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reports that a close confidant of the north korean leader is on his way to the u. way ahead of the possible summit with donald trump. welcome to al-jazeera life for my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth branom also ahead. colombia's military says it's killed eleven dissidents of the former rebel group as its pasting looms large in next month's. top israeli bags refuser financing the illegal settlements in the occupied west bank. and also across brazil as a truck driver strike and the second week despite the government some of their
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demands. there are reports that a former north korean spy chief and senior official. is headed to the u.s. all to stop and over and beijing is likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials forgotten a possible summit between north korean leader kim jong un and president donald trump. is considered the north korean leader's right hand man well let's get more on this now our correspondent andrew thomas is joining us live from seoul so what more do we know about andrew and this visit to the u.s. after that stop in beijing. with only one flight a day from pyongyang to beijing so an a.p. cameraman can stand there wait for those who come off it and see who's on it and keen eyed cameraman that he was he spotted kim jung chill coming off now he's
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a senior figure in all of this because he heads up the inter korean department in pyongyang and that effectively makes him the man in charge of all these negotiations he's been keep this process the whole way along he came to south korea for the closing ceremony of the winter olympics back in february that of course kickstarted was the catalyst really for this whole process that may yet lead to a summit between kim jong un and donald trump he met with mark pompei o earlier in may in pyongyang so he's very very important to the talks and we think that he is stopping over in beijing to connect to a flight to the united states on wednesday in all likelihood to go to washington to meet. again now that all bodes quite well for the summit of course there are these talks going on in singapore about logistics at the moment between the u.s. delegation and the north korean delegation and just across the border in north korea we saw a u.s. team leaving their soul hotel early on tuesday we think that they are into a third day of talks on the issues to be discussed at any summit so again it looks
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as though all the preparatory work is going full steam ahead and this key diplomats trip to the united states looks like more evidence of that which might be why. you had the japanese punished are they speaking to donald trump on the phone and planning their own meeting before a summit between trump and kim jong un can take place. that's right shinzo lobby of course sees all this going on in his backyard and is very very keen to be involved he wants to make sure that he gets into donald trump's ear before he meets kim jong un in person the g. seven summit is happening in canada on the eighth of june there are they and donald trump expected to go to that is likely they'll talk about this issue on the sidelines of that conference it's also possible shinzo while they might stop over in washington d.c. either on the way to or from that summit it's also very likely he'll come to singapore to at least be in the right country or the right city states when donald trump meets kim jong il if that meeting happens he'll want to be very close to that
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meeting even if he can't be in it and president moon here of south korea as well he's made it very clear that he would like to be close to the talks officials at the blue house here saying that they're working on a plan to get president moved into a meeting with kim jong un and donald trump perhaps after the main bilateral has concluded but he certainly wants to be involved. and we thank you very much for that for now that's andrew thomas for the very latest live in seoul. moving on to other news the military has had its killed eleven members of a former rebel group in the country's south the defense minister says they have been threatening politicians entrepreneurs and civilians in the region the operation comes one day after the first round of colombia's presidential election the government's pasted what fog has been one of the main issues. this demonstrates our renewed ability to dismantle this residual group that has brought so much pain to this area of colombia we are continuing operations in the area. while colombians
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will be voting and that presidential runoff in three weeks the choice is between a critic of the peace deal and a former leftist governor who supports the agreement a latin america editor reports from. your goodness he minister and his wife struggle to make a living selling orange juice there among the millions of colombians who voted for . the first left wing presidential candidate with a serious chance of winning. i voted for gustavo petro because i'm tired of the old political class that doesn't care about the poor it's time that the working class gets a chance at a decent life. the former mayor of the capital who was once in in one thousand urban guerrilla has tapped into massive discontent with the political establishment he is seen as a champion of the poor and the marginalized but high macassar warns that petro who is close to venezuela's hugo chavez is a wolf in sheep's clothing. he must be clear petro is a populist disguising as
