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south korea may join a historic summit between the u.s. and north korea and singapore. trying to say dan this is al jazeera live from dar how so coming up a staunch critic of the fog peace deal in colombia gets the most votes in the first round of presidential elections. one in a dispute with the u.s. over second hand clothes we'll find out what this means for the economy. and a real life hero after migrant is rewarded for an extraordinary acts of bravery by from.
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the summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un may still go ahead a u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the north has been spotted in china on its way to singapore well that's where the meeting was scheduled to be held on june the twelfth before donald trump canceled it last week for more on this that speak to andrew thomas in seoul then so a lot of coming and going pretty strong signals june the twelfth may be the date again. it's looking very likely and that just shows the difference one frenetic weekend can make remember it was only on friday that we thought this summit was dead and buried it was of donald trump and told us so he canceled it and yet the north koreans over the weekend put out a very considered a true statement then there was that unexpected surprise summit between kim jong un and president moon and now donald trump among others is saying that the summit is
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back on he has tweeted overnight sunday into monday korean time he said our united states team has arrived in north korea to make arrangements for the summit between kim jong il and myself i truly believe north korea has a brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day kim jong un agrees with me on this it will happen and he might as well be talking about the summit there happening because as he suggests in that tweet all signs are that it is happening a team is on its way now from washington d.c. to singapore we also hear that a north korean delegation has been spotted changing planes at beijing there on route to singapore as well they should all arrive the same time late night singapore time on monday meanwhile those talks that kim jong il talks about in his tweet are happening in just on the north korean side of the border right now they're led on the american side by a man called song kim he's currently the ambassador to the philippines but he was
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the ambassador here in south korea he has a very very good knowledge of the north korean nuclear situation he was president bush and then president obama's delegate to the six six nation talks that took place in the early and then mid to late two thousand he knows this issue intimately for the north koreans they have got their lead negotiator woman cheney so on he she flew english speaker again knows this issue backwards she's the vice. foreign minister in north korea she again knows the issue backward so the right people a meeting there talking about the agenda and. issues on the korean border the people who go to singapore going to talking logistics and security all the signs are for this summit now it was completely off on friday but it looks very much back on now and some signs that it may become a trilateral meeting well that's it we're hearing different things from different
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people the blue house the presidential palace here in seoul has official there has said that president moon would like to go to singapore and at a working level discussions are going on as to how to make that happen but as we understand it they would look to see how that trump kim jong un meeting goes first before perhaps joining the meeting later the same day perhaps minutes or hours later but not at exactly the same time as the first bilateral between kim jong il and president trump or it may be days they may be talking about trilateral meeting weeks or even months down the line if this is the beginning of a process rather than a one off so not a trilateral to replace a bilateral the kim jong il and president kim jong un president trump meeting would be the first one to take place and that is the one that everyone's working towards fiercely at the moment but it is possible a trilateral might follow or andrew thomas there see one coup is marriage an editor of career exposé news magazine he believes south korea's moon
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jane could join trump and kim in singapore a fat summit does go ahead. i think especially after the kind of performance moon put up over the weekend having this surprise second summit begins on the end and being credit it weighs salvaging these peace or dialogue process people do think that it wouldn't be out of place if you were to actually join these two leaders of countries well what was really interesting to see coming out in the statement moon gave to the press sunday morning about the son he had given don't was that he actually emphasized just hamas mistrust of korea has the united states is especially when it comes to the guarantee of age and security so it is seems that south korea's rule to las concerns to the united states and to an extent north korea seems to be relying on south korea to be its partner and would be to an
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extent a guarantor of the terms that would be agreed on in any kind of negotiation between washington and you know. a critic of the colombian government's two thousand and sixteen peace deal with fox rebels is one the most votes in the first round of presidential elections even though kerry will face his nearest challenge of stuff a petro in a runoff in three weeks petro supports the peace process our latin america had a fantasy a new one reports from bogota the conservative candidates event came in a head in the first round with thirty nine percent of the votes supported by colombians who want to modify a historic peace accord the start troubles which many see as a reward for terrorists or just because i am sure hope supersedes closs hatred. but he'll be facing his political end to sis former bogota mayor gustava who in his use was
