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and then there were three south korea's leader may now be joining the much anticipated summit between donald trump and kim jong il. barbara are you watching out for zero live from london also coming up on the program political chaos in italy as a new caretaker prime minister is chosen after a bid by two populist parties to form a government collapsed a refugee hailed as a hero after saving a child dangling from a balcony is rewarded by being granted french citizenship and sri lanka launches a criminal investigation following an al-jazeera report on suspect that match
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tampering in international cricket. hello thank you for joining us intense diplomatic activity is raising expectations that a planned summit between u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un may still go ahead the bilateral talks could become trilateral with the south korean president and also joining in a u.s. delegation is in north korea while a team from pyongyang is heading to singapore where the historic meeting is set to take place andrew thomas has more now from seoul. what a difference one frenetic weekend can make and i was like it's full steam ahead for a summit in singapore on june twelfth as originally planned has been the u.s. delegation inside north korea on monday advice on kim south korean born but the u.s. ambassador to the philippines he's been ambassador here in seoul in the past though
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he was very much involved in the six nation talks that took place while president bush was in office later president obama he knows the issue backwards he's been meeting with north korea's vice foreign minister chase on he again fluent english speaker she knows this issue backwards from a north korean point of view meanwhile in singapore over the coming days they'll be u.s. delegation and a north korean delegation meeting to discuss the logistics security arrangements protocol that's all happening simle time in your sleep and if there is a summit on june the twelfth will president moon of south korea be there the blue house the presidential palace here in seoul said that though we're working on plans for president moon to be in singapore probably not for the beginning of the bilateral but it goes well between president trump and kim jong un if indeed it happens and president moon montjoy in at a later stage possibly minutes hours later but in singapore as well has been crucial to getting the other two leaders together and he would like a seat at the table while our white house correspondent kimberly halkett is life
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for a say in washington d.c. so this is the you know was going to happen that it's not going to happen that it might happen again you know the meeting at the may or may not be it doesn't seem like the top administration has learned the lesson that maybe it's worth waiting and then having the meeting before i guess getting the speculation go wrong again. well the administration my understand that but the president often doesn't listen to the advice of his staff and when he's eager to do something he doesn't seem to be able to be quiet about it and that's why i think we saw the tweet over the weekend where he certainly suggested strongly that this could be back on and that the sort of leverage that could be used is this sort of opportunity of investment something that the north korean leader we are told is very much interested in having the united states help in exchange for denuclearization this bringing out of the shadows the end of the street financial sanctions so that's really sort of the
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leverage that the united states has of the incentive if you will to denuclearize presumably what donald trump is hoping to be able to offer the north korean leader but the problem seems to be the issue of denuclearization what does that mean it means different things to the united states than it does to north korea spare ticket literally when it comes to the pace of denuclearize ation now where do things stand well right now it is a holiday in the united states the federal government closed many americans see this is the official weekend for kicking off the summer holidays but also it's a time to remember america's veterans and also war dead so the president is at arlington national cemetery where he has laid a wreath he's accompanied by his secretary of defense as well as his press secretary so they're not working overtly at least on the potential upcoming summit that may or may not take place but certainly we get the sense that the there is an intense effort behind the scenes to make this happen there are two teams that are
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working actively as our correspondent suggested there is not only the top diplomat to the philippines who is very familiar with this file from negotiating under during the six party talks and the two thousand but also there is a team on the ground handling logistics and singapore working very hard to try and make this happen if the president feels the climate has changed enough that he can sit down with the north korean leader and we can with the latest from washington kimberly thank you. italy's president has appointed an interim prime minister after weeks of talks failed to produce a government and sparked a political crisis can look at that a leader who is a former international monetary fund official has been tasked with passing the country's budget and planning fresh elections it comes after president said vetoed
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the choice of a euro skeptic politician as economy minister angering the two populous parties who wanted to form a coalition government john hope has more. political convulsions in italy beat the new prime minister designate of political figures but a former international monetary fund official. must underline that the government will maintain a neutrality a total neutrality with respect to the electoral debate i will not be a candidate for the next elections and a similar commitment from the members of the government. must now come up with a workable list of ministers but he's unlikely to survive a confidence vote in a parliament stacked against him so the new government will likely become a lame duck interim government until fresh elections in the autumn on the weekend president sergio rejected the euro skeptic finance minister proposed by the five