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a leftist populism can also be disguised as a center or right wing but in the end it's a strategy to get power and to not let it go. on the opposite extreme of the ideological divide is evander seen as a younger version of his mentor conservative former president. he represents the status quo and those opposed to historic peace deal signed with dark rebels. inexperienced but charismatic at this rally he comforted a woman whose missing mother was kidnapped by far rebels ten years ago promising to see that justice is done. the showdown between the two candidates will undoubtedly impact a still fragile peace agreement that ended more than fifty years of armed conflict with the fark better and have less than three weeks to win over colombians who voted for other more moderate candidates in the first round but many people tell us
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that they would rather cast a blank ballot rather than vote for a president they don't want. and that gives dougie who won the most votes a decided advantage through is wasting no time trying to assure colombians he won't take from the rich to give to the poor rather that he will make the poor rich or at least middle class if he can defeat the fear factor he might stand a chance to see in human. we have some breaking news out of israel now the country's armed forces have shot down rockets fired into its territory from the gaza strip there's rarely military says that missile shield intercepted the rockets after sirens warned residents to find shelter in southern towns near the border it's thought to be the biggest rocket attack on israel in recent years we will bring you more on that as it becomes available to was. a new human rights watch report says israel's leading banks to help and support and maintain and expand
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unlawful settlements in the occupied west bank it says that israel's seven big banks have loaned three million dollars to construction projects building the illegal settlements they also give financial assistance to regional and local authorities to provide basic services like sanitation and schools and these illegal settlements get loans on easy terms from the banks meanwhile the palestinian west bank residents of forbidden by military order to enter settlements except as a laborers bearing special permits well let's get more on this now we're joined by sari bashi the israel and palestine advocacy director for human rights watch is joining us live from ramallah very good to have you with on al-jazeera so tell us more about what human rights watch found and how these banks are essentially according to the report facilitating unlawful population transfers and while crimes . sure so human rights watch is releasing
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a report this morning showing that israel's largest banks are providing services in and two settlements in the west bank that contribute to severe abuses settlements are a war crime it's unlawful for an occupying power to transfer its civilian population into the occupied territory and settlements also trigger severe human rights abuses such as restrictions on freedom of movement for palestinians they take place on land that has been stolen from palestinians and they also trigger a discriminatory regime in these cases banks are actively partnering with developers to build new homes on land that has been unlawfully seized from neighboring palestinians while residents of nearby palestinian villages can't even access their land much less build on it especially given that the israeli government does support the settlements and the expansion what's the likelihood that they'll take any action against these banks. well
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what we're actually asking for has to happen is for the banks themselves to take action so israel as an occupying power has a responsibility to dismantle its settlements because they're a war crime but banks and all businesses have responsibilities to make sure their business activities do not contribute to or benefit from serious human rights abuses and we are asking these banks to fulfil those responsibilities by ceasing their activities inside settlements again how likely do you think it is that the banks will heed that court and if they don't and who can take action against these bags and what might that look like. well i mean the banks have human rights responsibilities as do all businesses and not only the banks but also businesses that are dealing with the banks have human rights responsibilities so far and foreign businesses as well have a responsibility to make sure that their business relationships with israeli banks do not contribute to or benefit from serious abuses that's why we're releasing this
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report to inform not only israeli banks but their business partners about these activities in the hope that connecting the dots between this business activity and very severe human rights abuses will encourage businesses to change their courses of action and stop providing services to and in israeli settlements and it's great to get your thoughts on this that human rights watch joining us live from ramallah thank you. still ahead on the bulletin a stopgap arrangement to tile of at least deepening political crisis and we'll look at how to disable painter and ivory coast use this art to get the monster out of a difficult life.