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a left wing urban guerrilla. from. this is what we're going to talk about at the ballot boxes in fifteen days it's a return to violence or it's building an era of peace. picture supporters believe he can deliver on the promise of health education and social justice for millions of disenfranchised colombians in what is one of the world's most socially an equal countries. that if you help the old the mothers like me who needed help i always had his support when he was mayor i trust and believe in hand. in order to drown. me this. which is that we are not going to all get out of opponents growing he'll turn colombia into a new than israela or cuba he is deeply distrusted by the political and economical stablish meant. but do get to raises concerns among moderates he recovered i mean
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or do they get i have no doubt that if he wins he'll extradite the fark leaders and the peace process the same thing that happened in the middle east after agreements were violated will happen here would say what's clear is that colombians will be going to the polls again to choose between two radically different options for their future. looking to see in human. rebels near the southern syrian province of doubt are preparing for a possible offensive by government forces the area is mostly controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response government troops do attack international and regional powers are holding talks to try and avoid a wider conflict there then a holder has more from beirut. rebel factions in the southern province of there and in the neighboring province of can atra are coordinating their efforts setting up a single command preparing for the possibility of a government offensive the program as media really has been beating the drums of
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war as of late syrian government helicopters dropping leaflets in the rebel controlled areas telling the opposition fighters to lay down their arms so really using the threat of military action to try to bring about a surrender now that i know is different from other areas in syria because international and regional players are involved we heard the united states has warned of what it's called appropriate measures if the government decides to carry out an attack and breach the cease fire there is a cease fire in this southern corner of syria which is guaranteed by jordan the united states and russia jordan and israel for example are also concerned because jordan does not want to see an escalation close to its borders that will create a refugee crisis israel does not want to see iranian and iranian backed groups close to its borders so there is behind the scenes negotiations between all these
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players to try to find an arrangement that will be suitable for all these different parties like i mentioned what israel wants it doesn't want the randian back troops to reach the border now it's not clear if they can reach a deal but undoubtedly there are efforts to find some sort of an arrangement to prevent an all out war that's really could involve regional powers. being the australian and english cricket boards have denied their cricketers were involved in a match fixing syndicate and al jazeera investigation exposed to much fixer from an organized crime ring of crimes to bribe international cricketers to underperform he correctly predicted what players in two test matches played in india would do it in certain points in the game david harrison has all exclusive report. al jazeera went undercover posing as wealthy investors to investigate corruption in
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cricket. that is how serious we are an e m a now is a match fixer from mumbai he told us we could make huge sums of money from betting on his information both the allegedly fixed matches were played in india and involved in england and australia the governing body for world cricket the international cricket council said it was taking off findings very seriously and has launched an investigation into an intelligence sources confirm that menow works for a powerful criminal organization called the de company. it controls most of india's huge illegal betting market said to be worth sixty billion dollars a year from now told us players have been paid to underperform at certain points during the two matches and barely meet it you will now. have he says the fix is all settings were arranged for india versus england in two
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thousand and sixteen and for india australia last year was the death. year. he said being on yet the field or i'm a little bit upset in his predictions were accurate in both matches our investigation also exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches one of them is has son russell the former pakistan stall he agreed to play in the tournament set up soley for match fixing. are you interested then would you play. to sri lanka players given their color to go until our locker or t.v. would also play. and that's that's not the fake tournament was planned by dubai based gourab raj kumar blubbered problem was told to be like puppets exactly yes you are just going to go to court. now what do you say to the millions of people
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who watch cricket innocently believing it's fair competition they spend good money watching cricket and you are actually corrupting the game rocking it. but now and all three players declined to comment raj kumar said al-jazeera had invited him to act in a movie for public entertainment only david harrison al-jazeera london and you can watch dogs goosed of investigation into cricket max fixing on al-jazeera on monday at twelve g.m.t. . still ahead on al-jazeera we look at times to bring libya's this whole rivals together restore peace. and greeks question the price they're paying for the largest financial bailout in history.