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star movement northern league coalition dashing their hopes of becoming europe's first far right populist government they've been calls for mass protests and the president's impeachment as head of state the latter seems constitutionally unlikely but it's a nasty turn that sets the scene for a potentially ugly standoff we are going to see throughout the next three. years and the overarching the people versus the. establishment that with the head of state for the first time becoming the main target of the entire campaign there's also the economy to worry about italy's cost of borrowing is rising with the political uncertainty if the country's sky high debt were to become unserviceable then real crisis would arrive in the euro zone's third largest economy add to that a debate that will only grow louder perhaps angrier now about italy's membership of
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the eurozone as the nationalist northern league and anti establishment five star movement vie for an even bigger slice of the next electoral pine. carlo carter really did his best to calm the waters there. in the past few days tensions have increased on the financial markets you know that the spread has increased but. still growing and the budget remains under control i can assure you that a government. will guarantee a prudent. public accounts. in italy political instability is a fact of life so they'll be little surprise about these twists and turns but no less anxiety over the outcome. al-jazeera. the syrian government says they will continue fighting rebels despite u.s. warnings against a possible offensive in the province there are which is the southern province mostly controlled by opposition groups is close to the volatile area of these
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really occupied golan heights the u.s. comments come as a warns it will not tolerate a permanent military presence in syria while russia has reemphasize its support for the syrian government. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov saying that the syrian army should be the only force. making clear its position as. behind the scenes negotiations continue between international and regional players to find. arrangements for the future of the provinces in. syria. the syrian government really the government they've been. saying that they have been sending troops to the front lines dropping leaflets from government helicopters. so the syrian making clear that next target different from
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other areas because there are international players involved united states israel jordan because of its geo strategic location jordan and israel for example they want to see iranian troops or iranian allied troops on their borders so if there is any arrangement or any deal that it will definitely not involve iranian troops taking part in any battle but we understand is what they're trying to. arrange meant whereby the rebels decide to lay down their arms and to surrender those who want to leave to the rebel controlled problems in the northwest will be able to do so but state authority will return to this area jordan doesn't want to see any escalate. as well because it will create a refugee crisis it also wants to open its border crossing there which is really vital for trade so ongoing international and regional negotiations behind the scenes to try to find a solution to this corner of syria what to do in this corner of syria to avoid
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a military military conflict that could bring him regional powers. fourteen people are now known to have died from a rare virus in southern india virus which can cause flu like symptoms and brain damage emerged in the state of the month it has a seventy five percent mortality rate and there's no known charlotte bellus reports . markets and carola bustle like normal but fruit sellers says hydel it's a reassign that a deadly virus is gripping me a community we are afraid of. because. he's pretty big. that afraid of by the troops. in outbreak of nipa virus in care live a small has killed more than a dozen people its natural host is the first best and well it's not confirms that's
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how this operate started it's enough to stop people from a sing anything the best may have touched. after this virus problem sales have been really bad the products are just not getting sold earlier used to sell one kilogram for fifty rupees but now i have to sell two kilograms for fifty rupees this is because everyone is saying that fruit bats this and fruit bats that nothing is getting sold carolus hospitals have been overrun with people sick with fear of a virus causes flu like symptoms and brain inflammation it kill seventy five percent of those it and fix and there is no vaccine india's health ministry is trying to quote concerns they seem tains to monitor if a new cases and says the virus has not sprayed and yet sign. and it's. terrorists a steering clear of kochie carolus biggest city it's two hundred kilometers from the outbreak but still vacancies here. we are getting quite a lot of cancellations from the dumps to
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a lot of. and where it's from to go from the gulf countries because the arab season is coming up and they are also getting bodied not. the world health organization has listed nipper as one of eight priority diseases alongside a bowler and seeker that could cause a global epidemic it was discovered in malaysia twenty years ago and has killed more than two hundred people since containing never in the world sick in most populated country is a challenge but so far fear is spreading faster than the virus ballasts al jazeera . so they come here on al-jazeera how the greek economic crisis and austerity have created a class of the working poor and the trade dispute over secondhand clothes they could see rwanda losing out to the u.s. policy of america first.
