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human being. on here. could it be back on and could be three the much anticipated summit between donald trump and kim jong un may also include south korea's leader. and i'm jane duff and you're watching l.g. there live from the head in the program political uncertainty in italy a technocrat is appointed prime minister after the president triggered a political crisis a crackdown on dissent in egypt detains journalists and activists in a move that could be linked to an announcement on the economy. and the new adventures of spiderman the incredible story of the mayan emigrant it fell to me
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rescue and the french president. intense diplomatic activity is raising expectations that a u.s. north korean summit may yet go ahead and the bilateral talks could become trilateral with the south korean president also praising not progress is ramped up following a surprise meeting between leaders of the north and the south at the demilitarized zone on saturday now donald trump has confirmed a u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the north has been spotted in china on reaches singapore that's where the meeting was due to take place before trump canceled it but with the u.s. leader since expressed his enthusiasm for talks he tweeted that he believes north korea has a brilliant potential and will one day be a great economic and financial nation under thomas has more from seoul. do
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you think an unprecedented potential summit between the us president and the leader of north korea that's all i'm probably now on again would be old people here in seoul would be talking about after all it's people here close to the border with north korea who have the potential to be profoundly affected by that summits outcome and yet talk to people here and that's what were they talking about informal like a pop band p.t.'s a boy band think particularly well in the u.s. and u.k. music charts until they know there is an outcome the summit happens and there is something solid to show for it i really want to talk about it soon we won't know if they'll stick with us from the u.s. and north korea now in singapore to hold talks about logistics and security arrangements for any june twelfth summit and inside north korea a u.s. delegation meeting with the north korean counterparts to talk about the agenda for any summit so the diplomacy is going on at a for nothing hikes but frankly here in so you wouldn't know it's committee halkett
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is joins us live from washington d.c. has this reverberating their company. well we're certainly watching to see what the president might say nothing on social media as of yet but he will be heading to arlington national cemetery later in the day to celebrate the memorial day holiday it's a federal holiday here in the united states and a lot of americans truthfully probably focused on the kickoff to summer activities this is traditionally what this weekend represents for many but certainly at the diplomatic level that is no vacation that's being taken right now there are talks of course going on back and forth the logistics team on the ground in singapore certainly it appears the united states along with counterparts making preparations for the summit that has not been officially put back on the official calendar but certainly we're hearing a lot of rumors speculation that it may be back on no confirmation as of yet but
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certainly when it comes to some of the key points one of the things that donald trump is offering the north korean leader in exchange for denuclearization is the issue of economic leverage in other words bringing north korea out of global financial isolation with the help of the united states to spur investment and growth something that we have been told by a number of sources and also in readouts from official meetings that have taken place this is something of great interest to the north korean leader could oversee sending the teams out of the president's meeting the movements of the u.s. delegation to singapore officials engage in talks in north korea how's that all looking. well i think the fact that we've seen some staffing changes at least temporarily so the u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe moving his u.s. ambassador to the philippines to work on this project specifically shows just how
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important this is to the united states the fact that they have the logistics teams that have been continuing to work even as the president had called off this june twelfth summit certainly seems to indicate the optimism and also the eagerness on the part of the u.s. president who has said repeatedly that he believes there is an opportunity but the sticking points are really down to two issues jane denuclearization what that actually means and also security guarantees when it comes to denuclearize ation is it immediate is incremental with financial incentives attached and when it comes to the security guarantee certainly this is of utmost important to the north korean leader given that the libyan model has been discussed repeatedly by members of donald trump staff the national security adviser the vice president obviously that model did not work well for moammar gadhafi the libyan leader who was eventually overthrown and then killed this is something the north korean leader does not want happening to him so that security guarantee is going to be of most importance
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whether or not he can actually trust the word of the united states ok thank you can be helped that italy's president. has appointed a former i.m.f. economist carlo. as interim prime minister because really says he'll put together a government very quickly expected to be held elections in the autumn or early next year as journal reports. political convulsions in italy beat the new prime minister designate of political figures but a former international monetary fund official. must underline that the government will maintain a neutrality a total neutrality with respect to the electoral debate i will not be a candidate for the next elections and a similar commitment from the members of the government must now come up with a workable list of ministers but he's unlikely to survive a confidence vote in