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hello and welcome back now across southeastern parts of asia we've got some big showers affecting the on in the borneo to those some showers across more southern parts of the philippines but more central and northern areas continue to be largely in the clear so for manila highs there of thirty six indeed a fine day when you start to see dry weather establishing itself across a long book with the rain further towards the north so fine conditions expected in jakarta up through them in a pinch as singapore's got the risk of the kuala lumpur probably dry from a cloud around this region so a chance of some showers around the gulf of thailand region say more central northern parts of thailand cambodia will see some showers now as we head down into a strategy at weather conditions here fine across many areas still some fronts down in the southern ocean just flicking across southeastern areas so we'd like to see a little bit of rain at times for melbourne but it should clear away sydney looking fine conditions highs of twenty three and four perth it's a cool one but it's
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a dry one with highs of nineteen rising to twenty one as we head through wednesday at that stage we could see some rain pushing through sydney for a time at least across into new zealand weather conditions here gerri looking fairly quiet a good deal cloud but should be launching dry and with highs of thirteen in a bright or clint. she. in this. each one she still. wants to be seen. to be. the monster the. it is. the human being. on.
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bank you're watching our time to recap our headlines now next month's summit in singapore between us president north korean leader kim jong un might still go ahead on june the twelfth u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the off easy china on its way to singapore south korea has suggested the president. may also take part at some point. along the years set for a runoff vote to elect a new president after sunday's election produced no clear winner conservative even who is a critic of the fog peace deal got thirty nine percent of the vote will face left
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wing petro three weeks. english cricket boards are denying their players were involved with the match fixing syndicate knowledge of the investigation exposed the match fixer from an organized crime ring who claims to have bribed international cricketers to under-perform. randa may soon lose some of its trade benefits with the u.s. because of a dispute over secondhand clothes it started when around the waist tariffs on used american clothes to protect its garment industry the u.s. responded by threatening to pull rwanda's duty free access to some of its products of that benefit is set to expire on monday uganda tanzania and kenya tried raising tariffs on their own but backed down after the us threatened their trade access to according to oxfam seventy percent of the world's second hand clothes go to africa some are wonder and say they can't of clothe children without the hand me downs. a
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good thing about secondhand clothes was that even with a little money you could still manage to buy something nice for your child even if it was just a sure you could at least say your child is well dressed but now i see some children in my neighborhood walking around naked because the parents cannot afford to buy them clothes while others are walking around wearing torn clothes and met never used to happen. on the run the government argues the tariffs are needed to boost the local manufacturing sector they have a lot of local random government producers as well you know who are really you know producing very competitive products as well and so our first goal is to really support those who are in the market. is a c.e.o. of rich management investment advisory and the nairobi based investment advisor joins us now from london good to have you with us so it's a big issue for the reasons we've already explained there in kenya tanzania and
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uganda the other question is do you think the u.s. trump administration is overreacting. yes yes i do i think the u.s. administration under trump is all about making america great again and president kagame is all about making rwanda and making africa great again and africa is not going to be made great unless it can industrialize and it's very clear that in this particular case africa is a dumping ground for used clothes i appreciate the fact that people get access to cheap secondhand clothes but if we're going to develop our industries we simply cannot compete against the deluge of cheap clothes i think president got me is one individual who's not going to be rolled over in this particular situation and he's going to make a stand or bananas let me jump in here although you say that it's the supporters of the u.s. position and why should america give free access to african countries who are then