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welcome back across central and southern parts of china we've got to rowsley quite weather conditions at the moment anyway so it's true choose days as a scattering of showers looking fine for hong kong fine across in taiwan but across indochina it's a rather different picture we've got some very heavy rainfall threatening me a ma over nice to two days or sound bangladesh also included in that risk of flooding rain storm system will push further into in the course of wednesday to wrench rain like across much of the region all along of course and so the risk of flooding is very high across indochina generally a cloudy picture with a chance of some storms and you see the rain developing across parts of central china all the way from chain to through wood and toward china high as we head through wednesday as we head across into south asia we've also got this area of cloud developing down through the western coast also you see some storms across
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eastern. parts of india threw into bangladesh so the rain could be quite heavy at times through parts of cannot to go down through carol and towards tamela due for the norse still very hot indeed forward much of the country temperatures and delhi expected to remain in the mid forty's here in the arabian peninsula we've lost our tropical psychosocial circulation associated with it here in qatar should be fine thirty nine the high in tow. on counting the cost look at how investors are reacting to the collapse of the trump kim singapore summit. why it's only has more day with the rest of europe on the rise we look at some of the pressures pushing up the price of oil. counting the cost on a. welcome
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back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera south korean officials say president hu j u n could join a historic summit between the leaders of the u.s. and north korea former i.m.f. official catalogue that any has been appointed the interim italian prime minister plans to form a coalition of the league party and the anti establishment five star movement for derailed on sunday when the country's president rejected their nominee economy minister and the syrian government says it will continue its offensive against rebels in the rod despite warnings that would further escalate regional tensions.
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improving relations between north and south korea has led to a surge in property prices along the demilitarized zone which separates the country . separating two countries that are officially still look at war it's been potentially one of the most dangerous borders in the world now the possibility of peace could transform the villages and towns on the south korean side of the demilitarized. rigi one owns five other properties around south korea and there's just joined the surge of buyers looking north making her pick right off the map with dollars hanging out on the usually i put it aside before i make up my mind but i was so sure about this place i didn't have to go. she now owns a piece of woodland in the village of kuantan like many border communities it has lagged behind the rest of south korea and seems primed for development renji one
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borderlands site unseen and then visited it later some people are buying plots they can't even get to without special permission parcels of countryside that run right up to the fence of the d.m.z. itself and that have largely remained undeveloped for decades. improving relations that led to the summit between north and south korea last month have resulted in a three fold increase in property transactions with prices surging by up to a third temple. many people expect there is a good chance that the in the korean summit will lead to success there expected to be a lot of exchanges between north and south so many roads and railways are in high demand . a previous summit in two thousand and seven also saw a spike in border property prices only to fall back again as relations soured and as u.s. and north korean officials continue to meet at the truce village of panmunjom ahead
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of the summit between their respective leaders the on again off again twists of the last few days are a reminder of the talks volatility still remains optimistic and you know i'm not concerned because this will remain my aesthetic it won't go away like a following the stock market is always going to be there and she hopes north-south relations are now on a permanently improved foundation robert bride al-jazeera june near the d.m.z. south korea. amalia refugee is to be awarded french citizenship after a dramatic video of him rescuing a child went viral from a dog a salmon has been called a real life spider man after a scaled an apartment building in paris the save a toddler who was hanging from a fourth floor balcony that after but there has the story from paris. it was an extraordinary act of bravery in just thirty seconds a young man scaled
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a building in paris on saturday night and safety a child had been dangling from the fourth floor mobile phone pictures of the heart stopping moment went viral prompting a search for the hero he was soon identified as twenty two year old mammoth. find my soul for you who fell from the fifth floor i think i like children a lot i don't want for something bad to happen to them in front of me it would have broken my heart i ran i thought of ways to rescue him thank god i climbed up and i saved him because the next day the mayor of paris said she'd spoken decus summer revealing he was a molly and refugee without papers he explained to me that he had arrived from mali a few months ago dreaming of building his life here thousands of people had signed an online petition calling on france to grant us armor residency hailed as a hero by so many people he was in fight it to meet the french president and with the good news in two thousand when i began to climb he gave the courage to keep going. to get through it all happened very fast after i save the child i suddenly