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a parliament stacked against him so the new government will likely become a lame duck interim government until fresh elections in the autumn on the weekend president sergio rejected the euro skeptic finance minister proposed by the five star movement northern league coalition dashing their hopes of becoming europe's first far right populist government they've been calls for mass protests and the president's impeachment as head of state the latter seems constitutionally unlikely but it's a nasty turn that sets the scene for a potentially ugly standoff we are going to see throughout the next three months is the overarching the people versus the. establishment that with the head of state for the first time becoming the main target of the entire campaign there's also the economy to worry about italy's cost of borrowing is rising with the political uncertainty if the country's sky high debt were to become unserviceable
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then real crisis would arrive in the euro zone's third largest economy add to that a debate that will only grow louder perhaps angrier now about italy's membership of the eurozone as the nationalist northern league and anti establishment five star movement vie for an even bigger slice of the next electoral pine. really did his best to calm the. waters. in the past few days tensions have increased on the financial markets you know that the spread has increased but. still growing and the budget remains under control i can assure you that a government. will guarantee a prudent. public accounts in italy political instability is a fact of life so they'll be little surprise about these twists and turns but no less anxiety over the outcome. al-jazeera. rebels near the southern
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syrian province of there are preparing for possible offensive by government forces the area is mostly controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response if government troops attack international and regional powers are holding talks to try to avoid a wider conflict. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov saying that the syrian army should be the only force present at the. southern border russia making clear its position as. behind the scenes negotiations continue between international and regional players to find some sort of an arrangement for the future of the provinces in. syria. a. syrian government really the government. saying that they have been sending troops to the front lines and dropping leaflets
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from government helicopters. so the syrian government making clear that that is their next target different from other areas because there are international players involved the united states israel jordan because of its strategic location jordan and israel for example they both do not want to see troops or iranian troops on their borders so if there is any arrangement or any deal. it will definitely not involve iranian troops taking part in any battle but we understand is what they're trying to reach some sort of an arrangement whereby the rebels decide to lay down their arms and to surrender those who want to leave to the rebel controlled problems in the north west will be able to do so but state authority will return to this area jordan doesn't want to see any escalation as well because it will create a refugee crisis it also wants to open its border crossing there which is really a for. so i'll go in international and regional negotiations behind the scenes to
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try to find a solution to this corner of syria what to do in this corner of syria to avoid a military military conflict that could bring in regional powers the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has been released from hospital he received treatment for pneumonia and fever in the past week the eighty two year old hopes to return to work soon the united nations says more than two million afghans are at risk of severe food shortages because of a devastating drought below average snow and rain precipitation since december have affected twenty out of thirty four provinces with northern and western areas worst affected will than twenty one thousand people have already left go and here are provinces where rivers have dried up completely the lack of water has led many farmers to minimize their losses by delaying planting crops and reducing the sizes of their fields livestock has also been affected so one point five million goats
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and sheep in north eastern regions are struggling to find food human is calling four hundred fifteen million dollars in aid toby lanzer is the un humanitarian coordinator for afghanistan he joins us now via skype from kabul good to see you tell me what is the situation what are you seeing on the ground what can you add to that well i've just come back chris to kabul from two provinces in the north. and indeed it's a very very difficult situation precisely for the reasons you outlined during most of the winter that was very little snow but was very little rain. and rain fred and irrigation and crops were unable to grow in the way you should have done. afghanistan has three harvests during the year and we fear that we've lost the first one which accounts for about fifty percent of the entire harvest and so if
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we've got two million people who have been affected so far i do think that without quick action now that number can grow precipitously and what is the quick action that you seek while the government will not have to pay tribute to. the minister of agriculture and indeed the president both of whom i met this morning to discuss the situation. very much seized took the matter they have been looking for stocks of fodder to distribute to farmers or herders for their livestock we will be supporting the government and master efforts we are also asking him to national community and shows them real empathy because people will need either food or cash some of that they can access markets where there still is food i should underline that thanks to very good links between afghanistan and
