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tv   Witness From The East  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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i would use iraq. where ever you. i am and have a problem and i harbor the headlines on al-jazeera there are reports for the north korean spy chief and senior official ken young troll is headed to the u.s. after stopping and beijing is likely to hold discussions with u.s. officials regarding a possible summit between kim jong un and donald trump. is considered the north korean leader's right hand man andrew thomas has the latest from solved. kim yong chill was spotted walking through beijing airport having got off a flight from pyongyang is thought he'll be connecting to a flight to the united states on wednesday and then he's likely to meet with the secretary of state mark pompei are the two men have met before they met in pyongyang earlier in may and kim jung cho was also in the room when the leaders of
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the two koreas met on saturday for their surprise summit just across the border on the northern side and he heads up the into korean department in pyongyang and as such he is crucial to this summit happening and being a success so the trip to the u.s. if that's indeed where he's heading is significant to suggest that that summit is probably going ahead at the same time these other meetings are going on the one just across the border between a u.s. delegation and the north korean delegation just across the border on the north korean side i should say that will be talking of those talks are about the substance the issues that will be discussed at any summit at the same time the logistics talks going on in singapore since all they spoke to donald trump on monday he wants to talk trump in person before any summit with kim jong il probably get that opportunity at the g. seven in canada that's on june the eighth just before this summit if it takes place . israel says its armed forces have shot down rockets fired into its territory on
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the gaza strip there's rarely military say this anti missile shield interceptor the rockets after sirens warned residents to find shelter in southern towns near the border and thought to be the biggest rocket attack on israel in recent years and a new report from human rights watch says some of israel's largest bags of financing the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied west bank it says the banks are providing millions of dollars in mortgages and loans to illegal settlers. colombia's military says it's killed eleven dissident members of the former rebel group fark in the country's south the defense minister says they've been threatening politicians entrepreneurs and civilians in the katherine age and the operation comes a day after the first round of colombia's presidential election the government's peace deal with far has been one of the main issues. that this demonstrates our renewed ability to dismantle this residual group that has brought so much paid to this area of colombia we are continuing operations in the area. italy's president
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has appointed a former i.m.f. official very as an interim prime minister to head a technocrat administration but the country's political crisis continues it comes after president says you're much about a veto of plans of two populist parties to form a coalition government here's what the new leader has been saying. that the government will maintain a neutrality a total neutrality with respect to the electoral debate i will not be a candidate for the next elections and a similar commitment from the members of the government and a political crisis has also group spain prime minister money on the whole is set to face in a confidence vote after his ruling people's party was linked to a corruption scandal in parliament for the vote on friday to decide whether socialist leader pedro sanchez should take over the high has been under increasing pressure after a court ruled his party profited from an illegal scheme brazil's government says
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it's reached an agreement with the main truck drivers union to end an eight day strike but fuel and food shortages have a grip to the country as many drivers continue to protest. a former chief justice of pakistan's supreme court has been named interim prime minister and the appointment ends weeks of political wrangling the ruling party negotiated with the opposition to choose a mutually acceptable forget to lead the country will take over after the parliament's term ends this week he'll stay in office until the general election in july. those are the headlines on al jazeera produced a what does al-jazeera world is coming up next.
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you were through the beat and. the and then the other side and then you could get that. brokaw to cover short i don't you're not. going to sustain that any of it matter to them. so there you must know now some of the. toys are quite a good thing to call quarter for quick thing that they're negotiating the earthquake on the come i could start a spy study so i'm going to start on this kind of. might improve on your home while i know it could have only you don't you know. deserve sounds good though. clear a while and come on i'm going your mom but it will build almost a shack and it's great i don't want some twenty nine car came. i do a condo sale i think started to save this dish but i still don't know i think calling out on
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a surprise to come and look what i said hi jamie i know but i think it's like a modest price tonight some of calling out to him. so they sent him a tickets so i don't grudge him a short i know it's your committee mind so convincing me that your it's unthinkable typecasting texan to. want to sit up to thirty and had to get up to come in and out today in the nice and simple sense of the day sunday to pull since a local muscle under seven or eight in this could all but sit in this not in need i know a good woman what did i click on. the door. sense on that so the nod you know but it's not you are you out of an all can even go can all do or you said all of us all to stay significant difference when it is all that you
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will call an acquittal can you look at them or move it up when i journey so no sense autodesk night took can then send it to your but the economic standards are soon cause i think he can i do use words that are needed to since the times look it up it's almost as if you can work or sauce and he shook a massage. you . know. you're going.
