has killed more than a dozen people its natural host is the fruit that and while it's not confirms that's how this outbreak started it's enough to stop people from async anything the best may have touched. after this virus problem sales have been really bad the products are just not good. sold earlier i used to sell one kilogram for fifty
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rupees but now i have to sell two kilograms for fifty rupees this is because everyone is saying that fruit bats this and fruit bats that nothing is getting sold carolus hospitals have been overrun with people sick with fear of a virus causes flu like symptoms and brain inflammation it kill seventy five percent of those it and fix and there is no vexing india's health ministry is trying to quote concerns they seem tains to monitor if a new cases and says the virus has not sprayed and yet silence. terrorists a steering clear of cace carolus biggest city it's two hundred kilometers from the outbreak but still vacancies here. we are getting quite a lot of cancellations from the dumps because a. lot of. from the gulf from the gulf countries because the arab season is coming up and they are also getting bodied. the way the world health organization has listed nipper as one of eight priority diseases
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alongside a bowler and seeker that could cause a global epidemic it was discovered in malaysia twenty years ago and has killed more than two hundred people since containing nipa in the world sick and most populated country is a challenge but so far fear is spreading faster than the virus chela bellus al-jazeera. now the leader of italy's five star movement has called on parliament to impeach president. after efforts to form a new government collapsed it happened after the president vetoed the prime minister designate its choice for economy minister forcing him to give up trying to form an administration the president was quick to defend himself saying he had to block the euro skeptic candidate. to protect italy's economy and i thought alloa likely now trying to appoint a caretaker government there are fears of a possible causes to tional crisis and new elections with continuing political
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instability al-jazeera as an indian barber reports. after weeks of talks in hopes of a breakthrough italy's prime minister designate throws in the towel. i have enough of the mandate which i have been given by the president of the republic a diploma government of change. giuseppe conti had been asked by the so-called populist coalition which between them won the most seats in the march election with forming a viable cabinet now he says that's proved a bridge too far and the sticking point the proposed economy minister paolo servo owner a former minister who's also a well known euro skeptic italy's president says would have sent a worrying message to italy's partners and the financial markets. they love. i'm not considering the individual i don't want someone who supports an opinion which was expressed more the want and that would inevitably lead to italy's exit from the your own. up until the last minute. leader of the right wing likud party
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had insisted his pick for economy minister must not be vetoed speaking live on social media late on sunday he called the president's rejection anti democratic. and said no he said there will not be a government we work for nothing we will have a technocrat government i ask of the a democracy in italy the italian decide what are the germans offense decide. absolutely incredible from my point of view. salvini was fresh elections so too does luigi demario leader of the five star movement which got the most votes in march. there was over fifty percent support for two political parties parties that want to change things and want to represent the talents in their interests but in the end a way to block it is always seems to be found the president is expected to decide his next step on monday it could well see another non-politician given the job of heading in interim government for italians political instability is a fact of life one many hoped was about to change the barber al-jazeera the leader
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of northern ireland sinn fein party says the region is behind it's being left behind rather than rights based issues michel o'neill spoke after a landslide vote in favor of repealing the republican violence constitutional ban on abortion new legislation should be in place by the end of the year the result south of the border has shifted the focus to northern ireland strict. i think ireland itself has changed considerably if you look at where we were actually same as a conservative sort of country and where we are today that's the fact that both country asked such a big majority but again what we have is that the people the north left are not being denied their rights we're going to have this progressive change and the size of our number the people in the women who live in the six counties will be tonight this. two boats will leave gaza are on tuesday with palestinians needing urgent hospital care on board to try to break through israel's blockade which has
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prevented medical supplies from getting in and patients from getting out hospitals have been struggling to treat thousands of palestinians wounded during recent protests turn in smith reports. gaza is blockaded by israel on all sides sea included but this week two boats loaded with patients who need hospital treatment and students with university places will try to breach israel's sea blockade which begins sixteen kilometers out in the mediterranean that passengers have a strong determination to break this siege whatever the circumstances whatever the challenges whatever the obstacles that would have been that would be posed by the israeli side gaza's hospitals are full of patients who need urgent medical treatment there are those injured in two months of protests and longer term cases at least now i have sixty five of them already admitted those who would want to do in the marshall for turn but there are many other cases of cancer and open heart
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surgeries and many other complicate neurosurgical cases the cases all of them need to travel abroad because of shortage of personalities induced by the israeli blockade in gaza strip and why can't they travel abroad because the bulk of our seed must have time and these patients should probably one time he can say to a patient why when cancer come back after three months that he will deteriorate and you have too much complication they cannot wait life long waiting for this product up in. the post that will be used to being kept hidden organizers fear israel will try to destroy them before they leave the port and reality the boats are not going to get any further than israel's maritime blockade which is as tightly and harshly enforced as the land blockade but at least those on the boats will highlight again the open prison like conditions that there are here in gaza that prevent almost anyone from leaving. burnitz with al-jazeera gaza palestinian president mahmoud abbas will stay longer in hospital where he's being treated for a lung infection the eighty two year old is expected to be discharged on sunday has
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been admitted for what doctors initially said were medical tests following surgery supporters of the far right alternative for germany party of march through the capital against welcoming more refugees many called for chancellor angela merkel to resign for opening the borders to asylum seekers they were met by thousands of counter-demonstrators the a.f.p. party swept into parliament last year on a wave of anti migrant sentiment is now the largest opposition bloc. and since two thousand and fifteen more than a million refugees arrived in germany as part of chancellor angela merkel's open door policy last year she agreed to cap the number of arrivals at two hundred thousand a year it was a concession during talks to form a new government coalition and last month local agreed to take in ten thousand people selected by the u.n.