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countries to the north including one of the breadbaskets of the world. we've got a situation where people are given minimal amounts of cash and. they will be able to continue to access markets and we could avert. what are described. hunger six months down the road. so excuse me jumping in because if they don't jump in if the government doesn't jump then it is a chance that the taliban and other groups might step in and take advantage of this . i think that's a hypothetical question and the most important thing for now is really to deal with what we've got right in front of us and that is two million people who need help to get food and help to look after their livestock. so we'll deal with that with the government and then as time goes on we are in talks with all parties to the
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conflict here in afghanistan to make sure that the aid agencies and the relevant departments of. the institutions of the state can help people i would underline if i may this is no fault of anybody this is a natural disaster you can't say well it's because of the war it isn't and therefore empathy from the international community is really the order of the day in that regard the united states has released headed generosity just recently working hand in hand with the afghan government to release food from a strategic grain reserve in tandem with the world food program and it's those sorts of initiatives that can help prevent a much worse situation from folding in just six months down the road turbulence are very good to to talk. thank you slather on al-jazeera greeks question the price they paying for the largest financial bailout
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in history. by the man to the rescue how am i going to became a super hero. welcome back across central and southern parts of china and we've got to rosalee quite weather conditions at the moment anyway so it's true choose days as a scattering of showers looking fine for hong kong fine across in taiwan but across indochina is a rather different picture we've got some very heavy rain for threatening me amar over the next two days or sound bangladesh also included in that risk of flooding rain storm system will push further into in the course of wednesday to wrench rain like across much of the region all along of course and so the risk of flooding is very high across indochina generally cloudy picture with a chance of some storms and you see the rain developing across parts of central china well away from change do through with and toward shanghai as we head through
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wednesday as we head across into south asia we've also got this area of cloud developing down through the western coast also you see some storms across eastern parts of india through into bangladesh so the rain could be quite heavy at times through parts of connecticut and through carol and towards tamela do further north still very hard indeed forward much of the country temperatures and delhi expected to remain in the mid forty's here in the arabian peninsula we've lost our tropical psychosocial circulation associated with it here in qatar should be fine thirty nine the high in tow. getting to the heart of the matter if the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like were two people keep the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity or for south korea hear their story on talk to
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al-jazeera. and again you're watching al-jazeera in mind of our top stories this hour next month's meeting in singapore between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un may still go ahead and south korea has suggested that president moon j.n. may also take part at some point a u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the north is in china on its way to singapore. italy's president has
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announced the economist carlo a couple barely will become the country's interim prime minister sergio caused anger by vetoing the choice of finance minister. rebels near the southern syrian province of dead are preparing for possible offensive by government forces the areas most to controlled by opposition groups the u.s. is warning of a strong response if government forces attack. a group of rangar refugees has been imprisoned for trying to return to a kind state in myanmar the government says the refugees didn't follow the repatriation process these fifty eight of them have since been released and sent to camps for internally displaced people nearly seven hundred thousand. have fled to bangladesh since may and army launched a crackdown last august sri lanka has launched a criminal investigation following an al-jazeera report on suspected match tampering in international cricket the investigation exposed a match fixer who claimed to have bribed international cricketers to underperform
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the australian an english cricket boards have denied cricket is were involved in a continuing dispute over secondhand clothes may mean that you wonder loses some of its trade benefits with the us rwanda had raise tariffs on used american clothes to protect its garment industry the u.s. responded by threatening to pull rwanda's duty free access that benefit is set to expire on monday uganda tanzania and kenya tried raising tariffs of their own but all backed down after threats from washington and account such as a nairobi based investment adviser and chief executive of rich management he says africa has become a dumping ground for cheap goods from other countries. if we're going to develop our industries we simply cannot compete against this deluge of cheap clothes i think president got me is one individual who's not going to be rolled over in this
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particular situation and he's going to make a stand and this is an attempt by africa to get leverage on the value chain it's an attempt to develop industry it's an attempt to industrialize and essentially you know we've seen all our industries hollowed out one of the classic examples is actually textile manufacturing which is now being addressed in east africa and i think it's important that we look at things holistically and if we're going to look at it holistically we can't talk about the industrialization of africa on one hand and then be dumping africa with all kinds of of goods and in this case in the case of used clothes so i think he has to stand he is the president of the african union and absolutely we got to draw a line in the sand somewhere and this is the right line to be drawn i think we have a very transactional government in the u.s. they're looking at it entirely through the prism of of u.s.