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slapping tariffs on american goods even if it is only used close. the whole philosophy around a go which was around helping africa stand on its two feet we've seen so many instances the coffee markets the agricultural produce markets where africa has simply does not have any leverage on the value chain and this is an attempt by africa to get leverage on the value chain it's an attempt to develop industry it's an attempt to industrialize and essentially you know we've seen all our industries hollowed out one of the classic examples is actually textile manufacturing which is now being addressed in east africa and i think it's important that we look at things holistically and if we're going to look at it holistically we can't talk about the industrialization of africa on one hand and then be dumping africa with all kinds of of goods and in this case in the case of used clothes so i think he
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has to stand he is the president of the african union and absolutely we got to draw a line in the sand somewhere and this is the right line to be drawn is the u.s. trade policy towards africa as a whole changing is this part of a bigger picture it's not just about used clothes. i think you're right actually sami and i think we have a very transactional government in the us they're looking at it entirely through the prism of of u.s. national interest the definition of which is quite strange at times it seems extremely transactional but essentially i think you're completely correct i don't think trungpa looks at the continent in the same way previous administrations did and previous administrations were trying to lend a helping hand we're trying to create jobs within the continent that was the silver bullet that i go it was meant to be all about we've got enormous demographics and
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people call it a demographic dividend but it's not going to be a demographic dividend in less we create jobs and what we have seen is in tech cells in particular there is an enormous opportunity to employ our people but we're not going to be able to employ anyone if we allow this to continue in the way it is . interesting discussion there thanks so much alex hunter to thank you sunny france is hosting a meeting on tuesday between rival libyan political factions to try mend seven years of conflict the emphasis will be on committing to u.n. banks presidential and parliamentary elections by the end of the year it will also be a push to unify the army and adopt a new draft constitution than one had reports from for fully. it's been more than two years since libya's you and bagged political agreement was signed in roll call but it has not yet been implemented france is now launching another initiative to
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bring the libyan rivals together this time the speaker of the department tagalog and the head of the high street council sally did missionary are invited alongside the u n backed prime minister to face some raj and that any gay general sorry for have to. but analysts say the meeting will not lead to credible solutions they cannot deliver the state council come up deliver the h o r we've seen over the past four years did not deliver anything and saraj with all this money and no body to to question him failed to do anything over the past two years libya has had two competing bases of power since two thousand and fourteen one in the capital tripoli supported by the united nations and the other in the eastern city of unplayed are supported by the bees the parliament in july last year france hosted
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a meeting between prime minister suraj and i have to the two men were also invited to be in may last year why not invite the other party in the west that took out their their largess presence of the irish outside syria and iraq and that's why there is a large delegation of military and armed groups. team full rebels who defeated eisel in the city of silt in two thousand and sixteen as we'll as other figures are not represented at the french's sponsored meeting many here say with their with dimming colluded it will be a challenge to reach a comprehensive political settlement several meetings between rival politicians in the past has failed to put an end to the crisis in libya the question now is if they finally come to a consensus will it be accepted by libyans who do not trust their politicians.
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to paly. greece's economic crisis might be over but life is still difficult for many people it's received the largest sovereign loan in history to prevent bankruptcy workers also receive. massive pay cuts seen their incomes for by fifteen percent during the economic crisis and its reports from athens. several times a week election that was really my previous sings for his son he earns about twenty dollars an hour four times as much as in his regular part time job as a shoe salesman with two sources of income he helps support the household he grew up in but he cannot invest in his own future five years ago he unrolled in a robotics degree course at kalki the polytechnic two hours' drive from athens but he can't afford to rent an apartment there so his studies are progressing slowly.