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to. feel dumb to solve that when i looked up. our you know it's not me in your mind america can have anything like a young. young i do not even bishop and you have to vent a major should do nothing not so they don't see your theory though they'll think they are good because i. would be the xan that i am going to put you down town and when they are garbage thank god i don't have anything left of that i've got about which is a third of the elderly younger than a newcomer who believe withstand the title got louder when you know you have more misery to discover some research on this is.
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there's a mission faith staff to do what's been shown not to show ya support as there was a bomb your mother hashmi the omaha gould on my your doesn't your city and your city must come profound. i look for the mother being sure your bottle of eve. will have something to put him with me from here. to. you my sister we need to know you snow when you so after. install some of the new coke much. you can discard the. and the local him audible courts could quote us on the modest mr. unal so we can sync it out for the timid lips are all cut and i dislodged it one step at a got some little clean up with
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a lot of money and cynical to me. as i said you're not a gun was noted on a cutting to one day you know it all part of. the whole no one in the whole community from a kitchen to what i had done to school so into can you out he will call you not the need. you have a woman. so did sort of got another going to give us a list and keep it there them all and i got them. so they did leave them to got a new question which is what did you get so the. it's a partition as in what i said i didn't work out too so we all got the talk was who shall call get. before keep it's not a good hearted that was done that you don't did so well. still that's not what i thought you do not know what you must.
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have could have used is no way much money off you know. because after the. money show me the quote from cover. to cover been it's been. the mobo with the last thought. of going to the iconic favor obama. in the senate. which is this is your this is your. all this is mine yours you know. that there's nothing. there but yeah. so he won the seat and i just smile like that. but it's no more that they were president and i knew i was going to hear them but i know you. but i cannot go in it's good sister so.
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to say ever to so little has seemed to take little canopus to do so through a professional. beat. done all sink you know could do none on and. since so caught up he could get out of this thing. got it can you call it. a bit of those are the cost of the infinite. but the show sucked thanks. when i had no. stupid
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boy destiny so sissoko costly to support you guys or not you can eat they could be so you're not just a duffer so cynical corny come at all much from kentucky sightings but covered a lot over the course of conduct a cyclone fence a discussion of. the cynical and all that it cannot call the product of technique student she said mom and all but it's not in the column over to the desktop system will communicate to show you have pretty much so the whole could show you have felt it doesn't all go up on the kids don't know what i think of it so disorder can eat more. book you are sending. up a good opening list. thanks
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. for the show then you're going to try to get to know our son then can know i just know you said i do not talk. and think you're from the know june and over to the east so look on your home go up but it's no wonder you all cut out who are your cynical dos it's mrs you know home got put on the knuckles and. sent to can you ought to say oh i know all you said i know nothing to blink at all what didn't cut do you good till understand that's mr cooper one or whole wall and all you see the show needs and see to. and so do so one of the can is to touch your idea took any notice of knowledge and does your good news to. you so that would just open up.
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like your cool you get a bit squishy king outside stick to suck on a crystal that might cause you cannot stop. the war with your boss on top. while. a stupid. you know how do things and there are some over noble that are in no hurry to take over. when all you. need got up there without them on mother label yourself so she would need. any more color need to come here to cover it up no don't.
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you know cause i know on a day to day you kick. me out that only must think you can imagine it. photographed. to those unique research or journalist you call a writer or thought so you they most are still caught up. in the air they're the source of motion no no. no most see me. so they got a no. no no i cut out more like
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a time it's not so good or no. dick i sit here so you hear watched i don't know. if i'm a sense of what what are going on the. amount of what. wasn't going to come off so no no matter comes from the mother got it involved i'm going to come over to the fish to talk on someone. who could talk to from you cannot.
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oh i could talk to. someone my tom cottam it wasn't a small wasn't that i could come up and. see him she should. never have a call from coke choking. on her. cool if suddenly you must know my god if but you know might it. because she did but i want to know what they must.
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welcome used it he made this the economy still mean. community are you know many going to talk. so did think it. took me. to see a horse i musta. missed it you didn't describe so most. do you care for that that. i know. your example. are priceless motives so you want to see if you must. so since opening. so there are what i would. do you. so you can use.