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became scared the police came and took us inside the apartment i was shaking all over. the summer had arrived at the elisei as an illegal immigrant and came out with a promise of french citizenship and award for his bravery and did job with the fire brigade in the neighborhood where the events took place people had gathered to look . for is where that amazing rescue took place if you look up of our friends with a sharp points on the top mamadou. i guess some would have had to scale that then up those four balconies and from this perspective it looks incredibly high and that is why is that act of bravery has really captured the imagination of so many people across from all across the world was left in a chair long i think you did it spontaneously and did not think it would have this impact it's great he's been recognised french authorities say the father of the boy had gone shopping leaving his son alone he's been taken into custody meanwhile
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because some is coming to terms with his new found fame in a country where the debate over refugees has a long divided opinion in its national butler al-jazeera paris. greece's economic crisis might officially be over but life is still difficult for many people to avoid bankruptcy the country received the largest bailout in history but that also meant that workers took a huge pay cut then comes falling around fifteen percent also oculus reports from athens. several times a week election that was me my previous sings for his supper he earns about twenty dollars an hour four times as much as in his regular part time job as a shoe salesman with two sources of income he helps support the household he grew up in but he cannot invest in his own future five years ago he unrolled in a robotics degree course at kalki the polytechnic two hours' drive from athens but he can't afford to rent an apartment there so his studies are progressing slowly.
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or at the present rate it'll take me another ten years to graduate i'll be thirty five and at that age it'll be really difficult to find a job in my area of expertise he's one of the many victims of salary cuts averaging fifteen percent during the economic crisis creditors demanded cuts to make the economy more competitive the official minimum wage is now six hundred ninety dollars a month before tax but experts say the salary cuts won't affective in the absence of other reforms. while salary cuts should have led to a cut in the prices of products and services they didn't because product markets are to a great extent monopolies are all the companies we have a large number of multinationals operating in this country which didn't lower the cost of their product they benefited from the salary cuts but they didn't become more competitive. hough of all new jobs a part time or seasonal and that still leaves twenty percent of workers unemployed around
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a million greeks and there is so much under employment the labor institute greece's leading employment think tank says the real jobless total is closer to twenty seven percent but the worst effect of the crisis is loss of income the dramatic drop in incomes has created a class of working poor the risk of poverty has doubled during the crisis to thirty five percent of the population that's a rate unmatched anywhere in western europe and it is twice as high among working age adults and the children who depend on them as it is among pensioners many greeks such as me money this no longer see the point in learning skills or higher education greeks are forced to accept jobs their overqualified for which leads many to go broad the labor institute says government leaders need new policies to encourage entrepreneurship and employment entice companies to lower their prices and for the cost of labor to fall without serious reforms like these many greeks fear for all their education they'll likely remain the buskers of europe jumps out
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opal us al-jazeera athens four and a half thousand pairs of shoes on display in brussels one for every life that's been lost in the coal think between israel and palestine over the last ten years that they've been set up a new european council building where e.u. foreign ministers have been meeting to discuss the recent unrest the shoes were donated to human rights groups from people across europe organizers are calling on the e.u. to play sanctions on israel for its ongoing violence against palestinians in gaza. the brazilian truckers association is recommend that truck drivers return to work after the government lowered the price of diesel fuel in an effort to end the week long strike the drivers have mounted hundreds of blockades on roads to protest against high operating costs it's caused shortages of basic goods and medical supplies around the country the government reached an agreement with the unions last week but some truckers have remained on strike. everyone that may
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soon lose some of its trade benefits with the u.s. because of a dispute over secondhand clothes it started when rwanda raised tariff so news the american codes to protect its gone with the industry the u.s. responded by threatening to pull one does duty free access to some of its products now that benefit is set to expire on monday uganda tanzania and kenya tried raising tariffs of their own but backed down after the u.s. threatened their trade access rights and such who is a chief executive at rich management and investment advisor based in nairobi he says africa has become a dumping ground for cheap goods from other countries. if we're going to develop our industries we simply cannot compete against this deluge of cheap clothes i think president me is one individual who's not going to be rolled over in this particular situation and he's going to make