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national interest the definition of which is quite strange at times it seems extremely transactional i don't think trump looks at the continent in the same way previous administrations did and previous administrations were trying to lend a helping hand we're trying to create jobs within the continent that was the silver bullet that i go it was meant to be all about we've got enormous demographics you people call the demographic dividend but it's not going to be a demographic dividend in less we create jobs and what we have seen is in tech cells in particular there is an enormous opportunity to employ our people but we're not going to be able to employ anyone if we allow this to continue in the way it is several prominent journalists and activists have been detained in egypt in the past week human rights groups say it's part of a systematic government campaign to silence dissenting voices natasha can any explains why the u.s. may be tied to government plans to lift fuel and electricity subsidies. has an
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ability once campaigned for president abdel fatah el-sisi but he since called support of sisi his biggest sin and has been vocal about his opposition on sunday he was arrested and we've seen a number of bloggers journalists and other prominent human rights defenders and civil society activists who were in the last years since the government of sisi has come to power have been brought in on charges or sometimes in pretrial detention without any charges. basically because they are critical of the government blogger well abbas was a longtime critic of the government and internationally recognized for his work he was detained last week in a pre-dawn raid. this recent spate of arrests of bloggers journalists and opposition figures may be linked to a government measure that could anger many egyptians grappling with
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a weak economy and high inflation. the government fears the consequences of steps it plans to take in july when part of the fuel and electricity subsidies will be lifted we have seen an embarrassing rehearsal when the government increased the metra tickets and people broke their fear and express their anger. reporters without borders calls egypt one of the world's biggest prisons for journalists at least thirty four are behind bars including al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein. since sisi led the coalition that removed the democratically elected president mohamed morsy from power in two thousand and thirteen human rights groups say the government has waged a systematic campaign of crushing criticism one voice at a time. supporters say tough security policies are needed to bring stability especially as the government fights armed groups in the sinai peninsula
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and journalists and bloggers know that this isn't difficult environment in egypt but nonetheless even today people are tweeting people continue to speak out but with few independent media outlets left and many journalists and activists jailed people have no choice but to hear the government's message very clearly natasha going to zero. greece's economic crisis might be easing but life is still difficult for many people to vote bankruptcy and receive the largest back in history but that also meant that workers took a huge pay cut john psaropoulos reports from athens. several times a week election that was me my previous sings for his son he is about twenty dollars an hour four times as much as in his regular part time job as a shoe salesman. with two sources of income he helps support the household he grew up in but he cannot invest in his own future five years ago he unrolled in a robotics degree course at the polytechnic two hours' drive from athens but he
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can't afford to rent an apartment there so his studies are progressing slowly. at the present rate it'll take me another ten years to graduate i'll be thirty five and at that age it'll be really difficult to find a job in my area of expertise he's one of the many victims of salary cuts averaging fifteen percent during the economic crisis creditors demanded cuts to make the economy more competitive the official minimum wage is now six hundred ninety dollars a month before tax but experts say the salary cuts won't affective in the absence of other reforms. while salary cuts should have led to a cut in the prices of products and services they didn't because product markets are to a great extent monopolies are all examples we have a large number of multinationals operating in this country which didn't lower the cost of their products they benefited from the salary cuts but they didn't become more competitive. half of all new jobs
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a part time or seasonal and that still leaves twenty percent of workers unemployed around a million greeks and there is so much under employment the labor institute greece's leading employment think tank says the real jobless total is closer to twenty seven percent but the worst effect of the crisis is loss of income the dramatic drop in incomes has created a class of working poor the risk of poverty has doubled during the crisis to thirty five percent of the population that's a rate unmatched anywhere in western europe and it is twice as high among working age adults and the children who depend on them as it is among pensioners many greeks such as me money this no longer see the point in learning skills or higher education greeks are forced to accept jobs their overqualified for which leads many to go broad the labor institute says government leaders need new policies to encourage entrepreneurship and employment entice companies to lower their prices and for the cost of labor to fall without serious reforms like these many greeks