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it to. point to. sleep and. give us the other heart of the news on the scale of. one since one hundred percent after those. times to your spending so you know in some cases. so much been mustered in the store got on a lot of google or. even heard that who was that he and. i know what i know. and so they. are here. so. let's get a little card on my heart. mr great i got an all irishmen in the. congress in a minute. so i want to own up. to gordon downie up to you know my own knocked it so. that he had to have you but it's not
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a mood out on am i. going to go on you know you don't know what i'm on a minute or so ago i know some of the ever i'm going to. come. across an. example kind of come up but not credible cannot. come or. run on schedule. a lot more suitable.
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all over a mole hole. the. man. told me a heart. i have that is your heart being back in one thousand six theory yes i will mail room
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in the alphabet as well the cemetery but just sort of just sort of thing i think something like a painting pensive at the nub level across the pools or broken into. in order to put a big no no no it's not the first on the moon the form that's the fifth the study here on the phone the church. peace talks. did send me your demand of sympathy. and was. a bit i'm. still missed to hear oh. it's a pleasure for me. to meet
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a person like you that carry the flame of justice and the flame of those. people who know there is somebody caring for you and i think. that he came to this throne even before i was born so it's even a great the pleasure for me to meet the person died before i was born he was already taking care of for those who are not yet born. so much so you have. your. own you. don't want to. move. and so no o'connell. so no i can not also talk. to because of. my more wonderful times and i've seen so much. so many from the people who are quick to most of course come up to.
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me maybe. there. is somebody that they can indicate insinuating on the ng to work for them. i don't know if we would like you all for them to come and. tell the people you know i guess of all of you are joining me but not. a like that could. really think. i would put him.
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out of. here with a nice meet duty. i started to take a picture of those photographs because in so mobs that they more diminished so. i saw that i must do to undo my whims. and i took pictures of the of developed i saw this dog if you just. took pictures so of who are two of the fifty a boat it is just a saw this is a. strong arm or can walk for us told me so i'm seventy one years old now still i'm walking and i even got very foggy to me to see you.
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in the next episode of earthrise nick clegg two into grouping screwed on a voyage through the window seat to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life to visit some of the remotest pools on the nz arctic century on al-jazeera. al-jazeera as their what a story breaks but it's also
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a day to see what happens next actuation it becomes you on the phone is fired by the barrier where mobile barricaded all seventh street that leads to here the movies now is what about change people have gone past the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to do it the entire point complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. al-jazeera is investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to thirty bus invective against fair use a fix here the fix bribing professional players but soon beautiful goes to the players give them houses rolex watches. pictures. good five children. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fix as.
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an ominous of a problem and or however the headlines on al-jazeera their reports former north korean spy chief and senior official kevin young children this headed to the u.s. after stopping in beijing is likely to hold discussions where the u.s. officials regarding a possible summit between kim jong un and donald trump kim jung il is considered the north korean leader's right had man andrew thomas has the latest from seoul he's been keep his promises the whole way along he came to south korea for the closing ceremony of the winter olympics back in february that of course kickstarted was the catalyst really for this whole process that may yet lead to a summit between kim jong un and donald trump he met with earlier in may in pyongyang so he's very very important to the talks and we think that he is stopping
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over in beijing to connect to a flight to the united states on wednesday in all likelihood to go to washington to meet. again israel says its armed forces have shot down rockets fired into its territory from the gaza strip the israeli military says its anti missile shield and to settle intercepted the rockets all sirens warned residents to find shelter in southern towns near the border and it's thought to be the biggest rocket attack on israel in recent years. a new report from human rights watch says some of israel's largest bags of financing the expansion of illegal settlements and the occupied west bank it says the banks are providing millions of dollars in mortgages and loans to illegal settlers. colombia's government says eleven dissidents of the former fark rebel group have been killed in fighting with the army in the south the violence comes a day after round one of the presidential poll and which a two thousand and sixteen deal with the fark was a major issue. that's raised president has appointed former i.m.f.
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efficient car locata valley as enter a prime minister to head a technocratic ministration but the country's political crisis continues it comes after president says you're much a valid vetoed plans of two populist parties to form a coalition government and a political crisis has also grip spain prime minister money on the whore has said to face a no confidence vote after his ruling people's party was linked to a corruption scandal or parliament will vote on friday to decide whether socialist leader pedro sanchez should take over the hall has been under increasing pressure after a court ruled his party profited from an illegal scheme as the headlines al-jazeera world continues next.