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hello there we've got lots of cloud pushing its way into turkey at the moment take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud working its way up from the red sea and then gradually northwards across parts of turkey we are seeing a lot of dust in with this system and also a fair amount of thunder reactivity most of it is located over turkey and it does look like we're going to see some pretty nasty shit was there on choose day and that could give us more in the way of flash flooding similar to those showers that we've already seen in recent days so plenty of a wet weather still to come here for the south that draw i haul it's dusty in baghdad with a maximum of forty four before the towards the south and we've still got the remnants of all thought i claim here that still giving us some cloud around the coast of oman and around yemen too and that could still bring us one or two showers gradually though as we head through wednesday the cloud will drift away towards the west and then things will eventually begin to dry out doha is getting hot now forty one degrees is our expected maximum down towards the southern parts of africa and here we've got a few outbreaks of cloud of rain there in the eastern parts mostly for the eastern
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cape it will be well the still the first day but that's clearing away so wednesday looks like a brighter day twenty one degrees will be our maximum temperature in forcing cape town will be at sixteen but there's more cloud edging its way towards us for later on in the day. al-jazeera is there with us during breaks but it's also the to see what happens next iteration on put it wired by the barriers for a model they barricaded seventy three that believe you hear good movies now is being all about change people have gone the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories there are reports saying in north korean official and form a spy chief kim yong chill is headed to washington after stopping all of it and beijing is likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials forgotten a possible summit between north korean leader kim jong un and president donald trump kim young child is considered the north korean leader as white hand man. colombia's government says eleven decisions of the former fox rebel group have been killed in fighting with the army in the south the violence comes one day after round one of the presidential poll in which a two thousand and sixteen did with the fog was a major issue and israel says its armed forces have shot down rockets fired into its territory from the gaza strip the israeli military says its anti missile shield
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and deceptive the rockets off the sirens warned residents on shelter and southern towns near the border is thought to be the biggest rocket attack on israel and recent he is. that today's president has appointed and interim prime minister to head a technocrat government valli a former i.m.f. official has been tossed with a job as appointment comes after the president's veto devalued efforts by two populist parties to form a coalition government john hall has more. political convulsions in italy meet the new prime minister designate not a political figure but a former international monetary fund official. i must underline that the government will maintain a neutrality a total neutrality with respect to the electoral debate. must now come up with a workable list of ministers but he's unlikely to survive a confidence vote in a parliament stacked against him so the new government will likely become
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a lame duck interim government until fresh elections in the autumn on the weekend president sergio rejected the euro skeptic finance minister proposed by the five star movement northern league coalition dashing their hopes of becoming europe's first far right populist government. last night was the darkest hour in italy's democracy president chose to ignore his constitutional prerogatives and prevented from power a political force the five star movement which received eleven million votes they've been calls for mass protests around the president's impeachment as head of state the latter seems constitutionally unlikely but it's a nasty turn that sets the scene for a potentially ugly standoff we are going to see throughout the next three. years in the overarching with the people versus the. establishment that with the head of state for the first time becoming the main target of the entire campaign there's
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also the economy to worry about italy's cost of borrowing is rising with the political uncertainty if the country's sky high debt were to become unserviceable then real crisis would arrive in the euro zone's third largest economy add to that a debate that will only grow louder perhaps angrier now about italy's membership of the eurozone as the nationalist northern league and ante a stab. five star movement vi for an even bigger slice of the next electoral pint carlo culture really did his best to calm the waters there. in the past few days tensions have increased on the financial markets you know that the spread has increased but the italian economy is still growing and the budget remains under control i can assure you that a government run by me will guarantee a prudent handling of our public accounts. in italy political instability is
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a fact of life so they'll be little surprise about these twists and turns but no less anxiety over the outcome. al-jazeera of the political crisis has also group spain promised a money on the whole has set to face and a confidence vote after his ruling people's party was linked to a corruption scandal parliament vote on friday to decide whether socialist leader pedro sanchez should take over roy has been under increasing pressure after a court for what has party profited from an illegal scheme twenty nine people have been sentenced in the case including the party's former treasurer. they have been more protests against president daniel ortega in nicaragua the nation began as a group of students trying to take over a university and the capital managua government supporters tried to stop them anti-government demonstrations also broke out in the city of messiah brazil's government says it's reached an agreement with the main truck driver to end a strike which is into its second week of fuel and some food items are in short