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fear for all their education they'll likely remain the buskers of europe jumpstart opal us al-jazeera athens meteorologists in the u.k. have recorded thousands of lightning strikes during a powerful thunderstorm disrupted more than two hundred flights at london stansted airport with dozens cancelled their mannie diverted to other airports. still no bird has hit western cuba bringing more than twelve centimeters of rain in less than eight hours some families were moved to safety but the rain and flooding were quick to hit the subtropical with where the storm is moving north through the gulf of mexico with wind speeds of up to a hundred five kilometers an hour so fated to arrive in the southern u.s. coastline on monday. an immigrant from mali has been awarded french citizenship after the release of a dramatic video of him rescuing a child mamadou kasama saw a crowd gathered outside a building in paris a toddler was hanging from
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a fourth floor balcony pulled himself up from floor to floor with his bare hands to reach the child because sam has been called a real life spider man attacks about his will from paris. what's been an extraordinary day for mama duka sama the young the man stepped into the lease a palace on monday morning as amalia and refugee who just arrived in france a few months ago without papers and he stepped out of the lease a palace being hailed as a hero by the french president awarded for his bravery and promised french citizenship and a new job well it was on saturday evening that at this apartment block just behind me in central paris my magicka summers walking down the road on his way towards the camp in leeds football final he looked up he saw a young baby dangling from the pool floor you say to figure out just how to find a solution to let the balcony to balcony why people adopt him the spider man in paris well his bravery has really captured the imagination of people cross sprawls
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many people and signed an online petition saying that he should be given french citizenship and that is what happens on monday the french president said that he represented the best of the republic's values mamadou kasama this young twenty two year old whose life has really changed over the last two days. of the top stories on al-jazeera next month summits in singapore between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un may still go ahead the u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from the north is in china on its way to singapore south korea has suggested that president moon in may also take part. it's in his presence is appointed in. colonist to become interim prime minister lord cook that early is a former official at the international monetary fund italy is experiencing political turmoil following the decision of the presence to veto the former prime
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minister's choice of economy minister colombia said for a run of photo elect a new president after sunday's election produced nokia win a conservative even duke a critic of the fact peace deal got thirty nine percent of the vote he will face left wing challenger gustavo petro in three weeks more than two million afghans are at risk of severe food shortages because of a devastating drought unipod says below average rain snow fall and precipitation since december have affected twenty out of thirty four provinces with the hardest hit zones in northern and western afghanistan the lack of water is that many farmers to delay planting crops and reducing the size of their fields afghanistan has three harvests during the year and we've lost the first one which accounts for about fifty percent of the entire harvest and so if we've got two million people who've been affected so far i do fear that with our quick action now but number can
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grow precipices make sure lanka has launched a criminal investigating for investigation following an al-jazeera report on suspected match tampering in international cricket the investigation exposed a match fixer who claimed to have bribed international cricketers to under-perform the stray in an english cricket boards have denied their cricketers were involved in an emigrant from mali is to become a french citizen after a dramatic video of him rescuing a child or went viral mamadou scaled a building in paris with his bare hands to save a toddler hanging from a fourth floor balcony those are the headlines talk to al-jazeera is up next. on counting the cost we'll look at how investors are reacting to the collapse of the from kim singapore summit. why it's only has fallen out of a more day with the rest of europe on the rise you look at some of the freshest
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pushing up the price of oil. counting the cost on al-jazeera. wrongly a matter of months into twenty eight and it's been full of milestones when it comes to enter korean relations after an especially tense twenty seven thousand on the korean peninsula now there's talk of reconciliation and peace last year north korean leader kim jong un oversaw the testing of a nuclear weapon and short range and intercontinental ballistic missiles in what was the country's most advanced lead in its weapons program today.


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