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a stand and this is an attempt by africa to get leverage on the value chain it's an attempt to develop industry it's an attempt to industrialize and essentially you know we've seen all our industries hollowed out one of the classic examples is actually textile manufacturing which is now being addressed in east africa and i think it's important that we look at things holistically and if we're going to look at it holistically we can't talk about the industrialization of africa on one hand and then be dumping africa with all kinds of of goods and in this case in the case of use floats so i think he has to stand he is the president of the african union and absolutely we got to draw a line in the sand somewhere and this is the right line to be drawn sri lanka's cricket authorities have called for a criminal investigation into suspected match and pitch fixing following an investigation by al jazeera as investigative unit
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a player and an official have been suspended while world cricket's government governing body that's the i.c.c. investigates the case david harrison has more. so india mendez a sri lankan player and tauranga india assistant manager of call international stadium were suspended hours after al-jazeera is investigation into cricket corruption was broadcast. in a brief statements three lanka cricket board said they will complain to the criminal investigations department against the persons who have been allegedly involved in pitch fixing and offer all assistance to the i.c.c. on its investigations into the al jazeera documentary which has wider allegations globally. india could describe on camera how we dock to the gore cricket pitch to fix the results of two international test matches sri lanka against india last year and another game against australia in two thousand and sixteen the australia much race especially at the time and raises important questions about england's planned
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game goal stadium in november the groundsman told al-jazeera that he could fix the result of the match just a few months before they feel about. something and you can maintains he is innocent and the player to ring demand has declined to comment on the allegations meanwhile cricket boards in australia and england are investigating wider claims made in the film by an indian gambling syndicate that it could bribed international players to fix schools both the astray and england teams deny any wrongdoing. at england test captain joe root said i'm aware that there was a documentary and it's outrageous that our players have been accused all the players have the full backing of the e.c.b. the international cricket council is now facing a major investigation into corruption in cricket in three different countries david harrison al-jazeera. much more on that investigation on our
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website the address on the website itself there it is on your screens right now al-jazeera. and now remind of the top stories on al-jazeera a south korean officials say president could join a historic summit between the leaders of the u.s. and north korea the meeting between u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un is now looking increasingly likely after a surgeon diplomatic activity between the two countries american representatives are in north korea to discuss the meeting with the shuttle for june twelfth while a north korean delegation is heading to singapore where the summit is meant to take place. on sunday trying to meet him that north korea could develop into a great economy kimberly halkett has more we saw the tweet over the weekend where he certainly suggested strongly that this could be back on and that the sort of
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leverage that could be used is this sort of opportunity of investment something that the north korean leader we are told is very much interested in having the united states help in exchange for denuclearization this bringing out of the shadows the end of the street financial sanctions so that's really sort of the leverage that the united states has or the incentive if you will to denuclearize presumably what donald trump is hoping to be able to offer the north korean leader italy's president has appointed an interim prime minister to try to stem a political crisis after weeks of talks failed to produce a government can look at that a leader who is a former international monetary fund official has been tasked with passing the country's budget and planning fresh elections that decision has angered the far right league party and the populist five star movement who wanted to form a coalition government. the syrian government says they will continue fighting
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rebels the spite u.s. warnings against a possible offensive in their profits the southern region is mostly controlled by opposition groups and is close to the volatile area of the israeli occupied golan heights india is ramping up efforts to trace the origin of a rare virus that's killed at least fourteen people the nipah virus which can cause flu like symptoms and brain damage emerged in the southern state of carolina earlier this month it has a seventy five percent mortality rate and there is no known vaccine. but those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you in just under half an hour stay with us coming up next on al-jazeera it's counting the cost thanks for watching.
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alarm hasn't seeker this is counting the cost on urges you to your weekly look at the world of business and economics i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world let's call the whole thing off how investors are reacting to the collapse of the trump kim summit in singapore. out of love with europe why it's really is the latest country to push back against brussels costs edging higher we look at the pressures on black gold. it would have been the first time a sitting u.s. president met a north korean leader but it wasn't meant to be at least for now donald trump has pulled out of the landmark summit which had been said.


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