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or at the present rate it'll take me another ten years to graduate i'll be thirty five and at that age it'll be really difficult to find a job in my area of expertise he's one of the many victims of salary cuts averaging fifteen percent during the economic crisis creditors demanded cuts to make the economy more competitive the official minimum wage is now six hundred ninety dollars a month before tax but experts say the salary cuts won't affective in the absence of other reforms. while salary cuts should have led to a cut in the prices of products and services they didn't because product markets are to a great extent monopolies are all the companies we have a large number of multinationals operating in this country which didn't lower the cost of their product they benefited from the salary cuts but they didn't become more competitive. huff of all new jobs are part time or seasonal and that still leaves twenty percent of workers unemployed around a million greeks and there is so much under employment the labor institute greece's
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leading employment think tank says the real jobless total is closer to twenty seven percent but the worst effect of the crisis is loss of income the dramatic drop in incomes has created a class of working poor the risk of poverty has doubled during the crisis to thirty five percent of the population that's a rate unmatched anywhere in western europe and it is twice as high among working age adults and the children who depend on them as it is among pensioners many greeks such as me money this no longer see the point in learning skills or higher education greeks are forced to accept jobs their overqualified for which leads many to go broad the labor institute says government leaders need new policies to encourage entrepreneurship and employment entice companies to lower their prices and for the cost of labor to fall without serious reforms like these many greeks fear for all their education they'll likely remain the buskers of europe jumpstart
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opal us al-jazeera athens the wife of the chairman of korean airlines is the latest member of the family to be accused of bad behavior more than ten people allegedly mian he assaulted airline workers and household staff two daughters have been investigated by police in the past one year later flight when she threw a tantrum over a bag of nuts served by a stewardess in a bag rather than a ball. how did you three says you're a flower pot started from story years over the movie would you trade look these dictums now you're going to go the most and least tell us how you feel right now i think you i feel truly story to the victims for causing damage. storm alberto is headed west in cuba bringing more than twelve centimeters of rain in less than eight hours some families were evacuated but the rain and flooding were quick to hit central regions of cuba like vehicle are also affected the sub probable weather
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system is moving north through the gulf of mexico with wind speeds of up to one hundred five kilometers an hour it's expected to arrive on the southern u.s. coastline on monday the u.s. state of maryland has declared a state of emergency because of flash flooding ellicott city is one of the worst hit areas with water surging above the first floor of some buildings there are no immediate reports of casualties or injuries the same area was affected by flash floods two years ago which killed two people and in the u.k. meteorologists recorded thousands of lightning strikes during a powerful thunderstorms disrupted more than two hundred flights at london stansted airport with dozens cancelled some arrivals diverted to other airports. an african migrant is being called the real life spider-man after a video of him saving a child from falling from an apartment block in paris went viral mahmoud recently
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arrived in france from mali scaled the building to save a child hanging from a fourth floor balcony and he pulled himself up from the floor to floor with his bare hands took him less than a minute to reach the child. president emanuel maicon invited guests to the palace to thank him personally assam has been named an honorary citizen and will receive french citizenship french government also so get some i will now train to be a fireman. and let's take you through some of the other stories we're following now next month summit in singapore between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un may go ahead on june the twelfth the u.s. delegation is in north korea a team from the north is in china on its way to single poor south korea suggested
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the president may also take part at some point andrew thomas has more from seoul we also know that a team is probably arriving about now in singapore from washington there are a logistical team that will be talking about what's on the agenda so much as protocol security those sorts of things they are if not in singapore very close to arriving in singapore and then we hear a c. u. north korean official seen in beijing on his way from pyongyang to singapore to the north koreans are on their way to it looks like it's full steam ahead. colombia is set for a runoff vote to elect a new president after sunday's election produced no clear winner conservative even to kerry who is a critic of the far east you got thirty nine percent of the vote who face left wing challenger ghost of a pet throw in three weeks. rebels near the southern syrian province of that are preparing for a possible offensive by government forces the areas mostly controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response of government forces attack is straining and in english cricket
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boards are denying their players room volved with a match fixing syndicate algeria investigation exposed a match fixer from an organized crime ring who claims to have bribed international cricketers to underperform he correctly predicted what players in two test matches played in india would do at a certain point in the game or on the may soon lose some of its trade benefits with the u.s. because of a dispute over secondhand clothes started when we won the raise tariffs on the used american clothes to protect its industry as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness. they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. one of the nice witnesses the mass of big shoes and demolitions forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes one on one east on al-jazeera.
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she laughs at least for a skewed view the peace the shock of. a sick school no song to wait only clip to back up a good no heaven ness on this one the pope or the moki bless i go to not would you feel so bad to move to complain that people just don't see any imo can't i do for the bulk of the guests nor can sleep on the popcorn weekend it belongs diskette i differ developed on a bad place six people been yours truly new the last week but the fuss of the moment is so neatly mocked bodily movements to lessen the forty minutes of back with the most just to post good days up a bunch of too but good.


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