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heh heh. when i heard about these thirty invasion of eleven i'm in june one thousand make it and my heart went out to the palestinian people who had suffered so much. in nineteen forty eight they had been expelled by three. and four years maybe the other refugees their only hope was to the body to their country and return home. however to them the very start of the disparity invasion it was
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a very clear that the aim was not only to destroy the peace and. he also tried to kill the great gift a number will push to me and. i . think it is in. the north that they don't i mean. you are. seeing the. sky begin to. record low. i don't know but i sure so most of us a number of issues are going to pass for most of those. who need. understand. the standard.
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so we're going to. more. thank you. so we're going to. do is talk up the sugar became iced. does.
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it feel to. some of the. other i love. the. remember when. you came. eight years ago. when you make very it's a risk. when i somehow feel that i set either. one . but. when i'm not sure that my first you know what i had no
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idea about our last. twelve in the. deep disgust. for the. men. in my back. and with for the full. force i might like to feel you know it was not. too many and see. if i'm very old like nothing this was always wonderful. and. the beginning is there water yes i'm going to swap. the fifth one small book. now the truth the making flowing through the of this is. as you know the movie friday on sunday
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another they've beefed up the lead at fifty's back to zero so you get. to. see if the fun of.
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the tunnel. thank. there are no you when
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we suffer through sucky on all because it. says are startling you when you want to commit to this list you know. how much of a distance you are some ticking off sussing movement such images on i don't know just how it feels i must sing been in office i guess. so did that let us know so much so good with filters and bustle and it's kind of i said what did you want out of my new soul to gain muscle will settle. nor do most or the cooks so-called super hero cannot so if you know junior to do so move concerning the pretty cool joker go to mr krueger so to move on to read move on to some sort of mist. but i think i'm on the what what would think that the game needs to know hey i need a hi there a live on the not die get that the noise has seeing that i've done the fair but the soap out of my that then the more hundred dead so it has you know when you start so
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you get a more intimate their mobility they're a sick idea of that's your the state or more or it's more about the synergy thing on that but they may not have caught up to what i need so they could anybody not that i get them all to. know how much you know what the name but the quotes this is an a so one it's the c.n.n. you know got cons data. and those think you know how do you know no. it's not so new york does she talk to all day. tuesday you know that you're in domesticated the more you snivel not. the console. cooks i mean shoehorn the. ski. this quote there are no if you look. at the sun. shone in the story just it
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is that some guy still out there so is there no credit no big. satellite up your cock up but they're not educated you can't stick no i don't know are no more clinched i'm not the stick you look so you got he join your mouth open or yet in your so no cocks i mean sure there and your kid who cooks i think you know judy it's nick she done that done not a hundred pieces would it be that you could not. get daughter stephanie dance just for the laughs not at all no vision lost when you made their ground you cannot boast of the nominee coming.
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off her news time no can walk with your feet not tucked. on those occasions no media at one america to restore that's good thing so you're not going to sister so you're not likely to see innocent ducky oh and such a start so no journalist to move slow. the system doesn't know healers are quick to put on notice nothing.
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tony still closed up he did use and idea just. don't touch it that he just set up the circle to. talk on you know of the understanding what not to show on the door sister squishes i still mocked it so. no one to turn missed. him come come come. on you know.
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what it sounded. better i guess i do not and will come to. see. what i always. wonder skeptical keep him out good. all told. when your so called in. because i don't know any. dog kind and i don't. care much about. that amount of human opening the. door.
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and. oh you're right when you. think you are. about half a mile ahead of dallas and they're not many in what was that someone else had seen them then let it go all one and so what if when was that of a slower than and exists in the roles of the younger what is the line i'll bet the southwest did it and deserve it one that had this or was the kind of on the person you're reading about. there understand that there are plenty of they are steadily. over the. only. six seven under five then the alice is in the game then this is a then lot of this what i see that one either.