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supply as many drivers continue to protest on the reports from sao paulo. in brazil yet they're saying they've reached agreement on the protest is over but brasilia is a long way from here a most of the rest of brazil. at least truck drivers tens of thousands of them either haven't received the message or don't plan to heed it. we are not only here for the truck drivers but for all brazilians who are suffering with the rises in electricity water gas everything brazilians have to work just to survive we are not members of any political party we are the people who are suffering the most yet the same the rise in the price of diesel makes it hard for them to earn a living and tempers afraid and this used to be a strike now it's more than a strike brazil has realized that we can't keep going with these politicians who over the years we've seen involved in corruption bribery and scandals. the
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government has offered a ten percent reduction but can hardly afford the more than one of the costs a billion dollars it will have to pay the state oil company petro brass in compensation was taken many here by surprise is just how quickly a country as well developed as brazil with the seventh largest economy in the world can be brought to its knees with the economy fragile a weak government can only offer temporary partial solutions with everybody here now very well aware of how reliant we all are on a constant flow of fuel. protesting drivers have been blocking roads across brazil it means many gas stations have run out of fuel while those still have supplies attract lines of desperate motorists that can stretch to several kilometers is. not the economic recovery many experts said was happening. brazil's economy is not weak was weak as the political movement in this country is we've got
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a former president arrested and now have a weak president in office he has no leadership or charisma and the increase in oil and gas prices is just added to the problems. even if all of brazil's truck drivers return to work immediately it would still take several days for the country to return to normal but the presidential elections due in october it will be a little mother to fraught with tension and the threat of more strikes and protests . when there are disease. saudi led coalition forces in yemen are advancing on the rebel held port city of day they're about twenty kilometers away after the latest operation but the u.n. is warning against an all out assault to retake the city from iranian backed rebels saying it would put humanitarian shipments at risk more than ten thousand people have died in the three year war three million have been displaced. several
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prominent journalists and activists have been detained in egypt in the past week human rights groups say it's part of a systematic government campaign to silence critics natasha going to explain why the arrests may be tied to the got one of the plans to lift fuel and tricity subsidies. has an ability once campaigned for president abdel fatah el-sisi but he since called support of sisi his biggest sin and has been vocal about his opposition on sunday he was arrested and we've seen a number of bloggers journalists and other prominent human rights defenders and civil society activists who in the last years since the government sisi has come to power have been brought in on charges or sometimes in pretrial detention without any charges. basically because they are critical of the government blogger well abbas was a longtime critic of the government and internationally recognized for his work he
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was detained last week in a pre-dawn raid. this recent spate of arrests of bloggers journalists and opposition figures may be linked to a government measure that could anger many egyptians grappling with a weak economy and high inflation. the government fears the consequences of steps it plans to take in july when part of the fuel and electricity the subsidies will be lifted we have seen an embarrassing rehearsal when the government increased the metra tickets and people broke their fear and express their anger. reporters without borders calls egypt one of the world's biggest prisons for journalists at least thirty four are behind bars including al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein. since sisi led the coalition that removed the democratically elected president mohamed morsy from power in two thousand and thirteen human rights groups say the government has waged a systematic campaign of crushing criticism one voice at
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a time. supporters say tough security policies are needed to bring stability especially as the government fights armed groups in the sinai peninsula and journalists and bloggers know that this is an difficult environment in egypt but nonetheless even today people are tweeting people will continue to speak out but with few independent media outlets left and many journalists and activists jailed people have no choice but to hear the government's message very clearly natasha going to zero. a formal change justice of pakistan's supreme court has been named and turn prime minister lassiter malts appointment and weeks of political wrangling the vote and pamela and potter negotiated with the opposition to choose a mutually acceptable forgot to leave the country. after the parliament term ends this week he'll stay in office until the general election in july. sri lanka's
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credit authorities have called for a criminal inquiry into suspected match fixing following an investigation by al-jazeera a player and an official having to spend it as cricket set world governing body the i.c.c. investigates the case david harrison has more. so in the mendez a sri lankan player and tauranga india assistant manager of call international stadium were suspended hours after al-jazeera is investigation into cricket corruption was broadcast we have all its thirty action. you know to show the world that be on top of it and that we are not being caught aging and these type of things we will not tolerate going in the past or in the future india could describe on camera how we dock to the gore cricket pitch to fix the results of two international test matches sri lanka against india last year and another game against australia in two thousand and sixteen the australia much race