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refugee agency for resettlement program stop here which countries they will come from. david schaper has more from berlin. a hearty vocal confrontation herron beilin but not a violent one alternative but germany held a large rally outside but all the burly in main train station then marched through the streets to the brandenburg gate behind me where they they held their actual demonstration and they heard speeches from the party leaders but it was a message which the protest has and the more many more thousands of them on the streets of berlin than there were the members of the old terms the germany they tried to drown out the message of this party it first came into the parliament in the last elections of the bundestag any more than ninety seats they are now the main opposition party in germany they have overtaken the green party and they're beginning to challenge the social democrats who are part of the grand coalition so
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there is a movement here towards the extreme right a populist movement a movement it was because essentially by the large number of refugees more than a million that came in and angela merkel's open open borders policy though this is a problem that's going to remain here in germany the fact that even in the bone the stark you're hearing paranoid race accent phobic anti semitic remarks and you are now hearing them it's little rallies on the streets of berlin this is a problem that's going to be causing ructions within the grand coalition social democrats want to keep a liberal attitude towards refugees but the agam up as parties trying to tighten up the borders restrict immigration two hundred thousand a year that's causing attention even within the grand coalition and we're going to see more scenes like this and we're going to hear more from the old turn to germany because now essentially they see their school growing mainly the demographics
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borders from the east the blue collar workers. and employed in the all the people in the east in germany who fear that communities are being changed forever and who fear for their future so we'll see many more of these demonstrations and many more of these confrontations round the base soon lose some of its trade benefits with the u.s. because of a dispute over secondhand clothes it started when rwanda increased tariffs on used clothes from the u.s. the americans responded by threatening to deny rwanda due to free access to some of its exports the benefit is set to expire on monday the trumpet ministration has been advancing what it calls an america first trade policy now it could threaten an already strained relations with nations rather with african nations. the brazilian government has lowered the price of diesel fuel in an effort to end a week long strike by truck drivers the drivers of mounted hundreds of blockades in
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roads to protest against high operating costs well that's cause shortages of basic goods and medical supplies around the country the government reached an agreement with the unions last week some truckers remain on strike. during twenty keane the government increased the price of petrol by more than twenty five percent and now it's offering a ten percent discount it forgets that the trucker is not ignorant anymore we want at least the price on the station to have a significant reduction in government to show good sense and goodwill. french president has thanked the man being called a real life spy the man after a video of him saving a child went viral. recently arrived in france from mali was invited to the presidential palace kasama scaled a building in paris to save a child hanging from a fourth floor balcony he pulled himself out with his bare hands some the said he's
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been walking past a crowd of the building. let's take you through some of the headlines now there are positive signs the summit between the u.s. president and north korean leader may still go ahead and u.s. delegation is in north korea while the team from the north is in china on its way to singapore well that's where the meeting was due to take place on june the twelfth before donald trump canceled it andrew thomas has more from seoul we also know that a team is probably arriving about now in singapore from washington there are a logistical team that will be talking about what's on the agenda so much as protocol security those sorts of things they are if not in singapore very close to arriving in singapore and then we hear a c. u. north korean official seen in beijing on his way from pyongyang to singapore to the
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north koreans are on their way it looks like it's full steam ahead colombia is set for a runoff vote to elect a new president after sunday's election produced no clear winner conservative even duke a who's a critic of the fark peace deal got thirty nine percent of the vote he'll face left wing challenge of a stubborn petro in three weeks. rebels near the southern syrian province of there are preparing for a possible offensive by government forces the area is mostly controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response if government forces attack this trainee in english cricket boards are denying their players were involved with the match fixing syndicate and i'll just say the investigation exposed a match fixer from an organized crime ring who claims to have bribed international cricketers to under-perform you correctly predicted what players in two test matches played in india would do with a certain point in the game. wrong they may soon lose some of its trade benefits
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with the u.s. because of a distributor of a secondhand clothes it started when the rays tire of sun used american clothes to protect its industry the u.s. responded by threatening to. access to its market that benefits set to expire on monday. french president. the man being called a real life spy the man after a video of him saving the child went viral. recently arrived in france from mali it was invited to the presidential palace. the building and house to save a child hanging from the cold war. three one now stay with us. here is a very important source of information for many people around the world old camera have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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i'm richelle carey here at al-jazeera english we have built a library of award winning documentaries over the past decade and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the very best of them this week on back to two thousand and ten on al-jazeera follow the heartwarming story of one man's determination to leave the poverty of us west african home in the liberian capital of monrovia risking his life to cross the sahara desert on the back of a pickup truck and.


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