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now in the week. i would find my guys the power to have them. on the lot of me after having them in my mind not the good. ones. yes. i. am good at something good. i discern all of the earth. that i could pull about that i'm working too hard and so i went through the. list laughter can laugh at this with
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a sigh not that. i want to sell something yes. my mother there is a viable yes and. you. know my. keyboard to take a look at them. look at them speak hi lou yeah it's a familiar story. and. you're in very good yes yes. and they say you've given me no cause a coup or that you're not serious to much tonight. don't know why hang on i've been up i'd get to see i do not write about script or
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course off in a code you do not get out of the north i had a smoke but he thought this is a move out of sand i live out of sea on the island that is the other thing because i'm a bus them. and we'll have a gala day in the hot dallas and i love mama let that lot in my life a lot still left how the moon miss isn't the family philistine molly visited by one of his it would be better farms look at it i know what the money the canvassing. changing. the. missing the changed. and human values move out of a very good will not go. it's a male. drink to cause a problem go to go you don't know you know what i'm not going to talk to got. one
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of. a packet to look at the sort of them kind of your food your. not going to come to night i know you are going to continue to muster you're going to shock and also talk to give me no no no no shooting so when you know called to go to concert so they're going to do a night at the commercial arrested. most of this. is facing but i think here. in this room number number seven is very small and you hear this this isn't well let's see if. you remember the number seven movement. is that every month that nothing is to get the money off many a lot of outside. one mbit love to go and i think
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it's about how you can out i've been misled. i mean the mona. had a what isn't what i've been this is how dumb the young has said that the system when the gun the hiking the. at that about. look at this week but only now so. for the record though over any record the more modern osaka vinci go and not so much fit to come and go though if they call it a night you must thought i'd have a book on me because i don't i.
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want to go but i'm not one of the no carcass out of the night of august and i think . part of her new mobile will be able to go i can appear in court of think almost puts me booked off only think i'm kind of a sort of couple of them book i could think of i thought one of them income for the monday carcass other night for the film i still thought the whole world what i wanted to talk about. the all. the. stuff.
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if. i'm going. to be. more. we've been trying to seize those book might we have it like salt. dish and local for us if they do because that
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they can pick up like a good big journey just give us a talk with the people the people that are even there i think i have to come back i get. yes i'm some form. six hundred eighty of pasta.
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in. the sink and there are in the north pole. to. go up to the sixty seven i came here to so and that it was no such a city's. both it and a needed over settlement. and there were three periods.
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it's difficult because i fear about. all the sticky study over zionism occupation hope why and the how did they make their country why they didn't use the name of the. palestinian villages and until here they come yes and more more land they need. and. this is the only them yes. that the journalist put it to you the door your career in the sky. and generous to
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doubting your ident to walk most to talk in identity no nothing could my tennis organized dented none of that turning into you and i did. during life for centuries but now forced to think hard about their future. al-jazeera world meets the nomadic peoples of the atlas mountains. striving to deal with the changing world. and preparing their children for a different way of life. the last nomads of morocco on al-jazeera.
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hello there we've got lots of cloud pushing its way into turkey at the moment we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud working its way up from the red sea and then gradually northwards across parts of turkey we are seeing a lot of dust in with this system and also a fair amount of thunder reactivity most of it is located over turkey and it does look like we're going to see some pretty nasty shit was there on choose day and that could give us more in the way of flash flooding similar to those showers that we've already seen in recent days so plenty more wet weather still to come here for the south that draw i haul it's dusty in baghdad with a maximum of forty four before the towards the south and we've still got the remnants of all thought i claim here that still giving a firm cloud around the coast of oman and around yemen too and that could still bring us one or two showers gradually though as we head through wednesday the cloud will drift away towards the west and then things will eventually begin to dry out doha is getting hot now forty one degrees is our expected maximum down towards the
9:59 am
southern parts of africa and here we've got a few outbreaks of cloud of rain there in the eastern parts mostly for the eastern cape it will be well the saw the first day but that's clearing away so wednesday looks like a brighter day twenty one degrees will be our maximum temperature in forcing cape town will be at sixteen but there's more cloud edging its way towards us for later on in the day.
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rockets are fired from gaza into southern israel for the first time in four year it's. one zero zero life from a headquarters and i'm dead you know bill gates also a heads the former north korean spy chief kim yong chill heads to the u.s. ahead of a planned summit between the leaders of the two countries. france hosts libya's top leaders in an attempt to resolve its instability we're live in paris and starbucks shuts down thousands of its coffee shops for anti-bias training following.


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