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especially at the time and raises important questions about england's planned game goal stadium in the venda the groundsman told al-jazeera that he could fix the result of the match he said he was very forward they believe that. something and he can maintains he is innocent and the player to are in demand has declined to comment on the allegations meanwhile cricket boards in australia and england or investigating wider claims made in the film by an indian gambling syndicate that it could be bribed international players to fix schooling almost sixty to seventy percent. because we can say we say fix fix and you do just international games or which other games to fix international. you're doing was going to have players in every national team if both the astray and england teams deny any wrongdoing. england test captain joe root said i'm aware
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that there was a documentary and it's outrageous that our players have been accused all the players have the full backing of the e.c.b. the international cricket council is now facing a major investigation into corruption in cricket in three different countries david harrison al-jazeera. the european union has proposed banning single use plastic products to help reduce marine letter well under the plan products like cotton buds and plastic straws will be replaced with more environmentally sustainable versions e.u. countries would also be required to collect ninety percent of single use plastic bottles by twenty twenty five it's hoped the ban will come into force before european parliament elections and twenty nineteen sub tropical storm alberto has weakened hours after it hit the u.s. state of florida the strong winds battered beaches keep in holidaymakers away forecasters have warned residents to expect heavy rain and flash flooding as the storm barrels and land the national hurricane center in miami says tornadoes could
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develop as alberta blows through the state of georgia south carolina and alabama well earlier alberta forced thousands of people in cuba to leave their homes after severe flooding at least one hundred homes were destroyed the heavy downpours shut down many highways and affected rail services. now by two thousand and fifty the number of disabled people in the world is expected to reach nine hundred and forty million and the last part of our series looking at global disability access and i voice in our to speaks to us about the difficulties he faces and his hopes for the future in my bed. my name is charlie adama i am a painter. my painting is based on nature and villages to show everyone that it is nature that feeds me and i love to see with these beautiful colors on the sky it gives me strength to live with i paint small and large
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paintings and people come to pay. even the government things of us about means of transport we must fight like everyone else. the first. piece there are no toilets for the disabled in this country but my friends and brothers help to clean the toilet for me before going there it is very hard for me. when the toilet is not clean i get rashes. from if it hurts me a lot in africa many people denigrate the disabled and nothing for an end up. for me being disabled is in the head my dream is to create a center for the disabled to train i would like people to help me realize my biggest dream. for me or paint as a mexico head of
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a reckless escape after they were left dangling on the scaffolding came loose in mexico city rescue scaled down the building to reach the stranded men and lower them to safety. you know again our lives have a problem and half of the headlines on al-jazeera there are reports that former north korean spy chief and senior official. headed to the u.s. after stopping in beijing he's likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials providing a possible summit between north korean leader kim jong un and president donald trump kim young shoulders considered the north korean leader's right hand man andrew thomas has the latest from seoul. he's been keep his promises the whole way along he came to south korea for the closing ceremony of the winter olympics back in february that of course kickstarter was the catalyst really for this whole
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process that may yet lead to a summit between kim jong un and donald trump he met with earlier in may in pyongyang so he's very very important to the talks and we think that he is stopping over in beijing to connect to a flight to the united states on wednesday in all likelihood to go to washington to meet. again. israel says its armed forces have shot down rockets fired into its territory from the gaza strip israeli military says it's anti missile shield and to separate the rockets after sirens warned residents to find shelter in southern towns near the border is thought to be the biggest attack on as well and recent years. colombia's government says eleven dozens of the former far have been killed in fighting with the army in the south the violence comes a day after round one of the presidential polls and which a two thousand and sixteen deal with the fark was a major issue. this demonstrates our renewed ability to dismantle this
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residual group that has brought so much pain to this area of colombia we are continuing operations in the area. a new report from human rights watch claims some of israel's largest banks of finance and the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied west bank says the banks are providing millions of dollars of mortgages and loans to illegal settlers as well as president has appointed former i.m.f. official carlo carter valley as entering prime minister to head a technocrat administration for the country's political crisis continues it comes after president vetoed plans of two populist parties to form a coalition government. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us count on the cost that's coming up next.
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we're in for you. and i'm housing seeker this is counting the cost on urges you know your weekly look at the world of business and economics i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world let's call the whole thing off how investors are reacting to the collapse of the from him some mix in singapore. out of love with europe why it's really is the latest country to push back against brussels. plus we look at the pressures on black gold. in.


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